None of this is new. All is ours to deal with.


For years, they’ve been teaching minorities (which bizarrely includes women) that everyone is out to get them. For years they’ve been telling everyone that white males are just inherently evil. In schools. Real, reputable teachers have evoked the specter of “white privilege” and “white supremacy” in the most intermixed, racism-free society humans have ever known.  (Not to say there aren’t some racists. As I said, in other posts, in a society of 300 million people, there are people who believe elves are real, people who think they can fly, people who think they’re reincarnated Atlantians.  I’m sure there are people who are racist. Whites even.  It’s just not as significant a portion as any other society ever.)  Only an idiot would be surprised it leads to this:

AutoZone Stabbing Suspect “felt the need to find a white male to kill”

And no, “reparations” don’t work.  (Though I’m perfectly willing to make anyone who has ever owned a slave pay that slave for the harm done, harm is not passed down through the generations that way. We’re all descended from slaves and slave owners, rapists and victims, murderers and saints. Oh, in the US in the current day, both slaver and slave would be recent immigrants. Likely Muslim.) All they do is convince people they’re entitled to something they neither created nor earned. And once you started that, you’ve turned society into a loot and pillage club.

California politicos move forward on plans giving reparations to African Americans

Which means not a society at all.  Just a giant suicidal crab bucket.

The Sacking of New York City: 1970’s Radical Chic Reaches the Streets

But they have no idea who we are, what we believe in or what we do:

The Democrat Lurch Back to the Primitive.

And as I predicted long ago, the things that are changing during this aren’t changing THEIR way.  Nor is the technology.

The Wuhan virus has accelerated existing trends.


None of this is new. All the crap that is hitting in 2020 has been coming for at least a hundred years.

It is our duty and our very great privilege to make sure civilization doesn’t fall on our watch.

As they say, courage is contagious. (But I still think you should lie to polls. So we can beat the margin of fraud.)

Rasmussen Reports noticed something very fishy about polling.

Sursum corda. Be not afraid.


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  1. I don’t feel sorry for the Blacks who apparently want a Race-War.

    I do feel sorry for the Blacks who don’t buy into this garbage. 😦

    1. The striking thing about Trump’s campaign is he is actively arguing against the coming DNC race war. I suspect that is part of the reason he’s been picking up minority voters as well as he has been.

    2. Half of me agrees. The other half wonders where they were in terms of teaching their children this was wrong the past 20 years.

      1. Most people assume their kids schools are like what their schools were like, and most of the parents of today’s 20 year olds didn’t experience the modern hellschool like most current 20-30 year olds did.

        1. I just caught up with a friend who retired from teaching fifth grade nine years ago when her daughter was born. Her daughter was, per her, illiterate and innumerate when the schools shut in March (third grade).

          You can imagine how well that went over and who’s been doing phonics and math fact memorization since.

          So, in her opinion, a third grader would have been able to have those skills a decade ago, and education has gone down very sharply recently here. That suggests even the current twenty-year-old doesn’t realize how bad it is.

      2. I don’t need to wonder: walk into the average Conservative or “Conservative adjacent” (such as guns) forum and suggest the possibility of a child not being in school.

        Prepare to have a third to half of the inhabitants screaming bloody murder at the idea of not going to the brainwashing center.

        1. That is changing. Illustrated by my ever-kind, loving, gracious, saint of a wife. She was not a fan of attempting to teach the kids at home (I have 3; 2nd grade twins and a 14 m.o. Fenian) and we put the kids in State Daycare for K and … well … 1/2 of 1st. And then the Plandemic. And she has flipped to saying we are not putting them back in public school. Reasons being we can teach facts, we can teach the Word of God, we can teach them to be independent thinkers (which was, in her words, being ground out of them), and they are likely going to learn better, faster, and with much, much less screentime. And we were in a good school. Rural. Teachers were solid. Principal knew everyones’ name. He even goes to the same local church as one of my good sparky friends. But now we also have no worries about the smut and claptrap that is making its way in, no matter what.

          Same with my sister in law. And, according to some things I have read, a large percentage (~40%) of parents are saying the same thing – no more public schools (I did think about saying pubic, but I’m mildly mature). If that is a solid number, and even if it is less (and it could be more) – that is a major shift. That gives me hope for my kids peers.

          1. The funky school schedules are putting a lot of folks who could “simply never homeschool” into the 100% online public classes just to have some kind of consistency.

          2. As one who has been there, a guideline: the object of education is to create a self-teaching individual. Teach them the basics: how to read, how to write (or type, although some penmanship will forever stand them in good stead) and fundamentals of mathematics. After that they should teach themselves, with you & Mom providing guidance, quizzing (aka the Socratic Method) and assistance as needed.

            You will also want to teach them that learning is a constant ongoing activity, not confined to school hours. It helps when you demonstrate this attitude in your own lives.

            Learning is the most natural childhood activity and usually requires at least eight years of school to fully quash. As we learned to say when we home schooled the Daughtorial Unit: Education is not filling a bucket, it’s lighting a fire.

      3. IMO The Blacks who don’t buy into the nonsense and teach their children right do not make the News.

        It’s the Hatemongers that make the News.

          1. I suspect that if the shooting starts many would be on “our side” and if “you” had any sense, “you” would know the ones on “our side”.

