Another Turn of the Wheel – A Blast From the Past From August 2019


Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again.

Today I was talking to Bill Reader, who is a little more discouraged than normal about the stifling climate of academia.  Mostly because, if what I hear of reports from the “inside” academia, like the arts, like writing, like news, like… well, the democrats, and all other places colonized by leftists, has gone farking insane. I mean, if you think that the NYU (?) study declaring that milking cows was sexual abuse is bad, you might not follow the giant pile of manure that is academia in our day and age.

Anyone rational would be fed up with it. And I’m sure a lot of people are.  I’m sure a lot of other mild-mannered lecturers in the liberal arts keep their mouth shut, and nod or pretend to nod, because (their) baby needs shoes, and they can’t afford to do a grand gesture of honor and leave their family starving.

And I pointed out something that came up in one of my private groups on facebook: the peak of leftist crazy has already passed. The wheel is already turning the other way. [By this I meant the peak of letting crazy leftist politics be mainstream and form society. As you can tell from the rest of the article, the remnants of the cult will only get louder and louder and more insane. Those of you in compatible religions, pray to Saint Dymphna. We’re solidly under his purview now.- SAH 2020)

You can tell this in several ways.  The first one was given to me by an older friend — who might now be gone, but we lost touch several list-groups ago — who told me in 2004 that the left was losing. They always get louder and crazier when they’re losing.

As a show of the fact they’re losing — not the election. They might pull that from the a…ir by virtue of extreme vote fraud. Which they work to facilitate ANYTIME they get any kind of power — I refer you to the fact that they’ve never been this completely insane.  But wait, there’s more.

The more is that they are pulling out the most bizarre and unlikely slurs. Look, the Russia thing didn’t have any legs. For one accusing the right of Russian collusion was the ultimate act of projection, after Obama’s “more flexible” comment. But beyond that: there.was.nothing.there.

Only the left doesn’t know how to back down anymore. Everything is a fight to the knife, and everything must be pushed to absurdity.  Take the nonsense around Kavanaugh.  They might have accused him of being skivvy around women and got along with it, but no. They had to go for rape, and the chick had to pretend to be so traumatized that she couldn’t fly (while having a vacation house in Hawaii) and then they had to accuse him of having a rape ring. And then…

In the same way they could get away with saying that Trump was crude in speech and manner towards women, and even emphasize the morals of work in the seventies were different from now, and leave him tarnished and walking wounded. But they had to go for the pee dossier and claim he really did grab them by the p*ssy and REEEEEE to 11.

Which pushes it past any pretense of being reasonable or believable.

#metoo could have flown if they’d made it a few, judicious cases, but their people have no discipline — and I’m not talking about the kids in schools and work. I’m talking about cases that get press — and when the press decides to run with George H. W. Bush molesting a nurse, in a description that anyone who has cared for an aged relative recognizes, empathizes with and realizes the man has no more control than does a toddler and only a fool considers that abuse, it’s insane and the movement is already burning itself.

This “and the kitchen sink” behavior is not the behavior of a movement that has any answers or any self confidence.

And as for the clown car of Democrat candidates… who the hell thinks it’s a good idea to pile on with “Health care for illegals, because health care is a human right and they’re humans?”  So is the rest of the world, but we assuredly can’t pay for it.  They are laying bare the idea that proclaiming something a human right that requires the labor of others is insane and a form of reinventing slavery. (The Dems? Slavery? Who’d have thunk it!)

Other things they keep signaling are how much they hate America and all of us. “Vote for us, peasant. We hate you” could only be a platform that appeals to an aristocratic class that has climbed so far up its own behind it’s forgotten what history looks like.

What history looks like, once aristocrats, or self proclaimed aristocrats get so out of touch is “Aristo, aristo, a la lanterne” and ça ira.  I recommend to the usual leftists reading this blog for things to offend them that they study the French revolution and realize once and for all that they are not the revolutionaries. They are the stodgy, entrenched aristocrats who have all the power. They got there via selecting for the kind of cant that at this point no sane person can believe. And so they’ve achieved in 4 generations what would take a monarchy centuries of inbreeding to achieve: either total lack of ability to think, or total refusal to.

Which brings us to… they survive because they really like power, and because they are protected by being on top.

Look, the institutions they control at this point are the profoundly conservative ones: news (prestige news) reporting, academia (the older and more established, the more leftist) the good old families, the people with money and power.  In fact, now becoming “woke” is the equivalent of joining a country club for parvenus to fit in, which is why people like Bezos and Gates trip over themselves to pay homage.

But the thing is, in every time and in every place by the time an elite controls all of that, the revolution is under way. If not a physical revolution with head chopping, a tech revolution, a new way of doing things that dethrones them.

The left is blind to that because it’s part of their credo to believe themselves eternal underdogs and revolutionaries. Writing that into our entertainment and news ONLY requires them to pretend they’re living somewhere circa 1950.  And not even the 1950s that were, but something from their own heads.  Which means…

They’re out of touch. Even those of them who can reason and think can’t do it without realizing the foundational lie of their ideology: that they’re in power while pretending to fight power.

Now they’re desperately trying to redact history to make themselves eternal victims. That never works well.

And meanwhile the real functions they hold are moving on, however shambling and imperfect. They have to move on, because the corrupt institutions can no longer perform. And a lot of these functions are needed (arguably even storytelling.)

More and more, the left holds a shell of power, while the real power moves on.

That’s the good news. When they seem most entrenched, they’re already falling apart.

The bad news is that they won’t go without a fight. And the fight is going to get bad. Both in overreach, because they are doing that, and not just with accusations. Consider proposals to make KG or preschool mandatory. It’s crazy overreach, an attempt at indoctrinating the kids who are somehow still evading them after 12 years.  Or consider California’s bizarre plan to make race studies (their way) mandatory.  Or– It’s all around. It’s all insane. And yet, they will continue doing it.

And then there is the fact they have an iron grip on vote manufacture, which means disinfecting our government might take … well… a revolution.

They’ve already lost where it counts. They’ve already lost the real culture and the “way things will be done in the future.”

What they still have, though, is the ability to make the next fifteen to 20 years very unpleasant, and, possibly, to ensure that what comes next is much, much harsher and more punitive than it would otherwise be.

Keep your hearts on high.  And if you’re a praying sort, pray.  Because the waters are going to get very choppy.

But given half a chance, we’ll turn this yet, and come out on the other side as America. Home of the brave and the land of the free.


226 thoughts on “Another Turn of the Wheel – A Blast From the Past From August 2019

  1. My bet on 2020 is still running to the Fascist Left depending on the “He’s a Republican, Republicans don’t fight back” script they’ve been running since Trump’s nomination. It doesn’t work. It’s NEVER been true of Trump. And they keep believing it.

    They’re going to run their vote-fraud machine three points past redline, and they are going to get caught, and Trump is going to ruin them for a generation.

    Oh, they won’t go quietly. Which means we will get to see fed-up Federal troops giving Antifa the ‘Mrs. Punch’ treatment….whack-whack-whack!

    1. Heh. From your mouth to G-D’s ears…My biggest worry has been the fraud and the cheating–but as utterly and completely bananas 2020 has been so far, the fact that they clearly pulled the trigger on the riots far too soon, and are only just NOW starting to realized “Oops, we’d better start blaming all the looting and burning on Trump!”–which is of course, far too late and too many of them have been all over all forms of media bowing and scraping and openly supporting the screaming mob–gives me some hope. They’re already redlining it, so I’m hoping this also means they won’t be able to resist redlining the vote fraud. I mean, people have ALREADY been caught committing fraudulent shenanigans with the stupid mail-in ballots. And I think–I very much hope–that people are watching this push to force us to vote by mail far more closely than in the past.

      (Also the fact that their fraud didn’t win them 2016, I hope means that they will pull out all the stops and–well, it’s pretty clear now that subtlety amongst them has gone the way of intelligence.)

