When They Come For You

I wasn’t going to write a post today, and I’m scheduling this for noon, so as not to interfere with my guest poster, too much.

But having talked to friends about a brainstorm this morning, I realized it needed to come out today. It needs to be out there.

These were the same friends with whom I had a betting pool on “Secret police and political arrests in 5 months.” I regret to say, I lost that bet. In the surreal times we live in, apparently the right bet was “day one of this fraudulent and anti-American administration.”

Or, for sure, day six. And for secret police, wholly in the service of the regime — prepare to be shocked — read a law-breaking, aggressive and absolutely invulnerable FBI.

Brandon Straka, founder of the #Walkaway movement was arrested.

WASHINGTON DC – A prominent activist in the Stop the Steal movement who spoke at a rally held by backers of President Donald Trump in Washington the day before the storming of the Capitol was arrested on Monday on charges that he took part in the riot.

Brandon Straka, 44, was arrested on a felony charge of interfering with police during civil disorder. The self-described founder of a movement to “walk away” from liberalism was also charged with unlawful entry into a restricted building and disorderly conduct.

To say the charges outlined in the indictment are “weak” is a gross understatement.

As for “storming” the capitol — very funny, pull the other one, it plays jingle bells — because we do have video of the police opening the doors, and the only people captured actually breaking windows seem to be antifa members, who have — of course– been released without a blemish on their burnished record.

So he’s being charged with entry into a “restricted” building, which happens to be the US capitol. And “disorderly conduct.” — which appears to consist of being captured on video saying “go, go, go.

There’s also, apparently “witnesses” saying he told people to take the shield from a police officer. Or something.

Okay, first, let us be rightly understood: the capitol, where the deliberations on the people’s business take place is not and will never be a restricted building. It can be a building under occupation by people who have forgotten their oath to the constitution, and yeah perhaps having forsworn their duty as Americans, let alone elected (so, how many do you think were elected fraudulently?) representatives of the American people, they should be restricted from entering the capitol until they can explain to us what in the name of light fandango they think they’re doing.

The “crime” so far as there was one on the sixth was putting up barriers and locking the doors to the people wanting to watch their representatives selling them down the river into dictatorship by certifying votes in a fraudulent election. Of note, leftists have “stormed” the capitol on the regular, because of a vote they don’t like, or because they took it in their bizarre, deformed minds that some representative had said something they didn’t like. Not a single one of those people, who have stormed the capitol with signs, with costumes, with papire mache puppets have ever been arrested.

Not a single one of them was also shot through the neck, as was Ashli Babbit (#sayhername) for reasons no one understands, in a crime no one is investigating, and by someone who will never be arrested for her cold blooded murder.

Which brings us to Brandon Straka, again. Arrested by the FBI. For what amounts to “crossed the street at the wrong place.”

If I remember correctly Brandon Straka is gay. And he’s about to vanish into the hell of prison, a prison chosen by the FBI which means his life and definitely his health is at risk.
Will he ever see the light of day as a free citizen again? I don’t know.
Look, it sounds insane. “Entering a restricted building” — remember all those nuns in the 70s who kept breaking into nuclear facilities? — and “disorderly conduct” should warrant AT THE VERY MOST (and given the circumstances of the non-riot and the fact the government are acting like Chinese oligarchs even this is doubtful) a two hour talk with the FBI. Not an arrest.

But we’ve seen General Flynn imprisoned for years on ridiculous charges. We’ve seen the continued, illegal, Constitution violating persecution of President Trump.

Brandon Straka, arrested on risible charges has far less ability to defend himself. He’s voiceless, since, as one of the founders of Stop The Steal he was banned from social media at the same time president Trump was. And he certainly has no bottomless pockets. And any lawyer defending him will next be targeted for destruction.

And that’s when it hit me. The secret police is here. It’s here under the guise of our own institutions and under the very thin veneer of law.

This is how totalitarians do it. They know “normal people” will recoil from “entering a restricted building” and “inciting”. Even though these are ridiculous charges.

In China people disappear forever for inciting revolution, which sometimes means they are Christians, or perhaps that they remarked on the resemblance between Emperor Xi and an evil, sh*t eating Winnie the Pooh. (Only they’re far more polite than I am.) And no one complains and no one says anything because, of course, who wants to associate with criminals.

Auxiliary understanding of this: I am probably the only person in this blog right now who has participated in mass protests. I am almost certainly the only person who has participated in illegal mass protests. Illegal, btw, because the government at the time said there was an “Emergency” and protests were banned. (At the same time “spontaneous mobs” of communists were blocking streets and setting fire to things. Stop me when this sounds familiar. Those were of course not illegal because “spontaneous. Oh, and the national emergency was that the government really, really, really wanted us to shut up. Now ask me why I’ve been screaming for a year that I’ve seen this before.)

There is a …. logic to protests. Would Brandon Straka, on his on ever have dreamed of going somewhere where a policeman told him he couldn’t go? I’d bet you money he wouldn’t.
But in a crowd, there are pressures you don’t see. And it’s very easy to lie with video, much less “witness” to paint someone as violent.

For instance, I was once caught up in a crowd stampede as someone shot into a crowded plaza and a person maybe 10 feet from me went down. I was frozen for about a second, and then I was running. And if my mother hadn’t kept her cool, grabbed my arm and pulled me flat against the wall, as people ran past me, I would either be part of the crowd who trampled two people to death on the underground passage, or — had I fallen (I’d already lost one shoe) — one of the trampled. If there had been cell phones at the time, and the recording were made from the “right” angle you could show me as the leader of a mob intent on trampling. Or something.

The other fact to take into account is that while the left hates all opposition, they hate it even harder when those they consider “theirs” break from the plantation. I still receive hate mail ranging from wild accusations to bizarre put downs (it was a great shock, for instance, to find out that as a bestseller, with a 20 year career and thirty some books brought out in traditional publishing, with two major awards to my credit and having made a … working wage from this almost every year, I am a “never has been who failed to break into traditional publishing.”) I get hate and attacks all out of proportion with being a minor blogger and a writer of amusing fiction. Why? Well, I’m an immigrant from a Latin country, a woman, with an advanced degree in the liberal arts, and making a living in an “artistic” profession.
I BELONG to them, you see. How dare I dissent.
Brandon Straka is in the same boat. His very existence denies the left’s deep held conviction that you are a widget defined ONLY b the groups you belong to and that as a member of a “victim group” you must of course support them.
By his very existence he encourages other people to come out of the political closet and speak out. And on top of that, he DARES create something to encourage others to walk away.

Which probably explains why they had to silence him almost immediately.

This too is the logic of totalitarianism: silence the prominent voices that contradict your philosophy.

And they always accuse the arrested of something that the people at home, paying no attention might think it’s fair. Like you know “entering a restricted building” or “inciting violence.” Always. Do you think totalitarians tell people “Yeah, we’re arresting him for daring to speak”?

No. there is always an excuse. (Remember the film maker arrested in the middle of the night because they’d decided to blame his deranged movie for inciting the Benghazi attacks? Which even if they had, frankly, what the hell does that even mean? Why would an American citizen curb his speech because some insane savage might take it into his head to kill people?
What they used was that he had been forbidden from putting up movies (heaven knows why) and was therefore in parole violation. And as we know parole violators get picked up by the police in the middle of the night, with the news stations alerted.) There is always something to make the timid and law abiding shy away and disclaim knowledge.

