A Not So New Form Of War

I was reading the news — I know, what a bad habit — when I read about Belarus, a Russian surrogate pushing/encouraging armed Middle Eastern “refugees” into Poland, when it hit me: They’re using people as weapons.

Forget everything you heard about creating a replacement population, though these idiots might believe that notion.

Forget about “refugees” too, the left’s insane term for economic migrants from shithole countries, propelled into more prosperous ones by dreams of easy money, mostly from corrupt welfare systems. Oh, sometimes propelled by religious visions — Muslims, Communists, and others — or by nationalistic fever and dreams of reconquista (of what was never theirs, nor even their ancestors) or of recovering the lands “stolen” from Dar Al Islam. (You might think the later is less likely than the reconquista, racialist fervor of La Raza commies, but I once found myself talking to the son of a Jordanian banker who — having found out I came from Portugal — went into a spit-flecked rage about how Portugal was stolen from Islam, and would be recovered.)

Forget about thinking of these people as people. They are of course. Mostly horribly deluded people and, at least in the US traipsing into a situation that is going to go bad for them, very rapidly as tensions worsen.

But for a moment pretend you’re one of the self styled technocrats (yes, it requires that you buy into that ridiculous appellation for people who can open their own email — maybe — one time in three.)

To begin with the one thing you must understand is that these are not very bright people. Cunning, yes. Indoctrinated yes. But their actual intelligence is middling. They occupy the positions they do mostly thanks to the left’s take over of all means of communication in the 20th century and by the fact that people hiring for an ideology are, of necessity, blind to competence. And when that ideology — central state control of everything — has already proven itself about as healthful and prosperity-inducing as gonorrhea with a side of syphilis, the people mouthing that ideology, particularly in its Marxist variant, are not competent people. Or sane people. Or in fact, anyone you’d want to leave in charge of your cat, let alone of your country. (And if you doubt my diagnosis, get a load of the governor of Oregon in her Christmas mask. What actual human being over the age of 2 would think of that bizarre, mind-boggling getup, much less someone in an official position? Think of it, let alone wear it? ships in your coiffure are understated and sensible by comparison. But that ridiculous creature probably thinks it’s homey and gives her the common touch. Which is true, if the touch is common in padded cells throughout the Earth.)

So imagine that you’re a not particularly bright person, maybe of an interesting color, maybe a woman, but almost for sure of the right class and having attended the “correct” institutions, who made the required Marxist noises and suddenly, out of nowhere, saw yourself whisked into the corridors of highest power: your election fixed, (or your spouse’s election), your career smoothed, praises heaped upon you, your every action a cause for the press to fawn and prostrate themselves before the glow of your imagined brilliance.

Come on, you’ve seen the essays of Michelle Obama or “Doctor” Jill Biden, or the unscripted utterances of Obama, or even Hillary Clinton, and let’s not even mention smaller luminaries like Beto O’Rourke, Pete Buttigieg or the cackling fool who doesn’t know how to solve our oil issues. You’ve watched the curiously affect-free expressions of the Junta’s spokeswoman who keeps circling back to inanity. You know that the VP they frauded in has one talent, and it has nothing to do with her ability to think (And frankly, I think worse of Willie Brown’s intelligence for having foisted her on American politics. And I never thought him that bright before.)

So, you’re mediocre to “can’t find my *ss with two hands, a seeing eye dog and a multimillion dollar *ss finding system.” BUT you suddenly find yourself occupying a position of prominence. And everyone — or at least the media, which you understand represents everyone — fawns on you and tells you how smart you are.

Little by little or all at once, in the dim, slogan filled darkness that passes for your mind, you decide “By gum. I know I don’t understand all that much. But they think I’m brilliant. THAT must MEAN that everyone else is even dumber.”

Boom. You’ve become a self-styled technocrat. Propaganda-crat would make more sense. You’re a being who will buy the most ridiculous idiocies spouted by “experts” because frankly you never got this scientific method thing, and you and reasoning are rarely in the same zip code. You might be able to refrain from drowning when it rains, but probably only because you have people to guide you indoors.

So you buy all the theories of all the “experts” looking only for grants. Anthropogenic global warming is not only proven, in your mind, but is going to kill us all in a decade or so (because you never really understood geologic time.) The experts agree, so it must be true. But at the same time, you are — of course — exempt from anything to mitigate it. However, those evil and stupid people who are dumber than you but won’t obey you unquestioningly? They must suffer to appease the climate gods.

And don’t get me started on where they think money comes from (printing presses is the short form answer) or their bizarre and irrational hangups about nuclear power (“bad thing. Professor said it was bad. Bad bad bad. Banish with holy bird slicers.”)

BUT the overriding idea in their dinosaurian shibboleth crammed walnut sized brains is that they, the anointed, by virtue of having memorized the pronouncements of the “experts” are now “technocrats and high priests of tech and science, who get to command the fate of nations and the lives of lesser humans.

Which is why, like Mongol hordes, impelling populations ahead of them, or the Moorish warriors ditto, or the various tribal variations on this they’re using entire populations as weapons. (They probably think its the first time anyone thought of it, too.)

These pseudo refugees are weapons that, thrown at the population they want to vanquish, not only cause physical injury (Yeah, I know, but I remind you these ardent believers in Covidiocy exempt border crashers from vaccines, and also that middle Eastern “refugees” in Europe tend to blow up when shaken. Or looked at wrong.) but also economic injury, as well as a corruption of every institution designed to serve and/or protect the people. (However misguided that institution. I don’t approve of state “charity”.)

Yes, sure, the idiot left in the US think these are forever their vote farm too. Yes, they are that stupid, and if their plan succeeded would be the first to find themselves killed. It won’t, mostly because we’re out of money. I predict a grande Salida that will make Obama’s look like child’s play. No, seriously. If this winter is half as hard as I expect, there will be a sauve qui peut the other direction on the border, because when it comes to starving people would rather do it at home. (I actually would expect it to already be movement the other direction, probably in increasing numbers. But there’s no point trying to find out. They won’t tell us. But the smart newcomers — and not all of them are stupid — should already be sniffing the air and beating feet.)

And in Europe the “middle eastern” refugees have become weapons of international aggression.

Two things worry me in all this, and neither is that the pseudo technocrats will be in power forever on the back of these populations.

No the two things that worry me are: when do the countries thus attacked just start blowing the human horde up? (In Poland I’d expect it very soon. Their history would demand it. At a guess, the only thing holding them back is fear of international demonization. And I’m not even sure they’re right.)

And do they then go marching fully into blood and soil ideology, as a way of dealing with what they had to do?

It would seem to make psychological sense to me. These technocrats are after all fascists without the saving grace of naitonalism, which at least requires one to consider one’s own countrymen human. They just consider every human widgets. (And they do it at every level, which is why they also run corporations as though their employees weren’t real people. Probably why they hate small businesses who insist on treating people as people.) Real national socialists might very well look sane by comparison to most of the world. (They aren’t. But they might get a substantial foothold before that’s revealed. And all we need is another century combating a DIFFERENT facet of Marxism.)

Can civilization respond to this in the only way that will stop it when governments are luring them and paying them to invade — I will remind you that “compassion” is luring women and small children to be raped and left to die in the desert South of the border; and that children are being stolen from their parents to give cover to criminals because we’re being “kind” — and save its soul? Or at least not go back to the beginning of the 20th century?

If we — not Europe. It won’t happen in Europe — try to restore the careful net of containment and international cooperation that was working under Trump, will it even work? Given all the broken promises and treaties? Will anyone trust us?

In other words, is it possible to treat people as people, while others are treating them as weapons? Is it possible to stop this nonsense without the use of force against the weapon?

I don’t know. I’m not sure I want to find out. But I suspect we will.

And to the idiots, soft heads and custard brains encouraging this sort of invasion because they think SOMEHOW they’re doing a good thing: Stop it. Stop it right now. Your protegees and hopefuls are being lured to a situation that is going to turn bad very quickly. And the results will be the opposite of what you think.

As to the idiot communists forming caravans to invade the US: there is nothing as idiotic as a Latin idiot with race supremacy and Marx shoved up his rear end and coming out his mouth. You are in above your head. You won’t enjoy this. We are not the Americans Hollywood showed you. Go back while you can.

Because every time this is used, the numbers need to be much larger (relatively), to prevent the population-as-a-weapon from becoming minced meat, when the receiving country has had about enough.

You have been warned.

As for the “technocrats”… I have no idea how long we’ll tolerate this, but there’s no happy ending there.

These are people who have a wildly inflated notion of their own intelligence, and virtually no understanding of humanity. On a scale of zero to fiddling while Rome burns, they’re at running around setting fire to Rome and demanding applause.

In the end, they lose.

Let’s make sure civilization wins.

