The Return of Radio Free Colorado

Because here, high up in the Rockies, we’re down but alas not (yet) out.

I’m very busy today, and also have a blinding headache.

And by that I mean BLINDING headache. Which tends to make me rather testy as well.

So– This is your unscheduled return of radio free Colorado.

This one goes out to Dr. Two Masks Fauci:

This one goes out to the left who thinks that breaking the fire alarm is the same as stopping the possibility of fire (Note, “so you can wipe out that grin. I know where you’ve been. It’s all been a pack of lies”):

And in this day when Governor Paste-Eating Polis proclaimed a meat-free day to get used to a vegan lifestyle or some shit, and when we will therefore be having steaks, this song goes out to the paste eater himself with the admonition “You give up your favorite meat, and we’ll think about it.” Or if you need it more graphic “I know your favorite source of protein, bud. Stop messing with mine.”

(Those of a sensitive disposition, or more prudish bend, might want to pass on this musical selection particularly in conjunction with governor no-brain.)

160 thoughts on “The Return of Radio Free Colorado

  1. Blessed am I. And I’m laughing. Hard.

    “Your favorite protein source.” Beautiful. The English language is so beautiful.

    1. It is, it allows you to say things like “He enjoys getting his protein straight from the tap”.

      1. Help. I’m thinking of a bar scene, with the “long pull” so you don’t foam out the glass. And laughing hard.

        “Straight from the tap.” Brilliant.

  2. Since yesterday was a Meat Friday in Lent, we had steak– so I’m making sure to eat some of the leftover steak.


        1. *big freaking grin*

          I am so freaking PLEASED that he did, because the sheer RICHNESS of the faith is raised by folks being willing to say “NO! Objection!” and then get feedback.

          I know I can do the feedback– but there being someone willing to say NO!, rather than just buzz off?

          That is priceless. That is dedication to truth.

      1. Also, for geekdom’s sake, you do realize that Irish strong areas FREQUENTLY dispense the obligation of abstinence for the feast (NOT solemnity) of Saint Patrick, during Lent?

        Because the universal Church is an awesome, and human oriented, organization!


        That said, the canon lawyer who explained this on… I think last Thursday, EWTN, Call To Communion… mentioned that he has heard a lot of mistaken but non-malicious folks who cautiously asserted that the solemnity did not over-rule the Lentin abstinence rule, and he further explained it was a not totally insane statement to make.

        It was simply false in keeping with canon law, and likely drew from a desire to fail in the safe direction when making choices.

      2. For less geeky demands involved, you can look at EWTN’s calendar…..

        Look, I am so hyped up it’s hard to describe.

        I get to share, with someone who takes the obligation to Abstain *seriously*, that there is a reason to Feast rather than Fast, during the days of the year when we fixate on *GOD DIED*.

        This is so awesome, it is hard to describe. Like, if you told a diabetic friend, truthfully, that they could eat anything they wanted.

        The idea that nothing can override Lent is legitimate, just not accurate.

        Solemnities over-ride the requirement to abstain, unless they are local solemnities shifted to the nearest Sunday.

        So, for a Saint Pat’s solemnity, there’s the obligation for a mass ON THAT DAY, but (on this I am ignorant) there may be an additional dispensation from abstention similar to the US one for the Friday after Thanksgiving.

        Have I mentioned how awesomely human-focused this is? Do not hit a bruised reed, so to speak.

      3. Look, I know I’m over-responding to you.

        I do apologize for that, sincerely.

        I grew up with basically nobody willing to respond to boo too a goose, other than very random but detailed responses from my mother.

        Eventually, I ran into the internet version of the catechism, and then the ACTUAL catechism (I was confirmed as a child early 90s, it existed just nobody told us) and then hit Jimmy Akin and thus EWTN and then the Vatican website and Catholic Answers……

        I am a geek, in this and all other aspects of my life. I love, deeply, the chance to share nuggets or even just FLAKES of the golden treasure of knowledge with others.

        So all this stuff is a joy to me.
        I do not mean any disagreement as an attack, or an insult– and our faith itself says that if you are acting to the best of your knowledge, you are alright.
        We act out of love of our fellow man.

        We usually do fish year round. Dear Husband is Italian, we make a mildly big deal of the “Gaelic and Garlic” week with our kids, and steak on Friday was a big deal with our kids.

