Time Is The Strangest Thing

Sometimes — more than others — I have weird prophetic dreams. They’re not really very useful, like dreams normally aren’t.

But they tell me that time — or perhaps the human mind — is more than what we tend to think of it as being.

I mean we’ve all experienced instances of “coincidences”like dreaming of a friend we haven’t seen in years, and then run into them the next day.

Sure. Deja vu. You just think you dreamed of it. won’t wash, I’m sorry. It’s one of those things that violates the Occam’s Razor. You start by explaining “you didn’t really dream it, you just think you did” and next thing you know you’re explaining why someone said a sentence in perfect second century Latin because they once heard it for a few minutes.

At any rate, my foretelling dreams have a different feel. And they’re I HASTEN TO ADD completely useless.

My favorite ever was when younger son was having lots of trouble in school, and I thought he would drop out of sixth grade and, well, have all the problems that come with that sort of thing. I dreamed we were waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs, and my husband called up “Hey, you don’t want to be late for your court date.” And then he came down the stairs in a suit.

I remembered that one, because…. wouldn’t you? Yeah. It was a traffic ticket. You see, when he started driving he drove my husband’s 1986 Mustang, whose speedometer had given up the ghost long since, and he had some trouble figuring out how fast he was going. BUT I only had a few seconds, so I was terrified.

Well, I won’t claim my future histories are prophetic. For one I have more than three. For another, I wrote the future history for Darkships on a hot August afternoon, in our top of the hill house in Manitou Springs (it’s still the house that was most “ours” even though not nearly the one we lived longest in.)

You see, we had a writers’ group, and I was supposed to do a short story a week, and I’d found what I enjoyed most was Space Opera. (Still is.) But what I was doing, being me, was coming up with a new story-world-place every single time. This was insane, exhausting and quite strange, to be honest.

SO I sat down and worked out the next thousand years in an afternoon.

Is that the sort of fugue state where premonitions might come? Who knows?

It is however a nightmare that I’m enduring now. “What if I called it?”

Certainly the insanity of the Global elites is such that it could possibly lead to the world of the Good Men. Maybe. I think honestly that requires a level of competency that the global would be elites lack. I mean, seriously, the pulp writers gave us effete tech Lords with interesting vices, beautiful sculpted appearances and — let’s not forget it — capes. Even Heinlein’s technocratic elite might be paunchy, middle aged, etc, but they at least used their ill gotten gains for what seemed to bring them pleasure.

What precisely do we have? We have Mark Lizardman Zuckerberg, who doesn’t even look human. Jack Dorsey who looks like he’s homeless and can’t afford a comb. Oh, and the politicians they buy: the increasingly more zombie like Nancy whom the transfusions of young Chinese prisoner blood might keep alive but certainly doesn’t make happy. The increasingly more hateful and less human Clinton’s. Obama, who given a skin bleacher could pose for movies about the less hinged Roman Emperors, Caligula say. Commie laWhorish with her dead eyes and deranged laugh, finding out that the wages of sin being death would be a relief, considering mostly in her case they seem to be frantic stupidity and a sort of vapid self-adulation that reality continuously undermines.

So, I think the world of Good Men would take a bit more competence, more panache than they can muster.

But who knows? Maybe Winnie the Xi has purchased brighter puppet masters to watch them. So?

So if the worst happens, if this stolen election is allowed to stand, destroying the “representative” part of our republic?

Well, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that it won’t be very bad. I’ve been praying as hard as a human being can that this shall pass from us. But what if it doesn’t?

First, it’s not our fault. This situation has been in the making since our “elites” went head over heels for Marx a hundred years ago. Oh, and “scientific governance.” As for their despising us, that might be baked in to every system.

But like my considering myself the world’s greatest dunce because I signed some very bad contracts in publishing…. As opposed to what? Precisely? It was the only game in town, and its rigging and the conditions of its being rigged went well before my birth.

Second, it’s not forever. Let’s not fall into the insanity of the left and the Chinese and all those who think they can rig things and they will be forever.

Oh, they’re going to try. But knowing this gang of idiots, it will fall apart in their hands within a couple of years.

Third, there are many ways to fight. Like many of you I have a preference for brutal and direct. Honestly, if it weren’t for the fact I’m very lazy I’d probably be in a maximum security prison. But I’m lazy. I’m also a coward. I’m always terrified just before a fight, particularly against a larger and stronger adversary. BUT– I still join it when I must.

And I’m not going to lie and say it might not be needed. I’ll fight for me, for mine, and for those who are in the process of getting hurt.

Because you do, if you’re human.

But some of us are not by age, condition, or training, best used as shock troops.

You can still fight. Yes, I have this blog. Recently someone gave me a quotation from the book of Esther which they said they felt compelled to give me. It was from the book of Esther and basically said I should use what I have which seems to be in context this blog, insty, my fiction. Well, if I can pull myself up from the depths of depression and the mire of despair, I will, of course.

But there is stuff all of us can do. If you search for Operation Swamp Fox, you’ll find suggestions, but I’m sure you can come up with other stuff.

And most of all, we must cast off this near-teutonic component that has crept into the American character the last fifty years.

Look, the problem with a non-representative government is that they’re not found by the people. They do things that harm the people horribly, as those of us in occupied, vote-frauded states have found, and they don’t care. Because what are you going to do to them, PEASANT? Vote them out? Don’t be ridiculous.

In those circumstances, the only thing a free individual can do is not be bound by the government. Ignore them to the measure of possible, or even impossible. Heck, if you can at all, run across the road to spite them.

Find ways to counterfeit the mask mandates. Gauze. Sheer material. Hell, preferably bare faces and a raised middle finger. I have a medical condition. We ALL do. We’re Americans, born in liberty. In your face, you insane tyrant.

If your restaurant is closed, have you considered reaching out to regulars and asking how they’re doing, and inviting them to dinner at your place. Well, your restaurant, maybe, but maybe a backroom, yes? Just having some friends in for dinner, in staggered batches. And if they want to put some money in the kitty, how are we going to stop them?

We need desperately and immediately, and I don’t have the expertise to do it, and my husband doesn’t have the time, so I’m begging you, tech people who read this: we need something like substack for fiction writers. (Yes, I”ll make one for me. For non fic too, but time… and depression haven’t been with me, not to mention computer magedon (speaking of things being weird, I realized I’m doing to electronics what I did in my teens when I was incredibly unhappy. I walk by them, and they fry. This is a problem.) But we need a dedicated one for Fiction Writers. I looked at Locals, but it’s more…. video?

What we need is something that lets you subscribe to a writer and get that writer’s daily/weekly output and maybe the unedited e-arcs (advanced reading copies) of the books if the author feels like it, for a little more. This doesn’t cut the author off Amazon, because, well, they can erase past-content to bring the book out on Amazon exclusive (as I do with my serialized novels here.) BUT we’ll have a network and a place, so that if/when Amazon goes insane, we can sell there/ make arrangements.

Please, I beg you techies to do it. Yesterday, if possible. And I don’t care if we have five competing versions. Just let me know when you do it, okay?

And we’re going to need back ups for everything they might cut us out of. Which is everything. And you — yes, you — need to come up with some way to make a living if your current way crashes. I’m perfectly willing for you guys to brainstorm in my comments.

This is going to be a lot harder if they do manage to steal the election. A lot harder for them, that is. While we believe the government legitimate we, decent people, will try to follow what they tell us is needed. But now? After the long lie of 2020?
F*ck that. If you have to stay embedded use it to mess with their minds. And if you don’t, go rogue with both feet. Don’t buy from the left if you can help it. If you have to sell to the left, charge more. Rule-lawyer them. Make them live their own stupid dictates. Make their life more miserable. (It’s already pretty bad. They’re a sad lot.) And take care of those you love. Oh, and try to accomplish the things you feel you need to. Mine is easy. I tell stories.

Keep your scrap of flag dry. (I will send them out. Computermagedon, health and depression haven’t helped.) Keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark. Be ready to die, if that’s what’s required, but it’s always better to make the villains die. Be ready to obey if you absolutely have to, but do it as malignantly as possible. And if you don’t have to, hoist middle fingers (that’s why you have a matched set) and be as defiant as you can possibly think to be.

