Sometimes the Day Goes SIDEWAYS

Sometimes the day goes sideways SO badly that it’s 5 pm before you realize that, dear Lord, it’s 5 pm. And I forgot to put a post up.

On the good side, I painted husband’s office on the ONLY day he’s likely to be out of it until April. So that part is good. On the other hand have about a million things to do by 9 am tomorrow. On yet the better side, yes the house is falling into place, but suddenly a confluence of “we have help today” means an entire day disappears.


23 thoughts on “Sometimes the Day Goes SIDEWAYS

  1. Why apologize to us for living your life? These posts are gifts, not a sentence.

    Although it is nice to know “Only a short post today because Life.”

    Oh, is there a 99¢ book this week?

  2. If there is one thing that I have learned in life, it is that when help (real help, that is, not the “I’ll tell you how this should be done.”) is offered – you drop everything else and grab hold of it with both hands. (That, and look up the phone number for the good pizza parlor, and find out what their favorite beer is.)

  3. My response. Oooooh Kitty!

    Glad to hear that “better side, yes the house is falling into place”, whether that is referring to the house you are unpacking in or the one for sale in Colorado. Either works.

    As already stated, these posts are gifts.

  4. Go, you! That’s a great gift for your husband, btw. Much nicer to have the office ready than do a patch/paint while it’s in use. Good luck on the unpacking!

  5. Great. Glad you have help with ANY of the (how many is it now?) major stressors you have biting at you.
    Thanks for being an example of both FIDO and “I care enough to stop what I’m doing to help others.”
    Your posts, and the commenters here seem to be keeping me sane.
    But it’s only a seeming. 🙂
    John in Indy

  6. Later today in response to your request posted on Sunday I will be putting up my solicitation for inputs on the SF&F awards effort. In addition to multiple FB groups I would suggest that it also appear here at According To Hoyt and the Mad Genius Club.
    Then all we have to do is select judges and wait for recommendations to flood in so I can pass them on to the folks who will actually make the final determinations.
    Proposed cutoff for submissions is February 15 with announcements of winners at Libertycon June 17-19.

    1. Mike I don’t THINK they bought a tesseract…Though given there is a mathematician involved it might have been tempting if one were on the market.

      As an aside the spell checker wants to turn tesseract into actress. I sometimes wonder at the design specs of spell checkers. There was one on Tops-10 (it ran on a DECSYSTEM 10) that came out of SAIL (Stanford AI Laboratory) that was very good at fixing standard spelling errors as well as having enough grammar checking to warn about affect vs effect, your vs you’re and similar kinds of classic mistakes. I don’t think Microsoft’s spell check rivaled it until well into the 2000’s

        1. Most of the time Incontinent cat Vs Actress is not a hard call, its cat all the way. A few of the Golden screen stars (Katherine Hepburn, Olivia DeHaviland, Ingrid Bergman) might tempt me, but no stick with the cats…

  7. Our flooring guy is coming tomorrow to put in the finishing touches. I got the tree down from the attic last night. Wife was hunting candles for windows this am.

  8. As others have mentioned, these posts are a gift, and gifts are given out of abundance. Take what time you need to get out from under.
    I have been taking a break from According to Hoyt for a few months to keep from aggravating my depression. Too much rage is bad for it. However I wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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