Busy Day

Away from Keyboard, en route to a friend meetup.

Will be bringing back kittens for us and younger son.

About to run out of connectivity zone. Might or might not update tonight. Will try to but there’s this dinner thing.

While you’re at it, Sunny comments here as Holly, and she’s… um…. she could use some financial help, honestly.

Yes, we have donated, though anonymized. Will probably donate again, once dust settles and I know how much I have in hand.

Helping with health insurance deductible for unforeseen issues

Anyway, don’t worry about us. I slept horribly, and I’m sort of punch drunk, but husband will be driving. And I’m almost over the virus. The death in the family was expected, and a release, but for some reason still walloped me like a hundred ton weight.

Not sure if it’s good or bad we are set to see friends this weekend. Fortunately they have a broad tolerance for “Weirder than normal.”

Take care of yourselves, and hug your loved ones. More posting tomorrow, if it all goes well.

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  1. The death in the family was expected, and a release, but for some reason still walloped me like a hundred ton weight.

    Not surprising. Condolences to Dan and your family.

    Will be bringing back kittens for us and younger son.

    The kittens will bring much joy and fun.

  2. Last year (and late of year before…), we ALL knew $FRIEND was near-death and was for months. When it finally happened, it STILL packed a wallop. Heck, to a degree, I am still feeling it. Not as much… but… that’s the thing about exponential decay curves – they go on forever.

    Take it easy. Rest. Do only what truly NEEDS doing… and keep on keeping on. That’ll do. That’ll do.

    1. Today would have been Mom’s 100th birthday. She passed in early May last year, and it also was a release, but…

      For reasons, I didn’t go back there for her memorial service, though we called her a day or so before she passed. The nurse held the phone next to her ear and it seemed she knew it was us.

      When the pain lessens, remember the good times. Works for me.

  3. Safe travels! Sorry I’m not in a position to tag along with you guys (I know Prof. Ornery in particular was hoping I’d be able to) so say hello to all of them for me!

    1. Ya duz whut ya can duz.
      Maybe you can’t do squat today.
      Tomorrow you might work a miracle – and STILL not realize it until years later.
      Sometimes all you can do is refuse to surrender.
      And sometimes that’s miracle enough.

      1. Pretty much, and I’m OK with making this a rest and kitty day (R’s demanding lap time right now so I kind-of have to, heh). Hopefully me sticking closer to home this weekend will work out towards something good!

  4. Our 4-legged friends do tend to die sooner than we do. Who was it who said that to cats and dogs, humans are the elves? Mourn their passing, and then celebrate life by adopting another.

    1. And it is curious how that works out sometimes… I wasn’t even thinking of adopting a new cat when the big matron cat passed but I met this skittish little tortie who somehow decided I was her human just a few days later and thus L joined the family! Though I think the death Sarah’s referring to is her father-in-law, as far as I know Havey and Valeria are still doing well.

  5. “The death in the family was expected, and a release, but for some reason still walloped me like a hundred ton weight.”

    It has been said that the price that love extracts is eventual loss. Sadness in the event is healthy and normal. Let it have its say. No wallowing, but no repressing, either. What is left is memory, and the mark that loved one made on the lives of those around them.

    Those marks help shape who those people are. Those ripples extend out farther than you might think, too. There are days when the smallest thing, to you, might be the biggest impact another person feels.

    That’s just one reason why I try to never let on when I am having a bad day. No need for anyone else to be disturbed. Let what evil hath come to pass stop with me.

    Y’all be safe out there.

  6. One other thing you already know….don’t be surprised by unexpected blindsides. Just let them pass and accept them.

  7. Out of the depths I call to you, LORD; Lord, hear my cry!
    May your ears be attentive to my cry for mercy.
    If you, LORD, keep account of sins, Lord, who can stand?
    But with you is forgiveness and so you are revered.

    I wait for the LORD, my soul waits and I hope for his word.
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    For with the LORD is mercy, with him is plenteous redemption,
    And he will redeem Israel from all its sins.

  8. Even when it’s “any day now” – it still hits you hard. Maybe harder, in some ways, than the unexpected death.

    Anywho, kicked in $25 for Holly just now. Will see next week how it’s doing, and may kick in more. (Money keeps flowing into this blasted office remodel for the wife – I’d swear it’s a boat…)

      1. See, now, that’s what fascists do. Instigate violence as an excuse to grind everybody under the mighty heel of the State.

        Why haven’t the Fibbies arrested a single one of the rioters shown on video smashing in doors and windows at the Capitol? Not. One. They haven’t even bothered to look for them. Why did the Capitol Police shoot Ashley Babbitt instead of the miscreant that actually broke the window? Why have ‘Teh Authoriteez’ been lying about every aspect of those events for more than two years?

    1. Maybe we’re thinking about this backwards. Maybe we should welcome the FBI sending agents to church.
      If they start going to church regularly, why, they might hear the Word and believe, and be baptized.

  9. My brother died last night. It looks very much like he waited for us. The hospice nurse said he’d spoken of me, which given the history is touching.

  10. Assuming you’re headed for Old NFO’s little get together.
    You do know that all those people are bug chit nuts (aka SF writers) do you not?
    Nice to be where you feel at home and fit right in isn’t it.
    Wish I could be there, might even make an effort to recognize you and return that hug.

  11. Condolences to Dan, yourself, and the rest of the family. It’s never easy, even when expected.

  12. It pretty much always sucks to lose a parent. I hope your grief is no longer than it needs to be and through it remember the old Persian saying that, “This, too, shall pass away.”

    Omnes una manet nox.

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