Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

This post started as a pondering of conspiracy theories. As we all know, conspiracy theories are broken. So many of them have been proven true, that now all we can do is come up with new ones. And frankly, we’re hitting the realm of truly bizarre and strange ones.

I mean, unless I miss my guess our own government is desperately trying to sell us on UFOs. This wouldn’t be that bad if the current government weren’t democrat (and the deep government always is.) They never have interesting, scientific aliens. Instead they have woo woo aliens, here to sell us on the latest democrat fad and astral projection too. (Why must it always be astral projection?)

From there, I jumped, in the way my mind works (“works”) to the fact that the current bullshit being pushed on us seems tailor made to keep us stuck on Earth, and maybe to make us devolve to a pre-technological level. So, if there are actually superior species, they have agents here working overtime to make sure those pesky humans don’t make it to space and disrupt their great star empire or something.

Now, of course, rationally, I don’t believe that’s true. However, I have a bad track record with conspiracies. I can only see them when they’re obvious such as potemkin campaign = they already have rigged it to win the election, no matter how we vote. And even then I only saw that because I had seen the MASSIVE amounts of fraud in 2016 in a right-leaning area at that (and the fraud was all left.)

So, you know, I don’t believe it. I believe it’s a case of ESR’s lizard people not real lizard people. More on that later. But anyway, I wouldn’t even be surprised. Simply because the facts are so damning.

Look, everything pushed as enlightened or the way of the future since the early 20th century is not only — often — bizarrely stupid, but it seems designed to destroy humanity as a whole.

Let’s see: population must be reduced; we must go back to living “simpler” (reading shorter, more inconvenient lives); women must have careers (not can have, must have) and not raise their own kids; nationalism bad; people must fit into this mold, and can have no individual thought…. and on and on. All of it leads to mass death, destruction and horror.

Weirdly — or not — from the early twentieth century on, most of the big programs, which — with exceptions — both sides of the isle agreed on have been florid disasters. From welfare to subsidies for higher education, to — well, all of it. It consumes more and more tax dollars, and the returns on it are actually negative.

And meanwhile the increase in tax dollars sucked women into the work force making families dysfunctional and cratering the birth rate. (I have nothing against women working. Obviously. But this being the default mode for families with kids is a bizarre “choice”. And as we keep finding out, not a particularly functional one.

Even the things we can all agree on, like racial integration or giving women a shot at jobs got distorted by the top down insane bullshit of quotas and “affirmative action” and actually slowed down the integration already happening and made women…. weird.

And all these governmental rules and theories have now become detrimental and civilization unmaking, or what a friend calls “a war on things that work” now going to a war on the production of food humans actually thrive on.

Of course, I don’t think it’s the lizard people. I think it’s two twin factors. Since the early 20th century we’ve passed the horizon of need. I.e. any famines occurring are engineered famines, created mostly by governments. And at the same time, not coincidentally, knowledge and innovation are accellerating.

I think people in power can’t deal with that. They need to be needed, they need control. And most of them can’t cope with changing technology. Or changing ideas.

They locked into the bizarre Marx-adjacent idea that humans are liabilities, not resources, and the even more bizarre romantic idea that humans by existing HURT nature (because we’re robots or something.) And with those twin principles, how could they avoid hurting people and taking their stuff.

Note that there have been glimmers of hope, when someone dares push back on government’s war on people.

Note also that it’s not all government. It’s 20th century “technocratic” the experts know better government.

Look…. We can’t afford it. They aren’t aliens making war on us, sure. But if they were, what would be different?

We can no longer afford this insanity. In the last two years they’ve proven they’ll destroy civilization and humanity if given half a chance.

Well, we can’t give them half a chance.

Let’s go back to a government when individual right have primacy and I don’t care how many degrees you have, you can’t tell me how to live my life.

Let’s call the technocratic bullshit off. Now. Yesterday. Before they kill us all.

250 thoughts on “Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off

      1. You are running out of time to read The Wasp, Herb. I fear it will get banned before you get around to it.

      2. The common people will not have the stomach for what needs to be done…..until they have no stomach for anything else. It is always the way….

      3. When there is only one option, you embrace the only option you have and make it work.

        Sigh. This is so awful, and avoidable. But no. Communists got to commie.

        1. And that quote was from a man detrrmined to break the laws.
          I more closely favor thd quote from Lion in Winter about giving the Devil the protection of the law, because if the law be not truly enforced for all, there shall be no protection whendvthe winds of fate change.
          And oh damn, are the Progs trying to turn the winds of fate against themselves. At this rate, they may succeed. Damn them.
          John in Indy

          1. ‘A Man for all Seasons’, I think it was. Not ‘A Lion in Winter’. But yes. Law and lawyers are better than anarchy.

            1. Law and lawyers are better than anarchy only if the government follows the law.
              The O’Biden Administration has made it clear that they have no intention of doing that, and no one can make them.
              Q. E. D.

                1. Yes, exactly. And since there is no way to compel the government to follow the law, their compliance with the law is always voluntary on their part.

                  This means we are always in an anarchy.

                  Of course, the current anarchy is defective in that most of the participants don’t realize that it is one. If we could enlighten them to that fact, the world would probably look a lot different.

                2. The term is tyranny. Because the government will expect you to obey their “laws”.

            2. We blew right past that when the Tea Party was declared the Devil and persecuted by the IRS with no consequences for the persecutors.

            3. Depends on who’s laws and what lawyers….We have both now….and here we are, contemplating the violent reshuffling of the deck.

              1. And it’s not just laws, but regulations having the force of law. The Constitution depended on Congress jealously guarding its power to enact laws, rather than delegating it to the other two branches. So now we have the Deep State.

                “The more numerous the laws, the more corrupt the state.”

                1. That’s why, when people were throwing around ideas for a rewrite of the constitution a few days ago, one of mine was to forbid legislatures from delegating their law-making powers to anyone.

                  1. my favorite concept is that if a lawmaker proposes or co-sponsors a law later found to be unconstitutional, they’re immediately removed from office and forbidden from being elected or receiving federal contracts… forever…

                    I’ve been told
                    “they’d be afraid to pass any new laws”

                    to which I respond, “you’re acting as if that were a bug, not a feature.”

                    1. I don’t know that I want to give one branch of the federal government that much power to purge most of another in a single shot. If you do that at all you’d need to restrict that carefully, such as by requiring a massive supermajority – say at least 75% – for the automatic expulsion to trigger. Make it a real possibility, but difficult to achieve in practice.

