Reading Pravda In English

Today I’m going to do something incredibly distasteful. I’m going to teach you to be paranoid.

It’s been obvious to me — well before it was to anyone else — that while not living precisely in the Truman show, we lived in a carefully manufactured reality.

Oh, it’s not a conspiracy, though it contains conspiracies. It’s a prospiracy. Meaning that everyone having been indoctrinated in the same “verities” (which ain’t) and taught to see the world through a Marxist lens (if I had a dime for every journalist whom I heard say their job was to afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted! I’d never worry about money again) they all want to be on the side of those they perceive as angels, and manufacture consensus “truth” like one manufactures sausages.

Oh, they have to maneuver around some hard shoals of truth, because it’s hard to tell the empty belly it’s full, or the unemployed that he has a job. But they come up with excuses for that to protect presidents they love. They couldn’t make Obama’s misrule into a great new beginning or an era of plenty, but they tried. How many “Summers of Recovery” did we have, with even the Wall Street Journal joining into singing hosannas? And how many times did they make excuses, based on the state of the world, and what Bush had done, and this and that and the other thing. And now he’s in the rearview mirror they’re little by little burnishing his memory, talking about how great he was at this and that. In twenty years they’ll have it in the history books that his presidency was a time of joy and plenty, with the country united, and the only hardships were caused by Trump, who of course, knew nothing of management or money. No? Watch them.

If we continue lending them credence, that’s exactly where they’ll have us.

I’ve been aware of it since at least Carter, when I watched not only the press explain away the catastrophically high gas prices he inflicted on the country by saying we were coming to the end of oil, but the science fiction community, even, swing into step, and instead of bright futures of space exploration, start to write of miserable futures of scarcity and rust, where everyone behaved like villains. Because when the president is a miserable failure who shoots cats for sport, the only way to make him look good is to make every Jack and Jill a villain.

And then I watched the burnishing of the Carter years in the rearview mirror, the same as I watched them painting the Reagan years as miserable years of want and struggle and greed.

They lie to us, because they lie to themselves. Because their cult demands they be right, and history must be adjusted to fit.

As they used to say in the Soviet Union, we always know the future, because it’s dictated by the party and it’s the glorious dictatorship of the proletariat, ahem you’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy. It is the past that keeps changing, to retcon history to make the idiots in control always and forever heroes, instead of the scurrying rat villains that they are.

Their power is diminished now, this is true. The only people still reading the increasingly detached from reality newspapers or watching the official news (and don’t fool yourself that Fox isn’t converged) are people who are very busy or very old and usually the very busy are at least my age.

The cult of the “acceptable source” has diminished. Or at least it has split to acceptable sources on the right and acceptable sources on the left. Oh, and perhaps still acceptable establishment sources, but that’s smaller.

However, it is important to realize all those sources are still influenced by the big megaphone of main stream press, and still come through if diluted.

Yesterday at Power Line (Yeah, I know. Note I rarely link them anymore) I found myself reading a baffling article in which they talked of how Chicago and Wisconsin and whatever the other race was had gone left, and analyzing the causes. As if causes beyond “the vote is rigged” made any sense. They immediately fell into line with the big megaphone of the left, and accused those “agitating against abortion” of being guilty for the losses. Which frankly is why the left keeps agitating for abortion. Not because it’s an immensely popular topic or that the right talks about it much, after being quietly glad the national mandate was overturned, but because it gives them coverage for the massive, rank, obvious fraud.

And our side knows there was fraud. Impossible not to know in 2020, and those who paid close attention to important contests in 2022 saw it too, the same impossible numbers cropping up, as the automated fraud kicked in from the machines.

But because the mainstream press keeps treating those elections as legitimate, we eventually fall into treating them as such, and looking for causes for them.

It made me feel like someone watching people look for their glasses with them on their faces. Or carefully ponder what happened to the eggs, and ignoring the frying pan and oil, and the dirty plates.

None of this is unfamiliar to me. I was fortunate, at a very young age, to be present at historical events, and then read them described in the press, and finding no resemblance whatsoever. I’ve also been fortunate to realize that whether I was there or not, and no matter the verisimilitude, people will remember the lie oft told over the truth.

In fact, I will tell you it was easier for my parents to see the lie when reading the press under the national socialist government which fell when I was 11 — because they knew it was a lie and under censorship, and knew to read “pravda” by reading its entrails — than afterwards, under the succession of socialist and one or two outright communist regimes, and the lies became even harder to discern later after 78, under supposed “freedom of the press” where it became a prospiracy as what we have, and the directives from above more or a “Of course we should talk of x to advance y.”

Do you remember when Alaskan cruises were all the rage, because the left wanted to kill the Alaskan pipeline, and so they must go on and on about this pristine wilderness that would be “destroyed” and take as many influential lefties as possible through it, people who never asked how the pipeline would in fact harm this natural environment?

Right now the rage is all in cool electric cars. Because of course, the left wants to push the carbon free bullshit, as though it were possible, and didn’t cause more environmental destruction — unless you don’t count Africa.

And for a while they were trying to push the poor, oppressed illegals, though I think they found it hard going. But these themes will be everywhere at once, startlingly, because all of them rush to be the “good people” the (im)moral crusader no one needs.

The fact that now their big thing is to teach children weird sex is both baffling and a measure of how out of control their message machine is.

At the same time it’s a massive distraction. You should of course be outraged about it. And about the fact they’re trying to careen us into war. And and and

But you shouldn’t lose sight of the important thing: They’re doing all this because they’ve corrupted our voting system.

The only way to fight it that doesn’t involve blood up to our ankles is to fight it on that front. To do everything possible and impossible to restore voting integrity. The big things like repealing that fraud machine, Motor Voter, must be done once in power.

Meanwhile, it behooves us to not use machines. To vote late and on paper. (And raise holy hell on all fronts if someone has already voted for us) and above all to sound the tocsin and remind everyone that there is election theft, and it will continue until made to stop.

At this point no election can be assumed to be clean. To assume so is to give them power and legitimacy they don’t have.

Sound the tocsin. Sometimes it’s all you can do. Refuse to forget the theft.

And when you read the news stay alert for “why is everyone talking of THIS now?” and stay alert to discontinuities in the story, things that made no sense. They will describe x as leading inevitably to y, but there is no connection, either in fact or even — often — in Marxist fables.

