Chapter late this evening

Sorry, since today is Hun’s dinner at Pete’s, and I have to finish cleaning, I probably can’t write before around 9.

However, we’ve come up with a problem. Paypal has suspended my donation account and insists that I’m “selling goods” which is frankly insane as they have absolutely no proof of this.

So I presume it’s the usual paypal tricks of demonetizing sites they dislike.

What other services are there that I might use? I have used Paypal despite its corporate stupidity due to my lack of time to research alternatives.

Anyone have alternatives they can suggest?


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  1. Well, credit where due: what you provide here is “the Goods” — especially in contrast to what the MSM sites vend.

    I suspect renting a PO Box and having us send real honest-to-G-d paper checks is not viable?

    1. Do you think it would help if I and other Huns sent strongly worded letters to Paypal insisting that “NOTHING good has ever yet come to us from According to Hoyt”?

      1. Maybe, but we’d probably better leave off the bit about never finding a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Otherwise, Sarah won’t get her paypal back, and even worse, we’ll get another visit from the Health Department.

        1. It sounds like the AmeriKKKan Stasi decided that your conservative voice was getting heard too much, so a bit of projection in the denunciation would work with the Woke.

          Gab kept getting defunded/deplatformed, and is now funding its own servers by running donations through their own store. Lower traffic conservative people are still using PP, but indications are the purge is continuing.

          1. I keep hoping that some conservative legal foundation will sue in Federal court to have these gits declared “public accommodations” under the Civil Rights Act. Lord knows there’s enough evidence of discrimination on the basis of race, sex, and religion.

  2. I tried to donate to Blazing Sword and was told that my account was doing unusual things and I needed to change my password(?) Yeah PP is being a political gatekeeper again and since I can’t GET INTO my account I can’t FIX my account. But no bias here folks. And I’ll be sending a check to BS. And Steel’s nose is good.

    1. I worked with some folk from the Pink Pistols before. Funniest thing was when I was going to the range with a carful of them, and was giving directions. At one stop sign, I said, “Go straight here'” Five guys turned to me and stated, firmly, “No!”

      Not obvious from the website, but it looks as if PP is either morphed into or working closely with, uh, BS.

        1. Blazing Sword, which, when Googled, points to some kind of anime/video game franchise but is, from the website, either an associate or successor of Pink Pistols. And we compromised on, ‘directly ahead’.

  3. Skrill is the biggest Paypal alternative, so far as I know. You could also look at Dwolla, Payoneer, or WePay. There are a bunch more possibilities, but Skrill and Dwolla are probably the ones most similar to Paypal.

  4. Why no, they claim you are ‘selling a bill of goods’ because nothing here makes sense to them.

    Why can those rich Leftoid elitists not see, that while they might not be first up against the wall, they won’t be last, either. Just as soon as they’re no longer useful.

      1. as said above, Venmo or Cash app, (yes, it’s just called “Cash” app) among others. Create a username to give out and anyone using the respective apps can send some bread. Use more than one app if you want,

        You can get a free ATM debit card from any of these apps to directly use the.. millions that will pour in. Far as I know you do have to go through google play store on a smartphone to install these apps though.

  5. For recurring donations I suggest SubscribeStar.

    For projects that you bid to support, Freestartr is a Kickstarter alternative.

    I also recommend that anyone affected by tech “deplatforming” join

  6. Kim du Toit is using Patreon the past few years and AFAIK has had no issues. I’ve used them for his site.

  7. Realized I forgot to warn folks– we’re on a family trip, so if I, oh, go MIA for three days without so much as a word, it just means I’m out of connection not decommissioned.

    If anything were to ever go REALLY wrong so that I won’t be showing back up, I’ve got instructions in our vital records so that I wouldn’t just disappear without folks being told.

    1. I have a recurring nightmare where I die and my cat eats my dead body because there is no one to feed her. How will they know to read your instructions?

      1. It’s in the safe with everything else– cash, deeds, accounts of all types. (I can just see our game subs rolling and rolling for ages until it can be shown we’re dead…..)