                      That said, I have no problem giving state governments the power to do this to the federal government. For example, Razorfist once suggested giving state legislatures the power to overturn SCOTUS rulings if enough states agreed to it. Nuking everyone on the court who voted for the ruling would be fine with me.

        2. I learned quite a lot on many subjects, mostly political, from two of them running a blog, though this does bring me to one thing one of them noted relevant to Jim’s observation. When you consider how many trial lawyers became legislators and passed laws tailor-made for their profession it’s not hard to see how the books got to be the unholy mess that it is today on top of all the other insanity you wrote about.

      1. Said by a butcher, who is a follower of a thief. I can see why he wants to get rid of laws.

        1. I, of course, accept all the laws, even the most blatantly unconstitutional ones, that our better have put in place for our protection. They only have our best interests at heart.

          1. He didn’t want to just get rid of unjust laws, he wanted to get rid of all of them.
            “Hearken now my bonny boy, as we stand before the kirk
            Or does the thunder o’ the horses’ hooves hide a’ the devils work
            For the Covenant’s a Campbell mare that rides across the law
            And ere a Stuart bridles her, a Graham’s head must fa’

            Ride the law down, like a Campbell, and see how it works.

            1. But of course and our betters tell us which laws are just.

              Right, no honest man would ever throw tea in Boston Harbor, or walk, uninvited, in to the Capitol building.

                  1. And he didn’t say anything even close to But of course and our betters tell us which laws are just.

                    Can’t complain about getting the treatment you gave him, first.

              1. Weren’t those kept in the Ark of the Covenant? You’d need to figure out which Federal warehouse it’s stored in…

                1. Oh, you won’t find it. Not because they’re hiding it so expertly, but because the Federal government a.) tries to archive EVERYTHING, b.) promptly loses track of anything someone might want to see in said archives, and c.) the archives are so overstuffed now that they aren’t taking anything more, so it is 100% lost AND buried under stacks of boxes of pointless documents. 😀

                  (Not even joking about them not taking anything more. We’re supposed to save certain things in perpetuity–IN PAPER FORM–but they haven’t got any room anymore so we’re stuck with stuff that we can’t shift, can’t destroy, and we will probably seriously begin running out of room in another decade or so… :p)

                  1. You forgot, d.) they renumber things in order to make the system more logical and then don’t pass information about the new system on to other facilities, so you can’t cross-reference old Record Group numbers with the new RG numbers.

      2. Well the word lawyers as used by Shakespeare meant those who make the laws, i.e. legislators, rather than lawyers who handle cases or transactions.

        1. The lines following Dick’s recommendation explain how they determine who is a lawyer:
          Sir, I thank God, I have been so well brought up
          that I can write my name.

          He hath confessed: away with him! he’s a villain
          and a traitor.

      3. I think more like “let’s kill all the bureaucrats and journalists”, with a few exceptions of course…But lawyers were the bureaucrats of those ancient times…

      4. The fellow who said was called “Dick the Butcher” and a most unpleasant fellow.

        The person he said it to — Jack Cade — hoped for a social revolution, with himself installed as autocrat. He was a 16th Century prototype of a communist.

        Cade: Be brave, then; for your captain is brave, and vows reformation. There shall be in England seven halfpenny loaves sold for a penny; the three-hooped pot shall have ten hoops; and I will make it felony to drink small beer. All the realm shall be in common, and in Cheapside shall my palfrey go to grass. And, when I am king, — as king I will be,–

        All: God save your majesty!

        Cade: I thank you, good people; — there shall be no money; all shall eat and drink on my score; and I will apparel them all in one livery, that they may agree like brothers, and worship me their lord.

        Jack: The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

        Cade: Nay, that I mean to do. Is not this a lamentable thing, that of the skin of an innocent lamb should be made parchment? that parchment, being scribbled o’er, should undo a man? Some say the bee stings; but I say, ’tis the bee’s wax, for I did but seal once to a thing, and I was never my own man since.

      5. Lawyers get the bad rep because they operate in the open. The ones who will take everything you have, and operate in the shadows to the point most people don’t even realize who has shafted them: accountants.

        People think accounting is straightforward; you add up all your assets, subtract your liabilities, and the difference is your value. [derisive laughter] “Welcome to the funhouse, pal…”

    1. I think, honestly, it will come to us. This sort of thing is not in any individual’s control. BUT I think we need to change the idea at the root of it as hard as we can, including when we find ourselves thinking along technocratic lines.

  1. The “how” is the states. Our system is designed to push power to the local level. Ron DeSantis is on the right track. More please, faster.

    1. Which is why Democrats are going to try to carry out massive fraud in order to oust DeSantis and the Republican majority in the legislature. They are going to do the same thing in Texas as well. If they can do that, they can ensure that they can control who wins Federal elections in those states as well and ensure control of Congress and the Presidency.

      1. And this is why many states have tightened up their voting laws (mainly conservative controlled states) in order to try and prevent the anticipated fraud next year. This is also why the Texas voting law debacle is still a thing. The leftists in the legislature know that voter fraud is the only way to quickly overthrow the state government but the new laws will largely prevent it from happening. Their only avenue is to prevent the inevitable passing of the laws in the state house even if it means those cowards who ran must fall on their political swords to do so.

        1. They still have lawfare at their disposal if they do pass, though, which has been a big worry of mine about Georgia’s laws. Well, aside from the feeling it’s just closing the barn door after the horses ran off and that Atlanta and Savannah are going to fraud anyway and the state GOP is just going to accept it. Even in my small town people think the fix is in and Abrams has next year sewn up already.

          1. The good news is that if Abrams wins next year she will be term limited since she can only be elected to be Governor of Georgia for two consecutive terms. 😂

  2. I think the UFO thing is probably intended to make the Chinese and/or Russians think they’re pushing UFOs as the public cover for some secret superweapon.

    1. That is actually believable. The military promoted UFO nuttery in the 60s and 70s to help cover up legitimate sightings of advanced aircraft,.

      1. Yeah, but they NEED that alien tech if they ever want to make the F-35s more than glorified hangar queens.

        Though it’s entirely possible the aliens threw up their tentacles and said the equivalent of “WTF, dude!” and backed away.

