The Future Must Belong to Those Who Question – a blast from the past from September 25, 2014


*Re-reading this I am both struck by how we’re getting the same thing with Covid-19 and masks as we did with climate six years ago, and also by how the message in this is more urgent than ever. – SAH 2020*

The Future Must Belong to Those Who Question – a blast from the past from September 25, 2014

And even those who mock, joke and deride, particularly those who do so to an almost-universally held faith in their region/time/place.   People must be free to hold dissenting opinions without risking death.

Why do I say that?

There was that climate march in NYC and people tried, by means of slogans and shouting to insist that we must all change the way we live; that we must go back to a way of life that would necessitate the demise of 80% of human population, in order to… stop the planet warming up.

This despite the fact that we have no idea how much the planet is really warming up or why (corrupt data, corrupt data-keeping, corrupt… everything – the result of science done to government specifications.), the fact that most of the world couldn’t care less what these marchers do and say and that the ecological disaster that is China will offset any sacrifices we attempt to make, and the fact that the celebrity marchers all produce enough carbon in a month to offset any reductions I could make in my lifestyle over a lifetime, even if I went to the loony point of living as we did in the village where I grew up: a lightbulb per room and early hours to bed; no labor saving devices; a radio as the only electrical form of entertainment, etc.

Let’s leave that aside for a moment though, and concentrate on the truly appalling spectacle of Robert Kennedy Jr. demanding that those who don’t agree with him about what is causing the climate problems (?) be put in jail or killed.

The United States government, Kennedy lamented in an interview with Climate Depot, is not permitted by law to “punish” or to imprison those who disagree with him — and this, he proposed, is a problem of existential proportions. Were he to have his way, Kennedy admitted, he would cheer the prosecution of a host of “treasonous” figures — among them a number of unspecified “politicians”; those bêtes noires of the global Left, Kansas’s own Koch Brothers; “the oil industry and the Republican echo chamber”; and, for good measure, anybody else whose estimation of the threat posed by fossil fuels has provoked them into “selling out the public trust.” Those who contend that global warming “does not exist,” Kennedy claimed, are guilty of “a criminal offense — and they ought to be serving time for it.”

Let’s suppose that everything Mr. Kennedy thinks about the climate is true. Why would he want to silence anyone who disagrees with him?

If everything he says is true, surely he has proof. More importantly, surely he has ways to explain/get around the fact that without modern technology 80% of the people in the world would die, due to problems of transportation and growing enough food in enough places. Surely he has ways to convince China. I mean, if his science is that iron clad, they wouldn’t want to die any more than we do? Surely he has ways to convince all the rest of the world, which has nothing to do with the (Libertarian, and for all I know AGW supporting,) Koch brothers or the Republicans.

Unless he thinks the rest of the world hangs suspended from those peoples’ lips? And even a trust-fund-baby celebrity can’t be that stupid.

In other words, if he’s really concerned about AGW, he should be talking to the rest of the world, particularly the emerging nations, not just the US public. To pretend otherwise is a cop out, and a dishonest one.

Instead, the power he wants is the power to kill or imprison – to silence – anyone he disagrees with.

Note that people like me, who think that proponents of AGW demonstrate they don’t believe in it with their lives, don’t wish to stop them talking. On the contrary. The more they parade and berate, and show their allegiance to communist causes, the less credible they are. We want them to keep talking.

This extends all across the pet causes of the left. Feminism? Oh, please, do keep talking about how you want to kill all but 10% of males.

The lack of women and minorities in science fiction? Do keep talking. We have books going back to the fricking fifties that give you the lie and you just expose your crass ignorance.

The War on Women, in the group with the most pampered, indulged women in the world? Please, even some of the kids no longer buy it.

White privilege, which is screamed in the faces of Hispanic and even Black males who disagree with the narrative? Please, oh, insane mind, speak thyself.

However, from their side all we hear is that they want us to shut up and (in sff where they’re soft) “hurry up and die.”  Or in the rest of the world “be killed.”

Whence this recoil from opposing opinions, this desire to shut us up?

I have joked in the past that militant Islam with its demands that anyone who says anything about the prophet should be killed betrays a fundamental insecurity. Those of us who truly believe G-d exists don’t believe He needs US to defend His honor.