    2. Unless my entire family goes at the same time, there’s a “if You’re reading this” post cued up, which someone will put up sooner or later.
      Have fun on your trip. Um….. three days? If you’re coming here we’re going to need mattresses….
      Also to put paint and hammers out of reach 😉

      1. Wrong direction– we’re hanging out around Bull Run, WITH the Elf family. Who have a ton of family drama (all aimed at folks not here!) and are meeting some of my family at long last, AND are planning a wedding in the exciting, all the stuff paid for is done now just TALK type stages.

        The sun-hat-with-veil (bee keeper’s hat) type “non medical face covering” has gotten four complements, three “WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?”, two variations on “BRILLIANT!” and two male karen snarls, although one of those may have been about the Empress wearing a very cheap version of it. (Not like I can get much detail in a few inches of eye when the guy is muttering under a mask, he may even have been grumpy but meant “that’s ridiculous” positively.)

        1. I’m getting quite a bit of attention with my Medieval Plague Mask. A few people have taken pictures.

          I tell everybody that it’s a protest against Political Plague Theater, a reproduction of a plague mask from the 14th century, when they did not understand diseases and what caused them. And, that our so-called leaders do not seem to have learned anything in the 600 years since.
          They say I can’t be a nonconformist because I’m not like the other nonconformists.

    1. That’s great! More places are opening out here, although the bars are having to be creative with the 51% rule (they can open if 51% or more of their revenue comes from food.)

      1. Went grocery shopping today, and other than the employees, almost no one in the store, including at the busy meat counter, was masked. Nor were they observing more than standard distance at the meat counter – not enough room!

        Of the two people masked? One was an elderly gent, wearing a trump 2020 mask.

  8. I was apparently able to donate to you using the credit card option that appeared on the Paypal site. It was 11 dollars. Let me know if it goes through. Thanks.

      1. Checking my Paypal activity shows that it has scheduled but not yet posted my recurring contribution on the Third of the month. This being Sunday it is possibly merely a posting delay but I will monitor this and follow-up as appropriate.

      2. I got both a receipt and a cc charge, so it went through. If you don’t get it, somebody did.

  9. Reverend Blanchard (Black Man with a Gun) uses Figure they’re pretty agnostic on topics if he uses them.

  10. The Pope now claims that the coronavirus has disproven the ‘magic theory’ of market economics and proves the world needs a ‘new type of politics’.

    Got some news for you, Pope — you obviously know even less about economics than AOC, you are in no position to go around disparaging ‘magic theories’, and there is nothing new about communism. Stick to prayers and church business, and keep your nose out of the government. We have more than a sufficiency of clueless meddlers there already.
    There is no shortage of people convinced they can create the perfect world. Trouble is, they always start out by fucking up this one.

    1. When millions of people make millions of small decisions, some of them are bound to be wrong. Those of the socialist/fascist/communist/statist persuasion believe that ‘proves’ that the government should make all of the decisions, for everybody.

      When a few people make bad decisions for themselves, the overall economy still keeps ticking along, pretty much unaffected. They can pick themselves up, and try again.

      When the government makes bad decisions for everybody, you can get a big crash, but you are more likely to see a slow, grinding decline into depression and squalor for all but the Kommissars and Party elites. They will be sure to provide themselves with the best of everything that remains.

      And the government WILL make bad decisions. It is impossible for some central authority to make good decisions for 325 million people. That is a control logic problem of utterly unmanageable proportions. Sorry, Isaac Asimov, not even a positronic brain the size of a stadium could do the job.

      Still, the collectivists are fixated on their belief in absolute authoritarian control. Just put them in charge, and everything will be perfect. Only somehow, it’s always a giant FUBAR. They are never as smart as they think they are.
      How can Leftoids create a better world when everything they do makes this one worse?

      1. As Tom Sowell says, it’s hard to imagine a worse system for making decisions than putting them in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

        1. Putting decisions in the hands of delusional idiots that pay no price for being wrong.
          Why do so many idiots believe that the way to solve our problems is to go on voting for the same shitheads that caused them?

    2. Given what we’ve learned about the Vatican Bank I am disinclined to pay any heed to their economic analyses.

      I provide no links, I merely recommend putting “Vatican Bank Scandal” into your searchengine of choice — but I suggest you limit the date range to only the last week or, at most, month.

