Sorry about no post

Two days ago we had news that my mother in law was put into hospice.  She has died today.

This means instead of being home on Sunday, we’ll be traveling across the country to the funeral.

Keep us in your thoughts, since this means I’ll be driving a lot, which frankly scares the heck out of me, but also that life is going to be  a mess for another week. If all goes well we’ll be back home in a week and a day.

If you guys send me guest posts, much appreciated.  And posting WILL be a little erratic.

I’ll try to bob up once a day, no promises on time, though.

88 thoughts on “Sorry about no post

  1. Christ in the front seat, Christ in the back seat,
    In the trunk, under the hood.
    Christ on the roof and Christ at the tires,
    Christ at the steering wheel.
    Christ in the rearview,
    Christ in the side mirrors,
    Christ in the tank,
    Christ in the shocks,
    Christ on the road and the shuntpike,
    Christ at the gas station and at the rest stop,
    Christ at the hotel, Christ at the diner,
    Christ in the semi, Christ in the biker,
    Christ in every cop and stranger,
    Christ between you and every danger.

    – “The Celica of St. Patrick”

  2. You have kept this motley crew going for…well I don’t know how long really….we can certainly hold you up now. Go. Do what needs to be done, we will be here when you get back; with lots of cat posts and randomness (you know how good we are at that!).

    1. Don’t forget our dogs! May you be comforted among the mourners of Zion Sarah and Dan. Safe travels.

  3. I will be praying for you and your family. Do what you need to do to care for yourself and your husband. We’ll be fine here.

  4. Damn, that’s awful. I’m sorry to hear this – you all have my deepest condolences and sympathy.

  5. My condolences, Sarah; I have been there. You and yours are in my prayers. Please do what you need to do and travel safe. We’ll be here whenever you come back.

  6. Condolences. Safe travels and a peaceful resolution to funereal duties (those can sometimes be among the most stressful). Remember to eat.

  7. I am so sorry to hear that My prayers for your Husband, you and your family. May God hold her in his hands

  8. My prayers for you and your family.
    Be safe on your journey.
    We will go crazy for you, don’t worry about us. The place will still be recognizable when you get back. Mostly.

  9. Posting should not be erratic – posting should be abated. If you have thoughts that want expression that is one thing, but your attention ought not be on this blog except as source of support and comfort.

    Beloved Spouse, Daughtorial Unit & I send our sympathies and our prayers. May flights of angels warn other drivers on your way.

  10. Condolences and prayers for you and your family, and for all whose lives were touched by your MIL. Comfort or strength as needed, and safe travels. Take care of yourselves and don’t worry about us.

  11. Well, shit. So sorry to hear this. It’s so important to say ‘I love you’. My girlfriend died almost exactly 5 years ago. She was pissed, and harangued for half an hour on the phone about nothing in particular. I said ‘I love you’. She said ‘I love you too’.

  12. That’s so hard. Think straight and be safe. Don’t push past what you can do traveling. Tell me if there is anything I can do. She is in the hands of God but you still need to take care of yourselves.

  13. Sorry to hear this happened. I’ve been there several years ago, and it’s not any easier now. Stay safe, and post only if you feel you want to. We’ll keep the place intact until you get back.

    [Hands the aardvark a paint brush. Don’t ask. 🙂 ]

      1. Hey, it’s not as bad as the time we opened a wormhole in the basement…

        Oh, and tell the aardvark to remember to use semi-gloss paint this time.

  14. Please accept my sincere sympathies for yourself on the loss of your mother-in-law, your husband on the loss of his mother, and your sons on the loss of their grandmother.

    May you have traveling mercy on your trip there and back.

  15. Sorry to hear about your mother in law, Sarah. Have a safe trip on the highways.
    No need to post on my account, I’ll still be here next week you know.

  16. I am sorry for you loss. Words, I know that have little meaning now. To live it is to get through it and the sun will shine again.
    In the end there are no friends
    They drop off one by one.
    Then stands alone the last of all
    The one who’s like no other.
    She calls you dear, and love, and son:
    The one that you call Mother.

  17. Sympathies, condolences and prayers.

    You don’t need to post for our sakes.

    Will be trying not to spill controversy where it troubles you.

  18. Sorry for your pain. Please take care and be gentile on yourselves and each other as you deal with this.

  19. Condolences. Take care of yourself and your family. And remember (as you well know and reminded all of us not long ago) grief is individual, there is no “should.”

  20. Dan, Sarah & family, prayers uplifted. Please take care of yourselves, and don’t worry about the rest of us, there are much more important things at the moment.

  21. Sarah, my condolences to Dan and yourself. Take the time you both need, support each other, and you will get thru this. May you travel safely always.

  22. My deepest condolences on your loss. I, too, pray for safe travels on your journey.

    Good thing you got some driving practice in recently. Something tells me that may not have been a coincidence . . .

  23. Condolences to you and Dan on your loss. It’s hard. No escaping it. Praying for you.

    Wishing you safe travel and no hassles about masks.

    Please don’t worry or stress about posting.

  24. I have missed you on PJ Media and glad I came here to look for you.
    May the Comforter be with you and your family during this loss, period of adjustments and travels.

  25. BIL mother passed away this morning. They’ve been expecting it, not expecting it, for a time now. She volunteered into assisted living a few years ago, left, then almost immediately got forced back into to one (not the better one she was in, that placement had a waiting list, it was already filled) by her doctor. Not too long ago, with a longer delay than family wanted (Covid closures) she was finally transferred into full time memory care. She fell & broke her arm last weekend. BIL & Sis raced home (almost couldn’t I-5 south closed after they passed through). She was 89, almost 90, along with memory problems, had a slow cancer (not treated because, slow, she would have fought the treatment not understanding what was going on). BIL dad passed away over 15 years ago.

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