I am not unaware of the invasion taking place on our Southern Border, nor am I unaware of the ramping up to happen.

I’ve been silent on it only because — beyond the fact there is bloody nothing I can do beyond preparing and telling you to prepare — it is a complex and difficult subject. Not in my reaction to it — obviously I disapprove — but in what is happening, what it will cause, and what can even be done at this point, even if we could stop it today. And obviously we can’t stop it till at the earliest January.

First there are my views on immigration.

I’d be the worst kind of hypocrite if I said someone born abroad can’t or shouldn’t join the American experiment. However, having gone through acculturation and knowing how hard it is — almost impossible, particularly in a culture (ours right now) that actively discourages it — I will link various posts in which I discuss it, in no particular order:

And Marry Our Fortunes Together – Immigration is like marriage. Both sides should have a say. No one has the right to come in, and we should choose those we want in.

Cross-Culture – Americans have trouble “reading” other Americans and — trust me guys — are drawers at reading other cultures. Adding vast amounts of other cultures will get … sportive. Quickly.

Prepare to be Assimilated – Acculturation is hard, and making people feel guilty for wanting to assimilate is crazy.

Borders, Immigrants and Invaders – Effective immigration, legal or illegal must be difficult. You must suffer to belong, or belonging will mean nothing.

And by the way, a lot of my doubts about immigration apply to legal immigration ALSO. Our immigration is profoundly broken at all levels. We’re importing, for instance, health care workers that are not trained to our standards, let alone have a similar culture. (And most of them are Chinese, yes.) Meanwhile we make it difficult for people of similar training/similar cultures to immigrate here, even if willing to acculturate. Heck, at this point it might be particularly if willing to acculturate.

This is because of the left’s vision of the world — mostly Gramscian — and it’s creating a mess in our lives, cultures and institutions. If you think that importing our medicines from a largely inimical nation is wrong, imagine importing a vast number of our knowledge workers, instead of training up our own children. (And add up to what’s wrong in that case put in the fact that the left has effed up our schools to a level that’s hard to imagine, unless you look closely. Seriously, EVERYTHING they touch they destroy.)

But importing Americans? Sure. Heck, I’d also make it really, really easy to adopt children under 2 from abroad.

Why? Because our demographics are broken. They’re not the worst in the world, but they are broken. We are not reproducing enough, and that’s taking in account that I think they’re grossly inflating our birth/immigration statistics.

However, not by having an open border, not by letting everyone in unvetted, and not by extending all sorts of services to them with absolutely no vetting. Oh, and not — repeat not — by almost requiring no socialization.

I’m not sure how cultures work, but I do know they can become mortally wounded and either never recover, or never recover into a functional form. A lot of the dying cultures of the world have that issue. We have that issue, sort of, because of leftist prodding and poking and removing Chesterton’s fence over and over and over again. We can’t take much more of it, much less a “multicultural” invasion in staggering numbers.

So, again, this is complicated in my head, so I’m going to organize it into headings: It’s worse than you think, it’s not as bad as you think, and glimmers of hope, followed by How it all goes sour.

It’s worse than you think

Well, perhaps not if you’re a reader of this blog and others like it, but most people are bombarded with images of children, and mothers carrying children in arms, and they think that’s what immigrants are.

Most immigrants coming in are in fact males of military age. Before you attribute super powers to the left, part of that is what every “wave” of immigrants starts off as. Because men come over, establish themselves, then “send for” the family.

However, we do have evidence from when people did deep-dives into the “caravans” that a lot of these pseudo migrants are being actively recruited by communist groups. And yes, of course — do I look stupid? — the left is intending to use them as shock troops of sorts in a conflict they desperately want to go physical. (Because they’re stupid in a highly specialized way, okay. They have watched all the movies of communist revolutions. They think that’s reality. No. Even the migrants wouldn’t save them. But that’s besides the point.)

Leaving aside that a lot of these people are ideologically opposed to us, the demographic tilt is bad bad bad news — salutes BGE — because a large, undigested, probably largely unemployable population of young males will have bad effects. Bad effects for general disorder. Bad effects for crime. Just bad effects in general, regardless of what the population is.

In this case, the fact that most of the populations are less “civilized” by which I mean more actually racist, patriarchal, homophobic and violent (because most of the cultures they come from are that also) and from lower trust cultures than ours means bad bad bad results.

We’re also not vetting anyone, so there will be more gangs, more organized criminality.

Look, it is something the left doesn’t get, but while both sexes (ah) of humans need to belong, males who don’t belong and don’t fit in an hierarchy go bad fast. The best mode is self destruction, playing games in parents’ basements. And these people will have no parents here, and Uncle Sam can’t afford to maintain all of them.

It’s going to get bad. Arm up. Stock up on Freedom Seeds. I’ve already seen gang crime spilling to suburban high schools in Colorado Springs. Now it’s all going to ramp up.

It’s Not As Bad As You Think

Yes, you particularly, who read this blog.

As noted above, it’s bad. Very bad.

However remember most of these people aren’t coming here because they’re mad in love with the US or freedom. Some come because they hate us. Some because they’re indoctrinated communists who think we’re richer because we stole from their country/race. (The whole la raza bullshit.)

Most of them, however — trust me — come because the streets are paved with gold; they can make more in a week than they make back home in a year, and our welfare system is a seemingly infinite cash cow.

I estimate that in normal times a good quarter of immigrants goes back home. In normal times, when we’re begging for workers, and the streets really are paved with gold.

Is it that high? Don’t know. No one keeps good track of this. Heck, our immigration system is so loose most illegality is “overstaying visas.”

This is anedacta and observation. The US is WEIRD in the world, so even in normal times a lot of people decide we’re too weird for them and bugger off back where they came from. Now that’s easier if you just came across the Southern border, as opposed to flying halfway across the world.

I do know that under Obama’s stellar economy ALMOST everyone who came in buggered back “home” within a year. It had a name, “La grande Salida” and it was noted. Heck, people were buggering “home” who had been born here, because back South of the border they had extended family and other help.

Obama’s economy was a walk in the park, compared to what we’re entering. Yes, I know part of flying immigrants around is the left’s clever-fool system for making sure no one notices the spreading disaster, and/or to spread vote fraud. But I do wonder how much of it is to make sure that these people can’t just run back over the border when they realize how hard things are about to get. It really reminds me a lot of Kenya’s resettlement of the Masai, known as “first you catch a Masai.”

