By Huns For Huns

I am writing a short story, and a bit…. uh…. late on it. Oh, the short story is for here.

So, in the meantime, I thought I’d promote a couple of Hun businesses, and let you put your own in comments.

Remember my friend who, despite being young — or a kid, really, as far as I’m concerned — managed to get “complications from Covid” to the point we almost lost him, and he did a fundraiser to get his business going again (because being incapacitated is expensive.)

Well, he’s getting his business going again.


Check his stuff here at: Hairborne Defenses

He has a Coupon code for fellow Huns: ACCORDINGTOHOYT

And for Lawdog’s review of the product.

Murphic Industries

Our very own Ian Brune is…. Murphic Industries!

His coupon code is: HOYTSHOCKED

He has a lot of pretties for all you fantasy addicted people. (Me? WHY would you think that? Snicker, snicker.)

Go browse.

And if you have a Hun owned business NOT books (Just send those to the Sunday book promo) let us know in comments! We’re all tight on money this year, but if we’re going to support businesses, let’s support our own.

51 thoughts on “By Huns For Huns

  1. I doubt that those weapons that Pale Woman is carrying are really dangerous but I’m not going “press my luck” with her.

    IE I don’t want to find out painfully that they are dangerous. 😈

    1. If you mean the hairborne defenses hairsticks….. they hammered one through a 2×4 so I would certainly hope they are dangerous.

    2. The weapons? Hell, her armor looks dangerous! Look at all those spikes and spines! 😀

      Of course, a serious warrior wants every part of their equipage to do damage to the enemy.

  2. I use the “hair stabbies.” The rough surface keeps even my very thick, heavy hair pinned up, and no one knows that the points mean serious business. I got two pair, one in black and one robin’s egg blue. Highly recommend.

    1. I too use the hair stabbies. They work great in pairs or singles for me. And my sister has done me up a dozen or so dangles to clip onto the rings as the mood strikes me.

  3. The minis sales really are brilliant– since they’re all licensed patterns, it really is less expensive to have someone else make it, then ship it to you– especially if you’re not sure your system will do the detail level that you want.

      1. Any recommendations for a mini that could be painted up as a Pathfinder style half orc? I’m in the market for one or more. Might also buy a an assorted handful for the daughter to use in her D&D campaigns.

        1. looks up Pathfinder half-orc

          I don’t have anything — even in the models I own but haven’t put up yet — which would match that at this time.

          1. Dang. Thanks for looking, though. I did see some that ought to work for the daughter’s games, so I’ll go ahead and snag a few later tonight.

        1. As I understand it (and asking friends) the standard scale for D&D is 32mm.

          Which fits with why so many of the licenses contain 32mm models…….

  4. Hair stabbies are a great idea, and you can even fly with them. Oh, and FYI I’m in jail for three days because Zuck the Cuck takes “hang his ass” literally.

    1. Wouldn’t elevating Zuck just cause more air pollution?

      [Yes, I am being sarcastic. No, I am not advocating violence. Chill]

  5. Murphic Industries makes nice Christmas decorations, too! My small tree looks a bit nicer with the snowflakes and the plastic tree model is adding a holiday touch to my desk right now!

  6. I make shiny things. Pictures to come as soon as I talk Square into working for me.

    Anyway. Beadwoven jewelry with a kind of Japanese/Celtic vibe – chokers, pouches, Really Pretty Bracelets, Equally Pretty Celtic Knotwork Necklaces. There are not many people insane enough to work with 2-millimeter beads by choice, but I seem to be one of them. Good stuff for Christmas because I do all my own designs and can promise they won’t shot up anywhere else. Hit me at aggrokitty (at) gmail if you want pictures before I’m done arguing with Square.

    And I don’t know if it counts as business or book, but I’ve been editing books on Upwork and my clients seem pretty happy with me. (I have gotten one heck of a lot better since a client went “actually, when we said $GENRE we meant $VAGUELY RELATED GENRE and also we need you to do developmental.”) I will happily work out deals to rising-tide everybody, since I need completed books under my belt that I can point to. I know most literary Huns have editors they’re happy with, but I’m finding that I like this and I’m better at it than I thought.

            1. As soon as the website is functional, I will absolutely send it to you. Our family Fae has been very busy this week/month/??? (Kid is half-jokingly convinced that one of her ancestors aggravated a not-very-powerful fairy, because the things that go wrong are tiny and odd and very, very precisely timed.) In the meantime, would you like an e-mail with the pictures I sent to Ing? It’s a good overview of what I do, and then I can talk colors for assorted daughterly people. (I do have your WarmMail address.)

    1. For some reason, my brain imagined jump rings instead of beads, and I was about ready to drive off dark sorcery from the person who would willingly work with 2mm jump rings. Then I realized my mistake and went “WHEW!”.

  7. I ordered 2 pair. One for wife who uses less dangerous sticks in her hair daily, and one for mine as mine is longer…. …did not use coupon. Waiting…

  8. I am a woodturner and I also make hand-crafted jewelry in a variety of styles. The websites for each are listed in my profile.

    USAians may find my American Spirit collection of acrostic and patriotic jewelry especially worth checking out.

    At this time neither site is set up to accept a discount code (I am the webmaster for both), but if you use the Contact form to email me your order number plus the code RUTABAGA, or our host’s favorite acronym, I will be happy to refund the shipping charge. 😉

    Thank you, Sarah, for the opportunity to post this. It gives me the incentive I need to find a payment service other than PayPal.

      1. Ah, Sarah, I appreciate the invite, but that potential market is rather bigger than I want to advertise to at the moment. I design and make every piece myself, so it is definitely a very small scale craft business. 😉

    1. There doesn’t appear to be a profile/bio linked to this comment. Can you post links to the websites?

      Would love to see the woodturning and the jewelry. The fam has been getting into wearing bracelets and bangles, and I’d love the chance to direct them to someone I know is on the Usaian side of things.

      1. Sorry, I should have indicated the info was linked to my gravatar image. Hover over it, click on View Complete Profile and all the information is there.

        On the other hand, I have now learned – thank you! – that a link can be attached to the username itself. Never noticed that before. 🙂

        1. Aha! And I have now learned that I can’t see the hovercards on mobile, at least not in Brave. Which is why if you really want people to see something, make sure they’ll have to really try to miss it. And some people will still miss it anyway. 🙂

    2. Hey, was looking at your stuff and had a suggestion and a question:

      I suggest adding the type of finish to your description for anything that is intended to touch food, in case of allergies. I was using Walnut oil on a lot of such things, and was requested to use something else for a piece they wanted by someone with a serious tree nut allergy.

      Question just out of curiosity: Do you get your bottle stopper bases from Ruth Niles? They look familiar.

      1. On the “Why Buy a Woodturning?” page under “Are your finishes non-toxic?” I cover all of the finishes I used in detail. Bottom line is, after proper curing, all of these finishes are non-toxic. Currently, while I have not heard from any other woodturners that their customers had issues with walnut oil, I no longer use it because I like other finishes better.

        The stainless steel bottle stoppers are from a supply I bought many years ago, and pre-date Ruth’s products. That said, if I ever run out and need more stoppers, her products have earned an excellent reputation among woodturners I know.

        Thanks for asking! 🙂

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