      1. As I said in a reddit gun sub a few days ago:

        For another angle, consider this:

        Before the midterms the media treated everyone to the thundering and unstoppable Blue Wave (remember that?). The Democrats would sweep away all resistance in a tide of revenge and mandate that would be remembered for a thousand years.

        In the real world what happened is that the vote fraud was so bad that third world dictatorships were lining up to mockingly offer protection for fair elections. In midterms. Against a president that had 90-something percent negative coverage from day one. And they barely eeked out a token win.

        When your enemy tells you that you have no chance and you ought to just surrender, perhaps you should consider that they might, just might, have an ulterior motive?

        1. The Thundering Blue Wave narrative was cover for the planned fraud and shennanigans. That’s how what was a red ride became a blue trickle.

          Don’t talk to pollsters

              1. Do you just say “bad” or should you lengthen it to “b-a-aaa-aaa-d” to get the appropriate sheep-like quality to it?

                (Not that it matters, since I seem to be never home when any pollsters call me.)

      2. I’m hoping. (And praying, yes.) …I have read enough analyses by frustrated conservatives or semi-conservatives about failing to organize (either grassroots or politicians) as effectively as left-wingers to have trouble taking heart sometimes, though.

      3. As I’ve mentioned before, I suspect that Trump has chapter and verse on Democrat vote-fraud from 2016, and has been holding it against need. So, say the Fascist Left manages to pull off an apparent victory. Next day, Trump dumps his evidence on the internet and the loyal part of the DOJ starts passing out indictments like candy at Halloween.

        1. My only complaint (and concern) about that, if that is the case, is that doing so would inevitably color the act as “political sore loser” when in fact he SHOULD have done it as soon as he had good evidence. You do it when you’ve already won, not when you’ve “lost” and your enemy could spin it as “See??? WE TOLD YOU HE WOULDN’T ACCEPT THE RESULTS!!”

          1. Perhaps he could drop it just a few days before the election. That way he’s out in front of it even if he “officially” loses but the Dems don’t have enough time to adjust.

            1. Eh. He should have been having people prosecuted as soon as they had a case, sigh. I like most of what Trump has done–but THAT would irk me, because it should have been addressed much, *much* sooner. Years before the election.

              Even so, I take comfort in the knowledge that the lefties are becoming even more incompetent than they already were as they grow increasingly unhinged…

              1. I don’t necessarily think it’s the best option, but Trump didn’t need to demonstrate Democrat vote-fraud in 2016; he’s won. The he way the Fascist Left would drag their feet, combined with the general slow pace of that level of investigation would mean that it would still be hanging fire, now. But if he’s got solid evidence for 2016 and the Left blunders as badly at trying to steal 2020 as they have on most attacks on Trump these last four years, he has a massive hammer to hit them with, in reserve. Especially if they do the same things all over again, and he can show point-to-point similarities.

                And it will be particularly effective if he wins a few areas in a squeak, and the Left demands an investigation (which they are certainly stupid enough to do).

                1. Their strengths in responding to such charges were demonstrated back in 1998 when the Lewinsky story initially broke. Given enough time their MSM control enables them to diffuse outrage, obscure facts, and change subjects. Trials for vote fraud can be very very difficult to generate convictions because of the (justifiably) high burden of proof beyond reasonable doubt.

                  Thus the timing is critical. Revealing fraudsters and techniques might be best done in time and manner to make the perpetrators afraid to commit it. OTOH, they can stifle revelations, just as they’ve stifled the recent video of the group of doctors asserting the effectiveness of hydroxychoroquine, zinc and related treatments. They don’t have to suppress the news forever, merely for long enough.

                1. No. BAD luck holding it. I’ve been watching these self-indulgent twerps mess about since I first became interested in politics at all, in the mid 1970’s. I’m tired of them. They have nothing useful to offer, and have spoiled much of what good they may have accomplished. They are tiresome, idiotic, and vulgar. I just hope the inevitable backlash their antic create does not damage the social progress of the minorities they are attached to like bloated ticks too much.

                  I hope the Gays can hold onto marriage, while allowing the jerks in their communities to sink back into deserved obscurity. I hope that, when the dust clears, we can do something substantive about education for the urban poor. We owe the blacks bupkis for slavery, but some reparations must be made for the mess that has been made of their schools. I hope that, with the Open Borders/No Assimilation crowd dispersed, we can start on a rational reform of immigration law.

                  I fear it’s probably too late to keep abortion legal. I think it results in the death of a child, and is sometimes necessary anyway, but I also think that, as the Fascist Left edifice crumbles we are going to find that Kermit Gosnell and Ulrich Klopfer are a very small tip of a very big iceberg. And if that is true, I think abortion will be broadly outlawed.

                  God alone knows what will happen to Higher Education, as the general worthlessness of Lefty tainted degrees becomes more obvious. Certainly the Fascist Left establishment in higher education deserves to be ashcanned, but I hope we can salvage something from the wreckage.

                1. Part of the problem, as I point out to those who claim that lack of evidence is proof that there’s no vote fraud, is that when vote fraud is done halfway competently it’s impossible to prove.

                  Imagine a case where there are 100 voters and everyone turns out. 10 people bring in an extra ballot and slip it into the box when they vote. That makes the vote count is 110%. Obviously there are ten fraudulent votes, but which ones? Who put them there? How many were there?

                  Now imagine trying to prove voter fraud when turnout is in the 50-60% range so you can’t even be certain that fraud has occurred.

                  1. The “solution” where we strip away all the protections that keep AntiFa from being able to assault those who vote “wrong” are very popular suggestions when you do manage to corner somebody with those facts, though.

                    Complete with “but that never happens!” claims… never mind that the Dems have been openly suggesting shunning for anybody who votes for a Republican.

                    1. Yep. Blinders on, earplugs in, and shouting, “We can’t detect any evidesnce of fraud! La La La . . .”

                    2. The first rule of financial auditing is that if there are no safeguards to prevent fraud we must assume fraud could have occurred. That is why the first thing a cashier does when accepting their till is to count the money and record the total.

                      Selecting the people permitted exercise of the powers of government is no occasion to rely upon the kindness of strangers.

                    3. I’d really like to see the GOP run ads in blue cities, especially the ones suffering from Antefa’s depredations, emphasizing that nobody HAS to know how you voted.

                  2. > proof

                    They barely try to hide it; ones like Stacey Abrams have bragged about it on talk shows. The problem is that nothing is done about it; either there’s no actual crime under their state’s laws, no law enforcement is tasked with investigating and arresting fraudsters, if they did, the prosecutors would decline to make a case against them, and even if all that happened, the judge will probably dismiss the case or rule for the defendant.

                    “We can do this, and there’s nothing you can do about it, neener-neener!”

                    However, as someone here mentioned some time ago, vote-by-mail involves the US Postal Service, and mail fraud is a Federal crime. Which is why I was interested to see that Philadelphia and some neighboring counties were asking voters to use their ballot drop-boxes instead of the US mail; that was totally for the convenience of the voters, of course…

                    Election laws are *local*; neither Congress nor the President can do anything to change them. But the Fed has provided armed military “election security” to quite a few countries in South America and the Middle East, some of whom weren’t real happy with it. The states wouldn’t be real happy either, but it’s within the power of the Fed to do so.

                    1. Guaranteed? As I recall the warranty was conditional: “A republic, if you can keep it.”

                      Moreover, failure to use OEM may void the guaranty.

                    2. My worry is that when the ones committing the fraud ARE the Fed, they’re gonna pull a Cuomo: “I investigated myself and found no wrongdoing!”

