I’m Alive. Sort of

Made it to Colorado. Connection isn’t bad right now. However I caught son’s stomach flu. 😛

No, it’s not the koof. It is however pissing me off, because I’m not getting as much done as I should be.

11 thoughts on “I’m Alive. Sort of

  1. Ugh. Must be going around: I caught a weird stomach bug (no nausea, just increasing pain until I finally puked) last week. Hope it clears up soon!

  2. I believe the proper phrasing is “I Aten’t Dead.”

    An additional “Yet.” is left to the discretion of the undeceased.

    1. BTW: count my household among those pleased you remain among the corporeal occupants of this reality. We’re not presently at leisure to attend any memorial services.

      In fact, I take this occasion to ask of all Huns that I would consider it a personal favor if you eschewed dying until the present exigencies have passed. This applies particularly to those Huns residing in locales serviced by Southwest Airlines.

  3. Glad you are finishing up in Colorado. Sorry you aren’t feeling up to par. May both get done quickly.

    Yea to staging part of selling.

  4. There is never a good time to be sick. But when you have pressing matters to attend, it’s all the worse.

    Prayers up for your recovery and your the successful conclusion of your labors and a speedy sale of the CO property.

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