        They don’t give a fig about Fridays, we home school and they think grilled cheese us awesome. BUT it was a celebration, so they were happy.

        My goal is to help pull folks up into joy in the faith, ACCURATELY, and thus I both thank you– for saying a thing you believed accurate, which was a hard saying– and offer you additional information which will change your statement, because I have EVIDENCE to show otherwise.

        1. My bishop, who is one of Frankie’s spawn, gave us a dispensation because it was Saint Joseph’s day and his name is Joseph. Nice to be a bishop.

          We always got a dispensation for Saint Patrick’s day because the patron Saint of the Archdiocese of NY is Saint Patrick, Got a day off school too, which was nice. We don’t typically get the dispensation for Patrick’s day in the archdiocese of Newark despite his being the patron Saint here as well. The diocese has Elizabeth Seton for a patron too since the first bishop was her nephew and all.

          We tend to keep the Friday abstinence in any case. neither my wife nor I grew up eating meat on Friday. My mother-in-law never got on with the whole Vatican II thing and my father just shook his head and said “what do you expect from a bunch of clerics in Rome?”

            1. Tobin is a very lightweight man.

              If I’d known in time about Polis instituting abstinence I might have taken advantage of the dispensation and had steak. Funny how their religion is taking over all the penitential practices but none of the forgiveness. I saw a comment recently that it was a religion without grace.

        2. I am a geek, in this and all other aspects of my life. I love, deeply, the chance to share nuggets or even just FLAKES of the golden treasure of knowledge with others.

          This is the subtle curse of geekhood; that there is *so* *much* to talk about and so few interested in talking about it.

          “human oriented”, “joy”

          *sigh* eew.

          When there are so many available sects that can teach a LIFE IS PAIN outlook…..

  3. Off Topic.

    Alma has a new Familiar’s Book out.

    I’ve sent an email (with Link) to the Book Promo email

  4. BOOOOOOOO headache.

    Wait a minute.

    Our Hostess is known to have a character named “Athena”, who is quite good at wrecking face. Our Hostess has also often remarked on having characters taking up her head.

    Please don’t try the Zeus Headache Cure unless you are *sure*?

    1. “These are the cries of the carrots. The cries of the carrots! You see, Reverend Maynard, tomorrow is harvest day. And to them, it is the Holocaust.”

  5. Thanks, I’d forgotten all about Polis’s stupid meat-free day.

    We don’t have any steaks, but if I get some bacon in the pan now, I could be eating it by 3:30…

      1. Made tomahawk chops for brunch this morning. Reverse sear, finished on a 700 F grill.

        Rib-eye roast tomorrow. Or maybe carnivore meatloaf with bacon topping…

    1. I too forgot. Bacon and eggs Sunday. Bacon is out of the freezer defrosting already. I’m thinking Steak tonight …

      1. I’d forgotten, and I don’t live in Colorado, but I made roast beef hash for dinner anyway, so I guess I protested without even trying. 🙂

        1. Oregon, well Eugene anyway, must be protesting too. Called for call ahead seating for local steak places. 90 to 120 minutes wait period for call ahead seating! We went for Mexican instead. Chicken (mine) is also meat.

          Oh, other Oregon news. Neighbor (kids in all 3 levels, plus she is also a reading teacher for k – 5) said Gov Brown has dictated that all elementary schools (k – 5, I guess, not sure that affects k – 8 schools, but whatever) must be back in classrooms full time by March 29, or district loses state funding. Since state funding is a huge percentage of funding, schools have to comply.

          1. The pushback seems to be working! She’s Lefter Than Lenin, but she’s not as stupid as some.

          2. Come on Oregon school districts, call the governor’s bluff!

            She totally won’t really de-fund you!

        2. And I had bacon this morning in Washington state. It’s amazing how easy it is to join the protest! Also, most delicious protest ever.

      1. I need meat so everyone around me stays healthy. Between my size and doing serious strength training, I eat around 270 grams of protein a day. Anything under 200 and I get grouchy, that plant crap doesn’t cut it.

          1. Typically it’s at least 1 gram per pound of body weight, regardless of why you are dieting. I’ve got a formula that allows you to put in height, weight, and age then it will calculate your caloric needs for your base metabolism. From there, if you are doing any training, you can adjust for intensity and goals.