So, while the numbers coming in are staggering, I think a large number will — if they aren’t already — go the other way at speed.

The backwash will still be gang activity, crime and disorder, but I don’t think on the scale anticipated.

I actually think the “salida” will gain turbo speed in the next couple of months, because most of the people coming in KNOW unstable systems. They can sniff coming trouble in the air. And heck, guys, the air is thick with it. I’m starting to get the need to dive under parked cars when I hear a backfire. And that’s me. And I’ve been here for years.

Signs of Hope

People are noticing. And the more this goes on, the more they will notice.

And a lot of the people coming in have been bit by communism, and really, really don’t want it. If those stick through the mess, they’ll serve as immunization.

People aren’t widgets. The left thinks “brown skin equals leftist. Must import more.” But that’s not true. And Latins or other races who have acculturated are frankly abandoning the left at speed. So, those who remain behind are unlikely to make us leftist.

The left is wrecking the very systems they use to make our “underclass” dysfunctional and passive. It was already strained, but it can’t survive this.

Health, schooling, and welfare are going to crack and they’re going to do so spectacularly. Which leaves it to us to rebuild. They have been counterproductive (not just ineffective) for a long time.

We will have to rebuild or die. And that’s better than slowly dying. Though yes “Everything will get f*cked up” is a weird sign of hope.

Where It All Goes Sour

The worm is turning. I’ve said this for a long time, and you can see it. The culture is turning our way.

And that’s fine, if our way is more individual freedom; more self-responsibility.

The problem is….. “paleo conservative” is only tolerable if it tolerates others. Most of the cultures we’re importing, won’t. And import them in numbers enough and they’ll influence the turn in our culture.

I grew up in a culture where as a young married woman I wasn’t supposed to linger at the window, talk to a young man alone, or be out after 8. I really would prefer my granddaughters don’t have those restrictions, and those are LIGHT compared to say the world of sharia.

I have gay friends, who are not running around demanding you bake them a cake. They want to live and let live. I don’t believe they should be tossed from roofs or have walls collapsed on them.

I’ve “joked” that I expect in ten years I’ll be extreme left without having changed a single position. Let’s not make that THAT extreme.

Gangs. Foreign gangs. We’ve never managed to cope with the Mafia. Now we’re also importing Mexican gangs and Middle Eastern insanity.

Defund the police? We’ll need a police state to cope with this.

Cleaning the vote: Most of these people, even if they ever become citizens won’t ever acculturate enough to be responsible citizens. Their children? Maybe, if we work very hard. Their grandchildren…. how hard are we willing to work?

The economy… Well, most of these people are unskilled. Which are not — REPEAT — not what the economy needs right now. Some will learn. But some might never. How many unemployed ferals can we endure? Don’t we have enough homeless addicts?


What can we do about it?

Not much. Defending the borders is one of those things enshrined in the constitution, and which need the might of the Federal government. The fact that after their soft-coup they’re now facilitating the invasion (inviting/aiding/abetting) is the problem we can’t get past.

So, what can you do?

-Teach your children. Knowing they’re Americans, and what that means is vital, if we are to rebuild. Also, having marketable skills, no matter how hard the establishment tries to stop them from doing so.

-Enforce FIFO to the measure you can. Tell new immigrants that it’s Fit in or Fuck off, and no, we’re not going to make it easy for you, because what’s free is not prized.

– Create trust networks.

– Watch your six, there will be more disorder.

– Buy freedom seeds. No. More freedom seeds.

– Work. Work at building under, building over, building around.

– Defend your convictions.

Is it enough? Probably not. But it’s all we can do as individuals. And maybe — just maybe — we’ll get lucky and a miracle occurs.

It’s happened before.

Be not afraid. Light the lamp of Liberty and hold it high. Be the shining city on a hill.

167 thoughts on “Invasion

  1. Thank you, Sarah, for keeping an eye on the ball for us. Now I have to go forth in extreme introvert fashion (and COVID did not make me more social, not one whit) and build a trust network in a deep blue state. My prayers go out to all of us.

      1. seems to be true

        Communists seem to have no idea of how to do peace. They can fake it for a period of time, but it isn’t natural for them.

        The personality type that gets into theory enough to a) think in terms of it b) profoundly believe in it, is rare.

        Add into that consideration the peace levels we have experienced through even four years ago, and communists are really rare.

      2. In most cases, yes. California? My community is deep purple, but making the ‘right’ friends is tricky when I have problems striking up a conversation. My wife is better, but still an introvert. Sadly, our best candidates moved to Texas (good for them, though).

        1. Same thing here, but in a college town that’s a blue dot in a wide-open sea of red. The county goes red despite the town, but statewide, there’s no making headway against the urbanized coast’s dense mass of woketards.

          All the close friends we’ve ever had have moved away — this is a college town, they always move away — and as an entire family of complete introverts, we have problems finding more. And ones you can trust…? Now that I’ve left the university job for a better one (SO MUCH better) at The Tech/Manufacturing Company, I’m no longer completely surrounded by card-carrying Marxists and NPCs, so I guess there’s a fighting chance. I’m trying, in my slow, lame way.

          1. How many introverts are watching you stumble and struggle your way forward? MANY.

        2. As a fellow ‘conservative’, stuck in the SF east-bay for at least a few more years I sympathize with you. If you’re interested in possibly building a Mutual Assistance Group for the troubled times at hand please let me know here in the comments. Are you in the east-bay or elsewhere in the once Golden state?

      3. And like most oil slicks, if it starts burning, it goes away fast.

        They may want to go physical, but they don’t want the likely results.

    1. My prayers go out to you, William. This is asking more of me in that regard than I have ability.
      I have never been able to make friends, and now my survival depends upon it? HELP.
      I loathe talking to communists, and now my survival depends upon talking to people and learning/earning trust? HELP.

      Believe you can, and venture forth. Or, like Maria von Trapp, “I have confidence in confidence alone!”

      You are more than what faces you. So am i.

      1. I was an introvert through much of my life, until… I belonged to a hobbyist club (Bay Area
        Engine Modelers, AKA BAEM) which was then run by Gordon French (real old timers in the PC arena might recognize the name. I didn’t know him when he ran his computer shop, but later.)