Take the current rise in crime. They will tell you it’s because people are poorer and therefore are committing more crime. But that connection only exists in the minds of Marxists. Poor people are not likely to steal because they’re poor. The crime rate is probably the same, rich or poor. It’s only the crimes that are different. However, the left letting murderers, rapists and thieves out of jail (or into the country through the wide open border) has indeed increased the crime.

When they talk of increased automation, and “AI” causing unemployment, remember they used the same excuse under Carter. It is no such thing, but their onerous regulations (Biden signed a boatload last week) and taxes and instability causing the economy to buckle.

Pay attention to those explanations that make no sense, to the events that disappear from the front pages or are never mentioned, to the lacunae and omissions or outright obvious lies.

By remembering the Diamond Princess Covid-19 numbers, I stayed clear-eyed about the rather minor impact of the virus and how out of proportion the response was.

What are the facts? Again and again and again – what are the facts? Shun wishful thinking, ignore divine revelation, forget what “the stars foretell,” avoid opinion, care not what the neighbors think, never mind the unguessable “verdict of history” – what are the facts, and to how many decimal places? You pilot always into an unknown future; facts are your single clue. Get the facts!

Robert A. Heinlein

There is no truth in pravda, but there is truth in the lacuna, the omissions, the “wait a minute, that ain’t right” in the “it was there, and it was nothing like that.”

Find those. And hold them. No matter how tempting it is to forget and join the consensus. No matter how easy it is to think “I must be wrong, because they all say that–“

Find the facts, and hold them. And steer by them. We need people aware of the truth, as the gaslighting machine that our overculture has become spins us further and further from reality.

Because reality is that which will kill you, even if you deny it. Reality is what you must live with, even if you’re away with the fairies in your mind.

Reality is a stone cold bitch. It never forgives.

But if you live by her, if enough of us lives by her, there is a chance, slim but possible, that we can get through this and emerge on the other side as the free nation we were meant to be.

Again and again, what are the facts? Go find them.

217 thoughts on “Reading Pravda In English

  1. You’re reading my mind again. Paranoia might well be in order for me.

    We’ve all been reading and hearing about the death of the dollar, This is all total BS. Yes, every currency eventually dies, and we’ll know it’s the dollar when the visa lines outside every US consulate in the world go away. Until then, don’t worry about it. What I want to know is who other than Chinese and Russian propagandists want us to believe this and why.

    1. That’s an interesting thought. Hope you don’t mind the Reader stealing it for his ‘the dollar is doomed next week’ friends.

      As to who, pretty much every leftist government in the world (which is a lot of them) would be happy for us to believe it. Not that they’ve thought it through.

      1. Go for it. It’s not original to me, I think it was Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore who originated it, but I might be wrong about that.

        Still, I heard Carlson going on about it all and it’s all BS.

      2. “Everyone is joining the BRICS!!!” is just the latest financialbot herdthink. Right up there with “China is a billion-consumer market!!!!”

    2. Well I see nothing hereabouts has changed much, still normalcy bias abounding. The post has some very good points, about all the lies we have and are being fed daily. And yet the first comment says the dying dollar is BS; ignore the bodies hitting the ground and collapsing, that vax is safe; ignore the dims poking the bear looking for WW3, it’ll be OK; ignore the non-whiteys flooding across the border; they’re not trying to replace us; ignore the poison spills, the farmland ruined or flooded, the chickens slaughtered;the cows slaughtered; famine? don’t be absurd. and of course your fiat kindling is totally safe, every country loves THE good ol USA they’d never repudiate the dollar heck I doubt they even see our trillions in debt and money printing and billions upon billions to stoke a war and cripple europe,
      And the reasons I got sent packing last time I posted here. 9/11 inside job. Lunacy you say. JFK inside job?.Lunacy. WEF wants to cull 7/8ths of humanity? Lunacy. The queers and trans are coming for YOUR children. Insane notion. Taxed to death. Oh yeah I get that one

      The perps of this insanity control trillions if not quadrillions of dollars, they control the media in toto ( MSM ); schools; medical community; gov up and down the ranks, cops judges D pos and R pols; etc. And they have been at this a long long time.

      I get it, we’d all love to hang on to any thread of sanity left in the world, but you;d think after getting your ass handed to you 1000 different ways you might just grok things a tad and see the next swat coming.

      Ignorance may be bliss….. for a while

      Oh and BTW the bible translations are pure lies and twisted words; one thing these bastards are good at is lies lies lies. I doubt no one here will believe that but you;ll see it is all coming out ( of course if we are nuked all bets are off )

      Y’all here are getting closer to the total truth, throw off the blinders don’t accept anything on face value. The world is so buried in lies its a full time job

      1. BGE makes his living working with that; what are YOUR qualifications in that area?

        Not completely sure which of our rep[eat trolls you are.

      2. Dude.
        Kindly take the meds.
        Bible translations? Has it occurred to you some of us can read the oldest we have in Greek and Aramaic?
        Go peddle it in the 17th century.
        And the rest? Arrant mix of things no one said and nonsense. I didn’t know that this name was yours, Carl. Nice seeing. Go away.

      3. The Gell-Mann amnesia effect… is you reading an article about something you actually have intimate knowledge of, (physics in Gell-mann’s case)..realizing it’s totally wrong, and then reading an article on politics or some such and believing it’s accurate….My wife and I have been involved in at least a dozen stories we had inside knowledge about, and the press has failed to get a single one even close to right….
        When we pointed this out to friends who are big media fans, they get unhinged….

        1. Yes, but Paddy mixes fact with fiction and with crazed opinion. Unless he’s your sock puppet, you must recognize the lack of meds, more than Gell man anything.

      1. I wrote a guest post on the dollar a couple of years ago. Nothing fundamental has changed since.

        1. Yeah, of all the worry I have over the financial system, the dollar’s reserve status isn’t near the horizon.

          And you’re close to that part than I am.

          I am more worried about banks than a month ago for two reasons:

          We can see how fast a panic run can be generated compared to even 2000 much less 1930, for which our systems are mostly built.
          I’m starting to really question the risk officers at many institutions. I know what we do to support our mortgage asset hedging desk and what they’ve done as interest rates rise…and it appears SVB mostly sat on their hands.

          1. It’s not good, but not as bad as all that. I had thought that the smaller banks would stop listening to the Fed’s investment advice after the Fed told them that agency paper was safe as houses … see what I did there … back in 2006/07 and you should buy that and borrow from the FHLB. Sigh, this time they bought treasuries at a generational peak and, yep, borrowed from the FHLB. My bit of inside baseball is that the FHLB is the villain of the piece since they tend to call in all their loans at the first sign of weakness. Bah.