And you guys know the process as well as I do by now. Unless you’re ante-fa caught in flagrant being brown shirts on the streets, damaging property and hurting private citizens — in which case Commie LaWhorish, the Vice Fraud of the US will pay your bail and you somehow will end up without a blemish on your record — being arrested by a government (or a deep state agency) that has a grudge against you means you will never see the light of day again. They’ll interrogate you until you’re so confused you contradict yourself, and then they’ll hold you on perjury. They’ll come up with ridiculous charges which suffice, because it’s not like you’ll ever be tried by a jury of your peers. And depending on where they put you, your life and health will be destroyed. And if you don’t happen to be a millionaire, you have no hope of escaping the hell you plunge into. You are, in fact, as much a political prisoner as those in China or Cuba.

First they silence you. Then they arrest you on charges so laughable that you don’t think of defending yourself. And then you disappear.

Like the evidence of fraud in the elections, the courts will find reasons to dismiss the case — no matter how ridiculous — so that the actual lack of evidence of your alleged crimes is never examined. And if needed the press will demonize you, just as they exculpated the (caught on camera) merry fraudsters of November.

And then you’re done. One by one they remove anyone who dares speak out, leaving only the amorphous mass who don’t want to associate with “criminal activity.” As a friend pointed out this morning, soon not denouncing Trump loudly enough for imaginary crimes will be criminal activity.

By the way, this is the whole point of again trying President Trump on charges so ridiculous that they are not even in the same universe as sanity. (Saying to be peaceful means revolution. Or something.) Because then they can arrest everyone who went to DC on the forlorn hope that their representatives would listen to them and not certify a glaringly fraudulent election as “insurrectionists” and “trying to overthrow the government.” Which makes you a terrorist. One of those dangerous “right wing domestic terrorists” that all our agencies are gearing up to go after.

The secret police is here. Thought crime is here. We are all Brandon Straka.

And what are you going to do now, precisely? Take to the streets and protest against them? Why, you insurrectionist. Do you seek to overthrow the government?

Wake up. It’s started.

310 thoughts on “When They Come For You

  1. I posted these on FB a week or two ago:

    1. Let me give y’all a little nightmare material. With the current administration, the control of the house and the senate, and the lefties’ wildest fantasies of revenge about to come to pass, if you are on the right, and known to be, you cannot – not if you have two brain cells to rub together – submit to arrest. There’s every reason to presume it’s merely a pretext and you will end up with a very unenviable death after a good deal of screaming.

    My advice? Be armed, well armed, all the time, and be prepared to fight to the death at a moment’s notice.

    2. Morning prayer for the next several years, at least:

    Dear Lord, if they come for me today, grant me the courage, calm, strength, and presence of mind not meekly to surrender but to shoot straight and take at least one of the bastards with me.

    Any clergy present afloat are invited and encouraged to hammer this into theological soundness.

      1. “If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do”, Angel “Not Fade Away”

    1. When they make “vanish” the penalty for all opposition, they might expect more people to choose to vanish in a blaze than in a silent blink.

    2. Tom! You’re still on FarceBook??? And they haven’t banned you??? At the very least, I hope you’ve duplicated everything of value you have on your profile.

      We’ve seen how effective even having the best lawyers in the country is when it comes to holding off the Deep State; not very. And that’s for people with net worth in the millions. Us small frogs with under 7 figures won’t even make a bump in the road.

      There’s one of two ways they’ll come for you. If they think they can intimidate you into silence, they’ll call up up and make an “appointment” at their convenience, not yours, to “talk” to you either at your home or some other location. When that happened to me last time, it consisted of two rather large U.S. Marshalls. I chose a very public McDonalds during a slow period of the day; let a whole bunch of people know where and when and who I was meeting; and recorded the entire “conversation”.

      Let’s just say that they were not happy about the last part, but couldn’t legally refuse. Since I gave them nothing legally actionable (say nothing at all, and consider carefully everything you say), all they could do was give me a warning. And they left it at that. Realistically, that was a foolish risk on my part. I should have gotten a good lawyer involved immediately. However, funds weren’t there at the time, so what do you do? The chilling of my protests against Fast and Furious was very evident, but didn’t cease entirely.

      The second way, they’ll come for you in the depth of the night, when not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse. The klieg lights will shine, blinding your house, the doors rammed open, flash bangs though the windows, unidentifiable men in black screaming “Police, Hands up, Do Not Resist or We Will Fire”, your cats or dogs shot dead, your spouse and children terrified and cuffed on the lawn in their night cloths. Only then may you be told of a no-knock warrant, or maybe read Miranda rights. Don’t bet on it. And that’s assuming it’s law enforcement they send after you. They could just as easily send a criminal gang after you instead. Money talks.

      1. > I should have gotten a good lawyer involved immediately.

        If you can tell a good one from a bad one, it might be worth a few hundred million to DJT to be able to tell which was which…

        Pick the winner of the next Triple Crown for me while you’re at it.

        1. In that context a good lawyer is one that can’t be extorted into withdrawal by threats of cancellation.

      2. Using criminal gangs; that’s straight out of Vladimir’s playbook. Just ask Anna Politkovskaya.

    3. I’d suggest situational awareness and an understanding of ‘armed’ as well.

      A firearm extends one’s reach beyond arm’s length. In limited space, say a kitchen, a pot of boiling water may well be more effective than guns in 3 opponent’s hands.

      Up close and personal, if a danger is in arm’s reach, most don’t realize a cast iron frying pan or a short length of 3/4 inch rebar can well be more effective than a gun.

      In a space you know and they don’t just turning out the lights can be a real advantage.

      Canes aren’t common any more but most umbrellas still have a pointy end.

      Contrary to popular belief, it would be most sensible to bring a knife to a gunfight, -if it were in a confined space like, say, an elevator.

      1. I never remember I can shoot. I know this sounds completely insane, but I never remember I CAN shoot. Operant conditioning, etc.
        What I do default to is “everything is a weapon.” I don’t care how I take them down, I just hope to be granted the clarity of mind and ability to take an escort to hell with me.

        1. Having your escort is the last resort, but understanding everything’s a possible weapon AND being aware of the disadvantages, as well as the advantages, of their weapons might accord them bad luck and you live to write another day.

          I don’t plan to go over the details but once, over 60 years ago, knowing the the .45, model 1911 has 4 safeties; thumb safety, grip safety, half cock and if the barrel is depressed, pushed back, around a 1/16th of an inch, firing is impossible, saved me from serious damage.

          1. I wouldn’t call that last a ‘safety’ so much as just a quirk of how the action works.

            1. Most autoloaders function similarly, by design. It’s to prevent an out-of-battery shot, which can be Very Bad. Not all of them work that way, though.

              Also, if a revolver isn’t cocked, most designs require rotating the cylinder before the hammer is cocked (manually or automatically), before they will fire. Some have other quirks with cylinder locking that can cause them to not fire if you can get a grip on the frame and cylinder together.

              I wouldn’t depend on either scenario from choice, but any action is better than just standing there like a target.

              1. In intimate social work if you can grip the frame of a semiauto pistol to keep it from cycling properly you can cause it to malfunction on the first shot. They still get the one shot, but would then have to clear the malfunction to use the gun again.

                I’ve only ever done it in practice, and hope to never do it otherwise but I mention it for any Huns that lead a more exciting life than I.

                1. The Tokarev is quite popular for concealed carry in some places. It’s common for people to carry them with an empty chamber, racking the slide as they draw. The original Tokarev design has only a half-cock notch, which was all the Soviet army thought was necessary, but thoughts have changed in the 90-odd years since then.

        1. It is also a great example of why movies are different i theatres, with an audience. That scene near the end when Alan Arkin leaps out at Hepburn is one I’ve timed, counting the beats, so that I know exactly when it will occur, and still the audience’s collective gasp never fails to hit me.

          Same thig with the knife fight from Butch Cassidy: when Butch plants his boot in Harvey Logan’s crotch you can feel every guy in the theatre wince – and hear every gal in there laugh.