        1. because no joint service plane ever had teething problems… *KOFF*F-4 Phantom*koff*

      2. Unless they “fessed” to hiding sightings of advanced aircraft, as UFOs to coverup actual sightings of UFOs … 🙂

    2. And here I’d thought they were just running out of things with which to distract their own people from the economy…

  3. Was it Douglas Adams who wrote about how the useful people on earth managed to get rid of the less useful by faking up a disaster, building a bunch of rockets to send ‘everyone’ to a new planet to ‘escape’ the disaster, then sending everyone else off, before going along their merry way on earth, no longer encumbered by the politicians and academics and such…

    1. Escape from the vaguely doomed Golgafricham was to be on three arks. The Golgafrinchan B Ark was sent out first with the hairdressers, marketing executives, telephone sanitizers and other useless middlemen. The A and C arks with the brilliant thinkers and doers would be sent later, supposedly. Unfortunately after the B ark left Golgafrincham was depopulated by a nasty virus contracted from an unsanitized telephone. The hopeless B Arkers would later crash on Earth, in distant prehistory, founding the human race.

    2. Without resorting to the Goog, C(yril?) Kornbluth, The Marching Morons. Though in that case they were sold on a new holiday location.

        1. Who knew that the wonderfully pessimistic Cyril Kornbluth and Mike Judge had been overly optimistic?

      1. The Morons were ‘sent to Venus’. Although how could building that many rockets be the MOST EFFICIENT method for getting rid of them?

  4. May I put forth my own conspiracy theory? And no, I stay away from the UFO/alien sites so if someone else has already come up with it, I’ll blame Alex Jones–

    The lizard people are already here and already taken over the government. My proof is “Nancy Pelosi.”

    I’m sure it is coming from the “collective unconscious.”

    On the other hand, if aliens and lizard people are real, and with what I am seeing– they really don’t want us to leave our planet.

    1. Pelosi?


      Dude, remember Henry Waxman? HE should be exhibit A in any claims that extra-terrestrials have infiltrated our government!

      1. Don’t remember Henry Waxman… went to look at a picture and Pelosi looks more lizard like to me 😀 And then her actions… ooo-eee

        1. I’d say Thin Men, but I doubt any of the prog jokers could be that stoic when in Dr. Vahlen’s gentle clutches…

    2. That Chicago Mayor is a Deep One, wearing a human suit made by something that never saw a human up close before. Dead center in the Uncanny Valley, that one is.

      I posted a vignette about a month ago in which NecroNancy was a zombie, controlled by a necromancer posing as a lobbyist. Agent Franks had to clean House in the end…

        1. I’m telling you, Deep One. Spawn of Dagon. ‘The Shadow Over Innsmouth’ by H.P. Lovecraft.

          1. Why DO so many of the current crop of wannabe rulers look so bad they make your hypothesis looke reasonable?

          1. depends on the ideology. Ideology is just belief. Now if you believe something that you will not think about and allow to make your decisions for you….

                1. Ideology as in ideologue, I suppose. I was, of course, thinking about the classic example of Marxism and its variations, such as communism and fascism.
                  [ Hmm, what’s this browser tab? Oh, a 2-day-old comment thread I meant to return to. Huh. ]

      1. I believe that– because we should have been farther in the space race than we are now. Look at what we’ve done with computers… and they become obsolete every three months.

        1. I’d disagree.

          Americans make it look easy, but space is *hard*. I was surprised to learn a few weeks ago that China is quite literally the only nation other than the US that can successfully land probes on Mars. And the Chinese have landed exactly one so far. The USSR had one transmit after landing, but it stopped doing so less than a minute later. Russia has lost every lander it’s sent.

          Meanwhile, the US has a Martian “airfield’.

          The Moon isn’t much better, even though the landing conditions aren’t as difficult (since there’s no atmosphere and weather).

          A big test for Musk will be whether SpaceX can land probes safely on the Moon before the Indians and Israelis can. He appears to be getting close to making his first attempt.

          1. I agree to disagree. If we didn’t have Musk, we would have NO space program. NASA was particularly anemic imho because it was State sponsored. It will be interesting to see what comes of all of this.

        1. Okay, so that’s the first layer. Who in the FAA is retarding Musk? Or who is influencing the FAA to retard Musk?

          Similar issue exists in breakthrough physics research. I swear there are government agents who carefully watch college research and papers and slap a classified on anything that looks promising; never to see daylight again.

          1. I do wonder how much further along we might be in some areas had the government not buried all of Tesla’s notes on pretty much everything…

          2. Who’s pulling the strings with the FAA problems?

            I suspect the ultimate string-puller in this case is Bezos. Blue Origin has fallen very far behind SpaceX, and Bezos has been telegraphing desperation. He recently filed a lawsuit alleging that a NASA contract had been improperly awarded to SpaceX. That lawsuit was thrown out of court because it didn’t have any basis aside from “Blue Origin didn’t get the contract, so we’re throwing a tantrum.”. And Bezos recently offered to develop a bunch of stuff for the planned NASA Lunar mission at Blue Origin’s own expense if NASA gave his company the contract.

  5. In my dreams, a Constitution Convention that produces amendments that state that representation in the House of Representatives is based on the number of _citizens_. And another that only citizens can vote in federal elections, and must show identification in order to do so.

    1. Any Constitutional Convention runs the risk of coming under Democrat control. Republicans have ALWAYS been squishy and can’t be trusted. Therefor any Constitutional Convention is a Democrat TRAP!!!

      1. None of the three branches feel any particular need to obey the Constitution we have now. Amending it is unlikely to change that.

        1. Exactly. The greatest accomplishment of the Harris-Biden administration is proving that the anarcho-capitalists have been right all along.

  6. Let’s call the technocratic bullshit off. Now. Yesterday. Before they kill us all.

    The problem is they’ve made it clear they’ll kill us before they let go control.

    Just ask Ashli Babbit.

      1. Couldn’t have said it better, both in what they are and why they keep pushing harder and harder.

      1. They haven’t even disclosed WHO shot Ashli Babbitt. I still say it was one of NecroNancy’s private security goons. They got desperate because they couldn’t make a big stink about an ‘insurrection’ if nobody died.

        1. Don’t know if the name has come out but a Democratic congressman testified to comforting the shooter by telling him he did what he had to do.

        2. It’s all but certain who the cop is. A name -Lt. Michael L. Byrd – was inadvertantly mentioned during a Senate hearing, and the details visible in the video appear to match the individual whose name was dropped.

          The cop in question accidentally left his gun in a restroom in 2019. So far as we know, nothing happened to him as a result.

  7. As we all know, conspiracy theories are broken.

    I thought today’s essay was going to talk about how boring most of the traditional ones were, once one starts comparing sources. Apparently due to a lack of imagination, stemming from a broken process.

    Closer to being on topic, we still have incorrect theories about conspiracy.