We figure if He’s really upset, He’ll take care of it in his own good time.

But this effect of having to defend something so much bigger than you that if you’re sure it exists, surely it doesn’t need YOUR efforts to defend it, seems to be an effect of theocracies, where people of not very strong beliefs are afraid of hearing opinions/ideas that contradict what they must believe in to remain in the fold and in the good with the society around them.

Hence, medieval Christianity and most of Islam today.

Hence, the left.

The progressive project that, in various forms, consumed most of the twentieth century, ran out of ideological justification with the fall of the Soviet Union and the transformation of China into… something more approaching Nazi Germany than the Communist Project.

This has taken the certainty from under the followers of the left. The smarter ones, surely, know their ideology is rubbish and there isn’t a working example of a top-down socialist/communist society in the world that is self-sustaining, let alone competes with the US in innovation and creation at any level.

Even the not so smart ones have to have an inkling. They can no longer point to the USSR and tell us if only we knew its wonders we’d convert.

Their leaders are old, their ideas are depleted. They, in the parlance of my kids generation “got nothing.”

So instead of real belief they have the desperate clutching at the appearance of belief and conformity, the appearance of being right.

They’ve done so much for the cause, most of these celebrities and ideologues, that to backtrack now would be unthinkable. They’d have to face themselves in the morning and realize that they supported causes and movements that killed a hundred million people worldwide and held far more in abject squalor.

They can’t do that. Courage was never their strong suit, otherwise they wouldn’t have gone along with the crowd after the fall of the USSR.

So they just want us to “shut up already” and “die” so that in their totalitarian version of reality no little voice shall mar their self image.

They are like MacBeth, trying to silence his conscience. They are in fact

“in blood

Stepped in so far that, should I wade no more,

Returning were as tedious as go o’er.

Strange things I have in head, that will to hand,

Which must be acted ere they may be scanned.”

And our only hope is to keep speaking, to keep making them scan their strange things in head before they come to hand.

Because the other way is unthinkable.

Obama once said (after arresting a film maker for making a movie about Islam, which did not after all spark the murder of our ambassador) that the future must not belong to those who insult Islam.

On the contrary, Mr. President. Insofar as “insult” is questioning and pointing out contradictions and, yes, even joking, the future MUST belong to those who insult Islam, to those who insult Christianity, to those rare souls that bother insulting Hinduism and the other more exotic beliefs, and even to those who insult the Marxist religion of the left yay and verily, even its Global Warming branch.

That is because any belief, religious, scientific, economic, ANY BELIEF that would claim the allegiance of the whole of humanity must be tested and tested and tested. It must be able to withstand jokes and knocks and above all argument.

Remember at one time Aztec human sacrifice and Nazism commanded a large group of believers. This didn’t make them right.

It’s only hypocrites and cowards who demand the silence of others, afraid their own weakness be exposed and they’ll be forced to look at themselves in a true mirror and recoil in fear and error at what they see there.

128 thoughts on “The Future Must Belong to Those Who Question – a blast from the past from September 25, 2014

    1. John Wilkes Booth had a point. While I agree with, and whole-heartedly support the end result, Lincoln DID violate the 1st Amendment of the Constitution suppressing (closing) opposition news papers that didn’t support the Union. And he did violate the 4th and 5th Amendments by depriving slave owners of their property without compensation or due process. (By the way, the Emancipation proclamation did not free slaves in the north. That required the 13th Amendment.) Lincoln’s writings indicate that these questions weighed heavily upon him. That the means necessary to achieve those ends bothered him greatly. Perhaps a better question would be, “How long would Abraham Lincoln have lived if he hadn’t been murdered by JWB?”

      1. The 13th Amendment didn’t free any slaves. It just reserved the making of new slaves to the government.

        Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

        Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.[1]

        Note that “duly convicted” isn’t limited to the Fed; it could just as well be some traffic or family court magistrate.

        1. Correction: Lincoln’s Executive Order had already freed the slaves in the southern states, but only *most* Union states had outlawed the practice in their own jurisdictions. When the Thirteenth Amendment was passed, slavery was still legal in Delaware, Kentucky, and New Jersey. [I had ass-umed the Union states had all given it up prior to the Late Unpleasantness] “Sorry about that, Chief.”