298 thoughts on “A Not So New Form Of War

  1. You know that the VP they frauded in has one talent, and it has nothing to do with her ability to think.

    The only substantive positions she’s taken in her political career were (a) on her knees and (b) on her back.

    1. Brought to mind this little quote from Time Enough For Love by RAH:

      A whore should be judged by the same criteria as other professionals offering services for pay — such as dentists, lawyers, hairdressers, physicians, plumbers, etc. Is she professionally competent? Does she give good measure? Is she honest with her clients?
      It is possible that the percentage of honest and competent whores is higher than that of plumbers and much higher than that of lawyers. And enormously higher than that of professors.

      Sad to see someone with a certain talent decide to give all that up and enter into politics isn’t it?

    2. I have killed a couple of attempted guilt-into-being-democrat conversations by stating that I am horrified that in this day and age a major political party has promoted someone who openly got her position by being a mistress.
      Depending on the person involved, I add that such behavior was outdated a century ago.

      1. Same here. It was bad enough that women were expected to automatically support Hillary, whose’ main qualification was that she had been married to a powerful and successful politician. It was a bridge too far to be expected to politically support a woman who had only sexually-serviced a powerful and successful politician.

        1. Well, she also was so dishonest that she got fired from the Democratic Party staff that was part of the Watergate investigation because of that dishonesty. Think about it; how corrupt and dishonest do you have to be for the Democrats to fire you for being dishonest>

    3. Through that entire ‘campaign’ I was waiting for somebody to stand up and ask, “Who did you fuck get nominated for Vice President? We all know you fucked Willie Brown to get started in politics, we know you fucked some more big-shots to get into other positions, but who did you fuck this time? Please tell us it wasn’t Soros!”

      But nobody ever did. Chicken shits, the lot of ’em.

    4. Rumor is she gave so many blow jobs on her way up the political ladder she developed a chronic pain in her jaw joint.

      She is a real fellatio neuralgia story.

    5. Willie Brown has admitted, publicly, that he’s sorry he ever encouraged her to go into elected office. Thanks for the too late critical thinking Willie!

  2. a Splodey when shaken “Immigrant” situation happened in Liverpool the other day. The drivers seat of that cab must be damned strong. driver was still in when he locked the explosive fella in and they detonated, and he then opens his door and runs away.

    1. According to the Wapping Liar, I mean Times, those vinyl covidiocy screens are good for something – protecting you when the passenger in your taxi self-detonates


      “David Perry, 45, appears to have been saved from fatal injury by a plastic anti-coronavirus screen that separated him from the man named by police as Emad Al Swealmeen, 32, who set off an explosive device in the back seat as they arrived at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. “

        1. It was pretty much forced on them by their former EU masters….London is no longer predominantly English in it’s make up….The izlamists are still a threat to the safety of the nation but at least they are no longer receiving them on a wholesale basis.
          As for Portugal, yes it was overrun with izlamists about 1000 years ago which means it supposedly belongs to izlam forever now. Once a land has been stolen by them, they consider it theirs forever.

          1. The EU had very little to do with it, since it predates the Recent Refugee Unpleasantness by decades. Since Indian/Pakistan independence, really. And then enhanced by the Labour government in the late ’90s as a deliberate strategy to dilute the white English population.

        2. I’ve heard rumblings that the non-Islamist immigrants in England are angry at “immigrants” (unspecified) being blamed for the bad actions of the Islamist immigrants.

          1. Here’s the thing. Most UK Immigrants have integrated reasonably well. And this can be seen by rates of intermarriage. There are tons of mixed British + African/Afro-carribean/Non UK European marriages/children

            The obvious outliers are primarily immigrants from the Indian subcontinent. The Non-muslim Indian pop has integrated well in every respect except marriage so they don’t matter – heck we have two? three? cabinet ministers who are Indian including the Chancellor and the Home Secretary. The muslim Indian subcontinent pop has not integrated well (and in fact has backslid in its integration).

      1. And of course they immediately claimed that he converted to Christianity after immigrating. Because that’s what Christian’s do, you know. Blow themselves up with suicide bombs.

        1. “Converting” is a known scam to a) mooch off naive Christians and b) avoid deportation when your asylum claim fails

          The self-detonator appears to have been doing both

      1. yes, but was sitting in the driver’s seat when the bomb detonated. That he was only injured and was fit enough to open the door and run away after the fireball was amazing.

        1. That he had the guts to lock the doors with him inside takes him up yet another notch in the impressively awesome category– when I first heard of it, I assumed he’d done exactly that, and died; then heard he’d bailed out, thought he’d done that and used the key fob to engage the child locks in the back seat.

          Doesn’t matter much beyond “YES! Good man!”

          1. “To take your chance in the thick of a rush, with firing all about,
            Is nothing so bad when you’ve cover to ‘and, an’ leave an’ likin’ to shout;
            But to stand an’ be still to the Birken’ead drill is a damn tough bullet to chew,
            An’ they done it, the Jollies — ‘Er Majesty’s Jollies — soldier an’ sailor too!
            Their work was done when it ‘adn’t begun; they was younger nor me an’ you;
            Their choice it was plain between drownin’ in ‘eaps an’ bein’ mopped by the screw,
            So they stood an’ was still to the Birken’ead drill, soldier an’ sailor too!”


            Good to see that spirit survives.

        2. To be fair, drivers’ seats are engineered to protect people from impacts in every direction, and then the screen obviously helped a lot. But… he was thinking of the passersby, and the mothers and babies in the maternity hospital, and not himself.

    2. Up the Reds!

      Gran grew up just outside Liverpool during the 30’s after the family moved from Dublin. The Welsh side, I’m after thinking. Tough oul biddy, Herself was. If the rest of Liverpudlians (discounting the Beatles) are half as tough as she was, I’m not surprised in the least.

      There’s still a bit of the good England with a backbone there.

  3. An early morning dash of reality to go with my coffee. Good way to start the morning.
    I’ve a feeling, depending on the jury result of the Rittenhouse legal debacle, that average people are going to ‘lock and load’ real quick. Time to water the tree.

    1. I’m afraid this might be a triggering event nationwide. Not immediately. But we will see eventually it’ll be “It was “him”, and them, or me, when just taking out “him” might have deescalated. But because of the Rittenhouse trial, I’m screwed anyway … If Rittenhouse is found Not Guilty (he should be, but you know …) it will put it off down the road some; until the next event. Not forever. Because this will happen again and the next person won’t be as lucky. If Rittenhouse is found guilty? This is how you get “Damned if you do, dammed if you don’t. I’m screwed anyway. Shots from a distance in the night …” Another triggering option? Rittenhouse is found not guilty due to self defense, and he is subsequently martyred … CWII kick off …

      1. “Rittenhouse is found not guilty due to self defense,”

        And the Feds convict him for violating their civil rights.

            1. So the jury deadlocks with what seems like a clear majority for acquittal, and the judge perhaps dismisses the whole thing with prejudice (Judge Schroeder seemingly came close to it a couple of times during the trial, due to the relentless misconduct by the persecution) and THEN the feds step in.

              And the fuse is lit.

              Indeed, I’m surprised the feds haven’t already served Rittenhouse with an arrest warrant right there in the courtroom, the way they did Derek Chauvin when his case went to the jury.

              The persecutors (among their many other examples of unprofessionalism, dishonesty, malice and incompetence) made it quite clear during their cross-examination of Kyle and then again in closing arguments, that they believed Rittenhouse deserved to be curbstomped to death because he was out on Antifa’s streets without Antifa’s permission, and that if you are carrying a gun you have no right whatsoever to claim self-defense. That self-defense, in short, isn’t allowed period. Unless you try to fight a mob with your fists, like Patrick Swayze in “Roadhouse.” (Seriously. They did this. Played a clip from the movie and everything) They even went so far as to praise Antifa for being “heroes.”

              This whole case was a message to normie America: Don’t even try to defend yourself against OUR people, or we’ll ruin your life.

              Guess ADA (Antifa Defense Attorney) Binger forgot the way “Roadhouse” ended: The locals decided they’d had enough of the boss villain’s shit and blew him away in his own living room. Not a good omen, that.

              1. This whole case was a message to normie America: Don’t even try to defend yourself against OUR people, or we’ll ruin your life.

                And the big ratchet goes one more click toward ILOH’s “Shoot F***ing Everybody”.

                1. Americans are a generous and compassionate people.

                  They will certainly respect the opposition’s desire not to be shot, and stab, strangle, burn, decapitate, defenstrate, or throw them off a cliff instead.

            1. I liked the last two comments “Prostitution’s Rebuttable” then reply comment was “misspelled Persecutor but not wrong”. (Had to read both comments twice. My brain substituted proper “prosecutor” in both sentences originally.)

          1. They are also making threats against the Judge. It is very clear that the only thing standing in the way of quick acquittal is the juror’s fear of Democratic Party sanctioned violence.