        For various reasons (some really good, some so-so) GF got mad and quit. Volunteers were asked for. Crickets. I’d been doing the secretary bit (and worsening my carpal tunnel), so I said Fuggitol and volunteered. So, I went from a silent (we did not follow Robert’s Rules of Order), to sitting in front of 20-50 friendly faces and acting as president. Made a fool of myself a few times, launched many bad jokes, but it turned out OK.

        Introversion sort of burned out. YMMV.

      2. You have a sort of a friend here. It is not real until we break bread together, but contact me at my user name on the proton mail, and we can make it so.

        The hospitality will be weak sauce mind as we’re in Mrs. Hoyt’s recent purgatory with no landing place and probably no job, but it’s yours if ypu want it.

        1. I’m in North Idaho now, and I covet the connection. We’ll connect. I make great bread.

      3. I have never been able to make friends, and now my survival depends upon it? HELP.

        Welcome to the club. But at least we managed to find our people online.

        1. Yep, and amen, and I don’t know what I’d do without this blog. Today is a tough one, I’ve lost my optimism, and just feel defeated.
          It’s supposed to snow later, so that should help.

          1. It’s supposed to snow later, so that should help.

            Heh. You’re a fan of “bad” weather too, I take it? 🙂

            I don’t care for snow myself – I’ve been snowed/iced in too many times – but I love cool, windy and overcast with the smell of wood smoke. I even like rainy as long as I don’t have to be out in a downpour.

  2. I spent the weekend at the New Braunfels Folkfest – a celebration of the various heritage threads in the Texas Hill country: a mix of German, Hispanic and Anglo traditions. There was a Celtic band, a clogging dance troop, a pair of charo horseback performers, 19th century reenactors, and a children’s costume parade – a yearly tradition started in the 1850s by one of New Braunfels’ first school teachers. Oh, and a pair of camels…
    I’d say that in semi-rural and small towns we have a death-grip on our traditions.

  3. Yep I,m getting closer to black pilled as far as the immediate future, say the next 20-40 years, or so is concerned. Yes, of course there’s always hope, but education, for practical purposes, under the complete control of the government (Yes, my savage teenage granddaughter is home schooling, but, in the grand scheme of things, she’s the exception that proves the rule.), media mindless lockstep, elected officials answering to corporate lobbies, not their constituents, globalism not America. Of course there’s light at the end of the tunnel, but it’s a long, long crooked tunnel.

    Build trust networks? I think Putin’s the good guy. I don’t actually but if I did I’d be excluded from a lot of your networks, even if our association might be extremely beneficial. I think we all, myself included, allow one point, one difference of opinion, to be a deal breaker to the detriment of our cause. The future is a stake and as big a tent as possible is better than a bunch of little tents.

    Work at building under, building over, building around. Yep, and build under the under, over the over and often as possible around, but completely disassociated from the around. The more layers, the harder for betrayers.

    Defend your convictions. -but decide way ahead of time which hill you’re willing to die on and/or when a strategic retreat just may mean victory for our side.

    Plant freedom seeds plant more freedom seeds, plant even more freedom seeds.

    BTW: I really do think in this New World Order boycott, isolate, starve, Russia, the Russians are the good guys. I suspect, having said such, though I hope I’m wrong, that some, if not many, that nodded yes at some of my points above, are reconsidering.

    1. but education, for practical purposes, under the complete control of the government (Yes, my savage teenage granddaughter is home schooling, but, in the grand scheme of things, she’s the exception that proves the rule.), media mindless lockstep, elected officials answering to corporate lobbies, not their constituents, globalism not America

      So, in order we have:

      Thing that was slowly imploding and is now breaking the sound barrier in how fast it can hit the ground.
      Something which has never not been true.
      Something cracking and collapsing wherever you look.

    2. Russia as a Gov’t is normally never the good guys. Russians as individuals, can be. Putin thinks HE is Russia, the people are just there for his use, and he doesn’t really care all that much what happens to them..

      1. What I don’t understand is the shock everyone seems to feel. I mean, invasions are bad, yes, but it’s *Russia*. Are we honestly surprised that they are acting as they always have?

          1. Do you figure that any Russian leader would be different? The Romanov Tsars, the Red Tsars, or the Neo-Tsar – they act more or less similarly.

            1. I’ve read a recommendation of La Russie en 1839. as the best work to understand the USSR.

        1. You and I are forming our predictions from RUMINT of actual actions.

          The examples being paraded in front of us, the media reactions, are idiots who based their predictions off of the theory that international community leadership isn’t a bunch of unthinking thieves.

            1. “If you hadn’t BEEN THERE, he wouldn’t have punched you in the back. You are Evil for wearing a sheet of foam with tacks in it so he’d hurt his fist when he punched!”

              NO! His hand/fist would be fine if he had kept it to himself. SELF-INFLECTED WOUND. DESERVES ZERO SYMPATHY! My only regret is NOT having formic acid to coat the tacks so he’d hurt himself even more! Maybe some learning might happen on his part.

                1. Nice is overrated when dealing with our self-styled “betters”, Russian or otherwise; they don’t understand “nice” and consider it to be weakness, at least until the first round hits.

          1. Minor quibble: Though many were in the tank from the start, it was really from the mid-60s onward that it became near universal. In the early 60s it took a personal appeal from JFK to network execs to keep them from airing interviews with East German escapees about the horrors of life under Communist rule.

            1. Argle, and JFK was at least part-good. But it seems the more I learn of his actions, that part-good just means NOT COMPLETELY EVIL, Maybe MOSTLY EVIL, but not FULLY.

              Optimist: We live in the best of all possible worlds!
              Pessimist: Sadly, you’re right.

          2. And that the subjugation of Eastern Europe and the building of the Berlin Wall were defensive acts by an innocent and peaceful Soviet Union.

      2. Pretty much that the Democrats have about the USA; they view themselves as being the USA and people being here for their use.

    3. The Reader believes that there are no ‘good guys’ in the current Ukrainian fiasco. The Ukrainian government is a hot mess and NATO insists on pouring gasoline on it. However, none of that justifies a Russian invasion any more than Poland earned one in 1939 from Hitler and Stalin. That’s on Putin. The only good thing the Reader can see is that when this is over there won’t be enough left for OUR crooks to launder money through.

      1. one thing to remember as well, every time Ukrainians try anything to fix their hot mess the Rus meddle in things and work to keep the mess freshly stirred and turn up the fires.

        1. The Reader realizes that both Russia and the West were playing in the hot mess for different reasons. Or maybe the same reason (control of Ukraine’s agriculture and energy resources) using different methods.