        1. Sort of how the atheists who simply don’t believe don’t get much attention. Mostly because they aren’t raving about how much they hate God and trying to break the faith of those who believe. (Well, the ones who are safe to break, at least…)

      4. Well, as a minority: I was right here.
        And make no mistake if this goes hot, I’ll be taking fire from both sides, as will my kids. Hell, half the time depending on hair, lighting etc, people identify older son and I as black.

      5. Black parents have no more ability to prevent that merely by being sane than do white fathers, who discover that their daughters have been turned into raving feminists while they were not paying attention.

        1. For over sixty years, Black parents have been struggling against the cultural current that strives to make them single parent households. Parenting alone is more than twice as hard.

      6. Everyone here probably knows this, but I can tell you from personal observation that, in general, home schooling has tremendous success. (As with everything human, there are exceptions.) I’ve seen the success for folks of pretty much every skin color, national origin, and economic status. And marital status too – the sacrifice by home schooling single mothers, the demonstrated love for their children, has made my vision get fuzzy quite a number of times.

    3. Apparently most of those on the “Black” side of the “race war” are so white that sour cream tells them they need to get out in the sun more…

      Given the polling on questions like “do you want more or less police presence in your neighborhood?” there’s definitely a sense of “white saviors” busy trying to save people from the police and capitalism who don’t want to be saved from either…

      1. Yeah, a group that makes up 13.4% of the population fighting for direct democracy implies a misunderstanding of some of the terms involved.

        1. The basic argument is that all the non-whites will be over 50%….. which causes lefty heads to explode when you ask them how that worked out in South Central LA and Compton.

          And that’s happening around the country.

      2. I stunned one black co-worker shortly after 9/11, by telling him that this wasn’t the first terrorist attack on US soil. I sited the previous attack on the World Trade Center, and then observed that the Weather Underground, the Anarchists during Woodrow (*spit*) Wilson’s Presidency, and the Molly Maguires of the 19th Century had all used terrorist attacks.

        I later bumfoozled him by saying that the Race Riots of the 1960’s and ‘70’s were hardly the first such, and asked him what a lynching was if not a riot.

        1. Then there was the Harper’s Ferry incident. I don’t know enough about the Bloody Kansas history, and expect Quantrill’s raiders can sorta-kinda qualify as under cover of war.

          A certain celebrated event in Boston probably doesn’t qualify on grounds that a) it was over water, not on soil, and b) it was not yet the US.

          1. IIRC the Boston Tea Party was peaceful in that nobody was killed.

            I can’t see it as terrorism.

    4. Indeed – this. My next-door neighbor is an aged lady of color, with a son and grandsons who have all been raised with the understanding that – you can work and get ahead. (Indeed, the opinions of her daughter-in-law about Section 8 residents would about peel the paint off walls. She and hubby moved out of a neighborhood that was wrecked by the usual run of Section 8 clients…) We’ve watched the grandsons grow up, working various jobs in food service. The oldest boy worked so hard and so long at one job that he was able to buy a new car from a local dealer. He’s still driving it – and his parents and grandmother were so proud the day that he brought that car home, and told his parents and grandmother that he had bought it on favorable terms. (There is a distant cousin – don’t know the exact relationship, complicated, don’t want to dive that deep!) who gets on – any job, he’ll work it. He maintains Miss Irene’s garden – I did him a bunch of business cards for the lawn and garden service that he wanted to start.)
      Someone at the Popyeye’s outlet where the second grandson works – spit into an order for a uniformed SAPD officer. That local outlet has been troubled for a long time – hope that it doesn’t make more difficulties for Miss Irene’s grandson. They’re all lovely, hard-working people and good neighbors.

      1. I find it telling that so many of the rioters are white Antifa types. I’d love to see a bunch of them run out of a neighborhood by angry Back residents. Probably won’t happen, though. The Fascist Left disarms any city they control, if they can.

        1. That uncomfortable feeling you get when you realize that everyone at the BLM rally with you is pasty white…

          1. Oh my gosh, there was some neo-race-evangelical guy whipping up a mob, and he ordered the group to “find a black person and hand them ten dollars” — and it was a freaking SCAVENGER hunt, there wasn’t a single “black” person at the BLM mob!

    5. What is soooo frustrating about this entire sorry thing is how few of these bastards their really are. Take Portland (please) population of the city around 600,000. Percentage black 5.8% or about 35,000. Numbers of rioters I can’t say for sure, but maybe 500? and of those, most are pasty white bitches with no home training. SO, what are we talking about as far as people wanting to foment a race war? A tiny minority of a minority. The problem is the NEWS MEDIA making them seem like they are in the thousands. Practically everyone else just wants to be left the F. alone to live their lives in peace. If I WERE KING I would use the ‘Her Wisdom’ solution: “This problem will clear up if you take that man -you, with the goatee-out and shoot him. Do it now”

      1. Yes, only a few hundred rioters in Portland. A few hundred in Chicago. A few hundred in Los Angeles…

        But the problem is way bigger than that. The mayors of Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles, D.C., etc. encourage the rioting. The “prosecutors” don’t prosecute, they dismiss charges. And the people in these cities keep electing and re-electing these folks who would destroy not just their cities but the USA if they could.