It’s going to require ingenuity and creativity. If it were easy, it wouldn’t need AMERICANS.

Shoulders up, ladies, gentlemen, dragons and minotaurs. Eyes front. Where we’re going we don’t need roads. We’ll make them as we go.

Time is the strangest thing. And you can’t really tell the future. In novels, you can say “and then it was like this for hundreds of years”but that’s rarely true in real life. Even when it’s true, it’s not really at the micro level.

They can take the territory and the bureaucracy, but they’ll never take AMERICA. The leftists, poor things, always discarding the gift and keeping the wrapper.

You can’t kill an idea, and our republic is one of the most powerful the world has seen. Which is why they hate it — and us — so much.

It’s too bad, so sad, because long term, we win, they lose. And at this point we’re pissed off enough they’re going to lose VERY thoroughly.

Make your plans. Get ready to make them really unhappy.

There’s no losing, unless you give up. And the Lieutenant (Heinlein) wouldn’t like that.

240 thoughts on “Time Is The Strangest Thing

  1. Time is strange – No Kidding!

    How else to explain their picking Gropy Joe Biden and Kneepads Harris as “Person” of the year?

    Even granting presumption that Biden’s a mere sock puppet, that should remain Persons.

    Wait, what? That’s not what you were tlking ’bout?

    Never mind.

    1. I’m terribly afraid that neither one actually have a brain either. It looks like to me from the outside that they are puppets and someone else has a big hand up their butts… not just the land of the red flag and stars.

    2. Biden is little more than a senile old pervert but Harris has the stench of death camps about her. So much so that I sometimes think of her as Kamala Rouge.

    3. Take a look at Time’s “Person of the Year” awards over the years. Joe+Kamala, Yasser Arafat, Bill Clinton (twice), Mikhail Gorbachev (twice), Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin (twice), Nikita Khruschev, Ayatollah Khomeini, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Deng Xiaoping (twice), Yuri Andropov, Barack Obama (twice), Validimir Putin, Mark Zuckerberg, Angela Merkel, Greta Thunberg…

      “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as a member.” – WC Fields

      1. Well, there was a time when it was sensible. Adolf Hitler was man of the year in 1938 because he was clearly the biggest influence on the year’s events.

        It’s when they let in that it was a honor that it went insane.

    4. You’d think that health care workers would be, all things considered, but I guess even they are mere peons compared to the political ruling class.

      1. I’d have thought that getting commitments of mutual recognition between Israel and one, er, two, um, three – wait, no four, four of its Arab neighbors might have earned some PotY recognition, but I guess Trump, Pompeo, Kushner split the vote, hunh?

        Maybe they should have sent planeloads of money to the Abrahamic Accord?

  2. I keep praying. I work in government, so I can’t get out, but I’m trying to make my little portion a place where we can survive. I’ve got my scrap of flag. Actually, it’s a full flag, with velcro on the back, meant to be worn on your right shoulder, above your combat patch if you have one.

    1. I have both that one and an actual scrap gifted me on the way on my last involuntary trip out of the country by the always amazing Pease Greeters. Carried it with me everywhere when I was gone and should probably start again as I am way deeper in enemy territory here than I ever was in the desert.

  3. I still say that our brains are just a wee bit unhinged in time every so often.

    P.S. The “approved line” at this point is that Texas is trying to steal the election by invalidating “your” votes. I have several friends all-in on that POV. (None of those friends are lawyers. The lawyers are not commenting.)

    1. I am certain all y’a Have seen, but it’s been Denied Cert, for standing, which as noted is like saying standing cannot be had.

      Time to build under.

  4. Jolee: “Look, everybody always figures the time they live in is the most epic, most important age to end all ages. But tyrants and heroes rise and fall, and historians sort out the pieces.”
    Player: “Are you saying what we’re doing isn’t important?”
    Jolee: “Malak is a tyrant who should be stopped. If he conquers the galaxy, we’re in for a couple of rough centuries. Eventually it’ll come around again, but I’d rather not wait that long. So we do what we have to do and we try to stop the Sith. But don’t start thinking this war, your war, is more important than any other war just because you’re in it.”

    1. Willie (or Joe. Nobody could keep them straight, except Mauldin, and he admitted it wasn’t easy), “The hell this isn’t the most important foxhole in the War! I’m in it!”

  5. I’ve had a couple of those precognitive dreams. As yours were, they were pretty useless. But each one showed a small scene that would occur after a life change I couldn’t know would happen and with places and/or people I didn’t yet know. I’m skeptical about most psi claims but I can’t discount random precognition after my experiences and similar reports from a few friends. I just wish it was controllable. It’s as if our receiver is tuned to one frequency and only occasionally turned on while the transmitter is constantly frequency hopping.

    1. The human mind is a curious critter hard wired for survival since the time we were little more than clever apes. The ones of us who managed to live long enough to reproduce tended to adopt the philosophy of hope for the best but plan for the worst. So our minds are always playing scenarios at a near subconscious level that often manifests itself as dreams. What if a saber-tooth tiger suddenly appears around the next corner? What if my off side tire blows out at 75 on the interstate?
      Only stands to reason that eventually some of those what ifs happen to sync with reality. So you get a random stream of consciousness suddenly becoming deja vu.
      Sadly, modern day life has made things so safe that this sort of subconscious situational awareness seems to have fallen out of favor. At least for the bulk of the masses. Instead of planning for the worst far too many of us (here and even more so in Europe apparently) have adopted the attitude that if anything bad happens someone else will fix it for me.
      And so the Gods of the Copybook Headings laugh as they prepare for the future.

  6. I thought it was bizarre, not *too* long after my conversion, when I was Contemplating over dishes and came to the conclusion (or, well, the conclusion came, anyway) that Hospitality was what I needed to focus on as a service… just about a month or two before COVID shut everything down and made everyone afraid to go anywhere.

    I think I understand better now. And truly, it’s been–and is going to be–more important than I’d dreamed.

    It’s that sort of thing that’s also making me glad–in a very, very small and in the middle of my gut kind of way–that we didn’t manage to move before things got too crazy to move. Yes, NY is determined to squish us out, but on the other hand the black market–and it seems almost-inevitable that the black market is where a lot of us are going to earn our bread eventually–operates on personal connections and that guy you know. Bootlegging is knowing the parts of the swamp that aren’t on the map. Gossip is easier to find when you’ve got two generations in place. Impossible to recreate on the quick in a new place where you’re a stranger.

    I also pray it doesn’t come to what we fear. (I’ve been reading Gulag Archipelago the last few days. My fears have developed a whole new world of detail and resolution.) But… it does seem that casserole and cobbler is a good starting point either way.

    (I’m also really, REALLY glad that my back surgery happened okay. Just a few more days of recovery (hopefully) and I’m back in the game!)

  7. I’m trying to use locals.com, but you are right… it is for video mostly. I’m also trying minds.com. I wonder if we can contact locals to see if we can make it more fiction writer friendly. Also I do have dreams as well– and the future dreams are different. Lately I am talking to my dead in my dreams. I hope that doesn’t mean something. Most of it has to do with how I am so much like my family line. I don’t know what that means either.

    Hugs. Yes– help each other. I’m also looking at what I have to do for a transplant. I’m not getting warm fuzzies right now and I don’t know why.

    1. Here’s a problem I have with contacting locals– I have no idea what we need to add to make it more friendly to us. I must be tired (collapsed this morning for two hours). and my brain isn’t working right now. I’m listening to my Foxy snore.

    2. Could you list some of the critical features you find missing from Locals, Minds, Gumroad, Uncomma, and Substack? In what ways do these alternatives most disappoint you as a fiction writer?

      1. One feature is the low count number for the post. I can’t put a complete short story in one post. I may be able to put a chapter at a time, but it doesn’t have the typography that I find on the blog sites… so no italics or bold features. I’ll have to think of other things– I was hoping Sarah or others would pitch in their complaints.

        It would be lovely to make a little money like Patreon … but with conservative and libertarian writers without the BS you find on places like Patreon.

        1. 5,000 character limit, no bold or italic — sounds like the comments on FanFiction.net.