          A lot of the opposition to the Thirteenth Amendment was from states that had already outlawed slavery within their borders, who objected to the Thirteenth’s forcing them to recognize the condition of slavery as long as the slaves were “duly convicted” by some random polity.

      2. Lincoln did not violate the 4th and 5th Amendments; property of subjects in revolt has always been liable to forfeiture of title. This was true throughout history, was true in the era of our nation’s Founding, and is true today.

        The act of insurrection precludes operation of Due Process; it is a longstanding principle of law that one cannot challenge the legality of acts once one has acted to prevent legal process. You cannot disrupt the court then plea failure to receive a fair trial.

        1. “You cannot disrupt the court then plea failure to receive a fair trial.“

          The Radical Left does it all the time. The Cult of Mumia is largely BASED on the idea that his trial, which he did his level best to disrupt, was unfair because he was not allowed to continue .

          And when the hammer falls on the rioters, my God, the wringing of hands will be epic.


          1. The same thing happened in the trial of the Chicago 7. Beloved Spouse & I chanced upon a televised reenactment, based on the trial transcripts, and it was clear they were trying for a mistrial … and had a compliant judge (in Chicago, of all places! hard to imagine, eh? Almost as unlikely as rioters provoking an excessive police response in that city!)

            But the legal principle is of standing well preceding our founding and failure to uphold it is a sign of a suicidal society.

            1. The trial got steady news coverage in the Chicago papers, and it was pretty clear it was a circus. I recall it had originally been the Chicago 8 trial, but one of the defendants (going from memory here, so I might not have it fully correct) was so over-the-top disruptive, he was removed from the trial.

              Dad was taking the Chicago Daily News at the time because the local delivery of the Tribune sucked big time. So, we got the more liberal point of view (yes, the Chi Trib used to be deeply conservative). Even to my youthful eyes, the defendants were trying to be obnoxious as possible, aided by equally obnoxious lawyers.

        2. Actually, he did. It was a blanket declaration for all slaves in the states that were in rebellion. Beyond exempting a number of border states and various counties and parishes, it was not an individualized declaration. Which means that the innocent were condemned merely for being in those states. There were slave owners in the the south who did not support secession. Of course they did have to pretty much shut up and keep their heads down or the rest would turn on them. And the ones who didn’t fast enough made some abject examples. Yeah, it IS nitpicking. But even Lincoln was supposedly unsure of its legality.

          If you want a parallel in today’s world, consider an ordinary Democrat gun owner. Biden-Harris get elected, Mr. Ordinary Democrat gun owner is going to get his stuff confiscated without due process of either the 2nd, 4th, or 5th Amendments. Of course the rest of us are likely going to be in open rebellion by that time.

          1. you’re dismissing the “Open Rebellion” portion there. Get all lawyerly and the “Fine” for their breaking the law was determined to be the slaves they held. Collecting the fine took some work. The suspending of the 1st gig fits though.

  1. Lately I’ve been getting the queasy feeling that maybe they KNOW they can’t win. Maybe what they are courting is a beat down so epic that they can tell themselves “Romance of the Lost Cause” tales for the rest of their miserable lives. That would be….bad.

    Among other things, I really don’t want to be listening to “The Left Shall Rise Again” drivel for my remaining days.


          1. Exactly right, and it applies to families too. My wife loves the book Anna Karenina for its accurate portrayal of how people think and act, including people in the midst of making life-destroying mistakes, and how it contrasts Anna’s self-destruction with her sister’s happy marriage. But she strongly objects to the first line, “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way,” and I agree. It’s the other way around. Her family (happy, parents still married after decades) is nothing like my family (happy, parents still married after decades) in any of our respective family traditions and customs except for the most superficially obvious (both families like to get together at Christmastime, share pictures of the grandchildren, and so on). But unhappy families, while there may be superficial differences between them, tend to have a fundamental sameness to them, as broken people fail to connect healthily to each other in all-too-predictable ways.

            1. I was riffing on that line.

              As for the novel, all I can say is by the time it came to it, I was ready to throw Anna under the train, holding her there if necessary, to put her out of my misery.