    It is just that there seems to be a lot of collusion going on, that is outright stupid when it comes to avoiding incrimination. They reveal clues all over the place, and are relying only on gaslighting and trust to avoid detection. They’ve thrown away trust in pursuit of gaslighting. So, when one has correctly decided not to trust, and is working to ignore the gaslighting, it is easy to put together clues. And because they are leaving so very many, it is actually hard to entirely overlook all of the clues pointing to an issue.

    During the acknowledged Obama regime, it was often joked or observed that Obama’s strategy for managing scandal was dense pack. Off the top of my head, I cannot recall the exact explanation for dense pack, and why the absurd number of scandals fit.

    Right now, there are so many people engaged in malfeasance that the number of clues amounts to a lot of chaff. We try to see what is going on, but there are obscuring clouds of stuff. Guessing specifics of a tenth of what is probably going on may require dedication to sorting out thousands of clues. Like with the governor of New York; someone in the Democrat Party is probably removing a threat, but guessing who is difficult. We may be able to figure it out in hindsight. And it is possible that PRC surveillance revealed that he was becoming a secret PRC skeptic.

    It is very possible to put the clues together incorrectly.

    1. The phrase I always heard about Obama’s scandals was Stray Voltage. That’s when you intentionally leak word about a minor scandal to distract from news about a much more serious one.

    2. “Dense pack” was the proposal whereby you put all your missile silos very closely together, so that the other side’s nukes will have a tendency to harmlessly blow each other up rather than penetrating and destroying the silos. The US never adopted it, although that silo farm in China kinda looks like they’re trying it. Or they have a lot of confidence in their ABM systems.

      In Obama’s case, the metaphor was to have so many scandals in so quick succession that the news cycle could not digest one before another one knocked it off the headlines and out of everyone’s memory. Thus, their defenders could get away with saying “look, there’s only one or two tiny little minor scandals” and people would somehow believe them.

    3. The Wiki article on Dense Pack shows it was used for ICBMs. The idea was that a direct hit on one silo would generate so much flying crap that the next warhead would trigger on the extraneous ejecta and would leave the next missile alone.

      The analogy sounds perfect for Obummer’s malfeasance-intense/”scandal-free” regime.

      With respect to Cuomo, who benefits? I’m guessing Harris, though I doubt she has enough neurons to think of such, so it’s whoever wants her to be in the lead. Not Jill Biden, for sure. 🙂

      OTOH, since they put the potted plant in the White House, I think the reasons to take Fredo out are manifold:
      a) Whitehats have made enough progress that fraudtronics and the more traditional means of cheating aren’t sure things anymore.f jiggling the votes? One guess is that white-hats are making progress at disabling the fraud-tronics.)
      and b) He’s a threat to Harris as the Governor Who Saved New York (if syrup of ipecac runs short, contemplate that.,..) Somebody thinks he’s acceptable to enough people to get votes.

      or c) He’s pissed off the wrong person.

      1. I’d argue that Harris might very well have ordered it. It seems to me that the more clever move would have been to hold the charges over Cuomo’s head, and use them to manipulate him. “Don’t run in 2024, and endorse me, or this all goes public.” Instead we got a full-on blast directly at him which pretty much immediately nullifies any ability to make use of him. And his replacement will likely be too new to have much credibility when making 2024 endorsements. That strikes me as the move of someone who’s more inclined to mindlessly lash out without giving much thought to whether it might be smarter to hold back. And, from what I’ve heard, that’s a decent description of Harris.

        1. Or we go with the “crabs in the bucket,” theory where everyone thinks they’re godlike master manipulators and they’re all wrong.

        2. Now that you point it out– it does have her fingerprints all over it. I don’t think she is subtle. Plus it seems they have her on a tight a rein as Biden in some respects. Since the border fiasco — and her talking points, she is keeping pretty quiet.

    4. “They reveal clues all over the place, and are relying only on gaslighting and trust to avoid detection.”

      Well, gaslighting, trust, and the fanatical devotion of left-wing social media censors… Blast, I’ll come in again!

      1. Twenty years ago a friend in New York said Mario could never run for President because there was something really horrible on Andrew.
        Given the way things turned out, maybe someone is about ready to fire the main scandal into the public.

      2. Pulling pretty much all the media figures into the apparent conspiracy is part of why they are leaving clues all over the place.

        It is a semi-decentralized prospircacy. In place of traceable orders there is consensus. In place of formal verifiable training, there is imitation of behavior. This may work some, but at the current scale you see a number of badly implemented and carelessly covered up attempts at whatever.

        Add in that these are not thoughtful, observant people, and their characteristic flavors of magical thinking are going to drive up the rate of clumsy screw ups.

        There are a lot of them, and they are sure that they have won. This is exactly why they are stuck in the gambler’s fallacy or the sunk cost fallacy, and think the clues the leave do not really matter.

    5. It’s much simpler than that. Cuomo has become an embarrassment, and has to go.

    6. There was a South Park episode where it turned out 9/11 conspiracy theories were themselves a conspiracy theory spread by the government… since Bush wanted to feel all-powerful and stuff. 😀

      1. “I’ve suspected for years that the CIA is a CIA front.”
        — Celia Hayes, July 15, 2020 at accordingtohoyt.com

  8. I mean…arguably they ARE aliens. Alien to the good of mankind, alien to our natural rights, alien to God. No wonder they code as ‘lizard people’ to so many of us–I think a LOT of them have sold their souls (and many of them, perhaps literally sold their souls, hello secret combinations) to the point that they are so damned it’s obvious even in this mortal shell. Also could explain why they are so desperate to hold on to power–the only way they can live longer, and avoid the punishment that, deep down, they know is coming?

    1. Dante postulated that if you damnned yourself in exceptionally bad ways your soul would fall to Hell before death and a demon would inhabit your body for the rest of your life.

      1. Well, that part was crud. No matter how bad you are a human maintains free will and can say no. The demonic bit is to convince them that it is too late.

        But yes,willing acceptance of possession for the rest of one’s life is probably possible. Not recommended.

  9. I almost didn’d leave this note. At first glance it isn’t relevant here. The second look says it is. This is only a rumor, but it’s a rumor from three independent sources and I believe it.

    Anti-President Biden intends to decree another full year of lockdown, and will announce it on August 11. The stated reason will be the new Lambda variant of Covid. The real reason, of course, is that he wants mail-in balloting so his party can cheat again in the 2022 midterm elections.