                      And thanks to the precedent set with the fiat-by-executive-orders, I wouldn’t hold my breath about a Dem president not just writing an EO to prevent any actual investigation. :/ (I really, really HATE the executive order crap. Sure, some good has been done with it, but it’s damn fragile, and INCREDIBLY dangerous. There is a reason for the checks and balances–and the judicial branch has gotten corrupt enough with legislating where they have no business doing so. Now the executive branch is flirting with it and has been for at *least* the last 3 presidents…)

                    3. I so wish Attorney General Barr, when the House Dems were lecturing him on the AG’s responsibility, had replied “It was my understanding that the Attorney General is supposed to be, quote, “the President’s wingman,” unquote. Had I been misinformed?”

                    4. “Election laws are *local*; neither Congress nor the President can do anything to change them.”

                      Not entirely. Congress can set certain requirements when it comes to federal elections. If other governments want to have other elections with different requirements that’s up to them.

              2. They don’t have to be prosecuted, just arrested. Take the organizers out of the equation and the whole scheme will fall apart. Especially if you grab the boxes of ballots waiting to be “found.”

            1. I was saying then that we weren’t voting our way out of this. I see no reason to change my view.

              1. Just don’t use that as an excuse to not vote, or encourage others not to. If we stay home in November we definitely lose.

                1. Oh, no. I can walk and chew gum at the same time. But I’m definitely agreeing with this from Tolkien:

                  “Hark! I hear them in the hall chanting: stern words they sing with strong voices. (He chants) Heart shall be bolder, harder be purpose, more proud the spirit as our power lessens! Mind shall not falter nor mood waver, though doom shall come and dark conquer.”

                  I’d prefer this from Chesterton’s Ballad of the White Horse:

                  “”But you and all the kind of Christ
                  Are ignorant and brave,
                  And you have wars you hardly win
                  And souls you hardly save.

                  “I tell you naught for your comfort,
                  Yea, naught for your desire,
                  Save that the sky grows darker yet
                  And the sea rises higher.

                  “Night shall be thrice night over you,
                  And heaven an iron cope.
                  Do you have joy without a cause,
                  Yea, faith without a hope?””

                  That’s harder.

            2. Yep. It’s interesting what Mr. Trump can and cannot do. Turns out the Imperial Presidency struggles were just another distraction from the creeping inexorable rot of the deep state, aka the interlocked bureaucracy, media and academic nests of 3rd-rate aristos.

      4. Sarathered said “the fact that they clearly pulled the trigger on the riots far too soon,” It seems like they were forced into it by the “allegedly” igniting event, and the fact that COVID-19 was mostly gone wild in their back yards (NY, WA, MA, CT, NJ, CA). They needed to shift focus as the administration were looking effective and making their own folks look like idiots and lunatics (I’m looking at you Gov. Whitmer, Newsom and Polis et alia). They forgot (or never learned from their mangled view of history) that you can’t control the mob once it gets loose. On top of that they expected an instant iron fist not really understanding Trump. Trump seems to be very cognizant of Napoleon’s edict that one should not interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake. Combine that with no concept of how bad the mob optics would be with the main mass of voters especially in battleground/purple states and they may have really stepped in it.

        Really fraud is their only hope and the place fraud will be strongest is the blue states where they’d win anyways. Watch Fl, PA OH on November 3rd. Pay close attention to the later returns, If there’s massive fraud the Biden vote will continue to grow from the urban base that shows up early instead of things getting close or swapping over as the more conservative suburbs and rural sections come in. The press ALWAYS touts the early returns in the hopes that the can suppress late voters in later time zones. Middle America is going to crawl through broken glass on their bellies to avoid Biden/whoever. Here’s hoping there’s some coat tails.

        1. I’m fairly certain that a lot of these mayors/governors are truly shocked that the mob hates them, too. Such as the dumba** Portland mayor who seemed so…HURT…that the mob was calling him rude names and clearly hated his guts. I do note he wasn’t *quite* stupid enough to go out there without his heavily-armed security detail (which I feel is a teensy bit of a pity. I try not to wish harm on people–unless it’s George Soros, who needs assassinated stat–but a little schadenfreude would not have gone amiss.) He apparently clearly expected “The People” to welcome him with open arms. Heh. And now I note he’s scrambling to “negotiate a cease fire” between the feds and the “protestors” (and is being met with sneers from all sides, as such a stupid bit of flip-flopping ought to be met).

          Or the Chicago mayor who screeched about how SHE wouldn’t let those federal goons threaten HER people…and then turned around and immediately let the feds in (though she seems to have been wise enough to shut up after). I wonder if it finally got through her pudding-brain that Chicago resembles a warzone even MORE than it usually does, and people are getting really, really tired of it.

          I mean…I feel for the innocents in those areas, but I don’t deny that part of me also kind of wishes that Trump would pull the federal LEOs back and just…let the consequences of the democrat decisions run their course. Maybe set up aid stations or refugee areas to help anyone who wants to flee, but otherwise…let the cities burn. (I’m not entirely sure that isn’t 100% off the table, though–it may yet happen.)

          1. I wonder which part of anarchist agitator was not clear to these folks. Anarchists of various stripes have been a nuisance for a LONG time on and off. I’m not quite sure these folks are per se stupid. I think rather their skill in reasoning is either limited or undeveloped as they live by the “feelz”. Again it goes back to their 1984 like tendency to ignore write over history.

            1. Heh. I’d be astonished–truly astonished–if ANY of them (or even a lot of non-lefties) are cognizant enough of history to realize that in the latter years of the 19th century/early part of the 20th anarchist bombings/other acts of terror were a major issue in the US (and we even had a president assassinated by one)…

              1. The Left is in love with its own fantasy-history, and thinks that people without advanced college degrees don’t read. It has simply never occurred to them that a lot of the ‘deplorables’ they despise read history for fun, and know a lot about it.

                Academia is to a great degree in the same position it was in the period in Britain that was my late Father’s field of expertise; the late 18th Century. To go to University, you were required to accept a strict doctrine, and much of the original thinking of the time was done outside of accepted Academic circles.

              2. Puerto Rican Separatist terrorists were a *big* problem in the 1960s and 1970s, setting off hundreds of bombs in mainland urban areas and killing a bunch of people. Barely a blip on the news of the day, and almost forgotten now. And they were only one of dozens of terrorist groups operating in the US.

                The mass media was able to “shape public awareness” back then, and they’re trying hard with the “mostly peaceful protesters” now, but we have no trust in them now, and other sources on information.

                1. “Mostly peaceful protesters” – is that like mostly pure water, mostly safe food, and mostly clean air?

                  Asking for a (mostly) friend.

          2. >> “I wonder if it finally got through her pudding-brain that Chicago resembles a warzone even MORE than it usually does, and people are getting really, really tired of it.”

            It’s also possible someone took her aside and explained that she was about to give Trump the excuse to send the military after her. As in, her personally.

            >> “I mean…I feel for the innocents in those areas, but I don’t deny that part of me also kind of wishes that Trump would pull the federal LEOs back and just…let the consequences of the democrat decisions run their course.”

            He would have to abandon federal property and employees to their fate to do that.

            Though I suppose he could just say “Fuck it,” declare the area to be in rebellion and have the federal government stop working there altogether. Pull out not just the LEOs, but every federal employee.

          3. If Trump wins and the GOP holds the Senate I fully expect Blue City requests for funds to undo the damage from rioting to be met with, “Riots? Those were just intensely peaceful protests; riots were a myth – Representative Nadler said so himself”

            OTOH, a Biden victory would surely make Schumer Senate Majority Leader and open the spigots for not just repairs but for heavy infrastructure “improvement” — monorails for all!

            I also expect the Republicans to be pounding this home in EVERY town, suburb, and village whose taxes can be expected to rise to pay for those blue tantrums.

            The Blue Meanies must not be allowed their plunder.