          2. Kind of like all totalitarian regimes look pretty much the same, no matter what they pretend to be.

              1. It is the Creator who creates and whom we mimic when we subcreate. The thief, He tells us, “comes naught but to steal, to kill, and to destroy,” so is it any wonder that those adoring theft cannot create?

        1. I’ve known some lefties who were fairly happy. At least they were Left in their politics, to the extent they had any. They were mostly Heads. Not quite as parasitical as The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, but similar. Several ran the Comic shop I hung out in and (sort-of) worked for during my high school years.

          And I’ve known some since. For the most part even the addicts have better sense than to take part in riots, and they would likely be asked to leave any College Campus.

      1. Jaime Glazov quoted some of the writings of the US leftists who went to Mao’s China, and how they reveled in the prospect of extinction for the Great Cause. At the time I read it, I thought they were nuts. That part hasn’t changed, but the words and emotion have grown more chilling.

        1. I’ve lived with people who are nuts. I know it’s hard for a lot of people to grasp who haven’t run headlong into the mess, but there really are those out there who would destroy themselves – physically, financially, and morally – just to make sure everyone else was more miserable than they are.

          1. There’s a thing my mother used to call Irish greed (though I’m sure it’s not unique to us). They didn’t want what you had, they didn’t want you to have it. It’s very destructive.

            1. *Nod* I’ve read people who say that’s one of the chief differences between Americans and the rest of the world – though they also used an Irish guy as an example.
              Scenario: Rich guy in a mansion on a hill.
              Irish: “One day I’ll punch that bastard right in the nose.”
              American: “One day I’ll have a mansion just like that.

              1. Enterprising American: “One day I’ll have a mansion just like that for my summer cabin.”

                1. Lazy American: “If I had that, I’d have to clean it. I’ll still with my nice little ranch house and have time to watch the XFL.”

              2. I’m used to the Russian version.

                Olaf has two cows while Ivan only has one. One day, Ivan is plowing and finds a lamp. Rubbing it, a genie pops out.

                “I’ll give you any wish you desire.”
                “My neighbor Olaf has two cows and I only have one. I want you to destroy all the cows.”
                “Wouldn’t you rather I grant you two cows so you have more than him.”
                “No, because they he could just find a way to buy two more and be ahead again. If no one has cows he can never be better than me.”

              3. My working theory is that the Irish/other foreigner sees the guy with a mansion on a hill as “his better” and resents it. An American sees the guy as merely having more money – a different tribe, most likely, but not a “better.”

                And the Left loves the idea of being superior so much that they’d prefer being hated for being better over merely being seen as different.

          2. I know precisely what you mean. Further I say not upon this blog so as not to bore all y’all to tears.

        2. Transcendental causes tend to demand self-sacrifice — that is the price of self-transcendence. One Jewish woman, looking back on her longing to join the League of German Girls, thought the appeal of self-sacrifice was its greatest attraction.

      2. No. They aten’t self aware enough to be suicidal. They think that they can carry on indefinitely without consequence. The shame of Kent State is how few of the idiots got shot, and how quickly the Narrative that the ‘protesters’ hadn’t done anything to justify the use of lethal force got accepted.

          1. Don’t wind up husband and let him go on the kent state riots.
            The less political (soft left till 2008) half of this marriage will go ape sh*t. You see, he had clinical depression and lost his scholarship to Case Western Reserve and because at the time a 4k debt per year (snort) was unimaginable, he did his last two years at Kent.
            WHich was 20 minutes from his parents’ place.
            He says the rioters had it coming.
            HOWEVER it took marrying me for me to go “Damn it. Communist organized. Even to the pregnant woman getting shot. I recognize the choreography.

        1. Ran into a Right Twitter account who “didn’t understand why we were so shy of Kent State”. I pointed out that he should try and imagine the reaction if people standing near the students, or the “students” themselves, had had the capability to record and broadcast in real time the sounds and images of bullets hitting them. Now they do.

          He didn’t get it.

    1. cspschofield said:
      Among other things, I really don’t want to be listening to “The Left Shall Rise Again” drivel for my remaining days.