            The real issue is that the big banks .. cough JPM cough … own the Fed body and soul and that there’s really not many good projects to loan to. All the demographic slowdown has to manifest somewhere, and the fact that SVB couldn’t find a sufficient set of credit worthy loans to offset the flow of deposits is what’s underlying much of the current churn. The big banks don’t care since the Fed QE,d their balance sheets and is paying the, handsomely,

    3. Neither CCP China nor Russia can have their currency become the new world reserve currency. Neither culture has the required trust in their integrity.

      The reason the dollar is imperiled is because people of integrity are no longer administering it. To find the next world reserve currency look for peoples with a reputation for integrity (at least most of the time).

      I’m thinking probably Texas (I seem to recall they were working on their own gold backed currency, because Texas).

      Possibly back to the pound sterling, if the sane and savvy take their government back over. Good opportunity for the UK if they can manage it.

      Then possibly Israel’s currency might be seen as backed with integrity.

      There might be a cryptocurrency, bitcoin certainly became a thing in Venezuela.

      I know that Russia is recovering from communism, but communism breeds ‘cover my ass’ and ‘pass the buck’ culture, the very opposite of integrity.

      I know a bunch of leftists and even a few conservatives that have drunk the koolaid that China is everything it says it is (not realizing that western baby formula is smuggled into the CCP, because the Chinese know Westerners have enough integrity to not put lead in the formula.) I expect some Americans having bought the lie that the CCP is ascending, will lose their shirt investing in them.

      I did have a thought Hong Kong as an independent nation might be able to become the world reserve currency.

      Just my opinions.

      1. Bitcoin was only a thing in Venezuela because electricity was massively subsidized, so mining could actually turn a tidy profit instead of just barely breaking even. And the shiny new bitcoins were immediately turned to dollars, of course, instead of quatloos or pesetitos or whatever Venezuela pretends has value.

      2. I’m afraid very few people know how the dollar actually works, It ain’t the Fed and it ain’t the government, in fact it ain’t anybody,

        The dollar is a unit of account administered by the international banks, mostly offshore. They are mostly honorable, at least according to their code of honor, which is unforgiving and you’re not part of it. Honor codes are like that. Our hostess, who grew up surrounded by one, will understand this.

        Monetary policy has little to do with the price or volume of the dollar, only balance sheet constraints imposed by their counter parties and the availability of good collateral.

        1. My understanding of the nature of World Reserve Currencies is that they arise organically. Yes the US did implement some policies to cement this, but the trust in the US monetary system was a reality already. Our current idiot overlords are doing everything in their power to lose every vestige of that trust. So someone else’s currency will replace the dollar.

          The CCP thinks they can become the country with the new World Reserve Currency. But even, as is likely, they find a way for the WHO or the UN or someone to require payments in their currency. The currency that is chosen by the people will emerge and will have solid reliability in value compared to others. People will keep their money in that currency then cash it out for CCP payoff time.

          It could even be that it will be gold and silver for a while.

          Just my opinion.

    4. For an example of just how serious China’s ability to threaten the economic dominance of the US, look no further than the article headline I just saw at Instapundit – “China Invites Venezuela to Join Moonbase Project”. Venezuela is effectively bankrupt. This is known. It’s an open question whether Venezuela will even exist as a country a few decades from now, given how bad things are.

      And yet China is inviting the Venezuelans to join China’s moonbase project.

      Um… right…

      That’s not a “serious people” move. That’s a “do things for the positive press coverage” move. And since an actual, functional moonbase is still some ways off, China will never actually have to deliver anything of substance to Venezuela.

      As for news stories about the dollar – I don’t know who’s responsible. But I know one group that would definitely cheer it on. The globalists almost certainly need a multi-polar world to do their work. A uni-polar world – such as the one that we have now – risks the lone pole slipping out of their hands and upsetting everything. A rogue pole in a multi-polar world is much easier to deal with than a rogue pole in a uni-polar world. The collapse of the dollar would almost certainly make it much easier to shift to a multi-polar globe.

    5. The mess they’ll cause trying to replace the dollar with something even less stable should at least be popcorn-worthy.
      Governments can only print money; they can’t make it worth anything. They can make it worth nothing.

  2. and don’t fool yourself that Fox isn’t converged

    Fox was never “right wing.” It only seemed that way becuse the rest of the media was so far to the left.

    1. I think I mentioned it here a few days ago, although it’s far from original to me– they stumbled over the novel marketing technique of doing actual reporting on occasion.

      This appealed to the underserved niche market of…um… roughly half the country.

    2. Fox is the Pravda of the neo-cons. They are not on our side any more than the progressives.

  3. Speaking of the Diamond Princess, Fauci has just said that there will be another pandemic, most likely in 2024.

    What a co-inky-dink! 4 years after the first pandemic. A natural cycle, I presume and not coinciding in any way with any other 4 year cycle.

    So who will buy it THIS time?

        1. Hm. Do we not have an extradition treaty with Italy? I suppose that would make it inconvenient.

          1. He’s moving to ITALY?!?!

            …. well, THAT is its own punishment, if there’s a Kung Flu: Part 2.

            Italy killed off a lot of people by basically refusing to treat, on top of the more normal issues.

    1. Well, whatever the h*ll my family just had would suffice for a pandemic. I’ve never had fever that high, and it’s taking forever to get over. It’s just no one is screaming and pointing at it.
      As for who will buy it, I now remember I meant to write a post called “Funny only once.”

      1. There is a “pandemic” every year, somewhere on earth, reliably. Nature at work. “Outbreak” becomes “pandemic” when the presstitutes need clicks. (Or the presstitute-adjacent)

        Predicting a “pandemic” next year is like predicting “July”.

      2. I had a nameless bug about a month ago. Not nearly as bad as yours, but odd.

      3. While I was worried about COVID at first, I calmed down after seeing the DP numbers. In fact, I even played some Pandemic (the Matt Leacock board game) just to be a smartass about it.

        Imagine how seriously I’m going to take the next one when the usual suspects scream about it.

        1. I sat down and re-watched The Andromeda Strain. 😀

          I gather we’re supposed to be afraid of monkeypox now (renamed “mpox” because liberals think everyone associates black people with monkeys like they do), but since A. it has a really low morbidity/mortality rate, and B. I’m not a gay man-hoe, I really don’t think it’ll affect me. At all.