            1. “But muh system of laws!!!” The façade is not the reality…. and never has been.

              According to the prophecy…..

                1. How f%#*ing g*#$!mned hard is it for the prosecution to turn over requiredBrady disclosure?!?

                  And it’s always Team Blue “defund the police” prosecutors that get caught pulling this shit (including our glorious VP who did it in a death penalty case)!

  4. It has long troubled me how some (most) politicians treat winning an election as the equivalent of qualifying on the entrance test for Mensa. And that somehow getting elected means that they no longer must obey any of the natural laws as regards economics, physics, or in fact anything related to reality.
    As for that organization I mentioned, all that qualifying does is prove that on a good day when the stars aligned you scored in the top two percent on any one of dozens of approved IQ tests. Herself and I have long stories about why we are both former members, and it’s not just that a disturbing percentage of genius level people will glom on to Marxism while being functionally unable to pour waste water from a boot with the directions printed on the heel.

    1. Curiously I read some link recently which I can’t find anymore that had analyzed Swedish politicians and found that more intelligent ones (per their IQ tests taken at age 18 when they did their national service) correlated with how far up the political greasy pole they went

      1. If you know that everyone gets an IQ test, and that people take it seriously, if you have a narrow political cunning, and political connections, you might work to fraud it higher. Or just influence the instrument administrator.

        It is similar to social credit score.

        If there is a number that people treat as a route to power, powerful folks who want their kids to inherit power will make sure that there kids have a larger number, perhaps by fraud.

        Look at the number of PRC Chinese web-novels that have deliberate bullying used as a strategy to ensure that local elite have the best test marks.

          1. IQ tests steadily increase. This is concentrated in the portion of resemblances, or, in plain English, figure out which resemblance the test maker deemed “right”

            1. Goodhart’s law: “any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes.” He was talking of M3 money , but it seems broadly applicable.

      2. The top Nazis that were tried at Nuremberg were given IQ tests. Almost all of them scored well into the genius category. Even Goering, while going cold turkey from major barbiturate addiction.

        It’s tough in the crab bucket. You had to be sharp to survive in the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

    2. I think it was WhatIfAltHist who pointed out that intellectuals tended to glom into Marxism because the smart people with the drive to get things done tend to become rich folks instead of languishing around in genteel poverty.

      For those who do, Marxism’s “well it’s all really the fault of those rich folks” is often far more appealing than the more likely “I didn’t work my butt off,” or worse, “I picked the wrong horses, and may not be as clever as I think I am…”

  5. Poland (and Hungary) are not popular with the rest of the EU anyway. I’d say the chances that both decide that they might as well just shoot is pretty high. If they do, they’ll be defending the feckless fucking Germans from their own errors.

    And talking of Germnay I hope that the poles or someone also ensures that the Nordstream pipeline has an accident so that Russia gets to fail to get its leverage on Eastern Europe while still supplying Western Europe with gas

    1. Given the banners at the Polish “far-right nationalist march” this past weekend in Warsaw, I’d say this week might be the tipping point, where Poland nods to Jan Sobieski and Jozef Pilsudski, fixes bayonets, and opens fire.

      Note to the press: the banners had crossed through Hakenkreutz and hammer-and-sickle designs, flanking the white eagle of Poland.

      1. Brilliant. I saw a picture of a banner from a few years ago with crossed out Hakenkreutz, Hammer&Sickle, AND! Pride flag with STOP TOTALITARYZMOM underneath.

  6. “Their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.” Or so said the failed novelist.

          1. That’s cold. Accurate, but cold. His brother was president of CBS news just to keep keeping it in the family. These clowns are interbred beyond belief and I come from a family where we don’t have a family tree so much as a family stick so my tolerance for interbreeding is high.

            1. “When you trim your family tree down to a family bush, you just can’t hide as much under it.” — Prime Minister Malachai

  7. Many years ago I ran into a young man who claimed to be part of the “elites.” He droned on for most of an hour about their plans; that they need to bring the population down to 200 million, and how they were going to do that.

    Supporting your idea of their intelligence, he was firmly convinced that he was going to be one of the survivors because he was special. Because “they” would protect him. Just the fact that he felt the need to boast tells me he was not as important as he liked to think himself.

    One thing he talked about was using the populations of 3rd world countries to overwhelm the social systems of the 1st world countries in order to bring them down. Because the 1st world countries stand in the way of the elites plans. He said they have thinktanks dedicated to finding the best ways to get whole populations to move.

    1. First rule of the Illuminati is you don’t talk about the Illuminati.
      Had your young man any real connections he would have very suddenly and quietly ceased to be around, so if he persisted one must assume he was just one more delusional elitist flapping his pie hole.

      1. It was his complete disregard for humanity that caught my attention. “We” are important and “We” will survive. That’s why I still remember it, the utter indifference to the fate of 7 billion humans. Like their lives were meaningless. That’s why I still say that the controllers consider the rest of us livestock, to serve their purposes or be discarded.

        1. I was in Napa Valley a few years ago (insane place, but they make good wine) and an overweight, pompous, dingdong, who ran a wine tasting store, was talking about the need to “cull the herd” and reduce population, and waste. Other person there with me came out afterwards, and said “why do those people always think they won’t be part of the ‘culled?’ ” . If push comes to shove, I doubt an out of shape, obnoxious, wine shop employee is going to be top on the preservation list.

          1. And even if they were…. who’s gonna feed ’em and keep the lights on?

            Robots, you say?

            Who’s gonna design and build the robots??

            Hint: if it’s the proles on their reservation, you should remember that “killer robots” aren’t just for science fiction anymore…

      2. It’s conceivable that such idiots are useful for purposes of distraction. But I would bet against it, if I had to bet.

  8. And in support of, “technocrats aren’t that bright,” I present you the following:
    “President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping used a virtual meeting to cool tensions between the two powers as the leaders seek to manage issues they disagree on and identify ways to communicate to avert conflict.
    During a meeting that lasted more than three hours, both sides sought to tamp down hostilities that have marked the relationship since Mr. Biden took office in January….”
    From the Wall Street Journal, no less. Yes, they “discussed,” Taiwan, and climate change, and human rights.
    But….tensions have been high since Biden took office? Excuse me?
    As General Halftrack put it, “Words fail me. Gagging noises…”

    1. So, Mr. Transparency… where’s the transcript? No, not that, one; the one that’s not all redacted to A AN and THE.

    2. Biden mumbled something about not opposing the ‘One China Policy’ — which is commie-speak for conquering Taiwan. Ignorance, stupidity or malice? Or more than one?

  9. It’s not just the splody-types in Europe that cause physical harm. Think about our own continental hordes from our neighbor to the south, currently being welcomed by our pResident. There are unfortunately a myriad of stories of drunk-driving fatalities and flat-out murders and sexual assaults commited by them, not to mention the bigger foothold it allows those lovely upstanding citizens from the Mexican drug cartels. We are fortunate that the majority of the migrants from Mexico and parts south are generally decent people but how long before some country decides to just empty their overcrowded hellhole prisons and ship them north, to put one over on Uncle Sam?

    The economic harm is enormous as well. We see it all over the place here in North Carolina, where you don’t normally think about illegal immigrants unless you live here. But they now dominate a lot of the nasty agribusiness work that used to be done by poor citizens (especially poor rural blacks). Hog butchering, chicken processing, stuff like that. It’s ugly, hard, backbreaking work that should command a premium of pay because of how demanding it is, but the migrants will work cheap and quiet and are easily disposable when they get hurt. That is a sad situation, and it’s sadder when you consider that the poor blacks who consistently vote 90%+ Democratic effectively voted themselves out of their jobs.

    1. how long before some country decides to just empty their overcrowded hellhole prisons and ship them north, to put one over on Uncle Sam?

      You mean, again? See: Mariel Boatlift.

    2. Yes – and its’ been noted here in San Antonio that there has been a sudden upsurge of what my daughter calls “third world drivers” on the local roads: flagrantly ignoring traffic laws, cutting off other drivers, just being rude. There was a road rage shooting on the south side of town, on IH-35 just the other day. Which I thought curious, because the South Side does have a certain ghetto reputation, but the drivers there were notably much more courteous than on the largely upscale North side of town. (I used to routinely drive back and forth, as my daughter’s school was a Catholic one, on the South Side, and we often noticed this.)
      There have also been exchanges on a FB San Antonio mom’s group that my daughter follows – concerning skeevy-looking young Hispanic guys, and sometimes more than one, following young women through certain big retail stores and out into the parking lots. This has frightened some of the members of the group very much. Other members have stories of helping young women, or witnessing incidents in the stores or parking lots, where store security or male relatives rescuing and aiding the women being followed.
      All the retail outlets where these incidents have happened were adjacent to a highway – a kidnapped woman could be miles away before the police were even alerted.
      Naturally, this will not be in the local news, until a woman is actually abducted, raped and possibly killed.