    Biden expects, and intends, that those of us on the right will protest and demonstrate loudly. That’s the point of making the announcement. He intends to have FBI provocateurs in both DC and state capitals, to infiltrate the protests and make false-flag attacks in our name, just as he did January 6.

    Believe it or not as you like. But if the announcement happens, I’m staying home for the next two weeks.

    1. Maybe.

      However, a new shutdown was brought up as a possibility by one of Biden’s “COVID Tsars” (spelling it this way because I like this spelling better) during the lead-up to the election. The public reaction was strong enough that the Biden campaign distanced itself from the comments before the week was out.

      1. OTOH the whispers have been talking up lockdowns again in recent weeks. So who knows?

        Definitely not Biden. But his handlers might.

      1. I’m at Grand Rapids Summer Bash (the special convention Grand Rapids Comic Con is doing to make up for last year) that weekend. The booths are bought and paid for. We leave on the 11th, and come home on the 16th.

        I just hope things don’t get Interesting while we’re on the road. But while I was setting up for this weekend’s convention, I had this weird thought, maybe a premonition, go through my head: the balloon goes up when they try a new lockdown, a strict one like in Europe. The people won’t have it.

        Take it for what it’s worth.

    2. And the Biden Team is rushing madly to finish purifying the military and, supposedly, will seek a Presidential wavier this week to override a Federal Court injunction preventing making the vaccines mandatory. False flag protests and attacks and a fully woke military. We can add that to any conspiracy thoughts.

      1. If they think that kicking all the vaccine-hesitant out of the military, thereby eliminating the paycheck and future pension that was keeping those highly-trained and motivated people dependent on the USG, will make them more secure… well… bless their hearts!

        1. If we must fight another revolutionary war, at least our enemies will be incompetent fools this time. I still don’t think victory will be easy or cheap, but it could be a lot worse.

    3. The day is coming (if not in 2022, then surely in 2024) when one faction or the other will take control over the elections, and stand armed guard over the polling places and counting houses, ensuring the outcomes according to their own principles.

      I’d rather it was the faction of Totally Fed Up than the faction of Got Away With It Again.

    4. Add to that the mad rush to get a fully vaxed military. Rumor also has it that DOD will seek a Presidential wavier this week to override the Federal Court injunction preventing mandatory shots. Many will refuse. Add a fully purified and Woke military to the possibility of widespread demonstrations and false flag attacks to the conspiracy stew.

      1. woke…

        real actual wokesters wouldn’t get out of basic, and if they dumb basic down to the point they can, well, we won’t have anything to worry about.

        1. You now have to wear a mask to go to the commissary or PX. OTOH my husband wore his Trump 2020 mask to the commissary and got a thumbs up from a rather young woman in uniform.

        2. Most of the truly woke in the military are in the officer corps, and bucking for or already are general officers. That being said, the mid-grade officers and ncos, and a sizable chunk of the lower enlisted aren’t woke. And it’s a bigger chunk of the combat arms.

      2. What about women in the military? PREGNANT women in the military? Do they have to take a shot that causes miscarriages in 80+% of early pregnancies?

        1. Pregnant women working for the VA? For Disney? For any other organization that lays down the “the Jab or your job” ultimatum?

          Oh, wait, it’s in accordance with Federal guidelines, so nobody is liable. Sucks to be the mother and/or child, but hey, it’s for the Greater Good.

        2. Is this the one where 700 of 827 were women who’d had the shot in the third trimester? I found the original paper. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2104983

          The researchers flubbed their data analysis but so did the people who called them out on it. See, the vaccination period for participants was Dec. 14 through February 28. They enrolled 3958 participants on March 30 and, for some reason that I honestly suspect was stupidity rather than malice, analyzed the 827 “completed pregnancies” in a lump. The people who noticed the completed pregnancies were mostly third-trimester recipients were correct that it didn’t make sense to lump them together that way but seem to have overlooked that most of the sample was not included in the calculation.

          …Yeah, anybody in their sample who got the shot during the first trimester was at 29 weeks tops. Unsurprisingly, there had not been a lot of happily completed pregnancies in that group; likewise unsurprisingly, most of them were… y’know… still pregnant. Which means it was too early to say everything would be fine, but it’s also not 80% miscarriage.

          1. Statistics is a power tool, and the medical profession often uses it like a monkey with a running chainsaw.

            I’m still boring through Taubes’ “Good Calories, Bad Calories”, where he’s exhaustively covering how much of the “what we know” of medicine comes from statistical analysis of population studies, and then picks apart the studies and the analyses. In many ways, it resembles how Globular Wormening became the One True Faith.

            1. Statistics is relatively new. In the past sixty years, application of it has spread to very many research areas.

              There are probably people who know what they are doing, there may even be fields that know what they doing, but my default reaction to a statistical application is suspecting an issue somewhere. Maybe there are even still undiscovered issues with the theory of statistics.

    5. If they go lockdown again, ignore it/ them. Go about your life. IMO that is the best protest.
      If local officials get huffy, get together with some neighbors and have a nice chat with them.

        1. I believe that’s either a state or federal requirement. “Health Care Settings” need the face cover (diapers or shield), including the pharmacy in box stores. True in Oregon, no infomation on other states.

          I still chuckle at the Oregon requirement that dental offices need the mask.

          1. State requirement, I think. In Texas, no state or federal requirement for a mask when visiting a doctor, pharmacy, or physical therapy clinic. It’s up to the individual business whether or not they require them.

    6. Don’t think that’s going to work the same way a second time.

      At this point, anyone going to DC to protest is ready to die for it. Very different dynamic from someone planning on chanting and waving banners around. Way more volatile.

      As for the state capitols, the States he most needs to control are likely going to be the ones rejecting lockdowns, so it’s even odds the provactures would end up making Team Lockdown look like the crazies.

      1. Last week the rumour I heard was second week of August. What I had heard was that Bravo Whiskey Hotel was instituting something lockdown-esque federally, and my immediate thought was Mike Lima.

        1. Mmm. I dunno about lockdowns yet, but in fed-job land, we’re being forced to wear masks again despite ‘vaccination status’ and the head of the BLM (the gov one, not the other one) just sent an email this morning basically saying that regular COVID tests for unvaxxed employees is coming. (ie, you wouldn’t/can’t get this experimental boondoggle, so we’re gonna punish you). Which, naturally, will likely lead to the vaxxed ones having to prove in some way they were vaxxed, ie, that #W@$@#*ing vaccination passport.

          It does smell of ‘admin working themselves up to attempt to force another lockdown’ but they’re not quite there yet (because they KNOW it’s not going to go well for them).