          1. A lot of the Soviet tech and heavy industry was based there, too. A lot of the looted German factories and techs (technical/optical and heavy industry) ended up in and around Kyiv. Muscovy lost that when Ukraine said “We outta here!” and aside from wanting the territory, that was a large reason the Kremlin has always tried to keep Kyiv under its thumb.

      2. I suspect there will be plenty of opportunities for graft and money laundering when it comes time to ‘rebuild the infrastructure’ in Ukraine.

    4. The Russians are not hte good guys, unless you think old style communism is good.
      And you’re wrong. The state has never controlled education so LITTLE.

      1. My contention is we should be able to disagree, even on major points, and still be able to trade eggs for oranges with each other without animosity and, if necessary, charge the hill together.

        And I say that while thinking you’re wrong, the state has never before controlled education so tightly.

        1. I may well be mistaken (like that’s never happened…), but I suspect you’re talking past each other. IMHO the State is currently trying to exercise the tightest control it ever has, but the widening of communication outside “approved” channels, parents up in arms, and the explosive growth of homeschooling are significantly frustrating that effort.

          1. With Iodine, salt, and mercurochrome, just to be sure that there is no infection. ;-}
            John in Indy

        1. Is that anything like the ‘civet cat coffee’ that has been partailly digested and excreted by said creature? 😉

          1. I keep meaning to buy some of that – and serve it to unsuspecting guests as “really high end coffee, tell me what you think”. One of these days…

            1. If you’ve ever made the mistake of trying Pu’er tea, you’ll find someone beat you to it. Stuff tastes like fresh shite. With cream.

              1. Of course, in that vein there’s also delicacies like ‘Chinese (swallow) bird’s (saliva) nest soup”…. 😉

              2. Pu Er teas have different tastes depending on the microflora of the region in which they are fermented. A local tea shop had a Learn Your Teas event, during which we had the opportunity to[ ‘enjoy’ a Pu Er tea, Tasted like the juices in a recently- (not freshly-) opened tin of sardines.

              3. I suspect that Pu’erh is an acquired taste. And agree with Tcbobg that much depends on where it is grown and how it is fermented. Of course, the very same thing can be said of wine. 😉

                I have only tried one variety of Pu’erh so far but lucked out as it has an interesting earthy flavor that I do not find unpleasant. I have read that because of the fermentation process it is considered a probiotic. And it has a very long shelf life compared to most teas. Which is good because I will admit that I brew it very rarely, maybe once or twice a year.

                  1. Sadly, Pu’erh tea seems to be produced only in China, as it originated in Yunnan Province. Once my stash is gone I will not be buying any more as I am boycotting Chinese tea. So I have no other sources to recommend to you. ;-(

    5. The Russians are the good guys? I disagree…mostly. Kind of. Good is relative here.

      Regarding the invasion of Ukraine? No. Not the good guys. Russia as any kind of template for what I want for my own country? Jesusfuckingchrist, no. No with a bullet.

      Against the globalist cabal and the Biden kakistocracy (to repeat myself), hell, yes, I’m rooting for Russia. Anybody that has a good chance to pants them, really.

      1. Yeah. I’ll vote for the Russians as less bad than some other options. Their government is not sweetness and light (h-ll, I’d rather move to Hungary. Victor Orban’s a blood and soil nationalist, but he’s also tolerant of outsiders who keep their heads down and mouths shut. And he supports western civilization. I’d be/am far safer there than in parts of the oh-so-tolerant EU.)

          1. I want to go back to the Germany of before 2015. It doesn’t exist, even in medium-sized places where I’d think I’d be safe wandering around. Nope. And certainly not the big cities. Poland? No problems. Eastern Czech Republic? Slovakia? Hungary? Rural Austria? Oh yes, I’m there in a heartbeat. Vienna was . . . not what I remember from 2015 and earlier, but not as bad as Germany.

            For a (per Brussels and Berlin) “terrible Anti-Semite,” Orban’s government certainly is better for Jews than France, Belgium, or Germany have become.

          2. I am not Jewish (nor of any particular religion, though I was brought up Missouri Synod Lutheran, fwiw) and I have noticed this curious historical fact: Any region that actively mistreats Jews is dooming itself. Simple tolerance would do wonders for any place. That’s mere tolerance, not exultation. And, in that, the Constitution of the USA, as Amended, has a LOT going for it. It’s amazing how many words it can take to say, “DON’T BE EVIL/STUPID!”

  4. Acquire and learn to make freedom seed dispensers as well. The brain dead one wants to outlaw the easer ones, even if all state attempts are shot down as unconstitutional, he don’t care, it’ll stop and they can harass the suppliers out of business in the meantime, or outright ignore the rulings.

  5. Being an immigrants kid and having lived abroad, I’ve found the anti-immigrant thing difficult to swallow. I like to point out to my ultra-right sister that our mother benefited from chain immigration just to watch her explode. It’s also true that many of my children’s friends are first or second generation Americans, Its really interesting to hear the views of the African kids on race relations in America or the views on illegal immigrants from Central America by people who jumped through all the hoops. My wife’s rosary group spent months praying that none of the members citizenship “paperwork’s” would go through, it did.

    Under the current system, my mother wouldn’t have made the cut. We can thank Ted Kennedy for that, and a lot of the rest of the anti Catholic stuff too. Once he realized that the church would endorse him and south Boston would vote for him no matter what he did he Kopechne’d all of us.

      1. Democrats are aghast that their desired socialist revolution has not happened in the USA and thus they feel the need to bring in people who they think will facilitate that revolution. It is why they refuse to deport known MS13 gang members and other violent criminals. Indeed, given that the people who are coming here with genuine intent to become USAians are rejecting the Democratic Party socialist ideology as the very thing they are fleeing from, the Democrats are pushing to bring in those who specifically reject being USAians and want to “fundamentally transform America”.

        Of course as noted the imported gangs engage in and spread violence which increases crime and instability. It also results in gang warfare as the already established domestic gangs do not like the competition. The resulting chaos is desired by the Democrats who view it as an “opportunity” in full “never let a crisis go to waste” mode.

        Open borders is simply part and parcel of the same ideology and lust for power that spawned Cloward-Piven and Alinskyism. Its all about obtaining and keeping power to rule over others and enrich themselves.

