Happy New Year

When in the Course of Human Events….

You know how it goes, right?

What we haven’t known is how to apply it. I’ll confess I’m still not the best at this. But hey! I do know one thing. If the left, those who would subjugate the individual to the collective by force, those who trade in groups and “collectives” and “classes” and “races” and all that nonsense that has nothing to do with real human beings, in the individual instance want us to do it, I will not do it. Oh, I might wear the stupid cosplay to prevent local merchants being shut down even more than they are. But other than that? Ah no.

I am not stupid, I am not gullible, and I am not going.

They think they have won, but as always the left mistakes the package for the gift. They don’t understand that taking over all our institutions by betrayal, graft and probably blackmail doesn’t mean they’ve proven the republic was wrong, only that they’re traitors. (And stupid ones at that, destroying the greatest engine of prosperity of mankind for what they think will be their power and advantage.

Most of all they want to be admired, considered wonderful, and kowtowed to. We will not give them that.

You can subvert a republic and occupy a free territory, but you can’t subjugate a free people and — more importantly — you can’t get them to love you and admire you (which these fractured adult children want most of all.)

You can use the forms of our elections for a total sham and theft, and prop up a senile old man, because even with fraud no one will put up with your insane clown laugh, but in the end you won’t be president. You’ll be a pseudo-dent and still Commie LaWhorish with the calluses on your knees, from the means you used to climb in politics.

We will not surrender, we will not fawn, we will not put up with this nonsense.

As anyone who has ever tried to get a stubborn two year old to do what they want knows the power of passive resistance, I believe our would be lords and masters are in for a fun surprise.

Yes, I know, some of you can only engage in White Mutiny, or what used to be called in my days “A Strike of Zeal.” Other of us are ready and willing to be more openly defiant.
Howsoever you can do it, do it. It’s time to push their noses in.

Well, it will be fun for us. And we’re going to need some fun, because they are going to do their best to wreck our economy, our living conditions and set up World War Three, though in their defense that’s not what they think they’ll be doing. They think they’re setting up the eternal reign of their Chinese masters who are so superior to our blinkered western ways. But that is not what will happen.

So, let’s have our fun as we can. Because winning this one is going to hurt like a bitch, in ways both personal and public.

But in the end we win, they lose.

Because we’re the future of mankind. And they have no future beyond eternal quibbles about words like “mankind” and semantic nitpicking.

It’s a new year. We have a lot to do. Communism, a disaster everywhere it was tried, managed to escape to the West and infect our universities, our cultural institutions, our entertainment, and our young with their lies As with all painful infections, you have to destroy it. And because the USA is — despite Europe’s denials — the heart and center of Western culture, it has to die here.

The ultimate battle between good and evil (oh, and communism is evil. The worst evil, for the skim till offended crowd. It is the arrogation of power to an undefined entity “the people” but not tabulated by the votes of the people, but by the “guidance” of those “who know”. In other words, it is tyranny and it always ends in the same way tyranny ends, in death and waste. And as for you, dear Skim Till Offended, don’t flatter yourself that you will be one of those “who know.” In the end it’s a very small number on top, and you’re not the most ruthless psychopath around.)

Fortunately this is a battle that we, Fantasy Fans are most prepared for: the essential thing is not to let them in your head, not to let them distort your perceptions, and to continue resisting no matter what force, emotional, social, mental or even physical (and they won’t get to that, at our level of granularity for a while) they bring to bear.

We’ve read about this hundreds of times. Now let’s do it.

Let’s go to work.

419 thoughts on “Happy New Year

    1. I do believe this is the first time I’ve seen a kilt made from firearms. Very stylish!

    2. The Kalashnikovs and etceteras hanging off that man weigh considerably more than I do.

        1. And the ammo! Man, the day I had to carry ammo for the machine gun….

          I’m right around 100 lbs, so yeah. Crazy strong.

  1. 2021: “Just 100 days of masks to flatten the curve.”
    2022: “Just 200 days of total surveillance to flatten the curve.”
    2023: “Just 300 days of martial law to flatten the curve.”

        1. Remember that when people were told that they couldn’t protest because of COVID (and I’m not talking about the rioters)… they went and protested.

          Telling Americans that they’re not allowed to protest DOES NOT WORK among the current US cultures. We’re too opinionated and arrogant, and for once, it’s a good thing. If you tell Americans that they’re not allowed to protest, then the only reason why the American public might accept that is because there is a very real and immediate threat to the health and safety of the protestors. SARS2 is not an immediate threat (especially if you’re healthy). So people went and protested in defiance of orders from their state governors.

          A deadly epidemic that has a 50% mortality rate among those infected would probably put a stop to protests. So would orders by the government to shoot protestors (including as a result of martial law). But one of the reasons why things have not gone hot yet is because the American public still holds onto the hope that the coming crisis can be averted. The government attempting to shoot protestors would be a clear indication that the crisis won’t be averted, and will almost certainly cause people to start shooting back.

          1. We almost saw the “government operatives shooting” last night in Key West.

            The awful human they elected as Mayor has a god complex. She sent armed police to patrol the island and arrested people for violating the curfew.

            Curfew. In f’ing Key West.

            Girlfriend better watch her six or she’ll end up inside a square grouper floating in the harbor.

            1. Wouldn’t want to pollute the water. Just decorate one of those quaint lamp posts they have down there.

          2. The only thing that would keep us from protesting is if we knew Uncle was going to napalm or nuke the entire protest. And if we knew that, we’d already be taking over those sites that were going to launch those attacks.

            1. Remember when Eric Chicom Swawell said in response to a question about people resisting gun confiscation that “the government has nukes”? There are those in the Democratic Party who would do just that; of course they would be doing it in service to their CCP paymasters.

              1. Well sure, they have fighter jets and bombers and tanks and remotely piloted vehicles and heavily armed ships, every weapon system known to man.
                And at the heart of every one of those lies a human controller who who has to eat and sleep and poop.
                One quite valid point illustrated in the otherwise ridiculous movie adaptation of Starship Troopers is where a fractious recruit bemoans them having to train with knives. “But the enemy has nukes” he says, or something similar. So of course the drill sergeant pins the recruit’s hand to the wall with a throwing knife illustrating that if you disable your enemy’s hand he cannot push the button to fire the missile.
                And as well keep in mind that all those weapon system operators are people with their own feelings and loyalties and could very well be convinced that it is in the best interest of themselves and their families to turn those very powerful weapons back on the dictators and tyrants.

                1. The idiots who bring up “But the government has (nukes, tanks, jet fighters)” just don’t understand; tyranny is not run from tanks, or cockpits, or missile bunkers. Tyranny is run from DESKS. By people who like their comforts, and won’t, for the most part, bunker up until they are already losing.

                2. Actually, drone warfare is probably the worst threat. Sure, reapers with hellfire missiles get all the press; but you can take out a lot of soft civilian targets with a very cheap store-bought drone configured with an HE explosive or with a several round gun. Which is why the FAA is so hyped up about registering every single drone in existence.

                  Fly one up to your window some night, shoot you in your bed, and fly away, and nobody will be the wiser until the next morning; unless your significant other wakes up at the sound of the gunshot and the breaking glass. Or they can get get you walking to the mailbox in the morning, or while jogging, or even if your commuting to work.

            2. Our side needs to make sure to protest in or adjacent to assets the other side can’t get away with damaging. Like D-donating corporate facilities, or gentry liberal schools during school hours.

              Sort of like how the NVA/VC had a “grab them by the belt buckle” tactic, where they would only engage super close up so the Americans couldn’t annihilate them with artillery and air strikes without unacceptable friendly fire casualties.

          3. Implementing martial law over COVID would guarantee formation of a guerilla insurgency against the government. Your white supremacists would be in the lead firebombing government facilities and sniping government officials; followed by tea party patriots, and supported by most veterans.

            1. France was at the forefront of small arms innovation and technology in the 1800s. Modern shotguns still use Lefaucheux shells, modern smokeless powder is all descended from Vielle’s invention, etc. Other nations and people often get credit for things developed earlier in France, because, well that whole French language thing.

            1. In a small area in the west don’t even need the shovel. Just shove into the correct type of pool …

              1. The American West is riddled with abandoned mine shafts, many simply boarded shut with warning signs that they are unsafe.
                Northern Midwest is well strewn with old gravel pits no longer in use due to flooding. Sport divers report any number of interesting discoveries when doing deep dives. Lots of auto bodies, many with Illinois plates and Chicago city stickers from back in the 20s and 30s.
                In the deep South we has us a heap of very hungry alligators out in the bayou don’t you know.

                1. Gators are a less than fully reliable method for disposing of bodies. See the Bones episode ‘The Girl In The Gator’.
                  Frederick: “What knockers!”
                  Inga: “Why, sank you, Doktorr.”

                  1. Based on the “no need to rescue” response to some Yellowstone geyser pools … because there isn’t anything to rescue within minutes. Speculation has been made that the remote ones are good for body disposal … OTOH pools have been choked by people throwing things in. Plus the rangers pull items from off the geyser basins and out of pools every season. Really need to know the pools.

                    How many “lost mines” are there west of the Mississippi?

                    1. Lost mines? Thousands, if not tens of thousands. (And not really lost since claims are marked on various official maps.) But most don’t have a convenient straight drop into the nether reaches; rather, they sort of zigzag around and are clogged up with old timbers and rockfalls. (There are guys on YT who make a hobby of investigating and filming their deepest reaches.)

                      Howeeeever, I have heard from folks in the underculture north of Los Angeles that the silver mines out in the desert are occasionally used as disposal chutes.

                2. “Weelllll, I wonder where Louisiana sheriff went to? Cause you can sure get lost in Louisiana bayou…..”

          1. “Once two strangers climbed old Rocky Top, lookin’ for a moonshine still; strangers ain’t come down from Rocky Top–reckon they never will…”

            1. “Revenoo Man wanted Graddaddy bad.
              Headed up the holler with everthing he had.
              Before my time but I been told
              He never come back from Copperhead Road.”

              1. Why’d they cut the bagpipes after the intro? I think the whole song would be cooler with bagpipes.

          2. If the guillotine is to be used at all, it should be reserved for private sector criminals. Public sector criminals get the short drop.

                  1. Bunch-a-ton of post war children were the first of their family to go to college back in the sixties who’s main achievement was to party hearty. Long about start of senior year they discovered to their horror that mom and dad would not pay for grad school and they would have to find some way to support themselves. So that senior year they buckled down to earn teaching certificates. Pay wasn’t all that great, but you got to dress nice and had the entire summers off. Problem was far too many of them not only had no calling to the teaching profession, but soon found that they really did not like children at all, especially other peoples’ children in large groups. So naturally they migrated into administration positions where they had the power to punish those annoying crotch goblins for annoying them.
                    And as an added bonus they could see that right and proper socialist principles could be instilled on fertile minds.

                  1. Well, one of my kids had a Marine for History, and he was VERY good. Emphasizing primary sources, etc.
                    There were others. There are others HERE, like our TXRed.
                    BUT they are rare. And many in public school retire/move on quickly.

                  1. My second grade teacher. She might still be living, she was very young…but the image of pretty Miss Liebert, who bribed me to keep quiet during nap time with books, at age 80 or so hurts too much.

                    1. My 6th grade teacher, Mr. Tom Terranova – a genius in the classroom in so many ways. I cannot find any internet reference to him, other that my own posts … but he was such a genius in the classroom …
                      “Terrible Tom, or Mr. Terranova as be was respectfully known by his awestricken students and their boggled parents, bestrode Sunland Elementary School like a colossus, fierce and terrible like a storm, a whirlwind, a crackling bolt of electricity, an irresistible, primal force. In the early 1960ies, a neighborhood school like Sunland generally had two teachers in two classrooms for each grade level, from kindergarten to the 6th grade. I do not remember now who the other 6th grade teacher was, and fear that person would have been a nonentity, a mere shadow, next to the awful majesty of Mr. Terranova.”