    4. “Deprecatory prayer” is what they call it. It’s asking the Lord for things like bringing your enemy to justice, helping the Lord’s armies against evil destroyers, etc. Lots of good examples in the Psalms.

      1. Reminds me of something seen on another blog: “Compassion is saving a kid from drowning. Justice is walking upriver with a shotgun to find out who’s throwing our kids in the river.”

      2. Abba, Father, please thwart the wicked plans of the destroyers. Please sustain and aid all men seeking the paths of virtue. Holy Spirit bring us all to repent of our wrongdoing and teach us the right way. For the sake of Christ, have mercy on our country.

    5. I liked the timeline where you were Chief Justice of the Supreme Court a lot better than this one…

    6. We need to pray for at least 4. At a 4:1 ratio or higher the Stasi will think twice.

      Also, those of us not taken need to work on the stomach to make visits to the home of those willing to be Stasi.

    7. Lord, make me fast and accurate. Let my aim be true and my hand faster than those who would seek to destroy me. Grant me victory over my foes and those that wish to do harm to me and mine. Let not my last thought be If only I had my gun; and Lord, if today is truly the day that You call me home, let me die in a pile of brass.

    8. Best make that the evening prayer. If they follow the usual pattern, you will be asleep when the ninjas arrive.

      1. As I lay me down to sleep,
        I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
        If I should wake before I die,
        I pray I kill the other guy.

  2. Does Brandon Straka have an attorney? A fundraising page? All I’ve seen so far is the brief notice of his arrest by the minions of evil.

  3. Yeah.

    The reason Trump was a relief, especially in hindsight, is that the FBI was shown to be corrupt, or corrupted in its engagement in secret police activities.

    The Benghazi arrest, other Benghazi fallout, Crossfire Hurricane…

    With Trump in office, at least they couldn’t stage manage things with full backing.

    One of several reasons why we could not afford to simply concede a fraudulent election, and trust in the opposing candidate not to go evil mass murdering tyrant on us.

    Heavenly Father,
    Thank you, O Lord, for making sure that we went into this already informed about the mass surveillance and state security practices.

    In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.


    1. The FBI has been exposed *many* times, just since WWII. Articles, entire books, sworn testimony, the occasional official investigation… They add some more names to their list, business goes on as usual.

      1. The FBI has been corrupt basically since its inception. J.E. Hoover was a tyrant, and the culture he engendered endures to this day. What really slapped me in the face were the Ruby Ridge and Waco fiascoes, but they’ve been dirty all along. It just seems they’ve been going into overdrive, lately.

        1. Add the Winter Hill Mob in Boston. The FBI claims it was all due to Rico and Connelly being corrupt; however, the fact the Boston FBI office covered up their involvement with the mob’s multiple murders for over 10 years until outed by Unsolved Mysteries argues otherwise. Now add all the BS they’ve been doing since Trump first announced his candidacy pre-2016; and we can see that they haven’t changed one iota. There may be a couple of honest agents in the Bureau, but they aren’t running it, and they can’t change it without getting whacked themselves. The entire agency needs to be dissolved.

  4. you got it right! 100%! I guess we should all be looking out on here for each other. For those of us speaking out. I did a lot of that on FB and had it removed. of course. Yes, we tried but we got cheated out of who we rightfully voted for. We got cheated because they are all angry, mean, spiteful wealthy people who did NOT get their way four years ago so they just assured victory this time by buying it off. Good writing. enjoyed the read. thanks!

  5. Lately I’ve been contemplating how easy it would be to destroy someone if you have Big Tech on your side. The wrong sort of files slipped into a laptop via a backdoor. A few back-dated additions made to a purchase history at a major online retailer. Suddenly it’s made public.

        1. This looks to be an issue of not judges/courts Per Se but Prosecutors. The prosecutors over charge those with the wrong views and then bully them to take a plea bargain. Although I doubt in many Locales the judges would be much help and the cost (both in lawyers and lost work) of getting to trial and a jury is so high as to make the plea bargain obvious coercion. Meanwhile they had a revolving door for Antifa, both recently and in the past. For example in 2015 Black lives matter blocked Rt 93 at rush hour causing massive traffic jams and causing several ambulances to have to reroute/divert on their way to Boston. The 14 protesters were release almost immediately on their own recognizance and later given a sweetheart deal by the Middlesex DA (https://www.bostonherald.com/2015/10/31/no-jail-for-i-93-protesters/). Let alone folks burning sections of cities like Minneapolis and looting in 2020.

          1. Even worse than just DAs going light: In Portlandia protest arrestees didn’t enter the justice system that normals get put through at all: The Indian-Chick-Pretending-To-Be-Black’s “charity” that paid Portlandia BLANTIFA bails expected those bailees to never show up for their hearings, so that cash bail is forfeit to the court, the local DA will never file charges, nor will local judges issue any bench warrants, so those criminals are home free.

            That is the real reason Portlandia catch-and-release criminals were complaining when arrest mug shots were being released under public record laws – they could be identified from those by the general public as criminals who escaped justice and actually bear some stigma for their crimes in spite of the official conspiracy to divert them from any possibility of penalty.

            As Insty has observed, the police are not really there to protect the public from criminals; the police are there to protect criminals from the public.

            1. FlyingMike said
              nor will local judges issue any bench warrants, so those criminals are home free.

              Wow, is there ANY way for the people of Oregon to get rid of those judges. Here in Mass because the judges are appointed the only way to get rid of them is impeachment by the (Bluer than a clear day’s sky) legislature. Even the Dead boy Live Girl standard seems insufficient to remove judges here. I hope it’s possible there. I imagine the bail bonds were nominal ($100 or so). What a racket.

              1. Oregon uses Dominion voting equipment.

                They may rotate faces every now and then so everyone gets a turn at the trough, but they’ll all be Swamp.

                1. I’m not sure it’s Dominion; I believe it’s even older gubbage running on Y2K vintage Windows software. FWIW, vote-by-mail started around 1987. The state went Democrat shortly thereafter. Hmm.

                  The last person to raise a stink about vote fraud and the voting systems got fired by the RINO (and buddy of Despicable Kate Brown) Sec of State at the time. That creep was put in by Kate when the previous, honest SecState died of cancer. Part of the crooked deal was a bunch of investigations about fraud and Kate’s activities got dropped. (Mid-term replacements have to be in the same party as the elected person, but it hasn’t been hard to find a GOPe who’s willing to go along with the governor.)

                  Judges are elected, and it’s rare to see an incumbent challenged. With votefraud by mail, it’s going to be hard to get honest judges on board.

                  FWIW, the GOPe is slowly getting removed by more conservative candidates. My guess is that the more rural counties have a more honest voting system, but the higher level judges will be Portland-dependent. (For reasons I don’t recall, 5 of the Supreme Court judges were appointed by Kate. Yeah, we’re screwed.)

                  Oh, and the new Secretary of State (effectively a vice-governor) seems to be even more radical lefty than Kate. We’re *really* screwed.

              2. Yeah, a lot of judges and officials of the courts suddenly kicking their air addictions would work

              1. Andy Ngo was publishing them as they came out, so they stopped releasing them due to penumbras of privacy for criminals or something.

                If one were to come to the impression that there are many sympathetic people working within local PDs, County Sheriff’s organizations, and jails, but at each there are higher-ups not so much, one would be arriving in the neighborhood of fact.

                1. And now Andy Ngo has been run out of town via death threats.

                  So yeah, totes above board in the Seattle and Portland regional collective of the betters.

                  1. And the local bookstore was told to not even sell his book on their website.

                    Hit #1 in books on Amazon for over a day after that, and it’s not even out.

