Self Promo and Memes

The self promo is obvious. I probably should complain he used a picture from 20 years ago, but really I’m not going to. I wish I still looked like that.

While on that, there’s also this:

And now….

Because I woke up late and I’m finishing the next refinishing mystery (well, it was almost finished, but it turned out I was trying to write two books in one. And logically, the next in line is the one that’s less done. And I want it out by end of month, which means my copyeditor needs SOME time in which to work. And….

So, in view of all that: THE MEMES MUST FLOW:

Tastless Smeshless…. At According to Hoyt we can and we will!

This one is dedicated to Ray Epps Ken who keeps commenting despite a ban.

And now off the vile political stuff:

And this is to remind you the metric system was invented by the murderous French Revolution:

Shame on the British for going along with the French. When has that turned out well?

and just how life works…

167 thoughts on “Self Promo and Memes

    1. Would any admit to being his?

      How can the Turtle do so well with judicial confirmations and so squirrely on other things?

      Pool thoughts: I think the order of operations – Carter (98), Feinstein (89), McConnell (81) – is correct. Carter started hospice care Feb 18, 2023, and has already exceeded my usual expectations ++, making it a month today.

      So, my pool entries for March 18, 2023:
      Carter, April 2023 (10th, for tie-breaker)
      Feinstein, December 2023 (17th, for tie-breaker)
      McConnell, December 2028

      And, as always, Psalm 109:8, in large friendly letters on the cover.

      ++ Retired nurse, used to work in assisted living, and saw a few of these. Folks sometimes go in and out of hospice a few times. My personal observed range is about 3 days to about 3 weeks.

      Which is a bummer, as a neighbor just entered hospice last Sunday.

      1. I saw McConnell’s goal explained waaaay back when in an NR article. Specifically, he wants to keep the government structure, but stack it with right-wingers. Putting conservatives on the court fits with that goal. Reducing the size of government does not.

        1. Vichy Mitchy wants to be the Minority Leader.

          Because the Majority Leader has to actually lead without being an abject failure. If the Minority Leader is a useless waste of oxygen, hardly anybody notices.

          So, Vichy Mitchy carefully torpedoes Republican candidates in certain races, to maintain those 47 to 49 Republicans in the Senate. Fewer than 47, and the Democrats will just ignore them. Vichy doesn’t want to do any actual work, but can’t stand being ignored.
          Some of the politicians nominally on our side need to be taught the difference between ‘compromise’ and ‘appeasement’.

          1. No, he’d be happy to be majority leader. But he’d rather have Republican senators who are in lock-step with him than be majority leader.

            He likes big government. He just wants Republican appointees in all of the positions instead of Democratic appointees. I’ve never seen him do anything that contradicts this.

      2. My grandfather entered in-home hospice care in or around June/July of ’21, just a bit after his 94th birthday. In August he caught the WuFlu, ivermectined through within a week, while in hospice, and quicker than my own bout at < ½ his age that same month (no link: GA vs MT). He passed to glory just before Thanksgiving that year.

      3. My grandfather entered in-home hospice care in or around June/July of ’21, just a bit after his 94th birthday. In August he caught the WuFlu, ivermectined through within a week, while in hospice, and quicker than my own bout at < ½ his age that same month (no link: GA vs MT). He passed to glory just before Thanksgiving that year.

  1. I saw the beautiful healer meme and thought “that’s why most village healers are hags”. 😆

  2. I am NOT a Vegas person.

    I am not a Con person.

    The gears in the back of the head are already whirring away furiously, planning the trip…

    Please, please, PLEASE keep us posted on this!

      1. The (very) tentative plan would be for me to drive up from Tucson – going through Phoenix and Kingman. Roommates, probably not, even if mate has a Y chromosome. I’m quite terrible to live with.

    1. I actually AM a Vegas person, but not a Fremont Street person. If this were on the Strip, I’d have found a way to go back in time and book it last week. I know why it’s not, of course, but we have our Strip vacations down to an art form, and I don’t know how the plan would work if modified.

      Still, maybe Mr. Zsuzsa would enjoy playing cards at the Golden Nugget, or perhaps he could drive to Wynn during the day….

  3. Oh, come on, now. Guys’ pockets can’t fit all that AND a locomotive!!!! There’s no need to exaggerate.

      1. Don’t most women make up for that with the contents of their purses?

        (Grinning, ducking, and running…)

        1. And then some. Of course, then there’s the guy with cargo pants, a “shoot me first” vest and a murse. All stuffed. 🙂

        2. Pockets and a satchel. Because a skirt is no good without pockets. (OK, and the pocket in my vintage fur muff, which is just the right size to carry a [redacted caliber].)

          1. According to an idiotic meme on facebook, women were forbidden from having pockets, because they might hide spells…. Women had pockets until the 20th century and form fitting clothes. ALSO they think men controlled how clothes were even made. Head>desk.

        3. And women’s purses are bigger on the inside than on the outside. Which is how they fit half a beauty parlor in there–or, for some, a toolbox and a small machine shop.