          Now to see if that worked; instead of a ‘.’ I inserted the HTML code . to prevent WordPress from trying to turn it into a link.

        2. Geez, those sound like the typically stupid, utterly arbitrary technical limitations imposed on free accounts by small-minded founders for the sake of wriggling around to a “viable” business model. You want truly basic concepts like extended word counts, italics, and bolding? Give us casherola! *spits*

          And, of course, your subsequent comment about Patreon and its ilk reminds me of that classic remark that no organization that doesn’t start out explicitly “right-wing” will inevitably drift far to the left as the communist brigades relentlessly seek out and stealthily infiltrate every influential organization in sight. Who the hell was it that said that? -_-

      2. oops. 5,000 characters… very hard to get one chapter in the post area…

        Also — it would be nice to be able to link the chapters together
        — it would be nice to be able to make a folder for each book

        If I think of anything else, I’ll put it here.

        1. Hmmm, that’s an interestingly subtle but important concept — relevancy continuity. *This* chapter follows *that* chapter. Those chapters all fall within the same book. Fans of *that* novel all cast their opinions in *this* forum, and sales follow *this* pattern, etc. 🙂

  8. The Elites despise us because deep down they despise themselves. They make nothing worthwhile, do nothing worthwhile, and lack the skills to change (also the guts). I think this is typical of Elites at the end of their times. The European Aristocracy started out doing something; trying to maintain some kind of cohesive society in which food could be raised with some possibility that it would get to the intended tables. The Southern Planters were raising labor intensive crops that created wealth that the colonies (and later the country) needed. The ‘Robber Barons’ were building the industrial base for the modern world. OK, they all got major perks, but they were doing something. But over time Elites come to the end of their Tasks, and start being much more about maintaining positions. And as they focus more and more on all holding the Right Attitudes and repeating the Right Litanies, they become entirely parasitical.

    1. They are not Elites; they are Elitists. All appearance, without any substance. They believe they should be in control because they have nothing to contribute to society.

      1. No, they are Elites. This is what Elites degenerate into. Some more quickly and thoroughly than others. They may start, rising to the top by effort and talent but subsequent generations mostly turn inward and become obsessed with position and orthodoxy.

    2. I recall the story of some (game show?) host asking someone what they did and getting a gobbledygook answer of a meaningless or over-complex title. It was asked again, maybe twice. And finally, somewhat exasperated, the host put it, “I don’t want to know your title. If someone followed you around all day, what would they see you do?”

  9. We have Mark Lizardman Zuckerberg, who doesn’t even look human. Jack Dorsey who looks like he’s homeless and can’t afford a comb. Oh, and the politicians they buy: the increasingly more zombie like Nancy whom the transfusions of young Chinese prisoner blood might keep alive but certainly doesn’t make happy. The increasingly more hateful and less human Clinton’s. Obama, who given a skin bleacher could pose for movies about the less hinged Roman Emperors, Caligula say. Commie laWhorish with her dead eyes and deranged laugh, finding out that the wages of sin being death would be a relief, considering mostly in her case they seem to be frantic stupidity and a sort of vapid self-adulation that reality continuously undermines.

    I think this poem is appropriate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJCyiY4qvxU

  10. If I had the technical skills, I’d love to tap into the financial accounts of the abusers, and have their resources siphoned off into a dozen directions, and through more dozen intermediaries. How effective can a broke tyrant be? I’d love to find out!

    1. The *personal* wealth of the “movers and shakers” tends to be quite small. They own some personal stuff, but the stretch limo and the Lamborghini are comped from one of their holdings, as are their houses, the yachts, and the business jet. If you sabotaged one of their holdings – not that it wouldn’t be worthwhile in principle – they’d just tap another and a replacement would available in a day or two. And a lot of the things you pay for, they expect to get for free, and often do. There’s some kind of “celebrity suck-up factor” in operation there.

      But no, Bezos and Gates might be fabulously wealthy, but their assets are spread out, largely to guard against just the kind of attack you’re talking about, though they expect it would be from a state or the Fed.

      1. It might be time to Alinsky the Left’s “elite.” Personal Service corporations, partnerships, LLCs and the like should not be able to hide assets nor expense perqs for their primary properties.

        If [Actor], [Model], or [Athlete] wants to form a corporation to sell services to production companies, photocatalogs, sports teams or the whatever while treating hiring & maintenance of trainers, make-up persons, wardrobe, chef-dieticians, administrative assistants, vehicles, residences and similar expenses as corporate and thus deductible against revenue to reduce taxable income there is no reason the public ought subsidize that when it ought be taxing the rich.

        We might also want to cap the benefits of an IPO, such as DoorDash or Airbnb, to one hundred million dollars with everything above in excess of that taxed at a Sandersian rate.

        Most people do not get to deduct their living expenses from their income, so this would be helping reduce inequality. To not do this would be to promote racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, the heartbreak of psoriasis and untreated crotch itch

  11. Real evil is usually rather pathetic.

    We have to make it cooler in movies and books, to try to get across the feel of it.

    Gul Dukat? Elim Garak? IRL, shoot them ASAP. In the show? “Oooh, they’re in this episode, sit down and watch!”

    1. Eh, I don’t know. When you look at folks like Tallyrand, people like Gul Dukat and Elim Garak with their revolving door loyalties to things beyond themselves don’t look that exagerated.

      1. Garak is incredibly loyal– to Cardassia.

        Everything else, including himself, is just a tool.

        Part of what makes the character so wonderful to watch…and why he’d be really, really bad in reality.

          1. *waggles hand* America is an idea in the form of a nation; an American Garak would be…. well, something between Captain America and Superman probably with a heavy dose of The Question. (‘cus nuts but somehow usually right)

            Garak with his loyalty given to America, in his original form, would be kiiiiiinda scary and I’m not entirely sure if I wouldn’t still think we should shoot him in preemptive self defense.

  12. I wonder if the FBI crotch sniffer is gonna wade in on this thread to encourage violence.

    In the spirit of OSF, does anyone know offhand some good literature for organization? I know it exists in bulk from the Left, and since it’s one of the few things they’re good at, I’m ready to adopt the tactics of theirs that work.

    What I’ve conceived so far is to get hold of publicly available information like voting data and start making contacts that way to A) form voting coalitions and B) expand the network. I may not have the money to get a politician elected, but if I can deliver even a bloc of 50 reliable votes, that speaks loudly. If I can use that network to create an undergound flow of information with the least bit of exposure to our fascist overlords, that’s all the better.

    But I know there’s more out there.

    1. Lovecraft was far more entertaining.
      Actually, Zuckerberg reminds me of the spawn of the deep ones from A Shadow Over Innsmouth.

        1. Second City Cop refers to her as “Groot”, which is hilariously apt…

          I was sneering at the Chicagoans for getting what they voted for, good and hard, but knowing more about the electoral process now, I figure it’s just as likely her election was fraudulent.

          Look how *many* Governors, Congressmen, Senators, and mayors owe their positions to Dominion. And plain old fraud.

          And every week, a new layer of crime and deception is uncovered…

          1. Second City Cop mentioned that the recent political struggles down Chicago-way were between different political machines all wearing the “Democrat” label. And they’ve been allied with gangs, including the Mob (Kass said one of the alder-critters is a made man), for ages.

            If I’m going to start predicting the future I need to go read the history of Byzantium.

            And the Ottomans’ history, too. A successful “Defund the police” only seems to resolve into two outcomes: A “people’s police” that you’re not allowed to criticize, or a “millet” system, with tribes organizing into enclaves. I suspect the grievance-mongers would nudge it into the latter, but maybe the marxists would win out after all and make it the former.

            What worries me is that no matter who is president, the destroyers have been gathering power through channels outside the safeguards built into the system. There’s no official censorship, but HRs are captured by the SJWs and many of the rank and file have caught the madness too.

    2. John Ringo gave him a new name and turned him into a zombie. Allowing one of his characters to look at the corpse and comment, “Yep, he does have a spine.”

