I’ve Been Trying To Do A Post

I’ve been trying to do a post since 7 am when I woke up with a massive headache, on which NOTHING has worked.
I’m officially giving up and tabling the post till Monday.
I should be working and am being held hostage by a headache. I’m very, very annoyed.

Anyway, try not to break anything. I’ll be back.

47 thoughts on “I’ve Been Trying To Do A Post

  1. I was attacked by my stomach and my feet are cramping again. May the Lord bless the hun who told me about tonic water because it works. I WAS going to do some stocking up today…it’s stress. Let’s us all stop stressing. Somehow.

  2. Take care of yourself from me and the kitties! L being the one closest enough to send her greetings right now!

  3. *eases paw back from fragile thing left very close to edge of shelf* Me? Nothing. Just stretching my foreleg, that’s it. Why? *begins washing tip of tail*

  4. I’ve never been so glad that my stress tends to hit me in the stomach. I *hate* headaches.

    I’m sorry, and I hope you can shake the headache soon.

  5. Headaches, I hear you. Migraine, altitude, barometric pressure changes….I was very pleased to confirm (for myself, if not officially known to medicine) that altitude sickness medicine works on barometric pressure headaches. I realized they felt the same – worse than a double migraine, like my brain was too small for my skull, so I tried the altitude medicine. It worked.

    Take care, live quietly until it is gone.

  6. It was recently suggested to me to try placing peppermint oil on my temple when I have a headache. Of course, any headaches I’ve had since then I’ve been away from home so haven’t tried it. I do use accupressure points on my hands when I get migraines to dull the pan a bit, and decrease the nausea enough to try to keep the painkillers down.

    1. My way of getting rid of headaches. Hard to explain in a few words, so here. youtu.be/iVN4pmKf8cY

      1. Interesting. I’ll have to try it, carefully of course. I couldn’t help but massage my own hands during the video, and it felt good while I was doing it. No headache at the moment, though.

  7. So. Much. Sympathy!
    Big Hug!

    (in a completely fraternal, compassionate but not-anything-else way)

  8. You have my sympathy. Today, both my husband and I have the ‘not quite a headache, but might be one soon’. I suspect something is in the air in town, as it didn’t go away when we went out to the store.

      1. Okay, this is definitely the first protest I’ve ever seen that brought along multiple bouncy castles for kids to play in, for free. It’s like a carnival or festival instead of a protest.

        1. No wonder the pro-tyranny forces hate it so:
          “How DARE anyone ELSE have fun! THEY are the ones supposed to be uncomfortable and afflicted, not US! It’s not fair! It’s not fair! It’s not fair! WAAAAHHHHH…”

  9. Migraines are no fun. Hope they have subsided this evening and gone 100% away.

    Take care of yourself.

  10. Re. the headaches: Are you B12 deficient? I have occasional migraines, and lived with almost daily headaches for most of my adult life until I got off of modern, non-organic wheat and a few other things. Corn turned out to be a bugaboo, too, especially GM corn, which is hard to avoid. Anyway…headaches started coming back about a year ago. Nasty, non-migraine head squeezers that a nap and a glass of water couldn’t touch. I’d just wake up in more pain. CBD/THC tincture and Advil was all that would kill it. Then my naturopath said it sounded like B12 deficiency. In less than a week on a B12 tincture the headaches were gone, and now I don’t get them except when triggered by big stress/bad dietary choices. Apparently sublingual is the only way to go. “Methyl Factors” (I order from Amazon) is the best solution (pun) I’ve found so far. A dropper full under the tongue every AM.

      1. Soy can trigger headaches, too. A friend realized that the only time she didn’t get headaches was a Pennsic…where for two weeks she was not exposed to soy products.
        I’m sorry, too. Menopause seems to have killed my almost migraines, but I remember them well.

        1. Menopause seems to have killed my almost migraines, but I remember them well.

          Same here. (Knock on wood.) Almost. Is the key. Infrequent enough now that when I do get an onset visual migraine, it surprises me. Visual migraines evolve to pain migraines.

            1. Sometimes taking something will prevent progression or temper a migraine. But only sometimes. Dang it.

  11. My own experience is with a number of things that *sometimes* work to end a headache. But sometimes a headache comes along that nothing will touch. 😦

  12. But … but … if we don’t take it apart, how will we learn how it works? This bit here, it seems to be stuck …

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