            1. In the chickens coming home to roost department …

              Wow: More Than 100 Police Agencies Pull Out of Security for the DNC Convention
              The scaled-down, COVID-blocked DNC convention is to take place in Milwaukee next month. Joe Biden will stop hidin’ temporarily and accept his party’s nomination.

              The Washington Times reports a major development: Many police agencies will not be there to provide security.

              More than 100 police agencies are withdrawing from agreements to send personnel to bolster security at next month’s Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, in part because they’re concerned about a recent directive ordering police in the city to stop using tear gas to control crowds.

              Go on.

              A citizen oversight commission last week directed Milwaukee’s police chief to publicly account for why the department used tear gas during protests in late May and early June after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and to change Milwaukee’s police policies to ban the use of tear gas and pepper spray. The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission said in its order that Police Chief Alfonso Morales could be fired if he fails to comply.

              Since police cannot use these non-lethal means to control any crowds that are sure to turn out, they cannot control the crowds. Social workers certainly can’t do the job.

              Seattle’s police chief said the same last week when that city’s council tried banning non-lethal tools for crowd control. A judge stopped the ban, nevertheless, riots ensued.

              There’s a subtext in the more than 100 police agencies’ decisions to leave the DNC to the mercies of the mobs they have encouraged. That subtext is perhaps best and most clearly represented by the middle finger displayed tall, while all other fingers are tucked away.

              The Democrats as a party across the nation from top to bottom have totally abandoned police officers. “Change my mind,” as the meme says. …
              [END EXCERPT]

              The problem with calling your guards “nothing but thugs and mercenaries” is that they may come to believe you. Some may even feel unappreciated.

              1. I’d say it’s more a matter of the buzzards coming home to roost. 😛
                It’s Political Plague Theater, the show sucks, and I want a refund!

              2. I’m wondering why they would need more than 100 officers to start with, assuming each agency contributed an officer. It’s an indoor event in an access-controlled venue. If there’s a problem outside, that’s the local authorities’ job.

                And, really, the DNC is a private corporation; the police are under no obligation to provide rent-a-cop services to NGOs. The DNC can get all the security they want from Securitas or whatever Blackwater calls itself this year.

                Being Democrats, I suspect those police departments would have been expected to provide officers “for free”, that is, with taxpayers footing the bill for overtime at the very least.

              3. Team Blue’s disdain for the police is only vocal; they won’t do anything long term which might stop the sweet, sweet campaign dollars flowing out of the police unions.

                1. Or even worse, do something which might see those campaign dollars shift to Team Red.

                  (I mean it’s organized labor, so the odds of that happening are nigh astronomical.)

                2. I think they’ve already screwed that up: I read a week or two ago that one of the biggest police union groups had withdrawn support from Biden. I don’t think they’ve quite gone so far as to throw their support behind Trump, but they’ve been pretty vocal about not being happy with what Biden’s said about police recently.

                  1. Oooh, no, I take that back. They HAVE thrown in with Trump: (quoted from a PJM article)

                    “The National Association of Police Organizations, which represents more than 1,000 police units and associations nationwide, threw its support behind Trump in a letter released Wednesday acknowledging his “continued strong support” of cops tasked to protect Americans.

                    “Our endorsement recognizes your steadfast and very public support for our men and women on the front lines, especially during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many,” wrote the group’s president, Michael McHale.”

                3. Team Blue doesn’t object to police brutality and misconduct in principle; they just want to direct it against Team Blue’s enemies.

        2. “They forgot (or never learned from their mangled view of history) that you can’t control the mob once it gets loose.”

          Yup. As Larry says, they think violence is something you flip on or off like a light-switch.

          1. They also think violence is something that the Antifa idiots are good at. They aren’t, particularly. Oh, they can do a lot of damage when the police have been told to stand back and there’s nobody else,to oppose them. I suspect they will learn the difference the hard way.

            Hear that? It’s the world’s smallest violin playing “My nose bleeds for them”

          2. I think most Leftoids would be much improved by a good, long discussion with Maximilien de Robespierre.

            In person.

  2. I think you are right, and mostly because i simply cannot believe that the number of people who believe in this drivel being pushed by the cred-class flunkies is anything but tiny. The problem is of course, not the size of the group but the size of the megaphone. Yesterday Trump JR had his twitter suspended because he was referencing a youtube of doctors making a case for a counter-narrative on COVID. I don’t twitter. I am not a twit. But it’s an example of the megaphone; who gets to hold it and use it. Section 230 must die!

  3. Sarah, aren’t you an adopted American? (The term immigrant sounds so negative anymore, like people are forced to come here and not choose it as their home.) Why would you ever leave the progressive paradise that Europe is?? Seriously, I have great admiration for you, but I didn’t realize how much MORE admiration you deserved until I read this post. I admire you as much as your cats believe they should be admired. Or almost as much.
    I met you in 2011 (I think) at ReConstruction in Durham, NC. You were so nice and friendly, I didn’t realize you were an accomplished writer! I hope you and your family, cats included, are healthy and safe.

      1. Vinegar sauce is the best. ( My family is from NC).
        Were you at a con in Huntsville, AL a few years ago? I seem to remember attending a panel discussion with you in it.

          1. Chicken < Pork < Beef

            We offer Jackfruit as a BBQ menu item, but aside from special orders for big banquets I can't say I've ever seen anyone actually order it.

      2. After I had North Carolina style BBQ in Raleigh, the ordinary stuff just tastes like spiced molasses. It seems to be entirely unknown in Arkansas and western Tennessee.

  4. I hope, and pray, you are right. However, the Republicans run stupid shit they don’t need to. Unforced errors are devastating, and the Republicans seem to give a few every cycle.

    But my main concern is the that the Democrats have moved solidly into the party of evil, and are nearly completely uncontested in voter fraud. Fraud is their only chance, but they have a lock on it. Hopefully they will underestimate what they need or will drastically overplay it and make it very obvious. But the media will cover for them, making it difficult to separate the truth from the fiction for many.

    1. The link goes to a very detailed report on how one county’s votes are corrupted (Harris [Houston].) It’s long but very educational and gives you a lot of info on how it is done (beyond the “send people to vote at different places often” version.)

      1. I am concerned that the so-called Republican gov of Texas who has done all he can to turn the state blue will be whining for write-in ballots–for our safety of course

          1. Oops, meant to write mail-in ballots. Our gov has me so roiled can’t even write a simple sentence. And just heard our brave AG has sided with Abbott in a case brought before the Texas Supreme Court re the constitutionality of his idiotic mask EO. Can only guess what passes for logic there

  5. The range boss today said that ALL the CCHL* classes had offered in August sold out within hours, so they added another one on a Sunday (when they are normally closed) and two hours later it’s half full. People are taking the northwest stuff SERIOUSLY. He’s convinced that there’s a strong spiritual aspect as well, which feeds in with what a lot of the rest of us have been thinking. (Not necessarily Christian, either. A “meat-space” friend who’s Wiccan’s “not liking the spirits in the air.”)

    *Concealed Carry Handgun License

    1. I’ve gotten that from more than one person who “picks things up” – both Christian and “eh, whatever”. Basically a feeling of “duck, cover, and shield; Dark Things are moving.”

      1. Uggh who had Return of Cthulu and the Elder Ones on their 2020 bingo card? Man 2020 is one hell of a year and it just keeps coming.

      2. And I’m in danger of praying more than my grandmother did.
        Grandma was a saint. I’m reluctantly religious. (I don’t like woo woo stuff)
        But these days, when I pray it feels both necessary and like I’m lifting heavy stuff.
        I think closing the churches was a master stroke for the OTHER side.

        1. I admit I had to start when they opened the new bridge here… wow, just a month or so before the Covid mess started. The old one was narrow. The new one has lanes TWO FEET narrower. And it’s high up enough to spark Survival Fear.

          But lately? Yeah. “There is a disturbance in the Force,” indeed.