  13. Yep, I’m lazy and will just quote the run-on sentence I wrote over at Gerard’s American Digest in reply to his Impromptu Boogaloo posting;

    Me, of course I support our duly appointed upcoming president Cameltoe and would never pass along mere rumors I’ve heard such as long haul truckers planning to make their runs at 30 miles and hour or less, for safety reasons, of course, wouldn’t want to hit any children playing in the middle of the freeways, and I strongly condemn the idea of monthly or weekly or daily protests in DC and or state capitols, that would just be beyond the beyond and the idea of establishing a barter economy, such as developed in communist countries in the past, free exchange of goods out of sight of the tax collectors, and the idea of using non government issued silver rounds and or fractional ounce gold ingots instead of coins and notes backed by the honorable and trusted state would be simply silly, of course, and it would be quite impossible to develop and establish peer to and through peer communication systems that would avoid the purview of our respected leaders who, of course only have our best interests at heart, be said peer to peer, hand carried and exchanged notes on paper, how old fashioned, or line of sight vocal and or data exchange using light (laser) or tight beamed radio avoiding established internet/phone routes, nor should one think about truly unbreakable codes based on two copies of, say, random numbers, one held by the sender and the only other one by the receiver, and everyone knows it’s terribly unsafe to make guns from standard hardware or air rifles charged with a 30 buck bicycle pumps to pressures reaching 160 psi (the 4500 psi pumps cost around seventy bucks) that can push, rather hard, projectiles up to 50 caliber, me, of course I’d never ever think about let alone share such silliness.

    1. And of course, it would be silly in the extreme to sign up for a landline and buy an outdated piece of tech known as a fax machine to keep in contact with friends, even though faxes are still largely more secure than emails, ssl encrypted websites or any of a number of other modern technologies. Since a fax is an image, not text, it doesn’t use the same encryption/protection/compression protocols most other things do.

      1. Interesting read, which, we, of course, never ever read, and if we did, we did so only for story ideas to put in the novel’s we plan on getting around to writing.

        1. Thrillers sell well, even political thrillers. And thriller readers are very detail oriented, so authors in that genre need to be aware of details and what ideas have been discounted as impossible and not viable.

      1. Silver rounds and gold ingots are bought and sold every day. For example; https://www.jmbullion.com/

        & of course, as noted, I’d never ever recommend using such as currency. I love and respect president appointed cameltoe and look forward to a unicorn in every garage and free lunch for everybody.

    2. Me, of course I support our duly appointed upcoming president Cameltoe and would never pass along mere rumors…

      And definitely don’t waste your time looking up “visual cryptography” (lets you decode messages simply by lining up securely pre-shared image with new received image and holding both up to the light) — the semi-random images would definitely “break” the fax standard’s data compression and cost you lots of extra time on the fax call. Especially since if the random numbers you use are junk, it offers essentially no security in place of one-time-pad security…

  14. “It is however a nightmare that I’m enduring now. “What if I called it?””

    Relax. It’s chaotic, you can’t call it. To do that you’d have to be able to predict the next paradigm shift.

    Remember when there were books of tables and calculations had to be performed by hand to figure out the next hyperspace jump? Science fiction predicted the Internet, and it even predicted the cell phone, but it did not predict Rule 34, and it did not predict YouTube, or blogs, or things we take for granted now.

    Like casually taking a picture of the serial number on [widget] then going and getting the manual for it off the internet. Kids do stuff like that so automatically it drives me nuts.

    So, no. You can’t call it. No friggin’ way.

    What you can do is entertain too many negative stories in your brain. Maybe try beating those negative stories down with megatons of orbital FUCK YOUUUUUU!!!!!! and tell some stories where the weirdo nerd people win.

    Why should the USAians be stuck living in the cracks of a post-apocalyptic shit hole? Screw that! They should be taking the place over and beating the socialist dickhead overlords with sheer productivity and bad-assitude. They’re the better men, they should win. In fact they should win as a matter of course, without even having to try very hard.

    It’ll make your brain feel better. Why do you think the super fabulous robot girlfriends always win? Because I said, that’s why.

    1. > Like casually taking a picture of the serial number on [widget] then going and getting the manual for it off the internet.

      At the cost of being like tracked like a cow with an RFID tag stapled to its ear.

      Sometimes the “free” is more than it’s worth.

      1. Yes, it pisses me off too. “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” They just hide the price.

        What to do? Write a story where Your Guy beats the data-thieves and wins bigly. That’s all I do anymore, once the practical side is taken care of. I see something that hacks me off, and I have my characters kick its ass for me.

      2. When we get a new piece of equipment at work, management files the hardcopy manual away, where it will be safe. Not near the equipment or within the access of its users.

        So yup, it is good to be able to get the manufacturer manual, with all the diagrams and warnings, and the helpful hint blog, and so forth, from off of the Internet.

  15. Hand a leftist a hand grenade.
    Tell them to pull the pin, release the spoon, count to five seconds, and throw it.
    Or is that pull the count five seconds, pin it, release the spoon, and throw?

    1. Can you please be more specific about that pronoun? Is “it” you’re instructing them to throw the pin or the spoon?

  16. Dear god, I thought it was only me who did that…..

    =>Sometimes — more than others — I have weird prophetic dreams. They’re not really very useful, like dreams normally aren’t.

    1. I’ve had those. I’ve always asked, “Why the hell can’t I dream of next week’s lottery numbers?” Now THAT would be useful!

    2. Now and again, I have had prophetic dreams. My daughter just had a lovely one, about her baby – she dreamt that she and I would be pinning captain’s bars on her son. She said that in her dream that he was tall, and very good-looking: hazel eyes and medium-brown hair. Army, she said. Pretty certain that medical service – a doctor in the family at last!
      We both found this dream very comforting. She is a high-risk pregnancy, due to her age – but she wants this baby so very much.
      After all, the future belongs to those who show up for it.

      1. and if the idiots are going to be in charge for a while (hopefully a short while! Let’s work on that) NOW is the time to do the risky medical things. Before it decays.

  17. I know some people are doing the subscribe-to-fiction thing on Gumroad. I don’t know anything else about it, other than with the proper incantations you can integrate it into your website, and “they added a subscription feature. It can be used for a lot of things but the thing that’s germain to this forum is it allows fans to pay to read a serialized book”


    blog DOT gumroad DOT com/post/57530616907/selling-subscriptions-with-gumroad

    Blog post is from 2013, so despite being invisible apparently it’s been around a while!

    1. Huh, Gumroad is another website that pleases me by working without Javascript. And the fees appear at first glance to be lower that at competitors Substack and Uncomma. Mrs. Hoyt, if you’re reading this, I’d be interested in your feedback on these offerings. Does Gumroad meet your needs better than Substack or Uncomma? I’m not unwilling to at least explore the feasibility of a dedicated website for the specific needs of fiction writers who want an alternative to Amazon, but if the functionality you need already exists Out There Somewhere™, then reinventing the wheel would be a bit silly, ja? 🙂

  18. Count me in on the have had precognitive dreams club. As yours were, they were pretty useless. Always recognize them as such, but never know when they actually occur, until the scene plays out. Rarely anything momentous or life shattering. Always gives me pause when it happens.

    1. I was wide awake just a bit over a month ago, when I got a metaphorical tap on the shoulder, and was made to understand that a debt would be coming due.

      Fey is a nice word.
      But I wish the stakes were lower.

                  1. Why think small? Defund the whole damn government and start over. Export tariffs should be more than enough to fund everything it needs… just as they were in Days of Yore.

          1. Yes. and it’s the same, since it didn’t grant stoppage of the crazy train.
            Well…. you guys do what you can.
            Steve Nelson, I apologize utterly. You were right, I was wrong.

            1. I gather that TX can still refile, and there is still the legislature; but after that, it is the constitutional article that lets loyal states invade traitorous states.

              OTOH, apparently there is nothing to stop any state sending any number of electors, now. Possibly armed ones.

              Volokh Conspiracy is being creepy again. Another bunch of libertarians who veered left.

              1. Volokh Conspiracy was pinkish before, but at least pretended to be even-handed. They went hard NeverTrump! after Hillary! failed to win, and have moved overtly leftward ever since.

                Like so many others, they dropped their masks and let us see they were lizards all along.

                1. I started wondering way back when Volokh moved from being entirely independent to whoever the hell he’s associated with now (have not read in so long that I can’t remember). Tone changed and I wandered away.

