I DID do an entire Promo Post

This is a new trick of word press I DO NOT APPRECIATE. Took me two hours to do the promo post, and it ate it.

Sigh. Redoing.

11 thoughts on “I DID do an entire Promo Post

  1. Oof. WordPress sucks. It worked a lot better when it was in its kind of janky permanent-open-beta stage before they “improved” it.

    1. Dread of software – “Improved”. I know. I inflicted it. But then I never, ever, not once, made a mistake and made software worse. Well, um, usually? (Goes away whistling.)

      1. Software entropy. Any changes make it worse for values of ‘worse’ to be assessed in hindsight.

  2. WordPress is increasingly jank. My WP homepage thing has been showing “unexpected error” for 2 weeks. I lack the f’s to give however, my field of f’s is barren.

    Anyone commenting on my comments, if you didn’t get a “like” it is because WP is broken.

    Pretty happy I didn’t pay money right about now, given the fun being experienced by people who DID pay money and STILL don’t get service.

  3. I finally retried the online version and got the list. Sorry you had problems!

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