      Oh no lousy covers of bad Weavers and Pete Seeger songs and bad imitations thereof from now until the end of eternity. Great Author what have we done to deserve such a fate, bring on the Tribulations and End times PLEASE.

          1. Actually, they do. They put up one (without permission) in London, in place of one they tore down. It was actually representational, which surprised me. It makes me hope that the ‘no Art that actually looks like anything’ idiocy might be passing…

            1. Lenin put down non-representational art with a firm hand. Yes, there are artists with the delusion that “revolutionary art” will get its respect with the Revolution, but in reality, the Revolution needs art that will actually work for it.

              And some Socialist Realism sculpture is quite good.

              1. The purpose of Art in the Socialist State, as is true of all else in the Socialist State, is exaltation and glorification of the Socialist State and advancement of its aims. If the plebes can’t understand its meaning the Art isn’t serving its purpose and must be destroyed as decadent (or, perhaps, hidden away in the private quarters of the leaders of that state in order that it not taint the masses.)

                Or even sold, quietly, in the West where its decadence can only hasten their downfall … and the proceeds carefully held in private accounts whence the leaders can pluck it in time of need.

                1. Many years ago, when Pueblo Army Depot was still up and running, I was TDY there and got a tour of the warehouse where the Army was storing a lot of Nazi artwork. Most of the canvasses were HUGE, of course, and the art was both realistic and triumphalist. My guide pointed out that if you looked carefully, however, you could often find scenes tucked into corners that were not totally respectful to the ideals of the Reich and the Fuerher. (Grin).

            1. As our hostess points out, once the revolution comes, sex other than heterosexual rapidly gets punished by the state. Homosexuality is a political crime against the State by denying it the fruits (children) of your labor (sex).

        1. I made it a full two minutes into the DNC exit music, with Steven Stills and *that guy* doing “For What It’s Worth” as some great anti-Trump protest video. What the actual F***? I need some brain bleach and would like those two minutes back, please.

          1. My (well, my transcribed(?)) alternate lyrics to FWIW starts

            There’s something happening here.
            What it is ain’t exactly clear.
            There’s a man with a cross over there.
            He’s got a crown of thorns in His hair . . .

            Our worship leader doesn’t like it because secular melody.

            1. Your worship leader could take lessons from the pastor I know who filked “D’ye Ken John Peel” into an Easter song. (“The laughter of God shall awaken the dead!”)

            2. Oh heck, “Let All Things Now Living” uses a secular tune, so does “I heard the voice of Jesus say,” (Star of the County Down), and “What Wondrous Love is This” is to a pirate ballad! As William Booth said, “Why should the Devil have all the good tunes?”

              1. I’m sure a bunch of us have also sung, once at least, John Newton’s words to The Animals’ music: Amazing Grace really does scan perfectly to House of the Rising Sun (and yes, I know that predates The Animals). I even scratched up a lyric myself to O ro se do bheatha bhaile reframing it about the Second Coming. (But who knows that tune? And I can’t sing!)

                There has always been, and always will be, more lyrics than melodies. Why not sing hymns on familiar tunes?

        2. Oh heavens please no. And especially don’t have Yoko sing along. That’s practically Room 101 from 1984. Let a bunch of big spiders loose to and I’ll give you anything.

    2. I’m thinking more they know they’ve lost, so they’re trying to burn everything down because they can’t have it.

  2. The future must belong to those who question?

    Are you sure about that? How can we tell? What if we’re wrong? What if the future isn’t what we want, what if it turns out poorly? Is the future returnable?

    I can ask more.

    1. [sigh]

      Wallabies. Mother Nature’s way of saying “check it out, humans, I can be a smartass too!”

  3. Because the other way is unthinkable.
    What a difference six years makes. Now it is all too thinkable, even on this blog, that we are just around the corner from the boogaloo.

  4. “the transformation of China into… something more approaching Nazi Germany than the Communist Project.“

    In the first place, for anyone paying attention there were always strong points of similarity between them Communist Project’ and Nazi Germany. Stripped of verbal legerdemain, the stated goals were depressingly close; the Nazis obsessed over Race, the Communists over Class…and in both cases it boiled down to ‘get the Jews’. And who.e the depravity and horror of Nazi Germany may have been more front-and-center, anyone after about 1955 who wasn’t aware that Communism was at least as atrocity-prone was willfully ignorant.