                    1. Ugh, yeah. Seem to recall at the time they were rather more unpleasant than I was accustomed to from other newspapers. Now, tho, they’re hardly remarkable.

            2. “But you and all the kind of Christ
              Are ignorant and brave,
              And you have wars you hardly win
              And souls you hardly save.

              “I tell you naught for your comfort,
              Yea, naught for your desire,
              Save that the sky grows darker yet
              And the sea rises higher.

              “Night shall be thrice night over you,
              And heaven an iron cope.
              Do you have joy without a cause,
              Yea, faith without a hope?”

  19. “Time is the strangest thing. And you can’t really tell the future. In novels, you can say “and then it was like this for hundreds of years”but that’s rarely true in real life.”

    This is one of the things that amuses me about some stories. Ten thoudand years ago? Really? And you’re still dealing with a pre-Renaissance technology level?

    Brandon Sanderson has two settings where this comes into play. In the Mistborn books, the initial villain was intentionally stifling innovation and inventions. And he was effectively immortal. In the second series on the same world, technology has now been moving for a while, and the characters now have mid-nineteenth century tech (with comments that they *should* be even further along, but are spoiled by their location). The original plan for the still to come third series was to have tech similar to our own.

    The Way of Kings doorstoppers, on the other hand, use continuous wars as the tech-denier. The wars were so savage that they would destroy the industrial and knowledge bases. When those wars suddenly stopped in the distant past, tech began advancing again. When war veterans from both sides suddenly return, the fact that humanity is using steel and not copper catches them by surprise.

      1. Put us within waving distance of Gilgamesh!

        …*Shakes head* Wow, that is a long abyss of time to stare into.

        Currently taking deep breaths. Whatever happens next, at least I just moved out of a potentially personally dangerous situation. Hopefully that’ll free up resources to deal with… 2021 on. *Cracks mental knuckles*

  20. “the increasingly more zombie like Nancy whom the transfusions of young Chinese prisoner blood might keep alive but certainly doesn’t make happy.”

    Mad Max: Fury Road comes to mind. There was also a novel I read years ago about a guy who had a mutation where his blood kept him perpetually young and he was sought by the rich and powerful for over a thousand years. Can’t remember who it was by or what the name of it was though.

    “I’m doing to electronics what I did in my teens when I was incredibly unhappy. I walk by them, and they fry.”

    I have the exact opposite problem. I come by to check on someone’s malfunctioning computer, and the problem disappears while I’m there. Having spent 3 years in Japan, and being exposed to some native American philosophy, I suspect all computers have their own kami, and need to be thought of, and spoken to, nicely for optimum operation. (You don’t need to feed them a bowl of rice or a glass of saki. But cleaning the screen, your mouse, and your keyboard frequently helps.)

    1. Addendum: HAVING a glass of saki might make YOU feel better. But I won’t vouch for your performance levels afterwards.

    2. I always tell people that my mere presence scared the computer so badly that it decided to behave.


    3. I’ve always talked to my computers, printers, and copiers. I had one copier that would demand attention every few months by constantly jamming. I learned that after the second time I’d cleared it, I had to stand there just touching it, no pressure, just touch, didn’t matter where, for 30-60 seconds while thinking good thoughts, and then it would be fine for a few more months. Of course pointing out to it that I didn’t have all day to stand there and if it started jamming again I’d have to call the repair guy who would take it apart probably didn’t hurt either. 🙂

      1. Having on a couple occasions cured a sick computer by laying on hands…

        Friend had a PC playing dead. Had already fixed it a couple times for the same problem (certain old interface cards had a predictably short lifespan) so here I was again with parts and tools. She demonstrates that yep, it’s dead. Took out my screwdriver to start the surgery, and my friend, who loves her PC, says, “Oh no, I can’t watch! Can’t you just try to turn it on again instead first?” and flees into the bathroom.

        So I said Oh all right, patted it on the head, said Good Computer… flipped the switch. And it powered right up, and never died again.

    4. Happens to me too. Not just computers but most technology will often work for me when it won’t for others.
      Back in my D&D playing days my DM (having repeatedly witnessed this) decided to give my Tinker Gnome character a new attribute: Mechanical Empathy. I always liked that name for it…

    5. I have the exact opposite problem. I come by to check on someone’s malfunctioning computer, and the problem disappears while I’m there.

      I’m guilty of this with software that I’ve written and support.

      Caller – XYZ is broken.
      Me – Okay. How is XYZ broken?
      Caller – It won’t … (something or other)
      Me – Walk me through the steps …
      Caller – Um. Mumble. Now it is working. It wasn’t before. Why is it working now?
      Me – Um. Mom’s on the phone? – It’s not like I could say “you weren’t doing it right before”, right?

  21. If you are frying electronics merely by your presence, may I suggest noting which intersections have traffic sensors and cameras and avoiding them carefully? Also watch out for electrical company boxes: wouldn’t want to fritz their chips.

    And you definitely shouldn’t drop by the county courthouse and pay your property taxes in person.

    Dang, I only fry watches I wear for several hours. I’m impressed.

    Also, well, we haven’t had the mushroom cloud future or the ebola pandemic future, so could be worse options. Some dreams are best left to nightmare territory.

    On the other hand, Eldest is growing his hair out, so I’m not ruling out that particular future yet.

  22. So.
    Continuation of politics with other means, or submission, are the only paths open to us.


    May they burn in hell.

  23. I’m getting tired of hearing how bad things are going to be. They will only be that bad if we all crawl into little bunkers and just wait fythe BGs to come. We do have the choice to get seriously active. That means making sure in 2022 we out number the BGs as poll watchers, monitors, and ballot counters. Quit asking everybody else to do YOUR job. Your job is and always will be Eternal Vigilance. Get to it!

    1. Oh, for the love of BOB.
      If they got away with fraud this size this year, 22 is going to do what? Magical unicorn farts?
      Fuck that.
      If we wait that long, we’ll be Venezuela.

      1. We will be worse off than Venezuela, because at least Venezuelans had the USA to look to for support and to flee to.

    1. I think people want a fix, an answer NOW, and any “wait, it will come, be patient” hurts, somehow. While the rational brain says, “It’s a legal system: slow, slower, and court speed,” the hind-brain is screaming “two weeks to flatten the curve! We can’t take any more tension and delay and ‘just two more weeks.’ Make It Stop!” And so people lash out when the sooner solution doesn’t pan out.

      At least, that’s my take. I’m so tired tonight that watching paint dry is almost too much effort. {When things go so well and smoothly at work for X days, that should be taken as a sign that the Fickle Finger of Fate is about to go “Flick!”}

      1. Look, I’m not those cubans who came here on barges made of used baby diapers and plastic bags, and I’m seeing us no longer a constitutional republic, and I’m in mourning and rage. Any guesses how THEY feel?

        1. Yeah. At least I got the feeling recently with all the states and people joining the Texas lawsuit that we’re more of the country than they are. They’re working to hard to give the impression that “only crackpots think Trump won”. I’m pretty sure what the Demis learned was that they need to cheat harder on the downballot races.

      2. It’s a combination of the uncertainty, and the hype built up by the Texas lawsuit. 18 states (at least count) had filed to provide supporting briefs for the Texas suit, Sen. Cruz had volunteered to appear in court on behalf of the case (and there are few people more qualified than Sen. Cruz to appear in front of SCotUS). There was guessing that SCotUS declined at least one case because they might take the Texas case. That’s a lot of hype.

        And then SCotUS bowed out using a method that’s been an infuriating dodge over the last decade or so (claiming lack of standing by the plaintiff), and that seemingly contradicts an earlier opinion used in a case involving a lawsuit about climate change brought by a state.

        Obviously, we don’t know what’s going to happen. We don’t know what the discussions within the court are like, or what was discussed when the justices talked about whether to hear the suit. But it’s hard not to note that if SCotUS were planning on doing everything it can to evade getting involved in this current mess, the ruling it just issued is the exact method that they’ll use with each and every attempt that’s made to bring a case before it.

        1. There was guessing that SCotUS declined at least one case

          But they didn’t…. The case you are thinking of is still live, they denied one of the requested injunctions.