          2. The DAs were put in place by a criminal conspiracy, and the selective prosecution is merely an element of the conspiracy.

            They are making me at my most extreme start to seem reasonable.

    1. Oh, you don’t even need that, just the Correct Views. You can destroy someone’s reputation with a few well-placed allegations, and as we’ve seen, you don’t need to prove them at all.

    2. A story I’m working on will have something like that. A network intrusion from China attempts to dump a pile of child porn on main characters’ computers. Fortunately it gets sandboxed and dumped, but then less than 2 hours later eight Fibbies with AR-15s and a warrant beat on the door.

      How did they know, and how did they get a warrant with specific details in less than 2 hours?

      My story is set in 2018.

      1. A network intrusion from China already sucked out ALL of the applications for security clearances, on which you must list every flaw in your character, down to when you spit on the street or wore yesterday’s underwear. So they actually DO have the material for blackmailing absolutely everyone with a security clearance.

          1. Well said. Frankly what I admitted to on my security clearance applications was so benign as to be laughable. Thank heavens I grew up before smart phones and social media.

            1. Imagine the poor schlub that has to read all of those clearance applications they stole.

              He put all that effort into learning English and then getting fluent, maybe even going to school in the US, and now he’s sitting in a Ministry of State Security cubical in Beijing reading SF-86 forms every day from morning until night.

              Any of mine would certainly be a snoozerthon. I can only imagine having to read all of them.

              1. Yeah, Mike, I know for a fact they got my wife’s info and mine. Hope they got my last SF-86; it took 102 pages for all the entries, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

            1. One of my old espionage books talks about a KGB blackmail attempt on some middle eastern oil royalty. They got a stack of pictures of him “in flagrante delicto” and tried to use them as a lever.

              As the KGB’s story went, the intended victim shuffled through the prints and said something like, “I’ll take four each of these, and half a dozen of those, and can I get some enlargements made of this one?”

                1. I *think* it was “KGB: The Secret Work of Soviet Secret Agents” by John Barron, but don’t hold me to that.

                  1. That sounds excessively interesting regardless. And there are lots of copies for under 5 bucks. (Now there is one fewer…) Thanks!

            2. The most powerful words: “So what?”

              Not even Bittenfeld can stand against that.

        1. And they’re using it – there are reports of spouse and children of a cleared person visiting the Xi the Pooh’s Corrupt, Backwards and Smelly Middle Kingdom for some type of sporting event for the kid being heavily targeted and overtly harassed from the moment their plane landed until when they left, making use of the information in the OPM hacked SF-86.

      2. Well, since the courts already decided it was OK for the FBI to take over and operate a kiddie porn server, I doubt a warrant would be a problem.

    3. Back in the Sixties Gordon Dickson wrote a (bitterly) hilarious short story, in the form of a series of letter exchanges, about a man who eventually is sent to the chair due t a dispute with his book club over his effort to return a mis-sent volume of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Kidnapped. That could be retold today with all of the inadvertent mis-filings and erroneous reclassifications being intentional, a way of laundering the framing.

      1. “Computers Don’t Argue”

        That was Dickson? Huh.

        Read that about mumbledy-mumble years ago when I was in high school in an Analog anthology.

        Speaking of which, getting my last ever issue or two. Not gonna renew since Penny threw John Campbell under the bus to appease a whiny WINNER of the Campbell Award.

        Didn’t decline or withdraw her (hir? xir? sklarn?) nom in protest. Nope, used the acceptance speech to slam an editor who discovered and developed more talent than you’ll ever see from a TOResa Hayden stable.


        I guess five years ISN’T enough to fade my upset at that whole Noah Ward thing.

        1. Thanks – it was indeed Dickson, nominated for a 1965 Nebula Award (in which anthology collection I first read it) back when the award was given for well told stories rather than well woke stories.

  6. They’ll come after Trump and his family too. And maybe they’ll disappear and maybe they’ll be executed in broad daylight just to rub our faces in it.

    He tried to save our Republic, and he failed. And now I fear he will pay the ultimate price.

    1. The Democrats will hold a show trial; the leftist mob will insist on it, and the Democrats want to use it to go after not only Trump and his family, but the many millions of people who voted for Trump.

      1. That is what they say they are going to do. I take them at their word that that is what they are going to do. I just am praying they are as inept as they usually are. I’m planning on them not being inept and taking appropriate precautions. If they can go after President Trump and his family, they can come after insignificant me.

    2. I have already said in October 2022 or earlier they will execute someone for 1/6 with 50/50 odds of gallows erected on the Capital Steps.

    3. The Prog-Socs aren’t big on judicial murder. They prefer to ruin and then hold up the victims as abject examples. Kill a man, and he’s just dead, and possibly a martyr. Ruin a man, and you can torture him for the rest of his life.

  7. When I heard last night of Straka’s arrest I started to get chills. He was only arrested (and evidence probably manufactured) so that he could be vanished. Are they even going to have a trial?

    I have noticed that the red-headed Biden spokesperson said something that was pointedly against BLM and Antifa. I’m pretty sure that in the next week (this is going at hyperspeed) we may see them being taken by the secret police too. Remember Proud Boy’s leader was arrested just before the Jan 6th rally.

        1. Nobody is asking. Nobody they have to listen to, anyway.

          That was more than a week ago, safely forgotten by the social-media-directed lumpenproletariat, and the media certainly aren’t asking any questions.

          “Nothing to see here…”

      1. That is exactly what they are doing. And “reeducation camps” are not the only way for them to do that/. They will use lawfare to silence people. Look at what they did to General Flynn. He was not guilty of any crime and yet was driven to plead guilty because they persecuted him into bankruptcy and went after his family. THAT is how they are going to keep the masses compliant-fear of financial ruin.

        How many HR departments are going to fight the Biden DOJ in its CRT campaign, even if they disagree. How many small businesses have the financial ability to fight them? They will make the process the punishment.

        1. Exactly how Clinton had the IRS go after Billy Dale’s family in Travelgate when he wouldn’t roll over and take it up the butt by her. HRC is the one person on this planet I believe to be more corrupt and evil that Camel Harris.

          1. Obama weaponized the IRS to the point where even with feckless Romney’s awful campaign the targeting of conservative and libertarian groups likely was the difference in the 2012 presidential race.

            Expect the IRS persecution of political opponents to be turned up to 11. Anyone who publicly criticizes HarrisBiden should anticipate being put through the IRS wringer.

      2. Which just shows they don’t understand people. A lack of leadership makes some individual going kinetic and starting a cascade *more* likely, and also removes anyone with the authority to say “stop, we’re done”.

      3. Well, according to reports, (for the hell of it, I’m using the feed from that notorious right wing paper, the Grauniad), he was an informant for the FBI after 2012.

        The arrest might have been to keep him safely out of “the insurrection”.


        Sounds like the old comment about the Klan; if you’re in a meeting of 5 members, one’s an undercover cop, 3 or are informants, and the sucker is you.

          1. It’s in several sources, but it amused me to use the Guardian. A Qwant search shows the story in multiple sites, though they all seem to come back to a Reuters and an AP story. (The latter is wonderfully slanted. Never knew the PBs were male chauvinists.) I haven’t found any further details that could confirm or deny.

            Places that cover (non-exclusive list. OTOH, I’m not seeing any original reporting beyond the two wire services so far.)
            NYDaily News

              1. Agreed.

                Nothing from Sara Carter, nor from the people on Gab who would note it. Zerohedge referred back to the Reuters piece, and useful details are missing.

                Mea culpa.

    1. I have noticed that the red-headed Biden spokesperson

      Am I the only one who wishes to praise the Biden administration for having the first trans spokesperson?