      1. Given what we’ve learned about the Vatican Bank I am disinclined to pay any heed to their economic analyses.

        *laughs* Learned? There was stuff in my granny’s old Catholic-related-so-totally-not-gossipy magazines about how the Vatican Bank was something like crossing the Beagle Boys from animated 90s Ducktails with the Keystone Cops!

    3. There are two theories of papal authority. a) It is binding, due to a deliberate choice by God to delegate his authority to a human. b) It is a usurpation of authority not delegated by God.

      Okay, I’m badly enough educated in theology that I haven’t fully explored the theory space, and proven or disproven existence of feasible third models.

      Theory A seems to be pretty fundamental to Catholicism. Theory B, Protestantism.

      With the usual experiential evidence ordinarily available to believers, it does not appear that either of these theories are objectively and conclusively falsifiable.

      Hypothetically, if a Pope formally bound the church to a teaching that was clearly Satanic heresy, it might vindicate the position that so many Protestants have seen fit to abandon.

      There are obvious candidates for such heresies in Environmentalism, Communism, and possibly Islam.

      That said, Frank’s obvious careful toeing of the line could be understood as him having an awareness that God’s delegation has limits, and that he fears crossing them for some reason.

      Note, God ‘plays life’ in the hardest of challenge modes. A Pope that wants to suborn the church, yet is unable to, is the sort of thing He might do to show off.

      I may know more about Theology than Frank does economics and fancy disease stuff.

      My takeaway is that the last two Popes built up a lot of stock of credibility among Protestants. Frank is apparently not aware of that mattering, and may be spending it without replenishment.

      1. Papal Infallibility applies to his authority to set Church Doctrine, nothing more. Those who disagree with his definition of the Catholic Faith are free to switch to some other faith, to an idiosyncratic personal faith or no faith. The Pope’s authority does not extend beyond the Catholic Church or even, many would argue, throughout the Catholic Church.

        On matters economic his authority is about as great as Stephen Hawking’s authority on ballet.

        1. Indeed. In an interesting, to me, way infallibility is the only thing restraining the current pope. For example, there are several influential bishops who very much want homosexual acts made licit. Since the pope, when speaking ex Cathedra on faith and morals, is infallible were he to declare something so well established in scripture as illicit as licit and demand the assent of the faithful, he would be in error and, thus, not pope. The seat would be vacant (sede vacante.) some say it already is but even the current crowd wants to avoid large scale schism, for the money if nothing else.

          1. communists can’t be in communion with the church, much less pope.
            Fortunately being deposed in a palace coup doesn’t invalidate a pope. So we do have a pope: Benedict. Who seems to agree, since he still wears the red boots.
            I find it easier for my blood pressure to ignore monseigneur D’Avignon. Who unfortunately is sending “special emissaries” to preach communism at every parish in Colorado within driving distance. I’ve started praying the rosary for their conversion during the sermon. It is what it is.

            1. I always pray for the conversion of my opposition; like Saul en route to Damascus, I want them to know the error of their ways and repent.

              I agree on the improbability of schism. Having searchengined the Vatican Bank I realize there is too much valuable property held by the Church (and not of the sort typically thought of as Church-ish – not that I’m suggesting a resort* to Henry VIII confiscation) and too great an income stream from the Vatican Souvenir shop (among other enterprises) for them to risk that.

              I do wonder what might be learned from a deep audit of that bank — it would be so useful a means of laundering money that I doubt it could have remained pure.

              *yes, that is an imputation on the revelations that among the Vatican’s property investments appear to be several high-end resorts.

              1. As for the Vatican Bank, oh the stories i could tell even though I managed to stay the hell away from them as much as possible. Professional ethics and personal survival will keep my mouth shut and i didn’t see the half of it. When I say “what do you expect from a bunch of clerics in Rome” let’s just say I expect very little good and a great deal of bad from clerics in Rome.

                I’m in a bit of a state because another priest I know was just indicted and I thought him a good, simple priest. No buggery for a change but endangering minors. It’s all so sad.