        The political equivalent of shooting the man with the goatee is to let these infested cities die. No bail outs. Some may get a clue, like New York in the 70s. Others won’t.

        1. > the people in these cities keep electing and re-electing these folks

          They’re only allowed to vote for candidates approved by the UniParty. And the polling and counting in many areas is… questionable.

          It’s that way almost everywhere in the US now, not just “Democratic strongholds.”

          1. Thank you, Sarah and TRX. I accept your corrections. I have been blessed to live in places without such levels of fraud and corruption. The fraud exists in the places I’ve lived, sometimes enough to make a difference in the outcome, but only when the election has been quite close.

            1. May you stay there, unless it’s to come praise the Lord and pass the ammunition for those of us under the boot.

          2. One reason I really want a good vote system is to know how many people actually need to be convinced. I think, surely not all of thinks socialism is good. Then I talk to a friend in and if it’s not socialism, it’s close enough because all the people around friend are saying that’s the only civil compassionate opinion acceptable to hold. Huge social pressure. And reading reddit related to events in there’s a few sane responses, lots of “are you sure that’s really what happened” and a few “the looting was worth it/justified!” I want to know how many are in the first and second groups. Useful intel, that voting is supposed to provide, but doesn’t.

        2. The mayors of Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles, D.C., etc. encourage the rioting.

          I believe the word you wanted was “enable” rather than encourage.

            1. egad I hates this pc and the chrome it uses for here
              that was a break between “AND” and “enable” and it deleted it somehow
              can’t even blame WP for that.
              or my carpy typin skillzz

              1. or my carpy typin skillzz

                You’ve my sympathy. Between my dysfunctional keyboard (the “n” won’t strike, the vowels ted to repeeeeat when they don’t skp) and my irregular typing I have even been forced to proofread my comments before posting.

                As if having these thoughts were not bad enough, having to read them is nearly enough to discourage posting comments.

          1. Meanwhile, the report on the Portland suspect is that the feds tried to arrest him — and killed him.

            Let the conspiracy theories commence! (Ponder effect on riots.)

      2. The poor bastards will think they’re winning right up until the second the switch flips from “piss off” to “kill everything”.

        Same as the Jihadis

  2. Well, it’s the way the world works, ennit?

    None of us had much say about how, where nor when we enter it, few have much say about how, where nor when we leave it. Best most of us can hope for is leaving a small part of it the better no worse for our having been here.

    It would be easier were we not surrounded by the mad, the bad, the self-destructive but them has been here since the first of us. Bless them for giving us reason to feel not so bad about our selves.

      1. That is the expectation.

        Plans to get the cats somewhere safe for the election are ready.

        Then it is just be on stand-by for blaze of glory time…and I do mean blaze. I like fire even more than Antifa.

            1. Don’t forget to save your Styrofoam(tm)! You can put a large trash bag full of foam into a small coffee can with a couple inches of gasoline at the bottom… it burns really nice. (says the guy who actually participated in a ‘flaming vacuum cleaner’ competition… and we did put out the grass fire before it got to the house, which was a good feat since the owner was too trunk to find the hose… nobody thought to take a picture of a dozen geeks doing the Fire Dance, alas)

      2. Dangerous comment to read while drinking water. Somehow, I didn’t spray the keyboard and monitor. 🙂

  3. At this point I just wish the election would get here. It is the last farce we have to do before we get down to the shooting the Left is demanding.

      1. I confess I kinda want to see the debates, but then I have long had a slight gluttony for certain kinds of punishment: extremely hot peppers, foul drink and political cage fights.

  4. Reparations for slavery have already been paid. In blood. About 160 years ago.
    Lincoln said it:
    ” Yet, if God wills that it [US Civil War] continue until all the wealth piled by the bondsman’s two hundred and fifty years of unrequited toil shall be sunk and until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword as was said three thousand years ago so still it must be said ‘the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.’ “

    1. Unfortunately this argument appears to fall on deaf ears. Possibly because it cuts off the possibility of Free Stuff. Or more accurately, Someone Else’s Stuff.

      We have an awful lot of envious people out there, and I can’t figure out if it’s because they don’t know better, or they do, and realize they can’t create things themselves, so they’ll tear down what other people have. Likely at least some of both.

      1. We have gone from a culture that teaches you to strive to do better to one that teaches you to tear down anyone doing better than you.

        I don’t know how to fix that, but each generation the fact that working harder means more beatings will teach more people to not work.

          1. You’re in the wrong part of the country, I suspect. Here, many of us hillbillies long ago realized that if anything we do or say is wrong, we’re free to do or say anything we want.

            1. Was living in the wrong part of the country, yes. Then unfortunately was living in a more sane part of the country with a less than sane person.

              And no, I couldn’t get out of it. “If you leave we’ll report you for felony elder abandonment.”

              …My biological relatives suck, and once the remaining legal mess is finally cleaned up – hopefully less than half a year – I am taking great glee in never speaking to them again.

              1. The more I learn about your life history, my friend, the more sensible that sounds.

                Jon Pertwee’s show An Evening with the Doctor is on Youtube, albeit without video. Highly recommended.

                1. I’m still here, there have been no suspicious cases of arson and/or building destruction, and everyone who’s passed died a natural death.

                  …My hometown would never believe any of those.