        1. The Byzantine Empire was rich enough that it got away with putting idiots on its throne… a few times.

  8. What is the over/under on how long until the first American is arrested and extradited to Chyna for insufficient deference to The Emperor?

        1. One of those sign photos further down pointed me at this, and it is pretty awesome:


          Combine an instant smoke generator at entrances with a strobe or two (include IR strobes to accommodate NVG wearers) and you might buy yourself some time.

          1. And strobe at ~10 Hz – near the alpha wave frequency. If you get it right (varies by person, I expect) you have to concentrate to walk. A sort of “photonic drunk.” Why, yes, I have played with this.

            1. Something like that is why I never got decent with a typewriter. Computer keyboards, no problem. My Mac Classic II (spit!) had typewriter sounds on one game, and I loathed the sounds. Somewhere around 10-15 WPM and my brain would revolt.

  9. Note the timing of the arrest to coincide with the big presser that Harris-Biden are holding today, with Susan Rice also in attendance, to announce their big “racial equity” plan to “end inequality” which since it includes inequality in wealth


    Of note (from the Post):

    “The 46th president is scheduled to deliver remarks on his plan and sign the actions at 2 p.m. ET from the White House, with Vice President Kamala Harris expected to be in attendance.

    Just prior to that, Susan Rice, Biden’s head of the Domestic Policy Council, will speak about the actions during a briefing with press secretary Jen Psaki.

    The executive items signed by Biden Tuesday are expected to include actions on access to affordable housing, police practices and voting rights.

    He is also expected to sign actions disavowing racism and xenophobia.”

    I.E., they are going to impose Critical Race Theory style identity group based Marxist redistribution and anyone who disagrees is a racist xenophobe.

    It is important to note that the term “equity” used by the left expressly excludes equal rights under the law in favor of giving preferences to the “historically marginalized” and giving such people GREATER rights in what is essentially revenge for the past, both real and imagined. In essence, it is the ultimate Bill of Attainder, declaring people guilty and punishing them for things done (and not done) by past generations.

    I predicted in another post that their vehicle would be the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Expect a lot of references to that Act this afternoon.

    1. Funny that – the Daughter Unit noted that Kommie La Whorish is lurking at China Joe’s elbow like she was his parole officer or something. Suddenly she’s indispensable and always present.

      1. Biden just wants to make sure she has a chance to prompt him before he does something that might inadvertantly causehim to catch some long-term illness that forces him to leave the public eye (as he related to Jake Tapper).

    2. I wish to formally announce that forthwith I shall “identify” as whatever category will gibs me de mos’ stuffs.

      “When in Rome, be a Roman candle.”

  10. “trying President Trump on charges so ridiculous that they are not even in the same universe as sanity.”

    Well, for one thing, none of what Trump actually did meet any standard of being a crime in the first place. Which means the “charges” in the bill of impeachment are fraudulent, fallacious, and not to put too big a point on it, “Trumped up”.

    I just got through sending an e-mail letter to Senator Shaheen instructing her to vote “No” on holding an impeachment trial, on pain of being found guilty of fraud waste and abuse.

    Yeah, we’ll see how much she pays attention to that.

    And when will the instructions to my representatives add up to enough to move me to the “time for a visit” category?

    1. Mr. Houst although I applaud your bravado for sending mail to Senator Shaheen, I doubt you’ll get any more satisfaction than I’d get with my Senators (Warren and Markey). And this form of verifiable protest may become a very bad idea shortly.

    2. I note somebody (possibly Dr. Paul) has Performed a spinal implant on Yrtle McConnell:
      McConnell Votes to Declare Trump Impeachment Trial ‘Unconstitutional’/B>
      The point of order resolution was put forward by McConnell’s colleague from Kentucky, Rand Paul.

      1. Yah, want to start a pool on how many hours before he flips back to his previous position?

        McConnel’s position on any issue is about a solid as a basket of puppies.

        1. I think Simena’s statement that she absolutely opposing eliminating the filibuster for legislation is what gave McConnell a spine. Simena realizes I believe that if HR1 gets enacted, the Dems can use fraud by mail to primary her and replace her with someone much more to the left, and thus she will not let then nuke the filibuster to do so. I suspect the treatment of the NG by the Dems helped firm up Simena in that regard.

          Fear of the filibuster being nuked is McConnell’s prime decision making factor at this point.

          1. As much as I despise Sinema, I’m glad she is taking that stance. I wonder if the right in AZ has quietly let her know that she will be destroyed if she goes along with the Ds attempts to subvert America.

            1. Sinema ran as a moderate who would be able to work across the aisle and, incredible as it may seem, she appears to be serving as she ran.

              Fellow Huns & Lurkers, I think we may be seeing a unicorn!

        2. Pick another metaphor, please. I know you’re trying to emphasize McConnell’s squishiness, but all I’m thinking is: “Awww… puppies!” 😉

            1. Wet sand in an earthquake. Turns into a non-buoyant slurry. Dry sand doesn’t separate the particles as well, even under agitation.

        3. McConnell’s position mostly depends on when his Chinese handler(or wife-BIRM) cashes the latest payoff from their Chinese masters… kinda like the biden crime family in that respect.

          1. McConnell’s wife is from Taiwan, which makes me skeptical about her being a CCP agent. It’s not impossible, but I’m skeptical.

            I see McConnell as being purely out for himself, which make him a loose cannon from everyone else’s point of view, whether Left, GOPe, CCP, or Trumpist.

            1. Chao’s family is big in the shipping trade — hard to do that without CCP cooperation.

              That does not mean they’re tainted, just that innocence ought not be assumed.

              1. She apparently also on the board of one of he largest banks on the mainland. Said bank controlled by the PLA. And even without that, all that has to happen is for the CCP todecide to ship their goods in some other company’s hulls and down goes the turtle’s income.

  11. “Commie LaWhorish”!! I get a big ole belly laugh every time I read that. Good one Sarah. So apt.

      1. Totally agree. None of them are legit. I call him Phony Joe, NEVER “president”. I won’t even address Harris.

      2. Shorter form would be: csd – commie-sex-doll – although that is a serious misuse of the would “doll” in that particular case. Maybe “toy”(cst) would be closer to the truth, ya think>

        1. Just call her Cersei for short. Got her position pretty much the same way and has as much contempt for the people that Cersei Lannister did.

  12. charge of interfering with police during civil disorder

    AKA, failure to squat when a cop said “Crap.”

    If a nation wants to eradicate all respect for civil authority one of the best possible ways is to enforce laws unevenly, such as ignoring violent riots as “mostly” peaceful (in which case I do not think those words mean what you think they mean) while declaring other protests as insurrection.

    It is especially galling when the power structure organizes to pay bail and get charges against its “children” dropped.

    And when you consider that the folks quickest to scream “Homophobe!” are probably currently cracking jokes about Straka, being gay, will probably have a grand time in prison … just as they, a couple administrations ago, fantasized about Dick Cheney and others getting jailed and becoming “somebody’s bitch.”

  13. Reread Job 1. The enemy cannot touch us without getting explicit permission from God.
    James 1:17. God is only, always, and continually good.
    2 Corinthians 4:16-18. Focus on the eternal, not the temporary.

  14. Brandon Straka was arrested for protesting on behalf of INVESTIGATING FRAUD while gay and fabulous. Hair that gorgeous is a crime.

    1. I am still somewhat shocked that there is a conservo-libertarian gay man in the US who is neither a fan nor a friend of mine.
      My network! It is missing links! Un-possible!

