How To Resist

Yes, I know. Some of you are going to say something more forceful is needed You’re not even wrong. If we get out of this without a butcher’s bill we will know not only that There is a providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children, and the United States of America but that we’re Himself’s very very spoiled and undeserving children.

But here’s the thing: a) I’m utterly unsuited for the kinectic stuff. Maybe not 20 years ago, but now? Not an option. b) the communists everywhere else have fallen, if the US didn’t actively prop them up. And there’s no one to prop them up here. I think the idiotic, vaguely hopeful bunnies think China will. But that’s because they believe what China says of itself, since they think the only totalitarian/lying country is the US.

Well, they have taken the structure of America. They haven’t taken AMERICA. Because we’re America, and they don’t even fully understand us.

They’ve spent…. 4 years cosplaying resistance, with yard signs and pins, and stunningbrave mouthing off, when no one was actually doing anything against them. Well, and that’s fine. That’s their style. The base of the left in the US is solidly affluent and/or mentally ill and often also indoctrinated into uselessness. They have a certain style. It ain’t good, but it plays in their limited circles and the structures they’ve captured. They know nothing about the world, but they can express it in convoluted sentences. They have no knowledge of world history, but they know the US is uniquely unjust.

So how else, were they supposed to “resist” a non existent threat but with stupid yard signs, the fist of communist oppression, and a bunch of ridiculous tautologies on a poster? That’s all they have. Though their paid for brownshirts are more destructive. But note they are destructive. Not constructive.

Either by natural mental and emotional inclination, or by indoctrination (which seemed to have that effect in many communist countries) they are not creative. In fact, they’re unable to find originality with two hands and a seeing eye dog, hence the rather bizarre products from traditional publishing and Hollywood which remind me more and more and Elizabethan preachers screaming opacity to the convinced and scared.

So. They’ve captured our institutions, and they hate us. They are going to make our life very difficult. They are going to throttle back our energy production, send our food to China, educate our children in a bizarre and distorted racist credo. They use worse propaganda against us than any country used against the enemy in any war.

They’ve convince ourselves we’re not fully human. That we’re disposable. That we don’t do anything worthwhile without their input.

Their plan for the “great reset” (And yes, it’s a thing. If you understand foreign languages, world leaders talk openly of it) is mentally retarded. Remember that video on how you own nothing, not even your living space and people use your living room for business meetings while you’re gone? Yeah. WHAT BUSINESS MEETINGS if no one is allowed to own anything, and we all have access to the same things?

The problem is the very very rich (and useless) who come up with these plans have never HAD to work. What they do is usually for the pleasure of ordering others around. They don’t even understand what’s in the minds of the normal human being who would rather sleep another hour but has to go to work and do the best he can so his children can have a better life.

The communist countries going completely and suddenly to shit and famine makes no sense to them. They’re sure this time they’ll do it better, and life will go on as always, but they will be able to tell everyone what to do and reap the rewards of everyone’s increased effort.

However until they can reach that dream, this is their short term plan.

And yeah, they’re going to try to ram this everywhere. They’ve gone a long way towards doing it in any field they control/any profession that requires licensing.

So, what can we do?

Well, if everyone were like me, we’d all, collectively, in one voice go “Well, fuck you. You acquired the government? Bully for you. we’re just going to collectively pretend you don’t exist.”

Unlike the left, though, I’m aware most people aren’t widget-like copies of myself. And things like the armed forces complicate this majorly.

But hey, we CAN do things.

For 4 years the functionaries and lackeys and bureaucrats circumvented Trump, to the point of outright lying to him, to prevent him from doing what he’d been elected to do.

Well, then, many millions of us can play that game, to circumvent the anti-we-the-people rule of people who frauded themselves into power. Let’s see if China will save them. (Spoiler, it won’t. It’s looking to suck us dry, which is another reason this is urgent.)

So how to circumvent that:

Chart your course — it won’t be instant — to get yourself to a rural or semi-rural or another place where you can grow your own food.

Figure out what you can do or have that you can barter with others, and deny the government a window into it or a tax for it.

Use cash whenever you can.

Lay in a supply of food. Every tyrannical government ruling without the consent of the governed, sooner or later uses famine. Make sure you have supplies and they’re not immediately discoverable.

Don’t let them in your head. You’l be aware of the lies. Hard not to. They have the megaphone. But don’t let them get in your head. Always read the news with a wary eye. Chances are high they’re lying.

They’re going to try to expropriate you using other people’s plight. They’ve twigged on with the covidiocy that they can use your best morals against you. And to be fair, the covidiocy destroyed our economy and there will shortly be a lot of plight.

This plight will not be aleviated by their taking your house/food/resources to give to people whom they’ve pre-destroyed. In fact, all it will do is make everyone starve faster. Refuse to believe that what they tell you is “the decent thing to do.” I’ll share my house with a homeless family when Nancy Pelosi shares hers with 10 homeless families. And I’ll let drug addicts camp on my sidewalk when they’ve camped all over Pelosi’s gated community.

When possible, shop non-corporate, non-virtual, not over the net. In fact, when possible shop directly from the producers. (I will be doing something about my own production and private shopping soon-ish. Might take a few months.

Yes, for now I buy ebooks and virtual entertainment from the giants. But that’s not what’s making them rich.

So, withdraw your support from people who want you dead or imprisoned or “re-educated.”

Any way you can think to thwart them, employ those.

I think it’s going to come to strikes in the end but I also know how hard those are on everyone, not just those who deserve it.

Oh, and don’t spend more than you have to. Remember, it’s their economy. They need your economic consent.

Yeah, it will hurt, but shorter and not as badly as they intend. And you can, by barter and selective buying (not one red cent to the left. All the red cents to the right) etc make sure it hurts a hell of a lot worse for them than for us.

They want to farm us. They want to make the entire country a vast slave plantation, and subjected to China at that.

But we’re America. We will not submit.

Hoist middle fingers aloft, and go thwart them.

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  1. Just re-read Animal Farm for the first time since sixth grade. (As one of the forewords said—there were three of them, going back through time—sixth grade is common for that.) The main key in that allegory is the idea that people aren’t allowed to trust their own memories. So make sure you do that.

      1. I have often been astounded how often *everybody* seems to forget something that was heavily discusssed as recently as six months ago, as though it never happened. Headlines say “Breaking!” and discuss an event as though it’s just been discovered and yet it was done to death pretty recently.

        1. It is a technique of gaslighting – positions propagated as new to reset the narrative and discount prior discussion or counter-arguments.

          What level of awareness the direct source has of this technique in use, that is, whether the newsdroid or writer or blogger or whatever has direct knowledge they are erasing prior pubic knowledge of this ‘news’ or such erasure of the past been introduced upstream somewhere, is left as a set of questions for the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.

          1. Good news! Did you hear the Party increased the chocolate ration to 10 grams per week? (old ration was 15)

        2. Part of the problem is that memory really is unreliable. There have been times when I’ve recollected a memory and been absolutely certain about even the smallest details in my recollection, only to learn that even my most basic recollections about the memory were off.

          So, perhaps it’s not so surprising that people can’t remember six months prior.

          Writing it down is a way around that, and I suppose I ought to start.

          1. Yep. A few years ago Steve and I watched “The Great Escape” for the first time since it came out in the 60’s. We discovered that we had both, without knowing it, edited our memories of the film quite significantly: in our memories, Steve McQueen gets away.

            Well, darn it, he should have gotten away!

          2. I invariably remember, after seeing a subtitled foreign film, the actors actually saying the English words, for instance.

            1. Oh, yes. I do that too.

              And going the other direction: after seeing Cabaret, I remembered “Tomorrow Belongs to Me,” as having been sung in German.

        3. Now, now. Anything the media said last month is ancient history, which, since they are in the business of selling advertising based on sensationalizing current events, they can’t be bothered to track. What? You think journalists with a deadline have time to go back to the morgue to check on the history of their reporting?? A convenient memory is a distinct advantage if you want to keep a dispute going: You can say something, deny you said it when challenged, and then resurrect that same thing at your convenience. Guaranteed to Irritate the hell out of your opponent and tie them in knots. It doesn’t do much for your appearance of rationality, but then, rationality usually goes out the window in a proper fight anyway.

          1. As what they said last month was mostly false, why should they worry about contradicting it this month? Expecting consistency from them is evidence you are a wrong thinker, komerad.

            The purpose of journalism is to amuse, titillate and distract, not inform. How bourgeois can you be?

        4. Part of that can come through group dynamics as well. In groups, it’s not the person with the most knowledge or experience that leads, it’s the person that does the best job of getting people to follow them. You don’t need to know what you are talking about, you just need to sound and look confident enough in what you are saying to get people to follow along. Enough confidence can get people that know better to doubt and play along.

          Democrats major strength is their ability to socially engineer things. Using social media they can amplify and get the right people to say what they want said. It’s not about being right, it’s about getting approval from the ‘right’ people.

          1. Sufficiently advanced bullshitting is indistinguishable from competence.

            The corollary to that is that there is always a better bullshitter out there. The key to happiness is identifying them and refraining from bullshitting them.

            1. Remember when Obama publicly said “sometimes I believe my own bullshit” and the media never asked him any questions about that statement?

              1. It appears when a Democrat says something, it’s always taken as a “joke,” or a witticism. “What’s the matter with you, don’t you have a sense of humor?” The “joke” becomes another club to beat conservatives with.

                1. You know, that behavior reminds me of a seriously narcissistic woman I used to know. She would deliver the nastiest put-downs and, when challenged, would use the “joking” defense. Can an entire political party have NPD?

            2. Only when convincing people.

              When it comes time to actually build the damn bridge, competence and bullshit are easily distinguishable.

              Which is why leftists rarely build anything.

              1. You can’t bullshit the laws of physics. Unfortunately, our society seems to value bullshitters more than engineers. Or, any of the other people who can actually accomplish things. Like farmers and mechanics.

                1. I would point out that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was a shining example of communist controlled engineering. But then again Fukashima was the product of Japanese bureaucrats making decisions that were best left up to competent engineers.

                  1. The Chernobyl disaster was caused by a Party bureaucrat given authority to make the operators violate all the safety procedures, shut off all the alarms and do a lot of seriously stupid shit to the reactor. Even then, it took three hours of diligent idiocy to make it blow up, and it could have been prevented at any time up to about the last two minutes.

                    The basic RBMK reactor design was sound, and much more advanced than our flooded-core reactors which are modified submarine reactors. We designed a reactor in 1956 to power the USS Nautilus. It worked. Every reactor we’ve built since then has been pretty much copies of the same design.

                    I’ve never understood what happened at Fukashima. They were sitting in a 4,000 megawatt nuclear power station, they knew for more than a week the diesel fuel was running out, and they couldn’t find a way to generate a few hundred kilowatts to keep the pumps running? They couldn’t get steam to one turbine and run one generator? That just doesn’t make any sense.