      3. I’ve been suppressing an urge write along a certain analytical theme for reasons.

        Amie’s Lawyer’s perspective? Useful, but not complete. The best of law degree professionals are conservative, and long term time preference. Also, a lot have a vocation, in addition to a lot of time invested in a certain mindset.

        Priests, accountants, doctors, and engineers would have a similar problem in a situation where a) they are stuck in the middle of a problem they aren’t equipped to solve b) the things that make it clear that the circumstances throw a lot of the old logic out the door are not obvious inside of the profession’s mental c) the remedies available to a layman, perhaps even the best remaining remedies, are the sort that basically require abandoning the profession. If you don’t push yourself blind, you are going to find yourself doing a lot of soul searching.

        Basic problem is that lawyers often think of the legal process as the only option, instead of the best option, which they can make less preferable through their own efforts.

        Violence was always a possible remedy to Obama, pot legalization, criminal justice reform, Soros DAs, BLM, etc. But did not seem the best remedy, because we thought we could wait for another President, vote the DA out, relocate to a better jurisdiction. We have incomplete knowledge of the fraud; we do not know what it is not capable of.

        The risks in not seeking remedies seem high. There are risks in the apparent patterns of behavior involving communists, Democrats, and criminals. Then there is the ABA, apparent collusion, and apparent ability to maintain industry wide conspiracies. Add in the promises to punish Trump supporters in order to prevent a reoccurrence of Trump. This may be a situation where the risk profile favors what is survivable for infantry in a combat zone; a %30 correct remedy now is better than a 100% correct remedy tomorrow.

        (I saw a squish or a traitor or an enemy on twitter wondering why the support by elected official for Trump contesting the election. Theories floated were true believer, fear of violence or other things, grift. Because we are desperate now, and are definitely easier to con than when we are not. Did not mention as well hung for a sheep.)

        Reprisal, in the laws of war sense, is one theory for remedy. Issue, lack of obvious options for implementing that would strike people as proportionate.

          1. Much is still in doubt. Allies, enemies, lines of attack, useful forms of resistance. . .

            The Fog of War has lifted enough to reveal more banks of fog.

        1. I used to pull my own teeth, and I never sugar coated any medicine I had to take.
          Yes, liberty will rise again, but probably not for the time I have left. Even if I had the 30 years my ancestresses had. And I doubt I do.

      4. This. We’ve been abused and exhausted with the freakout about Covid for most of a year. Wind people up this much, of course we’re all looking for something we can beat to death to solve our problems.

      1. Still prepped from 2016.

        After their failure to steal the election then, and their nonstop efforts toward criminal charges and/or impeachment, I figured 2020 would be rough.

        However, I remain cautiously optimistic, even if the Supremes have kicked most of the slats out of the Jury Box.

          1. “Dogs and cats, living together!”

            My stance hasn’t changed, BTW. I still think our legal system no longer exists, and that we needed to shoot our way out long ago. But I also believe that while we live, we can work for the best while enduring the worst.

            “The wind blew out from Bergen to the dawning of the day,
            They ride and run with fifty spears to break and bar my way,
            I shall not die alone, alone, but kin to all the powers,
            As merry as the ancient sun and fighting like the flowers.
            How white their steel, how bright their eyes! I love each laughing knave,
            Cry high and bid him welcome to the banquet of the brave.
            Yea, I will bless them as they fall and love them where they lie,
            When on their skulls the sword I swing falls shattering from the sky.
            The hour when death is like a light and blood is like a rose, —
            You never loved your friends, my friends, as I shall love my foes.”

            G.K. Chesterton, — The Last Hero

    2. For those who might want to see/hear a little more on such things from Gen. Michael Flynn, here’s this from yesterday…

      From uncoverdc . com / 2020/12/10/on-the-occasion-of-the-jericho-march/

      (and, yes, Tracy Beanz is the founder / managing editor of Uncover DC)

      On the Occasion of the Jericho March [on 12/12/20, in Washington D.C.]

      The battle we are engaged in cannot be fought with only human weapons: it requires the intervention of God because in a war against the forces of Evil, only the Lord can obtain the victory. And as American citizens, we must refuse to go to the funeral of our own independence.

      We do not want a world governed by tyrants whom no one has elected and who want to have power in order to destroy us. We understand what their plan is: to eliminate dissent, subdue any criticism, and outlaw those who do not submit unconditionally to the dictatorship of the “New World Order.” And if they do not succeed through the hammering persuasion of the mainstream media, they do not hesitate to resort to deception, betrayal, perjury, and censorship. Let’s not forget that by the crimes they have committed, they have violated our laws; they have betrayed our Nation and their oath to serve our Country, their oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

      Our protest, our denunciation of electoral fraud, is not only motivated by the fact that we are supporting Donald J. Trump as a candidate: it is above all a battle for justice and truth, which goes far beyond membership in a party or voting for a candidate. If today we do not obtain justice from our elected officials; if the United States of America does not know how to choose between defending the Law and legitimizing a coup against its citizens, our Nation will abdicate its duties toward Americans and its international role. A betrayal will take place and History will ask for an account of it from all of us and from our Institutions and our leaders. Pray now that when the light shines in the coming days, it reveals the truth along with a new era of American patriotism.

      1. The only solution is to ignore their so called government

        And this method, strategy, mode of operation has a considerable history and “provenance” here in America: from the ignominious last days of that Nation Wide 55 MPH Speed Limit (by individuals with little or no central direction or organization ever), up to the “nullification” on various levels of government of this Federal action or that (state-run marijuana cartels in open defiance of both drug law and RICO, refusals to enforce immigration laws or ones that violate the 2nd Amendment, or 1st, etc.)

        It’s imperfect, but still largely accurate, to look at nullification as a form of “secession lite” — this was pretty much true in the “prequel” to the 1860s War, and more than a little true in the run-up to 1776 too. It gives us, at the very least, a clear intermediate step between deer-in-the-headlights helplessness (i.e. “to go to the funeral of our own independence” — Michael Flynn), and full-throttle, 0–60 in five seconds, “start the Boog!” rebellion.

        Americans, especially those of us born and raised here, often have this deep and heavily-ingrained habit (maybe even more like instinct) of seeing what comes out of the legal / electoral process as inherently legitimate. That’s fine when (as used to be the vast majority of cases) those results are still at least recognizably honest, legitimate, and Constitutional. But when “we, the people” have become our final “check and balance” — when it’s become just about literally “for evil to triumph, it is sufficient for good men to do nothing” time no matter we like it or not — that instinct serves us questionably or not at all.

        “Catch the ball — or don’t! — you’re up now and no one can do it for you!!”

        And that point applies at all scales, from 1 person up to 75, 80, 90, 100+ million of “us” all at once.

        Yes, a frauded-into-power Federal official or government still has, to the full extent its enforcers are willing to enforce its decrees or corruption, power.

        But authority is different, and forfeiting an honest and genuine victory through multiple means of deception, malfeasance, and lawbreaking strongly tends to forfeit most or all of the legitimacy of authority that might (otherwise) compel us to obey by means other than force or threat of force. Important to distinguish which is which and where each applies. Especially for those who are deeply interested in living with ourselves after, if there is one.

        In other, fewer words… what she said.

    3. This is true.
      And yet, SCOTUS ducked its responsibility.

      The questions raised by Texas were raised prior to the election.
      And SCOTUS ducked the question as “not ripe”.
      Which is why we’re in this mess.

      They were given a graven invitation to fix their error,
      And they ruled that a quarter of the population, nearly half the states, the President, and the affected state legislatures put together somehow did not have “standing”.

      We have every right to be pissed.
      And every reason to believe that the court will continue to shirk its duties.

      So it behooves us to start considering alternatives.

  24. Yes. Also, we need to remind as many people as possible that “they,” (the great, amorphous “they”) WANT us to get so angry and frustrated that we just drop out. Just get cynical and start saying, “It’s all rigged! They’re all crooked, anyway. You can’t fight City Hall. And I’m never voting again!”
    So as much as possible, avoid the cynicism and keep turning up. Make these, ah, people, work for it.
    And as angry as we are, we’re still supposed to pray for them, too. Which is as much for our sake as theirs.

