An Important Request

We interrupt the current insanity for a very important request.

If any of the authors who comment here, or their friends have books missing, and you can get a direct link, please drop that link in the comments and I will do a very special grande gigante con mui octopus promo post tomorrow.

Thank you!

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  1. Do I count? I am an author who comments here, but I don’t know if I rate a promo. But here’s the link:

          1. Agree completely. I’d love to migrate off WordPress to Hosting Matters – even talked with them about 6 month ago – but am too lazy and busy writing (2.5k words today for a book I’m not supposed to be working on) to make the migration.

  2. Thank you. ❤
    I was hoping to get on the Dragon Awards ballot for YA with my superhero novel, Penance, which is currently 99 cents on Kindle for some unknown time, but it’s been one thing after another and now it can’t be found on search or my author page.

    1. Weirdly, out of my 2 comics I have on Amazon, only the second issue remains. 🤷‍♀️

      1. It showed up a few minutes ago on the browser. Searching for “wolf of the world” got it, 5th item down. (now the 6th) Previous items were a wolf plushy, a necklace. Oh yeah, one other book The Sten Omnibus with The Wolf Worlds. It did show up when using the Kindle to search this morning.

      1. SOLD a copy. (Stupid fingers.) Meanwhile, here’s a datum: This is neither in my author page nor findable by direct search, but this is only missing from my author page:

        1. That is “Sword” can be found neither way, but “Mirror” can be found by direct search. Thus far.

      1. Hopefully you enjoyed it 🙂 people seem to be. To the point that the glitch in the, uh, matrix was almost immediately noticeable this morning. As it’s not a particularly conservative story or penname, I figured there was an error in the system.

  3. Mine show a short list if you try to see all by author but still show up with a title search. This one is missing:

  4. Em has been noticing that the Kindle Store from her Fire tablets has been weird for the last week. As in can’t to things from Suggestions for new books she might like. Can get to them via browser from desktop, can get to them from the back of individual books, but not from Library or Home.

    1. I thought you had forgotten that series! 😉

      I am looking forward to Book Three. 😀

  5. I appear to be good. Not sure whether to be happy that I didn’t get caught up in the mess or disappointed that I’m not even worth censoring.

  6. My stuff appears to be perfectly findable at the moment, searched by my pen name or title. Although I don’t think many people find it anyway….

  7. I have two currently missing. One is my latest release, “The Secret of Pad 34,” an alternate history/ cosmic horror short story

  8. That’s totally bizarre. Name search is gone, “all by author” includes the Amazing Schools anthology, but not this, yet the page is still there and has at least one review from this year. Wonky database shenanigans indeed! It’s here.

  9. My brain decided to go spare on me today, but I hope to have the sequel (The Winter Solist) done by October or so. Fingers and toes and other body parts crossed.

    And, here’s the first novel.

  10. Sales took a dip yesterday. Makes sense if people couldn’t find them.

  11. I’m not very good at this, though I am an EE. Never bothered to learn html code…. However, I usually go through

    Don’t know if it will work, but thank you for the offer!

    On a totally different note, I have been on pins and needles waiting for the next installment of “The Witches Daughter,” pretty please.

    As far as all the madness around us, my attitude has become, “Well Lord, it is in your hands! I’ll do what I can on the local level and continue praying. (After all, it is a spiritual battle….)”

  12. I have posted your latest Schrodinger to the Diner at both Baen and FB for what it’s worth.
    You know if you were only a good little Portagee and all woke and politically correct you probably wouldn’t have all these problems. And you wouldn’t be a misogynistic racist white suppremasist neo-nazi Mormon with a great rack. Well none except the rack maybe.
    Thus endeth my feeble attempt on humor this fine Sunday morning.

  13. *thinks of the work involved in checking all 45+ books she has out*

    I’m just gonna assume that if they’re not there they will come back 😓

        1. You probably look more slowly and carefully but you don’t get an adrenalin rush.

  14. Not a missing book, but I picked up Cedar’s “Raking up the Dead” last night on my KU account and couldn’t read past page 6 or 7. Tried thrice and each time when I tried to turn to the next page, it took me back to my home page. So I read something else for a while and figured I’d try again later.

      1. In the unsolicited advise arena: I’ve always found collections (even of random stories) to sell better than stand-alones.

  15. Apparently writing a book with the knowledge of the military that is critical of how Marxism and Critical Race Theory is undermining the US military is enough to get one canned by the military:

    Links to the book are included in the PJ Media article.

    Needless to say the left is outraged that incorporation of Marxism and CRT into the military is being questioned.

    1. A few things like this happened recently. I guess TPTB are just trying to boost our confidence in various government agencies!