                    2. I generally enjoyed my elementary teachers, although upon running into my Fifth/Sixth Grade teacher while on family visit to my old home town and presenting my daughter, Mrs. Herman flat out lied, telling the Daughtorial Unit I had been a delightful student.

                      OTOH, I will always have a warm spot for Mrs. Matthews, my Third Grade teacher who tolerated my need to periodically lay my head on my desk until the migraine abated. Of course, given how much riper my sense of humour was at that age it is possible she welcomed anything that quelled me during class.

                    3. Roberta Jepsen. She might actually be alive, as she was young as well.

                      She shamed me in front of my class by picking me up under my armpits and carrying me to the blackboard. I hadn’t heard that I was supposed to do that, and I don’t know why it happened. I feel the shame rising to this day. Anyone who shames a second grader is evil.

                  2. And my high school algebra teacher who was the spiritual ancestor of Sir Horace Harkness. I’m pretty sure he’s gone by now.

                    1. Life is too short. Who has time to waste on enemies?

                      Ellsworth Toohey: “What do you think of me, Mr. Roarke?”
                      Howard Roarke: “I don’t think of you.”

              1. How about the Trebochet REALLY Long Drop?

                Plus, if you put another Pol Pot wannabe in the landing zone, you get a twofer.

                    1. Wish that guy would update one of these centuries. No doubt Fox will unleash the heresy memes on me for this, but I want to see more of the Warhammer setting getting ripped a new one.

                    2. I dislike it as well. I remember reading the original sourcebook way back in college when it came out and thinking, “wow, you can really tell this was written by Europeans not Americans.” (Unlike D&D, Traveller, and most of the other tabletop RPGs of the time.)

                    3. I’m NOT a heretic?

                      Lady, if you’re going to insult me like this then we’re no longer friends. 😛

                    4. Nip & Tuck seems to be his most regular update*, and he’s put up a couple of new panels on Tales of the Quaestor recently. I gather from his blog-ish bits that he’s struggling with / searching for paying work and so has to put the webcomic(s) on the back burner. Now that I’m employed, I intend to slip a few simoleons his way (as well).

                      * For some value of ‘regular’.

          3. Freeway overpasses are plentiful and sturdier than lamp posts, feature plenty of attachment points, and one overpass holds a lot more ropes.

              1. Yep .. perfect for a quick hanging. Stand them up on the overpass with the noose around their necks, kick them off – and the sudden jerk at the end of the rope will do the job, quickly and relatively painlessly, given a good fall.
                Ummm … yeah. I have done too much research on this.

                    1. Not a problem, as much as a missed opportunity.

                      A headless corpse can’t hang from the freeway overpass as a warning to the others.

                    2. loop under arms, tied tight, loop to neck, 6 or so inches of slack, tied to the static side of noose.
                      There is also the “Bungey jump gone wrong” method or just a short rope and let ’em swing. Or just loop the noose and haul them up into position

                    3. Traffic obstructions. Many people will swerve wildly before realizing it isn’t a ‘possum.

                  1. What’s the ideal drop-length/depth? Would six feet be too far a drop? I mean, we can adjust the rope.

                    1. My memory is that executioners had tables based on weight. Drop too far and as stated you end up with decapitation (or close to it), to short and it results in suffocation. Large (i.e obese) criminals were an issue.

  2. Our hostess writes:
    “Fortunately this is a battle that we, Fantasy Fans are most prepared for” … because we’ve already encountered these very situations in our imaginations, our conversations, and especially on the page. As I have observed to my work colleagues, I’m the only person in our organization who knows what to expect when living in a cyberpunk dystopia! So there.

    1. Some of my coworkers think I’m joking when the IT Master produces some new app or gizmo and I mutter, “I’ve read that book already. I know how it ends.”

      1. Where I worked, about 3/4s of the engineers would mutter that to themselves. There were a few who didn’t bother to mutter…

        1. Time tracking and work reporting software can often use a double-digit percentage of a work day, all on its own.

          Fix problem: ten minutes
          Key work report into poorly-written tracking program: fifty minutes.

          Extra points when it’s obviously written with the idea of collecting “institutional knowledge” so they can hire unskilled replacements who will use the resulting database to troubleshoot problems. You can do that with some kinds of “support”, but when the frammis gets wedged in the gestopnik, sometimes you need a deeper knowledge of the system to figure out wtf is gorked *this* time…

          1. Oh, that T-shirt is long worn out (I was laid off in Summer of 2001), but yeah, we were trying to offshore the engineering to Singapore. Some of those guys were pretty good, but when you have the designer, test engineer, and (on a good day–that got outsourced, too) the processing team, you actually stand a chance of finding and fixing the problem faster than geological time. OTOH, the entire division went toes up a year or two later, when the corporate honchos decided that we really didn’t need to be building semiconductors. The product line got sold off to one of the capital firms, and then got shuffled around.

            At least I found a well paying gig for almost a year–it financed getting the house ready to get the hell out of Cali-F’n-ornia.

          2. Time tracking and work reporting software can often use a double-digit percentage of a work day, all on its own.

            Been there too.

            Then there was the version where if you were salaried you couldn’t enter more than 8 hours cumulative in one day. In an environment where you “weren’t pulling your weight” if you weren’t working 70+ hours/week. It was a “Wait? What?” moment.

            FYI. Good luck figuring out my notes.

            1. “Then there was the version where if you were salaried you couldn’t enter more than 8 hours cumulative in one day.”

              In all the FedGov projects I’ve worked in the last 10 years, that was required by law as a standard contract provision, and you had to get PMO approval to deviate.

          3. twice I had jobs that wanted a log of time spent etc and neither appreciated the “Time spent wasted filling out useless garbage paperwork = X” (both places) or “X time spent dealing with faulty equipment due to poor maintenance and management not bothering to use the proper equipment, methods, and training” (second place, and that got a grin from the General Manager) on the few I’d bother to fill in. Neither place kept the things on very long. Both times someone read a book. Also the first place I would refuse to do quick jobs late in the day because “I gotta fill out this bullshit form. I’m busy” and what really killed it was everyone else started saying the same thing.

          4. My workplace (public school tech support) leases a work order/time tracking package that *could* track trends in reported issues, keep track of consumables, you name it. Except, technicians have been told to never, under any circumstance, suggest to a user that he/she create a work order – many users actually consider that rude. The tiny percentage that figures it out without being told rarely go beyond “laptop not working.” Work orders MUST be created, however, so the technician resolves the issue and does the paperwork. By the end of the day, it’s a rare tech willing to go beyond “Verified issue. Repaired laptop.” No trends or consumables get tracked and nothing gets added to the knowledge base, so the fancy time tracking package isn’t used to anywhere near the potential the school system pays for. American public school actually have plenty of money; they just don’t spend it in an anyway rational manner.

    2. Memetic inoculation.

      I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now, and I actually am trying to use just that as a unique human advantage in a wip: Fiction, and especially SF and Fantasy, let human society think through all kinds of stuff before it actually happens, so when it does happen, there are valid thoughts that skip past the “oh $#it” barrier.

      As a result, humans don’t do stupid stuff like fire air-to-air missiles at the city-sized spaceship. You attack cities with bombs, so use bombs to attack the city-sized spaceship. Everybody knows that.

      That has been the case since Ogg the Storyteller made up that one about the hunt where the mammoths, instead of stampeding, all turned and charged the hunter – so the hero jumped to one side. “No, that’s won’t work – they run too fast,” says Mogg. “He needs to ground his spear and aim for the eyes like Morg did with that Bison last year,” says Korg. And the hunters debated and argued into the night, working out the best response. And so the next month when the Mammoth turned and charged, the hunter had an idea that had been worked out by the best hunters in the group, so he survived – the tribe had been inoculated against that happening via the storyteller’s story.

        1. […watches the thirty billion starving remnants of humanity pushed into the equatorial belt by the advancing glaciers, as acid rain dissolves their infrastructure, burning dung for cooking because all the petroleum is long gone…]

          Wait, that’s one of the Ehrlich timelines. Never mind.

          1. Oooh, I hope I never get my hands on Ehrlich. He’s one of the reasons I had a horrific childhood.

            Imagine being told by your own mother that you should never have children because overpopulation, and “I really shouldn’t have had all of you, but I wanted a family! But you should never have children.”

            I have opinions on Ehrlich.

    1. I’m all for malicious compliance, and working exactly to order. It will be so amusing. Almost as amusing as watching the mainstream establishment media tying themselves into Gordian knots by pretending that China Joe and Willie Brown’s Ho are the most dynamic and popular political team evah!
      Oh, that is gonna be a ball of laughs, when China Joe can barely remember to wipe the drool off his chin, and the Ho realizes that her skill set are not really applicable to being an effective president.

      1. It saddens me ot hear the young girls who have bought the MSM’s story of KH. The girls say, “She’s such a good role model, a Strong Woman™!” And I keep thinking, “She was a powerful man’s mistress. That’s not a healthy career path for most women, especially now that we have options.”

        1. Oh, Gh*d help us, that is so not the way to be thought a Strong Woman (TM). All these decades I have objected to Hillary, the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua because – all she had really done was to marry a striving and gifted politician on his way up. She rode his coattails all the way. And now we’re expected to fall in line for a woman who merely f**ked a striving and gifted politician, and rode his coattails to a certain height…
          In a private conversation, I described her as “Willie Brown’s cum dumpster” and The Daughter Unit looked so shocked, and said, “Mom, don’t be so vulgar – she’s his c*ck holster!”

                1. Salty as in ‘old sailor’ … we both get along perfectly well with working-class guys. I can’t find the link for my original post, but there was this time what we went to Goliad for an event to commemorate the siege and massacre, the Montero threw the belt that powered the AC, and we spend a couple of hours as a local handyman and his friends installed the new belt… they were all veterans and gently boiled on a weekend afternoon. Small towns in Texas – gotta love them. Will do what I can to ensure that they NEVER change.

          1. I prefer your description. A holster is where you put something to carry it safely and securely when you are not using it. That does not describe her. A dumpster is where you put trash to be taken away, that does describe her.

        2. Possibly worse than that.

          Women who seek power by providing sexual favors to men seem to wind up vicious harridans. Precisely the sort of people who cannot be trusted with power over others.

          So not only is thinking that Kamala Harris and Hillary Clinton are good role models probably evidence that a specific woman should be discriminated against where positions of trust and responsibility are concerned, they also risk lowering the reputation of women and girls as a group.

          It would not be wrong to discriminate against women in hiring for senior management, if a disparately high number of women are prone to abusing their subordinates.

          Of course, the real world is not anywhere near that cut and dried.

          Making Harris so prominent is exactly what you would want to do if you wanted to spread evidence that supported the positions held by Jim of Jim’s blog.

          1. It’s even worse. Woman are very much aware that sleeping your way to the top is an option for them. And those who don’t avail themselves of that option (whether due to choice, or lack of opportunity) tend to hold those who do in contempt. The only thing that could make women dislike Harris more is if she suddenly tried to MeToo! Willie Brown.

            1. I don’t mind women sleeping their way to the top. I just wish they wouldn’t natter on about it making them any more superior than the rest of us.

                1. They also tend to project their lack of moral character onto others. It also proves to all with the eyes to see that your job performance may be measured on other things than your competency and individual merit at that job. Women who go that route have little respect for the position they weaseled their way in to, and that is deleterious to morale. Positions above the affected will no longer be able to trust their subordinates to do an effective job, so efficiency will suffer as well.