        1. Open borders is treason. We know who’s organizing and facilitating it, both politicians and quangos. I want to see people hung. Or #headsonpikes. But I’d settle for impeachment, electoral defeat, and/or racketeering and sedition charges and imprisonment. (Yeah, I know, not likely to see any of it. I can still dream.)

          1. Can we get the Spartacus solution? Pennsylvania ave vs the Appian Way…

            1. This is a superficially attractive solution. But this end will also entail our cities looking like Mariupol does today. Time to work like crazy to solve this politically. When the Freedom seeds get widely sown, life as we know it will end. BTW, I am equipped and well trained, so I am not afraid, but I am educated in the side effects of war.

                  1. There is always duct tape. It has thousands of uses.
                    A la lanterne !

                    John in Indy

            1. Why just heads on spikes? Put the WHOLE politician on a spike. Yes its a bit of a violation of the 8th amendment, but come on most of the politicians would tell you that you can’t trust the literal meaning of the constitution and the amendments any way.

          2. While I agree with the sentiment, “open borders” is not treason. Treason has a specific definition in Article 3 Section 3 of the Constitution, and the basic requirement is that the US have an enemy, which at the present time we don’t (rivals and those attempting to “fundamentally transform” America don’t count, even when they are elected officials who are violating the oath they took).

            Fortunately, neither decorated pikes nor decorated lampposts are mentioned in the Constitution, other than by inference, and neither requires a formal charge of “treason”. Just sayin’…

      2. There are those that we absolutely should steal, for the betterment of our country. The Hong Kong anti-Communists? Many of them would be right at home in flyover America. Those who flee the Norks and China? Many of them, the same. And Russians who disagree with Putin on a fundamental level, Ukrainians like my cousins who fled the kleptocracy and married in to the US, Europeans that find the idea and ideals of freedom to fit their personal creed moreso than the schizophrenia of the EU. And more.

        But for one and all, FIFO. Be Americans. Be Americans with great food, stylish clothes, funny accents, and big smiles when America the Beautiful is sung. Be Americans that work and pay taxes, vote in local elections, and spread the word about how bloody good it is to be American, and leave the anti-American idiots gaping like fish when they tell them how good it is to be American, and not under the boot of the Commies/Socialists/Kleptocrats anymore.

  6. Couple of other aspects: a lot of the landed crew is essentially using illegal immigrants and H1B visa holders to try and make new chattle classes.

    The II’s live in a gray economy where they both benefit from welfare and state services fraud, and can be deported at whim by their employers. They get a lot, but in trade they also become a sort of enslaved class as well.

    The H1B visa holders are similarly, but legally, owned by the company that sponsored them. If the company decides they don’t like them, it is trivial to send them back and get a different one, so they too end up trading the freedom that normal middle class workers have, for access to some, but not all, of the American dream.

    And, of course, the companies use this to drive down the price of legal residents, because why hire a free man, when you can pay less for a serf? And, because the unskilled crew is also taking benefits, the citizens even get to pay for the privilege.

    Then, they make the legal immigration system primarily a matter of spending a ton of money and making sure you’ve hired good lawyers, to keep the real legal resident population as limited as possible.

    It is, frankly, intensely abusive for everyone.

    1. if you are “For The Little Guy™” and the actual little guys figure out you are full of B.S. and not for them at all and exploiting them, you need to import more “Little Guys™”

  7. The major problem in most urban areas which have liberal governments is that they will NOT police the behavior of imported gangbangers, or minorities in general…As we saw in the LA area, where the hispanic gangs firebombed blacks out of areas they wanted to take over, and even the Feds looked the other way..So effectively all law enforcement in those areas is by the Cartel,,,,which I must admit has been very effective in our region because the Cartel wants peace for good business reasons…
    But in general the police cannot be relied on, although the sheriffs are sometimes picking up the slack…

    1. The gang run areas of NOLA East were the most “peaceful” portions, but it was Vietnamese gangs, and it got bloody for a short while when Crips tried to muscle in.

      1. I grew up with the mob. I went to school with a fair few of them — the small number who could read, sons and grandsons mostly — and Big Paul Castellano lived down the street. You never had to lock your doors since the robbers knew that hitting the wrong house was a death penalty and, unlike the police, the mob would find you. That’s not to say I liked or admired the mob, bunch of low life hoodlums, all that Godfather stuff came from the book not from them, but I’d choose them over (e.g.,) Biden or Obama. At least the mob only wanted your money, they didn’t demand your soul too.

        1. A good friend worked as an enforcer in high school for a mob Uncle. Part time. Good money.

          You can trust the mob guys to tell you the truth. And to do what they said they’d do.

          My big salt water rod is named “Lenny” in this friend’s honor.

        2. Short history of the Mob:
          They got big because they were more likely to keep their deals than the Italian law enforcement of the time.


        3. I heard about a mob group that opened a pizzeria as a front for their illegal activities—and eventually shut the illegal activities down because the pizzeria did so much better. 🙂

    2. I read it on the Internet, so grain (or block) of salt needed, but apparently capturing and locking up El Chappo (?) was a bad move. He treated the cartel as a drug business operation. Since then, they’ve all gotten more violent as they branch out into other areas and fight more with each other. Seems like a case of “better the devil you know.”

      1. Add more salt, it’s not enough– El Chappo was one of the first cartel guys to get really good at putting out sock-puppets to push the story they wanted spread. One of the stories he liked to spread was that it was much better to agree that doing what he wanted beat crossing him in any way, shape or form, and that you didn’t see anything.
        This is a pretty decent writeup, without any horrifying pictures. (Some of the articles at the site are going to be from his supporters, FWIW, it’s a known thing for the site– and NOT SAFE FOR WORK or being around kids, or those who can’t handle dismemberment.)

  8. “What can we do about it?

    Not much. Defending the borders is one of those things enshrined in the constitution, and which need the might of the Federal government. The fact that after their soft-coup they’re now facilitating the invasion (inviting/aiding/abetting) is the problem we can’t get past.”

    The Reader is beginning to think that the flash point for the coming internal nastiness will be the Texas border after the midterms. Abbott’s current busing grandstanding aside, at some point Texas will take it’s border with Mexico into its own hands, a Federal court will issue an injunction, and Texas will reply ‘you and what army’. And off we’ll go.

    1. I lived this through 2020. I knew they’d steal the election. I knew the covidiocy was murder. No one listened. Now, I’m tired of screaming in the desert.