                    Then again, neither did building the pumps in New Orleans so that the motors were below sea level.

                    1. No, that is a gross misconception about US reactors all being the same basic design as the Nautilus. A full third of all U.S. based commercial power generating nuclear reactors are Boiling Water designs. Though there are a number of ‘other’ notable differences, the other 60 or so commercial and ALL of the US Navy’s maritime propulsion plants consist of Pressurized Water designs. Bettis and the Navy decided that sub-nucleate boiling was too hard to control where dramatic bell changes (for operational needs) and ship’s heel/motion can have profound impacts on coolant & moderator levels in different sections of the core. A feature that reactors bolted to bedrock don’t typically have to account for.

                    2. The basic RBMK reactor design was sound


                      Off the top of my head:

                      1. At power refueling meant that power shaping in the core was highly variable and uncontrollable. Even under normal circumstances

                      2. The rod following “tips” (something meters long is not a tip) were reactively neutral while they displaced an effective poison, water (in graphite-moderated reactor water becomes a poison) leading to a running power surge when rods were inserted.

                      3. The use of individual rod cooling tubes run through the graphite pile created a nightmare number of vulnerable welds and difficulty isolating any loss of coolant.

                      4. The individual tubes made flood cooling in the loss of coolant flow more difficult compared to the “unadvanced” flooded core reactors common in the rest of the world, the Soviet Navy, and the former Soviet states and satellites.

                      5. The lack of a containment building in the design was a failure in understanding basic risk evaluation: the need for risk mitigation is based not solely on the odds of an event, but the product of the cost and the odds, called the effective cost. A reinforced concrete containment building for all RBMK reactors in the Soviet Union was much less than the expected cost of just one failing in the most catastrophic manner possible.

                      6. The lack of a containment building also resulted in the complete loss of the ability to do a last-ditch “oh shit” flooding of the entire building with borated water to cool it and shut down.

                      7. The combination of graphite moderation and light water coolant led to a state where coolant failing always resulted in a power excursion.

                      8. The combination of graphite moderation, light water cooling, and the running of multiple vulnerable coolant channels through a huge pile of the moderator created a fire and explosive hazard in case of a failure of a coolant channel.

                      9. Emergency rod insertion was motorized drive instead of gravity plus stored mechanical force such as a spring. This slowed the time of the insertion both keeping power high in an emergency and exacerbating the issues in #2 above by allowing the positive reactivity insertion time to cause power transients.

                      But the real judgment on the RBMK is the fact that no new ones were ordered after Chernobyl to that design. “Works as designed under normal conditions” is a necessary, but not sufficient, the requirement for a design to be sound. “Assumes a reasonably safe state as can be designed under abnormal conditions”.

                      How bad was the design? There is evidence that one of the two explosions came from a nuclear explosion due to a prompt criticality event ( discusses the second explosion…if desired I have links for similar work on the first), instead of just a chemical one. That the core could be so unbalanced reactivity wise and decompose so quickly geometry wise to hit a very unlikely combination that it created a nuclear yield, something nuclear weapons designers struggle to do intentionally, demonstrates how unsound the design was. Yes, it was more a nuclear fizzle than a full nuclear bomb, but even a fizzle is hard to do by design. Apparently, an RBMK can do it just from extremely negligent operation.

          2. >>>Democrats major strength is their ability to socially engineer things.

            Due to uncontrollable circumstances, I just spent 2 hours watching MSNBC’s info-tainment coverage of “President Biden”… and all else that is good and right about America.

            It was a constant flow of almost unbelievable sycophancy and self-praise. This was not news to me, but I will now never again say aloud the words “Tom Hanks”.

            Tomorrow may not belong to me, but it sure as Hell doesn’t belong to these politically correct fools. I’d guess it belongs to the Chinese….

              1. I think a few more indications are needed before “collapsing” is the proper diagnosis. Also, they can do a lot of damage on the way down.

        5. Bingo. Memory is a problem for most folks especially in times of rapid information dump. What to keep. What to toss. What to accept as valid and keep or not keep. What to accept as not valid and keep or not keep. What to file as ‘wait and see’. What to intergrate into a ‘thread’ in time. What is recognized as not consistent with accepted fact. How to spot a lie or hidden agenda. Understanding the two parts of a lie: 1. The person telling the lie and 2. The one accepting the lie as truth for some percieved benefit for believing the lie. (Upshot is we all have well tuned lie detectors but choice is ours). Know too that the manipulators are well schooled in their craft. They are professionals and most of us are not. Watch a well balanced child come in from play and have the disney cartoon channel on; eyes glaze, attention shifted and riveted and child dulled. Now watch an adult enter the room…scary. Just remember, ‘they’ have teams of clinical psychologists fine tuning their ‘product’ with only the bottom line as their guide. How can we compete? How can we ‘remember’ what we must? Reading strengthens the mind of a child and adult alike. So, read! Read for pleasure first foremost and often. Then read for content. Read aloud to your child. You know, the child who one day you will look at and wonder where the time went. Be happy that you can reflect (remember) the times with books and stories. (Oh yeah, don’t wait too late in the day because if you are already tired your working eyes have a wonderful eye/brain connection in that the eye sends to the brain; tired. Then the brain releases melatonin to knock your butt out.). Want more? Read ‘Taking Books To Heart’ by Paul Copperman. God bless all of you. (And he does)

          1. I’ve always preferred reading to watching videos. There’s so often some plot point or character that just rubs my nerves raw. I’m not exactly sure why. I keep intending to sit down and analyze it some day. Part of it is that I find the storytelling too cardboardy and stupid. But I think there are other parts to it too.

            On Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 5:35 PM According To Hoyt wrote:

            > Russ commented: “Bingo. Memory is a problem for most folks especially in > times of rapid information dump. What to keep. What to toss. What to accept > as valid and keep or not keep. What to accept as not valid and keep or not > keep. What to file as ‘wait and see’. What to in” >

      2. I’m well-known in my circle for having a retentive memory. It was very funny the time someone had just finished explaining this to someone and then asked me about the leader of some other country at a point twenty years ago, and I responded that I didn’t know. “But—” “I can’t remember something I never knew in the first place!”

          1. At the height of the Trivial Pursuit craze I got banned by my friends for having an unfair advantage.
            I also have a knack for research, at first in technical books and libraries, now much faster with the internet. You just have to know how to proceed over, under, around, and through some very biased search engines.

            1. Sounds like Online Snakes and Ladders! (And yes, I have been playing a lot of board games with my grandson lately. Why do you ask?)

  2. The problem is the very very rich (and useless) who come up with these plans have never HAD to work.

    It occurs to me that the very rich do not own anything and they never will – their family Multigenerational Eternal Trust owns all the things, and they just get to use them. And the trust pays their credit card bills that they never see (unless China gives them a credit card which they pay to hide the transfer, right Hunter?).

    So for these elite folks, that’s how it works and always has, and since they are the elite and obviously superior forms of humanity, theirs is only right and proper.

    So since the inevitable arrow collective is the one true way, the inevitable arrow collective should become The Trust for all those who currently unwisely work to buy and own stuff.

    1. You are on to something there. They go around never actually owning anything whether it was property in a trust, or items owned by trust or corporation etc for tax reasons, why of course Joe Schmoe and Jane Doe don’t own their house, car etc because why would they?

        1. And the Kennedy Family Trust is not subject to any of those unless they happen to be more advantageous than the overseas jurisdictions.

          I’m talking about really wealthy families.

          1. The Pritzker family is a case in point. Untaxed billions quietly compounding in Caribbean trusts… all of it completely legal.

            America… it’s the land of Opportunity!

  3. I think it’s ironic that at the bottom of the post are buttons to share on Twitler and Facehook. Can those be changed? To Mewe and Gab or something?

    Meanwhile, I’ve always hated Facehook because it depresses me. So I have only dipped in occasionally and almost always end up ranting and raving about it. Have an account at Twitler but never used it, so that’s okay. Pretty much nobody has been going to the movies, but we still use Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. Will have to think about those. Giving up shopping on Amazon will probably be the hardest. We don’t have good gardening conditions (too much shade) so growing our food would be hard. TBH I’m pretty sure I could survive a month long fast just fine. It might actually be good for me, heh. And a lot of easily stored food is carby, and I can’t do carbs. Will have to look for a good keto prepper resource.

    Sigh. So much work to be the resistance. For us, anyway. Their resistance was just so much posturing.

    1. Re share buttons…you’d have to get the code. Probably not difficult, but I know for my blog, I haven’t taken the time to do that.

    2. Jerky, pemmican, I’m sure there are other ways to store keto foods for the long term. (You can make jerky out of hamburger.)

    3. Chickens. Rabbits. Goats. And you can trade with the folks who have sun and drainage.

      Online yes for items you can get shipped from independent creators. For us the biggest change will be divorcing from Costco and Trader Joes and buying from the IG.

      1. We know what we can grow here, and it looks like I’ll be doing a chicken coop and run* this spring. Seeds are on hand, though we’re a bit short on starter pots. We’ll see if they show up.

        Most of our neighbors have a greenhouse, and most of them know how to use it. One discovered that critters could tunnel under their g-house frame. I went through that several years back, so ours is now squirrel-proof.

        (*) Too many predators to allow free-range chickens.

      2. Are Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen classifiable as foodstuffs?

        Asking for a friend — I would never eat meat that was not organically fed.

        Oh – wait a minnit!

      3. For those who do farm/hunt and have the space, a smoker to preserve meat without needing for it to be refrigerated is also essential, along with ability to jar/can food.

      1. How long before they deplatform Duck, Duck, Go, because it doesn’t censor search results the way Google wants?

        1. Not clear, but OTOH, there were reports that DDG was sending some data back to Google. (FWIW, DDG uses the Google search database, so there is another point of failure.) I’m currently using m currently using Qwant.

          They used to be medium awful at mapping, though they now have an OpenStreetMap in beta (I think very early, raw beta), but no overhead imagery right now, if ever. If I need such, I use (in order of preference) a) Bing Maps, b) the ESRI maps on the NOAA* pages and elsewhere, or if they’re the only useful source c) Google Maps. Bing streetview is fairly useful and does a better job than Goog with the roads we have (such as they are).

          (*) The NOAA maps also have USGS topo maps, but the ESRI imagery on the NOAA site is out of date for our area. Their satellite view of my place dates to about 2011. Bing maps seems to be late 2019, Google is early 2017. Just being complete, our county uses arcgis dot com. Low resolution imagery, about 2018. Estimates valid for where I live; if you have more people than cattle around, you might do better.

    4. I’ve had much the same problem with finding good long-term ketogenic stores that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Yoder’s canned, cooked bacon is heaven, but mein Gott — roughly $240 for twelve 9-ounce cans? Is this a prank? There are hidden cameras in here, right? Likewise for the excellent canned WSU Creamery Cougar Gold Cheddar — $25.00 per 30-ounce can plus shipping, directly from the creamery? Oy vey, I should be so wealthy that money means nothing.