                  In short, nothing good will come of it. The higher paycheck and power that comes with the position are also not good for the woman in question, as they are not legitimately earned (and no, the “work” done to achieve said position does not count). She has demoted her worth from valued employee and trusted subordinate to sex object. A person must have more self worth than that in order to maintain a good psychological balance and not tempt one’s own dark side.

              1. The trouble is they aren’t competent for the job they sucked/f’d their way into.

                So, fine girls, do what you do. But don’t expect me to respect you when you sit in the big boy chair.

                1. To be fair, our ‘legitimate’ leaders have been selected for their ability to get elected, not to do the job they were elected for. Sometimes we just get lucky. Usually we don’t.
                  Nobody has so little that some asshole doesn’t want to take it. And the government is full of assholes.

            2. If that were true then nearly all women in the MSM would be harshly critical of such women’s exploitation of their looks and “amiability” to advance their careers.

              Unless those women in the MSM had also traded in such favors to advance their own careers …

              1. Ah, but many women in the MSM likely did trade favors. And, women are the best at cutting down other women for doing things they themselves would do if they had the opportunity.

                    1. Remember the outrage over the implication, in Eastwood’s Richard Jewell, that female reporters sleep with sources for stories? Them ladies doth protest too much, throw a rock into a pack of dogs, and the one that yelps the loudest is the bitch that got hit.

                      Nor would I suggest the women holding power in the MSM do not use that power to get “favors” from those under them, male, female, or whatever.

              2. Or the “target,” woman is a good looking conservative. Re: Sarah Palin. Although I don’t think they accused her of selling her favors. But man, did they hate her. Come to think of it, they aren’t fond of Melania either.

          2. Him: Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?
            Her: Sure thing!
            Him: Would you sleep with me for five bucks?
            Her: Of course not. What kind of cheap slut do you think I am?
            Him: We’ve already determined that; now we’re just haggling over the price.

            — Gropin’ Joe and Kamaltoe discussing her VP nomination



            1. Captain Jack Sparrow: “So, we’ve agreed that my proposal is sound in principle, and now we’re just haggling over price.”

              I always wanted for a reporter to ask, “Who did you f*k to get nominated for vice-president? We all know you f*ked Willie Brown to get those first two committee appointments, and a few other Democrat big-shots along the way, but who do you have to f*k to get nominated for vice-president? If it was George Soros, maybe you deserve to be vice-president.”
              Not everybody should go to college. Some folks, you send ’em to college and you just wind up with an educated idiot.

          3. Women who seek power by providing sexual favors to men seem to wind up vicious harridans.

            In fairness, there are women a’plenty in America who have not provided sexual favors to men and still become vicious harridans. I challenge anybody to name five prominent American feminists who aren’t vicious harridans and, surely, some among them have provided no favors to men, sexual or otherwise (unless one counts as a favor the denial of their companionship.)

              1. Paglia has been written out of American Feminism because of Wrong Think. Her proposition that with power comes responsibility is utterly contrary to Victim Feminism’s “Have it both ways” philosophy.

                But she seems a lovely person. I’d be delighted to attend a debate featuring her and Tammy Bruce against whoever.

            1. Yeah, but extreme feminists are not randomly selected. There could well be a rare alternate explanation that still describes the ones who aren’t Hillary Clinton or the entertainment complex.

              Consider that 30% of 20 to 25 women statistic. I’ve been skeptical of it, because such things are heavily garbage and it fits some prior speculations of mine.

              If sexual preference mechanisms are not identical between male and female, there could be a minority of females that are basically responsive to social or other pressure. If that is one’s wiring, and one is heavily around a “a women’s place in the movement is on her back” group, then creating and identifying with a sub group that pushes what extreme feminists push could be understood as a coping mechanism. Trying to bond with someone being slightly healthier than accepting being a volunteer prostitute servicing strangers who in theory share an ideology. (Hypothetically speaking, the temple prostitutes of antiquity may not have been very happy people.)

              If a) lesbian ‘atheism’ is leaving needs unmet b) one’s experiences lead one to suspect that one has a sexual preference that could have developed differently with different social pressure c) one has a suspicion that being pressured to marry a man and raise children might have had better outcomes, one might find oneself very angry at the world.

              Frankly, this could happen without having anything to do with sexual preference at all. If one uses the ‘man does not live by bread alone’ to compare an atheist lesbian with a heterosexual Christian woman…

              This probably hinges too much on “Why are you so offended? You must be trying so comprehensively to shut me up because you are trying to quiet the voice inside of you that knows I am correct.”, and on applying that to the things we are not allowed to say. Leftism the faith is so oriented towards arbitrary, capricious censorship that long term meta-analysis will turn up a lot of garbage.

              Short term, such as Hunter’s laptop, Benford’s Law, and Trump’s tweets, this approach may be more reliable.

              1. Additionally– women knit things together, generally.

                So a woman doing differently than you did, and having better results, is a threat. If the individual is healthy, it’s a minor threat– you know, the classic “what might have been.” You’re strong enough that a minor threat isn’t a problem.

                When you’re bleeding, and alone, then that threat must die.

              2. There’s good reason to believe that a large sub-set of the “lesbian” population is made up of what are really *very* monogamous bisexuals. Or in other words, the gender of the person that they’re in an intimate relationship with is much less important than being in committed relationship with another individual.

                Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve heard that, the “real” lesbians hate this particular group of women, since what frequently happens is that the bisexual woman has a lesbian relationship when she’s younger, but later ends up in a committed relationship with a man after the lesbian relationship ends (which is more or less the tip-off that she’s a monogamous bi-sexual instead of a lesbian). That suggests that sexual orientation isn’t as immutable as the L and G groups generally claim it is (at least, they claim it is for those already on their side of the line).

                1. In my younger days I had 7 friends (at various times) who were “out” lesbians. One looked pretty masculinized, so may have had hormone issues. The other six all ended up in long-term relationships with men.

                  1. Given the differential rates of maturation between male and female, dallying with boys is likely to be highly unsatisfactory and a gal needs something to do until she’s of an age to dally with men.

                    Of course, contemporary standards that further retard development of mature masculine virtues exacerbate the issue.

                2. The “LUG” (Lesbian Until Graduation) is a stereotype that goes back at least to the early ’80s when I was in college.

                  1. That sample’s complicated by it being a way to turn down guys without having to be brutal, while still being able to flirt and/or tease a guy if you ARE interested in him with relatively little trouble; on the flip side, it’s a hunting technique by some gals who realize the “ooh, out of reach– must have!” types are relatively easy prey.

          1. We ought not ignore her suppression of exculpatory evidence as prosecutor, evidence which could have freed a Black man from Death Row..

        3. Well, she’s a proper role model for Leftist women: “The proper position of women in the Movement is horizontal.”

    2. The irony is that in regimes such as the one that is trying to force itself upon us, those who engage in “malicious compliance” often avoid going up against the wall longer than those who try and engage in creative solutions that work but that haven’t necessarily been okayed by those at the top.

  3. The modern left actually does think prosperity is a bad thing, because they think that modern civilization itself is an “affront to Mother Earth” and that the Church of Gaia requires undoing the entirety of the industrial revolution; the ruling elite of course will be allowed to keep their modern conveniences because that is how totalitarian regimes always work.

    They ARE that insane.

    1. I have a theory that the internet is at least partly to blame for the current mess, for a number of reasons. The insanity we see in Twitter is the human urge to fit into a social situation but where the society is not one hundred or so of your family and neighbors but a few million assholes. But the internet also has at least some protective power against the totalitarian urges. They are doing a pretty poor job of controlling the narrative overall. Yes, those who only consult the Democrat media are totally blinkered. But if you have any interest at all in the competing narrative it’s easy enough to find.

      I hope it’s enough, because it does feel like a tsunami is about to break over our heads. This feels like the calm before the storm.

      1. Only it’s not you know? The insanity we see on Twitter is the result of the indoctrination our kids were put through starting about 30 years ago. They’re literally afraid to think and deviate from received “wisdom.”
        All the internet has done is make us ware we’re not alone…..

        1. The indoctrination is certainly a big part too. Just had an infuriating conversation with a smart 27 year old young woman who argued that it’s “arrogant” not to believe the “experts”. This is relation to the covidiocy. Arggghhhh….

          1. It is arrogant. It is also a good thing and a desirable trait. Your (and her) problem is that you don’t realize that arrogance coupled with competence is a good thing.

            1. An excellent leadership book that’s been around awhile is “Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun.”

              The first required trait in a successful Hun, that all leaders must recognize and encourage: a natural arrogance. Leaders encourage this arrogance by ruthlessly training their warriors. When you are the best, you can walk like the best walks.

              Some of POTUS’ best moments are his walk ons. Striding from Air Force One to the arena, surrounded by his team, was B.O.S.S. every time I watched it.

              1. People tend to forget that arrogance has its place. There is good reason that fighter pilots, surgeons and certain other professions have well-earned reputations for producing arrogant jerks: their success hinges upon making split-second critical decisions. They haven’t time for pondering, consulting, nor second-guessing. Doing that requires arrogance, breeds arrogance, incites arrogance — it is an attribute of command and they rightfully believe those who’ve never stood in their shoes, much less walked a mile in them, have any right to judge.

                Some people earn their arrogance and smart folks learn to recognize them. Chuck Yeager might have not seemed arrogant but that is because few people he met merited enough of his attention for him to display it. It takes great arrogance to strap yourself into a few million dollars worth of experimental mechanical engineering and grope about to determine how to survive making it fail.

                That is why Hal Jordan was a test pilot — and why later writers on that book hated him for it.

                    1. Didn’t he refuse to do that surgery because the patient was in such bad shape, the results would be disappointing, and his reputation would be diminished?

                    2. He didn’t refuse it because it was difficult…. he did it because the patient wasn’t worth his time and trouble. That’s also arrogance.

            2. It isn’t arrogant to note that an expert is merely somebody who has (at best) mastered the received wisdom and thus will not vary nor think new thoughts. Experts declared Copernicus mad, Pasteur insane and Einstein a crack-pot.

              True arrogance lies in making arguments from authority without showing your work nor justifying how your “expertise” applies in the case at issue. Look up the rules governing expert testimony in court.

          2. You should point out to that smart 27 year old that in the thirties the “experts” all over the world believed in the white race being naturally superior and that the inferior races should be suppressed/prevented from breeding. AT THE LEAST.

          3. Appeal to Authority is a logical fallacy for a reason.

            Just ask them if they believe that these “experts” are infallible. If they answer yes then you just say that you don’t share their religious beliefs. If they answer no then ask them why they believe that this isn’t one of the times that the “experts” are wrong.

            It boils down to you being rational, not arrogant.

        2. I saw this and it shocks me to this day.

          I worked retail at a big box till awhile ago. I worked with a lovely, normal adult lady. Adult lady had a daughter.

          I have never had children so I don’t understand the mother/child thing. I try to give a ton of slack to parents for this reason–their crazy stuff might be just what I would do in a given situation, so I let it go.

          BUT, one day normal adult lady said her daughter–educated in a private college in OR–has demanded to be called… I forget which pronoun. Daughter had decided that daughter was… neither male nor female, or something like that. Normal adult lady said this and sighed, as if to say “Well, what can you do?” Then she said “Well, what can you do?”

          To which I replied “You can tell her she’s insane and to knock it off with the ‘demand’ thing”. Or words to that effect.

          I saw in Mama’s eyes FEAR. Big fear.

          Not three days later, Mama was trying to convince me that a poor, mutilated male who worked at the store was indeed a female. I was assured this was the case because he had actually mutilated himself, so that made him female. And in her eyes I saw FEAR. Big fear.