      1. Yep…. until it comes out that the kidnapper(s) are part of a Protected Class, at which point the story will be purged from the airwaves and interwebz faster than you can say “fact check.”

      2. Following an attack by a border hopper that the Feds dropped into his state (one of *many* such border hoppers that have been flown in during the dead of night), Gov. DeSantis has started talking about finding a way to get them back out of the state.

          1. Not enough pine boxes. DeSantis is looking at doing something with *all* of the border hoppers that the Feds have been flying into Florida lately, and iirc the article talking about his thoughts mentioned that there had been roughly seventy flights arriving in the wee small hours of the morning, filled with hoppers, that the governor was aware of.

            1. Hopefully he rounds them up and buses them up to DC or Delaware, where they are then dumped out front of where Joe Biden lives.

            2. Plenty of gators in the Everglades. As well as feral hogs and giant pythons.

              By now, it’s probably been 80 flights or more. Something between 10,000 and 15,000 illegal aliens dumped in Florida to punish I say, ship ’em all to D.C. and let ’em camp out in those ‘exclusive’ neighborhoods where the politicians live when Congress is in session.
              It’s dark here. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

      1. When they start talking about English as a Second Language classes in the middle of bumbleep-nowhere North Carolina? Yeah. That’s overwhelmed. There’s no reason for a knot of illegal immigrants to settle here but apparently they have, I guess. Makes me wonder how bad it is in all these little farm towns/cities all over the country where Big Agribusiness is greedily hoovering up these people by the thousands.

    3. One of the unspoken problems with trying to stop drunk driving is that it’s largely a cultural problem– and that culture isn’t from the US.

    4. Who is to say that the Chinese or others have not already put in 1 to 20 divisions worth of “military aged” youth? I would not be surprised at all. Leadership cohorts and special forces. Easy Peasey. I am sure the Taliban would be happy to “loan” some nice American hardware for the effort.

      On another note, I thought that Governors mask was a meme joke not something she actually wore.

      I think that you and others on here are correct about the Poles. I thought that DJTs speech in Poland was one of his finest and one of the best modern defenses of Western Civilization in 50 years or more.

    5. Fun with imaginary children and tax credits:


      [Don’t sub to this outfit unless you want fifty similar newsletters every day. Dunno how I got on their list but there’s a whole mess of ’em that seem to be the same outfit under many names… useful headline aggregators, but annoying for sheer volume. Use the RSS instead.]

      First linkee is to the bill. FIrst page of the bill is “throw random piles of cash at random functions of the Forest Service” and it goes downhill from there. Note the initial numbers are in billions.

      Yesterday someone reported that this, or one of the other bills presently being thrust up our asses, contains a requirement for all new cars to include drunk-driver-detection hardware. That’s begging for an innocent-until-proven-guilty lawsuit (not to mention fatal mistakes, like stranding diabetics in bio-distress), but the jackboots fail to see a problem…

        1. Pretty obviously the whole point of the bill is not the money, but rather the carrier wave for the embedded social engineering, such as an IRS agent in every bank account.

            1. Actually, they do, since the idea is to have One Central Bank, and that idiot commie in line for the job has said as much.

              1. It’s worse than that. They want to nationalize all bank accounts, and then tell you how much of your own money you can spend, and what you can buy. Want to bet guns will be at the top of the ‘Naughty’ list?
                Governments can only print money; they can’t make it worth anything. They can make it worth nothing.

                1. From this morning’s random reading:
                  Ms. Omarova thinks asset prices, pay scales, capital and credit should be dictated by the federal government. In two papers, she has advocated expanding the Federal Reserve’s mandate to include the price levels of “systemically important financial assets” as well as worker wages. …

                  In a recent paper “The People’s Ledger,” she proposed that the Federal Reserve take over consumer bank deposits, “effectively ‘end banking,’ as we know it,” and become “the ultimate public platform for generating, modulating, and allocating financial resources in a modern economy.”

                  You can read a bunch of her papers here; it’s first on the list:
                  (note: SSRN author page sometimes functions as a back door, but normally you need a free account to download.)

                  But not her university treatise, “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital” (where “the Capital” means “Das Kapital”) which far as I could find seems to have been entirely blackholed.

  10. In WW2, Schicklgruber’s troops used terror bombing to clog the roads with refugees to prevent Allied and Soviet armies from getting to critical locations.

    Lately, they frame the paid refugees as a humanitarian effort; but they’re 90% military age men.

    Shades of those German “tourists” in Norway, 1940…

  11. I don’t have a problem with Poland blowing up illegal aliens attempting to infiltrate their country. Heck, I don’t have a problem mining our entire southern border and blowing up every illegal immigrant trying to infiltrate our country. At the very least, that should divert them to trying to sneak through the authorized entry points where we would stand a better chance of catching them, if the Administration allowed us to play catch in the first place. (My object to mining the border is all the wildlife we’d turn into hamburger, and periodically having to replace the mines.)

        1. Yes! The Soviets in World War II would have human hordes clearing minefields. They also would have soldiers with long sticks clearing butterfly minds at airfields. Life is cheap to the Marxists.

    1. Metal detectors are too cheap for mines to be a complete solution. It only takes one to map a safe path through.

      On the other hand, way more entertaining than a wall.

      Probably, they’d herd children through to clear the path so they could get maximum points from the media.

      1. Not a solid wall. A set of mirrors & such… and some SDI-level lasers. of course that’d then need some sort of ‘AI’ (as if it was real..) allow wildlife through… and also recognize things PRETENDING to be wildlife and NOT let such through. Tune it a bit and sell it as preventing Invasive Species from invading…

    2. Poland and Hungary are defending western Christendom, again. I hope for their sake they get better treatment, but i doubt it.

    3. Looking at Poland’s (and Hungary as well) history, I can readily understand that both countries are a teeny bit tetchy about having their borders violated by hostile foreigners.

            1. Oh goodness gracious the lead singer was ADORKABLE when he joined Sabaton!

              He joined the band to… play the organ. He’s a temporary until they find a real lead singer. :giggles:

          1. Yes,

            We all probably will have to.

            Though I definitely want to stick with Winged Hussars and not enact Shiroyama. (Not that it’s a bad song.)

              1. Here, let me help it stick even harder:

                “1% Sabaton fans
                99% Crusaders waiting for take the Holy Land”

                There are several versions, but I like this one best.

                BTW the Swedish short version of Arn (what many of the visuals are from) is on YT.

          2. >> “D*mn it, I’m going to need to buy the Last Stand album, aren’t I?”

            Well, it’s not like you can’t afford it now.

            Speaking of which: I missed my chance to donate to your GoFundMe so I just hit your tip jar. I know you don’t need it anymore, but you’ve put up with my crap for years now so I figure you deserve something for your trouble. 😉

    4. Only the heavier wildlife.

      Mines are weight-sensitive. Set it for the right weight, and most wildlife is unscathed. That would also cause such mines to ignore kids and petite women.

        1. One would expect that if the border actually were mined, the number of men attempting to cross it (which is the main problem, anyway) would drop dramatically.

  12. Already there are Drug Cartel (mexican btw) wars in the deserts of California. Water is diverted by these people … and they are destroying the soil and environment. A direct failure of the alien immigration policy.

        1. European swallows, for example, as opposed to the African variety, which are non-migratory and therefore unaffected by the windmills and solar farms.

    1. We’re getting a lot of illegal pot growing operations (and attendant arrests) where *somebody* sets up a few dozen(!) commercial type greenhouse shelters, steals a crapton of water, and carries on. Most of the arrests haven’t been trying to hide, maybe just off a major road, or on rare occasions, at the end of a decent gravel roadway. Many have been quite blatant. (Marijuana operations seem to have disappeared from our local national forests–not sure what’s replaced them in the forests…) Arrests usually net something north of 80K bounds of weed. per site.

      We’ve had some rain recently, but most of Flyover County is in “Exceptional Drought” (the worst category), so I wonder if and when some unofficial action is taken on some of the illegal grows.

      1. We were seeing this type of stuff in Reno about a decade ago. It was a concern to law enforcement and I heard about it through my late-hubby Otto– before he died. He’s been dead over seven years now.

        1. Yes. A few have been busted as “permit violations.” Several were also using enslaved Chinese and other nationality men and women “who came over for service jobs.”

        2. Yet, where water isn’t an issue … Willamette Valley, Coast Ranges. Not that I’d personally have anything to do with anything on the illegal shallow wells they are likely drilling, or top water they are directly siphoning (if I used any of those products). Deep wells likely okay. Shallow wells, not so much; or at least that is what was alleged to force all of us to sewer system off the septic.

