I inspire the strangest fan art

I meant to link this yesterday. Now, that’s not me. The Curvy Wuffess is her own thing, but the t-shirt was inspired by my post.

The artist is amazing, btw, even if his art gives me reflexive back pain.

This is his twitter stream.

I have a guest post for later, but yesterday was a loooong day and I haven’t had enough coffee yet.

53 thoughts on “I inspire the strangest fan art

        1. And having had the recent run in with Bats in this blog , I had thought of the fruit bats, although she (and anyone who tries to claim that is not a she is going to have to do some convincing, t shirt logo or not) has arms not wings nuking that interpretation. Ah once again a perfectly elegent theory ruined by data.

  1. 😬 We full figured gals wince, 😃 but the picture is well executed and clever. Well Done! Must check out the artist.

    1. Speaking of, I just bought bras that advertised to me as being able to contain the mass of small stars. If they work as advertised, I’ll give them a shout out here.
      My current ones are so full of fail it hurts. (literally.) And I need Dan’s help to put it on, which as Dan puts it, violates his primary directive. “HONEY. I’m supposed to take them off, not– Oh, okay fine.”

        1. That’s beautiful – right up there with “It’s not about the Nail!”

          1. I am still conflicted about that video.

            Surface level, yes, obviously, that’s the point.

            Deeper…. someone doesn’t get a nail in their forehead normally…it really is the symptom.

            1. And I’ve had enough people trying to”fix my problem” when I’m “telling a funny story” to be wary of the whole thing.

  2. /sigh
    Guess I REALLY need to start working on that Mike Houst Force Field Bra. The heck with making billions, I’d be happy with just making women happy world-wide.

    1. No matter what Michael WIlliamson thinks, bras are supported by the band, not the shoulder straps. Shoulder straps are for fit adjustment.
      What we really need is a modular construction system, where women can pick out different sizes and shapes of cups, and have them attached to bands and straps that will also fit individually, and then shipped. Because there are a ton of different shapes, and it’s pointless to pretend otherwise.

          1. Probably has to do with most of my sets being garbage design, if I notice the band taking weight there’s something wrong.

          2. Well, speaking from a physics point of view, a lot depends on the construction of the woman herself. There’s only so much force you can transfer horizontally via the band before the moment arm of larger breasts defeats that. And I know a lot of overly endowed women who suffer neck and shoulder pain and injury, but I’m not sure if that’s from the breast weight alone, or from the straps not distributing the weight properly. Ideally, I’d like to redistribute the load to the hips, but not through the back, but that would look funny as hell, and probably be terribly uncomfortable itself, if women had to strap a bridge truss around their torsos every day.

            There are a few places where women can get custom made bras, but they’re not cheap. And I know my wife has sewn extenders onto her bras because the cup to bra size options didn’t fit right.

              1. As a generously endowed woman (I once had a breast reduction, but the darned things grew back!), I actually now find a proper Edwardian-style corset rather comfortable and erm … uplifting. Lots of support from underneath, rather than from straps and bands.

                1. > “I once had a breast reduction, but the darned things grew back!”


                  I didn’t even know that was possible.

            1. The term you are looking for is corset. I have second-hand reports (from a woman who dances in period attire) that many full-figured women find them more comfortable.

      1. > “What we really need is a modular construction system”

        Sounds like a business opportunity, then.

  3. Oh, for the Love of Life Orchestra! That image hits a little to close to home for the likes of me — because, allowing of course for some exaggeration of the pectoral area, it IS the likes of me. The thighs are particularly accurate. Dammit.

  4. One of my sister’s roommates in college had breast surgery done. I met her, and was trying to think of a way to say, “you’re a perfectly nice girl, you needn’t have added so much.” Fortunately, I never went down that track of discussion…..because, as it turns out, she’d had 2/3 of what nature gave her removed. If she’d have opted for 3/4 removal, she could buy bras in normal stores.

    I was so embarrassed that I had initially ascribed to vanity what was clearly medical necessity.

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