          1. My aunt added a section of lead pipe to the bottom of her purse.

            When she swatted the mugger, he lost teeth.

            And consciousness. She played tennis.

            1. Sounds like a bad case of “summer teeth”: Some are there and some are gone. Picked up from Steve Inman.

    1. I haven’t seen the pockets meme before. I have seen the men vs women care products bit.

      For men – “This is a combination shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, degreaser, and hand soap.”

      For women – “This lotion is for your left arm pit…”

              1. Hands down, the best basic BBQ in KC is downtown at the Original Arthur Bryants ( .

                This is across the street from the old ballpark, in an originally black district, famous for the Blues, and after the game people in the stands would empty into the place which advertised by placing gigantic containers of BBQ sauce aging in their store-front windows. During a game, the restaurant would occasionally destroy a side of pork or beef while preparing, and the rising of black smoke from that corner of the neighborhood would cause cries of despair from the folks at the game, independent of any action on the field.

                A good alternative choice, with several locations around the [very large] city, is Gates BBQ, also originating from the same district in downtown KC ( Both sites have a “History” link which I recommend looking at.

            1. Careful, religious fights aren’t allowed. Besides, every place I lived was famous for not having a native barbeque style. Usually, not even good copies of the others. Mercifully, not always. Makes note to slip into [redacted] for some ‘que.

              1. I can endorse the BBQ-and-Carry linkup re: firearms. Personally.

                Mind you, I like a barely cooked seared steak even better than BBQ ribs, so one has to allow for a certain amount of food-religious freethinking.

                1. like a barely cooked seared steak

                  You sound like my dad. When he ordered steak it was: “Slide across the grill. Turn it over, slide it back. Deliver it”, rare. Which was slightly more cooked than BIL’s former wife: “Shake the steak at the grill to scare it”. I’ve heard rumors, but never knew anyone who ordered rare as “Fresh off the steer/deer/elk” …. Me? Medium to well done. I don’t like a dry steak, but I don’t want to see blood either.

  4. As an aside, due to discrepancies between the Julian and Gregorian calender, the Ides of March on the Julian calendar presently falls about March 27th Gregorian.

  5. For all that I know I thank the magic town I grew up in that had books on the shelves that were nowhere else. Also an extremely good memory.

  6. Thanks Sarah, signed up the old-fashioned way. The check will be in the mail in 1…2…20 minutes. For me Vegas is a hop, skip, and a jump. It’s Liberty-Con that’s the challenge.

    Also thanks for the RAH quote. About the metric system…. Aargh, I feel a need to spew forth, er, a blog post coming on. Aw crap.

        1. Yep. I think. I mean, I found that in a deep dive because I was going to write mysteries set in the French revolution. (Gave it up because too depressing.) BUT they don’t teach it in school. Because it would make you give the entire metric system the side eye

          1. Frack, frack, frack! Now I have to spend tomorrow night and Monday morning doing extra research to mock the French and their decimal fixation, so I can really write the blog post.

          2. I think I’ll stick with a dive into the Book of Invasions of Ireland (because I cannot spell the gaelic to save my life), at least I get epic poetry that way. I do not blame you in the least for giving up on anything set in the French revolution. shudder

              1. Adding it to the list. I have several others that I’m trying to find English translations for. Slowly I shall build my stock. (and maybe eventually get where I can read Irish, either old or new, though I doubt I will ever be able to spell it properly.)

          3. I remember seeing the calendar several places. Ugh. The only thing that really remains of it is Lobster Thermador, and the Thermadorian Reaction (when the Committee of Public Safety was terminated.) Oh, and the title of Marx’s book, which no one reads and for good reason.

      1. I still say that the Metric system is an evil plot by the French. The Babylonians had the right idea! And the metric system is not very human scaled. Besides, the unit values are badly out of sync. Grams are small meters are much larger. Plus, scientists can’t decide what system to use: cgs or mks

  7. Please post a reminder for the con in Las Vegas as the date gets closer. I’m not a fan of Las Vegas, but maybe a convention wouldn’t be bad.

      1. Apparently they’ve moved to Cloudflare, which has a habit of a) requiring a Captcha and b) not always allowing you through on the 1st click.

      1. Did not OGH recently ask for a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster?

        Take the juice from one bottle of that Ol' Janx Spirit.
        Pour into it one measure of water from the seas of Santraginus V (Oh, that Santragian seawater! Oh, those Santragian fish!)
        Allow three cubes of Arcturan Mega-gin to melt into the mixture (it must be properly iced or the benzene is lost).
        Allow four litres of Fallian marsh gas to bubble through it, in honor of all those happy hikers who have died of pleasure in the Marshes of Fallia.
        Over the back of a silver spoon float a measure of Qalactin Hypermint extract, redolent of all the heavy odors of the dark Qalactin Zones, subtle, sweet, and mystic.
        Drop in the tooth of an Algolian Suntiger. Watch it dissolve, spreading the fires of the Algolian Suns deep into the heart of the drink.
        Sprinkle Zamphuor.
        Add an olive.
        Drink . . . but . . . very carefully . . . 