    2. Yeah, California Insider (I think it was) had a segment on that. Big bust about ten miles from where I lived in the desert, but doesn’t even slow ’em down. And now the cartels are pressuring people to sell their property to ’em and escape with their lives… My old place in the middle of nowhere has a honkin’ big agricultural well (and there are 3 or 4 much bigger capped wells just across the road) …only a matter of time before it’s discovered and targeted.

      Serendipity that other factors forced me to cut and run back to the Northern Wastes before CA fell headlong into the sewer.

        1. It used to be mostly out in the national forests (there were no-go zones). Now it’s blatantly anywhere they can steal water. Reportedly they’ve run the forest-growers out of business.

          1. The illegal grows around here are pretty much on a full agricultural scale. I’ve seen a legal (so they said) hemp farm in the Medford area, and the illegal ones are roughly the same size. No way a few people with a stream and a few AK-47s are going to compete.

            OTOH, I’m guessing that the forest will yield other drug labs. When we had our huge fire (400,000 acres), the displaced people were living in campsites in $TINY_TOWN. Some domicles looked like they were well suited to be mobile labs… Haven’t seen so many hippies in one spot since undergrad days in the .70s.

  13. Yeah. Part of the reason I’ve actually mellowed by my standards on foreign policy?

    For years I was being set off by the policies imposed, and thought that there were people with whom things can be rationally discussed, so I started with a position that very narrowly constrained the arguments that I considered acceptable. I was serious about the position, but I really really really wanted to convince people to rethink their chain of reasoning.

    Now I /know/ that there was no thinking, simply sheer malice badly disguised, and that I was actually responding to the perfidy of enemies domestic. The center of gravity is not any of the foreign devils, because the humanity of the foreign devils is not weighing on the minds of these dunderheads.

    So, worrying about any of the foreign populations, their incomprehensibly alien ways, and making sure that if we are not warring with them that we have a mutual understanding compatible with peace is a much lower priority than I had thought.

    They’ve been trying the same ‘humans as weapons’ stuff with domestic criminals, incompetently, for years also. The root problem is not the people wandering around streets while high, injuring themselves and others.

    The dangerous problem, the cause that must be addressed before other things really matter, is the apparent collusion by judges and lawyers to decide these things on improper grounds, and the apparent ‘geniuses’ who arranged that collusion. And there are apparently a lot of lawyers, teachers, etc., implicated in this business, who are apparently making these choices while sober. Their educational training is profoundly poor, a bunch of rote regurgitation with no ability to cope with things outside the tools that they are given. Making a list of people, and banning those people from holding certain positions, is a technocratic measure that seems like it should work. But it won’t, because force of personality, etc., can bypass such. Killing the SOBs sorta seems like an attractive answer, but my intuition is that the details show that it is likewise a technocratic measure that is not up to real world complexities.

    The key finding is that I do not have to have a theoretical model in advance of people solving the problem. In fact, collaboratively kludging something together from people seeing wildly different pieces of the elephant is possible, and spares us talking ourselves into despair or extreme measures after sorting through our limited theoretical models.

    1. We need a new canal from Pacific to Gulf of Mexico. One both wide enough and deep enough to hand most Tankers. This will provide a deep, wide water barrier, AND be something *actively* monitored to prevent sabotage, etc. Also, it’d one HELLUVAN engineering project and give Great Project ‘bragging rights’. If the USA is gonna spend billions (or trillions) it ought to GET something for it, besides more enriched (D) grafters.

      1. I agree, but like the Panama Canal we need to make sure we’ve got a freshwater part in the middle to try and exclude saltwater species from crossing in either direction. The dratted lionfish are bad enough, and I don’t think anyone’s yet got automatic traps for them working better than a scuba diver with a speargun.

        Eat more lionfish!

  14. Funny how millions of 3d worlders invading the US or Germany is a “natural right”, but 20,000+ coming from country the EU tried to overthrow with a Color revolution are a world ending menace…And the same people who praise Israel with 3 walls and 0% illegal immigration think it’s cruel for the US to guard its borders…

    1. Point of Fact: In Israel we do in fact have illegal immigrants (except we call them ‘infiltrators’ not immigrants) in large numbers. Mostly from the Horn of Africa, they walk through Egypt and Sinai to get here. No one is happy about it.

      1. Thank you. Also, “everybody hates the Jews” as the song goes.
        The idiots who run around blaming the Jews for all leftists included.
        Granted, Marx was related sideways (I have a distinct bad feeling on features and personality he was a distant cousin. VERY distant, thank heavens) but seriously? I (ancestors stopped practicing…. well, last branch converted under some pressure in the 18th century) am more of a Jew. At least I respect the people who practice and hold onto the faith.

      1. There are some individual Europeans who do praise Israel, but darn few in official government and academic circles. In fact, spotting such an official walking around Europe would be more astonishing than spotting a T. Rex walking around Europe.

      1. No, A family member provided medical assistance to people in Belarus until Lukashenko (and Russia) made it too risky. The 1994 election was more Soviet than anything.

        1. The last election in Belarus was also a soviet election. The last color revolution was the 2003 Orange revolution in Ukraine. Even the Ukrainians have rejected Soros influence since then. The 2014 uprising was an uprising of the Ukrainian people themselves. Soros tried to lead it in the direction he wanted, but failed. Putin tried to lead it in a direction he wanted as he wanted to keep his near puppet in power. Yanukovich lost his poistion when he refused to sign an agreement with the EU. Putin took advantage of the confusion engendered by the uprising to invade Crimea and raise an insurrection in the Donbas, which was failing until Russia sent troops to stop Ukrainian volunteers from crushing the falsely labeled insurgency.

      2. Anyone interested in learning more of the details of what is going on in the former Soviet block will learn much by reading J.R. Nyquist’s articles at https://jrnyquist.blog/

        Nyquist tells the bad stuff that sits behind what is coming out of Putin’s regime and the truth about the fake fall of the Soviet union.

  15. I had to cringe when the Soros sock-puppet persecuting prosecuting Kyle Rittenhouse picked up an AR-15 from the evidence table, pointed it at the jury and put a finger on the trigger.

    If I was on that jury, I would have got out of my seat and out of the line of fire.

    “I apologize, Your Honor, but I get nervous when idiots wave guns in my direction.”

    [insert Peanuts teacher ‘Wah wuh mwaap muh” sounds here]

    “Well, sir, the Esteemed Prosecutor picked up a gun, did not check whether or not it was loaded, pointed it at people, and put a finger on the trigger. Three stupid mistakes combined. That’s exactly how you get incidents like the Alec Baldwin shooting last month.”

    1. If I was on that jury, I would have got out of my seat and out of the line of fire. “I apologize, Your Honor, but I get nervous when idiots wave guns in my direction.”

      Would get one kicked of the jury, probably. But agree. Might have held it together. Then (hopefully) when picked. “Not guilty, self defense. … Can we convict the prosecuting persecuting puppets?”

  16. Bus’em across Poland to Germany?
    Bus ours up to Canada?
    Naw, too much work, sad but true the only sensible thing to do is shoot invaders at the border.

    1. That was one of my Enlightenments from living within range of the path of invasion… I lost all sympathy, and became a firm proponent of gun turrets at the border.

  17. What gets me about all of this is that so many people cannot see the callous disregard for human life that the so called “elites” exhibit. It’s not like they try to hide it. They hate humans. Really and truly hate humans and want as few as possible to inhabit the planet.

    It’s as if we have been taken over by alien pod people who are wearing benign looking skin suits but are actually working to eliminate and/or enslave us.

    It’s not bad here…yet…but if they get their fondest wish, we will not be allowed to leave our homes without permission. Not even for food. And so many people seem to be fine with that.

    Rioters and looters can run rampant, but you and I will not be allowed to even leave home to see relatives for the holidays. Not that we will be able to afford it, if they get their way.

    1. Trump made a point about the dangers in crossing the border during the last election, and was mocked by people who (intentionally, I’m sure) confused animal coyotes with the smuggler kind.

        1. Why would a Coyote be any kind of a threat unless you’re a Road Runner 🙂 . Of course Wile E. Coyote is more of a threat to himself.

  18. Just saw the NY Post article about the pushback at Cambridge about the ‘limit drinking and parties’ statement.

    It is technically true that eliminating social contact, and trying to work all the time, is a really bad idea.

    a) modern university concern about ‘frightening’ or ‘discouraging’ people is itself frightening and discouraging. They are taking a bunch of bullshit from fields outside of applied mathematics, and imposing it on applied mathematics fields. If you are studying applied mathematics, you need someone who will put in the work to help you fix the flaws in your mathematical foundation. Expecting student effort is not wrong.
    b) Even by non-Baptist standards, some of the college students are drinking a wee bit more than a sane person would consider good for mental health. Then there are the predatory effers encouraging both excessive drinking and promiscuity. It really is relevant to success whether one hangs around with victims being groomed, and perhaps becomes a victim oneself.