      Fortunately, a few reasonable long-term staples exist to fill in the gaps where shorter-term stores fail. First and foremost, Keystone’s “All Natural Beef” (NOT the inferior hamburger version) in 28-ounce cans from Walmart, either from the shelf at a superstore or as an order from Walmart’s website. It’s amazingly beefy, so much so that a single can easily lasts four days for a single individual or satisfies the beefiness needs of an entire family for the day’s main meal. Mind you, it’s very lean right out of the can, so adding a substantial amount of oil or butter is a must. Lightly heat up in the pan with the butter or oil and whatever seasonings you prefer — perhaps salt, granulated or powdered garlic, and black or red pepper — to just before the point of incipient crispiness, and you have beef heaven. Use in ketogenic beef stews with those white Asian radishes called daikon, in those low-net-carbohydrate soft burrito shells from Aldi with a scattering of shredded sharp cheddar, or in whatever applications take your fancy. Even spooning it straight out of the pan into your mouth will make you happy. ^_^

      Another reasonable staple is Dak canned hams from most anywhere or Brookdale canned hams from Aldi. The Brookdale version is less expensive but not always in stock. Slicing and lightly browning these hams in a pan with little oil will seriously improve the flavor and texture. Goes well with eggs or with cheese melted over the top of the browned slices. For sloppy people who eat like pigs, simply pouring ketchup over the top of the browned slices works surprisingly well. Mmmm … ketchup. ^^;

      1. Thanks! I’ve ordered some of those Keystone cans to try. They’re pretty reasonably priced.

  4. Strikes.

    They just gave everyone a thorough long-course training in how to endure a strike.


      1. Some of us are too old and fragile to move out of the city. We can’t do the move to the country and become (small scale) farmers. I guess we’ll become the urban dead.

  5. As I’ve said here and elsewhere before, we’re working on our “get out of the city” plan. Hopefully that comes to fruition in the first half of this year. Otherwise, we’re doing what we can for ourselves and the cat (well, okay, in order of importance…for the cat and ourselves). Avoiding products from China, using credit cards sparingly, living below our means and saving as much as possible. And learning new skills…such as (re)learning how to sew (boy am I glad I decided to keep my mother’s sewing machine!), more foodstuffs from scratch, making food go further, that sort of thing.

    The situation is definitely hugely worrying, but I actually feel that I’m ready to deal with what comes my way. And, unless really pushed, I’m not going out of my way to pick up more worries.

    We will get through this; we will not only survive, we will come out on top.

      1. We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If we do move. It won’t be out of Oregon, or likely Lane County. Technically we aren’t in Eugene either for all that our address city is Eugene. Eugene has been trying to force our area into the city for 57 years that I know of. Haven’t succeeded yet. But under this mess they might.

        1. The Democrats will aggressively push the plan concocted during the Obama administration to use the combination of “climate crisis” and “disparate impact” to force people into the cities and to consolidate suburbs and rural areas into city dominated “regional entities” which will have total control over planning, civil life, etc. They think the existence of suburbs themselves is “racist” and that rural areas should be untouched by humans, and that everyone needs to be crowded into the cities. The real purpose of course is consolidation of power and totalitarian control over society.

          Dineesh DeSouza among others has a number of great pieces on how this will be used by the Democrats/left to further their quest for power and “fundamental transformation”.


            “Thursday March 05 2020, 5.00pm GMT, The Times of London
            Don’t take this the wrong way but if you were a young, hardline environmentalist looking for the ultimate weapon against climate change, you could hardly design anything better than coronavirus.
            Unlike most other such diseases, it kills mostly the old who, let’s face it, are more likely to be climate sceptics. It spares the young. Most of all, it stymies the forces that have been generating greenhouse gases for decades. Deadly enough to terrify; containable enough that aggressive quarantine measures can prevent it from spreading.”

          2. combination of “climate crisis” and “disparate impact” to force people into the cities and to consolidate suburbs and rural areas into city dominated “regional entities”

            Planned communities where the majority live, work, school, and play, within walking distance. Only a few non-community service workers commute to outside work. I’m surprised Nike (Portland), and the Microsoft, Google, and other high tech campuses haven’t already done this on their campuses. Especially given what rent goes for in these locations.

            Locally to “comply with state law” all lots now have to be allowed multiple residential buildings (i.e. Apartment complexes). Up until now most neighborhoods are designed as either multi-housing, or single housing with occasional duplex on larger (corner) lots.

            Going to be interesting (sad) to see what happens with those places burned out this last summer. Most (currently) plan on rebuilding. To the point where they’ve put RV’s on their lots to ensure continual residential presence regardless how long it takes to rebuild (be it financial, insurance, or governmental obstruction).

              1. The issue is that those upper middle class types like to live within walking distance of shops and restaurants, but they don’t want to live within walking distance of the people who work in the shops and restaurants.

            1. Several years ago, some of the tech companies set up their own bus systems to transport their employees between the homes located throughout the Bay Area and the campuses where they worked.

              The response from the local community activists was swift, and very negative.

              If the companies had dared to set up any sort of dormitory for their employees, and offer housing as a benefit of employment, then they almost certainly would have drawn large amounts of negative attention.

              1. Yet. Some of the homeless in the high tech areas are tech workers who can’t afford to live within commuting distance of the tech campuses.

                One of the good things (IMHO) to come out of the pandemic. Can work anywhere since their work campus is closed. Even if it meant mom & dad’s attic or basement … housing!

          3. Thanks to the panic-demic resulting from Winnie the Flu, there are now limits to how far they can take this. Cities are less attractive to many right now, than ever before.

        1. I hear you there. All three of us have medical issues that pretty much make a major move a non-starter. And if things truly go into the crapper, it’s only a matter of time before we’re dead, even if we don’t catch a bullet. Once my thyroid pills run out and I can’t get any more, I’m figuring it’s a matter of weeks before I’m non-functional.

      2. Yes, we’ve started to read labels and avoid Chinese products. The breaking point was discovering that the cloth masks Kaiser was handing out have a made in china tag. Make us sick and sell us masks! Bastards!

        1. Make us sick and sell us masks! Bastards!

          Yeah! Creating a problem then selling us a “cure” is stolen from the Democrat Party Playbook!

    1. Glad you mentioned sewing. We’re getting rid of unnecessary stuff in preparation for moving out of the city, and that comment just upgraded my sewing machine and fabric stash to “pack up but keep” status. I’d been considering inviting the local quilt guild to help themselves to the stash… but wait, the grandchildren may need clothes. At least that’s something I can still do.

      1. always keep sewing items. I’ve an old singer I’d love to get time to get working again and a newer machine I need to check working on. Not to mention I got a newer cheap brother for patching clothes fitting pants etc. scraps and remnants can be barter too.

          1. I’ve got one on a treadle. I was looking for a heavier machine to maybe use on it, but the treadle needs some attention as it was stored in a basement that is humid and floods, so it is rather rusted, and the veneer is falling off the cabinet.

          2. I KNEW I should have kept my grandmother’s old treadle machine. Or bought one when we were in India a few years ago.

            1. Mom has grandma’s treadle sewing machine. Little sis already has her name taped underneath. Greed little brat 🙂 OTOH she has to wait a decade or so, after all mom is only 86 🙂 🙂 Guess I could offer to store it for mom … isn’t possession 9/10th of the law? Seriously? No. Just no. Hubby is on a de-clutter kick. I’ve volunteered stuff out of the house. But shed and garage first!!!! At least I know what is being stored in the house, and why!

          3. Ooh, this reminds me of a project from a few years back to put a Singer 411G on a treadle. I do have a treadle, but was going to buy more… Must sort out my 30 sewing machines…

            1. Sounds like a friend we had. She collected sewing machines. Or said she did. Never saw any. She listed treadle machines as well as tiny working toy machines (like Easy Bake Oven). At least a couple of portable versions she used for quilting retreats. She has severe aggressive onset dementia/alzheimer and is now living (last we heard) with her daughter in Idaho. Barely knows her surviving children let alone her last husband or us. Don’t know what happened to the collection (if it was real).

          4. Our sewing machine repair guy (only one in tow, alas) went out of business a couple of years ago, so repairs will get interesting when needed.

            Around March 45th or so Costco was selling a treadle-powered version of (I think) a Janome machine. Bring your own treadle. Semi-affordable for a basic machine.

            When we moved here, I foolishly let go of my old-school Singer-based Japanese machine. (Singer mechanicals with a shiny paint job and a new name, done in the early-mid 50s). $SPOUSE has an older Elna as her main machine; the cheap Brother sort of sews, but we try to avoid using it.

            I’ve seen sites that sell antique and vintage Singers, though haven’t noticed any treadle machines. The hospice thrift store hasn’t had machines the times I’ve been in there lately, though I suspect that’s lockdown-based. OTOH, demand for sewing seems way up, judging by the steady patronage at Joann’s.

          5. It shouldn’t be that hard to build a treadle base, and adapt a modern sewing machine to run on it. Maybe even add a two-way clutch to select between treadle and electric.

        1. The D.P. is teaching herself sewing from scratch. Making her own patterns and hand sewing as well as how to use a basic machine. Learning how to start seeds, transplant and harvest. Learning how to bake and cook. God willing and the creeks don’t rise, she and her future kids be reasonably comfortable in this brave new world.

          Next up, shooting and ham radios.

        2. I’m so, so lucky that both my grandmas were exceptionally fine needlewomen able to sew everything from wedding dresses to slipcovers, crochet, knit, embroider , . . I learned from the best, starting before I was in Kindergarden.

          I bought an 1871 Singer treadle machine two decades ago at an antique store for $125 and refurbished it with directions from online. It’s a real workhorse. I’ve got my maternal grandma’s 1949 Featherweight in perfect condition and, of course, a modern machine strictly for the zig zag to finish seams. My paternal grandma bequeathed to me all of the attachments (buttonholer, etc.) from her 1930s-era electric Singer – which sadly went missing after her death – all of which fit the treadle machine perfectly. I consider myself immensely blessed.

          I’m not the most patient of teachers and I’m a bit of a fussy perfectionist which can be annoying, but if you’re around southern Vermont and need a quick lesson, I’d offer my time.

          By the way, if you’re looking for an old machine to restore and don’t know a whole lot about sewing machines and how they work, do your homework beforehand so you don’t get stuck buying something with missing parts that are no longer available. I started with the ISMACS International website and went link by link out from there.

    2. I’m looking for the Made in China label on everything for the first time. The problem is that it is not always clear. Lots of things, with US mark on it, when it’s made in China, and “packaged” in US.

      On another note, Etsy needs a “any country but China” button.

  6. This could be posted in the Coup essay, but it’s fairly appropriate. The source of the “right wing armed protest” poster is shown here: thedcpatriot dot com/did-a-liberal-activist-group-create-an-armed-protest-flyer-for-d-c-on-inauguration-week-to-blame-conservatives-details-inside/ (link obfuscated to beat WP jail)

    The images are priceless in a Bless their hearts fashion.

