I Will Do A Chapter Tomorrow

Sorry, sorry, sorry. I am alive. We woke up insanely late (as in after 10 am, which hasn’t happened to me since I was a teen, unless I was on an international flight the night before) were updating Daz 3-d content and stuff on my computer most of the afternoon (We hadn’t touched it since we set up the computer in March) and then we went out to dinner….

And then I found I was too out of the adderal effect to write. I’ve spent the last three hours bouncing all over the net, instead of writing.

So, I will do a chapter tomorrow. Probably go to bed in the next few minutes, so maybe I won’t wake up insanely late tomorrow.

This is the biggest waste of a day in months. but hey, Daz is updated and I did a render to test the new textures….

33 thoughts on “I Will Do A Chapter Tomorrow

  1. OK, now I can go to bed as well.

    I *just* had to wait for the chapter. 😀

      1. i know it’s crazy.

        Dude, we understand.

        You’ve got to save yourself first; put your own oxygen mask on before you put one on others.

        If we weren’t willing to cope, and happy for you when you get stuff together enough for you to be satisfied, we would not have stayed.

  2. Re: Adderal.
    Can you get the real McCoy or do you have to get the generic? Have you tried the extended release version?

  3. As this posted to me email at 12:30 AM EDT, 10-18-20, shouldn’t that mean the promised chapter will post Monday, 19 October, 2020?

    This has been a highly confusing year. Please do not compound the problems; post the chapter Monday and grant a day untrammeled by politics or (and?) societal madness.

      1. I’m alsmost afraid to ask, but who seems to think that abolishing time zones is a good idea? And what are they drinking?

        1. China, no doubt. It’s already one when it should rationally be five. Another reason to resist.

      2. Indeed, that is amusing. I can certainly see the case for abolishing Daylight Savings Time. It seems that subject arises every time the changeover approaches. But eliminating *time zones*? If I still partook of mind-altering substances, I’d ask if I could get some of whatever it is they’re imbibing.

  4. “This is the biggest waste of a day in months.” You sure don’t waste days like I do.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if all of us had vehicles like that? And weapons…
    I’m still alive too. Not that any of you have been wondering. Was going to be away for two weeks. Turned into three and a half. Will be scarce until after the election. Doing what I can, as I’m sure all of you are also.

  5. Sympathies and pie. I’ve had motivational issues with my writing as well, “honey-do” projects around the house, and general “I can’t believe this s(YAY!)t!” moments that have made things difficult. Take the time you need, and realize that a lot of people are in various states of running around like crazy because the world has gone nuts.

          1. I won’t play remote psychologist or psychiatrist here. See one if you can ASAP, if only just in case it doesn’t happen.

            I had a few bouts of that kind of black dog thinking and the only thing that worked for me was to find small tasks to get small victories, and work my way up from there. Might not work for you, but know we’re all supporting you from here. If you catch a sudden case of terminal lead poisoning, we’ll try to make sure those responsible have a free helicopter ride.

            1. More importantly, those of you who know where I live, come and see if Havey the gormless and Valeria the crazy have survived the coyotes and find them good homes, please.

          2. Looks like a sinus infection may have been throwing me off for a week.

            I’ve found myself stopped from throwing in 2 cents of the “don’t give up hope variety”.

            Yesterday was a little bad, both in the coping with RL sense, and the only able to rave /incoherently/ sense.

            I remain leery of trusting forecasts too much during the crazy times.

            Anyway, if it would take a miracle to be sparred the necessities of Saint Augusto of the Whirling Blades, what is appeals to him other than a request for such?

            You find something to do for your black dog, and I’ll find something for mine. Deal? (I have a feeling I’ll be working on rest and fluids some.)

          3. I know the black dog doesn’t really care about mere reality, but if it helps…..

            Nothing I am hearing sounds like the left thinks they have a chance at winning. Pelosi is having a slow meltdown. Even their fraud scheme looks like it is falling apart, together with the propaganda effects of early voting.

            I correctly called 2016 a year out (alas… no public record of this) as it was obvious that Trump would win. The only thing that gave me pause this time was the fraud, and its ability to beat the margin is fading in front of my eyes.

              1. I know. But it is being unveiled everywhere; that is a good thing. The fraud is being converted from that which is unseen to that which is seen. No one can act like it doesn’t exist anymore.

                Someone pointed out that this push to vote early and by mail is going to cause a the other side to have a serious morale problem: They get an initial boost of blue votes. Then an endless tsunami of red votes starts building all the way up to election day.

                Also, an anecdotal report seen in an “Is CA in play?” thread:

                You’re smoking crack. Here in deepest libtard land SF Bay Area, there are Asian dudes flying 7′ Trump flags off their cars and driving up and down SR-82. He’s not going to flip CA, but he is going to get more votes than he did last time.

              2. Frankly… I think I’d trade a more effective enemy for one that wasn’t *quite* as good at demoralizing our side. Handing out white pills instead of thwacks is annoying.

  6. [shrug]

    What the hell. I’ll see if I can pick up some of the slack for Sarah and spark some discussion by throwing out a couple of interesting things (to me, anyway) I found recently. First off, a twitter thread on a subject I think the odds here will enjoy bickering about:

    I have no idea how accurate their 90-10 estimate is of the (utter lunacy / world-changing insight) split is, but I love the concept.

  7. And second, Youtube recommended a music video sung by the same guy who did the Starlight Brigade video I linked recently. I REALLY like this one for some reason:

    Any really good music you guys have come across recently?

  8. c4c

    Oh, and Sarah? You know that “still being alive” thing you keep doing? Keep it up. Hope you feel better.

  9. I’ve been doing battle with W. B. Yates’ “Ravens of unresting thought” this weekend. I’m tired of them. I’m tired of the stress around me causing stress inside me. I thought February of this year was bad? HAH! *bitter kitty cackle*

    1. Time for an incomplete, true story, from thirty-some years ago. Great-uncle Frank’s 90th birthday. He was suffering from serious dementia, and a lot of people were there, his large family, and extended family as well, including me, who would not ordinarily have been included.

      Frank sat at the table, looking at the birthday card. “Ninety? No, sixty …” He traced the digit out with his finger. “Ninety? Me?” But whatever he knew or understood, there was one thing he never doubted: He was surrounded by people who loved him.

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