          1. Back when I didn’t drive and worked full time (BCE — Before Children Evented) a co-worker would drive me 15 minutes to Dan’s job, so I could then go home with Dan.
            That girl… I don’t know who the hell had taught her to drive, but… I spent those 15 minutes eyes closed and praying.

        2. Our hostess said:
          (I don’t like woo woo stuff)
          I’m with you on this. before returning to faith in my early 30’s I had been a fairly strict agnostic materialist for 10-15 years. Stuff that goes outside strict proof via falsifiable issues always makes me a little leery. And yet I run into this stuff constantly.

          As for this statement
          I think closing the churches was a master stroke for the OTHER side.

          I’m not so certain. It’s set the serious prayer warriors on a tear, and kind of made folks that were lukewarm choose a side. It feels like when Jadis from Lion Witch and the Wardrobe calls on the Deep Magic not realizing or recognizing the Deeper Magic from before the Start of Time existed exists. I think the Opponent has over reached with that one.

    2. That battle between good and evil thing? It’s starting to be thick enough in the air you can taste it.
      And no, not all the chosen are of a religion, but people are self-sorting amazingly.

    3. My medical trip over the Cascades is in 3 weeks. Yesterday, there was a report that in a nice neighborhood in Medford, some sleazebag decided to a) slash a bunch of tires, especially on vehicles with flags, b) burn *every* American flag on the block.

      A Vietnam vet who lost his tires was *pissed*.

      The DA is another hopeless Soros clown, but I hope the creep is identified, not by the cops. “I saw nothing, officer! He just fell over in the street.”

      1. Oh, the other half; I think the firearm I carried isn’t sufficient for the situation. Need to get a tolerable shoulder rig for my 1911. With lack of time, it’ll have to be OTC, but “nobody uses the .45 anymore”, so there might be something in stock. Else, I have some work to do on the old rig.

        1. See if you can find one of these in stock:

          You can adjust the rigging to hold the gun level, down at 45 degrees like in the picture, or a bit more down if you want. It will hold a longslide or comped 1911, but the muzzle may print a bit depending on the cant.

          I’m carrying the comped .460 in it, but I built a double-stack CCO in 9mm that will eventually become my new carry gun. I need to cut down one of the 18-round mags down so it rides flush with the short frame and get some more range time with it before carrying it.

        2. I love my 1911, but with the size of the crowds of nitwits showing up, I’m leaning towards round count. 15 rounds of 10mm beats 7 of .45

            1. Don’t buy one unless you can shoot it first, or you can return it without penalty.

              Para took the standard 1911 and updated it with the improved magazine and feed ramp JMB designed for the Browning Hi Power. Browning would have been pleased; he probably intended that all along. All double-stack 1911/2011 guns – Remington, RIA, Bul, STI, etc. – are based on Para’s design, and most of them bought frames and bits from Para before tooling up to make their own.

              However, Para’s quality control was… iffy. And sometimes they made little “improvements”, mostly in the fire control group. Though some of those are hard to tell from quality control problems… Most of the full size Paras worked fine, the compacts not so fine, and the subcompacts left many former owners with spiking blood pressure when they remember their warranty problems.

              The CCO I mentioned earlier is built on a Para frame, and has so far been flawless. *Most* Paras run just fine. But way too many don’t. Unless you can shoot at least one full box of ammo (more, if possible) through without a fail-to-feed or fail-to-eject, it would be foolish to carry one as a defensive weapon.

          1. I just read an article on this at Legal Insurrection:

            The take from the commentariat is that (particularly when you have thug-friendly DAs), it’s better to drive through than to stop and shoot. Subaru Forester trumps handgun, it seems. (Hey, I can claim I identify as a lesbian. I’m driving the right car. 🙂 ) A dash cam is a really good idea. Have to read and digest the manual on the one I just bought.

            OTOH, the guy who used an AR-15 in a confrontation seems to be doing all right, legally. So far. (Texas, if memory serves.) Probably needs to move out of state ASAP, though.

            1. Put OC in your windshield wiper tank and turn the nozzle around so it shoots forward?

              1. No idea what OC is. I don’t think I can muck with the Subie nozzles, either… A Tesla coil might be fun, though.

                On pistols, I’m going to stick with what I know and can shoot well. I have several firearms that haven’t been shot; the nearest official range is 60 miles away (if they’re open) and the nearest unofficial is Rattlesnake Meadow, so nope.

                Pressed for time because of some projects, so I’ll look for a tolerable holster for the 1911. In the car, it’d be open carry, but I plan to observe the first rule of riots. OTOH, I might not have a choice in avoiding one.

                Back in the stone ages, it was considered a bad idea to use handloads for defensive rounds. Nowadays, it might be a moot point, but I’ll either go with FMJ or the flying ashtrays. Any defensive use of a firearm over there will cause an immense amount of grief. I suspect stepping on the gas would cause less legal trouble. Be nice if a few dozen antifa get removed from the gene pool in that manner. Might calm them down a bit.

                  1. Bear spray would be better. 1) It is more potent. 2) One could claim carrying for critters, because traveling over mountains, passes, & rural areas, not safe to leave in hot cars. All true. At least in Oregon bears are found everywhere (even Portland metro, allegedly). Don’t have tell anyone I’ve only seen two outside of national parks in almost 64 years, that is just not needed information. Other people manage to see them, they must be correct.

                    1. Mostly. Yes.

                      But you do not want to carry personal protection version of OC to ward off bears, regardless of variety. Bear spray is more potent. I don’t know the difference. Rangers are very, very, clear, you want the stuff marked “For Bear”.


                      How do you tell grizzly bear scat from black bear? Black bear scat has berries & leaves in it. Grizzly bear scat has bells in it & smells like pepper.

                      How do you tell a grizzly from a black bear? Climb a tree. If the bear climbs after you, it is a black bear. If the bear pushes over the tree, it is a grizzly bear.


                    2. A lady we know had a bear in her yard 2.5 miles from us. Of course, she’s bordering National Forest land. Somehow, the bears don’t bother traveling to $TINY_TOWN. Other people have reported bears along the county highway. The new neighbor used to live in sort-of-rural Cali (toehills of the Sierras) and a bear broke into her chicken coop. She’s not fond of them.

                      Me, I’ve had to deal with deer, sighted antelope, and avoided several cattle. One herd grazes in the NF land, while another cow grazes on roadside vegetation between two fenced-off ranches. (Might be a stray from an open range, or one who wasn’t fooled by the painted “cattle guard” TPTB switched to.)

                      Driving in the country gets interesting.

                    3. Oh, please. We routinely get bears in our yard. In a suburb of Denver.
                      Last trash day the flash bastard distributed our trash all over the block, and poor husband picked it up (because he’s a nice guy. I’ve sometimes picked up the neighbor’s trash from the middle of my lawn.)

          2. Whatever you’re comfortable with. I carried a 5-shot .38 revolver for many years, more of a political statement than any realistic need for self defense. (I really do live in Mayberry…) It’s only after things started turning crazy that I began carrying a 1911. Sure, if anything bad happens I’ll wish I had more firepower, but nine in the gun (8-round mag and one in the chamber)and two 10-round spares is 29 rounds, and .460 Rowland isn’t .45 ACP… if nothing else, the police probably won’t have any problem figuring which brass came from my gun.

            If you’re not loading your own, note that about half of commercially-loaded 10mm Auto is loaded down to .40 S&W ballistics. I figure if you’re paying 10mm prices, you ought to get 10mm bang for your bucks…

            We have Constitutional Carry now, yet I don’t know anyone else in meatspace who carries all the time. It’s too much hassle to dress around, it’s too hot, it’s too heavy, it’s too bulky, I’m not going anywhere I might need it, the holster is uncomfortable, I forgot to put it on… Sigh.

            1. Not meatspace, but if I have my bag, I’m packing– my little 38 special revolver, probably indistinguishable from yours.