    There really are instructors who ask too much, and are entitled. Who take difficult material, and are unbothered by failure to make it accessible.

    c) It is likely risible and false to say that Cambridge only admits students who are prepared for the workload. So called elite institutions may not be less screwed up than ordinary ones, and to the extent that the screw ups are deliberate or made in blind ignorance, may actually be more screwed up. It seems like many tertiary schools in America have problems with both a tendency to admit unprepared students, and a tendency for instruction material in many fields to be deeply compromised.
    d) Being too easy on students in certain fields does them a disservice, and does society a greater disservice. Yes, you can get people usefully trained and be nice to them at the same time. Pointless cruelty is largely pointless. But there is a point where graduates are unprepared for the real world, or are dangerously incompetent and credentialed as competent.

    1. Haven’t read the article, but the pushback doesn’t surprise me at all: back when I wrote for my college newspaper, the article that generated the second most hate mail in the paper’s history was an op-ed piece arguing that students should not wear pajama pants to class and should make at least a token effort maintain a somewhat professional appearance in class, i.e. not showing up to class looking like they’d just rolled out of bed.

      We were shocked at just how intense the pushback to the article was, as well as the prevailing counterargument, which basically boiled down to, “we don’t work for the school and we’re paying to be here, so we should be allowed to do whatever we want.”

      1. I read the article. Didn’t read anything I didn’t hear at the College of Engineering freshman orientation at Old Landgrant U. In fact, we got the ‘look to the right and left of you; in four years only one of you will be here’ lecture from the Dean of the Engineering College. Turned out he was an optimist; only one in four of us made it to graduation in Engineering.

        1. We got the same lecture in Forestry orientation in ’74. Then again in ’76 as I started my Junior Level classes. Only the latter was a statement “Now that we’ve weeded out all the D and C students on the curve. Straight grading. Or Lowest: 92% – A, 84% B, 76% C …” As said C average student. My eyes got wide. I started pulling B and A’s, with a few C’s. I refused to quit.

          Granted. Ultimately the industry quit me. But then software was sooooo much fun. Plus we could now afford to play outdoors VS just work there. Software tried too. Again. Refused to quit. I know people from both industries that did just quit; as in give up finding any in Forestry or Software or anything.

        2. Sounds similar to my alma mater (an engineering school in Massachusetts NO not that one) the quad of that held eight freshman. From across the hall One bailed after first quarter, his replacement didn’t make it either. My roomie stayed through the year but did not achieve Sophmore standing, bailed to a lesser school back in CT. Next door room neighbor stayed all year passed precisely 1 course. Diagonal across the hall was a foreign student, money dried up he went home at the end of freshman year. So of 9 people ultimately 4 made it to graduation. My younger daughter went to the same school ~25 years later. Far better retention. part of this is school had gotten a name for itself in 25 years and had a better grade of applicants. Part of it is that somewhere in the 90s the Newsweek/Barrons added 4 year graduation rate/ retention rate to the scores and schools try real hard to make that happen. Sometimes I think a little too hard, a bit of adversity is good prep for living in the business world…

      2. Given the amount of money that students today are paying, per credit hour, I think they have every right to wear whatever they want. It’s like 500 or 1000 dollars per credit hour, at cheap schools.

        1. I have a bit of a problem with inappropriate wear, but more on the line of decency levels. Otherwise go for it.

          But I do have a bit of a problem with instructors, regardless of levels, treating students as bugs to be swatted aside ignored when the teachers are there only because of the student. Research isn’t paying the professors or grad students. The university will reap the benefits, with a token to the researcher (usually). Students pay the instructors. Wasn’t mature enough to realize that first degree. Second one? Helped to be same age or older than some of my instructors. But, the difference in cost/credit between ’74 – ’79, and ’86 – ’89, was bit of an eye opener. Even worse for 2007 – 2012 for kid’s college costs.

          1. I had some of that. I had a tuition waiver at U of Redacted in the early-mid 70s, but one could pay tuition and fees for about $600 for a semester, plus $100 in books. Dorm fees ran about $500 a semester, too.

            In the late 80s, I had work-reimbursed college at Nominally Religious U. I paid up front for tuition, fees, assuming I could maintain a B or better in the course. (Which I did, strong incentive.) Because it was work-study (7AM to 9AM classes), it was a max of 8 credit hours per quarter. Still, it ran $1100 per quarter for tuition and fees, plus maybe $150 for books. (One of the better instructors didn’t assign books, but his homework was intensive.)

            I was considerably older than the other students, most of whom went straight from a BS to the MS program. Worked my ass off, but learned something.

            1. Fall ’74 – Spring ’75 -> Tuition, Books, Supplies, Dorm Room and Board – $1900 full time
              Fall ’88 – Winter ’89 -> Tuition, Books, and Supplies – $4000 full time (no room and board as I lived at “home” … with husband, and, as it turned out, kid on the way).

              Fall ’07 – Spring ’08 – Tuition, Books, Supplies, Dorm Room and Board – $20k (by the time son graduated, 2012, it was pushing $30k per year).

              Kid had partial scholarships and awards here and there (as in “oh good that will cover books”), plus the education 501(c). I didn’t. Not even work study. But ’76 – ’78 I worked for the School of Forestry during the school year, and USFS during the summer. That with loans, sophomore through graduation, got me through. Parents paid room and board my freshman year. Otherwise they chipped in when I ran low spring term. Employer paid ’86 to ’88 (until they left the area), then we paid, no loans, no scholarships. We paid off our education loans. Got kid through without loans. Just couldn’t stomach the parent plus variety and didn’t qualify for anything else. There at the end between kid and us, we were coming up with the money needed for the next term, the term before.

              I know it has gotten even worse. But IDK personally.

                    1. Yes. The numbers for my UofO CS degree, were just for the classes I was missing for that degree because I already had the other two. The OSU FM degree and son’s OSU Chemistry degree all were 100% university requirements (no AA backstop, which we both would have benefited from but … water, bridge, and all that).

                      But remember, my numbers for my CS degree is just hours credits and book costs. No housing costs included. While the more recent numbers for our son is what we had to come up with to keep him in school, which included housing.

                      Son did consider an Arizona private college where he received a 50% scholarship, dropping tuition down to $25k/quarter; 2007 – 2008 Tuition … OMG thank you we didn’t have to figure this one out. No way could we have gotten away without the parent loan, eventually.

            2. That was before the government started ‘helping’ people with the high cost of college. The colleges’ entirely predictable response was, “It’s a-rainin’ money! Git a bigger bucket!”

              Which is how useless college degrees got to cost more than a house.

              1. I agree. Somewhere after the start of government backed student loans, the wrong light bulb went off. Hadn’t gotten full steam in ’70s … The loans themselves haven’t changed, including the qualification for delayed interest and payments. At least based on what we had available in ’70’s and what was available for son in late ’00s.

                Another consideration too. 6% student loan late ’79 – ’89 (payoff time of my loan), is way different that 6% ’07 – ’22 (payoff time for son’s loans had he had them). Amount of loan, one item. But 6% loan when banking interest is running 10 – 12%, VS 6% when banking interest is 0.5% … Or how the same 6% student loans went from reasonable to OMG No!

          2. Research isn’t paying the professors or grad students.

            Well… that depends on how many grants the professor can get. Frequently, research is paying for at least the grad students.

        2. The problem comes when they also think they have the right to get good grades just because they are paying to be there.

          That said, I do wish the universities look a less parental approach to students.

          It would be nice if an instructor spent the first day of class saying “Welcome to college. This is what you’ll be learning here. You’re adults and it’s your choice whether you come to class or not, but no accommodation will be given for people who choose to not show up. You’re paying a lot of money for the opportunity to learn from people who are (allegedly) experts in their field, you should take advantage of that, and not waste the money that you’ll spend your first 10 post college years paying back. I recommend that you treat this like it’s your job, it’ll be good practice for then you are actually working.”

          That would be so much better for everyone concerned than “You’ll get extra credit if you don’t skip out on this.”

          1. Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs) was on Gutfeld! tonight talking about his education foundation with rules something like that. It’s RRRAAACIIISSST!!! of course.

            Work is racist. That’s where they’re going, might as well just skip all the bullshit.

          2. I remember showing up at a profs office once with a classmate demanding more homework as I was paying to learn the material, and said learning was not accomplished. A concept it took me far too long to master

            Grades, tests, pats on the head: none of it matters if you haven’t mastered the thing.

            It’s a queer business all ’round.

          3. When I was in engineering school, we were told school was our job. If you weren’t working, then you weren’t going to graduate. The people that are rioting (aka protesting) are not majoring in anything substantial.

  19. This leads me to something about most of these nominal “betters”-none of them are really smart. They’re dilettantes-they can sound so very “educated” on a subject, but their understanding is shallow. Superficial. And they know it-so they have to make sure to appear to always be right, with anybody else being wrong.