    Yes, a lot of the West was willfully ignorant. Screw ‘em.

    In the second place, Chinese governments treatment of the Chinese people has been a horror show, with brief intermissions of ‘we’re just as civilized as you westerners’ farce for several thousand years.

    What has happened is that the Fascist Left AND the Western Political Class Have lost the ability to control what people learn. And, as any would-be ruling Class can tell you, if the Peasants learn too much they get unruly.

    1. Nazi’s and Communists. Both socialists. Both failures in the long term. Perhaps that’s why socialism appeals so well to so many young Americans. With their 10 minute attention spans, they’re no longer capable of looking at the long term of anything.

      1. Socialism;Communism appeals to the Leftist vermin because it promises a world run by bureaucrats, and they can aspire to being a cog in that repulsive machine.

  5. I’m old enough to remember when every good leftist had a “Question Authority” bumper stick.

    Haven’t seen one in a while and now leftists have the opposite battle cry.

    It’s their one admission they are the Man now.

    1. So if they’re ‘Stickin’ it to The Man’…

      They should do that privately in their mothers’ basements and leave the rest of us out of it.

      1. Brain bleach, stat.

        As I have said to the “Welcome home Mom and Dad” meme with the picture of of Joe and Kamala, Harris looks much more like the Daddy type than Joe.

    2. I had (and may still have, somewhere) a Question Authority button. After all, if the authority is any good, how else will you access his expertise?

  6. Let’s leave that aside for a moment though, and concentrate on the truly appalling spectacle of Robert Kennedy Jr. demanding that those who don’t agree with him about what is causing the climate problems (?) be put in jail or killed.

    Now we all need to take obedience pills so we’ll wear masks. -.-

    There’s a reason that when I can’t remember Mr. Smith’s full name I ask my husband about “you know, that one ethicist who ISN’T all about explaining why the obvious moral principles don’t apply to what he wants.” (Wesley J. Smith, Human Exceptionalism guy)

    1. To paraphrase Ayn Rand: “They choose death, and the only deaths they have a right to choose are their own.”

    2. Maine now requires restaurant front house workers who use face shields to wear them upside down, attached to the collar, like a cone of shame:

      “front-of-house staff in restaurants who choose to wear face shields must now wear them upside down so that they are attached at the collar instead of the forehead, so that their breath is directed up, not down.”

      This isn’t about any disease except addiction to power, specifically the power to make others humiliate themselves at your whim.

      1. One of the states that has had a mask order since, I think, April– I was driving when it came on the radio, so not 100% attention– has decided that the fact that it is not working must be because there are too many people who claim the medical exemption, and so the Lt. Governor wrote an executive order (yes, very ????) requiring a doctor’s note to not wear a mask.

        It’s like the folks who point to the mask mandates during the Spanish Flu and repeat the excuses from then, when it not working was blamed on people not being smart enough to do what they were told… which went over so well with the nurses, who had a 70% infection rate, WITH the masks, and very obviously WITH lots of knowledge and motivation to use them “correctly.”

        1. It’s not supposed to.

          Humiliation play is all about making them do humiliating things at your whim with no logic.

          Between consenting adults wired a certain way it can be fun, but for people with political power to do it is the kind of sadism that has an entry not only in the DSM, but in the circles of Hell.

        2. As the risks get lower and lower the burden gets higher and higher. Much of it is inertia as the different health departments play follow my leader but I’m convinced that most of it is an attempt to hide the fact that this thing was never all that dangerous to the general population and that what danger there was was exacerbated by a series of stupid decisions by politicians and a corrupt public hospital system. Oh, and power they like the power.

          As for logic. nah, it’s all magic to them and psychopaths gonna psychopath.

      2. I did a full day’s shopping with the face shield yesterday. a) It’s nice not to have to handwash the cloth mask, b) it’s as obnoxious as a mask, but in a different way (instead of breathing issues, visual acuity sucks), c) with clever placement of the mask and the right head tilt, you can get ram air from the ambient instead of the stale recirculated stuff in the mask. Yeah, I still get the hot, stuffy air from the shield. Tphttt!