          1. Since the people doing the testing work days- I”l get overtime every week to come in get the test. Job requirement to come in- so they’ll have to pay it.

  10. I suspect that Astral Projection is used because it conveniently explains away why there’s no physical evidence.

    1. My dad once said that astral projection only worked when they turned their backs to the screen and bent over.

    2. I’ve read before that during the Cold War Astral Projection was in part used to serve as cover for Humint assets.

  11. It’s as if they are using 1984, Animal Farm and Brave New World as a “how to” guides, even if they try to make it seem benevolent like the San Angeles of Demolition Man.

    1. IMO, Brave New World doesn’t really fit. BNW maintained control by providing lots and lots of carrots. But our current TPTB never do that. They did briefly float the vaccine as a cure for mask weariness. But that was removed almost immediately. The line now is “get the vaccine, and mask up again!”

      1. What do you think the rush to get people to smoke pot while they try to ban tobacco is? Like in Brave New World, they want a populace that is to drugged up to care.

        1. At this rate, it won’t be long before the switch flips to “Vorga! I kill you filthy!”

  12. The entrance into the game by the technocrats is what’s given the leftists the hope that this time they can carry this off. But what they’ve all forgotten is the samizdat that happened under the Soviets. Samizdat happens a lot more easily now. Yes, FB, Twitter, et al deplatform people, and ISPs refuse to host, I get it. But there are still more than enough ways around the censors that make cutting off of the flow of information not really possible. Consider that the Soviets made owning typewriters, carbon paper, then copiers, illegal. But yet, people copied books and passed them around. The 21st century has given us more than one way to get around the attempted stranglehold of tech.

    We are working on our samizdat channels and will manage to keep things interesting. The states and governors are pushing back against the feds. I still believe that going along to get along and not wanting to make waves, along with the assumption that they will win, are our worse obstacles. They can’t win and won’t win, but we can indeed lose if we assume that we will lose.

      1. Can’t stop the signal, Mal.

        (And I really, REALLY hope it sticks in that a**hole Whedon’s craw that one of his single most popular works is, despite his best efforts, libertarian in nature. Granted, that’s likely because Tim Minear actually did most of the writing, but even so.)

    1. Twitter and Facebook are part of their phone, and right on the desktop of most new desktops. It’s pervasive to the point where some large proportion of people either don’t know about, or won’t consider using, anything else.

      My wife’s newish Samsung phone, you can uninstall Twitter and Facebook if you want, but it auto-reinstalls them every morning, along with a ton of Samsung-branded crapware.

      Usenet and mailing lists are still running, and those newfangled “blog” things, or for that matter, web forums.

  13. Aliens? They are out there. We’ve known about them for years. I recommend _Lights in the Sky and Little Green Men_ by Hugh Ross on the topic. The short version is the 99% of all encounters are explainable by natural means. He claims the 1% or so that aren’t are probably demonic in origin, referencing a Smithsonian study that demonstrated that the etiology of psychological issues stemming from encounters with aliens was the same as people in the occult.

        1. I’m fond of the hypothesis advanced by game designer Ken Hite, back when he was writing the Suppressed Transmission column for Steve Jackson.

          Riffing on the idea of the “reality quake” from The Book of Ash, he named that came from the prior reality/history/timestream that don’t have a place in the current one (like Ash’s helmet) “pragmaclasts”:

          So a reality quake, then, creates such an upheaval in the path of time that history itself is upthrust and overturned, leaving a new past in its wake. Much as an earthquake leaves breaks in the strata and fractures in the geology, or flings up material from deep in the earth onto the surface, a reality quake might leave breaks in civilization or fractures in the historical record, and fling up anomalous shards of other realities (call them “pragmaclasts”) into our new/old past.

          Long quote (no link since it doesn’t exist online anymore but I paid to download it back in the day):

          King Arthur is obviously the “Ash” of that 535 event; his eimic signature continues to radiate even fifteen centuries later. The Holy Grail, then, might simply be an incredibly powerful pragmaclast, a piece of the previous reality possessed of literally transcendental powers. …. The power of a pragmaclast such as the Grail could wipe people from continuity, or give them superpowers, or awaken their magick, or simply make them very eimically-sensitive, able to see the echoes and ghosts of the forgotten history.

          [quotation omitted]

          And some of those echoes, and ghosts, and remnants, might not like being forgotten. They, too, might possess greater levels of eimic radiation — with concomitant weird powers — slowly decaying over time. (This, it suddenly occurs to me, is the best explanation for faeries that I’ve ever come up with — it explains their archaism, their ties to poetry and legend, their creepy reality- and time-distorting powers, and their cringing need for human belief and company.) Couple such powers with the knowledge that reality quakes do occur, and the pragmaclastic entities might actually be able to reverse the fracture, or at least set off another one just as good at the same fault line. [emphasis added]

          I once prospectused a game campaign set in a city that was a mishmash of influences from Dark City, The 13th Floor, Howard Chaykin’s Time2, and others, set in a city that was a pocket dimension, occult version of NYC. The secret backstory was that it was a pragmaclast thrown off by one timeline where Hitler built the New York Bomber and the Bomb.

          1. Who *hasn’t* seen the cracks in the plaster of Reality-as-we-know-it? It’s mostly small items that vanish and then turn up in some unlikely spot; minor events that everyone else remembers but didn’t happen to you; columns of numbers that don’t add up the same each time… it adds up after a while.

            Sometimes it’s larger things, like that museum I went through in Memphis, which I can’t find any mention of online, that had an entirely different (and much more believable) account of the murder of Martin Luther King… and how nobody I know in meatspace remembers anything past “he got killed, didn’t he?” (the New Official Version is so outlandish even King’s relatives have called it out as bogus)

            And exactly how did I wind up in a timeline where Norton I’s troops didn’t burn most of the District of Columbia to the ground after Congress and the Senate ignored his orders to disband and go home? The States had more autonomy under the Empire than they did under the Feds; all but one of the 64 had a “republican form of government”, except for South Dakota, was was a feoff of the Emperor and ruled by his designated heir. They still objected to it, but really, what did they think would happen when they sent Aaron II’s taxmen back to San Francisco after scalping them at Wounded Knee? It was 1929, not 1829, after all.

            1. I am absolutely convinced that when I visited Pike Place Market on vacation with the parents when I was 12 that there were four or five levels beneath the main one, that got sketchier and skeezier as they went down. Of course, when I moved here as an adult, there are only two, and nowhere for further levels to exist. So in any urban fantasy RPG scenario set here (Shadowrun, Dresden Files, etc.) I make those levels the location of the Faerie Market.