          It really bothered me. You can see by the length of the post it still bothers me.

          If anybody has ideas about how to engage mama in a way that doesn’t cause FEAR, or how to talk to daughter if she shows up, I’d sure appreciate it.

          1. I have a goddaughter who has decided that she is a boy. I will second the call for ideas.
            One thing that I know is that FEAR is the appropriate response for the mother. If she admits the truth, she stands to lose her daughter and that is and should be terrifying.

            1. “Humans aren’t standard issue. The contents do not have to match the label. You can be a woman with low people skills who likes to do carpentry and still be a woman. You can be a good with people boy who plays piano, and you’re still a boy. You can’t REALLY change without mutilating yourself/losing your opportunity to EVER have kids.
              Also, if you’re a girl who likes, or might someday like boys, changing into a boy is just stupid. There are a lot more boys who like girls than boys who like boys.”

              1. I’m going to point out to Daughter that my gender expression isn’t standard-issue either: don’t care about sports or cars or drinking beer with the boys, do like to cook and sew.

                Also that if (heaven forfend) she transition from a lesbian girl to a boy, she’s going to have a very hard time getting a date. The gay girls want a girl, and the straight girls want an actual boy with all the bells and whistles, so to speak. Because biology.

                1. *points at his user pic* You’re wearing a tiara, for heaven’s sake.

                  Clearly, you’re secure enough that you don’t have to be shoved into other folks’ boxes.

                  1. Good point. 😀

                    Story is that I was out at the goth club for my 40th birthday, and a female friend was out for her birthday as well, and she and all her girlfriends had tiaras, so they said “you need one too” and handed it to me. And then someone, don’t remember who, took probably the best photo of me ever, and I started using it as an avatar because it was funny (and a good photo), and I’ve just never changed it in 15 years because I only regularly comment in five or six blogs and continuity is helpful for online identification and memory.

                    1. Armchair psychiatrist, it also conveys a sense of who you are– you’re not wearing it like you’re embarrassed, or like it’s a challenge, it’s just a hat that will make someone happy and you look comfortable in your skin.

                      It looks like you were being weird, but you were being you-weird, not statement-weird.

                      (I’ve got exactly one picture of me that I like, too– although I wouldn’t use it for a blog pic!)

                2. Oh. She might not even be a lesbian. Honestly. Girls are less scary early in puberty.
                  And yeah, I’m not standard issue.
                  NO ONE in this house is into sports, which means the kids missed that.
                  My brother once told me that boys who do too many things with their mothers become gay. I said “Uh, first, that’s retarded. I know some very manly gay men. Second, what they do with me involves lumberyards and construction. They learned to play piano from dad.”
                  But we have some typical male female things. I mean, Dan is all techy. The boys build computers with him, and he taught them basic car maintenance. I love to cook and sew (which the boys ALSO learned from me. Both cook. One sews.)
                  OTOH Dan reads romances. I read thrillers (I told kindle they can’t know what I’m reading, so I get as recommends what he read last. Because we are a “household”. I roll my eyes a lot.) He only became aware of politics in 12. I’m a political junky with a history and economics hobby.
                  So, yeah. “non standard gender expression” rules around here.
                  BUT I love being a girl, and having kids, and a husband.
                  Humans are not standard issue.

                  1. She might not even be a lesbian

                    That had occurred to me. When I was recently back in my hometown to start dealing with my dad’s dementia issues, I had lunch with my oldest friend, who is a moderate progressive [sic] (it’s Alaska; their progressives are purpler than down here). I got talking about how Ex had posted on FB about Daughter being gay, and how everyone cheered how “brave” she was etc. (side note: if she’s born that way, why is it any braver than admitting to being farsighted or left-handed?), and he volunteered that his wife, a child psychologist (also progressive) commented that Daughter was too young to really know.

                    But I can’t say that to her, because then I’m “attacking” her “identity” and have I mentioned how oppressive Seattle is for dissenters? And how much she’s being trained not to think for herself?

                    Interesting thing about the sports: My dad didn’t care about and didn’t watch sports, so junior high gym (same age Daughter is now because I was a year advanced) was particularly hellish, because all the other boys and — worse — the gym teachers just assumed that all boys knew the rules for all the major team sports, and if you didn’t and screwed up you were mocked and harassed and bullied. For chrissakes, I was in law school before somebody actually explained to me why you don’t run on a pop fly. Law school.

            2. I posted here a couple months ago on this very subject: my 11-year-old daughter has decided that she is “genderqueer” and should be referred to as “xe”. She is otherwise a normal, happy, intelligent, artistic girl, and for now I’m chalking it up to a phase mostly driven by lack of socialization in this Plague Year plus fear of puberty plus unintentionally-malign influence from her best friends’ mother the activist for gay nonprofits.

              I haven’t made a stink about it since I’m hoping it will wither away in the near future — whether or not she persists in identifying as lesbian — but definitely also because if I did it would cause all sorts of problems with her prog mother, and I can’t afford to fight those battles because I’m sure to lose.

              1. Why does it always seem to be the women who are destructive in this way? It’s hideous, and so difficult on everyone.

                1. Because guys who are destructive that way do direct sexual abuse/destruction.

                  It’s just a method of destroying another for gain.

              2. I was reading an interesting article the other day about how our current culture has destroyed and barely allows for interpersonal connection, leading to a state of demoralization. People feel like nothing matters, and to make something feel like it matters, they try to develop new connections and sources of meaning.

                I think this is at the heart of the transgender/sexual identity craze. There’s no “white people” club. There’s no “straight people” club. There’s no “girl” club, despite what idiot feminists think. But there is most definitely a “young girls transitioning to boys” club, and I think it’s appealing primarily because of that need to belong to something bigger than oneself.* All of which is to say that while you do need to distance her from her new-found “friends” that are currently fulfilling that need, you can’t just cut her off from them without replacing the sense of belonging.

                I would suggest getting her involved in some charity work, like working in a soup kitchen, and/or something that requires physical labor, like woodworking or auto-maintenance. You sell the charity to the wife as teaching her to be a positive change in the world and that sort of thing and the physical work as “tearing down gender stereotypes” and “making her a strong, independent woman” and such. Which, sure, is true, and the progressives she’s around can’t make a stink about it.

                But here are the advantages from your point of view. She won’t be on the internet, endlessly navel-gazing and having every non-traditional thought praised and reinforced by people you wouldn’t let in your house in person. She’ll see what real suffering looks like to put in perspective the “suffering” of being called the wrong pronoun. She’ll see how progressives are full of hypocrisy and greed and hurt people by refusing to consider unintended consequences of their actions on the people they’re “helping.” She will learn from doing that “male” and “female” do not dictate one’s interests, but yet male and female bodies are not interchangeable. She’ll learn the confidence that only comes from mastering something difficult and the pride of building with one’s hands.

                *I’ll add that going through puberty, especially menarch and all the changes that means, is really awful, and it’s hard to blame anyone, male or female, who starts seeing weird and uncomfortable changes in his body and thinks delaying puberty would be preferable to going through it. It’s just that learning to accept that your body is not under your control is one of the important aspects of growing up.

                1. If there’s a food pantry that will let her help stock shelves, that’s a good choice– especially if she can help at multiple branches, to see how many people get a week’s groceries at multiple locations.

                2. It’s a nice idea, and thank you. But I’m afraid that her mother’s Covid paranoia (she legitimately has lung issues) prevents either of us from community involvement until we can get vaccinated, and probably even then.

                  It got worse: last night her mother called me and told me that Daughter wants to change to “he/him” now. Which means that the second she mentions it to her therapist they’re going to want to whisk her away to “affirmation” therapy, meaning puberty blockers and the whole nine yards. (And I want to reiterate here that she’s never been “boyish” in the slightest degree, and in fact loves playing with hair and makeup and clothes. I think once she gets past this phase she’s going to enjoy being a girl.)

                  So the date of my financial and personal destruction just got a lot closer unless I can convince her to delay. Because I will fight it in her best interest. Her mother has said she won’t approve of any drugs or surgery until Daughter is older, but I don’t trust her on this.

                  Meanwhile Daughter has been very carefully taught by her mother and her teachers and probably her Lambert House peers to hate and fear America — because it’s so very awful to women and gays — and by extension to hate and fear me.

                  I’m going to have a heart to heart talk with her on Sunday when I get her back. I hope things go well.

                  1. You have a garage? You have a yard? You have a home-repair honey-do list? Get her away from the computer and get her spending time with people who aren’t neurotic women. Hell, embrace her confusion — call it “male bonding time.” Time for her to learn how to mow the yard, edge the sidewalk, weed the flower beds, and use basic hand tools to build small wood objects and ready-to-assemble furniture. (I was doing all that at eleven, as well as baby-sitting my younger sister and cooking my own meals while my dad worked a second-shift and my mom was going back to college in the evenings. I didn’t have gender confusion issues, just a dad who wanted sons to do that work but had to make do with daughters instead.) A couple years of that, and she’ll be ready to learn how to swap out an outlet/light, patch drywall, and change the oil — all things that every adult should know how to do anyway, but it’s your opportunity to build your relationship with her without interference from her other influences.

                    You can’t wait until she wants puberty blockers to start fighting this; you have to work on this now. She needs to have a relationship with you, first of all, and she also needs to break out of the progressive neurotic navel-gazing bubble she’s in. And frankly, she needs to see some of the less-pleasant sides of being male. Having been filled with the incessant talk of the Patriarchy from all women around her — not to mention the way that all the “what to expect when you go through puberty” lessons show that women get the worst of it — she needs a dose of reality about what being a man means. If she’s anything like my step-nephew nee niece, she doesn’t want to be a man so much as she doesn’t want to be a woman. (Heck, I think that’s why “gender-queer,” “intersex,” “twospirit,” and the rest exist — these people realize “I don’t want to be me, but I sure don’t want to be you, either.”) Destroy the fantasy about how life is perfect for men, and that will knock this back quite a bit.

                    1. THIS. Point out about testosterone-rage and controlling it, etc.
                      And yep on “male work”. Point out that throughout history women do the safe work. Men do the dirty, outdoor work.

                    2. I didn’t have gender confusion issues, just a dad who wanted sons to do that work but had to make do with daughters instead.

                      Oldest of 3 girls. Of a family, extended, both sides, that HUNT and FISH, almost every weekend, 10 fishing trip NE Oregon (Willawa’s), including backpacking, 6 weekends hunting Western Oregon (Yoncolla/Drain), and a week deer hunting (at least through grade school). Didn’t physically go hunting until fall I turned 13 (birthday is late in season). Didn’t always actually fish. But we were always camping. No staying at home alone.

                      I mean I was 40 (?) when part of a conversation with other adult scouters, when multiple of the male scouters were joking that no way would their wives come camping with the troop. That the Hilton (which is a huge upgrade for us) is considered “roughing it”. I joked “you mean I don’t have to come? Who knew?” I thought my husband was going to bust a gut trying not to laugh. The scoutmaster of our troop had a horrid OMG look on his face (the fact hubby and I both were experienced campers and backpackers was a huge help/benefit to the troop). My mom and dad did fall off their seats laughing when we repeated the conversation.

                      Never learned car maintenance (that was grandpa’s job, the mechanic). Never learned home improvement except yard weeding, and house cleaning. Did learn to sew (still had home ec back then) and cook (I know how, just can’t be bothered unless I want to). Dad didn’t do the home improvement activities – see hunting and fishing above.

                      I have two degrees: Forestry (see camping above), and Computer Science (stupid owl). I’d rather work with male crews. Not sure how they put up with me as a women. I found working with other women dramas too much. Mostly. There were exceptions. I guess I was another exception. I didn’t go to school for my MRS degree. If that is all I wanted there are a lot easier ways to go about that.