      1. Yes, but…
        The wanna Powers that Be are really hoping all the energized Trump voters are so discouraged and frustrated they retreat back into sullen apathy. If millions of frustrated voters decide to “punish,” the Republicans by not voting in two years it makes cheating less necessary and gives a plausible cover for a “blue wave,” cementing Democratic control even more firmly.

        Find ways to make our displeasure known, yes. Be ignorant rubes who just don’t appreciate all the wonderful things they want to do for us? Yep. Find ways to be consistently underestimated? Uh huh.

        And pray for them (not their ideas or success) because you never know when some Saul of Tarsus is going to pop up from the most unlikely spot and have a bit of trouble on the Damascus road.

  25. (speaking of things being weird, I realized I’m doing to electronics what I did in my teens when I was incredibly unhappy. I walk by them, and they fry. This is a problem.)

    Are there “red light cameras” in your area? If so, I think you might need to take a very angry walking tour of them if you can.

  26. I had premonition type dreams about my eldest before she started to believe that she was a guy, and to take testosterone. The weirdest, most awful one was about both of my daughters. Their… essence had been absorbed into somebody else, so they weren’t even dead. They had just ceased to exist for all intents and purposes. There were some of those dreams there where I literally woke up in tears.

    I’ve now been told by most places that I can’t go in without a mask, health issues be damned, so I’m planning to buy a plague doctor mask. I wish I could afford to go full steampunk right now.

      1. Looking at our state’s website, I’m not sure visors count, but who knows. They also link to a CDC website that tells you how to make a mask using two pieces of cotton fabric, which is a joke. I was driving through downtown Cleveland last night, and there was a several stories tall, two sides of the building advertisement about “Why I wear a mask.” I felt like I was in a 1984 future. Or one of your stories.

          1. ….The whole thing is a joke. The Danish study proved masks do NOTHING.

            Nothing. As in, “masks vs. no masks are statistically indistinguishable.” That seems to be why journals are (so I hear) Very Reluctant to publish said study.

            But that’s still better than the U.S. military (Navy?) study I heard about today on the radio: masks / super disinfection / OCD-level handwashing, vs. none of the above (all-volunteer populations). Result, the experimental “mask” group had more C-19 infections than the control “not much” group.

            Interesting, if one could track down the study, to see if the increase in Scary Virus infections was insignificant (“noise”) or statistically valid (“real effect, but maybe only correlation, not causation”).

            Same radio program reminded us that a show on the 1918+ Spanish Flu had mention of then-requirements to wear cloth masks too… “like trying to stop dust with chicken wire” they said, IIRC.

            The show was on PBS (though Pre-Virus).

    1. I did that months ago. ‘NECHARI’ Steampunk Plague Mask, 15 bucks at Amazon (don’t forget to use the links on this page, so our Space Princess gets a few cents). You will probably have to cut a vent in the bottom of the ‘beak’, because three tiny gaps in the top don’t provide much airflow. I used vinyl glue to cover the vent with some black window screen. Make sure the vent isn’t blocked by your chin.

        1. I got a steampunk plague beak through Etsy. The goggles part is a pain, because I have to take off my regular glasses (and move with great care) and 2. the plastic edges of the goggles press on my facial bones, so it hurts after a few minutes. But it gets the point across.

          1. Mine is made out of a thick, tough rubbery material except for the goggle lenses, which are thin tinted plastic. The goggles are molded right into the material and I haven’t noticed any sort of pressure around them. They do fog up a bit on exhale under some conditions.

            When people ask, I tell them that it’s all Political Plague Theater to whip us into a panic over the common cold.

    2. I keep hoping the daydream I had, stroking a medal of St Michael with my thumb, of handing the children over a chain-link fence to safety with strangers and turning to fight, wasn’t a premonition. But doggone has a lot of crazy crap happened since that day in Feb-ish to make me nervous.

  27. “I don’t understand, Zwthrax. Their Ruling Elites had every advantage. How could they have failed so hard and so fast?”

    “Jeemlo, the monkeys they sought to rule? They had wrenches.”


    “Look up ‘monkey wrench’ in the Culture Pack and be enlightened. There’s a reason we only watch, from as far away as we can.”

    1. Yeah. The stuff I’ve been saying?

      That’s about the only way I talk myself back to sane ish.

      All the theories, that aren’t ‘theory is drastically incomplete’, make me agitated. Especially when other people are upset.

      I have no idea what is going on.

    1. There’s a wee dark voice in the back of my mind whispering, “What if COVID deaths err, “deaths” tend to afflict disproportionately those who object to the newly elected?

      They tend to object to masking, after all.

      And nobody examines the Cause of Death any too closely.

      1. Oh, it’s been an open proposal to deny medical care to “COVID deniers” almost since day one.

        1. You missed the point and think too well of our tyrants, Steve. I wasn’t saying “deaths due to COVID” but rather “deaths attributed to COVID” which are not the same thing.

          Helluva thing when SNelson is less paranoid than a wallaby.

          1. “tend to afflict disproportionately those who object to the newly elected?”

            And I’m saying that’s been something Leftists have been rooting for, trying to make legal, and if any of them are to be believed, have actually done to “Trump supporters”.

            1. My reply to RES was basically he’s late to the party. They’re already calling for it and in some cases doing it here.

      2. The media did some unseemly gloating months ago after a black minister told his congregation he wasn’t afraid of Covid and then caught it and died.

    2. If the House refuses to seat over one hundred Republican representatives over charges of sedition then those seats should not be filled (and legal action initiated to prevent their being filled by appointed Democrats) all Republicans ought stay away. Deny their quorum.

      Perhaps all Republican House members ought immediately go on fact-finding junkets to Taiwan, signatories of the Abrahamic Accords and other important venues where they can remain for the duration.

      1. McConnell should use his existing majority to refuse to seat Democrats in the Senate, thereby retaining Republican control if the Dems in the House refuse to seat any Republican. And if Dems do refuse to seat and recognize Republicans in Congress en masse, at that point it would really not bother me if the military intervened to prevent it and to prevent the Democrats from taking power, as the republic would be dead anyway, and I would rather have the military in charge than the commies.

      1. Yeah, I’m thinkin’ all Trump material on the official White House channel will suddenly go away, along with all the associated or supportive gadfly channels. While back the White House channel started mirroring on Bitchute, so they’re definitely aware.

    1. It has declared that it will nuke all claims of election fraud. From THIS election, mind you. It’s leaving the early Democrat ones.

      1. Time to employ the Marc Anthony strategy, praising the election, “Some say Biden’s campaign cheated, but Joe Biden is an honorable man and would no more cheat than he would plagiarize another politician’s campaign speech.”

        “People claim to have demonstrated how Dominion voting machines reallocated votes during their counting, but Dominion’s programmers deny such charges and what reason could they have to lie?”

        There are not words to express how proud I am of my fellow Americans who normally mar a good 3% of their attempted absentee ballots but, under pressure of COVID and facing hitherto unprecedented numbers of absentee ballots, managed to improve that performance to 0.3% inadmissible ballots.”

  28. For those interested in Sarah’s thought about a substack-like system for fiction writers, here is the description of Uncomma from their website (https://uncomma.com/):

    Uncomma is a platform for independent creators
    We give you the tools to publish, fund, and sell your creative digital projects. Anything you publish for free will always be free and accessible to everyone. Premium content sales will always go to the creator.

    On Uncomma, you can:
    Publish for free without limits
    Crowdfund a project
    Put a project behind a paywall

    Projects on Uncomma
    A project is a collection of posts that are either publicly available or behind a paywall. As posts are added to the project, users that follow the project will have the content emailed to them.

    This page is a project description and the posts are located under the “Posts” tab above.

    Projects work as either a fixed collection of content (like a collection of essays) or an ongoing series (like a weekly newsletter).

    You can create as many projects as you want. This means you can run a free newsletter while selling an essay collection in another project.

    Our mission is to support creators
    We give you the tools to publish, fund, and sell your creative work. Anything you publish for free will always be free and accessible to everyone. Premium content sales will always go to the creator.