      1. Maybe I am standing alone in the desert myself but I am listening – may have made o few of the same screams.

      2. I think pretty much everyone who reads and comments on this blog knew early on that the Dems were going to steal the election, just as they plan to do again. Only politicians who think “the fix is in” not only don’t care about poll numbers but openly mock polls that show that a large majority of people oppose their policies.

        1. The surprise here wasn’t whether they would attempt to steal the election. The surprise was that they would be so brazen about it.

          1. I wasn’t surprised by the brazenness we already saw that in connection with their CCP VIrus lockdowns and their actions in pushing the Russia collusion hoax (the only ones colluding with Russia were the Democrats). They believe they can be brazen about it because of their control of social media and other tech oligarchies and the echo chamber of their media arm, otherwise known as establishment media.

            Democrats were boasting both before and after the election about how the fix was in; they are proud of what they did, and given that they think all of their political opposition are Nazis and Trump “literally Hitler” , this should surprise no one.

        2. Candidate Joe Biden, August 2020: “We have assembled the most extensive, comprehensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

          Minutes later: “What do you mean, I wasn’t supposed to say that?”

        3. I will admit to foolishly hoping that they wouldn’t. Shows what I know, I guess.

      3. Me, too. I knew it was going to happen, and I “knew” the cowards would sell us out.

        There’s a reason a lot of us are tired. We’ve been shouting for a couple of years, or more.

      4. You are not alone in the desert, and if your screaming only reaches those of us who already see the approaching disaster, you give us hope that we are not facing it alone.
        Thanks. John in Indy

  9. “The worst part for me is seeing the train coming” and having to stand on the tracks counting “one… two… hold…. hold….”. It’s robbing me of my optimism, so I have work to do.

    We’ll be OK. We can do hard things.

  10. Diplomad had a blog post up last week that referenced an Orwell essay I think would be appreciated here –

    Part of the section he quoted –

    “Actually, however, the avoidance of reality is much the same everywhere, and has much the same consequences. The Russian people were taught for years that they were better off than everybody else, and propaganda posters showed Russian families sitting down to abundant meal while the proletariat of other countries starved in the gutter. Meanwhile the workers in the western countries were so much better off than those of the U.S.S.R. that non-contact between Soviet citizens and outsiders had to be a guiding principle of policy. Then, as a result of the war, millions of ordinary Russians penetrated far into Europe, and when they return home the original avoidance of reality will inevitably be paid for in frictions of various kinds. The Germans and the Japanese lost the war quite largely because their rulers were unable to see facts which were plain to any dispassionate eye.”

    1. I recall reading of a Japanese fellow who wound up attending the official surrender ceremony recalling that before that, he believed that the shortages and deprivations were universal on all sides. But “I didn’t realize just how badly we’d been beaten” until he got on the ship and smelled butter.

  11. The lockdowns in Shanghai are horrifying. Even more horrifying is that I think they are going to try and starve these people to death. The current dynasty is losing the mandate of heaven. They’re going to try and kill as many Chinese as they can in hopes they can avoid being overthrown. But I think the clock is ticking.

    We’re stocking up. Things are going to get rough.

    1. The upper levels of the Chinese government are largely insulated from reality. I do not know whether or not this is something that they intend. It may well be an outcome that is highly likely, even inevitable, judging by what information we have now.

      That the ones in charge actually care whether or not large numbers of their population die (whether of starvation or otherwise) is not something I believe in, though. They’re staring down bad news that keeps getting worse, economically. And there is no one to bail them out or help, and nowhere in the world that they would run, even if they could.

      I would not want to be on the ground in China right now. There will come a point where the things that can’t go on, don’t. And that will be a very difficult situation for all of China.

      1. Every time you hear a Western leader like Trudeau say how much they admire China, remember Shanghai.

        Every time you hear we have to crack down on COVID liket the Chinese, remember Shanghai.

        Every time you hear someone say we need to be more like China, remember Shanghai.

        1. Shanghai now, the Uighur genocide, Hong Kong 2019, Tiananmen Square 1989, the Cultural Revolution, The Great Leap Forward, Tibet – and that horrifying list is hardly complete. Anybody who says they admire China is automatically suspect.

    2. China has taken the idea of “the people are property of the state” to the ultimate level, short of Brave New World technology and conditioning. You have no existence or value outside of that the State assigns. I’m not sure if Herder and his ilk, and ach-ptTHOOY Rousseau before him would be impressed or horrified. I can guess, though.

      1. That is pretty much the ideology of the Democrats and it is clear that their goal is to become the CCP of the USA.

    3. Shanghai is one of the two great economic jewels (along with Hong Kong) of the People’s Republic of China. A good-sized chunk of both the money that keeps the country afloat, and the money that ends up in the pockets of the officials, goes through Shanghai. It is also the city most visible to the outside world. There is no way that the Chinese leadership will attempt to voluntarily starve the citizens of the city unless the party’s hold on national leadership is in extremely dire straits, and the city is on the verge of open revolt. They didn’t do it in Hong Kong. It doesn’t make sense for them to do it in Shanghai at this point in time.

      Everything so far appears to be pure bureaucratic screw-ups, coupled possibly with a political power-play (as I believe was suggested here) by Xi Jinping to discredit the party leaders in Shanghai.

    4. Obligatory: mandate of heaven is a historical theory, not necessarily something people think about at the time.

      It is a narrative that serves a newbie dynasty well when they are revising history to support their own regime. Chinese bureaucratic polities tended to be extremely top down. Early regime, they were less dysfunctional, because the bureaucracy had just been restructured, and the bureaucratic families had not been holding the same positions for so long that they understood exactly which way to lie in their regular reports. Late regime, the information corruption is substantially worse, the bureaucracy is insanely blind, and because of the power collected by the bureaucracy, the insanity results in dysfunction.

      Dysfunction causes weakness, inviting ambitious opportunists. Some of the time the opportunists are foreign, and have no interest in Chinese historical figures.

      There’s a lot of stuff in Chinese history and culture to inspire psychopaths*. Some of them wind up going into politics, because they see a venue for enjoying psychopathy. Taking over the whole country can be a simple extension of more frequent psychopath stunts in politics.

      *This is probably more broadly true. Certainly, it seems that there is rarely a genuine shortage of psychopaths in politics anywhere.

      1. Yup. After the fact explanation of why the former dynasty, which was based on Confucian thinking, collapsed and was replaced by a new dynasty that was based on Confucian thinking.