    If the anons have it correct, Tuesday might be quite interesting.

      1. I’m not sure I saw all the commentary about the false flag nature of the poster, but it looks like whoever marked up the FF poster also did the markup on the election night poster. Kind of narrows it down.

  7. The Most Popular Candidate Ever! needs some slogans. How about:

    Make America Calizuela Actually – MACA! Do the MACA-rena!

    Or perhaps

    Veni Vidi VishXi! V-sign for VishXi! Or just V3 for tagging purposes.

    Simon Jester, please pick up the Red Phone…

    1. “You’ll wonder where your freedom went, when you’re under the rule of the Pseudodent !!!”

  8. I suspect that the Great Reset is really about their awareness that they’ve thoroughly borked the financial/economic system through endless debt both public and private.

    1. What did they expect when the interest rates are shit, savings are taxed, and debt is subsidized?

      I have savings in spite of all that.

      1. They likely were expecting they could eat, drink and be merry and that those poor bastards in futureworld were going to get to worry about the dying part.

      2. We have a lot of savings despite the lack of interest available on funds. We started with nothing (less than nothing if you count the loans to get us started, all paid off). We’ve saved despite one of us being laid off Every Single Year of his employment history; for 32 years. Despite my changing careers to pay for another 6 years of schooling (working full time, schooling takes time). Despite my long(ish) furloughs between jobs since ’90. (I’ve noted before that I’ve had 6 different employers since graduating with my first degree over the last 42 years – stupid owl, stupid dot-com.) To the point that, now that we are here, we are finding we can’t spend what we earn on our savings. (What can I say? We’re such extravagant spenders! NOT!)

        Together our assets are not enough to trip the current Federal estate tax (who knows how long that lasts?) Individually we don’t trip our state estate tax, combined barely over it. But damn if they get one extra red cent if we can help it (either one of them). From Nothing. We inherited none of it.

      3. I think people overemphasize savings-as-an-investment.

        The ultimate purpose of savings is so a sudden need for money doesn’t wipe you out. As long as you aren’t in Inflatistan that still holds true.

          1. Agree. We have extremely little cash immediately available (bank), let alone on hand. The rest is available, but not immediately. Hubby calculated last years rate of return varying between 12 to 15% depending on accounts for me, him, and our son. AND our investments are handled conservatively.

            My mom pulled all of her remaining IRA from non-bank-money-market account into a Credit Union IRA* money market account. Bad news, she’s not making the return she was. Which while didn’t cover what she pulled (she is on required distribution at 86), it covered part of it and the fees to manage it. OTOH at the rate she’s withdrawing ($3600/year) she has enough to cover her for another 15 years. Right now that money comes out and goes into her savings. Longer term? She goes into assisted living, whatever she has is history very quickly. As is any value in the house and car.

            * She told me it was in progress when she did it. No conversation. Just pulled the plug. I was lucky to intervene fast enough to get it triggered as an IRA rollover. Otherwise she’d had paid taxes on the amount pulled. As it is her taxes on the amount rolled over, both Feds and State are $0; have been since dad died 12 years ago March. OTOH no more OMG when the market has a hick up (like on election week).

    2. About that:

      Housing may again be behind the 2008-ball
      We seem to be living in an era of the unexpected disaster: A virus that suddenly shuts down the US economy and ends life as we know it. A banking system that is at one minute solvent, and the next on the brink of collapse.

      Of course, such calamities are never totally unexpected. The banking system was flashing warning signs about a year before the worst of the 2008 financial crisis. The pandemic was ravaging China before it came to the US, even if we were told it would evaporate once the warm weather hit.

      Here’s another so-called unexpected disaster flashing warning signs that will have severe consequences for the American taxpayer if (or when) it arrives: A massive new housing crisis and the very real possibility of a significant economic collapse in the years ahead.

      And once again, the trigger won’t be some black-swan event that comes out nowhere. Rather, it will come from the failure of bureaucrats in the Trump administration and progressives with the incoming Biden team to fix a duo of odd-sounding companies that have been allowed to become the lifeblood of the US housing market.


      For four years we heard how F[annieMae]&F[reddieMac] were supposed to be made free from government control, allowed to retain capital like a bank, and become as safe and secure as any independent financial institution in a post-2008 landscape.

      There was even talk of a gazillion-dollar stock offering to “recapitalize and release” those “government-sponsored enterprises” (GSEs) from government control with a fortress-like, JPMorgan-esque balance sheet.

      After four years of soul-searching here’s what we have in terms of “reforming” the GSEs, as released by Mnuchin and Calabria in the waning days of the Trump administration: There is no stock sale. In fact, the GSEs are still wards of the state.

      There is a broad plan to recapitalize the GSEs, but the messy details will be left to the progressives in the Biden administration who view homeownership as a “right” and can’t wait to get their hands on F&F’s profits to finance a “Green New Deal” and a lot more.

      With interest rates near zero, and the Biden administration likely to spread the righteousness of homeownership through F&F still in the hands of the government, those pre-2008 housing-collapse warning lights are once again signaling danger for the US economy.

      In other words, all the elements are in place for a redo of 2008 — or even worse.

      1. And this article was published too late to inform those President Trump admin bureaucrats how to fix Fannie and Freddie totes by coincidence. And the China Joe* and That Indian Chick Pretending To Be Black administration totally will now fail to fix that issue due to the President Trump administration’s evil influence and stuff, and nothing to do with cash payments from the God Emperor Xi the Pooh.

        1. Trump couldn’t have gotten it fixed in any event. He spent most of his administration fending off conspiracy-theory-fueled attacks from the Left, and trying to deal with a bureaucracy that viewed him as a fool for daring to think outside the box. He never had the time to expend on something as ambitious as overhauling the FMs.

      2. I actually keep hoping that the housing market here in Los Angeles will suffer a massive self-correction. I know the high property values are due at least in part to the shortage of places to build. But I suspect that there’s also a lot of artificial propping up so that people who spent a million or more on a modest single-family home (which you can easily do, depending on where you buy) don’t lose all of their home value overnight.

  9. Came across articles from SyFy Wire and Newsweek saying that Marvel needs to either ban, or covert The Punisher into the Woke because some cops and some rioters at the 6 January event were wearing the logo or t-shirts. These Prog-Socs are terrified of us. That we’ll take away their power, and their toys, whatever feelings of relevance they have, and even their lives. At this point, very few of us have any problem with the first three. But the actions these people are likely to take will justify, and trigger, the very thing they seek to avoid. Of course The Punisher reminds me heavily of Don Pendleton’s Mack Bolan series. But Mack Bolan doesn’t have a spiffy logo to print on your chest.

        1. I went through a time when I was getting lots of old Executioner books from a used bookstore (get books, read, turn in for credit to get a few more) so I could internalize how they worked. Because most of them were darn good action writing.

          That, and much more in tune with conservative morals than a lot of fiction.

    1. So, if folks use Marvel characters for Liberty, the forces of SJW will nag Marvel to retire them? Thus sparing us further abominations of Wokiee-tantrums?

      Heh. Let’s help. Captain America is up first.

    2. The next step in the ramping up of censorship will be the push to have ISP and cable service providers cut access to websites and channels that are deemed politically incorrect; CNN is actively calling for Newsmax and OANN to be banned and of course we have AOC and the other Democrats who want government to decide what can be said. Many of these people are the same people who screamed for “net neutrality”, which of course was nothing of the sort, but rather treated ISPs and the entire internet as the old Ma Bell so that one would need a government license to have a website.

      Many of the Obama folks now working for Harris/Biden have in the past called for Venezuela style control over media (they cited Venezuela as their specific example) and the shutting down of media that spread “wrong information”, i.e., whatever Democrats don’t like being said. They think that their theft of the election has empowered them to achieve these goals.

  10. The only advice I have probably doesn’t need to be stated but I’ll do so anyhow: Work to make yourself emotionally and spiritually able to withstand the pressure of circumstances.

    Shit gets bad, really bad? That’s my cue to go sing on the boardwalk to all the slave diapered communists.

  11. I look at this list, and everything on it is either something I’m already doing, or something I can’t do.

    “to get yourself to a rural or semi-rural or another place where you can grow your own food.”

    Here in Alaska, we can definitely do rural, but ‘grow our own food’ not so much. And rural becomes hard when you need meds and can’t drive.

    “Figure out what you can do or have that you can barter with others,”

    I have nothing, really. But at least I’m paying no taxes, and unlikely to do so.

    “Use cash whenever you can.”

    Already have been for pretty much my entire adult life.

    “Lay in a supply of food.”

    Earthquake prep is a thing here; but apartment space is quite limited and makes “not immediately discoverable” a challenge.

    “They’re going to try to expropriate you”

    At least I have very little to appropriate.

    “When possible, shop non-corporate, non-virtual, not over the net. In fact, when possible shop directly from the producers.”

    Already doing “non-virtual, not over the net” quite a lot. But there isn’t really “non-corporate” where I live, nor much in the way of local “producers” to by direct from.

    “So, withdraw your support from people who want you dead or imprisoned or “re-educated.””

    As per the points above, already done as much as possible.

    “I think it’s going to come to strikes”

    It’s hard to go on strike when you have no job to go on strike from.

    “Oh, and don’t spend more than you have to.”

    Unfortunately, Social Security rules forbid my from saving up money or assets above a rather low cap ($2000), so I have to spend money to keep myself under it.

    “not one red cent to the left. All the red cents to the right”

    Except, what about when there are no providers of a necessary good in your area “to the right”?

      1. “You do the best you can.”

        But what if “the best I can” is doing more harm than good, in that keeping me around is more of a drag on others than I can contribute? I’m reminded of scenes in old war movies, where the wounded soldier tells his buddies to leave him, because trying to carry him along will only bog them down and likely get them killed as well. It’s possible to be dead weight, only serving as a burden.

        1. Kevin C,

          If one feels like a burden, one can always choose to add that burden elsewhere … creatively. Add yourself to the opposition’s “help”. Maximize your utilization of them. File lots of paperwork. Ask as many questions as you can. Keep them busy living up to their promises.

          No rational mind is useless. You can -always- make life harder for the tyrant-de-jure.

        2. In those old war movies, they didn’t just say “I’m dead weight, leave me behind.” They said “Give me a gun and some grenades and I’ll keep them off your back.” As another says below… you can always become a burden to the enemy.

          1. Well, for right now I’m drawing off pretty much every bit of the public dole I can. But the problem is what happens when I’m cut off for being right-wing (or just a white male, for that matter), and my family, who are treading water as it is, are stuck taking up the massive slack?

            1. Kevin C,

              The -last- thing you owe a tyrant is truth. They lie to you when truth would better serve them.

              Lie right back.

              Lie creatively and with gusto.