        On an other note: who in hell declared that black face masks are the height of COVID-theater fashion? I find myself having to suppress an urge to draw when I encounter such people in real life. Maybe a good idea that I’m not open carrying right now…

        1. My wiife yelled at me In a shop for holding a tissue in front of one of those masks, blowing not all that hard through it and watching the tissue flutter in the breeze. (It was my mask, I’m not that disdainful.)

          To be fair to the wife, she’s usually laughing when she yelling or I wouldn’t do most of the things that I do.

                1. *grins* Is all good, realized after I’d posted that I hadn’t been very clear, but Disaster Was Happening so it got dropped.

                  (Was fine. No blood! That is an improvement!)

        2. They have only a limited chance to play ninja in public and they are NOT going to fritter it away.

      3. I wear the Steampunk Plague Doctor mask, and explain that it’s all just Political Plague Theater anyway. So far, I mostly get laughs. I think the Karens are keeping their distance, which would be an added bonus.

        1. I’ve been wearing my Taliban Tablecloth. It’s easier to breathe through than the mask, but it’s freakin’ hot. Afghanistan got nothin’ on Arkansas for hot.

          I had to to to the hardware store this morning and had a steaming mad on by the time I got out of there. I pretty much don’t care who runs against Governor Huckabee in the next primary, or that he had a pretty good record before his EO and $500 fine crap. The GOP is going to have to dig pretty deep to find someone I will object to more than the Current Incumbent.

          1. I’d wear a full-on raven-looking Plague Doctor mask half the time if I had one–and could get away with it in uniform. As I must be In Uniform most days, and Wear A Mask for half the buildings I enter, I have a couple of those that I alternate days on (and wash on the special-delicate cycle, by themselves, once a week or so). I’ve thought about wearing them in head-wrap “Bedouin” fashion, but that might fly like a lead balloon in some offices, and is more of a nuisance to tie than a plain Jesse-James bandana tie is, so I keep it simple.

            It’s not as hot as the Old South here, but it’s muggy enough. And yes, Easier-To-Breathe-Through, and A-Little-Over-The-Top, because It-Doesn’t-Help-Much-But-I’m-Required-To-Anyway, are exactly why I wear them thus in the first place.

  7. Wisdom speaking
    Pro 8:36 MLV But he who sins against me wrongs his own soul. All those who hate me love death.

    In the end, they embrace envy, destruction, murder, and suicide.

  8. “It’s only hypocrites and cowards who demand the silence of others, afraid their own weakness be exposed and they’ll be forced to look at themselves in a true mirror and recoil in fear and error at what they see there.”

    Then there are those soulless ones who know they’ve lost the intellectual battle (or never even considered truth to be relevant) and are just in it for the power.

  9. K, I ran into this trying to explain to someone who didn’t know what “metal” was, besides people screaming, and it has been stuck in my head for the last week.

    Stormclouds, fire and steel
    Death from above make their enemy kneel
    Shining armour and wings
    Death from above, it’s an army of kings

    1. > metal

      “Everything louder than everything else.”

      Metal is mostly a mixing/post-production thing as far as I’m concerned. By the time the console guys are done with it, it all sounds the same to me, more or less like a garbage truck backing into an alley full of metal cans while a chorus of walruses applaud.

      “Metalizing” rock music used to be a thing, there are several metal covers of “Stairway to Heaven”…

      “There’s a sign on the wall
      but she wants to be sure
      ’cause you know sometimes words have two meanings…”

      1. “Everything louder than everything else.”

        No, that’s a Meat Loaf song. 😀

        You’re just listening to the wrong metal. Check out:

        Flaming Telepaths, Les Invisibles — Blue Oyster Cult
        Another Rainy Night, Speak, Breaking The Silence — Queensryche
        Gutter Ballet, Edge Of Thorns — Savatage
        Modern Day Cowboy — Tesla
        In My Dreams, Cry Of The Gypsy — Dokken

        1. Blue Oyster Cult is metal? Since when?

          “All praise, he’s found the awful truth.
          Balthazar; he’s found the Saucer News!”