                  My revenge is simple: I write stuff that helps people get through the Bad Days. If enough people do things like that, then those who are in fixes as bad as mine were will find the strength to break the cycle of abuse. And the perpetrators, denied their sources of sadistic and narcissistic supply, will wither and die.

                  (As the trope goes, Good is Not Nice….)

          2. When the only escape is to leave, and that only leave is from the world it becomes obvious. It’s honestly a huge part of why suicides are doing what they are doing. It may be a sin, but it quickly becomes the logical choice for those not inclined to take others with them.

                1. I prefer the Barrayaran version:

                  Wing: ”Have you ever heard the phrase, Living well is the best revenge?”

                  Miles: “Where I come from, someone’s head in a bag is generally considered the best revenge.”

                2. Problem comes when realize there is no living well. Have income? Will get taken by men with guns and given to the politically preferred. Advance in work? Sorry,you’re the wrong color (literally advanced quotas for all areas that basically will forbid and non minority advancement). Have hobbies? Sorry, kung flu

                3. I prefer the Barrayaran version:

                  Wing: ”Have you ever heard the phrase, Living well is the best revenge?”

                  Miles: “Where I come from, someone’s head in a bag is generally considered the best revenge.”

                4. I prefer the Barrayaran version:

                  Wing: ”Have you ever heard the phrase, Living well is the best revenge?”
                  Miles: “Where I come from, someone’s head in a bag is generally considered the best revenge.”

                5. I prefer the Barrayaran version:

                  Wing: ”Have you ever heard the phrase, Living well is the best revenge?”

                  Miles: “Where I come from, someone’s head in a bag is generally considered the best revenge.”

                6. Yeah, I was pretty sure that in the current circumstances what us best is to crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation of their women. Women, of course, includes their MSM talking heads, such as Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Stephen Colbert, et al.

                7. True, but there is a certain charm to crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentations of their women.

      2. That the current proponent insisting that looting proves “without state oppression, we can have things for free” has not been laughed out of academe is simply proof of that industry’s doom.

        (see Althouse here via Insty)

        But the generalized traction of the Looting Is Free Stuff argument among people actively concealing their identities does imply they are fully aware that what they are doing is wrong.

        What gets me is looting stuff that self-locates, like anything from an Apple Store.

    2. The folks pushing reparations might consider that if we’re going to start assigning debt generationally, repayment of the blood debt from the deaths of 596,670 Union soldiers to secure the defeat of the Confederacy and freedom for all enslaved-Americans might get added to that equation.

      They might also consider the proud and united state of Yugoslavia and how they put all that transgenerational debt stuff well behind them.

      1. that bloof debt is owed to the untermench, devoid of melanin as far as the rail purists calling for reparation care. There is, while not as admitted, just as much a racial superiority component to OBLM as there was to the NSDP

    3. I’ve seen this tried on Progressives. The retort is the North was racist as well. I’m, also, seeing the idea on Black radio stations and Black forums that the slaves, themselves, were the *real* ones fighting in the civil war, and made up the majority of union soldiers. Heck, a PBS special on abolitionists actually said that by the end of the war the majority of union soldiers were black. My jaw dropped. It wouldn’t surprise me if that is being taught in schools by the reaction I get from young progressives when I try to talk about history.

        1. I’ve read accounts by people in the armed forces that a lot of people in the urban black communities really… don’t grasp what a small percent of the U.S. they are. After all, most everyone they ever see is black.

          If so, it would explain part of the idiocy. If you think you have overwhelming numbers….

            1. its like the covid death polls. Turn on TV and commercials won’t follow the typical percentages while neither will TV. I get some of it, but a couple times I watched three commercials back to back for normal stuff on a nominal sci-fi show and was nothing but minorities. Great way for gaslighting

                1. And lemme guess – the only people who have issues with mixed race marriages are white men. Not black women (who poll as having the most)

                  1. actually in midsommer, almost refreshingly, no one seems to NOTICE.
                    BUT I asked someone who was in England recently if the percentage of “people of color” (gag) was nearly that high. Nope. Not even close.
                    I don’t know what insanity possesses the arts.

                  2. Note that many people consider MY marriage mixed race, to the point of harassing my kids (every one of those was a LIBERAL female, but never mind.) and I never gave a damn about race.
                    I’d not object to the occasional interracial marriage in the proportions they occur, of the occasional minority. I mean,they exist. It’s the insanity of AT THIS POINT (last season) MOST people being obvious recent immigrants that makes me cringe. It’s not realistic, and therefore continuously calls attention to itself and away from the story.
                    Oh, and if you call a woman from Ghana Freya, IT HAS TO BE EXPLAINED IN THE STORY. Otherwise people just sit there going “But, her name…”

                    1. I confess to having not given much concern to “mixed race” marriages — or other people’s marriages much at all. I haven’t generally found it does anything to enhance my relationships and is, at best, a distraction. Were I to don the role of rando stranger accosting people in public I like to think I would opt for a bugabooo more likely to produce behavioural change. If people are disinclined to change mildly destructive behaviours, such as smoking, I doubt they’d abandon their spouses in order to win my approval.

                      Of course, I have found life greatly enhanced by learning there are two kinds of problems in this world: my problems and other people’s problems. I find it far more productive to a) learn to distinguish between the two and b) focus on the first set.

                      But that’s just me.