    God help us from these people trying to be right…no matter how many things or people need to be folded, spindled, or mutilated to get there.

  20. “Can civilization respond to this in the only way that will stop it when governments are luring them and paying them to invade … and save its soul?”

    There comes a point where you harden your heart and do what needs to be done, or all of civilization will perish. And we are at the point where once lost, it may never return, at least not in a form we’d want our children to live in.

    I imagine myself manning a pillbox at the border, and the oncoming pitiful faces, but even if that oncoming mob is not all fighting-age men, I remember who is driving them and what they will do to us once they win, and I think of the women and children behind me who will suffer and die once we’re overrun… and I have far less trouble gunning down those driven innocents.

    And perhaps, once it happens, those innocents will no longer agree to let themselves be driven and used as a human battering ram.

  21. This is an all too literal add-on to the early topic on Poland. Poland has already strung razor wire on their Belarus border. There are troops on the border. They are being reinforced. There are plans to build a wall along the border. They plan to finish the wall by next summer. They asked the EU to assist in wall funding. After initial EU rebuttal, there has been a switch to be more understanding. Perhaps the EU perceives the danger of having an uncontrolled horde of armed immigrants pass through to Germany.

    For Belarus, and Russia, having a mass of armed immigrants sent across the border is nothing but a cheaper recreation of a swarm of drones. Both nations have extensive programs to developed armed drones to swarm at enemies. This is just a cheap test of the concept. Marxists have no respect for people or for life. They just respect power, and their expansion of their own power.

    1. IIRC, Poland is already discussing leaving the EU.

      I’d guess Poland said something like “Fine, you want a breach of contract divorce right off the bat? Cus we’re down for that.”

      1. You are right. Poland’s top court has said POLISH law controls over EU regulations, and the EU is upset. We will see what happens, but I’m 100% behind Poland. It is also a great country, a brother in law is married to a Pole. Great people.

        Hungry is also having issues with EU regulations. Hungry has blocked massive immigration as it would harm Hungarian identity. The EU has been using the large EU subsidy to Hungary as a lever to try to get Hungary to change.

        Best of luck to Poland and Hungary.

    2. I seem to vaguely recall some military assistance programs announced a few years ago between some of the Eastern European nations (I want to say Poland, Hungary, Romania, and possibly others) above and beyond the standard NATO commitments. But I don’t remember the details.

      In any case, it might be a good idea for the nations in those regions (including those three, plus the Czechs) to put something formal in place if they haven’t already. I wouldn’t count on NATO – including the US, depending on the administration – being much help if Belarus and Russia decided that they needed to “protect” the “right” of the “refugees” to emigrate westward.

  22. Please let’s not forget the Jews from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. being pushed into western Europe (read: Germany and Poland) by the pogroms in the middle of the 19th Century; were they being used as weapons? by whom?

      1. I’m wondering more about the conditions (and most of all the people) of Russia around 1800+ who did the pushing, not the Germans of the following century who might have been annoyed with the westward-trekking migrants.

          1. IIRC, the mid-19th century was when they rulers and locals started making a big deal about all those other groups the czars had let in over the past couple centuries. Convert to Russian Orthodox and assimilate, emigrate from Russia, or die was the situation for Jews and a variety of Protestants whose ancestors had immigrated from central Europe. That’s a classic legitimate refugee situation.

              1. I didn’t realize that, but it doesn’t surprise me too much. What I know of them comes from road trips. I keep seeing info about small towns settled by ethnic Germans of (insert tiny Protestant sect here) who’d immigrated to the US from Russia in the 19th century to flee persecution. I’ve also encountered a couple similar towns settled by Jews fleeing Russia about the same time. It fits the pattern they’d do that to any Catholics, too, I just wasn’t aware of them.

                1. Hadn’t really thought about it before, but yeah, most of the Catholic communities don’t have any kind of note on what they were fleeing from. Closest is the Irish and that’s described as fleeing famine.

                  Might have to do with tending to settle *near* other Catholics, even if they had their own parishes. (So you’d get the Irish, German and Italian parishes, all in the same region-ish.)

                  1. Scottish resettlement occurred for two reasons: Transported and Families fleeing Scotland after burned out or confiscation of properties, after last failed rebellion; and fleeing Famine in the years and decades following. Not all, but a lot of Catholics.

                    I don’t even know the brothers religion who came to Canada in late 1800’s, then eventually to Oregon, one of whom became my g-grandfather. Didn’t have an economic option back in Scotland, even then. Their home is still operated as an Inn now. I just don’t know if it is still operated by “family”. (Mom & Dad stayed there when they toured Scotland/England/Ireland, when dad was over in Ireland for a job in early 80’s.) It has always operated as an Inn and Black Smith location, until modern times. Now it is just an Inn.

          2. Some of those “Russian” Jews were actually Polish, invited to Poland in the Middle Ages and protected by law until the Partitions of Poland. Which didn’t help matters once Russia went onto the blood-and-soil, pan-Slavism, Russian Orthodox or the highway kick. Forced military service didn’t help matters. (Issac Bashvis Singer had a number of stories about those days.)

  23. The only way this ends without mass slaughter is Type 2 terror (as Tom Kratman aptly put it). Figure out who the actual organizers are of the caravans etc, then make it knives in the night at as high a level as can be reasonably hit.

    Putin is probably too hard a target for the Poles, but he has organizers and cutouts, all of whom are much softer targets.

    Ditto the South American caravans. Killing off Dem leadership might be… tricky and have substantial downstream consequences, but there are guys carrying cash, people coordinating buses, food, etc. They tend not to have bodyguards.

    Political terror is not ideal, and no one should consider it a good plan, but it may end up being the least evil.Better several dozen or hundred dead activists than several dozen or hundred *thousand* civvies.

  24. Apparently Vancouver is cut off from the rest of Canada right now. The only way to reach the island for the next several days is through Washington.

      1. Flooding and mudslides. The PNW just had an enormous rainstorm + gale, and Seattle seems to have just been sideswiped by what hit BC directly.

        Specifically, this is the city of Vancouver on the mainland, not Vancouver Island where the city of Victoria is. You couldn’t ever drive there. Because it’s an island.

        1. The story I read via Peter Grant’s blog, indicated that the island is also pretty well screwed because most of its supplies come over to Nanaimo from Vancouver city. I know the ferry from Port Angeles is there, but at least as of 1977, it was pretty small compared to the Nanaimo/Horseshoe Bay ferry. I assume there’s not much logistics capacity from PA to Victoria.

          Further comments said the internet went down on the island, so if you didn’t have cash, you were in trouble at the stores.

          FWIW, Flyover County in southern Oregon got the very fringes of that storm. The fringes were impressive.

            1. Not only that, but the post that alerted me to the problem mentioned quarantine rules currently in effect for anyone driving from Canada to Washington State. Unless those are eased up, driving from Canada to Washington to Vancouver to deliver supplies isn’t practical even without the mudslides south of the city.

          1. My folks over near Moscow had to call the owners of the place they’re living to tell them that tin blew off the barn, and they can’t handle it.

            ….I’m kind of impressed that the winds were bad enough dad didn’t even TRY to move a 20x25ft chunk of metal roofing that still had 2x4s on it.

            They got some snow, too, don’t know if it stuck.

            1. Wow. I didn’t hear from any of my friends in Moscow about the weather. Admittedlyl North Willamette valley didn’t get what I would call hammered, but it was heckin’ windy & rain come up from the ground a few times. Most have all been shunted through the gorge.

              1. I’d hope that nice big ridge you have to go down to reach Moscow would give SOME kind of protection from the wind if it’s coming from the coast! My folks are on the Washington side, so at the TOP of that thing.

                Read that ‘the gorge’ as ‘the Gorge’ and was trying to figure out how we jumped from Moscow to George…..

              2. Eugene & Springfield got good solid hard showers for an hour or so, off and on, and a lot of strong wind. But no continuing pounding rain. A lot of tree branches (and leaves) down, standing pools of water on the Beltline at the expected places where if not paying attention, or even if you are, you will hydroplane at speed.

          2. What Eugene got of the fringes of that storm were very impressive. Glad we dodged that one. Sorry they got hit head on.

    1. Vancouver or Vancouver Island? My understanding was that it was Vancouver which is on the mainland that was cut off by washouts and landslides on every transportation route into the city.

      1. City of V, not V Island.

        Although the display on Google Maps shows a flood zone astride the main highway on the island around Nanaimo, so traffic to the north 4/5 of the island may be endangered.

  25. Sorta-related to this discussion I got my hands on and read an interesting novel today. The protagonists are dumb urban liberals who move out to the middle-of-nowhere to live in harmony with nature in a high-tech green village. Then a volcano erupts and and cuts the eco-technocrats off from that icky western civilization they wanted to get away from so much. This would be hilarious enough, but it gets better when hungry, desperate animals displaced from the eruption turn up in the village and know easy prey when they see it. I want to take this as omen for our obnoxious technocrats.