                      Happily married. Wanted more children than the one we were blessed with. I guess that is why we don’t say no to the too young kittens that cross our path. Why having a puppy is soothing and not frustrating. Training is fun. No I don’t need more of either, now. But we won’t ever be without a pet or two.

                      Happily female.

                    3. I have two degrees: Forestry (see camping above), and Computer Science (stupid owl). I’d rather work with male crews. Not sure how they put up with me as a women. I found working with other women dramas too much. Mostly. There were exceptions. I guess I was another exception. I didn’t go to school for my MRS degree. If that is all I wanted there are a lot easier ways to go about that.

                      End point of thinking about similar “I hate working with women” thing, which of course made me think of the guys who did the same thing, which made me identify it as Queen Bee behavior AKA girl dominance games, which made me look at guy dominance games which I have run into from both sexes but much more rarely, which resulted in this notion–

                      maybe most work cultures have developed so that they are resistant to the stupid pissing matches/dominance games?
                      So the ones we notice are invasive species types– they hit the cultural ecosystem and make big waves because there aren’t defenses against them.

                  2. If possible, find a good therapist for her — as assistance you can provide her & Mom to save them trouble and effort it is the least you can do — and be sure the therapist believes in first addressing the underlying issues that make one prey to such confusion and only resorts to transitioning if it is really and truly appropriate.

                    How you find such a unicorn is beyond me.

                    1. It occurs that the key things to emphasize are: you love her, your concern is her long-term happiness, and that whatever she chooses will be supported — but this is a permanent choice, no backsies. At that age few kids have any real concept of what permanent means. Unlike tats and piercings, she’s considering a change that will be with her until the day she dies, so it needs to be approached VERY carefully and thoughtfully.

                      If there are any groups of transitioned in your area, especially for people who’ve regretted, try contacting them and informing yourself on the topic — with possibility of introducing your daughter to them if you decide they can provide useful insight/guidance.

                    2. “only resorts to transitioning if it is really and truly appropriate.”

                      This is child mutilation. Are you suggesting that at some point child mutilation is appropriate? She may probably have a brain disease. Mutilation as the answer? I must have misunderstood you.

                    3. No – transitioning as a child is never appropriate. There are rare adults for whom such transitioning is possibly appropriate. At any rate, as adults I don’t think it my business to decide what they do to themselves.

                    4. Exactly. I’m more or less of the opinion that adults who transition have very very deep psychological issues, but maybe transitioning is the only way left to resolve or assuage those issues. Nevertheless, as adults, they can do what they want with themselves since it isn’t hurting anyone else.

                      Children can’t consent to contracts, can’t consent to sex, can’t consent to get their goddam navel pierced. But suppressing their endocrine system with powerful drugs and cutting off healthy bits is apparently A-OK and at least in some places the parents don’t get a say. Horrifying.

                    5. It is far worse –
                      Sorry, Pelosi: Eliminating official use of ‘mother’ isn’t inclusive — it’s waging war on women
                      consider the ways California’s Democrats have run wild with Newspeak. As Quillette ­reported last week, California’s insurance commissioner has ­issued a directive to reclassify double mastectomies of healthy breasts from “cosmetic” procedures to “reconstructive,” necessary to “correct or repair the abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects.”

                      You read that right: The “congenital defect” is a young woman’s healthy breasts, provided that young woman subjectively identifies as “nonbinary” or anything other than “woman.”

                      It matters what we call things in the public space: Just ask the ­female prisoners now housed with violent biological men in California if our lawmakers’ words matter. This lie — that a girl’s breasts constitute “developmental abnormalities” depending on her subjective state of mind — carries the result that female patients of all ages would suddenly become eligible for insurance coverage for double mastectomies. A small change in language grants doctors the green light to remove the normal, developing breasts of an 11-year old girl. Still just words?
                      [END EXCERPT]

                  3. I’m so, so sorry. Well done not to completely give up.

                    I feel as if I’m fighting to recapture an environment that your child can try to have a good life in, as much as I’m fighting for my own reasons.

                3. Best of luck to all parents dealing with such madness.

                  Do let the children know that the games end when they meet someone like me, not family, not terribly fond of tyrannical youngsters. I will tell them, if forced, that they are f’ing insane.

          2. Pronouns aren’t arbitrary. They depend primarily on the language in which you’re being referred to and secondarily by whatever traits that language uses to determine pronouns. Indo-European languages usually split things up by sex (with varying degrees of confusion when you start getting away from people) but not all languages do that. In English the pronouns available are he, she, and it ; everything else is a nonsense word. “It” isn’t on the table when you’re talking about a person.

            1. Demonstrating my Haidtian facility as a conserva-libertarian to understand the opposite viewpoint:

              “Language is an arbitrary sequence of sounds, and just as we removed unacceptable terms like n***** and sp*c and so forth, we can add acceptable words to fill in gaps to make the language more equitable to people who don’t fit in our arbitrary binary categories. [continue for several paragraphs, using more and more incomprehensible jargon]”



              1. Ah, but the essence of language is communication, which requires shared understanding. Words can fall out of use as the idea expressed by those words dies out (“Nigger” originally meant “You aren’t human. You don’t even have the protections domestic animals enjoy as someone’s property. I could kill you right now and I probably wouldn’t be arrested. If I were arrested I would certainly be acquitted and then the prosecutor, judge, and jury would buy me beers to apologize for the inconvenience.) but neologisms need to express a new and useful idea to become part of the language. Ignorance of biology meets neither of those requirements.


                Life’s not fair, get over it.

            2. I’ve had some luck with doing the absent-minded-professor thing and pointing out that in English, “he” is the neuter for people. To say she is to say that it is exclusive to female– so “he or she” is “there’s a person, or a woman.”

              Or worse, “there’s a person that is qualified in all relevant manner for the subject at hand, or a female.”

              The implication is a lot nastier than some idiot assuming the generic “he” requires male.

              1. Most of this stuff is driven by rampant sexism. The whole feminist movement of the ’60’s-80’s was driven by the idea that female power and roles weren’t important and that women needed to become ersatz men to be successful.

                1. Hindsight and clear vision, yes. They systematically devaluated ANYTHING good that only women could do, or that women are GOOD at doing.

                  But that’s a step too far, while the fussy version is heard.

    2. they don’t realize that the stratified culture from The Hunger Games is *their* idealized world, not ours.

      1. On the contrary, they passionately desire that stratification. Why else do you think the most popular programs on PBS are English dramas with the full display of classes. “We’d do it better”, “This time it’s different.” They really see themselves at the top of the heap. Maybe yearn for the distant past when they controlled thought totally, or in reality, thought they controlled thought totally.

        Note Keith Sutherland made up to look like Thomas Jefferson in the last couple of installments. I thought that was a riot! As if…

    3. Proper response would be to throw them out of their homes, take away their cars, strip the clothes off their backs, and force them to find food out in the fields and woods.

    4. And don’t forget the ywill rationalize moving every else into medieval poverty by saying most people yearn for stability and belonging so they’ll really be much happier as serfs.

      1. IIRC, they already do rationalize it that way; and are trying to use that (at a barking-mad level of disconnection from “normal” people) as a selling point.

        I’m far too squeamish to go to their Web site to check, but best I remember their hired spokes-peasant put it something like this in the opening still to their Grate Re-set video: “I own nothing. But I’m happy.”

        Riiight. We’re gonna beg ’em for it. When pigs fly Mach 5, on slop.

  4. Did anyone notice how many of the media types were not wearing masks last night and how cities like LA and NYC were allowing live bands while they keep bars and restaurants closed for no good reason. Meanwhile, while the general public was banned from Times Square, self-proclaimed commie DeBlasio had no problem acting like Marxist nobility and having a dance with his wife in the streets he closed to the public.

    The only thing that surprises me at this point is that these hypocrites and tyrants haven’t been dragged kicking and screaming to be tarred and feathered or introduced to lampposts.

    1. I think there’s a certain amount of waiting. POTUS keeps acting like he’s not leaving until Jan 20, 2025 and promises some, er, interesting events to occur January 6th. If it’s a bust, well… OTOH, if it’s a success, we’ll have our hands full with disappointed/furious lefties.

      The Q-following anons think that Q’s messages were introduced to help keep the Deplorables from going off half-cocked against the Commiecrats. (Partly, other bits were crowdsourcing research. The anons call themselves “weaponized autists”. They ain’t kidding.)

      Q’s phrase “Trust the plan” reminds me of theold bovine joke (somewhat cleaned up; I’m not in the mood for profanity today. Yet.):
      Young Bull, upon seeing a meadow of cows: “Let’s run down there and get us some!”
      Old bull, patiently: “Let’s go down slowly and get them all!”

      1. I’m waiting and praying that some good men and women in Congress and the Senate fix the fraud on January 6th.

          1. I’m spending the next five days in happy expectation.

            Even if it turns to crap, they can’t steal *all* of 2021 from me.

            1. I just learned that January 6th is the anniversary of the day in 1847 on which Samuel Colt obtained his first contract for the sale of revolver pistols to the United States government.*



          2. Nor do I – it would require at least some Dems to cross the aisle and vote for country over party. What’re the odds?

            Hell, I don’t even expect a significant number of Republicans to vote for it, although I admit I’ve long since abandoned hope of large numbers of Republicans consistently voting for the people who elected them. My prediction is more Republicans vote in support of the challenged electors than Democrats vote in support of the challenges.

          3. Failing that, I hope the protest/rally turns into an overthrow of the globalist deep state socialist scum.

        1. The speculation amongst the anons is through the roof. If some of it’s real, there will be a boatload of exploded-head residue. If the wildest (so far–a few days to go) speculation pans out, a popular meme will have a whole new ironic meaning. And no, I ain’t telling. It’s possible, but really?

  5. A productive, prosperous, and happy New Year to all. (I’ll settle for just productive. In theory, that will automatically lead to the other two.)

    Back to applying heel to gluteus…

  6. We bid a nice adieu to 2020 last night;

    Temperature -14°F., Nice fire in the firepit in the yard. Sent up a couple of Thai style paper hot air balloons. Set off 15 or so ten shot roman candles & a couple of strings of firecrackers.. My savage teenage granddaughter get in 12 or so by firelight target practice shots with her Christmas presented revolver (Yes, in the yard, I’ve a big yard).

    Quite enjoyable, a rather nice closure to a rather bad year although the March Madness that was 2020 , overall, had very little effect on the way we live up here on top of the world.

    Ropes, guillotines? Perhaps but chastisement with a horse whip on the capitol steps or a few tar and feather parties might provide some adequate object lessons. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarring_and_feathering

    1. The Karenfuehrers and other politicians are so addicted to the sweet hit of political power that they’d line up to be tarred and feathered if they believed that doing so would help them obtain and keep that power.

  7. Item: n*2 weeks of masking/lockdown/kowtowing to fatten the crowd.

    Item: May Day is coming, the proles are getting fat, kindly put a firstborn in the old Bolshie’s vat. If you haven’t got a first born, a lover will do. If you haven’t got a lover than the devil take you.

    Item: It isn’t a coincidence that the communists celebrate Mayday. They also celebrate the other international distress signals, like ponponpon and declaring an emergency.

  8. Oh, they do NOT want to be in my head. It’s a SCARY PLACE (it scares me, and I live there!)… I only let out the nicer stuff. And considering somewhat I’ve said here….. if they force me to let more out, well, it might be fun — but damn well NOT for them.

    1. If you’ll forgive me for quoting Doctor Who,

      “Good men don’t need rules. Today is not the day to find out why I have so many.”