              How many Refusniks said, with gusto, “I serve the Soviet Union!”

              All war is deception.

            2. Then you show them and us what high morale and faith in the Almighty offer. You suffer, and they suffer, and you learn that suffering is the way to Heaven, and love bears the burdens, and you perform the miracle by letting others, like us, help you.

              You are a universe. You aren’t box to check or a bean to count or a widget that’s replaceable. You are worth more than social security payments or prescription plans. You are worth more because you are you, and we need you. We need you because we need to have people we can help so we can learn to be loving and giving and caring and not evil flat people who think in isms or think about groups and categories instead of a human being. You stick around being a burden because we need to bear burdens! We need to learn to love and sacrifice, and you need to teach us how by letting us help!

              You are wonderfully and frightfully made.

        3. But what if “the best I can” is doing more harm than good, in that keeping me around is more of a drag on others than I can contribute?

          Despair is a lie. Don’t listen to that lie. There’s always something you can contribute. If you’re only looking at the financial side of things, you’re missing a bit part of the picture. You have a clear mind (except for the part that’s listening to the lies that despair is feeding you, and that will clear right up once you realize that those are lies), so there’s lots you can do. For example, you can find a few trusted people and organize some kind of discussion group to discuss creative ways to protest the fraud. Or, if one of your friends has ideas for things to post online but doesn’t want to do it himself because he doesn’t want to lose his job in retaliation for Being A Conservative Online™, you can be his shield and post it for him. Which is kind of like the example that Reziac cites in his 4:40 PM post.

          Point is, don’t listen to despair. There’s plenty you can do. Get creative.

          1. “You have a clear mind”

            Only with medication that’ll be over $900/mo. if (when) insurance drops me; then it’s back to trying to decode the flickers in fluorescent lights and holding conversations with people who aren’t really there.

            “For example, you can find a few trusted people”

            Requires the means and ability to go out and meet new people

            “and organize”

            Requires skills at organizing other people

            “Or, if one of your friends…”

            Requires having IRL right-wing friends.

            1. Then give the fuck up, Kevin. Quit torturing good hearted people. We’re here to help with answers, and prayer, and all you do is crap on people’s suggestions.

              You’ve adopted a victim mantle. That means death unless you can crawl out from underneath.

              1. Sounds like he’s despairing/depressed. Speaking as someone prone to depression, you can’t jolly or shame someone out of it. On the internet about all you can do is be supportive, realizing that they’re probably not going to accept it but it may work eventually as a little positive seed in their mind.

                1. The first time Kevin arrived I thought the same. I told him I loved him, and I meant it, and mean it still.

                  Since that time I’ve become wise to Kevin’s tactics. I recognize them as my own, so I’m not casting aspersions. He’s in a bad place, a low place, a hard place.

                  He’s chosen to become a victim-bully. He calls people who care out, he gets a ton of love, and specific ideas, and compassion. And he craps on every suggestion, specifically. That’s professional victimhood, and the bullying feels great because it’s a two-fer: he’s bullying us, and himself at the same time (for his temerity in even airing his grief and pain).

                  If Kevin wants to correct me, I’m all over it. I’d drive down and sit with Kevin for as many days as he wants to sit and talk and cry and plan and start to hope and believe again. I’m in Seattle, Kevin, it’ll take a few days, but the offer is there. I will come and meet with you and we’ll figure some things out.

                  What I won’t let him do is his Act without pushback.

                  1. “I’d drive down and sit with Kevin for as many days as he wants to sit and talk and cry and plan and start to hope and believe again. I’m in Seattle, Kevin, it’ll take a few days, but the offer is there. I will come and meet with you and we’ll figure some things out.”

                    Color me highly skeptical — both that you’d waste that much time and money to confront some random Internet person face-to-face, and that you’d have success where over 15 years of trained professionals have not.

      2. The best things we can do going forward are to figure out how to survive and thrive. I have a few months left on the current contract I’m working and after that, I’m done with corporate america for a while. By the time all the Democrat’s new taxes finish kicking in, it’s not going to be worth being in my current income bracket. (And no, I don’t make all that much, but I do well enough to pay for my few remaining vices and live comfortably).

    1. One asset they cannot tax or limit yet is knowledge. Your local libraries, fire depart, community groups and more teach valuable skills, often cheaply or free.

      First aid when the doctor or nurse cannot or will not come. Pharmacology. Raconteur Report (warning, salty language) has courses and courses of teach- yourself-how-to stuff.Learn how to grow weed (assuming you live in a legal state) and pot herbs, how to dry and store them. How to maintain a kitchen garden in an apartment: eat better for less. Need to spend down to keep up your SS disability? Buy that veterinary pharmacology tome, or first aid manual, or home plumbing guide. Or the pot and potting soil and seeds.

      Here’s a pep talk.

      Pick one thing and start learning. No matter what comes down the pike, you win.

      1. > First aid when the doctor or nurse cannot or will not come.

        …or when socialized medicine is rationed, or “private” insurance is legislated into such affordability it’s beyond what you can pay. And even when you have healthcare, the doctor is just a clinic employee who is severely restricted as to diagnostics, diagnoses, or treatment.

      2. Depending on where you live, NONE of these things exist right now.

        Here no libraries open. No schools. No first aid classes. No art classes for pottery or glasswork. No sewing or knitting. Comm college welding and electrical classes are literally online.

        So if you know any these things, FIND A WAY to teach them in person. Even if it’s one on one, one down the line, apostolic succession, matters.

      3. It might be wise to stock up on several sets of Boy Scout manuals published before, oh, 1990.

      4. That makes me feel marginally less useless. One thing about being old and having spent a lot of time on various family farms, I do remember a few long-dormant skills. Milking a cow, killing and plucking a chicken, saddling a horse, shoveling out the stables, baking bread, cooking from scratch, making clothes, mending clothes, making winter quilts from the scraps and the truly too-worn-to-patch rags…

        Mind you, I’d actually prefer not to have to work that hard, but at least I now feel that I may have some small things to contribute if we do have to deal with a collapsing country.

        1. When this is all over, and we’re all living happily ever after, I will pay you to teach me how to saddle a horse. And then, how not to be afraid of it. 🙂

      5. Another resource for everyone, Survivor Library.

        Here’s the index page:

        All of the books, organized by topic, are PDF, printable, scanned copies of original books from the 19th and 20th centuries covering basic skills and technologies, “The library contains thousands of books on technologies that can be produced by most reasonably skilled craftsman using tools not as sophisticated as what can be found in many modern home workshops.”

        The creator of the website and collector of all these books imagines a world where an EMP or some such has rendered much of modern technology unusable and society needs to rebuild from scratch, so it’s not all just self-sufficiency skills, although there’s lots of that too. “As the library has grown over time we’ve tried to cover both the simplest, more basic self sufficiency skills such as growing food and raising livestock through the most advanced and sophisticated technology of the time such as aeroplanes and communications systems like telephone and telegraph.”

        Quotes are from the site’s “about” page.

    2. I grew up in Anchorage, and the extent of vegetable gardening for us was a couple boxes of leaf lettuce and carrots. And being in an apartment sucks.

      If you can manage rural, though, at least in Southcentral Alaska you can really grow quite a lot if you can preserve it. The Youtube channel “Simply Living Alaska” is a couple from Oregon who bought an off-grid (mostly bog) property around Willow* and grow a huge amount of food (and fish and hunt as well). I think flour and rice and fresh fruit are about the only things they buy at the grocery store.

      *that’s about 70 highway miles north of Anchorage for the non-Alaskans

  12. Sarah, as well as being intelligent and articulate, grew up under, experienced, learned to get around, socialism, hence her words are well worth taking to heart.

    I spent a fair amount of time in the Russian wild wild east, visiting friends in the Saka Autonomous Republic and in Khabarovsk and Vladivostok. I saw, experienced, the barter and personal networks that allowed folks to get by, reasonably comfortably, in spite of the horrors of central planning and control.

    Quite frankly I’ve been working on developing such a personal information and goods exchange net here in Alaska for a number of years.

    I suggest most folks should take a bit of time developing networks, figuring out who you know, what they know,what you have, what they have and what you can share and exchange. In a few years, or a few months, it will probably make a difference if you are comfortable or not and possibly if you’re alive, or not.

  13. Get kids out of public schools. Not that they are open yet. The Woke education they are/will get will turn the against you and the US.
    In college 50 years ago we heard, or joked, that the education school had tha lowest SAT’s and the highest graduating GPA. Thy have had the last laugh.

    1. “Get kids out of public schools. Not that they are open yet. The Woke education they are/will get will turn the against you and the US.”

      Which is why they’re going to emulate a number of European countries and ban homeschooling altogether.

      1. Okay, so make a plan to start a private school with a tiny number of people you absolutely trust and then show TPTB your trans friendly anti racist curriculum and how 2+2=5 when they knock on the door and then shelve those books and read the Iliad and machiavelli and sun tzu and Wells and who GW was and teach time tables and how to make biofuel and purify water.

        But it’s time to find those whom you trust. Right now.

        1. They’re going to ban those, too. It is the only way of concealing what colossal failures public schools have become.

          1. That and home schooling (see Germany as an example), because home schooling means that they are not present for the daily Communazi indoctrination sessions.

  14. The communist countries going completely and suddenly to shit and famine makes no sense to them.

    They “know” why it happens: wreckers and hoarders. They also “know” the solution: Stalin, Mao, et al were too soft and didn’t liquidate the kulaks fast enough. Maybe Pol Pot didn’t either.

    That’s why the demonize and liquidate are already starting, so they don’t repeat that mistake.

    1. Very much this. Their insane energy and economic policies are designed to cause massive shortages of energy and food, which will then have to be “rationed”, with such rationing being based on one’s “social credit score” and membership in “historically oppressed groups”. Essentially, all wrongthinkers will be barred from having electricity and food; of course even the “goodthinkers” will also lack electricity and food, because that is how any form of socialism rolls.

      If you look at the Democratic Party’s actual policy plans, they look remarkably like Venezuela’s under Chavez and now Maduro.

    2. ‘Cuz everybody is born 100% altruistic with no selfish self-preservation instincts or desires to have stuff of their own, that belongs to them. We adults obviously have been teaching babies to fight over toys and we stamped out their natural desire to share, preferring others above themselves. That’s why the gubmint needs to raise all children, so they can raise them in the perfect and efficient fashion that large bureaucracies have come to be known for. Why would you try to hoard your children from “father government”? Don’t you know that children oppress their mothers, reducing women’s ability to compete in the workforce? They don’t want their own mothers and fathers, that would be a selfish and familial bit of bigotry, and I can assure you children are born without selfish and sinful natures. God was wrong Marx and Engels have now set Him straight, and the unquestionable flourishing of all utopian communal property economies is the manifest proof of it.