          I don’t think my ears have ever recovered from the night I worked security at an Iron Maiden gig in ’83. Nobody warned me to bring ear plugs. And if you think they’re loud out front, you could get a concussion backstage…

          1. Oh, I’d say since 1972. Tell me ‘Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll’ ain’t metal.

            My heart is black
            And my lips are cold
            Cities on flame with rock and roll
            Three thousand guitars
            They seem to cry
            My ears will melt
            And then my eyes

            Or ‘Godzilla’ from 1977.

            BOC is not ALL metal, but they’ve definitely done some metal in their time. They’ve been called ‘the thinking man’s metal band’ since the term ‘metal’ was struck.

            One of my characters plays ‘E.T.I.’ for a visitor from another world, to a mixed review. ‘Perfect Water’ gets a better reception.

      2. Freedom Fall and Sabaton are my current kicks. The Last Battle and To Hell and Back are amazing songs, as is Gott Mit Uns.

    2. Off track and sideways, but it’s late and my thought was “Someone didn’t know what METAL was” and then I figured what you meant…
      Anyway, found in Denver Craigslist:
      Free, Catholic metal.
      Yes, they meant medal, but of course I lost several minutes trying to figure out what a Catholic Metal might be.

      1. *laughs*

        Now that’s funny!

        As for “what is Catholic metal”– *points at song*
        For heaven’s sake, it’s bunch of guys who did an impossible save while dressed as angels, because people holding on longer than they should have been able to asked for a Catholic save. And it’s historical. Fits the Church perfectly. 😉

        1. I think Sabaton has some Catholic songs and some Protestant songs.

          Hussars and that one song about defending Rome against the unpaid mercenaries of Charles, I want to say V, are fairly Catholic.

          Lion From the North, Carolus Rex, and The Carolean’s Prayer are somewhat Protestant. Yet, I’m not sure that Lion From the North or Carolus Rex are any more sympathetic with those Lutheran Kings than The Final Solution is with Hitler. And The Final Solution is definitely meant as condemnation of the Holocaust.

          1. I know they’re Swedes and all but songs about the clown who lost his whole army and a good portion of his country’s population in a pointless fight with the Russians doesn’t strike me as optimal.

            1. If you leave out the horrific gross stupidity, there goes a lot of military history.

              Describing Gustavus as a ‘beast with the shape of a man’ might possibly be a criticism.

              And Carolus Rex uses language to describe the perspective of the viewpoint character that, for anyone better than my level of badly educated in Christian theology, must be understood as a criticism of that historical figure. “My will be done” has got to be a deliberate hint about the band’s view of the correctness of his theology.

          2. Like someone joked:
            HISTORY: *happens*
            Sabaton: “Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!!!”


            I figure that the Catholicism of a song isn’t changed by who sings it– same way I could sing some of the MaccaBeats’ songs without changing that Latka Recipe is Jewish.

            1. I need to check for Sabaton songs on The Alamo, Cameron, and the Birkenhead.

              I know about the Rorke’s Drift one, and I think I recall a Thermopylae.

              Hmm. Benkei, Nobunaga, Temujin, Tamerlane, Taffy-3, Sekigahara, Toba Fushimi, Ikeyada, Cannae, Zama, Horatio, Regulus, Cincinnatus, Xenophon, Henderson Field, and a bunch of other personal interests of varying degrees I haven’t checked Sabaton for. And I’m really not deeply familiar with their works. Yet.

      2. I have no doubt there’s Catholic Metal. There needs to be *something * to counterbalance Jewish surfer music…

        Christian Rock is a thing, or at least was. Dunno what the lyrics were, it sounded more like metal to me.

        TRX’ Arbitrary Definition: When you mix the vocals down to where they’re overwhelmed by the instruments, it’s metal, no matter what label you stick on it.

          1. Yes. Look up “Meshugga Beach Party” for one of the better-known groups. There’s another that mixes traditional Jewish songs or prayers with a sound like the Ventures, but I can’t remember their name offhand.

        1. Yeah, I’m not sure who is still active, but I’ve found rock bands that are definitely Christian, and not just playing around with symbolism the way some of them seem to.

      3. Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom books used the word “metal” a lot, but I always wondered if there had been a language shift from “mettle.”

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