                    2. I also don’t give a hang.
                      HOWEVER it’s like…. everyone in your show is lefthanded. You don’t notice for a season or two, but then it starts bugging you and you go “Uh?”

        2. I wish I remembered it. This was more than a few years ago. I just remember being so shocked, I rewound it, heard it again and turned it off. However in the last few years, I’ve been hearing this more than once from black voices.

          1. Yeah, I heard from one source that there were 400,000 black recruits in the Union Army. Not correct. says that there were actually 179,000 black Union soldiers, which is a respectable number at about 10% of those who served, but they were not all in combat, and they were not all serving at the same time. There were 19,000 black men who served in the Navy. 40,000 black soldiers and sailors died in the war; but as was usual at the time, 3/4 of them died from diseases or infected wounds.

      1. I wonder how many think that Cleopatra was black and that the Greeks stole their philosophy and science from Egypt.

          1. The book _Black Athena_ has been out for two generations now, and Louis F. had been spouting his poison for almost three generations. [It blows my mind that he’s also a classical violinist and likes Paganini. *shrug* Real life doesn’t have to make sense, unlike fiction.]

        1. at least includes the author of 1619 which is the new teaching tool. Never mind those complaining that science doesn’t teach and accept witchcraft since while no objective proof there are stories from people of correct culture so has to be true.

    4. When the reparations idiocy first reared its misbegotten head, I wrote that if the Right was smart, they would counter with initiatives to get poor Black kids out of the public school cesspit, labeled as Reparations for what the Left had done to their public schools. I thought that would leave the Back Quislings arguing “You don’t want good schools for your kids, you want more handouts that never seem to make any difference”.


      I still think it’s a tactic that could gain some traction.

    1. Well, publishing polling results mysteriously stopped. I’m certain Nancy and Kamala are seeing polling results.

  5. Speaking of polls …

    August 2020: Presidential Race Tightens After Party Conventions
    Since the Emerson College July national poll, President Donald Trump has tightened the presidential race to a two-point margin, and is now trailing former Vice President Joe Biden 49% to 47%. In July, former V.P. Joe Biden held a four-point lead over President Trump –– 50% to 46%.

    Spencer Kimball, Director of Emerson College Polling explains “the Republican convention gave Trump his most positive week of news coverage which likely attributes to his bounce in this month’s poll and increasing job approval.”

    Voters planning to vote early in person are breaking for Trump 50% to 49% while those who plan to vote in person on election break for the President 57% to 37%. Voters who said they plan to vote by mail break for Biden 67% to 28%.


    Trump leads with male voters 50% to 45% and Biden leads with female voters 52% to 44%.

    Biden leads with independents 50% to 42%. Trump has an 83% to 14% lead over Biden with Republicans while Biden leads Trump 79% to 18% among Democratic voters.


    Biden leads with all minority groups, albeit by different ranges. Biden leads with Asians 76% to 11%, Blacks/African Americans 77% to 19%, and Hispanic voters break for Biden 60% to 37%. White voters break for President Trump 56% to 41%.


    For the first time since he’s taken office, Trump’s job approval rating is approaching a majority, at 49% approval and 47% disapproval. This is a jump of four points since July, where Trump had 45% approval and 51% disapproval. Trump’s approval is the highest among those aged 30-49 (55% approval), and lowest among those aged 18-29 (37% approval). His approval among those aged 65 and older has fallen almost ten percent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, from 50% approval in February to 41% approval today.

    1. Strange how so many people voted for him, yet disapproved of him once he was sworn in…

      Being this is polite blog, I will restrain from offering my opinion of pollsters and their work.

      1. Just because I thought he’d be a better president than Hillary doesn’t require I approve of him.

        I admit having been very pleasantly surprised by his performance in office, but I can understand people who get their news from the MSM not approving. Which is not to say I understand why anybody would rely on the MSM for their news.

        1. I have said before that 2016 for me was a Crawl Over Broken Glass To Vote For A Syphilitic Camel election, in that said diseased dromedary with polling place located beyond defenestration debris would be a preferable choice over The Dowager Empress of Chappaqua.

          Like the proud marsupial-American above, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised overall, but the choice was really “Other”.

          1. Like the proud marsupial-American above

            Much as I appreciate the phrasing, I am not proud; I am arrogant. There is a difference, one which I respect.

          2. Tom Kratman wasn’t running, so I voted against the greater evil once again.

            I expected nothing from Donald Trump other than “not Hillary.” I went from expecting nothing, to cautiously optimistic, to “but I’m not going to wear one of those stupid hats.” I feel like the guy who dropped a quarter in a slot machine and wound up with an IRS guy and an accountant pawing through his winnings.

            1. THIS THIS THIS THIS.
              I’ve considered a hat. I’m tan now, so I look rather hispanic (It’s black features and white features and whatever travel salesman dropped into the pool.)
              Think Hispanic Grannny with MAGA hat.
              Only Dan won’t let me because he says I’d be physically attacked. He’s not wrong.

              1. Soooo…..

                Is the concern for you, or that you would berserk and throttle the idiot attacker?

                  1. It seems likely the concern is for yourself — throttling people tends to entail tedious repercussions.

                    Besides, you could break a nail.