            Sorry, this is one of those things I really enjoy so I’ve spent a lot of time doing research, reading, and using my body as a lab rat.

            1. Dude, I LOVE this stuff, finding out more about it, how much, types of proteins. All of it. Dump away!

              Nutrition is the #1 health issue IMHO. Almost nobody gets it or pays attention to it.

              1. As I age, I have been struck by the statement “You can’t out train your diet enough to overcome what you eat.”

              2. ((Weight in lbs/2.2)*10)+((height in inches*2.54)*6.25)-(Age*5)+5. So if I was a 6′ tall man, 40 years old, weighing 200 lbs, my base metabolism would be 1857 calories. The recommended ratio is 30% protein, 45% carbs, and 25% fat. So 139g protein, 209g carbs, and 52g fat to maintain body weight with no exercise. The ratio changes if you are cutting weight so you get more protein.

                The book I’d currently recommend if you want more detail on all of this, with lots and lots of research to back it all up would be “Fitter, Leaner, Stronger” by Michael Matthews. I’ve been following his program for 5+ years and as long as I do what I’m supposed to, I’ve gotten really good results. Including hitting multiple personal records on almost every lift at age 51 🙂

                The male version “Bigger, Leaner, Stronger” has basically the same info. I read throw both versions because I was curious and have had some female friends that were curious about how I was training.

              3. Nutrition is the #1 health issue IMHO. Almost nobody gets it or pays attention to it.

                Are you kidding? Look at all of the wonderful informative nutrition charts given us by the FDA!

                Quality graphics there, top quality graphics. And it is based on SCIENCE!

          1. People, pets, inanimate objects, my own arms and legs. Cutting weight for periods over a couple months and everything starts looking like food.

              1. I can see where that could potentially strain the healthiest of relationships! When I’m cutting weight I’m glad I normally live alone.

  6. Good selection of tunes.

    Also, HR1 is even worse than already known. The Dems added a provision to it that prohibits prosecution of illegal aliens who vote; that’s right, it effectively endorses and allows illegal aliens to vote as they cannot be punished for doing so, automatically registers those same illegal aliens to vote, and forbids states from removing ineligible voters from the rolls or requiring ID

    1. There’s no chance that will pass the senate is there? Have the Republicans been even squishier than usual? It’s like a train wreck. I just haven’t been able to follow a lot of this because it’s too depressing.

        1. The Republicans can all vote no and it can still pass, because the Dems can nuke the filibuster with 0 Republican votes and can then pass HR1 and everything else with no republican votes. The simple fact is that if no Dems vote no, everything Dems want pass by virtue of Harris’ tiebreaker vote.

      1. It can and will pass the Senate, 51-50 if the Demos nuke the filibuster, which it appears they are ready to do in order to ram through their “fundamental transformation of America”. Dems believe that they can dispose of the filibuster because the laws they enact will keep them in power in perpetuity.

    2. No, that’s not accurate. It does not endorse or allow illegal aliens to register to vote. And it does not prohibit states from removing ineligible voters from voting rolls. yes to the ID issue. There are loopholes and squishy wording that could easily allow fraud. But, honestly? No more than now. No, it doesn’t tighten things up which is obviously what we need. But the assertion that it encourages and allows illegal aliens to register or prohibit states from removing non-citizens from voter rolls is not correct.

      Here’s the bill:

      1. You are correct that de jure the bill doesn’t do those things. And if we actually had a functional legal system where the words of the law mean something and are enforced equally, that would matter a tinker’s damn.

        Are you saying we have such a legal system?

        1. I was simply pointing out that the *bill* does not say or do what you claimed in your previous comment. I know that Dem operatives will corrupt the voting process to the best of their ability. But we don’t need to fog up the accurate picture of corruption with inaccurate claims.

          1. Actually, you have me mixed up with cardshark. I didn’t claim it said anything one way or another; I claim that what it says doesn’t effectively matter.

            1. Apologies. I agree in terms of actually doing things. But, I stand by the comment that it doesn’t help matters to ascribe actions to it that do not exist in the language of the bill.

    3. Add that to the gun control law they’re presently pingponging and … time to repurpose all that old barbed wire, to keep them IN D.C.