      1. Spreading their brand of insanity requires that they eliminate everybody sane.
        “Oh, no. You can’t-a fool me. There ain’t-a no Sanity Clause!”

  16. I do have to giggle at the line drawing of the person at laptop: I don’t think the kind of person who’d put a face book and twitter symbol on their laptop cover would likely hang out in this crowd. Then again, I’m trying to figure out what kind of personality would do that.

    I mean, granted, I have stickers on my laptop – Killer Bees Honey, Odd Duck Coffee, one from LaRue, stuff like that – but those are companies that I happen to have warm fuzzies for the people and the product. Who has warm fuzzies for twitter? (No, napalm and WP don’t count as warm fuzzies.)

    1. Maybe napalm and Willie Pete are just warm fuzzies amped up to 11? 😛

    2. I noticed that too.
      From my personal ‘you should know better’ file – Got an e-mail post from NextDoor website the other day showing their newest rules. They specifically said that the words, “white lives matter” and “blue lives matter” should not be used, and that they supported BLM, so don’t say anything bad about them. I replied that those rules were blatantly political and racist and they jumped all over me for bringing politics and race into the issue!
      The funnier thing was that those latest rules were posted by a ND local “lead” who responded to my post by saying, yes ND is being run by leftists bending the knee to BLM and they are now making that plain. He (the lead) is actively to trying to quickly switch local people over to MeWe instead.
      I said my ‘you should know better file’ because I already knew that most of the posters on the ND site are pretty vacuous and don’t really object to any rules. But it is good to use as a local classified source.

      1. Also an excellent place to gather intel on which of your neighbors is actively untrustworthy.

      2. I am lead for our neighborhood and I actively and strictly enforce the “no politics, period” rule. So far it has worked out pretty well and our neighborhood is mostly lost pets, services wanted, traffic delays, news stories, and the occasional gripe about construction. No national politics at all and if BLM comes up I will probably lock it with a warning. no reason to post White or Blue lives matter because everyone doing it knows full well that the sole purpose is to rile the progressives.

        1. Where I am things left of center are undisturbed, but right of center are harassed or shut down.
          Man posts to ask what, if anything, families plan to do if civil unrest comes to the area. He is criticized and post is shut down.
          Woman posts concern for school children as she is seeing more harm done by their mask wearing than there is threat to them from covid. Criticized and shut down.
          Pro BLM messages are supported and left to stand. No BLM criticism is allowed.
          If “sole purpose” of saying white lives matter is to rile progressives, could it be said that the sole purpose of saying black lives matter is to rile conservatives? Sure, BLM is an actual organization (extremely questionable goals and tactics) and there is no WLM, or Asian LM, or Hispanic LM. What if there were? Would they be shut down as being offensive to BLM?
          Here ND seems poisonous politically and socially, but yes, I use it as a classified for goods and services.

          1. If “sole purpose” of saying white lives matter is to rile progressives, could it be said that the sole purpose of saying black lives matter is to rile conservatives?

            Nah, it’s to normalize explicit racism.

            The stuff you mention is pretty obvious failure of leadership.

            1. They don’t want you to be political or “racist”, but they can be. Like FB, Twitter, et al.

    3. *looks at back of laptop*

      Mine has Batman, a flag, an “I voted” sticker, and a bunch of kid and/or free random stickers. (Because it’s a Big Deal to put stuff on mom’s PC.)

      The Baron has a Deathwish Coffee logo (hand-me-down laptop from husband), Duchess’ is tastefully decorated with butterflies, flowers, and Disney Princess, and the PRincess’s is completely covered with Disney Princess.

      1. It is impossible to overthink things.

        *long monologue founded on the idea that the third symbol is a pokeball.*

      2. And here everyone probably thought you would be proud of us for thinking while you are away!
        Hope you are not discouraged by your plan not being the easiest to work out.

  17. Yeah, sudden drop of about $100 a day from the last couple of weeks. Think what that is costing Amazon in lost sales times thousands of authors.

      1. It hit Baen so very likely it hit other Trad Publishers so yeah Amazon would be extremely concerned about this.

        Oh, the May Baen New Releases are back up.

  18. >> “I will do a very special grande gigante con mui octopus promo post tomorrow”

    You tell me you’re not obsessed with octopi and then you start babbling about them randomly like that?

    [folds arms and stares in psychiatrist]

  19. All two of my books are still up. Non-fiction — Still the two best books on Secure Coding in Java, even though they’re now coming up on their 10th and 8th birthdays.

    It’s only pizza money, though, so the impact to my co-authors and to me would be minor.

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