      I too scare myself sometimes. More times than I care to admit, honestly. And I know we two are not alone in that regard.

      I dread the day that we collectively decide, “I’ve had enough, gloves are off.” Because it will make the Yugoslav Wars look like a holiday picnic.

        1. Yes. This.

          I can get to a really bad place really quick. I’m sure I’m not unique in this respect. There have been times I didn’t CCW because I knew I lacked the capacity to *not* get enraged/out of control.

          I feel like I have to keep asking myself “Today? Is it today?”

      1. There’s a reason I don’t own guns, and a reason why I haven’t treated my depression.

  9. Daily I see posts from putatively conservative sources denouncing Trump’s “attempts to steal this election.” As if the ample evidence of something wrong doesn’t exist.

    Well, Trump may have lost the vote, he may have been cheated “fair & square” but they have not yet convinced me Trump has no chance of exposing their fraud. They’ve advanced to a conclusion unsupported by fact and they are a long way from convincing me they’re aught better than useful idiots.

    To paraphrase Uncle Screwtape, Used to be folks knew when a thing had been proven … and when it hadn’t. I know when someone’s trying to sell me a pig in a poke, and until I’ve poked my head inside I ain’t a’buying that Biden/Harris pig.

    1. I’m pretty sure those “putatively conservative” sources are nothing of the sort. This election is like a Rohrshach test for how you look at the world. And anybody who looks at this election and says “no fraud” has a worldview not much different than the progressives.

      1. Normally I never block people, because blocking is a good way to shatter the flow of a conversation, and also there are the dangers of forming a too-airtight bubble.

        But I’ve made an exception for the people who after weeks still say “but where’s the fraud?”. At this point they are either enemy agents, or so empty headed that they wouldn’t see it if you showed them a thousand people giving detail admission of how they frauded.

            1. But ill-informed why? I’ve poked a few friends, with a few things. A (living it out) conservative said, “Please no more links. I need to keep my head focused so I can raise my kids.” Knows there’s probably shenanigans. Finds the links distracting. Something about multiple kids under 6. I felt disappointed, but I get it too. I just hope she doesn’t get so focused that the gaslighting is effective down the road.

              1. There are reasons why someone may have to ignore what is going on. That isn’t good, but it is sometimes realistic.

                But if they are honestly ignoring they won’t strut around declaring that they haven’t seen fraud.

                1. I haven’t actually seen the evidence for fraud. As in, I haven’t gotten data from a trustworthy source and done my own analysis.

                  But if the evidence was impeachable, I would have seen more in the way of serious impeachments, instead of mere assertions, ‘shut up’, and censorship.

                  The cover up is more incriminating then what evidence I have seen of the initial crime.

                  I suppose that the people aggressively pushing cover up could be mistaken in believing that there was an initial crime in need of being covered up.

                  The least damaging possibility is that Big Tech used H1B to hire a bunch of authoritarian idiots from China, they went wild on censorship because they didn’t know any better, and that all the people asserting that Biden won have actually 1 sourced and analyzed data independently, 2 considering all the claims raised, before 3 being forced to dismiss them on the basis of the data saying otherwise. Without any of the people publishing their data and analysis, going “I know the censorship looks bad, but…”

                  In fairness, some of these people got an education in the humanities long before knowledge of statistics had spread as widely, and don’t have much grasp of computer systems either. The fix may have always been in, but they have no clue how the younger public cohorts are looking at it now.

                2. Power Line’s John Hinderaker captures it in this passage, discussing John Lott’s analysis:

                  Analyses like Lott’s can cast doubt on whether such benign explanations can account for Joe Biden’s “win,” but there is no way they will result in the election being overturned. At this point, even if Republicans were able to show how, and by whom, fraud was perpetrated in various states, which likely would require confessions from Democratic operatives, it is too late to prevent Biden’s inauguration.

                  If once you conclude that there was fraud but there’s no way to prove it, not to a level that would change the After-Steal underway — the MSM declaring any complaints false, illegitimate, insane and seditious — then there’s little to do.

                  They got away with it and dwelling on how is just to make oneself miserable. Some things demand action and people unwilling to act do not want to think themselves, contra Henry V gentlemen in America now a-bed
                  Don’t wish to think themselves accursed they were not here,
                  Nor hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
                  That stood with us upon the sixth of January’s day.

                  So what are we left with?

                  (singin’)… Oh, but we never got the chance
                  ‘Cause the players tried to take the field
                  The MSM refused to yield
                  Do you recall what was revealed
                  The day the nation died?

                  We started singin’ bye-bye, Miss American Pie
                  Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry
                  Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
                  And singin’ “This’ll be the day that I die
                  This’ll be the day that I die”

                  Oh, and there we were all in one place, a generation lost in space
                  With no time left to start again
                  So come on, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack Flash sat on a candlestick
                  ‘Cause fire is the devil’s only friend

                  Oh, and as I watched him on the stage
                  My hands were clenched in fists of rage
                  No angel born in Hell
                  Could break that Satan’s spell

                  And as the flames climbed high into the night
                  To light the sacrificial rite
                  I saw Satan laughing with delight
                  The day the music died

                  He was singin’
                  bye-bye, Miss American Pie
                  Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry
                  Them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
                  And singin’ “This’ll be the day that I die
                  This’ll be the day that I die”

                  1. Too long, didn’t read version: When you’ve been handed a [fecal] sandwich, you don’t have to praise it, you don’t have to pick through it to see what kind of [feces] it contains, you don’t have to accept it, but there’s no point asking politely for an alternative you can be sure they won’t give.

                  2. No. Disagree.

                    Hinteraker is full on NeverTrumpNotEver. It clouds his work. He is a lefty. His reasoning is faulty.

                    A willingness to capitulate because it’s too hard or some such reasoning makes for very unappealing company.

            2. A sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice. Maybe not the right wording, but it’s a similar issue.

          1. I’m with you.
            Anyone who’s actively online has intent these days, especially if they make that particular push. At TheDonald.win we’re seeing a ton of what we’re calling “glowies,” commenters who demand immediate bloodshed, weapons-take them all down-boom!-let them sort it out later types. They’re pretty easy to ID, and are booted.
            The enemy is out in force, I’d say.

        1. I’ve started using a phrased question to the “no evidence of fraud” trolls.

          “If I throw a rock in a pool, and lose the rock, do not the waves themselves provide evidence that the rock was there?”

        2. Or so locked into the leftist news bubble that they literally have not seen any evidence, given how CNN and the like have failed to report it. I have friends who were totally unaware until I ranted about it, and still don’t really believe it, because I’m the only source they’ve seen for it.

          1. Yep — although I treat it with enthusiasm comparable to monitoring news from 1943 Germany, I do scan the Washington Post for admissions against interest — which today includes this knee-slapper:

            D.C. is becoming a protest battleground. In a polarized nation, experts say that’s unlikely to change.
            For years, West Coast cities have borne the brunt of violent confrontations between far-right extremists and counterprotesters who come to meet them.

            Brawls broke out in Berkeley, Calif. White-supremacist rallies in Sacramento ended in bloodshed. Violent clashes have become common in Portland, Ore., where gunfire broke out at demonstrations over the summer. Demonstrators in Olympia, Wash., recently fired weapons into a crowd, wounding at least one person.

            Up and down the western United States, protests have devolved into violent clashes replete with thrown rocks, exploding fireworks and streams of chemical irritants.

            But the nation’s capital — with its strict gun laws and history of orderly, peaceful protest — has largely avoided these violent conflicts.

            Until now.

            Extremism experts who study the far-right warn that D.C. is on a path to become the next battleground in increasingly violent confrontations with left-leaning counterdemonstrators.

            In the weeks since the 2020 presidential election, a coalition of loyalists of President Trump, conspiracy theory adherents, white nationalists, self-proclaimed militia members and other fringe figures have flocked to the nation’s capital to support the president’s baseless claims of election fraud. As Trump’s hopes of reversing the election results have faltered, those who falsely believe the election was stolen or fraudulent have grown increasingly angry and desperate.
            [END EXCERPT]

            Yeah, you read that aright: DC has been peaceful up to now and it is only the rising up of “far-right” protestors that the visage of violence has appeared. And the violence across the West Coast is due to clashes with the “White-supremacists.”

            No thought given that the folks “studying” those supposed movements might have an agenda, eh? Nope, their world is divided into right-wing extremists and the peaceful counterprotesters. I may be wrong, but I think that may have been lifted almost verbatim from the East Berlin Zeitung i the late-Fifties.

            Oh yeah – emphasis added. Strike the two italicized words from the last paragraph and it is more accurate; they are there to shade not enlighten

            Front page, baby, front page.. Above the fold.

            1. Our neighbors need their talking points, that’s what the article is for. They’re being programmed and prepped.

    2. They’re in the “news” business, not the information business.

      They’re not the same thing.

      Here’s looking at you, Fox…

    3. “The people have spoken,” they say, and expect us to not notice that the people in that sentence do not map to those in the Constitution.

      1. They seem to have a loose definition of “people”, too. I would have thought they’d have a full set of chromosomes, but that seems to have been optional this time (and looking at Oregon’s voting history, for a long time).

    4. There’s a guy on twitter who i mostly agree with on most subjects but he’s emblematic of that sort of conservative. He’s Jewish; he totally realizes the incoming Administration would be full of anti-Semites. But so far as he’s oncerned Trump is still “a clown,” and “a sore loser,” all reports of fraud have been easily debunked, and anyone who supports him is the willing victim of a”grifter.” It’s upsetting.

  10. “By all mend bond to nothing,
    Being slaves without a lord,
    By one blind idiot world obeyed
    Too blind to be abhorred.”

    I fear our putative masters are beyond that stage. We can and do abhor them, lest they bring “A broken heart in the breast of the world/And the end of the world’s desire.”

  11. I was just telling someone about China Swalwell… This person is a MSM type and Dem. But was willing to listen to what I told her. She hadn’t seen that news bit because it has been hidden. We both agreed that most of our Congress critters should be fired or worse.

    1. “Fired” being a starting point, but only if you mean from a cannon. Mere pink slips are not going to get the point across.

        1. I’m willing to compromise, and I mean the real kind not the leftist version in play since at least Reagan.

          (You know the deal. “If you vote for our bill today, later in the future we may throw you a small bone.” Which, of course, gets promptly “forgotten” before the signature ink is even dry.)

    2. Saw a really interesting video clip last night from the Comey testimony questions by Fang-Fanged-Swalwell which was really very odd at the time but makes perfect sense now – the whole “Does their playbook use females? Pretty Asian females? With black hair? Who are Easy? For Sexual Blackmail of Totes Innocent Handsome Manly American Men?” line of questioning, with Comey shooting looks at Swalwell clearly thinking “Where the heck are you going with this, you moron?”

  12. The Georgia hearings seem to have been pretty darned bipartisan-persuasive, as a lot of GA Democrats started to realize that their own party might make them also magically not win primaries.

    This is good, because a lot of Democrats don’t seem to have realized yet that it’s their problem too. If you can make enough imaginary voters appear, you don’t need your actual voters anymore.

    1. Razorfist summed it up:

      Would be funny if McConnell got booted from his alleged leadership position when the new Senate forms…..

      1. Not really, because the most likely reason for that is that the Dems steal both Georgia Senate seats and then Commie Schumer becomes Senate Majority leader.

      2. …consider whose voting machines put the likes of McConnell in office.

        So far, I’m not hearing much about states ditching their Dominion hardware.

        1. Yep. I’m pretty sure a bunch of the Republicans are in on the fraud. Or the graft. Nothing else explains their behavior. Occam’s razor.

          1. If they didn’t keep it kind of close there’d be no need to raise millions of dollars in campaign graft funds with which to run those ads defaming one another.

