I’m Sorry

I was going to do a slightly Halloween-like story, but that and/or the chapter won’t happen, mostly because I slept really really badly and think I need at least a day off today.

I’ll try to do the chapter tomorrow, as well as the promo.

54 thoughts on “I’m Sorry

  1. What are you sorry about?

    Things Happen and we’re not paying you to post Good Stuff here. 😉

      1. The sealed vase holding that jinn?

        That is a problem.

        Fortunately, the dragons could deal with the jinn. 😀

  2. Aww. Free ice cream machine broken.

    Nah, sleep well.

    If I may, might I recommend people watch “Living the Dream” music video. For better or worse sometimes pop culture gets it right

    1. We had to go out midday, and couldn’t get out of our tiny subdivision because a Trump Train was passing, headed out of Denver and apparently to the Springs, picking up people along the way.
      We didn’t have our flag/gadsden with us, or we’d have joined.
      NOTABLE for about 1/4 the cars being black people with “Black Voices Matter” signs, as well as flags/trump signs, etc. Look, CO has very few black people even in urban areas, so that caught my attention.
      They were all happy, honking/waving (we waved and honked back) smiling. Nice folk.

      1. Polls are picking up 30% black vote for Trump.

        There will be a much higher reporting shyness for this one.

        Saw earlier this evening that 1/3 of LGTBQLJEINOMGWTFBBQOl are voting Trump. Confirmed, because it was a gay magazine freaking out about it.

        All of the plantations are emptying.

        1. An admission against interest doesn’t mean it comes from a correct perception, only that it is more likely it reflects honest perception.

        2. If the news media reported things normally, and if there wasn’t all this deliberate suppression, nobody would be surprised by a Trump rally in Queens. He’s from around there. People like seeing Local Man Does Good. It’s unusual if your hometown doesn’t turn out to support you.

          But yeah, we have cruddy media. So whenever people let loose with honest, normal thoughts and feelings, it seems amazing. But by the same token, it blows up bigger and becomes more important than it otherwise would have been, because people are so delighted to defy the Maniacstream Media.

          1. If the news was only 75% negative we would be wondering just how big the win would be. If the media was a tenth as aggressive with buydin as with Trump he would be questioning just how much Trump would win by in california.

          1. Just might have something to do with the simple fact that he did not have them all hunted down and put in camps like everyone said would happen. Or as commander in chief reinstitute the ban on gays in the military.
            There does come this point where for a reasonable person their lying eyes do get paid attention to.
            Thanks to our media for making it blatantly obvious that their words and reality no longer have even a passing association with each other.

            1. And how many not politically-gay homosexuals are thinking “You know, I’m tired of my private life being used to justify [political/cultural] thing. Trump’s not one of us, but he doesn’t use us, either.”

      2. I had to take a package to FedEx for shipping last week and noticed a couple of young (at my age young encompasses a greater range than it used to — call them mid-twenties) men of melanin abundance, one of whom was wearing a T-shirt bearing the motto, “All Lives Matter.”

        I was tempted to positively acknowledge his shirt but a) that would have entailed prolonged standing at the door with a rather hefty box and b) risked entering into a conversation for no-utilitarian purpose, so instead I nodded politely. I figure Beloved Spouse does sufficient interpersonal engagement for both of us and thus try to limit my interactions whenever possible.

    2. That’s Eastern Cop and Fireman land. My people those Son In Law’s mother grew up in that neighborhood.

  3. Rest up. Sleep is not overrated.

    Had the same problem myself. Went to bed. Was up at 1:30 AM. Back to bed at 2:30 AM. Up at 6:30 AM. Tried to go back to sleep. Failed. Up at 7 AM. Back to bed at 8:30 AM, for a “nap”. Woke up at 11:30 AM.

    I hate nights like this. This means at least 3 or 4 nights before I’m back in sleep sync. Tuesday stress is not going to help

    Take care of yourself. That is the most important thing.

      1. Stressors upon stressors.
        though all my issues are the stomach, not the eczema.
        Learned Thursday evening Dad has lung cancer.
        Who ordered this? We need to sic Fluffy on them.
        Not a huge surprise, as he smoked until 50 or so, and is 78 now.

        1. Sigh. Yeah.
          Dad quit smoking at 31 when I was born because of my lung issues. His doctor told him he could quit (he’d been smoking since he was 13) or not raise me, his choice.
          So he went in the yard, had one last cigarette, tossed the pack away and never smoked again. He’s 90.
          Maybe I was good for him? In a weird way.

  4. Please take all the time you need to refresh and renew yourself. The next weeks are going to be incredibly challenging for all of us, and as much as we want to encourage and support our extended families we cannot forget that our immediate families can and must demand our first attention. Your work is riveting, your commentary is acute and based in a reality most of us should be grateful that we will never experience. Thanks for the effort you put in and know that some of us are simply looking forward to what you can do without tearing yourself apart.

  5. Happy Feast of All Holy Relics! (Pre-V2 calendar.)

    Happy beatification day of Blessed Michael McGivney, the founder of the Knights of Columbus!

    (Btw, look up the qualifying miracle for the beatification. Bring tissues, as it’s a goodie.)

    1. Is it on your blog?
      If not, why not?
      Also mentally, I’m in Portugal lighting candles on grandparents’ graves. (they aren’t even allowed to do that this year 😦 )

  6. Oh no, I don’t get free stuff at According to Hoyt?! I am the sad. ~:(

    Excuse me, must attend to zombies now. Pesky things are getting in the moat and the alligators are throwing pieces all over the place…

      1. It’s hard to tell with alligators, but they don’t really eat them. They just throw the pieces out of the moat onto the lawn. So I’d guess no, not their favorite.

        They do like postmen though. >:D

  7. We had a few trick or treaters before sunset. Full moon behind the clouds.
    Less pleasingly, our little church is still closed because the congregation is older and nervous. Streaming again. *Sigh.*

    1. We had a steady stream, mostly of young ones (ages 3-7) from 1730-2000. 200+ pieces of candy distributed. Take that, CDC! 😀

  8. Don’t worry. Enjoy the made-up terrors of the season while you can. Next week might be scary for real.

      1. Golly, I’m so old i can remember when Democrats bragged about trolling Trump rallies. Geeze, 2016 seems so long ago …

  9. Haven’t we had this conversation before? You’re not a bad hostess, we’ve invited ourselves in and we know where the coffee machine is. We just want to make sure you’re still moving around thinking about home renovations and kvetch about the colour scheme.

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