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  1. Suggest if you dance, it be a slow shuffle.

    A friend of mine went through the river ice last year and the current carried him well downstream of the hole he made going in. Luckily he has a very hard head and was able to break a new hole and got out OK.

    I know, I know, metaphorically dancing on thin ice, but take it slow and carefully anyway unless you have a hard head. 😉

      1. Are Daleks IP7 or 8? Otherwise you going to need a giant bucket of rice to solve that issue presuming they don’t just short out.

    1. My brother and I used to take thin ice, break sheets and pile them on top of each other to create ice rafts that we’d pole around. Yeah, we did a lot of crazy things.

  2. I can’t dance, so don’t ask me—and it’s really painful because when I was in 7th Grade I had that puppy love thing for a girl who lived about 3 doors down from us. Just when I had screwed up enough courage to ask her to the movies, I found out they had moved about 700 miles away. Both she and her daughter won a lot of Western Swing Dance awards.

    OTOH, being in Texas may have been part of how I survived my cancer, so I guess I can hum a happy tune and tap my foot.

  3. I’ve not asked enough stupid questions that only the blind could ask today, so here goes.
    Is there an image?

    If there isn’t, just ignore, and accept my hope that you start feeling better soon.

      1. Don’t apologize.
        No, strike that, don’t apologize to me over images, ever. I’ll ask, you’ll affirm, or disaffirm as appropriate. We’ll both be good.
        Now, let me go find a sizeable quantity of something to destroy the apology with.

      1. Against a blue background of ice crystals. Not that this does it justice. (I was somehow put in charge at one job of captioning web images for the vision impaired browser tools – and it ain’t easy. I don’t know how many times I would draft a coworker to cold read the description and then have them tell me that the image was NOTHING like what my words evoked.)

  4. Never had the chance to learn ballroom dance. Karate katas aren’t the same.

    Complete change of subject: One of the perennial plot issues with Star Trek was the transporter. Great for getting the characters into the action…but also an all-too-easy way to get them OUT of trouble. Thought – The mother ship has Landing Pods. These are lowered to about 2-3 miles above the planet surface on a tractor beam, and have a limited propulsion system, good for local travel and to get back up to 2-3 miles where the tractor beam can safely lock onto them and haul them back up. Note that this implies that there is a launch and recovery window…perhaps 15-20 minutes every two hours.

    Maybe somebody can use the idea. It just popped into my head, I thought I’d throw it into the stew pot.

    1. Actually the katas do translate into dance. Of course, I went from kata to dance and not the other way around, which might make a difference.

    2. All because they couldn’t afford to build a shuttle set for the first season. Really bit them in the rear end; the writers kept having to come up with increasingly ridiculous reasons that they could NOT use the transporter. Not to mention that all of the accidents with the supposedly “mature technology” would put me firmly into McCoy’s camp…

      (I can just imagine the howls of outrage if “The Enemy Within” were to be offered up as new content today.)

      1. Yes…Gerrold’s “The World of Star Trek” remarked that the transporter was a nightmare for the writers. Which is why I was thinking about how to defuse the problem.

          1. And all I can hear is “Babara Manatee, Manatee” spent WAY to much time watching Veggie Tales with my girls when they were little…

            1. The wallaby weturns! And the English language STILL hasn’t gotten a restraining order on him yet! 😛

              Welcome back, RES. How’s it going?

                  1. I used to speak broken German, took some Latin back in High School but they made me put it back. I’ve eine bischen Yiddische and am fluent in gibberish.

              1. No restraint but the bounty has been raised to a buck seventy-five.

                I be fine, Beloved Spouse is recovering from the first round of chemo and five hours of used blood transfusion.

                1. Beloved Spouse is recovering from the first round of chemo and five hours of used previously owned blood transfusion.

                  Wallaby apologies for error. Wallaby is so old wallaby sometimes falls behind on current euphemisms. The Left rewrites language faster than wallaby can abuse it.

          1. Hey! Fritz is just over two months old and not yet 300 pounds. He’s not nekkie. It’s a BABY PICTURE.

    1. RES!

      hugs wallaby

      I saw a car with your handle on the license plate the other day, if you by some means have Idaho plates and live in my town we’re going to Amazing Glaze. That is all.

      1. It was not me – I maintain a low profile.

        Wallabies are not welcomed by most of the public. Most folk think our jests reek. Others think that’s the charm – as with kimchi.

          1. Of course if you had it with a bit of the right jam it would be au currant…(heads for shelter).
            Eel is NOT on of my favorite fishes be it cooked or as sushi…

              1. Quite pickled, even with fair quantities of decent Saki I found it unappealing. And this was at an Los Angeles sushi place that had some of the best sushi I’ve ever had, normally Sushi/Sashimi is NOT my thing (texture issues) but the delicacy of the flavors was astounding, well except the darn eel, it could have tasted like the best chocolate I’ve ever run into and I still wouldn’t have gotten past the texture, and the taste was itself unappealing.

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