          2. Don’t have to be in on it if you can’t prove you aren’t.

            We all know that when they find a Dem in bed with a woman he’s not married to, the real story is a Republican that may have not been supervised with a female intern in the last six months.

            1. Or a Democrat literally in bed with the communist Chinese, accusing Trump of being ‘compromised’.

        2. If you watched Jovan Hutton Pulitzer,’s testimony to the Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee you might have caught that the problem is less with the Dominion scanners and more with the ballot printing.


          1. Or for anyone wishing for a shorter written summary also / instead, see:

            uncoverdc dot com slash 2020/12/31/jovan-hutton-pulitzer-requests-access-to-paper-ballots-in-georgia/

            Especially noteworthy are the final two paragraphs here:

            Pulitzer also went live on YouTube on Dec. 31 to show “hacked voting places” in Georgia talking in a two-way dialogue to servers in China in real-time while votes were being cast. He begged people to “open their eyes” and push legislators to allow forensic examination of the paper ballots.

            His testimony on Wednesday moved the subcommittee. They passed a unanimous motion to allow forensic examination of the Fulton County ballots. Pulitzer committed to examining the ballots as soon as they were made available to him.

            The kind of (existing) forensic analysis described here is truly… awesome.

            1. It was telling that 4 hours after Pulitzer was given the go-ahead to examine the ballots, a bunch of them went into mil-grade shredders and/or got delivered to the Donk Sheriff’s office. (Byrne showed photos of the boxes, addressed to the guy who lied about the water main “break” and other fraudulence. He says he has samples of the ballots, too.)

              It looks like several ways of screwing the Rs were in play. The votes switched from Trump to Biden in Michigan and Pennsylvania. (POTUS has mentioned fraud at the senatorial level too. Sounds like Perdue won on Nov 3rd, but the votes were stolen to put him under 50%. There’s similar crap in Michigan, too.)

          2. Actually, it was a combination of both: print ballots the Dominion scanners would fail to read, so the ballots could be “adjudicated” in Biden’s favor by offsite (and overseas) “officials”.

  13. …you can’t get them to love you and admire you (which these fractured adult children want most of all.)

    Set aside the China Joe muppet posable action figure: Kamala Roundheels, the easy Indian chick who is pretending to be black, had her Jamaican father bail and vanish from her life when she was 12, which is also when she was moved by her Indian Mom to Canada. Presumably, marriage troubles preceded that departure. So from an early age she either had a troubled or broken home with no male parenting figure present.

    Is it any wonder she started out climbing the political ladder by climbing Willie Brown, an older man of African descent? But he was not her dada, he just wanted nookie, so she discarded him and moved on.

    From age 12 she’s been hungering for that absent father’s approval, and she can’t find it no matter who she does. Empty, empty eyes, and the fake laugh, a tell when anything gets close to the empty center of what she’s hiding. And always happy to issue orders and force people to do what she says, looking for power by making people do what she says they should, all in an ultimately futile attempt to fill that gaping empty hole in her, there since she was 12 and Daddy left her.

        1. My guess would be sexual trauma might be what the kids suffer from. The symptoms are consistent. And given the sniffing fetish, I’d believe it.

          Jill has pimped out her boy with dementia for her own power and designs. That’s evil. Think of her from a kid’s point of view.

      1. Very much so. There is a strong drive in most men to protect the weak and to lift them up so that they may stand on their own. Though there has been a long and brutal campaign against the virtues of both sexes, there is something within us that *wants* certain things. Family. Children.

        Biden’s long history of lies and his actions in public make me think he really wants to be a certain kind of man, but really doesn’t know how. A father figure type- a real one- knows better than to rush intimacy with anyone. A true statesman knows how to give credit where credit is due. And a man for all his failures ought to know how to own up to his own mistakes and seek to become a better man for it.

        The best of us fail every day. We strive towards an ideal that’s unobtainable, objectively speaking. But in the striving we can reduce the suffering in the lives around us and make the world just a tiny bit better.

        1. Leaked audio from a couple days ago… Biden is arguing with his would-be advisors, and actually said something like “I’m not going to do anything that’s against the Constitution.” I about fell off my chair.

          There may have been that desire, as you say, but it seems to have been lost in translation.

          1. The Constitution doesn’t specifically forbid election fraud, you know… by their interpretation, it means their actions are completely Constitutional, and why are you whining, you loser Deplorable?

            1. Quoting from the Ted Cruz letter calling for an emergency investigation into vote fraud:

              “America is a Republic whose leaders are chosen in democratic elections. Those elections, in turn, must comply with the Constitution and with federal and state law.


              “In 1877, Congress did not ignore those allegations, nor did the media simply dismiss those raising them as radicals trying to undermine democracy. Instead, Congress appointed an Electoral Commission — consisting of five Senators, five House Members, and five Supreme Court Justices — to consider and resolve the disputed returns.

              “We should follow that precedent. To wit, Congress should immediately appoint an Electoral Commission, with full investigatory and fact-finding authority, to conduct an emergency 10-day audit of the election returns in the disputed states. Once completed, individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if needed.

              “Accordingly, we intend to vote on January 6 to reject the electors from disputed states as not ‘regularly given’ and ‘lawfully certified’ (the statutory requisite), unless and until that emergency 10-day audit is completed….

              That statutory language referenced in the last paragraph is where the crux lies. It will likely fail, but sets the stage for future revelations of fraud to a) do serious harm to those who voted against the audit and b) be covered up by the MSM and Big Tech in a manner rendering Hunter Biden’s laptop a kerfuffle.


    1. There’s suspicion that Obama’s got a similar issue regarding the lack of a father in his life.

      On another note, it occurred to me that – assuming Harris does become the Vice President – that both of the ethnic minority vice presidents that the US has had are half-Indian through their respective mothers. Though one was feather, and the other is dot.

    2. Yup Daddy Issues seem to be a common issue in what drives Democrat candidates for President. Slick Willy, Check, Obumbles Check, Jimmeh Carter Don’t know, Kennedy, trying to fill in for Joe Jr so Joe Sr would be happy, check. Trying to say Daddy look at me I’m president do you love me now seems to be a big part of the democrat check list.

    3. Good fathers are essential and the notion that they aren’t is one of the most poisonous lies ever pushed.

            1. You could even add a little arrow pointing into one side of the zigzag, for ‘variable resistance’ 😛

      1. Thanks to Ian for asking. I didn’t understand either, and now I’m going to feel really clever explaining it to people.

      2. Clever. So, we can express our resistance as a measure of the jolt certain politicians will feel??

          1. A capacitor uses a gap to build up a charge and is symbolized thusly:

            IIRC (it’s been some forty-five years) the curved portion of the gap indicates direction of current flow.

            1. Right, and when that charge lets go it’s “a measure of the jolt”, no? (As opposed to just putting a load on the current.)

            2. The curved side indicates the outer layer of foil, which is supposed to be connected so that it has the lowest voltage difference from ground.

              Capacitors were once constructed from two long strips of thin metal foil and two strips of waxed paper, which were rolled up tightly into a cylindrical shape, wrapped with another strip of paper and coated with more wax. If the outer foil layer was connected to the high-voltage side, that increased the danger of the high voltage going somewhere it wasn’t supposed to.

              On electrolytics, the curved side is the can, which is always negative.

              On variable caps, the curved side is the stationary plates.

              When I learned electronics, vacuum tubes were still common. Most Radio Shack stores had a vacuum tube tester, and a fair stock of tubes.
              “What’s your secret for living to a hundred?”
              100-year-old man: “Don’t die.”

    1. Yeah. Doesn’t seem like the actions of people confident of their position. If the fraud does carry the day, they may live to regret it. At least I *hope* they regret it. Will certainly do my best to see that they do.

      1. Oh, they will.
        Unfortunately if we get heels up Harris, so will most women. I suspect my granddaughters will be as confined as my grandmother, whose big feminist statement was that she thought widows should be allowe dto live independently and administer their own money.

    2. Um. So:

      * No one is picking-up/asking-for the free tickets?
      * No need for background checks of those attending
      * No one going that isn’t being dragged there (might be the ONLY way they get President Trump there). If President Trump voluntarily shows up, he needs his personal private security.

      What else is there to conclude? It isn’t what they are saying, because of the pandemic. If that was the case there would just be a televised ceremony in the Oval Office, or House/Senate Chambers.

      Or (will go with AND) they know they’ve lost and they don’t want it set up for a last minute Trump victory rally.

            1. “OCCUPIERS.”

              “Quislings” strikes me as more accurate. Particularly after reading a short bio of Vidkun Quisling. He was so eager to mess over his country for the Nazis, the Nazis were actually disgusted. They froze him out until the Norwegian resistance got so troublesome they brought him back to hunt his former countrymen.

      1. I hadn’t read the article but after your comments I had to. Glad I did.

        This feels huge. “Or (will go with AND) they know they’ve lost and they don’t want it set up for a last minute Trump victory rally.”

        These people are so vile that, now that they know they’re busted, they still won’t keep the reviewing stands up for the incoming POTUS because it’s Trump. I mean, if you’re not going to use them, fine. Wait till the 21st and dismantle them then. There’s no rush, right? It’s not like people are clamoring to use the space. But no, they have to crap on the doorstep on their way out.

        There may be a whole crap-ton of MAGAs there on the 20th, regardless which way the battle goes on the 6th.

        1. I hadn’t read the article but after your comments I had to. Glad I did.

          Funny that. I posted before I read the article 🙂

      2. Wait a minute. How is Harris-and-Biden in charge of the reviewing stands? The electors have not been presented to Congress. They’re still nobody-elect, even if they had won the election. They have no power over anything yet. Now would be an excellent time for them to remain in Biden’s basement and STFU.
        The Democrats trust criminals with guns more than they trust you.

            1. So then why would Biden be in charge of putting up, or taking down, the bleachers? Just because a lot of empty bleachers would be embarrassing.

              1. Things were put into motion a few months ago and more recently no communication between the two camps is my guess. I agree it’s odd they’re taking the bleachers down, but putting them up was probably automatic and done before anybody in the Biden camp paid any attention. I’m just guessing, but there are a ton of moving parts to these things regardless of who is inaugurated.

        1. IIRC, a few weeks ago Trump instructed the office that handles transitions to go ahead and start coordinating with the Biden campaign. His explanation was that refusing to give that permission left the head of the transition office in a very bad spot.

          1. Tho from the occasional gripes from the Biden-aligned, sounds like there might be some o’ that malicious compliance going on….

            1. Well there was the thing where the DOD fed the Biden team some disinformation and saw it show up in Chinese Intelligence intercepts 24 hours later.

              1. Now that would explain something I heard (from a Good Source on the Internet but not in writing or with links) a bit before Christmas: about how the Dept. of Defense had suspended, At The Highest Levels, all intelligence feeds to the so-called “Biden transition team” but might resume this sometime after “the holidays” — tough to justify giving inside stuff to the New Regime and (or) the CCP, once you know the score.

                1. I wonder how much the professional (i.e. non-FBI) counter-intel activities have been contaminated or discredited by the whole crossfire hurricane lets-attempt-a-coup thing. I’d hate to be a professional non-involved-in-the-coup underling in the FBI CI shop these days, but I wonder how the rest of the CI folks across other agencies have had their ability to actually do the job impacted by the FBI and Brennan’s follies.

                  Someone is still doing the job if this report is accurate, probably in the DoD CI shop given the topic, but I bet trying to go get a FISA warrant these days is a very different experience than prior.