          1. > “I sat down and re-watched The Andromeda Strain. 😀”

            [thumbs up]

            That’s the spirit. 🙂

  4. I remember back in the 80’s when one of my mother’s friends tried to claim Reagan was hurting the poor people, and my wife replied, “We’re poor, and the only time we’ve started doing better is under Reagan.”

    As to “leakage” as you aptly call it, many of us know to disregard the big lies we get told, but sometimes find ourselves conceding that, “Yeah, I wish we had a conservative president, but that Trump guy is really divisive.” I learned that lesson in ’94 with the Gingrich revolution. I actually believed how Gingrich was a nut-job until after the election and I got to watch several C-Span shows with him talking directly. That’s when I realized I’d fallen for the little lie that dripped from the big lie. Now when anybody says anything bad about Trump, I just shrug and say, not believing it until I see it for myself.

    As to the voting problems, I’ve become convinced that, although there are fraudulent votes cast, the real problem in the People’s Republic of California is “proxy” votes cast (vote harvesters). Traditionally, in modern America a large turnout election had about 60% of eligible voters casting ballots. So, all you have to do is send ballots to everybody eligible to vote, collect the ballots from the one’s who pay no attention and wouldn’t vote anyway, and fill them out for them. Is anybody seriously trying to stop that other than the one black Republican woman in Florida who got tired of ballot collectors going door to door to collect unfilled ballots and cast them? Having grown up in the community, she knew it was common practice.

  5. 2 + 2 = 4. Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Truth is the same yesterday and today and forever.

    (Preaching to the choir here, I know. But it’s nice to get it written down on cyber-paper anyway.)

    1. “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy.“. George Orwell, 1984.

      1. A Party? Oooh, I have the perfect presents!

        The label? Oh, that stands for ‘Amazon Certificate of Mercantile Excellence.’ Now, I’d love to stay and hang out with you fine gentlemen, Mr. O’Brien, but I have an appointment at LAE* by order of Number One**.

        Literally Anywhere Else
        ** “Look out for Number One.”

  6. How many “Summers of Recovery” did we have, with even the Wall Street Journal joining into singing hosannas?
    How many summers did we suffer him as president?

    As I mentioned on Discord, I knew the fix was in for the Supreme Court of WI race when the week before the election I was getting ads about how solid and totallyunfraudulistical the WI elections are, and I’m sure in much of the state, they might well be, but Milwaukee and Madison and their sphere? Ha! So you get the WI legislature now having a Republican Supermajority, but a leftoid court, and Governor. See, during Lockdown Evers wanted to be another Whitless, or Noisesome, but the State Court kept blocking his moves for being unconstitutional.

    1. The articles pondering the miracle of the “jobless recovery” in the Obama years put a great big crack in the dike for me. If there are no jobs, it’s not a fecking recovery!

      Then there were all the pundits remarking upon Obama’s amazingly “scandal-free” presidency. I guess they were almost right about that, as it’s only a scandal if people know about it…and the presstitutes made damn sure that nobody who relied on them would ever get the merest hint of one.

      1. If there are no jobs, it’s not a fecking recovery!

        That was about the point when the penny finally dropped for me that a blazing stock market does not necessarily equal national prosperity.

        Especially when official GDP numbers can be arbitrarily goosed by government deficit spending. Why economists ever thought that made sense I’ll never know.

        1. One of the best ways to distinguish between the pro and the tout on Wall St is whether they know how all these statistics are calculated and, most importantly, revised. The mark, of course, never knows, that’s why he’s the mark.

      2. Re the Obama years of fake economic recovery: I recall the fact that economic growth during the two Obama terms — after the crash, the recession officially ended in June 2009 — virtually amounted to the same average rate of economic growth as during the 1930’s under FDR. I mean the 1. something rate difference was one or two rents percent higher with Obama than FDR.

        ITCWAS UGLY for economic growth. And thus ugly for job growth, too.

  7. Alas, Sarah, I blame you for my ability to spot the “story of the week” in most mainstream media. It gets irritating when I have to pretend that what’s in the [redacted] textbook is correct, so that the students will pass a test over that material (national program, not my idea, I don’t like teaching canned stuff.).

    Indeed, when everyone is suddenly discovering THING on the 5:30 news, and Politico, and CNN, and the national bits in the local news, I know it’s propaganda. “The dollar’s dead!” “Alternate energy!” “Trump’s going to prison!” “Trans, trans, trans!”

    1. Have you ever tried taking the “this is bullshit and here’s why, but I have to teach you how to sling it” route? Maybe it’s not really practicable…I don’t know…just wondering.

      1. The closest I can come is “This isn’t what I remember from [time], but I had a limited perspective. What I saw was…” That much is OK, but more than that starts confusing people, and they need to be non-confused for the national exams.

        1. Makes sense. That’s a difficult row to hoe, and I couldn’t do it. (There was a time when I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but teaching cured me of it.) 🙂

  8. Just ’cause you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they ain’t out to get you.

    & yep, I remember AK cruses, and the Alyeska pipeline passes under my property to cross under the Chena River. I tend to think of it as an 800 mile long, 4 foot diameter, oil storage tank. If the fit hits the shan we’re not gonna freeze in the dark.

    I kept track of the mortality and morbidity of the Diamond Princess passengers for quite a while. The numbers appeared to be pretty much the same as for pre-chinaflu America. Oddly enough it seems access to those numbers became rather restricted and I couldn’t find recent data. Go figure…

    Oh, and just ’cause we know they’re out to get us doesn’t mean we’re paranoid.

    1. Yeah, and remember when the Exxon Valdez spill happened, and the usual suspects were crowing about how they were right all along and oil really was going to destroy the environment?

      And then those of us who were paying attention learned about a year later that the beaches that weren’t scrubbed recovered faster and better than those that were. Nature takes care of its own.

  9. Back when I was in high school, our current events class made it a requirement that we had to subscribe to Time or Newsweek for a year and keep a notebook on the topic of our choice. (Yes, that’s how long ago it was.)

    I will never forget, in 1978 or so, reading an essay in Time that began as follows: “It’s 1990, and it’s raining, and you’ll have to walk to work again.” (Energy crisis, you know.) Just such utter nonsense.

    1. Once upon a time a class required a subscription to either U.S. News & World Report or Newsweek and I went with the cheaper Newsweek. Got the lesson Newsweak (intended spelling) didn’t seek. They had a page of quotations from the week. Once was Bush, on being asked about the women running for senate replying, “I hope they lose.” It was, of all places NPR that carried the full quotation, “Since they’re all Democrats, I hope they lose.” Significant difference. It reminded me of something.