  15. You’re not the only one to have participated in mass protests. Sixties kid, here. Harking back to when I (and most of my generation) was a good deal more … shall we say… ecumenical than hitherto. And, no, mine didn’t get out of hand, but could have.

  16. Democrats/leftists hate apostasy as much as Jihadists. That is why they are making an example of Straka. If Democrats had a Death Star, they would use it to blow something up to “set an example”.

  17. The US Government has been doing this for many decades, just on a smaller scale. Years ago I worked with the brother of the former US Marshall who refused to go arrest Gordon Kahl (who by all appearances was a true A-HOLE) because he felt there were issues with the warrant and the likelihood of violence was very high. He was replaced by someone the government had confidence in. He was later on the investigation team into the incident and a report was floating around the office so I got to read it. The incident at Medina was a complete FUBAR on the part of law enforcement. But the suspects were A-holes and talking about “dangerous” ideas and had to be silenced. From what I read in the report, and then of the trial, there doesn’t appear to be a single part of the whole sequence of events that wasn’t completely screwed up. The problem with freedom, is you tend to spend all your time defending A-holes.

  18. Stay out of blue zones if at all possible. Make them come to us.
    Prepare as best as you can.
    And pray.
    May the blessings of liberty prevail.

  19. Speaking of fraud (were we?), now comes this article examining the total US deaths for 2020. And according the numbers here, guess what? A middle of the night spike, cause they weren’t high enough! Read it for yourself. I will actually be spending some time validating the numbers. I’ve been saying for sometime that the only numbers you can trust are total deaths – ya know, Miracle Max and all dead versus covid dead. Well, apparently you can’t even trust total deaths!!! https://uncoverdc.com/2021/01/25/have-400000-americans-died-of-covid-19/

  20. They are putting the protest attendees on the no fly list. If you are on the no fly list you lose your 2nd Ammendment right to bear arms.
    They don’t inform you that you are on the list. If the catch you with a firearm, they can prosecute you for the federal crime of illegally owning a gun.
    This is how they plan to disarm the undesirables.

      1. Excessively disingenuous, perhaps. Unless you are trying to argue the moral equivalence between Conservatives and adherents of a religion that has as a central pillar that all non-believers should be enslaved and/or killed.

              1. Are you moving the goal posts from “There shouldn’t be a No-Fly List” to “There shouldn’t be a No-Fly List without due process”?

                Why yes you are.

                1. No. No I’m not.

                  It is the same as when I rail against Red Flag Laws: by the time you change one of these to be acceptable it bears no resemblance to the original thing.

                  1. I don’t like Red Flag laws which allow anonymous complaints and raids prior to hearings. There are people who are mentally unfit to walk down the street let alone carry guns.

                    1. I never said conservatives supported those.

                      I was using RFLs as another example of something that could refer to something good and useful, but never ever does.

                    2. It is a useful point. The RFLs are the working out, in real time, of “A law in every heart, or a policeman on every corner”

                      We get into trouble because we are halfway. Neither fish nor fowl nor good red herring.

                      Mr. Bruene was right about the war on Terror. An explicit war on Muslims would have been less harmful. A due process structure that held No Fly courts based on a point system of “likelihood to blow yourself up for The Cause” would have been less harmful.

                      Mr. Nelson is right that the RFLs are more obviously egregious.

                    3. “An explicit war on Muslims would have been less harmful”
                      Always said that. That the same way as communism, unless kept purely in the spiritual realm, Islam can’t coexist with government by the people and a multi-religious society.
                      So, stay home, or face extraordinary scrutiny.

                    4. Of course. The thing people who support red flag laws don’t understand is that if the person really is too dangerous to be allowed weapons, then they’re damn sure too dangerous to be allowed to be free to roam. If you won’t lock them up for that, then you’re an ineffectual hypocrite to just take their guns away.

                2. There is a difference between a no-fly list of foreign nationals who are not citizens and who are not entitled to the protections that citizens are entitled to, and citizens. To the extent that the no-fly list included citizens it was improper and unconstitutional. Foreign nations being put on it was perfectly fin. They have no inherent right to enter the country much less to do so on a plane, and if allowed in, restrictions as to their entry are perfectly permissible.

            1. We cheered some of it. And by “we” kemosabe, I mean us Injuns / conservatives, not you.

              And because we did not see the poison pill, we get blamed for enabling the whole GWB part of the police state. It seems reasonable to me, if not strictly fair.

          1. I don’t know what circles you’ve been in, but most conservatives I know despise both of those.

              1. Husband ended up no-fly list. We had to get a copy of his birth certificate/passport, get a notarized statement that he was who he said he was, send it to TSA, and then he got a number which he has to put in every single time he makes a flight reservation. But, he was able to get the TSA pre-check, so I guess they decided he’s cool.

              2. Nobody can confirm or deny that somebody in the IRA has my name. Well, duh. I have two of the most common Irish names. There are a lot of Irish-descent people with identical first-middle-last names.

              3. Find a picture of Hassan Nasrullah, the head of the Hezbollah terrorist group. He’s Lebanese; I’m Irish-Cherokee-mongrel American. The genetic dice rolled snake eyes; he is walking around with my face. (I’m senior by a few months, it’s MY face, dammit!) He grows his beard longer than mine, but I expect eventually my face will trip some facial-recognition system and you’ll read about the aftermath in the papers, because my tolerance for bureaucratic BS is close to zero.

                There’s a DJ in California who not only has my face, he was born in the same city, supposedly a few weeks later, and he has MY NAME. Same hairstyle too.

                If Mom were still around, I’d be asking some pointed questions…

                1. Sarah Hoyt who lived in the Springs when I did and now lives in Denver looks EXACTLY like me. To the point that I had friends convinced I could suppress the accent at will when she was giving speeches on behalf of the Constitutionalist party.
                  So, yeah.
                  As far as I know neither of my parents were around the US to do THAT. BUT OTOH I look like women on Dad’s side, and some cousins have made it here.

                  1. Let’s pretend you have a twin sister that your parents gave up for American adoption and they never told you. Sounds like the basis of another story there.

        1. It has been long enough and I was quite young at the time, but IIRC places like freerepublic were full of people who just wanted to stick it to the enemy without regard for the inevitable and easily foreseeable consequences.

          Also snelson in this very thread.

            1. HEY! Don’t be speciesist!! SOME marsupials are wonderful, unlike those opossum deadbeats or lynching kangaroos! When wallabies go to court we always bring flowers, not mobs.

      2. Not at all. If a thing is wrong, it is wrong. If it is wrong for me to do, it is wrong for you to do. It is still wrong if you as I collude to do it together to a third party. It is wrong even when a collection of individual calling themselves a “government” do it.

    1. Sooner, rather than later, they are going to put every single person registered to vote as a Republican on the list, along with anyone who is not registered as one who they can determine voted for Trump.

      As I noted the other day, the only thing Democrats aren’t doing yet is making people wear yellow Stars of David on their clothes. They are doing it digitally though.

      1. Maybe we should beat ’em to it and pin red MAGA stars to our lapels.

        Unfortunately, the irony would be lost on those most in need of it.
        Those who do not remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Those who do remember are doomed to watch everybody else repeat them.

          1. Wow. Amazon has a pretty large selection of ‘Make Orwell Fiction Again’ products. Who could’ve guessed…

    1. Well, since a D-list author can build his own Evil Mountain Lair, Sarah is probably somewhere around G. Making a decent amount of money, but hubby keeps his job.

      I don’t seem to be on that list anywhere. No entry for ‘Has written several Fan Fiction stories, received good reviews, trying not to let it go to my head but not always succeeding’
      Nameless Minion: “Thor! Thor! They killed Loki!”
      Thor: “What, again?”