        Lots of variations on the recipe on the web.

        I’d rather go directly to

        ‘having your brains smashed in by a slice of lemon wrapped round a large gold brick.’

      2. The Reader prefers this one. (from Iowahawk a couple of years ago)
        2 ounces bourbon (rye, blend, whatever)
        1 ounce rattlesnake venom
        1 ounce U-235
        pinch boron bitters

          1. 12″ tongs? That was the ‘Shirley Temple’ version.

            Adult versions require the armored drink cart with the combined fume hood. Also, mandatory safety gear with the ‘If you see me running, try to keep up!’ stencil.

        1. Shoulda asked you for a pic–none of the photos I grabbed were exactly print-resolution–but I was still thinking of it as basically placeholder while I got the design finalized ^.^ heh

  8. Dang that seemed like a great idea for a con. Except flights are running about $600. And worse yet it crosses my wife’s birthday. Someday I’ll get to meet you people in the flesh…

  9. Shrodingers Calcu-kitty!

    I know, just derivative humor, but integral to the thread.

    (Activates cloak …. fades….)

  10. The Reader would have planned differently if he had known about Son of Silvercon. As it is, he just got back from Sodom (oops, Vegas).

  11. Weirded out a little, the author mentions Ecuador on 13th, earthquake in Ecuador on the 18th. Could you please mention Washington DC more? Like lots more. Nothing bad that boogies or fibbies can use, just Mention it, hell its worth an attempt right? Maybe everyone should mention DC? Is there a fault line near? Weird Twilight zone music in back ground doo do do do….

      1. What’s the difference between Washington D. C. and a swamp?
        Well, one is a quantity of rotting matter that infects the surroundings and encourages the growth of parasites. The other is a swamp.

      1. A bit more than that I think, we were in D.C. summer of 2012 and they were just finishing repairs on the Washington monument.

    1. I can appreciate the sentiment, but I have a more nuanced view. I just want the politicians and their courtesans, and aristos (the “elite” as they like to call themselves) driven out of DC. Maybe a fumigation program? Better yet, maybe our current FICUS can set up a Chinese bio warfare, ahem, I mean retrovirus studying lab in DC, and scare all the “smartest people in the room” into scattering elsewhere. Trump tried a more humane version by trying to move some of the offices of our overlords to other parts of the country.

      After Chattanooga, I want to spend some time in DC. There’s so much history for a USAin to see in DC, I’d hate to lose it. I hear they finally took the fences down and sent the National Guard home, probably because the lowly wannabes were complaining to their masters about having to walk all the way from the perimeter after their cabs dropped them off.

      1. @ Frank > “Trump tried a more humane version by trying to move some of the offices of our overlords to other parts of the country.”

        He’s escalated since then.
        (The question was about regime change in Russia.)

        “We should support regime change in the United States, that’s far more important,” Trump wrote. “The Biden administration are the ones who got us into this mess.”

  12. That ain’t a gator, that’s a croc. Not sure what species.

    Why O Why must folks insist on mixing them up? It’s easy to tell the difference if you just pay attention.

      1. Crocs show their teeth. Look at the whole shape of the head, how close together the eyes are, the pointed scales on the back of its neck, the lack of those huge jaw muscle bulges. Crocodile.

    1. Besides, alligators are not my standard of measurement. I tell it as, “Once a month, on average, a rock bigger than a garbage truck passes closer to us than the Moon.”

      Hey, it could even be a metric garbage truck! 😛

    2. It’s easy to tell the difference

      Quite easy. An alligator is the one you see later, while a croc is the one you see after a while.

  13. Amazon’s Android Kindle app is becoming more and more unstable and difficult to use… 😦

    It skips reporting days where I have read, makes deleting samples impossible, and requires us to access a browser to actually purchase anything.

    Two thumbs down, so far, this year.

    1. That last one isn’t Amazon’s fault.

      That’s Google wanting a piece of the action for any purchases through an app that they stock; since Amazon isn’t willing to raise their prices to be able to sell on a phone app, or to reduce the amount that authors get when it’s bought through a phone, you can’t buy through the phone.

      1. Kindle Windows App too, can’t buy books directly through Kindle App. Pretty sure both Apps (and probably Apple Kindle App) are all one code base, with appropriate flags for multiple different compile options (at minimum: Windows, Apple, Android). That is how I’d do it. So Android gets stupid and affects the common code every OS is affected. Or (And?), Android starts something and Windows, Apple, and the rest think “Sounds good to us” stupidity. OMMV

  14. Point of order. The GP 9, like all GP series locomotives, was an EMD product, not an Alco product. Alco built the RS series at that time.

      1. I presume this is a RailGeek thing, but They Know… and for all we know, it might have an intentional gaff by the meme-maker to give folks something to go on about beyond “Portugal, really?”

      2. The girls’ pockets versus boys’ pocket memes.

        It says Alco GP-9. The GP (General Purpose) series of road switchers was from EMD (Electromotive Division of General Motors). American Locomotive Company built the RS (Road Switcher) series of locomotives. Their RS-1 was the original road switcher and named the type.

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