      What did it remind me of?

      Radio Moscow. One person summed it up that you might never catch them at an actual lie, but they had a very careful version of truth they served.

      The one time I suffered through The Colbert Report I had that same feeling of being reminded of Radio Moscow. Technically, every quotation had been said, but the context had been stripped away and replaced with something to mislead.

      1. An old joke that held within it a bit of truth. A race between a Russian and an American. Russian press reported that the Russian came in second while the American came in next to last.

    2. In my 8th grade civics class (’70-’71) three students were assigned each day to provide a news story, one local, one national, & one international.
      When I had international I would usually get it off the shortwave radio. Radio Prague & Radio Netherlands, & Radio South Africa (among others) often had very different takes than U.S. sources, or stories not covered at all by our domestic press. Fortunately the teacher was a classic liberal (not leftist) type and enjoyed having different viewpoints for discussion.

      1. In the ’90s, “The Ecommunist Economist” had the best coverage of both US and international stories. Then they went all in on Bush Derangement and AGW and I stopped reading.

        1. Me too. And their trope about how easy issues could be resolved with, “sensible compromises,” which always just happened to be what thy were suggesting.

        2. I’ve just discovered a new rabbit hole called The Skeptic Research center. They have a great piece that shows that the left believes in the media, and authority generally, and that’s why the “Educated” left is wrong about just about every thing, Mind, Jacques Ellul said the same thing about the “educated” in his Propaganda 60+ years ago, nihil sub sole novum.

          The best thing is that they call themselves antipartisan, which describes what I’m looking for in research exactly.

  10. Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you! A shrink (Psychologist) friend of mine had that on a poster in her office.

    I learned a long time ago, prior to the Regan era – trust but verify! I had it sorta figured out when Chet and David would sign off the NBC news and would say, “Good night Chet; Good night David and goodnight from Texaco and NBC news”. Ya sort of had to figure the sponsor had a say in things. Uncle Walt Cronkite with his ” And that’s the way it is ” sign off was also a tell for me. It was also ‘odd’ to me that the local / regional paper would have a lot of news about specific events that impacted… oh, say the car business when a huge chunk of their advertising dollars came from car dealers. Working most of my adult life in the “criminal justice” system, cop, corrections, etc. has also provided me a very cynical viewpoint on people and society.

    I like to sort of cruise the news and get a sense of what is being discussed but I sure don’t fall into thinking that much of it is having an impact on me or is anywhere near the full story much less the truth. Sure, Trump! Trump! and who won the election in Chicago is interesting but it ain’t gonna impact me directly. I’m paying attention to what the local clowns in our cities/counties are up to and what the educated fools in the state capital are doing as that hits home right quick. I’m lucky in that I am in the Florida of the North, known locally as Iowa, and we seem to have retained at least some sanity and have rejected a lot of the national crazy and the current “it” thing. A lot of the local folks view of reality comes from the mid-western farm background – You have to live with the daily weather you get and harvest the results as best you can and it doesn’t matter if the soybeans are “gay” or not, just so they get into the bin. The real world (from the old commercial about butter and mother nature) isn’t going to be affected by feelings or what you identify as – hail will kill the crops and give you a lost season just like good weather and timely management of your fields will give you good yields.

  11. I just got fired from a retail store job at a Christian cult, and let me tell you, the total lie of the place screams at you from the moment you walk in and all the women are shriek laughing and rubbing up on you like you’re the most intimate of friends.
    Then you refuse to act like a cog in a cult. “No, that doesn’t excite me, I think it’s a lie.”
    Two struggle sessions later, I finally ended up laughing at them trying to force me to remember things that didn’t happen so they could fire me. So they declared the events true, because! and I was gone.

    It’s a golden age in many respects. Looking clear eyed at liars and thieves is one of the good parts, no matter how things end.

    The look on her face when I laughed and laughed and refused her struggle…. priceless. Refuse the kowtow.

      1. Thanks, Red, it’s been a wonderful time in so many ways. And Himself has me well in hand. I know that I’m His artist, and He will find something perfect for me. Now? Time to rest. It’s been a hellacious decade.

    1. I love getting fired from places like that. They get all bluster and ‘how dare you!’ when you look at them with one raised eyebrow and say “Really? Come on.”

      Spit in their eye and dare them to take a swing. The satisfaction is better than a paycheck.

      1. Ha! It was just that, during the final struggle session. I reached a point where I got her to say something so insane that I giggled, which set her off into a rage she couldn’t deal with. 🙂 And the feeling of walking out, escorted, smiling, was priceless.

    2. Ugh. Sorry to hear. Seems like it’s too much to ask these days to be left alone to earn an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. Thoughts and prayers you find something better soon.

      1. Your kindness really feels nice, thank you! It does kick you sideways for a short bit. Something perfect and better will be along at just the proper time, I believe.

  12. “Reality is a stone cold bitch.”
    German: ‘reality’ – Wirklichkeit (f), Realität (f), Sachhaltigkeit (f) . . . a feminine gender noun!

    Yes, she is! I think that we all very close to a ‘reality check’ and all the la la-s will have a day of reckoning.

  13. At first, when the fact-checkers became a thing back in 2004-6 or thereabouts, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. No more wading through stupid opinion articles where the only thing you really know is that the writer/reporter has an axe to grind, no more wondering how many lies were in that politician’s speech. Just the facts!

    Well, it sure was interesting to see how it was only and always Sarah Palin whose pants were on fire in 2007/8. Hell, if you were judging by which statements and how many of them Politifact chose to “fact-check,” you could be forgiven for thinking not only that Obama and Biden were paragons of truth, but that maybe they had never even said anything at all.

    Just one crack in the wall. It took a while for the lies and the lacunae to add up for me, but eventually I got there.

    BGE’s comments along the lines of “ask yourself why we’re being told this right now” have also been a helpful little dose of paranoia — a reminder that outlets that are nominally on our side can still be doing things that are profoundly unhelpful.

    Also, a series of articles (on Medium, I think) on the news and the psychology of anxiety helped change how I looked at the news. No matter what side it’s coming from politically, it’s ALL designed to stoke anxiety, because anxiety is an emotional trigger that keeps everybody coming back. (Am I still in danger? What new threat lurks? Nobody’s talking about this thing anymore, so maybe I can breathe a sigh of relief…but here’s another thing! There’s always another one…)

    1. “Fact checkers” as a thing has evolved. The first iteration you reference was basically Snopes, I think (there may have been another website or two that did much the same thing).