              Tactical choice of balancing firepower I can handle comfortably with recognition that my first responsibility is going to be falling back/getting cover, and since the diaper bag has medication in it anyways I treat the whole bag like a loaded gun and nobody thinks twice. Also means that I can pack stuff to reload a LOT.

              1. Well, now I know you’re not recoil-sensitive… mine is distinctly unpleasant to shoot! MV=mv, and there’s just not much gun there. The tiny grip and aluminum frame don’t help, either. Though my thinking is, if the situation has deteriorated to that point recoil isn’t even on the list of things to worry about.

                It’s such a convenient package, small and easily concealed, even though logic would suggest the lumpy shape of a revolver would be the opposite.

                Besides, there’s plenty of room for an AKS-74U in most diaper bags… Less than 20″ long with the stock folded; the Kalashnikov gas system doesn’t use a buffer tube like the AR does.

                1. Honestly haven’t broken down any aspects of shooting– just know my little detective gun feels right when I shoot it, and it’s accurate with decent speed.

                  Also was able to buy a lot of cheap bullets. 😀

  6. I don’t think we’re *quite* at the end times/Second Coming point yet (there are things that need to happen still, per scripture) but…it is I think definitely meant to be a Wake Up Call, and possibly the beginning of the long slog to the end. But definitely a wakeup call.

    But at least the part of evil seems to have gone so nutso that they’re convinced they’ve still fooled us all, while in fact they are running around with their underwear on their heads and it’s on fire, to boot…

    1. The mask mandate isn’t quite the Number of the Beast, but I have the conviction that it’s a trial run. ‘No buying or selling . . .’

      1. I had a nasty shock this morning, Hy-Vee had a new sign up. With a masked face on it.

        I was about to hurl because I thought yet another store option had been taken from me, because I really can’t do the mask thing, and my husband is terrible with them….

        It just said “The CDC strongly suggests wearing face masks.” And they had one of the checkout gals asking people if I’d like a mask. But when I said no, thank you, she just chirped something about “have a nice day!” and I went back to shopping. And at least half of the actual shoppers were not masked, and the only ones under 50 that were masked were the kind were….well, I don’t mind being visibly opposed to them, you know?

        The folks who work there were all normal about it. Thank God.

        I really should print up a button that says “in accordance with Iowa state health’s recommendations, I have strongly considered face masks. No, thank you.”

          1. IF THINGS aren’t fixed this November, the Hoyts will start planning a move.
            Honestly, I’d have to do it anyway, sooner than later, probably before 65 because high altitude doesn’t play well with aging.
            BUT as much as love my state — when I was eight I was going to grow up and live in Denver — I can’t bear to watch what the progs are doing to it, since they stole it via vote by fraud.
            It’s like watching them torture a beloved pet. No. Just no.

            1. Agreed. I’m trying to figure out to push for A: State of Jefferson, or B: Districting Portland away from the rest of the state. I have a good friend who is planning to move to Texas soon, for admirable reasons. However, I was born in Southern Oregon, and I will not let this state go further and deeper into Hel if I can. I am trying to figure out the best way to fight – because the lad who heard the ould Rebel songs also realizes (sadly) that car bombs and bloody Sundays (1920 type) are not the best way to go about that.

              1. Yeah. You and me three. I want to stay until they force me out. And family is so scattered, they’re more likely to join me to tribe up, than the reverse.

                1. Add me. I’m in southern Willamette Valley. Not only born and raised in Oregon but 6th(? or 7th) generation Oregonian. It would help if state could go with electoral collage at state level by county. But I won’t hold my breath until I turn blue. OTOH people in greater Portland have to watch the idiocy, and have had to put up with the homeless idiocy. I know there is a lot more vocal (on Nextdoor App) on the homeless here, despite them pouring money into different useless actions.

                  1. I personally know a Portlander, immigrated in her early twenties, now fairly elderly, who has been a lifelong East Coast Democrat. She ha been warned by a (very close) mutual friend where all those baby socialist policies would lead.

                    I pray most nights for her safety, but the fact is that she is now getting what she voted for, and encouraged good and hard. It will be interesting to see if this boomer lady’s eyes open even now.

                    1. Have a niece who has a Studio Apartment in downtown Portland somewhere. Not sure where, exactly.

                    2. Just found out she & her sister are on a three week trek; currently in Glacier NP; they are posting on Instagram, which I am not a member of. Her new kitten is being kitten sat by kitty grandma. Question is whether kitty goes home after they get back. (Sis told mom “Yes. Daughter was getting kitten back. But depending on how their older cat takes having a kitten in the house, they may get another one.” They lost one of their two cats a few months ago. He sneaked out of the house (not the first time, so he wasn’t quite a rube to the outdoors). They are Rural, with 5 acres. Either coyote, cougar, owl, or eagle, fox, or bobcat, snatched him; he disappeared.

              2. Check out the Greater Idaho stuff. AFAIK, petitions are due 8/5, and it’s county by county. We signed, but I figure it has about the same odds as Jefferson, with some possible negatives. Don’t have a web site handy, but it should show up on a (non-Google) search.

            2. > I was going to grow up and live in Denver

              Achievement: unlocked. Now go on to the next thing on the list.

              “She says she’s a writer, but she seems to be in the home improvement business…”

              1. Aye. I know that part. And I’ve probably made more money (from house sales) on home improvement.
                BUT it’s not what I’m called to do. Hence why we’re trying to make this house “as we want it” for the next four/five years.
                After that….
                Well, you know?
                If we haven’t fallen into communist hell, we’re hoping to have enough money to have a house built to order. After which we won’t move until the kids move us out, hopefully feet first.

            3. Buffalo, Wyoming is very nice. Low enough altitude to not be TOO big an issue (my mother would move there in a heartbeat). No state tax, no tax on food/meds, low sales tax. Tradeoff is rather high property prices (rent is appalling) and the fact that you have to drive at least an hour to get much of anywhere. And, of course, the winters. But the area around Buffalo is freakin’ *gorgeous* (unlike the town where I work–though where I live is very pretty.) And Buffalo I am fairly sure has at least a couple of museums. Not the Denver Natural History Museum, but then what is?

              Although the wildlife is a nuisance.

              1. Although the wildlife is a nuisance.

                I understand this is also true of the cities, except you cannot shoot the wildlife there.

                1. Welllll, you’re not really allowed to here, either, at least not out of season and not within town limits…Though I’m pretty sure no game warden would charge/fine anyone if they shot one that was straight up *attacking*. (As far as I know, the guy in our town who fired a shotgun at the bear he caught trying to break into his trashcans was never bothered about it. He didn’t hit the bear, either, though.)

                  This would be a great part of the world to hide bodies, though. >:D

              1. yeah. And five years will give them time to settle somewhere, for a while at least.
                I’m terribly conventional. I’d like to be near kids/maybe eventually grandkids.

                1. What happens if one is on east coast & the other is on west coast? Could happen …

                  Benefit of one child … where he goes we will go. OTOH getting him to go …

          2. When we moved, I never expected Iowa to be more respectful of “leave me the F alone, I’m an adult” than Texas.

            1. Down state is getting purple from all the tech people and big city (D) corruption. In those parts of the state where we’re used to having to shift for ourselves, things are still holding on for individual rights and freedoms, but it’s getting harder no thanks to the feds, downstate pols, and the media.

        1. Yeah, Hy-Vee announced (just before Gov. Schicklgruber’s aka Tyrant Timmy Walz EO mandate…) that they would offer and encourage mask use, but NOT demand it. Even after the EO mandate, the policy is “anyone refusing or not wearing a mask will be presumed to have a medical condition preventing it.” Hy-Vee isn’t making that obvious, but it’s there. And if anyone “Karens” about someone sans mask, “They must have a medical condition.” is the allowed response.