          2. Remember Pope Vigilius. He got Empress Theodora’s support for his election — and the cardinals were thereby forced to support him — by promising support for Monophysitism. He didn’t. Even if he deceived her, he spent most of his papacy imprisoned for failing her.

      2. Echoing RES to add– it’s even more limited there.

        The Pope has authority, in his wheel house, as a priest of his position; he has Infallibility in some incredibly limited areas where he has to go through a bunch of hoops to formally invoke it, and he seems to be actively avoiding them.

        Even the update to the Catechism mostly served to get folks informed that the Catechism has no authority in itself; the teachings only have the authority of that which they quote. (I haven’t looked up the specific document for that one recently, IIRC it was basically “a bunch of bishops think this” as far as authority goes.)

        For matters of prudence– non-binding teachings on faith and morals, example, death penalty as opposed to binding teaching, example, abortion, euthanasia, murder– disagreeing with the Pope’s statements related to can be sinful… if you are disagreeing because he is the Pope.

          1. And a Jesuit. They lost their way with that “a man for others” BS rather than acting for the greater glory of God.

            1. There’s still good Jesuits! Father Mitch, for example.
              A Jesuit priest fluent in 13 languages with over 50 Holy Land pilgrimages, Fr. Mitch Pacwa is always in demand for his humor and insight on matters of faith, Church tradition and sacred Scripture. He hosts several programs, including EWTN Live, a weekly interview series that teaches and prepares Catholics for evangelism. Whether the topic is Protestant theology or the dignity of women, the lively discussions between Fr. Mitch and his invited guests help viewers learn more about their faith.

              He’s the guy who brings up all kinds of nifty world building type things, like that the neighbors at the time eating milk and meat at the same time was forbidden had as their big feast dish a calf simmered in his own mother’s milk. (Talk about your symbolism, there; makes for one mother of a stark contrast.)

              1. He tends to get trotted out as one of the good ones; my wife likes him and he seems a good, faithful priest but we have to contrast him with Fr. James Martin SJ and all too many of the rest of the society. There is a definite generational schism in the order. It was obvious when I was a schoolboy and it’s blatant now.

                Fr. Martin is the public face of the Jesuits now, not Fr. Mitch. It was Fr. Martin that Francis promoted even though the magazine he edits actively promotes Communism and unchastity. It’s Fr. Martin who speaks at my daughter’s old school on how old fashioned the church is and how it isn’t necessary to follow teachings that inconvenience us or interfere with what we want. It’s Fr Martin on ephebes they quote at my old school, gives them a clearer run at the boys.

                They got me up to the age of 7 as the expression went but they’ve managed to lose the man.

                Sorry if this is angry, but I am very angry.

                1. No worries, I understand anger.
                  Given your area and associates? There’d be something wrong if you weren’t angry– you have been betrayed by your family, with malice aforethought, for years.

                  I’m still going to point out that just because the psycho a-holes hijacked the Order doesn’t invalidate the folks who are there who are good. Remember how Himself made the point about even a handful of good folks in an utterly horrible city!

                2. It’s Fr. Martin who speaks at my daughter’s old school on how old fashioned the church is and how it isn’t necessary to follow teachings that inconvenience us or interfere with what we want.

                  My mom didn’t catechize us because she use to be a (really good) CCD teacher– who refused to go along with the priest who told the class full of high school kids that sex before marriage was OK if you “really loved” the other person. Per mom: “like there’s a guy on earth who doesn’t believe he really, really loves the gal who is currently available in that way?”

                  So I’m part of the abandoned generation. Husband, too. Sent out defenseless to try to hold to what bits of the faith we could pick up. That’s why EWTN got started up– and Jimmy Akin has his blog– and even folks like our SuburbanBanshee and other folks sharing the lost gemstones.

                  Getting the muck out is going to take a lot of work, but it’s possible, especially given the folks we have on our side!
                  *clip from Missionary Man starts playing, the part about Missionary Man he’s got God on his side; got the saints and the angels backing up from behind*

          2. *snickers*

            My response was “I’m disagreeing because he’s wrong,” so that sounds like a very reasonable response to me!

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