              (It was also when I noticed that Seattle and Portland had more pretty girls per acre than California or even Hawaii, which might have subtly influenced my decision to move to the PNW after college.)

              1. I am absolutely certain I’ve seen at *least* one documentary about the multiple sub-sub levels under the Market. They were originally storage, “infrastructure”, some kind of light rail that was never finished, and some “nobody knows why they dug here.”

      1. Just finished reading, “Operation Trojan Horse” by Keel.
        Ultraterrestrials, ancient aliens, UFO’s and religious texts are all intertwined.

    1. I lean towards the idea that if we have had contact with aliens, that the aliens in question were probes — like what we sent to Mars except more sophisticated.

  14. “This business will get out of control and we will be lucky to live through it…” -Admiral Josh Painter.
    Welcome to the Fourth Turning folks. It’s likely to be a bumpy ride.

  15. “It comes from a very ancient democracy, you see…”
    “You mean, it comes from a world of lizards?”
    “No,” said Ford, who by this time was a little more rational and coherent than he had been, having finally had the coffee forced down him, “nothing so simple. Nothing anything like so straightforward. On its world, the people are people. The leaders are lizards. The people hate the lizards and the lizards rule the people.”
    “Odd,” said Arthur, “I thought you said it was a democracy.”
    “I did,” said Ford. “It is.”
    “So,” said Arthur, hoping he wasn’t sounding ridiculously obtuse, “why don’t people get rid of the lizards?”
    “It honestly doesn’t occur to them,” said Ford. “They’ve all got the vote, so they all pretty much assume that the government they’ve voted in more or less approximates to the government they want.”
    “You mean they actually vote for the lizards?”
    “Oh yes,” said Ford with a shrug, “of course.”
    “But,” said Arthur, going for the big one again, “why?”
    “Because if they didn’t vote for a lizard,” said Ford, “the wrong lizard might get in. Got any gin?”
    “I said,” said Ford, with an increasing air of urgency creeping into his voice, “have you got any gin?”
    “I’ll look. Tell me about the lizards.”
    Ford shrugged again.
    “Some people say that the lizards are the best thing that ever happened to them,” he said. “They’re completely wrong of course, completely and utterly wrong, but someone’s got to say it.”
    “But that’s terrible,” said Arthur.
    “Listen, bud,” said Ford, “if I had one Altairian dollar for every time I heard one bit of the Universe look at another bit of the Universe and say ‘That’s terrible’ I wouldn’t be sitting here like a lemon looking for a gin.”

    So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

    [emphasis added]

    1. Hey, I finally saw one of the guys from Wright-Patt who had a US Space Force description thingie on his uniform.

      I hope I didn’t embarrass him too much. It was pretty cool.

  16. Ballroom of the Skies by John D MacDonald is premised on the idea that those interfering with human affairs are cultivating and harvesting a particular type of human they find useful.

    1. They are using Earth as a training ground for leaders, because every other world is a utopia where there is no suffering or violence, and the leadership wants people in place to run a wartime society if this wonderful paradise is ever threatened by outsiders.

      1. And so anything on Earth that might lead to peace is squelched in favor of stupidity and conflict, so Earth-folk don’t get soft. The explanation fits the news 🙂

  17. Of course, I don’t think it’s the lizard people.

    Well, duh, it’s obviously the Ethereals… okay, maybe I’ve been playing too much X-COM 2.

  18. Are your Darkship books available as ebooks? I would love to read them but I rarely buy any paper books anymore, being more focused on getting rid of most of the ones I have.

  19. Also, is there a way to donate without using Paypal? They have come out of the closet as fascists.

    1. sure. any of my ebooks out of Goldport Press have GP’s address on them. Checks are accepted.
      And yes, Paypal is a pain, but all the other services are worse and more woke. Or really dangerous. Investigation continues to be done.

          1. I don’t know about security, but I’ve heard that they’re resistant to cancel culture.

  20. It does feel like we’ve gone down multiple rabbit holes these past few years, huh? Especially the way last year went… It’s pretty unnerving to see and Hell if I know where all of this is headed. People tend to be a mystery to me at the best of times, and how the general public moves is perhaps the biggest one of all. There does seem to be a sense that something’s going to blow sooner or later, though. Here’s hoping we all survive it and that all the samizdat and other forms of building over, under, and around pay off. I don’t think anyone can afford the other outcome of that scenario.

  21. This is strange. I was looking something up on Wikipedia when I noticed a glaring omission. On the main page, their ‘August 6 in history’ section DOES NOT list the first wartime use of an atomic bomb in 1945.

    No matter what their opinion, that was one of the most significant events in all of world history. How can they ignore it?

    1. Check August 5 or August 7 (I can never figure out which way it works). They may be going by the local date in Hiroshima.

      1. You have to go to the full list of the day’s history; it is on August 6th list, just on the featured ones on their home page. Because they would rather pretend it did not happen at best, or demonize the USA for dropping it at worst, with the usual leftist tropes that are completely ignorant of actual history.

        1. THIS is the Wiki summary: “1945 – World War II: Hiroshima, Japan is devastated when the atomic bomb “Little Boy” is dropped by the United States B-29 Enola Gay. Around 70,000 people are killed instantly, and some tens of thousands die in subsequent years from burns and radiation poisoning.”

          1. [shrug] They could have easily avoided it had they not made the choice to attack America.

            We killed them at better than 5:1 *before* uncorking the light of ten thousand suns over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

            Isoroku Yamamoto tried to tell his government that bitch-slapping the Americans was a bad idea. They should have listened.

            1. More to the point, in mid-1945, killing 70,000 Japanese civilians in a single night’s bombing raid was known as “Tuesday”. Without the A-bomb, Curtis LeMay would have just gone on burning down one Japanese city after another. IIRC Hiroshima and Nagasaki were among the few mid-sized cities not already heavily damaged, and the USAAF was planning to start hitting the smaller towns for lack of remaining large targets.

              1. Anyone who talks about Hiroshima without talking about Saipan, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa isn’t to be taken seriously. Leaving aside your, accurate, description of what the bombing of Japan already was doing, the American’s had seen Japanese civilians diving off cliffs rather than be taken and Iwo and Okinawa showed that the Japanese army wasn’t rolling over either. They were training women to attack the allies with pikes! There’s a counter factual that this was all bluff, but all the evidence available at the time, which is the only evidence that should be considered when evaluating a decision, showed that the Japanese would fight to the death: man, woman, and child.