    1. His family is Palestinian. I expect that means he’s an adherent of the Religion of Pieces.

      The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews, when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him. — from the hadith Sahih Muslim, 41:6985

      1. That Hadith is part of the official charter of both the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas; Obama invited Muslim Brotherhood affiliated officials to the White House on numerous occasions, and HarrisBiden are filling their senior posts with people who support the MB.

      2. While I appreciate the “Religion of Pieces” jest, I think it appropriate to stick to their official designation: Religion of Peace Submission.”

        Clarity always has value.

        1. I do. They’re just the ones with the biggest shiniest targets painted on their back. Same as #WalkAway for the Blacks et al.

          Once you accept Wm. DuBois’s (vs. Booker T Washington’s) Very Special Pet status to get one over on the rest of society it is just a matter of time. Devil’s bargain. You know what they do to escaped slaves and runaway serfs.

          1. Just take a look at what New York has been doing to Orthodox Jews. They are also targeting observant Catholics.

        2. Israeli Jews First.
          Generic Jews Second.
          Christians Third.
          All other non-Muslims as they can get to them.
          Then every faction not their own of the Muslims left.
          Welcome to the Religion of Hate.

  21. Because y’all are readers (of course you are, why else come here?) I recommend two books pertinent to the topic at hand.
    First: Unintended Consequences by John Ross. Make sure to only get the Ross book as there are a considerable number of other books using that title. Out of print so some folks are asking a huge price for hardcopy. Ask around and someone might have an e-book they can send you.
    Second: Absolved by the late Mike Vanderboegh
    The full text can be found here: https://archive.org/stream/AbsolvedByMikeVanderboegh/Absolved%2C%20by%20Mike%20Vanderboegh_djvu.txt
    Both books claim to be “Dire Warnings” of the American response to government over reach. Both also delve deeply into the historical roots of American gun culture.

    Please note, these are not a call to arms, but rather cautionary fictional tales of some worst case scenarios put to paper from the minds of the authors.

    1. I’ve read both of those. UC is well done and doesn’t assume perfect competence/incompetence on either side.

      Absolved on the other hand reads like a leftist was trying to write a parody of what they think the evil right wingers are.

      1. Keep in mind that Absolved was posted on Mike’s blog in chunks and never published as a complete book. In addition he was seriously ill for years before he passed away in 2016, yet was a known figure in the gun culture of our Southern region.
        Parts are of course over the top, but as a whole it offers insights worth a look at.

        1. Yep, same file. The more copies, the merrier (and the harder to stop the signal).

          Also, WPDE.

      1. Since he’s deceased and the book is out there in the wild, does he have a spouse or family to donate funds for the book to? All authors deserve compensation for their works consumed (except for the ones that get walled.)

  22. Do not disclose any association with anything political, legal, or military if you are asked. It’s hard to avoid them finding out anymore if they look into it, but it can prevent an immediate culling. It happened with my wife’s family.

    1. Too late for me.
      If you’re already on their lists, best to do like Mr. Universe, and keep preaching it.
      “You can’t stop the signal.”

      Join the Resistance!

      1. I am not sure, but I am guessing they’d have to revote to kick Chucky back into the minority and put the turtle* back in. Until Leaky Leahy croaks off this mortal coil they won’t bother to do that.

        But it would be glorious.

        * Right now would Cocaine Mitch still win the R caucus leadership vote?

        1. Contextual note from The Bezoswashpost: At age 80, “Leahy is the fifth-oldest current senator. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., 87, is the oldest.”

            1. …until the Squad eases them into their coffins.

              Their mad insistence on putting those freshmen pols into the most important committees looked irresponsible then; now it’s looking suicidal.

          1. The key though is which Senators have Governors who are of the other party, because Governors appoint Senators and Representatives to fill seats until there is a special election (whose holding varies depending on state law). It is possible a Leahy replacement could fill the seat until 2022, or an election could be held sooner, depending on Vermont law. The same things happens if Sanders who is also old dies in office.

            1. Governors do not appoint Reps only Senators. Reps require asap special elections and remain empty until such occurs. This is outlined in Article One, Sections 2 (House) and 3(Senate) of the Constitution.

                1. And other reports are those stories are coming out of other Dems offices as they are mad she did not spray spittle and throw things and shoot lasers from her eyes in the ACB confirmation hearings.

                2. And apparently she is not far left enough anymore because San Francisco included her name as one of the ones to be removed from buildings; apparently she MAY have put back up a Confederate Flag that had been knocked down, which in Oceania is enough to be unpersonned.

            1. Which is why it is essential to get the requisite number (and then some!) of signatures on the Newsome Recall petition, then elect a Republican (even a Schwarzenegger-ish GOP-Ultra-Lite one) replacement who can appoint a Republican to fill her seat.

              As I identify as a Californian, albeit an unemployed one (so sorry, no taxes from me), I may even vote in that recall. They’ll be accepting mail-in ballots and eschewing signature checks, aren’t they?

          2. And Feinstein has already announced that she’s running again.

            Funny thing is that during her previous term, she announced that said previous term would be her last. And then at the last minute, she suddenly changed her mind. That pissed off a lot of California Dems who’d been hoping to take her place (or take the place of whoever got her seat).

            1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired them all to continue until they die in office.

              Which is likely to happen, just not in any way they are expecting.
              It took geniuses 3,000 years to develop mathematics. It took idiots 3 years to ruin it with ‘New Math’.

              1. Funny, but I haven’t read anything from the leftis media (BIRM) exploring how RBG refusing to leave when Barry was still in charge screwed the Dems so hard they still walk funny. She could have bailed back in his first term and they could have replaced her with a talking parrot.

                But she’s a secular saint complete with miracles, so no criticism is allowed,

                1. There was some talk about this. But it was quickly muted by the articles shrieking about how dangerous it was to nominate a US Supreme Court Justice right before the end of a president’s term in office.

            2. Reluctant as I am to say a word in praise of DiFi, when I look at what is queuing up to take her place I think she’s taking one for the nation. It isn’t that she is good but what is following on her heels is unbelievably bad. You think Swalwell and Schiff aren’t stopping by her office to measure the drapes?

          1. He did get quite a few judges pushed through though, including the all important Barrett nomination to the Supreme Court.

              1. It did result in the Supreme Court upholding his executive orders that Obama appointees struck down. Would you rather have had Shrillary and four years of HER appointments on the bench?

                  1. I think that was the result of the Democratic Party paramilitary having done its job and frightened them into thinking that half the country would be burned to the ground if they didn’t.

                    1. Agreed. Of course, they took the Roger Taney path of thinking that you can prevent civil war by endlessly accommodating the loudest side, not recognizing that the accommodation itself just makes matters worse.

        1. There are all sorts of things they can do, but time is limited. They are trying to remove Republicans from office first because they still see them as a potential threat.

    1. The blurb I saw about this elsewhere seemed pretty minor. An “abundance of caution” was mentioned as the excuse for the hospitalization. At this point, until we get more information, I’m inclined to think that it’s nothing serious.

      1. Well, as long as there was still a heartbeat they’d say that. And in fact if anyone gave out his actual medical situation they’d be subject to prison time and be personally financially liable for penalties under HIPAA.

        1. If it was something serious, I suspect that they’d let at least some news get out because they’d need to explain why they were scrambling for someone new to run the faux impeachment. They wouldn’t need to say *how* serious the issue was. But they’d need to provide an excuse that at least suggested a long-term (if mostly harmless) rationale for his absence.

          Of course, my opinion will move more in alignment with yours if they suddenly announce a replacement in his impeachment role tomorrow – from an abundance of caution, of course.