              2. Would you consider wearing MAGA jewelry? I have several pieces with an acrostic motif on my website at wirewoodandleather dot com. More subtle than a hat, but wearable more places. And IMAO, prettier. 😉

    2. Biden leads with Asians 76% to 11%, Blacks/African Americans 77% to 19%, and Hispanic voters break for Biden 60% to 37%.

      For context, comparing Minority support for Trump in 2016 and now:

      . . . . . . . . . 2016 . . . . 2020
      Asians. . . . 18% . . . . 11%,
      Blacks. . . . . 6% . . . . . 19%
      Hispanic . . 28% . . . . . 37%

      Sorry if the tabulation is less than neat – WPDE

      1. “Asians” is a very broad term. The biggest Trump supporter I know—as in fully behind him, not just tepidly in favor—is Vietnamese, as in he came across the ocean on a fishing boat at the age of five following the fall of South Vietnam. He is, shall we say, not particularly complimentary about Biden’s positions during the Vietnam War. (On that note, Biden was in Congress during the Vietnam War. Dang.)

        1. Given Biden’s opposition* to accepting the Boat People, I can understand the viewpoint.

          *There is no support for the allegation that Biden argued, C’mon, man – we stabbed them in the back already, there’s no cause to not leave them hung out to dry.

        2. It amuses me that they consider Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Laosian, Thai, etc as a single monolithic bloc. The same with Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, etc

          1. They do the same thing with Europeans (Hell, just in Britain alone you have the Brits, the Celts, the Welsh, the Saxons, the …) and also the American Indian tribe (ask any of them to describe any of the distinctions between the Cherokee, the Seminole, the Comanche, the Hopi or engage them in a discussion of the ways various Colonial Era tribes played the French and British as pawns in their inter-tribal warfare.)

            It’s almost as if they were the actual racists, isn’t it?

    3. I remember the articles saying that virtual conventions don’t get bounces, to defend Biden’s lack thereof, in the gap between the two.

    1. Also, who answers the phone from an unknown number these days?

      I mean, seriously.

      Talk about a skewed sample set…

      1. I answer it a lot more than most, if it’s not from my phone’s prefix (skips most of the spammers) because of kids, family and military stuff– but my response to pollsters is along the lines of “I have repeatedly asked to be added to your internal do not call list and will be filing a complaint with the FCC.”

        Only had to file two, so far.

        1. My understanding was that calls from politics related and charity groups were not removable.

          1. They’re not covered by the “Do Not Call” registry, but they are required to have do-not-call lists internally, and calling numbers where the person that is called is charged for it *is* illegal. (there is a defense via “we thought it was a land line,” but only had one person attempt that one on me)

        2. We’re getting a lot of calls with (presumably) spoofed phone numbers, supposedly from various towns in Oregon. The latest “comes from” Veneta (whereever that is), and according to the search engines, is a Google business scam. Prineville is another common “location”. I’ve seen some with our phone prefix, but with 4-digit numbers that don’t exist.

          If we don’t know the number or caller, we’ll let it go to the machine. Most scam calls don’t leave a message. (We’re also getting calls that identify as “NRA”. Uh, no.

          We haven’t picked up a phone poll since we got caller ID. OTOH, in the ’08 campaign, $SPOUSE picked up a call from the miniscule Hillary for Evil Empress operation in the county ($SPOUSE was nominally a Dem at the time). Said caller said something like “You *are* going to support Hillary in the primary election?” I think she hung up before $SPOUSE stopped laughing…

          Shortly after that, there was a party switch. I provided the cookies.

      2. If it’s a unknown number I don’t answer. If they are legitimate, they will leave a message.

  6. As usual when I read the news any more, I’m quite glad that I’m up on top of the world looking down. None the less I keep my “can of bear spray” close at hand.

  7. I suspect that we’ll see another “Russia collusion” poll failure thing this year. NOBODY wants to admit to supporting Trump right now, because they’re afraid that people will find out and they’ll lose jobs, friends, family, etc, etc, etc…

    Having said that, I think it will be a tight-ish election. Mostly because the various people that will be unable to deal with a second Trump presidency will do everything to try and ensure that Bidenstein’s Monster/Harris get elected. And, they will be so blatant that we will see everything behind the Wizard’s curtain and nobody wants to see that.

    Still…it will be fun to watch the Left completely lose their minds, the Jonathan Pie “I told you four years ago to had to PERSUADE people!” rant, and the concession speech. The “I’m moving to Canada!” tweets will be fun, as well.

    The rioting and the such? Not so much fun.

      1. I would love to enjoy the tears of the media because of this.

        But, I suspect that most of their tears will be of anger. That they will make sure to share all their fury with the rest of us.

        And, there are enough people that still believe them.

        1. I suspect that most of their tears will be of anger.

          I am confident of one thing above all in this world: no matter how great the margin of a Trump victory, they will take it not as a sign they’ve been wrong but as proof of how irredeemably wrong America is.

        1. I want to buy the biggest and best french silk pie I can on 11/3. Either way, I’ll eat it. Either in joy from the E!Democrat tears or because it might be the last time I can have a real pie for at least four years.

    1. It’s always a tightish election when the Republican is leading or too close to publicly write off. For one thing, the MSM needs a tight election the way a website needs clickbait. For another, they never want to risk depressing their base turnout.

      Both Reagan victories were tightish going into election day, even though Mondale lost in a record landslide for elections since 1950 and Carter saw the writing on the wall and conceded before California polls close.