  15. A lot of this we’ve already been working on or already doing. Not growing our own food, though, because a woman’s got to know her limitations.
    But more importantly, trying to write. Because politics is downstream of culture, and if Peter and I can get books out that… well, we don’t write message fiction, we write to entertain, but our worldviews are baked into our books inevitably as the author voice. So everything we can write to entertain, and provide relief from the world and escape for a while, is also a bit of resistance.
    There’s a reason totalitarians want to ban unapproved entertainment. They can issue the edicts of what “approved fiction” shall be, but us? We aim to misbehave.

    1. Good reminder, Dorothy! I haven’t been writing enough subversive fiction lately but hope to do better once the current back issues are resolved.

    2. Even if can’t grow, storing food is good though; rice or dried potatoes store, pretty much, forever and can be turned into sugar (& from sugar to alcohol, if required) quite easily, if necessary.

      1. The vitamin content of rice goes away after about a year. This is a reason for much of the malnutrition in the East.

        1. You can survive a lot longer without the vitamin intake than you can without the calorie intake. Food stored for In The Event first and foremost has to keep you from starving. Vitamins can be scrounged elsewhere from edible greens, edible insects, etc. Mice are also edible, nutritious, and taste like fine beef. (Trust me on that.)

          1. This is the entire point behind polished white rice. It’ll store about 3 years without going bad, while brown rice only stores for one. So a lot of cultures made white rice just to have calories in really bad times between harvests.

            1. Yep. Was once given some year-old brown rice. Holy crap, the stench of rancid… Rancid fat in sufficient quantities can cause retinal degeneration and blindness. Don’t eat it.

              However, have discovered that ordinary oatmeal keeps approximately forever. I’ve had some with age measured in multiple decades that was as good as fresh.

    3. As a general idea for writers, what about short-shorts that can be posted on places like Reddit or the ‘Chans? Little vignettes that mock or criticize the new regime or the various failures of the Left, both as a political and a cultural force; forceful enough to pack an effective punch- which means a certain amount of viciousness – but short enough to fit the modern young person’s attention span. And done anonymously, of course. eSamizdat, right?

      1. Having to hangout in those places is one of the hard parts. My tolerance for that kind of insanity is low.

  16. I notice that the FCC has now put out a message that ham radio operators and even walki talki operators are cautoned that they cannot be used to communicate activities that the Deep State opposes. This is a direct warning to those who have been planning alternative means of communication if the internet is taken down. The Left is everywhere and intend total suppression of anyting they deem wrong thinking.

  17. I’ve seen rumblings on various milblogs that Democrats were demanding political vetting of the tens of thousands of National Guardsmen deployed to protect the fake President’s fake inaugural, and now I see the morning headlines claiming that Democrats fear a false-flag “insider attack” from the military and FBI is investigating and “vetting” the Guard.

    Wow, did I pick a bad time to start re-reading Weber’s Honor Harrington series from the beginning. Shades of Rob S. Pierre and his fake military attack on the Havenite Legislaturalists . . . I wondered in the other thread whether the Guard was supposed to be guards, pawns, patsies or targets. Looks increasingly as if the answer is “all of the above.”

    1. When a government in a (supposedly) free society is afraid of it’s own military, that should be a good indication that they are doing something very wrong. How do the Democrats not see this? Even Obama and Bill Clinton had no reason to be afraid of our own military, and in both cases they were often thought of as being openly hostile to the military.

      1. I’m personally finding it all sorts of amusing. They are as afraid of the people they put in place to protect them as they are of the people those guys are supposed to be protecting them from. It’s also a hell of a message, we are afraid of our service members who swore an oath to protect this country from enemies foreign and domestic. While it’s not exactly a confession, it does make you wonder why the ‘winners’ of a totally legit election with no fraud are worried.

          1. Perhaps. Or they are planning something to take out Biden, blame it on Trump and Republicans in Congress, and use the military to declare martial law and suspension of rights will “the insurrection” is put down. There is a reason they are hyping the sedition and insurrection talk to 11 and it isn’t because of a couple hundred people who entered the Capitol Building.

            1. Don’t they always dial their current anti-Trump complaint up to 11? I can’t really picture them not doing !!Insurrection!!SQUEE. They’re not capable of that restraint.

          2. a) You want handpicked officers and troops for politically delicate security tasks. Obviously, some attention has been paid to this from the selection of units. But there is a fundamental limit to what the ordinary security procedures of a functioning military can do in a civil war.
            b) Too late to fix this, but c 35 k FBI employees, vetting 20k to 30k troops. Investigations take time, and the tooth to tail ratio of the FBI can’t be so optimized for this type of investigation to brute force a good job by tomorrow.
            c) Decent chance 10% to 50% of officers are compromised. Keep in mind that Congress nominates people to service academies, the Chinese Asset (CA) delegation has been compromised for years, and this has been long in the making.
            d) Whatever mess comes out of this may damage Democrat ability to use the military against Trump supporters.

            1. You’d have to be pretty dumb to pull in Alabama NG for a coup.

              What next? Calling in the Texas Rangers to give a stirring speech in defense of the Honor of New York?

              1. Unless you are trying to set up an excuse to purge the military as prep for later mass murder.

                Decent chance the plan is to kill Biden at this. The VP to Harris is probably going to be the really dangerous person.

              2. The Rangers are converged, and showed it when they tried to blue-wash the Amber Guyger investigation.

                The jurors didn’t fall for it.

    2. When I first read, “The Short Victorious War,” and got to the part where Ransom serves an arrest warrant signed by “Rob S. Pierre,” I said, out loud, “Weber, you son of a–!”

      1. I know enough history that I can usually spot the historical figures with the serial numbers filed off (how many authors have done cod-Belisarius now?), but I was just slackjawed at how much Weber couldn’t be bothered.

    3. I really have to wonder how the troops are taking it, and how much hidden disgust the politicians [spit] are outright creating for themselves.

      1. The more disgust, the better…

        Pics seen somewhere or other earlier today looked like happy troops, tho. Mucho pizza.

      2. I saw somewhere in my web travels today that Texas governor Abbott is NOT happy with this and doubts he will comply with future such requests.

        Big hat, but we’ll see how much cattle he can round up the next time he’s asked.

        Ah! here ’tis: Caused Texas Governor Greg Abbott to Threaten to Never Deploy National Guard Units to DC Again

            1. Surprised he hasn’t recalled them 🙂 🙂 🙂

              I would. (Never said I had as much political insight as a no-seem-um mosquito.)

              After all thanks to Ficus there is an eminent incoming emigrant crisis coming to his state …

  18. As always, it’s going to come down to food… And concur on getting out of a metro area. SO glad I’m in Tiny Town, Texas now.

    1. pfff
      I worked at the airport (was under a wing, fueling, when the first plane hit), all the new security does is annoy the people who are not trying an attack. It did nothing really to prevent attacks, that wasn’t already being done.

    2. I’ve always thought that the TSA was real security, but aimed at preventing another Flight 93. Because if terrorists hijack a jetliner and fly it into a building, that’s just aggrieved people with a legitimate grievance carrying things a bit too far. But when ordinary passengers commit the horrifying malum in se crime of self defense? That’s Treason Against Civilization Itself, and the establishment authorities are desperate to do anything – anything at all – to prevent that from ever occurring again.

  19. Sarah,

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a few years, but never felt a need to post until now. I love all of the ideas you and the Huns have come up with for passive-aggressive resistance to the upcoming idiocy. I’ve been thinking a lot about a very old protest song that may be appropriate here, “Die Gedanken sind Frei”

    Hopefully that link works and doesn’t get this post thrown into moderation jail.

    David S.

    P.S. I love the ‘Darkship’ series. I have read up through “A Few Good Men” so far.

    1. Even better: According to Wikipedia, Sophie Scholl of “White Rose” fame played this song outside the prison in Ulm where her father was held. That’s a good lineage to belong to.

      1. IIRC, one of the first things the Nazis (the real, honest to National Socialism ones) did when they took power in 1933 was to ban “Die Gedanken sind frei”.

    2. Heh – I first heard that song on a Pete Seeger album. Funny how what goes around come around — and is reason we can steal re-purpose their songs for our use.

  20. “…TSA is kabuki security…”
    I remember once watching TSA make our pilot take his shoes off. LOL
    As if he might need to bring something in his shoe, to kill us all. SMH

    1. Well, you never know when some unstable guy is going to pull a knife and hold it to his throat, threatening to kill him unless we do what he say.

      I’ve seen it happen in a movie, so you know it is possible!

    2. Before TSA airport security wanted our five-year-old son. Maybe it was the little bomber jacket. The look on the kid’s face as he held his arms up was priceless. Even at five he knew BS when he saw jt.

  21. I’ve been reading here ten years but never commented until today. Sarah, I really appreciate the information, born from experience, that you bring to my family through your blog posts. We are setting networks and plans into place based, heavily, on your recommendations. Now is the time to fortify your community with everything available

  22. Great word on Darkship rights. You have 4 or 5 persons worth of work to do. A joke, of course.

  23. About your advice to spend as little as possible. Every dollar that you hold is value that can be taken from you via inflation. That is what is funding the current Democrat dream bill. I would suggest holding as little as possible in dollar denominated items and as much as possible in liquid hard assets.

          1. Back in ancient times, standard small rifle primers were considered equivalent to magnum small pistol primers, subject to the usual warnings about backing off and working up loads after substituting components. Magnum small pistol primers were often out of stock locally when I had a .357; at least half of my reloads used rifle primers.

            Rifle primers have harder cups than pistol primers; not a problem with my revolver, but a striker fired autoloader might not have sufficient cowbell to reliably ignite a rifle primer.

            (the proper word should be “detonate”, but “ignite” was in general use in reference to small arms primers before modern definitions of the words)

            1. These will be used in a Winchester 94, so there shouldn’t be a problem with setting off a rifle primer. *Getting* a supply of small rifle primers might be as much of a challenge as small pistol magnums.

              1. Checked the three usual suspects, and one had primers, but .50 BMG only. Otherwise, come back later.

                That high-volume store gets stock in regularly, then gets swamped. (Decent prices, $30 per thousand.) All I can do is check every time I’m in town. Not sure about the farm & ranch store; the ammo and rifle shelves were pretty bare and the workers were elsewhere. The last place doesn’t sell enough to have priority, so they have no idea when they’ll get any.

        1. Personally, “never trade anything that might be used against you later.” Particularly at a distance.

      1. The hard assets part is doable. It’s the liquid that is hard. Each kind of project or hobby or skill tends to have its own set of tools which one could think of as hard assets which can be used for your future benefit in terms of direct to you or your ability to trade useful things to others.

        1. Think of those as capital equipment rather than liquid hard assets. Some of both is good.

      1. Just getting started.

        “Democrats in Congress are teeing up another round of investigations and commissions to get to the bottom of the January 6 insurrection, which will almost certainly revisit the thorny question of whether the U.S. needs an independent counter-subversion agency to infiltrate and neutralize armed domestic extremists, “

        1. I cannot but help to wonder if they will call it Geheime Staatspolize or Schutzstaffel. The first would be more honest.