        1. Well, Leahy was released to go home that night, but who knows? It could turn in a New York minute!

          COVID-19 deaths in NY nursing homes were 50 percent higher than claimed: probe
          Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Health Department understated the number of New Yorkers who died in nursing homes during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic by more than 50 percent as the facilities struggled to properly isolate and treat residents amid a state order that they not turn away COVID-19 patients.

          The bombshell finding was contained in a new 76-page report released Thursday by state Attorney General Letitia James, which found that mismanagement and long-standing problems in the private care business turned nursing homes into COVID death traps.

          “As the pandemic and our investigations continue, it is imperative that we understand
          why the residents of nursing homes in New York unnecessarily suffered at such an
          alarming rate,” James said in a statement.


          As part of the report, James’ investigators surveyed 62 nursing homes across the state and found that 1,914 residents from those facilities either died there or at nearby hospitals after testing positive for coronavirus or exhibiting symptoms of the deadly disease.

          That figure was 56 percent higher than the numbers for those facilities published by the state Department of Health, which only published the number of people who passed away while still at the nursing homes at the time of their deaths, not those who were subsequently taken to a hospital and died there.

          If that undercount is consistent across the entire state, it would push the number of nursing home deaths from the current tally of 8,711 presumed and confirmed coronavirus cases to more than 13,000.


          James’ report shows that nursing homes were even deadlier than previously thought — potentially accounting for nearly one in every three coronavirus fatalities in the state.

          The report also revealed that many nursing homes mishandled patients sick with the disease by failing to properly isolate residents who tested positive for COVID-19.

          And it says nursing home managers often failed to screen and test employees for the virus, demanding that sick staff continue to care for residents or face punishment or termination.

  23. ·
    “This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. I have studied history for years and I cannot recall it ever happening. It may be that our task is impossible. Yet, if we do not try then how will we know it can’t be done? And if we do not try, it most certainly won’t be done. The Founders’ Republic, and the larger war for western civilization, will be lost.”

    “But I tell you this: We will not go gently into that bloody collectivist good night. Indeed, we will make with our defiance such a sound as ALL history from that day forward will be forced to note, even if they despise us in the writing of it.”

    ~ Mike Vanderboegh


  24. Is there a political prisoners web site tracking all of those charged re 1/6. Who they are? What charged with? Bail? Status of charges?

      1. Suspect any website that does provide a list will be swiftly shutdown and the posters persecuted.

        The below seems appropriate these days as it now applies here (Peter Gabriel’s Wallflower)

        1. Yeah. That’s the thought. Do what we can do to encourage and support. Let them know they’re not alone. Help them to hold on.

          So wish that I had the time. I’d create and maintain the site.

          Who knows? My situation may change. In the meantime, prayers up for the numerous political prisoners of 1/6.

        1. From one of the complaints… this is what they’re gonna get ’em all on:

          “…violated 40 U.S.C. § 5104(e)(2)(G) which makes it a crime to willfully and knowingly parade, demonstrate, or picket in any of the Capitol Buildings.”

          How’s that for something that can be selectively enforced.

          I also note that even tho Matthew Heimbach (the “unite the right” false flag organizer) was positively photo-ID’d by multiple sources, somehow he’s nowhere to be seen on the FBI documents and photos. (Unless I missed him, but he’s not among the arrestees… and they’ve fetched ’em from as far away as Hawaii.)

          Downloaded all the complaints and such, but what I’ve looked at so far is mostly boilerplate.

          1. Funny how none of the leftists who did that during the Kavanaugh hearings were charged. The statute appears on its face to be unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

    1. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/national/capitol-riots/13-charged-in-federal-court-following-riots-us-capitol/65-46eb68bd-6f48-4b12-ba7d-b03efae9ff0f

      Other lists, did not check for copypasta:

      cbs17 DOT com/news/national-news/capitol-riot-arrest-list-what-we-know-about-charges-faced-by-people-identified/

      cnn DOT com/2021/01/13/politics/notable-arrests-capitol/index.html

      Will be interesting to learn how many are professional agitators and how many were just caught-in-the-sweep at the end of the day (as documented by one of NTD’s guys).

      FBI’s wanted list, with photos:

      fbi DOT gov/wanted/capitol-violence

      Some of these look like our guys, but some have that fuck-you look around the eyes, that I’ve come to associate with agitator types. (It’s an addicted-to-the-high-of-destruction face… we see it in the violent animal rights types too. Not unlike meth face.)

      1. On the FYI, I have a wicked adrenaline addiction. I’d mostly got over it, but these times….
        And it was a consequence of the times I grew up in. Of course, I don’t know where young Americans would have got it.

  25. A teacher at a local middle school is passing around information about some sort of project to organize students in grades 6 through 8 to agitate for social causes the students choose (The students? Sh’yeah, right!). Some of these kids read three grades below their own, but this guy’s suggesting they take time away from what teaching is actually done to organize them into activist groups!

    If you’re not homeschooling, start now.

    1. They did this to my kids all the time.
      And my kids…. Well, fought back. Tooth and nail.
      Because if they don’t listen to me, why would they listen to anyone else?

    2. It may soon be enacted as official Dept. of Education policy:

      In the post immediately below this one, John describes how, in Minnesota, the left is substituting indoctrination for learning. His focus is on plans to teach a virulently anti-American version of our nation’s history — one that, in John’s words, “drops almost everything normally regarded as history–the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Holocaust, and any reference to minor figures like George Washington–in favor of political indoctrination” on the evils of whiteness, Christianity, and capitalism.

      But the left isn’t content with spreading its propaganda through the teaching of U.S. History. It is also determined to do so through the teaching of Civics. And, to take things one step further, the left intends to use Civics classes to promote left-wing activism by students.

      I warned about this development last month in a post called “Reject woke Civics.” That post quoted extensively from Stanley Kurtz, who, thank God, is all over this looming disaster.

      In his latest contribution, Stanley demonstrates how far along the left is in imposing “Action Civics” on America’s students. He warns:

      Advocates of “Action Civics” are poised to press a novel practice on every state education system in the Union. Bills mandating Action civics will soon be introduced in state legislatures across the country; it is already required in Massachusetts and Illinois. The Biden administration is likely to support that effort with federal carrots and sticks, using the model of the Obama administration’s support for Common Core.

      Unfortunately, widespread adoption of Action Civics will definitively politicize an already politically tainted K-12 educational system, irrevocably cementing the partisan Left’s hold upon our culture. Action civics amounts to school-sponsored indoctrination and political action in support of progressive policy positions. It must be energetically opposed by all who value authentic liberal education.

      What is “Action Civics”? Says Stanley:

      1. Take every one of the lessons of Action Civics, and teach your kids to employ those very weapons against their own schools. Don’t forget to reward your kids when they succeed, or get detention, or get suspension because of it.

        Join the Resistance!

  26. A thought that came to mind the other is day is that we now live under rule of lies instead of rule of law.

  27. There is a bit of advice given by survivors of the early USSR regarding how they should have dealt with the secret police. Not advocating this, of course. Heaven forbid.
    But interesting reading none the less. Almost a warning regarding Unintended Consequences.

    1. Yep and the latest narrative has added that the people who were outside peacefully protesting and who never even tried to enter the building itself were engaged in a “siege”.

        1. That was pretty much my reaction, but yes, that is what the Democratic Party media arm is now pushing.

  28. As much as I hate to say it, we’re headed toward the mass killing of dissenters and opposition if we don’t watch. I watched a film entitled “The Ten Stages of Genocide” and it said we’re already at number eight. I’m not trying to scare anyone here, I’m only speaking out about the possibility, which seems to be a possibility that people seem to live in denial of. But it’s something that has to be addressed. Thank you so much for speaking out about the destruction of our beloved nation.

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