      They will ONLY declare an election effectively over before it even occurs when there’s a hope for suppressing Republican turnout (e.g., Florida 2000, when an Oopsie! caused them to call that state before the panhandle polls closed.)

      Ignore the bastards, keeping racking up votes as log as possible. ESPECIALLY this year when the Dems will be manufacturing their votes, disqualifying our votes and shooting fat ladies to ensure they don’t sing until the Dems can claim a lead.

      1. I know it’ll always be a tight race as long as the E!Democrat media thinks that there may be some chance of the last-minute miracle.

        Even if they have to make one.

        Like I keep telling people happy about the polls-don’t get cocky, watch everyone’s hands, get at least a month’s worth of supplies ready just in case, and plan on fighting until the last poll closes like you’re the third monkey heading to Noah’s Ark-and it’s starting to rain.

      2. What would be *really* freaking useful is a wave of arrests the week prior to the election, with plenty of boxes of prefilled ballots recovered, similar to the ones found in a trunk that gave Al Franken his seat.

        The question is timing – too late and the ballots will already be in the system, too soon and the bastards could redeploy.

        1. The question is timing

          Quietly impound and sequester ballots as they arrive, setting them aside in sealed cartons until November 1st, when they are presented as evidence in an ongoing investigation.

            1. It’s the old “Round up the usual suspects” gag. Impound all such ballots and release all but the suspect ones on the day of reckoning.

  8. For years, they’ve been teaching minorities (which bizarrely includes women) that everyone is out to get them.

    *half bulb flashes*

    They accuse others of what they do => they use women and vulnerable groups => those groups are now “minorities” who must be protected.

    you become not-a-minority when you are no longer useful to them- that is, they can’t use you.

      1. They were trumpeting the impending minority status of caucasian-people-without-cervixes for quite a while with no commentary on how as a new minority under Marxian calculus, they would instantly inherit minority mojo.

        1. Has anyone proposed a human wave sci-fi author calendar? Each month to have side by side cheesecake/beefcake photos of our favorite authors. Being trans, of course you would get a month to yourself.

          1. You’d probably make more money (for charity) by offering NOT to print said cheesecake pictures. Those who have seen some of us in person would pay good money not to see us in swimwear, modern, Victorian, or otherwise! 😀

      2. Well, it’s easy, or so I’m told. They’re got resleeving technology down to a large steamer case these days, so all we need to do is get the right ‘shell for you, load you over, and we’re good to do.

        (Peanuts adult speech.)

        …right, no resleeve tech.

        …I got an odd chemical substance that needs to be assayed by ingestion. Called “whiskey,” I’m told. Want to work on the assessment?

      3. That’s some “othering” there, isn’t it!

        I mean, being yourself wasn’t other enough for them, so they , er… “changed” you. [insert facepalm with lengthy sigh here]

  9. there are people who believe elves are real

    Somehow, I know there’s about to be a zillion responses to this one….

    I think I’ll take the route of the old Irishman at a bar in Oregon, one Saint Pat’s day.
    “Do you believe in elves?”
    “Och, no.” Takes a drink. “But I know they’re there.”

      1. you want to know
        whether i believe in ghosts
        of course i do not believe in them
        if you had known
        as many of them as i have
        you would not
        believe in them either
        ― Don Marquis,

      2. I find the question of whether I believe in elves of lesser importance than the question of whether elves believe in me.

        1. Th unicorns had seemed to have given up on worrying about others believe in them.
          And now they are merchandised all over the place.
          I suspect there is a lesson there, but I do not know what it really is.

          1. There’s a pun here about minotaurs losing your a-maze-ing security gigs if people stop believing in you, but I’m having a hard time making it work.

        2. Put not your faith in wallabies, in mortal marsupials, who cannot take a conversation seriously to save their lives.

          – Psalm 146:3, Elvish Translation

    1. I was tempted, but today is a busy day, of not very great level of functioning. 🙂

    2. Or Carrot’s answer about Dwarves and demons.

      (Paraphrasing) “We don’t believe in demons. But we’re not sure if they know that.”

      1. There’s a few Protestant groups that would apply to too. My understanding is that unbelief in demons is a little harder to maintain when one goes to certain other countries where the locals strongly believe in such. But that’s hearsay. I can’t claim firsthand knowledge.

    3. Which type of elf are we talking here? Some of them definitely shouldn’t be encouraged by believing in them but I like Tolkien’s elves.

      1. The Irish gentleman was talking about the Good Neighbors, probably as filtered through 1960s pop culture. Mine’s more Tolkien-esq, though not quite.

        Probably a general “yes” fits well enough, he doesn’t give a fig if you believe in him or not. 😉

        1. You can have the Álfar – I’ll stay with Them even though They aren’t as predictable… And no, the Álfar and Them are not the same…

      2. I don’t believe in the Pharisees (to use another euphemism for Good Folk) per se, but I wouldn’t doubt that there are things that greatly resemble them, or that choose to resemble them. I’ve had a few too many brushes with the uncanny to dismiss that sort of belief. Demons? They might not be what popular belief holds, but there’s something demonic that exists.