          1. Given their stated desire to “cleanse” those who voted for Trump, and their rabid hatred of Jews, the second is quite fitting as well.

          2. They would definitely be the Stazi. The Gestapo had much snappier uniforms than these dipshits could ever come up with.

    1. [reads link]

      I vehemently oppose this. Most of the people this applies to are representatives or employees of places which are denied their Second Amendment rights… by just the people who are having those rights restored.

      Not no, but HELL no.

      1. I further note, after reading the EO, that as far as I can tell, it supercedes the restrictions in the Gun Control Acts of 1968 and 1986 regarding “prohibited persons”; simply by holding office or certain employment, ex-felons, convicted drug users or spouse abusers, would be able to legally carry a gun. While all the old restrictions would still apply to their constituents.

        Change that to “holy ****ing **** NO, ****. And your little dog too.”

      1. The fact that it applies to families is key. In a lot of states run by Democrats, even family members of LEOs who have been outright threatened by leftists with violence cannot get permission to be able to carry guns, thus leaving them vulnerable to violent leftists.

  24. A few weeks back you mentioned gold jewelry. How much do you recommend having and where can one get the best price?

  25. Looking at some of the planting options for veggies if we need to use our backyard to grow stuff. Trying to get down to the used bookstore to trim my supplies of books I don’t need anymore, to move into a smaller storage unit. Quietly consolidating stuff in the garage when nobody is looking, so if I have to throw a few containers of stuff out of my storage unit in there and get rid of the rest, I can. Saving money, getting my truck fixed as much as I can on a cash-availability basis, getting ready for school to get a new job, writing more novels, and not surrendering to despair.

    And, realizing that our enemies are not confident, and barely even competent in intrigue. Yes, they have the news and far too much of tech-mostly because the rest of us have been too busy doing things that aren’t as abstract at these two things. But, I’m hearing more people than not sneering at CNN and their ilk and the things showing up on CNN and the news is insane. It’s like watching old Soviet Union news, but without the ironic comedy. I think the moment that we actually “reopen”…business is going to explode back like crazy. Despite these people.

    Mind you, my predictions have not been the best possible. But, I’m still remaining hopeful.

    It beats the alternatives.

    1. Ha! They are actually complaining that some private YouTubers have more viewers than CNN. CNN is a laughingstock even to the left.

      1. Maybe that’s their plan – once they’re the State News you will be required to watch CNN for 3 hours everyday! That should finish off the country.

    2. Re: backyard gardening, I heartily recommend David the Good, who has books on Amazon and a decent blog to boot. (His emergency-gardening book starts out along the lines of “If you are picking this book up out of your zombified neighbor’s burning basement, here’s where you start…”) Very much prioritizes Getting Fed over Doing It Perfectly.

      For the back yard: look into purslane, which is a salad green that’s full of some hard-to-get compounds and is self-seeding to boot. Hybrid cherry tomatoes are *hellaciously* productive and last longer unpreserved than “real size” tomatoes – I prefer heirlooms for taste and reproducibility, but for sheer “amass calories and vitamins” it’s hard to beat a good strong cherry tomato plant. FWIW.


        Do NOT use the BBC series The Good Life* as your guide! While achieving self-sufficiency in suburbia is possible this instructional series offers mostly negative advice, e.g., things to NOT do. For one thing, the series was created before HOAs became the norm.

        *Shown in US as Good Neighbors

  26. All the people the other day who thought The Enemy was acting out of power, not fear:

    What stage, pray tell, does being paranoid about your own guards happen in?

  27. … people use your living room for business meetings while you’re gone?

    People think they are going to use MY living room for business meetings? F**k housekeeping, then. If the vermin get too bad I will just sleep during business meetings in THEIR homes.

    1. Bingo.

      I’m a slob to begin with and if it ceases to be “my room” then the good Dr. Peterson’s advice no longer applies.

        1. Exactly. Slavenka Drakulic has several books of essays about life under and after communism. Cafe Europa: Life After Communism and How We Survived Communism and Learned to Laugh are her two most well known collections. I highly recommend them all.

        2. Twaddle! Such communal housing works GREAT! Just look at Chicago’s experience with the Cabrini-Green Homes or the excellent maintenance record of NY city owned housing.

      1. There goes “The Tragedy of the Commons” thing again… how can we build New Socialist America if scabs like you are refusing to fulfill their end of the Social Contract?

  28. What they do is usually for the pleasure of ordering others around. They don’t even understand what’s in the minds of the normal human being …

    It struck me the other day that much of our current political divide is between those who give orders and those who implement orders. The second group is about fed up with having to unbugger the orders they’re given, converting them into something actionable, practical, fulfillable. The first group, OTOH, is frustrated that their orders “Create Obamacare Websites!” are implemented so slowly and incompetently.*

    *If you consider taking incoherent, contradictory and incompatible demands and kludging something marginally functional out of them “incompetent.”

    1. The theory is you won’t own that living room, or anything else. You will, I guess, have the right to sleep in the bedroom, but to promote “sustainability,” no one will own any property and anyone will be able to use that unused space in “your” living area when you aren’t there.
      Likewise, when you cook, if you need a blender you requisition it from a common store, and return it when you’re done with it. You won’t own anything, not even what you wear. But you’ll be happy. The experts say so.

        1. That is not a good demonstration of revolutionary spirit Comrade! Of course the Party must maintain the use of certain rooms to perform their services for the People; during that time they hold them in trust.

      1. But you’ll be happy. The experts say so.

        As we have seen in this last year, we can rely on the experts.

        And if we don’t, there are always the Political Officers Ship’s Counselors to ensure we are.

  29. You are right. The bad path is that which we have chosen to follow.

    I made a deliberate effort to buy local lunch yesterday. It required going hungry for a few hundred kilometres, but so what. I found a fish shop, staffed by a local and her daughter, and tried the trumpeter as the blue cod was sold out. Delicious. Surprise, they also had local bottled milk in the fridge. And their was serious queue despite it being a 100 person town. A simple plan: avoid factory food. I think tiny steps will go further than storming the capital in a revolutionary disgusting surge. That is what the big goons want. Rage clicks.

    Failure is written into the source code of communism. Just hold firm to your values, and these zombies will dash themselves on the rocks. Start with the cardinal vitrues: Courage, Temperance, Practical skills, Righteousness. [Nichomachean Ethics]

    1. Revolutionary surges aren’t disgusting. More importantly, they might be necessary. Even more importantly, no one stormed the capitol on the 6th. It was a guided tour with some agents provocateurs misbehaving.

      1. I happen to remember the “mostly peaceful” protests against the background of burning buildings in Minneapolis in May. Then I saw what what was reported at the Capitol. Somebody got their terms switched

        The media like to talk about how Trump’s rhetoric damaged the press… No, like the fool who accuses other people of making him look like an idiot, that was mostly their own own doing.

      2. Tonight ABC was talking about the Capitol “invasion.” Invasion. Words fail me. Gagging noises, on the other hand…(thank you, Gen. Halftrack).

        1. It was an unguided tour of the Capitol building, which belongs to US. All those Congresscritters are just the help.

          By the way, why were the galleries empty? Why was nobody there to witness our supposed representatives conducting our business? We know why, of course. We know what they were trying to get away with.

        2. Keep in mind that the ABC News political director has openly called for a “cleansing” of Trump supporters. Democrats apparently seek to reach over 3/4s of the communist 20th century death toll all on their own.

  30. On the prepare point, I have supplies laid in, but I’m not leaving anytime soon. Now, keeping my head down won’t save me, but if it comes to and they start coming for us I plan on making sure I take an escort.

    Consider me Winston Smith at the end of 1984 in terms of knowing one day the bullet will come, but refusing to love Big Brother or believing we are at war with either East Asia or Eurasia (maybe we should be at war with the former, but for now we’re their trading partner, colony.

      1. As I’ve said before I expect to be killed by agents of the state (formal or informal) by year’s end. Last week only changed the odds of which kind of agent it will be.

    1. Tell me that someone did not change the Civil Affairs part of the orders to Color Guard and Band.

    2. Would 1,000 do?

      Rockin’ 1000 at Stade de France in Paris, 2019:

      The RockNMob guys usually assemble several hundred musicians who perform simultaneously. Not as big as the StadeFrance thing, but they usually perform in public parks or plazas.

      I think their main choices of venue must be dependent on the local electrical grid. Three or four hundred musicians, each with his own pile of amps and speakers, plus the area-coverage sound system… Reddy Kilowatt drives a lot of modern music.

      “…Head bangers in leather / sparks flyin’ in the dead of the night.
      It all comes together / when they turn out the lights
      Fifty thousand watts of power / and it’s pushin’ overload!
      The beast is ready to devour / all the metal they can hold…”

      1. I also sent a contact request yesterday, to the real you. I still am not sure how contacts work, but I unchecked the timeline and story boxes, as I figured you already have enough to read. Do I need to include them? Avatar is my little rutabaga weedpot. 😉 Thanks!

  31. Currently reading (listening, actually), to a book about the Opium War. The war still hasn’t started yet. There’s been friction on and off over the decades between the Chinese and the foreign traders in Canton. But things have more or less continued with both sides aware that they needed the other.

    And now Lin Zexu has just arrived in Canton to carry out the suppression of the opium trade.

    Hoo boy…

    Anyway, I’ve realized that the Democrats would obviously have been on the side of the opium smugglers. A country trying to police its borders and not permit foreigners to enter to do as they pleased!? HOW DARE THEY!!!

  32. Fun With Internet, or potted plants doing weird things with subdomains:

    www DOT antifa DOT com redirects to
    buildbackbetter DOT gov

    antifa DOT com *without* the www part redirects to
    joebiden DOT com/presidency-for-all-americans/

    WHOIS search results
    Domain Name: ANTIFA DOT COM
    Registry Domain ID: 85915752_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
    Registrar WHOIS Server: whois DOT namecheap DOT com
    Updated Date: 2020-08-14T19:04:21Z
    Creation Date: 2002-04-24T12:35:11Z
    Registry Expiry Date: 2021-04-24T12:35:10Z
    Registrar: NameCheap, Inc.

    The domain was previously owned by a domain squatter at least since 2008 (and probably much earlier, original site shut down in 1999 with no content) and up until the updated date, not by Antifa goons. Did not determine if the Biden campaign owns the domain (it would not have been cheap to buy), or if someone else does and is just redirecting it.

    Numerous DOTs added for television. Registry ownership data is private.

    Hey, dogwhistle types, does this mean the FICUS is surreptitiously trying to gin up domestic terrorists??

  33. It’s the arrogance that gets to me. They really think they were born to rule and the rest of us were born to crawl at their feet. It just makes me seethe with rage.

    1. THIS. They think they’re SO SMART and therefore should rule.
      A) they’re AT BEST bright normal. b) even if they were half as bright as they think they are, it doesn’t mean they’d be good rulers.

