I’m writing something for you guys

It’s weird, and it will have tons of mistakes, since it insists it’s science fiction and I don’t have time to track things, but well, it will be done in a couple of hours.

Just wanted you to know I’m okay and I haven’t run off to parts unknown.

20 thoughts on “I’m writing something for you guys

  1. We’ll wait and you should remember that we love to throw money your way. 😉

  2. “I’m okay and I haven’t run off to parts unknown.”


    Also, tomorrow’s writing prompt?

      1. I had thought ““I’m okay and I haven’t run off to parts unknown.”” could BE the prompt.

        A sufficiently technologically advanced communications medium is indistinguishable from quill pens and vellum when the language allows ambiguity.

  3. Hey, more great things to read!

    Last week I won a give-away from David Butler that included signed copies of Michael Rothman and Kevin J. Anderson! My luck is definitely changing for the better.

  4. Running of to parts unknown is good. As long as you come home again.

    Sister & BIL went of on a cruise trip, Sunday, from Florida through the Panama Canal. Then they get off the boat in Panama to stay with someone who lives in Panama that BIL knows.

    Mom & her neighbor are currently in Florida, flew out last night, they get on the cruise boat through the Panama Canal, Sunday, trip ends in LA. They fly home afternoon, Sunday, Dec. 18th.

    New stuff is good. As already mentioned, we are all willing to throw cash your way for new stuff (and old stuff we don’t own, yet).

  5. Glad everything is ok, hope you and the family are well and doing fine. All the best to you for the holidays. I bid you peace.

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