          Also, is it just me, or does the cartoon/icon of the person in a mask look FAR too monkey-like for comfort?

          1. You know, I hadn’t really noticed it before– it’s clip art, so a certain lack of quality is kinda a given– but it DOES look like someone took a monkey and drew on hair.

        2. Polis made them mandatory and everyone here is scared of the fat tyrant. So they’re enforcing them “Zu Befehl.”
          So, I went to amazon and bought a visor that hangs from glass frames. It does nothing, of course. Neither does the mask. But yeah, I can’t wear masks, legitimately.
          Dan and I call the visor “cosplay” openly, in public. And I smirk a lot.
          Let them know how ridiculous it is.

  7. August 2019?

    Geeze, it seems as if SO VERY MUCH MORE Time has been burnt since then.

    1. I commented to someone on a work call today that March 2020 was a thousand years long…and I’m pretty sure we’re actually still stuck in March…

      1. I’ve heard a couple of different radio shows that open up with “Good morning, welcome to week 23 of the two week quarantine to flatten the curve–“

          1. *Outlines argument that Tom Nichols’ ‘muh principles’ NeverTrump policy is best implemented by calls to exterminate gays, because Trump’s violation of norms is being so pro-gay that Schiff and Pelosi become worried about having to campaign for their otherwise safe seats.*

            Yeah, if I write that, it may prove to be one of my greater accomplishments in snark. And probably will not suffice to preserve any of my sanity, if such should still exist.

            All tact and no trolling makes Bob go crazy…
            All tact and no trolling makes Bob go crazy…
            All tact and no trolling makes Bob go crazy…
            All tact and no trolling makes Bob go crazy…
            All tact and no trolling makes Bob go crazy…
            All tact and no trolling makes Bob go crazy…

  8. I’m amused (and thrilled) that the teacher’s unions are doing their best to kill public education. I wish them the best of luck. Be safe; stay home!

    1. “We’ve got to close the schools until they can be safe!”

      *Listens to this on the news report, disbelieving. Starts tallying mental list of broken bones, assaults, etc. suffered while in school right under Watchful Teachers’ Eyes. Falls on floor, laughing hysterically.*

      Wait, wait, they were serious…?

      1. Oh, it gets better– they were in the middle of another “make the flu vaccination a mandatory one for school kids” when this started. Several of the examples WERE vaccinated, but they had deaths to point at, so it’s silly to let parents keep their kids home if they think they’re sick, just forcibly vaccinate everyone.

        Now, something that’s even less likely to even have SYMPTOMS, much less kill a kid…shut down the schools!

        1. a few localities here had closings or nearly closed from flu cases, and bringing them up gets blank stares.
          December had a rash but then mid January we had departments shut down for a shift from people out sick.

          1. Locally not only did a grade school shut down, twice, due to flu cases, a 6 year old died because of the flu. Rumor was undiagnosed heart condition. But despite assurances that when that was confirmed it would be reported, somehow it never was. Question? Was the heart condition before the flu? Or was the heart condition because of the flu? Or were they blowing smoke?

        1. That was my reaction after Al Franken announced his candidacy for U.S. senate from MN. Unfortunately, too many of my co-residents took him seriously. }:-(

    2. Yes. That is the second post for PJ (Should show up soon)
      Everything they do is destroying what the long march through the institutions accomplished. Drink.

  9. Here in Alabama our so called governor issued a mandatory facemask eo a few weeks ago. If the masks did any good for virus I might agree with it. The usual surgical mask works, sort of, for germs and bacteria. Virus not so. For a mask and virus to work would violate the laws of physics. Think of the germs and bacterial as the size of truck. The mask stands a change of stopping it. Think of the virus as the size of a particle of sand. The mask stops very little and that by accident. Social distancing is a joke, and a sick one at that. The covid never was a pandemic. Unless, you had co-morbidity. With co-morbidity any flu is a pandemic. They are trying to have us for lunch. The happening in Austin the last few days shows how the pendulum is starting to swing. They want lawless in the streets. Wonder how they will find lawful in the streets to their liking.
    I fear that whoever wins in Nov, it will be civil war. Heck, it already is.
    By all means, as Oct comes in start stocking up with anything and everything you can think of and afford. May God help you if you don’t. Actually, don’t wait for Oct. stock with anything that can last now and the perishable stuff later. Just be careful with your timing.

  10. The devil’s abroad. The antifa crowd are about as vile a bunch as one could imagine: pedophiles, flagellants, and all the other vices. On the other hand, you can see that hand of God. Why else would the democrat’s public face be Jerrold Nadler? We underestimate His irony.

    1. Antifa is a vulgar concatenation of mediocrities. I’m sure they do include practitioners of most of the Left’s popular vices…the ones stupid enough to think that going public won’t end badly. The smart ones are staying in their own subcultures, and so long as they only involve consenting adults, I don’t care.

      I have Gay friends and family members who are one variety or another of Trans. My hope is that when the Fascist Left blows up, they don’t get caught in the blast.

        1. Some of these antifa people are just creepy. like Jeffery Dahmer creepy. I’ve been following this for some time. Other than superficial charm, they check every box in the Hare Psychopathy Checklist.

          As for Nadler. we have to remember that Nadless — that’s what they called him, bit of obsolescent NYC slang — was uncool at Stuyvesant HS back in the day. Chucky Schumer was the cool kid there. Think about that for a second.

          Whatever happens in November or after, I will wake up every morning knowing that I’m not Jerrold Nadler or Chuck Schumer, or any of the other psychopaths and thank God for his manifold blessings.

      1. “Don’t do it in the street and frighten the horses”. Yep.

        Me, I tend to get cranky along the lines of, “You know, some of us don’t even think about sex for days at a time – longer, if the rest of you don’t bring it up. And you think I’m the unspeakable one.”

        1. If they try to give you crud about it, be reassured that my Elf and I are definitely not hung up about sex or its natural results, and we can still go days without thinking about it.

          Had one twit try to pull the “oh, well SHE must not really like it, it’s all him.” Had the poor timing to do so when dear husband was in ear-shot. Was very humorously disabused of that notion.

          They’re just doing that annoying, serious version of Naotsugu’s philosophy:

          1. *Snrk* Now, Naotsugu I could live with!

            But as you can imagine high school was pure hell. (And it was a Catholic school at that.) All because someone got onto me about “Don’t you like boys?”
            “Oh, so you like girls then?”
            me (incredibly confused and horribly annoyed, why is it anyone’s business?): “I don’t like anybody.”

            People are so darn weird about that….

            1. I like Naotsugu. 😀 At least his posturing and posing doesn’t get in the way of being a decent guy, and he acts like it’s something he deserves to get smacked for, not something he should be praised for.


              1. *Wry* What really confused me was, hey, we’re in a Catholic HS where chastity is a Thing and people are supposedly encouraged to have vocations which mean No Sex, Please – so why is this somehow a problem?

                *G* I suspect my former classmates would be incensed to realize they confused me more than ticked me off.

            2. Daughtorial Unit’s attitude was, “No – I don’t like boys. I like men. And NOT the type of men who molest high-school girls.”

              DU was mean. I’ve no idea where she got it from. Beloved Spouse, most likely.

  11. Presently trending at PJM is some article by a White Mormon Male (with a great rack.)

    We’re Seeing the Death Rattle of the Revolution, Not Its Birth
    By Sarah Hoyt
    I’m not surprised, though I am chagrined, that a lot of people, including people I know and respect, are buying into the idea that what we’re in the midst of is a Marxist revolution in the U.S.

    Look, I understand, okay? Not as many people have had the experience I had of living under unbridled, unmasked Marxist power, so you don’t understand their myths and how they actually connect with reality. Oh, you’re starting to see it, as the left drops its masks, but it’s not the same as seeing them running around, showing their behinds and expounding the craziest theories during your formative years, when your eye is unsparing. There is a reason it was a little boy who cried “the king goes naked.”