    4. Well, killing illegals to prevent them from voting illegally can’t get more illegal than it already was.

  7. Hm. Had some Chik-Fil-A earlier, maybe I’ll go get a hamburger or similar later for dinner.

  8. Not the things I’ve been thinking about posting much of the week, but almost halfway appropriate.

  9. Meanwhile, here, lifting the cap of absolute numbers seems to have encourage people to go to restaurants that would never have hit that cap without distancing.

    1. Evidence? I think “distancing” was pulled out of someone’s behind.

      Other than protecting the elderly by “distancing” and limiting their exposure until they can achieve immunity, every thing that was forced down our throats was bs.

      1. They’ve tracked down the source — somebody in the 18th century thought keeping distance would reduce the spread of tuberculosis. No studies have ever been done to confirm or deny.

        Just as there is no evidence that a mask, or two masks, or five masks will stop a virus any more effectively than a barbed-wire fence will stop fog.

        None of which matters to the Lying Lawn Gnome. It’s all just Political Plague Theater and self-importance.

          1. Masks are harmful to your health. That’s ignored, and that’s what makes me crazy–people who don the muzzle because of some wish to be at peace with their neighbors.

        1. Considering the Germ Theory of disease wasn’t established before the latter half of the 19th century we must certainly rely upon such prescience as that 18th century speculator’s.

      2. Well, not quite.
        There was a study of influenza transmission aboard aircraft (using contact tracing from the airline manifests) where a large majority of the flu transmission was to other passengers within 2 rows of the contagious flu sufferers. That’s ~6 ft.
        Not that sitting an airplane for hours is directly comparable to people outdoors – but they had at least a little evidence for the 6ft rule.

        1. Nope. Not even. It would take a bit to track down the logical bs, but this is just that.

          I appreciate the effort to tip the scale with information, but nope.

  10. I remember “Yummy yummy yummy” … I think I was five or six when I heard that one. lol I forgot the sexual overtones. *snerk Anyway thanks for that one because it brought back fun memories

  11. Meanwhile the national flag is at half staff in honor of brothel workers and their pimps.

      1. Consistency is a tool of the cisgendered heteronormative homophobic transphopbic racist mysoginistic patriarchy, Komrade. Please report to People’s Reeducation Center for Deprograming.

    1. Unlike the brutal beatings and murders of urban Korean and Chinese immigrants, which can go on for decades and are only noticed if the murderer is Sum White Dude…

      A modern backlash against prostitutes is real.

      Mass pornographic poison bathing vulnerable pubescent boys; a culture of rigid authoritarianism (Climate Change, trans activism, Anti-racism, et al.) and glorification of acting out; the marginalization (at best) and villification of positive channels for male energy; all combined with a growing understanding that the porno-peddlers are part of Team Slaver (the “no nut November crowd)…

      This is only the first, though if the who/whom isn’t Simon pure, don’t expect to hear about it.

      1. Because prostitutes are up to no good, and/or have nobody who really cares about them (except their pimps, which doesn’t count), and because they are hanging out with people who are up to no good, and drugs and alcohol and money are involved….

        This is called a risky lifestyle. The people engaging in it have a much higher probability of becoming crime victims (because it’s harder for them to complain and testify), and thus a higher chance of being murdered.

        Beyond that, it is traditional for serial killers and spree killers, as well as individual crimes of passion, to be targeted on prostitutes because of the murderers’ personal issues with sex, prostitution, women (or men/boys, if the killers are male homosexuals), et al.

        P*rn and modern society being terrible do not help these problems; but the basic victimology pattern exists in pretty much every human society that has prostitution (or even enthusiastic volunteers who sleep with everybody in incautious ways).

        Serial killers are evil and nobody is to blame for their murders but them. But risky lifestyles are bad for people’s health, so try to avoid having one.

        1. Because prostitutes are up to no good, and/or have nobody who really cares about them (except their pimps, which doesn’t count), and because they are hanging out with people who are up to no good, and drugs and alcohol and money are involved….

          And they literally walk up to strangers and/or go someplace that is not public, making them perfect prey.

        2. Serial killers without those particular issues are also prone to target them because they are easy to get somewhere, alone, with no help in shouting distance.

        3. Prostitutes, who are in the lying business — both to customers and themselves — can reasonably be expected to endure a degree of self-loathing congruent to their degradation. The need to alleviate this is consistent with the excessive drug and alcohol abuse.