    1. Sort of reminds me of a movie trailer that I saw a little while back (couple years, maybe?). Clueless young urban couple goes on a vacation to their friend’s cabin out in the wilderness. Overnight, there’s an alien invasion by puffballs that have a more than passing resemblance to tribbles – if tribbles were alien invaders set on taking the planet.

      Based on the trailer, it looks as if it was mostly played for laughs. No idea what happened with the movie.

    2. World War Z (the novel, which was better than I’d expected) had a chapter interviewing a suvivor whose parents were progressives and who had joined a thrown-together “camp,” of fellow progressives. And of course they couldn’t organize an orgy in a workhouse. It did not end well. And she was no longer a progressive.

      1. Dorothy, this novel is written by Max Brooks, the same guy who wrote World War Z. It’s called Devolution. I found both a very fun, if gruesome read.

      2. I have to add though that Max Brooks seems very liberal himself. He’s the son of famous Hollywood actors Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft. He attended the Claremont colleges, which turned my oldest friend from a sweet if slightly naive girl into a perpetual outrage machine and a total moron, he just happens to have more military and reality experience than the average lefty. I get the impression he writes these novels about Zombie and Bigfoot so he can smack his fellow liberals a little more awake with messages like “Black Swan events can happen! Preparing for emergencies in not crazy! Guns are not icky, scary death machines! Civilization is fragile and nature is not nice! Rousseau was an idiot!” so they don’t get slaughtered in the future like his protagonists.

  26. Lol The hungry animals in question are a troop of Sasquatch, So not a bad comparison there with aliens. The author was kind of inspired by a real event, in (where else!) Boulder, Colorado, which he mentions in the book. The irrigation system the town uses means more greenery, which means more deer which means cougars. The townspeople refused to listen to the few that warned them to shoot and/or relocate the dangerous predators because “cool! nature in our backyard!” “Don’t shoot the poor innocent animals!” Pets kept getting eaten and things escalated to the point where a teenage jogger was found with his face and internal organs inside a big cat’s stomach, thankfully shortly after the grownups were able to get their policies pushed regarding the man-eating predators invading their town.

    Do you remember the name of the movie?

    1. A quick search online suggests that the movie I mentioned is ‘Save Yourselves’, and was released last year

    2. There were some cougar attacks in California (both SF Bay area and downstate) after an initiative passed forbidding hunting them with the help of dogs. I’m not sure if there were any fatalities (have grown less interested in the own-goals done by the prog-tards in Cali), or if they’ve wised up.

      The Resident Cougar has been fairly circumspect in what it stalks. I don’t know the cougar’s legal status (IIRC, there’s another ban on using dogs), but any local protected predators are subject to the 3S rule when they become a problem.

      You can make a fair guess as to a person’s attitude towards 4-footed coyotes–if it’s pronounced as three syllables, the speaker might not object to them. If it’s two, the speaker has a either has or wants a varmint rifle…

      1. My understanding is that MOST cougars avoid people, especially if there has been hunting. Big issue tends to be juveniles who have not mastered hunting. People are easier to get than deer as we are far less observant as we aren’t used to being prey anymore and we don’t run as fast 🙂 . I imagine any cougar that gets in the habit of hunting people usually has to be removed to a very remote spot or destroyed.

        1. It was previously believed that they naturally avoided people.

          Washington State did what boils down to a decades long experiment… nope, it’s learned. Started with cougars showing up in folks’ llama barns or under decks and we all got those lines, eventually folks noticed that they were neither juveniles nor half-starved elderly cats, and even really big dogs couldn’t be tied up outside.

          When I was a little kid, we lived in what is legally an uninhabited area. Upside, we got jets breaking the sound barrier. Downside, when LA had a big cat stalking joggers, the cats came to our area.

          1. Not surprised it’s a learned behavior. Certainly feral house cats learn to hang out among people. Thing is with a 10-15 cat they’ll run. Even a bobcat (20-35 lbs) will usually run, although my family and I saw one in Danvers Mass back many years ago. But for a cougar we’re a nice prey size (especially children I’d bet) and truth be told the cat family varies very little other than in size (and one bone in Panthera and the ). There’s some difference in temperament but not that much. Like Coyote and Black Bear they can be a real danger. Every once and a while rumor has it they’re back in New Englend (especially VT/NH/Western MA) but no ones gotten a picture or physical evidence. With normal prey species (deer, turkey) as well as domesticated stuff on the increase they’ll be back.

            1. Smart areas deny that they are in the area until there’s a body that *can’t* be claimed to be a feral pet– because the environmentalists are a MUCH bigger threat, and they seem to think preying on kids is a bonus.

                1. Feed them to the Mountain Lions? No can’t do that it would be animal cruelty to the Mountain Lions…

        2. All big predators usually avoid people. Animals pass on knowledge and behavior to their offspring, if they learn that hunting the weak two legged ones might get them a short term meal but a long time headache in being hunted and killed in vengeance then they will avoid. If they learn they can hunt humans with impunity it will happen in until they’re stopped. Read about the Lions of Tsavo. Brrr.

          1. Peter Capstick was of the opinion that leopards in particular just saw humans as another species of the apes / monkeys they routinely hunt.;

      2. Both Oregon and Washington ban hunting both cougars and bear with dogs.

        Although Oregon tweaked the law to allow using dogs to remove problem or harass problem cougars. Oregon hasn’t had any cougar or bear preying on humans, nor any known stalking be it in inappropriate neighborhoods or encounters on trails with hikers, runners, or bikers. South Eugene Hills, south of West 11th, South Springfield Hills, south of hwy 126, in town boundaries have had reported cougars. Doris Ranch regularly has reported cougars that “appear” to be stalking those walking dogs. Fast moving bikers, skaters, etc., on the cement/asphalt paths, would be an unfortunate target. Recent sighting of a cougar in River Loop neighborhood east of River Road night video capture of a cougar. This area is close to the Willamette River green belt and north end of town. Then there was a recent reported sighting of a cougar cub at the RR tracks where Danabo crosses them. Either way, the locations in question are 2 to 5 miles from our house. These are just the reported “City/Town” locations. Doesn’t count the surrounding farm, hobby ranch lands, and smaller communities like Elmira and Veneta to the west, or Pleasant Hill to the east. Latter of which I know a cougar was 3S’d by my uncle (got to close to SIL, daughter’s, and very young grand children home, as in on the property.

        Washington State OTOH cannot claim there have been no preying on humans. Multiple runners and bikers reported stalked and chased. At least one biker caught, found cached with meat taken. Cougar caught with human remains in stomach, and killed.

        Coyotes are a major problem in Willamette Valley, and they hunt in packs. Never heard of one taking a person however. Feral cat colonies still thrive in the Willamette Valley.

  27. Apologies for the autism, but technocracy refers to a totalitarian state administered by “expert” bureaucrats according to “scientific” principles. The root is tekhne, “skill or expertise”, thus technocracy is “rule by the experts”. Or as I like to think of it, an oligarchy of midwits. The use of high technology is incidental rather than central to technocracy.

    The handling of email in this system would probably be performed by well-trained experts in electronic communications (am I joking about this? time will tell).

    1. Meh. That’s what I said. If you read.
      And bullshit it will be. These people can’t implement everything. Don’t imbue the enemy with magical powers. They’re mostly tech illiterate dumbasses, which is why they think this is will work.

  28. Re: progressives who can’t figure things out… The NY Post had a story about some kind of viral TikTok thing, with a young woman doing warehouse work who says she’s sexually harassed all the time and therefore has to wear baggy sweats.

    Well, I was prepared to be sympathetic, until she said that her only other wardrobe choice was to wear skin-tight leggings, and was upset that her male coworkers at the warehouse did not agree that there was “nothing sexy” about her leggings. Seriously, these things were dancewear or yoga pants or something. Very tight. So of course her coworkers shouldn’t be saying anything, but she shouldn’t have been wearing them, either.

    One hates to point out the obvious safety issues with wearing either baggy sweats or skin-tight leggings, but they are really obvious safety issues. In a warehouse, you don’t want to wear anything that can catch on stuff, but you also don’t want to wear anything that can tear easily and allow your skin underneath to be injured, like leggings. You want to wear sturdy pants and shirts that give you some kind of protection against injury.

    “Avoiding the male gaze” is not a workplace goal. “Dressing professionally and safely for your job” is the normal thing.

    One assumes that there are other women working at this warehouse, so why doesn’t she copy what they wear?

    1. Possibly a result of grooming by the public schools.

      I am a bit sympathetic, for a long time I found long pants pretty awkward.

      I find it hard to imagine that affordable leggings are very protective, or that protective leggings would be cheap or comfortable.

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