                  Also a note here: I’ve been seeing a lot of comment follow activity from people openly based in the Middle Kingdom. I bet Sarah is seeing similar in the IP logs. This pattern would be consistent with God-Emperor Winnie the Pooh’s MSS tech geeks stepping up their surveillance ops on the US internet in anticipation of feeding stuff to their paid agents inside the China Joe administration-elect.

                  1. What is more probable? That crossfire hurricane was a chance screw up, independent of later events, or it was set up specifically to discredit accusations of being in the pocket of China/Iran if it was discovered.

                    If it is a success, and not revealed, they’ve made an example of the non-Chinese candidate. If it fails and is revealed, the process of discrediting it insulates the next Chinese candidate.

                    Comey’s higher loyalty was to the Middle Kingdom and international communism.

                    At some point, not being on Team Xenocide starts to look like sufficient evidence to convict for treason, and punish by execution.

                    1. If the question is did Comey and Strzok and Brennan and the rest run their attempted coup with outside-the-US input, Duh. Absolutely UK, probably adversarial.

                      If the question is were coup-plotting scum trying on Praetorian Guard helmets while they romped in bed with each other, or were some IC folks (mostly in other shops, but every single CI Feeb can’t be a coup-participating-traitor just statistically) actually honestly trying to do the job of countering foreign intel: Embrace the Power of AND.

  14. I saw a short clip of Tucker Carlson at a live event, where he explained something interesting and, I think, profound.

    How many people care about you enough to endure real hardship to help you? How many do you care that much about? Maybe a dozen?

    How many people would endure significant inconvenience for your sake, or you for theirs? Another dozen or so?

    That is the natural size of our ‘family and close friends’ group. A couple dozen people. It’s a trait that holds across all known ethnicities and cultures.

    The Leftroids demand that you extend that level of commitment to millions of total strangers based on skin color, or unconventional notions about gender, or mouthing the correct political slogans. If you don’t, you’re RRRAAACIIISSST!!! They want you to feel guilty for being human, and having natural limits on what you are willing to do, and who you’ll do it for.
    Governments can’t create prosperity; at best, they can refrain from destroying it.

  15. Somehow this frightens me. Even though I’ve been running an imaginary story lead for weeks: ” A somber Joe Biden was sworn in today in a small, private ceremony, as Washington remains under Covid-19 lockdown.”
    The unkind thought would be a private swearing in could be redone until it came out right.

    There are times it’s hard to pray for these people, but Himself says we’re supposed to do that. Mind you, I feel no obligation to pray for their success or the success of their policies. And have no trouble at all praying for the Trumps and Pences.

    1. In how to pray for the Biden/Harris team I am of two minds. The first flippant one comes from “Fiddler on the Roof” Q:Rabbi How shall we pray for the Tsar? A: (pauses for thought) May the Lord bless and keep the Tsar (sotto voce) far away from us. My second is to lean on the various psalms (or Palms if you are His Fraudulence) referred to as imprecatory in particular 69:22-28. If King David was permitted to pray this way and it was recorded for posterity then so may we.

      1. May the table set before them become a snare;
        may it become retribution and a trap.
        May their eyes be darkened so they cannot see,
        and their backs be bent forever.
        Pour out your wrath on them;
        let your fierce anger overtake them.
        May their place be deserted;
        let there be no one to dwell in their tents.
        For they persecute those you wound
        and talk about the pain of those you hurt.
        Charge them with crime upon crime;
        do not let them share in your salvation.
        May they be blotted out of the book of life
        and not be listed with the righteous.

        Well, if that’s not the finest and most appropriate prayer for the Usurper we could possibly offer up… right down to the fine details…

      2. The more I think on the prayer for the Tsar, the more the joke becomes rather deep.

        Yes, I wish the best for my enemies– that does not mean I desire them to be near me, especially when it would be an occasion of sin for them and harm for me!

    2. I would expect that they could do whatever they did to Biden for the debates. That should presumably keep him coherent long enough to recite the Oath of Office.

      As for praying… ask to bless them that they may act in accord with His will. Or something similar. And mean it. And have the humility to accept that His will is not necessarily in alignment with your own. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of ignoring that detail.

      1. As for praying… ask to bless them that they may act in accord with His will. Or something similar. And mean it.

        Working on it.

        Prayer and fasting– remember fasting can be something besides skipping meals– can’t hurt.

      2. Oh, yes.
        A passage from one of Weber’s Safehold series keeps coming to me. Two vicars (Cardinal equivalent) are worrying about what the Grand Inquisitor is up to. It’s pretty obvious he’s preparing to institute a purge. The older vicar says, “I’ve prayed about it, but it’s obvious God is going to let this play out.” The purge happens and both men die….but his brother has quietly taken steps in the meantime.

  16. “And stupid ones at that, destroying the greatest engine of prosperity of mankind for what they think will be their power and advantage.”

    I get a feeling that some of them think they’d prefer being the big frogs in a poorer pond over living in a vastly more prosperous country that they couldn’t control.

    They assume they’ve got what it takes to control that small pond. I don’t think they all appreciate how vicious the struggle for control could get.

    1. all too many don’t care about anything but being in charge. They would rather a full worldwide depression and be the power that be, than be the opposition while someone else holds the reins and everything is close to Utopia.

      1. I guess when being the big boss IS your definition of utopia, it doesn’t matter if you’re boss of a ruin. Man, that’s an angle to their desire to rewrite the past I hadn’t thought of. It’s easier to be content ruling a ruin if no one – even yourself – is aware that it’s a ruin. Especially if you created the ruin,

      2. Soros said flat out, in a live interview, that his motivation is a desire to bring down the West.

        Then again, I’m tolerably sure he started his career as a KGB asset.

        1. He started his career at 1`2 working as a Kapo in a concentration camp. After that, think Magneto.

        2. Like Milady points out Georgie got his start with the SS collaborating against other Jews to save his own ass. There is debate on exactly where some of his money has come from, and iirc he cannot go to Hungary at all any longer or be arrested for his crimes.

        3. That man is almost unbelievably evil. I’d find it hard to take him seriously as a fictional villain.

          1. Funny how the Left, who are constantly quoting (without attribution) Balzac ‘s nonsense about how “behind every great fortune there is a great crime” imagine they’re using Soros.

            They ought attend, instead, another adage, “if you sup with the devil, you’d better bring a long spoon.”

          2. I have met a number of people whose acts toward me could not be used in fiction because they were too evil. Also, too dull and bland.

    2. The real stupid ones think our prosperity is simply the natural state as hampered by all them mean kulaks.

      1. It had been my impression that they believed our prosperity results from looting/exploiting other people. You know: The White Folk loot the Colored Folk, the First World loots the Third World, the Menfolk exploit the Womenfolk …

        1. Also, they grossly overestimate the amount of wealth that “the rich” have, and so disbelieve in “Peak Other People’s Money.” Instead, they’re certain that a little legal and social fracking will get the rich to disgorge their “fair share” – which will be enough for everything on the Left’s wish list, and more besides.

        2. Never mind the fact that everybody is richer than their ancestors were 100 or 1000 years ago.

    3. Relevant movie dialog I couldn’t find until now, because I had the wrong movie:

      Hackshaw: The wheel has turned. Yog-Sothoth knows the Gate. That is the promise of the Necromnomicon. Open the Gate, let the Old Ones back in and they will make you a god.

      Lovecraft: Ooohhh, you get to be a god. What does Harry get?

      Harry: Tell him.

      Hackshaw: For services rendered, Mr. Borden gets to be Ruler of the World.

      Lovecraft: What kind of world?

      Hackshaw: A world of the unburied dead, and a sky dark with ashes. A blasted, maimed planet. But he’ll be the most important person in it.

      Harry: How do you like them apples partner, huh?

      [Emphasis added]

      Cast A Deadly Spell (1991)

    4. That reminds me of an old saying about how vicious the politics are in academic departments because the stakes are so low.

        1. I second this observation. One inter-departmental war I remember started over of who published more, and in what journals, vs. kissing up to donors and admin in order to get academic bennies. The loser (over two decades later) still promised that if the winner was found run-over in the parking lot, the loser would provide an alibi and receipts! *shakes head* [Full disclosure – I learned a lot more from the loser than I ever did from the winner.]

        2. When I was in Journalism shool, I had an assignment to do a feaure on a campus figure. I chose the Dean of the Undergraduate school and started out to get information. No one would talk to me. My favorite quotes, in retrospect, were, “I’m not talking to you, that man has spies everywhere!” and, “I’m not talking to you. I”m saving it for the investigative commitee.”

          When I asked my professor, a former news reporter, what I should do about the second guy, he said, “Quote him! QUOTE HIM!”

          He also told me later if he’d known what I was getting into he would have told me to pick another subject. (It was supposed to be a puff piece).
          Talk about academic feuds.

  17. Ok, I am going to make my prediction now. I don’t *know* that it is true; there could be an entirely different plan in play. But it seems to match up with the pieces I see:

    Trump & Friends have $EVIDENCE. I do not know what the nature of this evidence is, but they have made fairly clear that it is a head-to-your-nearest-politician level of bomb.

    I think the plan is to get everyone to D.C., and then display the evidence simultaneously to the people gathered outside, and the representatives running the electoral vote. With it made clear to those reps that everyone outside is seeing it as well.

    Open question: is it explicitly stated, or left implied that “if you ignore this evidence the people out there will come in and ignore your screams for mercy”.

  18. I note the incoming House Rules Committee is proclaiming

    “This package, which will be introduced and voted on once the new Congress convenes, includes sweeping ethics reforms, increases accountability for the American people, and makes this House of Representatives the most inclusive in history,” said the House Committee on Rules in a statement.

    … along with a bunch of other self-congratulatory blather.

    Is it just me or shouldn’t that be “accountability to the American people”?

    Sure, some might deem that a trivial preposition but it strikes me as important.

  19. I am not stupid, I am not gullible, and I am not going.

    Now, this might be even better than the Kerr Avon (Blake’s 7) original:

    “I’m not stupid, I’m not expendable, and I’m not going.”

    Either one is an excellent summary of some of the “remind yourself if ever necessary” things we’ll want to hang on to as time goes on.

    Another such thing, that occurred to me to send to a friend (or maybe more) in the context of some old family… challenges on the 1st, is rather older, but also good to keep in mind:

    The light shines in the darkness, and the dark has not overcome it.

    There are multiple, and often interoperative, interpretations of ths one. But maybe the simplest amounts to much the same as Jerry Pournelle’s “Despair is a sin.” (And also, typically, “not much of a strategy” either.)

    And to all here, Happy New Year. Perhaps even more practically, Happier New Year.

  20. As anyone who has ever tried to get a stubborn two year old to do what they want knows the power of passive resistance, I believe our would be lords and masters are in for a fun surprise.

    Echoing from last night:
    I don’t WANNA sleep!
    No gonna do! NO gonna dooooo!!!!!

    1. Indeed in our house when the girls were young that toddler collapse was referred to as Toddler passive resistance legs.

      1. Joy of a clumsy house, we never got out of the habit of straight picking the kids up when they fell, or “fell,” so the only time they collapse to the floor is when they are laboring under a massive weight. You know, like the other half of the sheet of kleenex that they dropped on the floor…..

        1. You just made me think “You can dismantle the scaffolding, you can dismantle the bleacher seats, but you can’t dismantle us.”

          We are sovereign.

      1. All they have to do is look. And they refuse.

        They *refuse* to have any idea. It’s crazy.

        1. All they can see in anyone is a twisted reflection of themselves. We’re just like them, only worse. Because they are the best, and the smartest, and On The Right Side Of History! There is nothing else they need to know.

  21. One of the nice things about Saipan is, you see people protesting communism on a fairly regular basis – probably because of the proximity to China.

    One of the less-nice things is we can’t do much to help if things go hot.

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