    2. I saw someone (on Earthbound Misfit?) post what are supposed to be the ages of the women killed – most in their 60s. That didn’t make sense, unless 1) the managers are who got shot, 2) because of how massage “services” work, the women can be older than what most people imagine, and/or 3) he got the gals who do the manicures and stuff (cover for the business) as well as “personal service” providers.

    3. Yeah, I kind of regret not being on top of it enough to say ‘this is only what happens when you eliminate the police, and cheat people of recourse to courts. Vigilante suppression of the sex trade isn’t something that should be expected to only target guilty business, and vigilantism is not only carried out by the sane.’

      I’m worried about my credentials as an edgy sh!tposting troll being taken away.

  12. Facebook’s Instagram service is banning videos of Biden falling while trying to climb the stairs to Air Force One as violating rules against, get this, “incitement of violence”.

    Facebook Delende Est

      1. I am confident that election fraud, except by responsible parties, is already banned in Colorado.



      when we grew up and went to school there were certain teachers who would hurt the children any way they could
      by pouring their derision upon everything they did
      exposing every weakness however carefully hidden by the kids

  13. Since Arizona touches corners with Colorado, In support of the Meat In, I fixed small thin steaks with peas for dinner tonight for son and myself. And savored every bite!

    I don’t even let my NP tell me what I can’t eat, I certainly would not pay attention to some hyped-up wanna-be-dictator government bozo trying to do so. 😉

  14. — This one goes out to the left who thinks that breaking the fire alarm is the same as stopping the possibility of fire —

    A colleague of mine put it similarly: they can’t cure your cancer, but they can retouch your X-rays.

    1. The first comment is wrong. In 40 years kids will KNOW food comes from farms, because they’ll be grubbing in the dirt to grow it. By hand. With a worn-out shovel or hoe to use if they’re lucky.
      Governments can’t create prosperity; at best, they can refrain from destroying it.

    2. Not quite correct. In my experience (4 years working in a Supermarket), most adults today don’t know where their food comes from, to say nothing of kids. They think everything is created or just magically appears in “The Back” of the store.

      1. I thought “The Back” of the store was where the jobbers stage their restocking between their delivery trucks and the store shelves? It isn’t sufficiently spacious for anything else.

        1. Yeah, pretty much. Plus a couple of walk-in fridges and deep freezers for things that need to be kept cold or frozen between truck and shelf.

          1. Many people believe that you can find anything “in the back.” They are wrong. Usually everything in the back goes out in the front as soon as possible.

            I’m not saying it’s not worth asking, if you reallly need something. But the chances of success are not nearly as great as some people seem to think.

        1. Speaking of shoes, I came across this which I cannot attribute but hope is true:

          Sage advice from Charles Barkley, The Round Mound of Rebounds: ”These are my new shoes. They won’t make you rich like me, they won’t make you rebound like me, they definitely won’t make you handsome like me. They’ll only make you have shoes like me.”

  15. It just goes to show: The best music in the world is the music you loved when you were young.
    Since my mother took a turn for the worse this month, I have been mainlining early-’80s synthpop, and have been gratified by the subsequent return of my capacity to make up good daydream scenarios (very important in times of stress). Here’s a favorite that might work for others as well (NB: It’s best never to give a dang what the songwriter was trying to say; let it mean what YOU want it to, and beware the 30-second slow intro):

    1. *Now-Alma listening to 1980s rock* Gads, this was bad. Why did I like any of this?
      *Listens to a bit of current pop rock* Sweet shivering Shiva, I take that back. The ’80s really did have some decent music! [dives back into symphonic metal, organ music, and dark instrumental music]

    2. Based purely on there being some hint of synth to the instrumentals, and the guy delighting me, have you seen this guy?

    3. WereWife — There’s a YouTube channel called “CummingsYourWay,” with a couple of English guys doing landscape/architecture videos about UK towns. And synthpop. Basically, the whole thing looks like music videos and 70’s episodes of Doctor Who, even though everything is shot in real life. Soundtrack from local bands. Veers between serious, kidding, revelatory, and “just kidding, only serious.”

      At one point, the guy seriously proclaims that his favorite 80’s band was the pinnacle of Western civilization, and kinda gives a good argument for it.

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