    Let’s start with what the left thinks they are doing:

          1. No. He’s still lamenting every night. Breaks your heart. And he goes and sniffs where Greebo used to sleep, and comes back and very clearly asks questions.
            At least he’s eating again.

            1. Lil Bit lamented Thump for weeks. She’s stopped now. Now she grumbles about the new kittens. They are now free to roam the full house. They staged a breakout of their confined area. Good thing I caught them at it on the stairs because Lil Bit had just been let out & we were still leaving the door open … not anymore. They’ve got a few months and pouring down rain nasty storms, snow if possible, before they are allowed to cautiously investigate that other room.

              Pepper still misses Thump. It just comes through. She is finding the kittens want to play, but she can’t play rough. Just too little. They also want to cuddle. She’s not quite sure how to deal with that.

    1. As much as I want to believe that this trajectory is what is happening, I am not so sure in the marrow.

      Mostly because I have read convincing arguments that China and Russia are using cats paws here in the states to bring us down, due to the long game of the Devil cloaked in Marxism and Maoism. And that this insurgency is going to get really really bad, and I don’t know anyone locally, besides two other families, who are USAins.

      1. Too bad we can’t do AtoH state meet-ups. I’ve been trying to figure out how to just meet the people in my neighborhood so I know what they think about all the craziness. I’m not very good at it, but trying. It would be nice to know the USAins from the Marxists. Bleh.

        I’m starting to think everyone is Marxist now and it’s driving me crazy. Friends I thought were sane are posting the crazy. My husband suggested a cute little checklist to post to the StupidBook with a “how many of these do you agree with” based off the communist manifesto so I know who to unfriend. Not that I mind disagreements with individual people, but it’s really scary to imagine a majority made up of them.

          1. Ayup! The 50-star goes up on special occasions, but Ol’ Betsy’s flag is flying 24/7. $SPOUSE asked me not to fly the Gadsden flag just yet.

            FWIW, we’re rural, so the odds are better. The new neighbors (Cali Ex-pats, weren’t sure of politics, had reasons to be wary) threw a party on the 4th. Quite USAian, and as it turns out, of the neighbors invited, pretty much all are considerably to the right of Lenin. (Closer to Reagan, as best as I can tell.) The three of us at the head of the private road are all still flying flags, though mine is the only 13 star. Others at the party are ranchers, who’ve seen the results of Kate’s and the Fed’s overreaches. FWIW, we’re in the red county portion of Oregon and a lot of us are getting frightfully annoyed at being asked to do things that make the urban progs happy at our expense.

            I lurk on Gab, don’t do other anti-social media, but if things go sideways, the local group of people could form something appropriate.

            1. I don’t really even lurk on gab, I got an account but pretty much ignoring it.
              been deleting my twitter aps as that account was suspended for a 9 year old tweet.

            2. Ayup! The 50-star goes up on special occasions, but Ol’ Betsy’s flag is flying 24/7. $SPOUSE asked me not to fly the Gadsden flag just yet.

              Can I ask why the specialty flag is standard and the US flag is for special occasions?

              1. I also fly the Betsy Ross. Husband lost the fight on the gadsden. It’s right there on the lawn. Yes, if things go South, they know where to aim.
                So do we.

              2. The Betsy Ross is still an official US flag. As is are snek, the Stainless Banner and other Confederate flags, by Federal law.

                “Is it appropriate to fly a flag that has fewer than 50 stars?

                Yes. Official United States flags are always considered living, active flags. From the Betsy Ross flag to the present 50-star flag, any flag that at some time was the official flag is still considered a living flag to be accorded all due respect.”

                1. There was a bit of time travel in last season of Grantchester. It’s set in 1957-58ish, but an episode had a person from the north of England pretending to be a Hollywood expat to seduce the local girls. He had a flag on the wall, a right proper 50 star one. Seems I remember Hawaii being admitted in 1960. Oops.

              3. Old Tucson has an original 48 star flag we fly on special occasions, like Arizona’s Birthday.

              4. The standard flag is a nice one; while the BR is nylon and less expensive. I also need to move the standard one so it doesn’t hang up on barbed wire. (Mice ate the standard flag that used to be on the BR flagpole, and the replacement uses a different pole.)

                Any implication of damned rebelliousness is purely a figment of ones imagination. Hand me my musket.

            3. > closer to Reagan

              …who was Literally Hitler, except for two Bushes and Trump. And from where I sit waaaay out on the end of the sigma curve, Uncle Ronnie was definitely left-of-center.

              During his time in office he proposed that the minimum wage laws be changed to allow single people and minors to be paid less than people who were married and over 18. Stomped the whole idea of “equal pay for equal work” into the dirt. The letters I sent on that, and some of his other bonehead ideas, are probably the first documents in my Secret Service and FBI files…

              The nice thing about being a political extremist is you don’t have to spend much time wondering about people’s
              political positions, with very rare exceptions, they’re all some kind of Commie.

        1. This morning I had to leave the house to chill out a bit– long story, not relevant– and when I’d finished my excuse errand, I was still pissed.

          So I drove through town, which was going to make me more depressed….but I stopped to play pokemon, sometimes that helps. Didn’t notice until I stopped that the gazebo was packed full of all the folks who would usually be sitting in the coffee shop across the road.

          No masks visible. I had my windows down, because that’s part of how I chill out, and the car was full of happy, chattery, gossipy normal.

          I recognized at least one of the ladies from the grocery store maybe half an hour earlier, where she’d been wearing a mask.

          Best guess, a lot of folks have bought into the “masks are polite” thing.

      2. russia (the CCCP before it) and china have always got cats paws working against us
        all too many more than willing and free of charge

  12. >> “But they had to go for the pee dossier and claim he really did grab them by the p*ssy and REEEEEE to 11.”

    Heh. Yesterday Freefall had a good line: “Please dial it back to 11.” I think the left might be there.

  13. We’ve had cloth for thousands of years. We’ve had fatal respiratory diseases even longer. Yet it took the CDC up to a few weeks ago to realize that the one stopped the other?

    1. Worse, they discovered it when this was tried, a century back, and had either no effect or made things worse.

      Tried to explain that away with appeal to Those Stupid Civies…until someone noticed that nurses were using them and it still didn’t help….

      Cloth mask =/= stopping viruses!

      Check out the setup that they used to model breathing, too. Looks really familiar.

  14. Actually, this is feeling more like ‘Another turn of the screw’ for most of us.

  15. “Revolution Is the Hell of It.”
    – A chapter title in David Friedman’s The Machinery of Freedom

  16. I just got an E-mail notice that they closed the local Bank of America branch. Yesterday several employees at the grocery store tag-teamed me about not wearing a mask. The libraries have been closed for four months. My library card expires on September 11 and there is no indication whether the libraries will be open THEN!

    What is wrong with this country? The batshit crazy is getting WORSE instead of better, and I’m still waiting for my Plague Doctor mask.
    People can make stupid mistakes, but only the government can force everybody to make the SAME stupid mistakes.

  17. Thanks, Sarah, for the bounciest, most upbeat Absolute Disaster scenario I’ve ever read! 😀
    paraphrase: “Bonny & Clyde & Thelma & Louise & Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice & Academia & Big Media are rapidly becoming irrelevant, but they will fight like Hell and they’re taking us with them!

    I great encouraged/depressed to hear this.

  18. (They even stole my grammatical abilities from my hands as I wrote this! They are powerful! They are everywhere!)

  19. I had a work acquaintance who had bailed from Catholic seminary who used to regale us with gory recitations from the Book of the Saints at lunch – bit of a joker, but even with that, I never heard of Saint Dymphna, so I searched it and found that your using the wrong pronoun for *her*.
    Fortunately, misgendering is only a mortal sin in the SJW Church 🙂

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