  10. I am concerned about the percentage of mail-in votes predicted for Biden. It reminds ne of Orange County CA, where Rs had won on election night, but the harvested votes kept coming in until the Ds swept the elections.
    Add that to my expected Antifa BLM action at polling places, and we could have a triggering event.
    Thanks all, for being a place of sanity.

    1. Q: Why does Nancy Pelosi go to a salon to get her hair washed & blown dry?

      A: Because if she tried to do it herself water would get on her skin and she’d disintegrate.

  11. Every so often I’ll entertain a silly idea for fun. One of them is that the world is solipsist and that certain creative types and authors unconsciously influence the script for reality. They have to not realize they’re doing it. We had the sci-fi wave in the 30, 40, 50s, then we landed on the moon in the late 60s. Jules Verne’s nautilus cruised under the arctic ice-cap after the invention of fission.

    Right now we’re living in one of Kurt Schlichter’s novels. :/

      1. Erm… No. I mean, Conan is a fine figure of a man, and not bad for conversation in his lighter moments. But his world is not terribly pleasant, and one tends to become the hewed instead of the hewer. Kull’s world has the same problem.

        That said, he’d be great moral support at times. Especially around people who need hewing.

  12. “Real, reputable teachers have evoked the specter of ‘white privilege’ and ‘white supremacy’ ”

    I would put “reputable” in scare quotes.

    1. No, they are certainly reputable, although I suspect their understanding of that adjective and mine own are not entirely congruent.

      The scare quotes ought go around the “teachers” part. They are instructors, at best, sliding into presenters, as in “Ted Baxter was a fine news presenter.”.

  13. For years, they’ve been teaching minorities (which bizarrely includes women) that everyone is out to get them. For years they’ve been telling everyone that white males are just inherently evil. In schools.

    I read a piece over on Taki Mag the other day. Here:

    Don’t worry about the author’s solutes, just go with his temperature reading of the solution. Because it reminded me of the years I was digging into Islam, Palestine, and Israel. It is impossible to overestimate the hate-filled brainwashing & cradle-to-grave propaganda that Palestinians in particular, and the Muslim world (and the useful Western idiots that the Saudi’s corrupt*) get toward the Israelis in general and Israeli Jews in particular.

    That is us and black** people. USAians in general and People Experiencing Whiteness (See**) in particular.

    I wish I had something more useful to add. Have the Israelis made any progress in dealing with this garbage? I used to subscribe to Human Right’s Watch… They seemed to be helpful.

    But I don’t know. It only takes one to hate.

    *They have a tiger by the tail. Why should they give a rat’s hairy hindquarters about us?

    **I am still struggling with how all of you out there define “black”. Most of the so-called black people and black activists (Kamala Harris and that Colin football guy) look like white people to me. I see color; color is awesome, and all y’all are nuts.

    1. “Have the Israelis made any progress in dealing with this garbage?” Yes, they actually have. They let the “Palestinian leadership” stew and work around them. The Israel/UAE/Trump peace deal is a big deal. And probably the pattern for more to come. And many “Palestinian” individuals cross the border and happily work in Israel or live and work in Israel and have Israeli citizenship – and prefer that to living under “Palestinian” rule.

      “I am still struggling with how all of you out there define ‘black’.” It helps a bit to separate the social category of black (appears black to most people, is taken to be black), the cultural category of black (participates in, is accepted as a member of American black culture or one of several subcultures), and the political category of black (is treated as a member of a homogeneous Democrat voter group whose defining characteristic is a black identity).

      1. Israel has been helped by not having a US administration/State Dept. interfering in ways too many and too vile to list.

        1. State is schizo. A Cousin works for it, looking into returning stolen riches to the Jewish people, and much ends up going to the Israeli Gov’t for disbursement. State tends to ruin the good ones who go into it, and the horrid ones (looking at you H.R.C and J.effin.K.) seem to make the place even more useless, and it accumulates over time to the sh*tshow it is now.

      2. Good for the Israelis. How do we learn from that?

        Black = what you look like AND/OR whether other black people (as social/tribal group) accepts you as one of them AND/OR the Establishment finds it useful to them for you to be “black”.

        Huh. That’s something to think about. Seems to save all the appearances.

    2. Define “you”. For me “black” in America is one of those things like two penguins knowing which one is female.
      I think you have to be born here to SEE it. I don’t.

      1. How so? Sorry, vague question. What is it about being black that you don’t comprehend and/or recognise?

        1. I think she means the folks where they do their speech during Black Pride Month and most people are blinking and going “wait, she’s black?”

          There’s at least one gal where she’s got a Spanish last name, looks vaguely Mediterranean, but “identifies” as black.

        1. Born here? You’re native. Where else would you be native?
          GRRRRR. Third generation is only a thing if you are in an isolated community of your parents’ culture. otherwise it’s magic dirt plus number.
          It’s idiocy. these people have the minds of toddlers.

          1. Nowhere, of course. That’s why it is such a rough road for nisei. “One foot on sea and one on shore.” But that’s pure speculation.

            I grew up isolated from the wider culture. Two years there and two years there, and on to another place. I used to think that was a good thing, since from a public school-kid’s-eye view, it sucked hard vacuum. Now I’m not so sure: TANSTAAFL.

          2. It’s flavor text, for the video game minded. (Maybe a custom design, too.)

            Doesn’t effect the stats or use, but it makes things more interesting.

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