      1. The thing I keep coming back to is that for me to give them the worship and obedience they demand would a be violation of the first commandment. False gods deserve the full Elijah treatment.

    2. They absorbed it when they were children, they were explicitly told that at college, and then they slid directly into some management position they were unqualified for. How could they doubt the reality of their excellence?

    1. there are other pics from that event showing him looking confused by his hat, so unless it is a distraction tactic while he is wheeled in a side door . . .

  34. I have gone on extended rants in the past about prepping, I won’t bore anyone with a total rehash but…I saw a few commenters say things about the day the “Peoples Police” show up at the door to confiscate the food. I am reminded of Solhenitsyn:
    “What would things been like [in Russia] if during periods of mass arrests people had not simply sat there, paling with terror at every bang on the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but understood they had nothing to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people?”
    With the benefit of their experience, we can at least be prepared. That means talking to your actual neighbors. Make allies. In the crunch, expect maybe one in ten to actually come through. You may still lose, (Probably will) but you won’t go to hell without an escort.

    1. That means talking to your actual neighbors.

      WTF? What sort of whacked out lunatic idea is this?!

      The proper role of a neighbor is to be your second worst enemies after your family.


    Am I paranoid to be wondering if Thau was conned, or is a con man himself?

    Right now, some pretty crazy things seem plausible. I can see the Dems and the GOPe establishment setting up something crooked. And I’m almost nuts enough to think it seems plausible for them to do this to set up an information op against a GOP outsider winning the presidency four years later.

    I’m reasonably confident that Putin is evil, and worth opposing in this way regardless.

    That said, the Magnitsky Act should be applied against Pelosi for the murder of Ashli Babbitt.

  36. “Well, fuck you. You acquired the government? Bully for you. we’re just going to collectively pretend you don’t exist.”

    Chuckles… That is EXACTLY how I feel. They lied and cheated and stole the government, now I get to do everything I can to MAKE THEM OWN IT. And resist via any way I can in how I spend my dollars.

    Love ya, Sarah! I am so thankful I was able to serve in Germany in the 80’s when the Wall was up, and then down and then proceed to Desert Storm; once you experience communism and its socialism pretext, well, your whole structure changes.

    Thank you for allowing comments.

  37. A couple of random things I thought of after posting my comment about sewing machines:

    1. If you live within a reasonable drive of an Amish (or similar) community, I’d buy from them whatever I could. It’s reasonable to assume that they’re not woke, aren’t slaves to Critical Race Theory, and are (in my personal experience) honest people to deal with. If you don’t have a garden but want to can, you can ask them about purchasing bulk raw vegetables which will probably be cheaper and certainly better quality than you can get elsewhere.

    2. Learn to use a pressure canner and I’d recommend buying one new. Sure, they’re expensive, but they’re a one-time purchase and with a new one you avoid any unseen damage that might be dangerous. For example, you don’t know if a previous owner dropped the thing on a hard surface and caused weakness in the metal. I have an All-American and it’s terrific; parts are still available from the manufacturer and it’s a weighted gauge so I don’t need to have the gauge re-jiggered each year at the County Extension office. They also don’t require rubber gaskets that break down in time and need frequent replacement, so there’s that, too.

    3. Look around online for homesteading websites, even if you have no particular interest in homesteading. There will still be suggestions and directions for a whole bunch of things you never thought you could do for yourself. Take a look at and for starters. No, I’m not associated with either of these, but I do use information from them all the time.

  38. 1. Never give them the courtesy of capital letters. It’s biden, harris, pelosi etc
    2. Never refer to biden as President. He’s now officially the Fraudulent of the USA.
    3. Always give doctor jilly the title “doctor”. She is a figure of fun, under that title.

    Do it – get used to it and do it automatically – it will sting them and it will even creep into mainstream usage if it is done enough.

  39. Absolutely spot on. This is no voting our way out of this and the socialists will never let go without terrible bloodshed.

    Our power is our numbers. We broke Fox News, we can break Big Tech. We can break Big Gov.

    Stop using facebook, Twitter – there are other alternatives.

    Cancel your cable. Why are you giving 1 red penny to the likes of CNN or MSNBC?

    Stop buying from Amazon – I use it has a big catalogue then go to the product’s actual website. It turns out to be either the same price or cheaper.

    Use cash or a prepaid cash card. If you use a credit card, your purchases are tracked and the vendor has to pay a % back to the Big Banks.

    Stop using the big box stores, just stop. Shop local and pay cash.

    No federal income taxes the first quarter of this administration.

    Get our national anthem on endless loop on your phone. Play it in the faces of these goons while waving a flag at them. That is great optics for us when they freak out.

    I am now wearing my flag pin upside down.. When people ask me I politely ask them to research by a flag is flown upside down and to do some research on what happened in Venezuela.

    I am wearing a black mourning band on my left arm. People have asked me today why.

    I say that something great and wonderful is dying at noon today.

    1. Unfortunately we ebook sellers and buyers re locked into Amazon. FORTUNATELY it’s a tiny portion of their income. And people ARE working on alternatives (the current services simply aren’t good.)
      Oh, and we’re doing a February buy black out, except needd perishables. NOTHING ELSE BOUGHT. We should all do that. SHow them what we can do.

        1. I’m going to needle my friend Charlie again today about setting up an electronic Advance Reading site for us to sell our “weekly output”.
          He says it’s easy.If he doesn’t want to own and manage it, I’ll get Dan to get a site (which mean the name will be goofy. Mathematicians have bizarre senses of humor) get Charlie to set up the system and younger son will admin.

  40. “the communists everywhere else have fallen, if the US didn’t actively prop them up.”

    Yeah, but that’s not really the main concern – as the book/movie Fight Club noted: “On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” The issue that we mortals face is how many of us will the communists here add to their illustrious lists of people murdered/ tortured/ impoverished/ and/or broken?

  41. As best as possible, do not be a producer for the system. And do not be a rabid consumer, either.

    When making purchases, eliminate businesses that support Leftist ideologies such as BLM, ie AMAZON, Walmart, Target. Eliminate using Big Tech: AMAZON, Google/YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. Get off of platforms like WordPress…they are removing Conservative content — why support them?

    DO NOT PURCHASE China-made products….this includes books, wrapping paper, gift cards, and the assorted knick-knack crap sold at Michaels and other craft shops.

    Stay away from corporate ‘box stores’ — shop locally, support local businesses. BUY LESS.

    Live with less. Live with less dependency on large ticket items (“durable goods” are no longer durable or reliable). Decrease energy consumption.

    Get out of the cities and suburbs. Establish a homestead lifestyle and live without dependency on city infrastructure (sewer, water, trash removal). Grow your own foods (gardens, greenhouse, livestock, orchards).
    Read Ayn Rand. Go Galt.

    I do not say these things lightly or without experience. We are debt-free, living on our homestead, producing a great quantity of our foods.

    1. Eliminate IF POSSIBLE. Again, if you eliminate ebook purchases, you’re not actually kicking amazon that hard. I’ve been told their ebook branch is a “rounding error” but you’re effectively silencing indies, most of the on our side.
      So– think on that.

      1. I made my choice on the day that Amazon announced that they donated $10 million to BLM. And now, they have decided to ruin a legitimate business that used their cloud services.
        There is no e-book, no other reason, on Amazon that will change my boycott-Amazon stance. Ever.

        You say that I’m “not actually kicking amazon that hard” — As an individual, Amazon won’t feel the profit-loss. But the Conservative movement who believes as I do have an effect.

        You can rationalize your decision any way you chose to. There are alternative solutions to Amazon e-books, but unfortunately few people want to make the effort.

        1. Actually, no.
          You’re not hurting Amazon. You’re hurting indie writers.
          There are alternatives. They’re either more woke or more woke AND bad.
          Also if we go that way the general buying public won’t see our books. Good way to self boycott.
          Seriously. RIGHT NOW? there is no alternative. There are “side help” things. But they’re all woke. I’m trying to come up with non-woke.
          Boycotting Amazon for publishing/buying ebooks is cutting off your nose to spite your face right now.
          I won’t judge you, but it is STILL stupid.

          1. In the business world, even a full profit of a few pennies is a very good return. I guarantee that Amazon’s business model is designed for turning profits on ALL items. Don’t kid yourself. I won’t do business w/ evil. And I’m not alone. You obviously have a different rationale.

            Reach out to the online businesses who have already made a difference. Gab saw this mess coming 2 years ago. They set up their social media platform on their own servers. They now offer a number of services. And they’re not “woke”, as you term it.

            1. do have a different rationale. I want to be read as widely as possible. So do other indies who are MOSTLY on the right.
              If you want to cut us at the knees,go ahead. Declare a fatwa on doing ANY business with Amazon.
              Amazon makes most of their money on AWS which I wouldn’t use on a bet.
              Again, not judging you. Just saying your approach is STUPID.
              I will limit the money I give Amazon until non-leftist alternatives are available. Right now, there aren’t any (it’s not a matter of trouble.) And going to any of the other platforms, a) costs me more money than it costs them b) makes it so no one on the fence or the middle or LIV sees my books.
              Well done. This is known as shooting an arrow into your own knee.
              Look — you do you, okay?
              I’ll continue limiting my buys FROM amazon and doing what I can to create alternatives.
              Running around declaring inflexible Fatwas is not a thing of my religion.
              And being a constitutional libertarian, not of my politics, either.

    2. Remember that WordPress is the open source and a completely different hosting company. It’s the hosting company that’s the problem.

      1. Mary, Yes, I know the WordPress business quite well, actually.
        At this time,WHOIS shows this domain is still located on the WordPress servers, though.

        1. It is. But it’s paid through September. So, I’m keeping it backed up so I can move at a day’s notice, but I might as well use my subscription to the day I paid for, since they won’t refund.
          Again, AT THIS POINT it would hurt me not them.
          As to why I hosted with them to begin with (yes, I own the domain name) it’s because they’re near-impervious to hacking. Which has come in useful a lot.

  42. My very bad – Correction!!!!

    Amazon for books only!!!

    Support all the good guys even if you have to through some scraps to the occasional monster.

  43. Awesome post!

    “Chart your course — it won’t be instant — to get yourself to a rural or semi-rural or another place where you can grow your own food.”

    “Figure out what you can do or have that you can barter with others, and deny the government a window into it or a tax for it.”

    “Use cash whenever you can.”

    “Lay in a supply of food. Every tyrannical government ruling without the consent of the governed, sooner or later uses famine. Make sure you have supplies and they’re not immediately discoverable.”

    I totally agree with this! Also, we must build a parallel economy and thank goodness we’re working on it. Top patriots are already talking about building their own internet due to being censored by Big Tech. And we’re also Buy-cotting businesses that are being boycotted by the Left! I won’t kid you, it’s going to be a long fight but well worth it in the end! Thank you for posting this! We need more real Americans like you.

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