      The path of all future fact checkers was made clear when Snopes marked as “false” the notion that Al Gore claimed he invented the internet. They documented what he actually said, which was that he “seized the initiative in creating the internet”, asserted without any elaboration that this was completely different from claiming to have actually invented it, and left it at that. The didn’t do it for a rational explanation, they did it so that people who don’t read would find the “False” tag, big and prominent, and never look past that.

      “Fact checkers” as a job at, say, Facebook and other social media sites, didn’t really become a thing until around 2014, 2015.

      1. I’m thinking of the second wave, when Politifact and whatever the WaPo calls its thing started doing their political fact-checking around the end of the George W. years. I started following them sometime before the 2007/08 election season.

    2. Also, a series of articles (on Medium, I think) on the news and the psychology of anxiety helped change how I looked at the news. No matter what side it’s coming from politically, it’s ALL designed to stoke anxiety, because anxiety is an emotional trigger that keeps everybody coming back. (Am I still in danger? What new threat lurks? Nobody’s talking about this thing anymore, so maybe I can breathe a sigh of relief…but here’s another thing! There’s always another one…)

      For me, I grew up in a right-wing home watching CBS Evening News through my Dad’s skepticism filter. (“Q: Why is Dan Rather on television? A: If he was on the radio it’d be HearBS News.”) The linchpin, though, was via Citizen Kane (a.k.a. Wm. R. Hearst) and Orson Welles, when he replies to his foreign desk reporter (protesting that there was no such war as Kane’s papers reported) with “Tell him he supplies the photos; I’ll supply the war!”

  14. The first way that the average Japanese citizen knew that Japan was losing World War II was the news. Not because it was reported that they were losing. But it didn’t take long for everybody to notice that each “great and glorious victory over the Imperialist American scum” was occurring on islands that got closer, and closer, and still closer to the home islands.

    (The second way was when the order went out for everybody to prepare for the Honorable Death of the Hundred Million — when the “Emperor” [really, a cabal that was actually in control at the end] gave the order, literally every Japanese would commit suicide in order to “shame” America before the world. And the only reason it didn’t happen, as far as I can tell, because this is not a thing well documented in English, is that the Emperor found out about it somewhere between Hiroshima and Nagasaki and put an end to it, ordering the surrender. But everybody knew about the Honorable Death, and there was no thought of not complying, even among dissidents and free thinkers.)

    And yet, somehow, the media thinks that not reporting the race of criminals will fool everyone. Or not reporting the ideology of a mass shooter will cause everybody to conclude it was a radical rightwing white supremacist.

    Ayn Rand was right about a lot of things, including this:

    [Man] is free to make the wrong choice, but not free to succeed with it. He is free to evade reality, he is free to unfocus his mind and stumble blindly down any road he pleases, but not free to avoid the abyss he refuses to see. Knowledge, for any conscious organism, is the means of survival; to a living consciousness, every “is” implies an “ought.” Man is free to choose not to be conscious, but not free to escape the penalty of unconsciousness: destruction. Man is the only living species that has the power to act as his own destroyer—and that is the way he has acted through most of his history.

    She wrote that in 1961.

    1. “She wrote that in 1961.”

      The truth has no date.

      Although these days what she said might be condensed to a meme that says, “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.”

      1. > “Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions.”

        Hey, I don’t remember voting for this.

    2. Eric Frank Russell makes the point in, “Wasp ” where someone is grousing to the protagonist that they keep gloriously retreating.

        1. I wonder if it’s common domain. Lots of fun, and definitely thought-provoking.

          1. Several EFR books are public domain, but not Wasp. I know it’s one of his best, just haven’t gotten to it yet (in part because it’s not PD).

            (Actually, it might possibly be, but there is a renewal registered, I just haven’t done the deep dive to ensure that it’s all proper and correct and valid.)

    3. There would have been a few, there were on Okinawa when a similar order went out. Not many mind, but there would have been a few who hid while their relatives (likely the childless ones) lied to the folk sent to enforce the order and committed suicide in front of the enforcers to prove it.

  15. Time to raise a stink again.

  16. There is an interesting trend if you look the 2022 governors election in AZ, the 2022 Senate election in PA and WI supreme court election. In each case for most of the counties the battles are closer (within say 5%) except for a few counties. In AZ it was one, In PA it was 1-2, in WI it was 3. In each case these are the highest population counties in the state with populations 5-10x that of other counties. They contain large Blue Cities In PA its Philadelphia and maybe Pittsburgh, In AZ it was Phoenix, in Wisconsin it’s Milwaukee, Madison and Eau Claire. With 70-80+% votes for the Democrat candidate their vote totals swamp the rest of the states rural population. Is it fraud? Philly seems likely it often sees 90+% votes for state wide and national democrat candidates with ludicrously high (sometimes 95%+ ) turnouts. Maricopa county with Phoenix in it has suppression of its suburban centrist/conservative enclaves, so not definitive but certainly smells fishy. I don’t have any info on the Wisconsin counties other than the 75-85% for the blue team votes when the rest of the state was far closer.
    What this tells me is if we actually want to see valid elections again in states with highly concentrated population centers there needs to be someone other than the blue team in control of the precinct level. Those spots in the large cities are what drive the statewide and electoral votes in those states. With control of offices like Supreme court seats, Secretary of state or similar that controls counting/verifying the votes in those precincts will not be cleaned out and those precincts will remain dirty.
    I don’t know about you but I’d kind of said to myself that I didn’t give a rats patootie about the cities, stay away from them and let them crash and burn. Chicago deserved the pain it has inflicted (or allowed to be inflicted) upon itself. But at least in the red/purple zones we have to get the cities back to a rule of law with respect to voting and without severe external force from the rest of the surrounding state that will not happen. This is a real conundrum how to resolve without digressing into the tumbrels rolling…

    1. If I recall correctly, in this last election for Gov. and senate here in Pa., one Philly Precinct actually had more votes cast than both registered voters or actual people who lived in said precinct. But there is no fraud. Rrriiiggghhhtt.

    2. It’s easy to say “who cares, let them burn” (I’ve done it), but the rest of us don’t deserve what the corrupt population centers are doing to us. Washington is in a similar predicament with the Puget Sound metro “outvoting” the rest of the state all by itself.

