Yesterday, on younger son’s advice I decided to try something new: sleep when tired.

This started out as being up for half an hour and sleeping for two hours, until nighttime when I managed to be up for almost three hours…. then slept for 12.

I woke up feeling WAY better. Cough is gone while standing — though I know I’ll need cough syrup when I lie down — and I’m only sluggish, not permanently tired.

So, I thought I should tell you guys, so you don’t worry.

Younger son and only husband are also doing better, and now drinking lemon tea.

This thing of sleeping when tired is revolutionary, and frankly I’m not sure I trust it, but who knows? It might continue working.

Should be okay for promo post tomorrow, and working too.

Don’t set fire to the blog while I’m sleeping.

88 thoughts on “SLEEPING ON THE JOB

    1. My grandmother’s recipe called for Southern Comfort rather than Scotch, but she was from Kentucky. And just enough water to make it drinkable.

  1. I have found that the only time I can “nap” is when I am sick. Sleep always helps! Get better!

      1. Thirded, although dear husband has taken to turning off my alarm when he’s working from home. I either wake up without it, or I sleep for 9 hours and *don’t* get sick….

      2. A Chacun Son Gout. I love an afternoon nap. Although when I’m sick the cats are “Whoa Dad who knew you funny stand up cats could nap like us?” I recommend you look to Havey for nap leadership. Honestly Kitties know how to enjoy life, you don’t find a lot of ascetic cats.

        1. Melatonin only helps you sleep if you are in a dark room. Otherwise it helps you stay awake. Same thing if you take too much melatonin, which is why I take only 3mg. (Experiment by working up, basically.)

  2. *eases over to large piece of furniture and slips lighter and fatwood behind it* What? No, not doing anything, just chasing a dust bunny, that’s all. Oh, look, it’s nap time. See ya.

  3. Sleep when tired? You may be right not to trust it.
    Next thing you know you’ll be talking nonsense about circadian rhythm.

  4. Hoping that you can get well soon, get enough sleep and rest, and be ready for this year.

    Something tells me that 2022 is going to be a dumpster fire in a dumpster fire in a dumpster fire.

      1. A nuclear reactor going critical just means it’s starting up. Critical=steady power, supercritical=increasing power, subcritical=decreasing power.

        Promt critical is very very bad. Nuclear reactions produce neutrons in two waves, the prompt neutrons come right out of the splitting nucleus, a second or so later some of the fission products decay by ejecting a neutron, those are delayed neutrons. Delayed neutrons are important because they’re what give us time to control the reaction. If enough prompt neutrons are created to go critical, “prompt critical,” then the reaction is immediately self-sustaining and a few seconds later the delayed neutrons get into the act, causing more fissions and more prompt neutrons that take the reaction even more supercritical, which create a new wave of delayed neutrons…until your reactor goes from zero to “rocket ship” in the blink of an eye and tries to blast through the roof of the containment building.

        And now I’ll get off my pedantic soapbox.

      1. Hey, it could happen. Stick a two yard half-full of bad pork and food scraps in a ten yard half-full of wood and paper and stick those in a forty yard in piles of oil-and-gas soaked rags…

  5. Oh, sleep….

    *Wry G* Need more of that. Dog came down with ear infection, and treatment = he needs to go out a lot, meaning no matter what hour I go to bed I have to get up too early…. *Faceplants.*

  6. The problem with sleeping whenever tired is that daytime naps can throw off your sleep at night.

    1. With age, I’ve been needing them every so often, and, yes, it was throwing off my what little schedule I ever had for night sleeping.

      What worked to cut down on that was two things – first, I forced myself to take a nap only when I’m actually tired, not just “So bored with this one thing that I really didn’t want to do today.” – second, I set up a Kindle timer for 47 minutes, which is my usual down to REM and then back up cycle.