                They keep going on about how many allied troops would be killed, as if protecting your own troops isn’t the primary responsibility of a commander, but they don’t estimate how many Japanese would have been killed had the invasion gone in.

                There wasn’t a good answer, there often isn’t a good answer but silly people assume there must be one, the bomb was probably the least and one given the facts and circumstances.

                1. They were training women to attack the allies with pikes!


                  10-14 year old girls.

                  The pre-to-grade school boys were being taught to hold a bomb to their chest and roll under tanks, although I don’t know if the US forces had to deal with that.

                  I do remember reading of, and seeing videos from many years later, the Marines who managed to some freaking how stop the girl that was trying to kill them with a spear and how badly that messed them up.

                  Unstated was how many couldn’t stop them without killing them.

                  1. I never met my grandmother’s two older half-brothers, but both served in the Pacific during WW2. I do remember the story she always told of how the Japanese had convinced so many of the people on the islands that the Americans were brutal monsters, and got them to strap BOMBS TO THEIR TODDLERS and send them toward American soldiers. Because, in truth, most American soldiers saw a little kid and tried to help. My great-uncle was a few feet away from one of them when the bomb went off. It messed him up for the rest of his life–and he always kept the little shoe that he found by his head when he regained his senses after the explosion.

                    Of all the things we might have done to stop the war with Japan, the atom bombs were probably the kindest. Especially since the Americans came in almost immediately after that to help rebuild Japan, and for the Japanese people, NOT the Americans. How many victorious nations in history have ever done that?

                    1. > strap BOMBS TO THEIR TODDLERS and send them toward American soldiers.

                      My Dad got caught in the backblast of one of those in Vietnam, 1969-ish. There had already been warnings not to let small children approach. Dad was part of an off-duty shopping trip in a supposedly friendly town. He stepped away to look at something in a stall and turned back in time to see an excited little girl run up to the others, carrying a bag.


                  2. The Japanese were not all fanatics, but there were some fanatics in charge. Invading Japan would have been a nightmare, for both sides.

                    I think the Bombs were something so shocking, so huge and horrifying, they took the shame out of defeat. “Holy shit! Nobody can fight an enemy with such terrible weapons!”

                    1. You don’t need to be a fanatic when the guy in power will horrifically slaughter your family if you don’t do the horrible and stupid thing he tells you to do.

                      The lack of shame is exactly it, yes.

                    2. Story goes that the Japanese regime had been for generations brutalizing the population into compliance, and more recently had been working on morale to keep them willing to fight to the end against any /human/ opponent. It continues that when the bombs fell, to the Japanese it seemed beyond human, a force of nature.

                      I’m not sure how true that was. It is possible that if Hirohito hadn’t made the executive decision that it was time to surrender, that the population would have gone along with an effort to hold out longer.

              2. If the atom bomb had not worked (either mechanically or as a means of persuasion), MacArthur would have continued with his previous calendar, of which the next step was an invasion of Kyushu in late September, followed two or three months later by Honshu. He estimated 200,000 US troops would die in the invasions. Truman felt it was worth dropping the bomb to prevent that, and I agree.

                He may also have been influenced by the prospect of stopping the war before the Soviets had the chance to conquer territory in Japanese held China.

                1. Yeah, one of those hitting the beach in Honshu would probably have been my dad, who turned 18 at the end of August and as it happened wasn’t drafted until February 1946. Instead of getting shot at he got to spend a nice 8 months in Manila as a photographer.

  22. This is a war against Powers and Principalities who are dressed up in Edgar suits.

    It seems clear to me, Pelosi, Harris, Biden, Nadler, Schiff, Obama and the crew have a combined IQ in the negative numbers so some cabal of our enemies is behind it all, surely not these clowns. The cabal wants us all dead and enslaved. In that order. The take over of all earthly governments is all but complete, the Church included. Or so they think.

    And so, the cabal has decided that the time to break cover is now after having spent the last hundred or more years lulling everyone into the belief that they don’t exist and that everyone goes to Heaven. Heck, we can create Heaven on earth if we just vote the right lizards in!

    Now that the ambush is being tripped, and they are out in the open, the game begins in earnest. We are fighting enemies who are hopelessly out of our league but for one thing.
    We have Angel Armies on our side and have but to ask for help and help will be given. We must do our part to stand against the tide of evil but we do not stand alone.

    The black dogs would have us look out and despair but do not take counsel of your fears. Be just as stubborn as you’ve always heard you were and refuse to be cowed. Even if all you can do is get up and brush your hair, you did NOT submit. That is the important thing. Ask for help and do NOT submit. You are NOT alone in this. Do the tasks in front of you as you are able, pray for help and do not SUBMIT to evil!

  23. I need a number theory expert (or at least a person with knowledge in this area). The problem is to figure out how to rehash records according to a hash code *without* having to double the capacity of the table whenever I rehash. Doubling the capacity of the table every time is no problem, but I don’t want to do that because the table gets very large. Multiplying by 3/2 or the like doesn’t work because it scrambles the records up rather than partitioning them into two neat halves.

    I can pay a bounty of $100 for an approach to solving this.

  24. I mean, unless I miss my guess our own government is desperately trying to sell us on UFOs.

    The really weird part is that they seem to have been building up to this for the Dems since Hillary!, at least.

    Remember how her most human moment was when she almost sort of half-way quiet-geeked about UFOs being … um… unidentified aerial phenomena, right?

  25. Almost forgot:

    Garibaldi: “CenTOOri”

    Molari: “CenTAAAAHri”

    Both: “Let’s call the whole thing off…”

    1. Heh. I love Londo. I’m currently reading the Alchemyst series to my daughter, which has various historical figures cast as immortals working for Light or Dark Elder Gods, and of course I have to do voice acting for all the characters. Niccoló Machiavelli sounds like Londo Mollari.

      1. “Isn’t it strange, G’Kar? When we first met I had no power and all the choices I could ever want. And now I have all the power I could ever want and no choices at all. No choice at all.”

        Every choice, no matter how reasonable or selfless, inevitably led to the ruin of both himself and his people.

        Flaming destruction of everything he loved was his destiny, that nothing he could do could change. But he never gave up trying to do the right thing, even when death was surely more attractive than what remained of his life.

  26. And speaking of ESR, his blog is STILL down. @#$%.

    I guess I’m going to have to use Discord if I want to find anything out. Assuming Orvan’s offer still stands.

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