      And the citizens’ initiative process in WA has been weaponized by the Progressive Billionaires Club, so that even when the legislature has had the sense not to do something stupid (a sense they’ve lost in the past few years), they can whip up the progtards and the fraud-by-mail and get your own fellow citizens to vote your rights away for you.

      Every stupid thing that has been passed by referendum/initiative here has been supported by 70-80% on the “progressive” west side and opposed by 60-70% on the east side. Statewide elections go the same way, producing the feckless Forever Senators, Cantwell and Murray, and a permanent slate of electors in the D column for president. It’s no wonder a lot of people want to split the state in two (personally, I’m in favor of merging eastern OR and eastern WA into a new state).

      1. Do you remember the guy trying to Get Out The Vote for 2016 by going on the radio and encouraging the dry side to up their game, because Seattle regularly had a turn-out in the 80% range, while the dry side was more like 30-40?

        Then you add in how the blob has a major issue with cleaning up their voting rolls, to the point that it took over four years for them to stop sending my husband ballots in Texas and Iowa…. Since I was on the dry side for six months before we left the state, MY registration was gone before the next election.

        How about making a North and South Jefferson County, with some of the sane chunks of Cali?

      2. personally, I’m in favor of merging eastern OR and eastern WA into a new state

        I am not. I am also not for the Greater Idaho movement. Or Jefferson State.

        Oregon, Washington, should be split into E-W versions. Still bigger than most Atlantic states. N. California, taking, at least parts of, the Sierra’s, needs to split off from Southern and middle California. Again, still would be bigger than a lot of Atlantic states. Guaranties 9 (presumably) conservative electoral votes. Which even the hint of means no matter what the people of the counties involved vote, their respective states legislatures won’t let it happen.

        1. I’m in favor of combining eastern WA and OR because they’d share very compatible ideology and economy, and the combined population would be both large enough and dispersed enough to prevent places like Bend (or Spokane, which although not precisely “progressive” is still a city with city problems) from exerting undue influence.

          But that doesn’t mean I’m not in favor of any other thing that would cut the progressive disease off from sane parts of WA/OR/CA. New states that guaranteed 9 not-progtard electoral votes and six senators (don’t forget about that) would be a very good thing.

          Unfortunately, none of the splitting of states is ever realistically going to happen, as much as I’d like it to. And as a resident of the sane side of WA, I’d love it to be possible. Convincing the state legislatures AND congress, especially in this spicy political climate, ain’t going to happen. We’re more likely to get a bunch of frauded-in Democrats inviting Puerto Rico and DC to join this unhappy union instead.

          1. Well we can dream. Yes. 9 Electoral votes equate to 6 total senators, and 3, minimum, congress members. The real question is do the large cities in their midst skew the political dynamics the wrong way? Sure by area conservative. But by population percentage? I know Bend is a problem in Oregon. Not sure K-Falls, Baker, Ontario, etc., have enough population to skew it back.

  17. I’ve never actually embedded an image into one of these things, so I’m not quite sure this will work, but here goes:

    src=”/Volumes/NO NAME/13.JPG”

    1. Okay, then, no. If anyone wants to see the meme, you’ll have to tell me what I did wrong, or else give me some way of sending it to you directly.

      1. If you have a twitter account, you can paste the picture there and then post that here.

        I use it for taking pictures from my computer to the blog.

        1. Hey, if the first shot doesn’t break your arm, you’ve got two more! 😀

          I wanted an image to demonstrate, so I picked that one. I’m 98% sure it’s a joke. For starters, a .50 BMG would barely have time to accelerate in a 2″ barrel.

          Could there be a sufficiently mad gunsmith somewhere amongst our 320 millions to build such a beast? Based on all the times I’ve heard ‘Hold my beer!’ I figure the chances are about 2%.

          1. I’m kind of surprised that no one has yet, though someone may have and we just haven’t heard about it. (Though in today’s social media environment, I admit that that particular scenario seems unlikely.)

            Granted, the 2-inch barrel would significantly degrade the ballistics of the round. OTOH, I suspect it would also significantly mitigate the recoil generated. I imagine the event would generate a YUUGE fireball.

  18. For various reasons, many of you will deny that America (and we Americans) are currently under God’s wrath.

    Bear with me for a few minutes and read Romans 1:18-32. You can find it online in many places, if you don’t have a Bible handy.

    Read that. Think about it for 5 minutes. You may not agree with my politics, theology, diet, or choice of career; but those verses describe where we’re at in the USA.

    And they were written as a warning nearly 2,000 years ago and have since been published in nearly every language, in nearly every nation around the world.

    So we have no excuse, except verse 22…

    (Insert sad face here)

    1. For various reasons, many of you will deny that America (and we Americans) are currently under God’s wrath.

      Most of the reasons are because the folks asserting it don’t bother to make their own argument.

      I will offer a counter-argument to the argument you ask folks to make.

      Ezekiel 18.

    2. We’re always under G-d’s wrath. The conditions for the apocalypse are always present. And we always deserve a right good spanking.
      What you fail to explain: If we deserve G-d’s wrath, what does the rest of the world deserve? Because we’re still the best of a good lot.
      Do not try to usurp G-d’s place. He decides where to apply correction or wrath, and most of the time we bring the correction on ourselves by our actions. Stop offloading it to Him.
      Your job is not to read the entrails of the Word. Your job is to stay vigilant until His coming.

      1. And G*d would have spared Sodom and Gomorra if Abraham had found ten good men there.

        I believe that there are plenty more than “ten good men/women” in the US.

          1. Alright, I found this kind of cool.

            Because I was curious, at the one in four thousand metric, there would be 82,750 “good men” in the US to spare us the S&G treatment.

            So I went to look for a city that has that many, for comparison… and the first search I did?

            If a mere one person in a hundred, in New York City, can be counted as good… that more than covers the “ten good men” equation, with almost five thousand to spare.

      2. I hear you. I am not judging anyone or claiming special enlightenment. I am just sad about America. And trusting Romans 10:13.

        1. Except you ARE claiming special enlightenment. You’re going “See this? We’re DOOMED and you’re all just in denial!”

          1. Well, some people are better at seeing the meaning of my words than I am

            I don’t think I said doomed. And I believe we all choose what to worship, so…

            1. Set, you’re not very good at preaching. Not to this crowd, at least.

              Have you considered giving it up?