    2. I never have problems sleeping when I’m sick. I will sleep 18-20 hours out of every 24.

  7. Not necessarily recommending it but Irish cold cure:

    Hop in bed, a bottle and shot glass on the side table. Pull up the blankets a wee bit so your feet are sticking out. Drink a shot of Uisce beatha and count your feet. Two, right? Down another shot and count them again. Repeat until you count four feet, the pull all four back under the blankets, dose the light, roll over and they say when you awake your cold will be gone come morning!

    Come on, you gotta agree it’s worth a try. -grin-

      1. The best way to clear a sinus infection, is to laugh hard while drinking whisky.

        I did it unintentionally once.
        And intentionally a couple of times since (albeit with much foreboding).

    1. Come on, you gotta agree it’s worth a try. -grin-

      Stop it! Making me laugh starts a coughing jag. That hurts!

  8. My motto has been:
    Eat when you’re hungry.
    Sleep when you’re tired.
    Never stand when you can sit.
    Never sit when you can lie down.
    Glad you’re feeling better. Best to you and yours.

    1. I’ll eat when I’m hungry,
      I’ll drink when i’m dry,
      And if the Whiskey don’t kill me
      I’ll live ’til i die.

    1. Read that as ‘You work for the cats …’

      I’ve got -something – just not so severe as Our Gracious Host. Sleeping a lot, though.

  9. No worries. I’m in the same boat. Recovering from Omicron: spent most of today in bed after falling asleep stupid early last night. My own dumb fault for not taking sick days this week (any Karens reading this: I work remote, so untwist your panties).

    Rest and recover. Your health is most important, everything else can wait.

  10. The lung thing needs an expectorant. Mucinex DM (pill) or Robitussin DM (liquid) unless a really nice doc gave you cough juice with codeine. You really should sleep elevated because you are swallowing your mucus/ postnasal drip which gives terrible heartburn. Drink lots of water. Drink water until your pee is clear and then drink more water. The cough and heavy breathing are dehydrating you. I’m just a fangirl who has bad lungs: but I never smoked, worked on the railroad, or worked as a miner. Cuddle anything or anyone, that helps too.

    1. Drinking tons of water. and yes, expectorant.
      Havey-cat has decided I’m not allowed to get up from bed, anyway. Right now, he’s trying to herd me back there. He’s going to be very upset when I’m well…

      1. Madam Hostess that is one smart cat. I recommend for the nonce that you listen to the cat…

  11. “Don’t set fire to the blog while I’m sleeping.”

    ♪ Never set the blog on fire; you only will annoy it
    The heat will make the posts perspire; they surely won’t enjoy it
    Likewise do not ignite the cat
    The snake, the gerbil, or the rat
    No, never set the blog on fire ♪

      1. Just keep telling yourself “It’s not a musical; it’s filk”.

        This comment presented by the key of off.

  12. This thing of sleeping when tired is revolutionary, and frankly I’m not sure I trust it, but who knows? It might continue working.

    ’tis a fad, will never catch on.

  13. I HATE it when you take off and tell people not to set fire to the blog – or the Diner – or anything.
    I always get blamed for the weirdest craptastic occurrences.
    I Am Not To Blame.
    SOCMOB, me!

  14. Help! I am stuck at my grandparents-in-law for the next few hours with MSNBC on the TV. The propaganda is driving me mad.

  15. Seems legit.

    Managed to get more sleep last night. Might be doing better today.

  16. You know, if we declared Vermin Supreme a woman, he would make a better female supreme court justice than Sotomeyer.

    1. Also, a better female president than Clinton, Harris, or Pelosi.

      Vermin Supreme was a real winner in 2020.

    1. Odds that she’ll blame it on going maskless in Florida?

      … or probably just being on Florida, since “going maskless’ would put some of the blame on her for not “following protocols”.

  17. Do take care, and sleep when needed.
    Doug, be careful, in Chicago, SOCMOB is the circumstance just before GCON and JSE.
    (Guy Came Out of Nowhere and Just Shot Everybody) ;-/
    John in Indy

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