I Am A Dragon In Shining Armour- Courtesy of Foxfier.

As most of you know, I am working on Bowl of Red. Which means when Foxfier posted this:

I am now hearing “Dragooooooon in shiiiiiining armor” to the tune of “bridge over troubled water.”

Tom started singing it in my head. But of course, he was just repeating that line.

So then Foxfier, who is perhaps having a slightly evil day suggested:

…..make a Challenge Post to filk the entire song.

And there it is. Go.

46 thoughts on “I Am A Dragon In Shining Armour- Courtesy of Foxfier.

    1. Like a dragoon in shining armor, I will throw it away as soon as the captain isn’t watching because it’s too heavy and we don’t fight that way. Maybe I can sell it to a cuirassier.

  1. When you’re leery
    Feeling Smaug
    When fears are in your eyes
    He may fry them ooo-off
    I’ve got a hide
    Oh, that’s oh so tough
    When fiends are all around
    Dragon in shining armor!
    I will burn them down!

  2. Oh dear… And I have work tomorrow, which means I will be sleep deprived. Which means I am actually likely to filk this.

  3. This turned out in an unexpected tone; but I have never trusted the PR of ‘good’ dragons. For a memento mori, a worm is as good as a skull—

    When you’re weary,
    worn and old,
    when your last breath is warm,
    I will make it cold.
    I’m on your trail.
    Oh, when time runs out
    and allies can’t be found,

    Like a dragon in shining armour,
    I will strike you down.
    Like a dragon in shining armour,
    I will strike you down.

    When you rule the world
    (and the world is wide),
    all things at your command,
    you don’t command the tide.
    A thousand kings
    all have tried before.
    Put on your golden crown:

    Like a dragon in shining armour,
    I will strike you down.
    Like a dragon in shining armour,
    I will strike you down.

    Put the silver coin
    in your mouth.
    Your time has come and gone.
    Now’s the hour of faring forth.
    One trillion days
    all lie in my hoard.
    I spare no mortal soul:

    Like a dragon in shining armour,
    I will claim my toll.
    Like a dragon in shining armour,
    I will claim my toll!

      1. The challenge was to filk that song and include that line. It wasn’t to write something that would fit a character I know nothing about from your WIP that I also know nothing about, which you couldn’t use anyway because Paul Simon’s lawyers would sue your entire skin off.

        Meh yourself.

            1. Now we go from ‘meh’ to ‘DUH’. You said absolutely nothing to make it clear what you were talking about. NOTHING. You are calling me mentally defective because I happen not to be a mind-reader. I believe you owe me an apology for that.

              1. Tom: I am in the middle of home-remodeling and stumbling around punch drunk.
                I realize you wanted praise for your poetry. From your other writing in the past, I’m sure it’s good. But poetry — to me — requires concentration to appreciate.
                I expected joke-answers. I realized it was serious, and I wasn’t up to answering in a five minute break from sanding concrete. (Don’t ask, really. We’re trying to get the place ready to go up for sale, so that’s what I do in the morning. In the afternoon I edit.)
                So I responded to your comment on dragons. The Meh was “I mildly disagree but am not going to fight.”
                Please take other people’s circumstances into account before flying into high dudgeon.

                1. I would have been quite content with silence. Dismissal with a ‘meh’ was, well, more than I could handle just now. You are not the only one dealing with heavy difficulties at the moment. I stayed up extra late last night to write those stupid verses because I thought it might be fun to participate and share. I did not know that I was required to be au courant with the details of your unpublished work before I could have a go. I will bear that in mind in future, and as I said before, I am not a mind-reader; so I shall not make any comment even tangentially related to a work I cannot possibly have read.

                  The ‘DUH’ was simply out of court. You aggravated matters considerably by doubling down.

            1. Given the context of the original post, your statement about the idea of good dragons, and her response of the guy being a decent fellow, she probably figured it was clear enough.

                1. Sure, blame me because YOU gave me a one-word belittling response with no explanation or context. Clearly it’s my fault that you couldn’t be arsed to express yourself in complete sentences.

                  (As for ‘taking offence on a dime’: I dare you, next time you eat at a restaurant, to tip the waiter 10 cents. You’ll see how much offence a human being can take on a dime. Sometimes the pettiness of the action aggravates, not diminishes, the offensiveness.)

                    1. I had no information about ‘Tom’ until now, and please remember that we are talking about a work in progress. I can’t exactly get it down from the local library and see how the unfinished story is coming along and who all the characters are.

                      I can see that I should not have tried to contribute anything at all, because I am not one of the Cool Kids who know the things that one is supposed to know before saying anything. That doesn’t entitle me to a ‘DUH’ or a ‘Meh’.

                    2. All I commented on was that 1 and 6 are different numbers.

                      But the first book of the series is here (available in KU, if you have that):

                  1. You responded to a post about Tom the dragon singing a cute song.

                    You stated that you distrusted the idea of good dragons.

                    She made the shrug sound and said that Tom was a good guy.

                    You took a running leap to snatch offense from that, rather than looking at the context and thinking “Hm, maybe if she thought my filk was bad, she’d have actually said something about the filk, rather than talking about Tom, the guy singing, being a decent guy.”

                    1. I’m impressed that one can survive with such thin skin. Obama would be jealous.

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  5. I’m so weary,
    and feel small.
    Candles sear my eyes,
    as teardrops fall.
    So long I’ve cried
    though I try to be tough,
    there’s just so much around.

    Like a dragon in shining armor
    throw the gauntlet down!
    Like a dragon in shining armor,
    I’ll throw the gauntlet down.

    1. Dear please refer to them properly. Georges in their metal shells. And watch out for them if they’ve got their horn out, that can really hurt…

  6. When you’re peckish
    Want to dine
    When grilling can’t be done
    I will conflagrate
    I’ll roast your meal
    Oh when the hunger comes
    And Char-broil can’t be found

    Like a dragon in shining armor
    I will coruscate
    Like a dragon in shining armor
    I will coruscate

    ** Never poetry on an empty stomach 😉

  7. First, Fox links that WoW ROTFLMAO video, which was stuck in my head for weeks despite my only watching it once.

    Then she links that stupid Doki Doki Whatever transformation sequence a few days ago.

    Now this.

    God damn it, woman, what did I ever do to you? 😛

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