        The problem, historians would claim, wasn’t a fault of Confucian thinking. The problem was that the dynasty strayed from the path of virtue (and there were always plenty of examples of corruption in a collapsed dynasty) and lost the mandate of heaven.

      2. The catch is that unless the new regime turns around and successfully eradicates the very concept that they are using to justify their existence, it will be remembered.

      3. At the recent party conference, they put two teacups in front of Xi. Evidently, it was a signal that he’s still in charge. Everyone else had only one and Han Zheng looked distinctly unhappy, but then he always looks that way.

        Yes, I spend way too much time watching China, especially since I have no financial interests there anymore, long or short. Habit I suppose.

        Oh, Sunac, China’s fourth largest property firm just missed a $30mm payment and the grace period ends May 1. Good May Day event for the commies, eh? Further, the municipalitie’s finances are starting to audibly creek, their exposure dwarfs, well, everything, You’re talking insane levels of debt.

        1. Thing is, in a confusing situation, one behavior that can feel comforting is to find something you know how to do, and then do it.

          Lot of analytical skills seem obsolete now, or at least not immediately connected to anything.

          So, you are reading financial tea leaves wrt PRC, because you have shrewd guesses about finance, it is wrong enough to attract your attention, and watching PRC is likely to be relevant eventually.

          Consider how autistics stim, and why.

    5. It occurred to me that Shanghai is stereotypically full of middle-class (or middle-class wannabes) people with education and relatively high expectations, while Xi allegedly yearns for the good old days of ideological purity and one of his background advisors sees all this Westernization as destroying traditional Chinese values.
      And suddenly, destroying/punishing the city makes horrible “sense.”

      1. Xi is trying to crush the Shanghai Faction in the CCP, that’s why. look for Han Zheng, who was Jiang Zemin’s boy, to take the fall.

  12. The destruction of our orders, language, and culture has been a goal of our enemies since 1917, if not before.

    There’s an old book called You Can Trust The Communists (To Be Communists) available via HTML or PDF. Worth a few minutes. Every bit as relevant as it was, though some of the names have changed.

    Romans 1:18-32 describes what the wrath of God entails, specifially. Verse 22 describes how people call themselves wise and become foolish.

    The invasion is nothibg new. And it has been overhyped time and time again by our enemies to stoke racism and discredit those who point out how frail our liberties really are.

    Can we (that is, America) be saved? Well, not simply by Frederick Douglass’s “Four Boxes”. Maybe if we repent and ask God to save us (2 Chronicles 7:13-14, Psalm 16, Romans 10:13).

    How many is enough? Sodom and Gomorrah might have been spared if there were but ten righteous men. Nineveh’s destruction was spared for 100 years when they repented after Jonah’s preaching.

    Does a country deserve saving that allows sexual deviants to teach Elementary School children, that legally murders 800,000+ babies every year, and more (don’t get me started on Saint Fauci of the Immaculate Face Diaper)?

    No; but God is in the business of saving the undeserving who aimply believe His Word.

    Like I say, YMMV; but we’ve all seen how well Socialism protected the 100-200 Million they killed in the 20th Century. I am not talking about trusting any particular TV preacher or church bureaucracy, just trusting God, as revealed through the Bible.

  13. I have ideas for those who are introverted but need to find a trust network where they are.

    Go to the local Rod and Gun club (or similar) and sign up for shooting classes. Lots of people are doing that these days. Maybe you have guns, maybe you don’t, but sign up anyway. Go to classes and get to know others who are there taking classes or teaching. They will generally be like minded individuals. This will give you an introduction into a group of people who are mostly trustworthy and helpful. Still be on your guard though. If nothing else, if you need help they will know who you are. And you will know who THEY are too.

    Do the same thing with the local master gardeners club. Someone there will be teaching classes as it is a requirement for a Master Gardener’s certificate. Get to know people in the group. Gardeners are some of the most helpful people around. And they will have loads of information on all kinds of gardening and food storage issues.

    Remember, people in your network don’t necessarily have to be your best buds. They just have to know who you are, that you aren’t a menace to them, and that you aren’t some grifter looking for an easy handout should you need help.

    It is also a very good idea to be helpful first if you possibly can. Nothing major just something to show you aren’t a taker but also a giver too.

    Don’t let your introverted lifestyle cause you to think you have nothing to offer to a group. The silent types who are kind and helpful are appreciated too, not just the attention seekers.

  14. I have had The Impossible Dream (Peter O’Toole version) from Man of LA Mancha in my mind a lot lately. Also the 20th psalm.

    We are doing the Impossible… and the world will be better for those who strive for it, even if it takes time to show.

    Lift high the torch of freedom
    To echo heaven’s light
    Against the smoking darkness
    And the creeping blight.

    The smoke, bound tight with curses,
    Clings and fosters fears.
    Yet still the spark of heaven
    Lights uplifted tears.

    Through fear and fire we wander
    Against the far flung foe,
    Yet each new voice has lifted
    A song of truth to flow.

    Each song wends through the darkness
    Driving back the gloom.
    Yet slow comes the victory
    And fast seems the doom.

    Yet doom has stood before us
    Time and time again,
    And hope yet lingers o’er us
    And aid beyond our Ken.

    We will not fall to devils
    We will not fall to flood
    We will not fall to monsters
    Who harm us ‘for our good’.

    What enemies can sunder
    We can build anew.
    We build over, around, and under,
    And weave truth and freedom through.

  15. When I consider the southern border, I’m glad my sister moved from Arizona to Utah last summer.

  16. I work in IT, have for 30+ years. The H-1B visa program is one of the worst things ever devised for everybody except the corporations that make a mint off it. Yes, the visaholder is SUPPOSED to be paid the same as a citizen working the same job. Trust me, they aren’t. I’ve seen the shenanigans companies will go through to lowball the visaholders. Plus the visa is totally dependent upon the company that’s bringing in the visaholder. The company can yank it at any time and the guy either has to overstay and become illegal or go back home, so they can force the visaholder into working long hours with that threat. It’s literally the closest thing to indentured servitude you can get this side of state prison. And that’s not even factoring in the amount of jobs lost to American citizens or green card holders as a result of 100k+ positions per year being filled with H-1Bs. Or the thousands upon thousands of jobs that are just pushed offshore, where they’re making peanuts compared to an onshore worker (and fewer peanuts compared to a full-time employee).

