The Paperback of Darkship Thieves is out

And in case you missed this

Sarah reads beginning of Darkship Thieves: (warning: 27MB)

Oh, yeah, that IS my real accent and, oh, no, it’s not Russian and further oh no, I don’t have any explanation.

Also, I’d thought I’d given all these away, but I just found an (L size) shirt with the cover of Darkship Thieves on it. Tell me why you deserve it by any means and in any venue you choose. I’ll pick someone to get it.

Update: Welcome readers of Larry Correia’s blog. Thank you, Larry, for the bomb-DST-on-Amazon campaign.

For anyone who has read it yet, I loved Larry’s Monster Hunter International. It takes off on a dime and keeps going at the fastest pace of anything I’ve ever read. And his vampires are REMARKABLY sparkle-free.