    We only make money when you do. We take 10% plus credit card fees on transactions that run through Uncomma. We are building a sustainable platform that creators can rely on.

    1. And here’s the equivalent for Ghost (https://ghost.org/):

      We’re a proud non-profit organisation building open source technology for journalism
      Ghost was founded in April 2013, after a very successful Kickstarter campaign to create a new platform focused solely on professional publishing. Our mission is to create the best open source tools for independent journalists and writers across the world, and have a real impact on the future of online media.

      Today Ghost powers an incredible range of websites; from individual bloggers who are just getting started, to large teams of writers and editors at some of the largest organisations in the world. We’ve built a sustainable business around a free core application, funded by a premium platform as a service to run it on.

      Ghost installs to date

      We set Ghost up as non-profit foundation so that it would always be true to its users, rather than shareholders or investors. Our legal constitution ensures that the company can never be bought or sold, and one hundred percent of our revenue is reinvested into the product and the community.

      As a public organisation we also believe in being transparent and accountable for everything we do, so we publish our live financial data for all to see.

      We call this Sustainable Open Source
      The more people who use Ghost, the more customers we have, the more revenue we receive, the more great people we can hire to work for the foundation, the better the software gets, the more people use Ghost… and so on.

      It’s a virtuous cycle which means that we can keep creating open, adaptable software with a vibrant future, forever.

      Ghost Foundation Team
      Our virtual headquarters is in Singapore, but we’re a fully remote team spread all over the world. Between us, we cover 4 continents, 5 nationalities and 6 languages. All the work we do happens online, with no office to speak of. We use great tools like Slack, Zoom and Github to collaborate efficiently, harnessing the formidable power-of-the-internet™ to get things done.

      We spend our days talking to each other and developing beautiful, open source products using modern technology to power the future of online publishing.

      1. Over the years, I’ve seen many positive remarks about Ghost floating around the Web. Admittedly, the Javascript framework makes me nervous. Without Javascript enabled in the browser, the website fails horribly with no fallback to simple HTML/CSS. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned. o_o

    2. Huh, I like Uncomma already simply for not being an asshole about forcing me to enable Javascript merely to see the most basic information about the website. Without delving too deeply into the guts right this minute, it has roughly the same feel as Substack. Mrs. Hoyt? Does Uncomma come anywhere near meeting your needs, or does it suffer from much the same shortcomings as Substack?

  29. Brad Torgersen made a good point on the Failing Book yesterday: the other side never looks more powerful than they do just before they collapse. Things look bad. Things are bad. However, if you stand fast and if God really does look after drunks, fools and the United States of America, your republic might survive this.

    But despair won’t save anything.

      1. Despair was one of the Deadly Sins (before the list was finalized). I have to keep reminding myself of that. My job is to hold on and tell stories, and I can’t do that if despair creeps in.

        1. The odd thing is that we have the Seven Deadly Sins (with the Seven Lively Virtues lined up opposite) and then the different seven Christian Virtues with Hope lined up in them.

    1. But despair won’t save anything.

      Noooooo! The best course of action is to give up on everything! Wait for 2024! Trump was always bad! Waahhhhhh!

      Silver lining of this is how many of our side are getting unmasked as traitors. Not that it is that surprising in a lot of cases; they are called “congresscritters” for a reason, and people like Shapiro were known cucks already.

      When we are done with this and Trump is sworn in on Jan 20th, can we start calling people “Uniparty Deniers”?

    2. Remember that these are stressful times and if you do less than you could have in better ones, that is no occasion for despair.

  30. AG’s of states like Texas start need to do to Harris/Biden and the other commies what the Democratic Party state AGs have been doing to Trump for four years. Investigate, subpoena and sue them nonstop.

  31. Hrm, I’ve been known on occasion to write a program. Mrs. Hoyt, might I ask why you cannot simply use Substack? I’ve been poking at the website, but it’s annoying — doesn’t play nice with my older version of Firefox even with Javascript fully enabled. I had to fire up Chrome to make headway with the simplest menus. I’m not in the mood right now to winkle out just what stupid framework they’re using that drags their website back to the bad old days of browser-specific functionality. :/

    Anyways, is Substack too simple, too biased in favor of straight nonfiction newsletters? Perhaps it’d be interesting to start assembling a list of necessary or highly desirable functionalities that you find lacking in Substack and its competitors. You’ve already mentioned backups, but what kind? I’m guessing you don’t just mean routine profile backups that ensure, among other things, that your member and customer lists, associated subscriptions, and payment status is always available to you for secure download in a human-readable form even if the website itself glitches or outright crashes, nor do you mean merely making automated backups of your fiction and other materials to a cloud storage firm. What am I missing?

    Moving on, you want standard subscriptions, available via both email and on the website, with extra-cost options such as private access to “unedited advance reading copies.” It’s reasonable to assume you’d also want baseline reporting tools such as charts showing weekly and monthly income and so forth. Furthermore, from your comments on Amazon, you’d want an easy way to mark and unmark any set of materials as being currently available through your non-Amazon profile, possibly with some degree of integration with Amazon. Mind you, that last bit is sheer speculation — I know nothing about Amazon’s API (application programming interface). This is just roping ideas into the corral for discussion.

    Hmmm, undoubtedly PayPal. Probably also those morons at Payoneer for access to international readers, notwithstanding the company’s amazingly jerky behavior with a raft of unfortunate victims. Yeah, *I’ve* had encounters with them. A credit-card payment processor like Square? Probably. Bitcoin? Cryptocurrencies make me nervous, but they’re a happening thing that can’t be ignored, especially with Visa actively blackballing conservatives. The founder of Gab comes to mind. -_-

    Other ideas, thoughts, concerns? Don’t worry overmuch about being perfectly clear — I have considerable experience by now in squeezing clarity and brevity out of “imperfect” prose from people who lack technical backgrounds. I’ll figure out what you mean and restate it in better words. ^_^

  32. There are many LARPs floating around, all claiming to be the inside scoop on how Trump has a Grand Master 42-Dimensional Chess Plan to win. Some of them are obvious crap, some plausible, some downright mundane.

    Once you filter out the crazy ones you are still left with a pile of stories, any of which can be reasonably disputed. Also any particular detail of a story can be reasonably disputed if it isn’t easily checkable.

    What cannot be reasonably disputed is that Trump does have a plan, and that it includes the military if things should come to that. Because to think otherwise requires that one believe absurdities.

  33. Just in case anybody was wondering…

    From justthenews dot com slash politics-policy/elections/trump-responds-supreme-court-defeat-fight

    Trump responds to Supreme Court defeat: ‘Fight on!'</B.

    President Trump expressed disapproval late Friday at the Supreme Court's rejection of a Texas lawsuit challenging the election but signaled he plans to "fight on."

    "The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!" Trump tweeted.

    Trump's lawyers said he had instructed them to explore alternate legal strategies to challenge Joe Biden's lead in key states with senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis suggesting Jan. 6 — the day Congress is slated to accept electors' decision — was their final deadline.

    [there's more, but I think this gets the main point across…]

    also see: justthenews . com / politics-policy/elections/following-court-losses-giuliani-says-legal-team-moves-plan-b-state-level

  34. Well said. Been lurking for a while; enjoying your books and blog (started frequenting about a year ago because you mentioned you were Portuguese. My lovely and whip smart wife is Portuguese, too. Yeah I’m prejudiced.).

    Sounds like you’ve settled some things in your mind about how you will fight on no matter what, if it comes to it. It’s a wonderful feeling to be at peace with your path forward. We’re not in occupied America just yet. However, the first preparation for battle is with the mind. I’ve also settled these things in my mind. Churchill’s ringing speech comes to mind, the Founders pledge also, but Joshua’s simple promise rings with more finality for me: “…as for me and and my house, we will follow the Lord.” There is a never ending fount of creative ways to fight evil through simply setting your mind to serve the Lord. He already owns it all, so what matter’s the cost? And in the end, they’ll know exactly how they lost, and that’s the beauty of it.

  35. I really hope I didn’t have a prophetic dream last night.

    I was in a office-y building being flooded with lava and I was really worried as I scampered away because I couldn’t find my glasses.

    On the bright side, the lava didn’t damage the walls.

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