    Where I work now (southeastern US, at a Fortune 500 company), in my department, probably 50%+ of the full-timers, including the managers, are Indian; most, AFAIK, are naturalized citizens or working toward it. 90%+ of the contract workers on-site are Indian. Some are probably Bangladeshi or Pakistani but I think the majority are actually from India. Now combine this with “diversity initiatives in hiring” and simply, to be blunt, I cannot recommend a white American male get anywhere near corporate IT nowadays. You won’t get hired, because all the entry-level jobs are pushed offshore and even if there were positions, you’re at the back of the line no matter your qualifications.

      1. So is my husband’s.
        What you guys don’t know is that it’s the exact same in all technical/stem/even health fields.
        And this is bullshit and must be cleaned up.

        1. Here’s a prime example–from 20 years ago, granted–at the type of shenanigans that get pulled by H-1B employers. At my job back then I was considered a “lead programmer”…in other words, I could work independently without supervision, supervise others though I rarely did, do my own analysis, was a subject matter expert in my applications, and so on. In company-speak, I was a pay grade “14.”

          They had to post all jobs on a job board downstairs whenever they were going to fill it with an H-1B. They put a very tailored, specific job description up–and I knew this because THEY HAD ALREADY FILLED IT AND I KNEW THE GUY–that was in a different area, and different technology, but otherwise the exact same requirements as what I did. Work independently, supervise others, SME, all that. It was listed as pay grade “10.” That meant the guy was probably making $12k less a year than I was at the time.

          Sad part was, like I said, I knew the guy, and he was an absolute rock star. Easy to work with, personable, technically adept, worked his tail off, could fix anything. His only downside, as with most of the H-1B folks, was marginal English skills sometimes. Which is perfectly normal. But he was getting paid far less than I was and expected to deliver the same level of work.

          What frosts my flakes nowadays is that I thought I would always have a competitive advantage over imports because, even if they were more technically up-to-date than my old butt, I have them beat on communication skills. I can speak and write clearly, other than an inordinate love of parentheses and ellipses and the occasional one-night stand with semicolons, and that’s because I write like I speak like I think when I’m banging stuff out on the fly like this. That is now no longer an advantage. It’s perfectly acceptable to produce emails and documentation written in stilted, misspelled English. Every recruiting email I get off my LinkedIn profile is generally written so badly that I just delete them right away. Nobody cares. English proficiency is optional. I never thought I’d see the day.

    1. …and still, they’re lining up to get those H-1B visas. Says something about how bad it must be where they came from.

      I say we’ve got no business bringing in foreigners as long as one American is unemployed!

      1. Let’s say the job in question pays $60k a year (not unreasonable by any means). Even if the visaholder only gets $40k gross instead of the $60k they’re supposed to get, due to shenanigans, and then has to pay expenses and taxes out of that, he/she can still send thousands of dollars back home. That goes a LONG way in India.

        Most of these guys that I’ve worked with live incredibly frugally while they’re here. I used to live upstairs from an apartment rented out long-term by an IT “body shop” that brought in H-1Bs so we had a constantly-rotating group of four young Indians that lived in it. Four people in a two-bedroom apartment, like in college. They carpooled together to and from work in a small used Nissan. They left early and came back late. Hardly ever went out. They see it as a great career opportunity, a feather in their cap, and an opportunity to build up a substantial nest egg back home. (We had so many Indian-subcontinent contractors in that apartment complex, they used to take over the parking lot of the church next door on Sunday afternoons and play huge street cricket games. Pretty cool to watch, I must say.)

        I worked for about ten years for a major offshorer. I was the happy smiling Anglo face on the client site but I supervised a few people in Hyderabad who did the actual grunt work. The ultimate goal for the offshore crew was to get an onshore US assignment for a year or two. Competition for those slots was ferocious and only the best got them.

    2. they can force the visaholder into working long hours with that threat
      Or just state it openly to get the “No American fits the job description” requirement. I’ve seen “must have masters degree and be on-call 24/7”.

      1. I don’t know if employers still do it, but they would sometimes already pick out their chosen candidate and THEN write the job description that they had to post publicly to custom-fit the candidate so nobody else could do it. My current employer doesn’t bring on that many H-1Bs direct, they work through large international consulting firms that have staff both here and in India. For all I know, even the consulting firms are getting visaholders through a “body shop” that specializes in the seamier parts of the H-1B trade, as a subcontractor.

        For every full-time employee or contractor that we have here in the States, we have probably 4 or 5 or more working offshore in various places in India. They come and they go and they’re nothing but disembodied voices on phones.

    3. I’ve mentioned before that the last place I worked was purchased by a private entity who picks up critical small firm software where the founder is aging out with no clear affordable path of designated heir or employees taking over buying out founder . Besides the list of outstanding change orders, some year in the pipeline (not critical because anything critical is handled immediately) there is the problem of upgrading to current tools. Barely a year after the sale went through, one of my co-workers mentioned they were looking at offshoring to India. Usual sounds. “Can’t get US employees”, “Employees getting aren’t staying”, both 100% true, kind of. Most the employees have been there anywhere from 18 to 20+ years. I’d been there 12, as the “newest” until my last month, when 2 new employees were finally were hired. Even two of the other long term employees they’ve lost, it is because the employees turned 70! Now are the newer employees sticking? Not exactly. I do not know why. Unfortunately one source is half way across the state, and the other is IT so not involved on the programming side, even when he was in the office. But back to the off shoring coding to India … Given how everything is stored and organized that is going to work really well … Um. NOT! Plus given the software target (government) might not be legal. Working with live snapshot data is a thing, including SS#s possibility.

      I don’t know for sure, but believe my long stretch of inability to get jobs, after ’02 tech crash, were due to “have to post, but we’re hiring H-1B” so anything local (US) goes in shredder.

  17. Biden People have opened the flood gates. That’s a huge problem.

    Two things:
    1) Given that they are here, we need to know who they are! ID them all.
    2) Those who illegally crossed the border should never have the right to vote or full rights of citizenship.

    1. Hmmm. What about an “amnesty” that results in a felony conviction (no voting) but no time served? I think I might support that.

      1. “felony conviction (no voting)” works for me, the rule needs to be explicit and up-front. Also, allowing illegal aliens a ‘guest’ status (not citizenship) gives the possibility (leverage) for deportation, if they are not law abiding.

    2. 3) The domestic political perpetrators of this human trafficking-for-political-and-demographic-profit scheme need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent in both civil and criminal court.

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