            2. No, we’re just reading the words you actually write. You bitch and moan that we ‘deny American are under God’s wrath’. (Hint, that’s the doom right there) And yes, we’ve read the same scripture you have. Including the merciful parts that you largely ignore. Under God’s wrath? Probably since the Hadean. The whole world is all the time. As is the whole world under his mercy and has been since the Hadean.

              Every passage of woe has corresponding passages of joy. Quite possibly best summed up in Zephaniah 3. Your ‘we are under God’s wrath!” stops at verse 8. I’ve seen you in other places give a nod to things like verses 9 through 11, and then… nothing. Passages like 12-20 never seem to hit your radar. So YES, doom is your watch word, as many different ways as you can phrase it.

              As for me and my house? We will serve the Lord.

              I think you’ll recognize that one, and it means not assuming we’re doomed and simply getting on with the jobs he has for us, come what may. We do the best we can to do what we ought. Leave the rest to him.

    3. The only curse we are under is our own Hubris at not demanding free and fair elections. Make no mistake the left will always do whatever you allow them to do. Their one main credo is “The End Justifies the Means”. Also all this economic hardship is to punish us for not voting for the Harpy from hell Clinton. May God have mercy on their souls, IMHO we should not have mercy on them at all. Gallows, Ropes and Trials are what they deserve and should once again fear. Keep your powder dry.

  19. the president is a miserable failure who shoots cats for sport

    Wait, WHAT???!!! I’ve heard plenty of bad things about Carter that tell me he isn’t really the “good and decent man whom events got away from” that they tried to sell us in the 90s, but this is the first I’ve ever heard of cat-murder. Is that real or an exaggeration?

        1. I always did find that guy skeevy. Now I know why. Shoots at cats. Okay then.

          Makes you wonder what #LetsGoBrandon is into. The peanut farmer is like a saint in comparison.

            1. Now, the president being a pedophile is the sort of thing that, once upon not that long ago, might have gotten some media attention.

        2. Dang I knew he had a thing against rabbits, but shooting at someones known pet for obeying its natural tendencies is vile. Totally unneeded.

      1. It’s a little known fact that Hugh Hefner hired George C. Scott to uplift rabbits to intelligence, so they could do the secret missions that nobody else could do. Unfortunately, Rabbit Team One all perished, save one, in a Pinto crash on the way to the mission, and the lone surviving rabbit failed to save the nation from Carter, and blew the whole organization by making the news in his attempt.

        However, the efforts to suppress the real story were largely successful, once the movie Day of the Rabbit was pulled before release, and everyone involved scared into secrecy.

          1. Weird?

            No more weird than the rest of this insane world.

            But then, I’ve thought that I’m the only sane person in an insane world. 😉

            1. I was partly making fun of an actual movie that could only have been made in the early 1970s, Day of the Dolphin, which has intelligent dolphins who view George C. Scott as their father, who are trained to assassinate the President. As a B movie, it would be bad. As a Self-Important Serious Movie By a Serious Director With A Statement To Make, it’s unspeakably awful.

                1. The people making it were all competent professionals, so it has the veneer of a good movie, for sure. I can see being fooled by it in that way.

                  Also, the “as a kid” part is important. What anyone liked as a kid is going to be a mixture of good and garbage, because there’s no other way to acquire judgment and taste. 🙂

                  1. DotD is a popcorn flick, and “Phaaa waant Beee Naaaow,” is a nakedly cheesy plot gimmick unless you’re a kid obsessed with language or dolphins or something.

                    (I also watched My Fair Lady for the view of Miss Hepburn.)

                  2. It really is astounding to reread books you read as a child because they differ so much — some for the better, some for the worse.

                    1. The part that was really heartening to me as a nascent writer was realizing just how much my own imagination supplied. “Oh, I don’t have to make every moment epic, the reader will do that with the parts he needs to be epic.”

              1. So, what, it was a mutual duct-taping?

                Gonna have some fun trying to visualize that one. 😛

          1. You have my deepest sympathies. I love bad movies, but that one is just so dreadfully self-important that I can never get through it. Like, the opening minute or two are kind of okay, interesting in how they’re put together, if you don’t know what’s coming.

              1. It was the ’70s. Lots of people did. Hollywood lost their mojo in the late ’60s, got taken over by people who had no idea what they were doing in the early ’70s, and only really figured out how to do things again when Spielberg, Lucas, and several Corman School graduates got the keys to the kingdom.

            1. Bad movie?

              Try William Shatner in

              “White Comanche”

              No. It’s worse.

              Worse than that.

              That too.

              1. When the best thing about your movie is your leading man riding a horse through snowy mountains for five seconds, you’re a pretty bad movie.

          1. Amazingly misjudged movie, but not really. It’s all the straight 1950s horror movie tropes, played straight, but with “giant” bunnies as the monsters.

            1. I wonder if all these ‘Killer Rabbit/Dolphin movies were based upon the 1940’s war experiment with bat bombs for Japan. A guy in Arizona figured out most of the houses in japan were wooden. So he theorized you put a small fire bomb on a bat. They worked by the way and burnt down the base they were housed at. They went with nukes instead. True story by the way.

  20. Brief comment from a normal lurker. One thing you can do is join with other citizens and remove the floaters in the voter registration lists even via lawsuits under the motor voter act. It is simple, you locate voters registered to empty lots, dozens of even hundreds with the same address, voters that lack any proper address, voters well over 100 and deceased, and so on. Your challenge to nonexistent voters can be at the county or state level. True the Vote is merely one of those groups as there are several and curiously enough not really supported much by the GOP establishment.

    But, like rust, the Dems never sleep so you have to monitor voter registration lists until election time for the floaters as the Dems voter registration drives are designed on purpose to pad voter lists.

    1. “You’re a racist! Case dismissed!” — the judge you will get if you try to sue in a blue state. And it doesn’t really help yo only clean the rolls in red states.

  21. I don’t believe the US will have a free and fair election within what little is left of my lifetime. I’m doing what I can, but it is nowhere near enough.

  22. I think a lot of it is what Glenn Reynolds notes as simply there pure hatred of “the plebes” and their desire to make everyone suffer.

    “There’s no bread let them eat cake
    There’s no end to what they’ll take
    Flaunt the fruits of noble birth
    Wash the salt into the earth”-Rush, Bastille Day, lyrics Peart, music Lee and Lifeson

    1. “What makes a man like Ringo, Doc? What makes him do the things he does?”

      “A man like Ringo has got a great big hole, right in the middle of him. He can never kill enough, or steal enough, or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.”

      “What does he need?”


      “For what?

      “Bein’ born.”

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