The Dimmed World

How can someone who weighed 16 lbs in his prime and 10 at death leave the house feeling empty?
How can a cat who was mostly silent, save for purring while cuddling and the occasional rusty-hinge meow when I wasn’t listening to him, leave the house so silent?

I slept very badly and my head hurts.  I think part of it is losing two cats so close together, in a year of tumultuous change.  Even good change is stress.

I will try to resume the blog by Thursday. Don’t worry (too much) about me.

Yes, I know Greebo was just a cat. As was Euclid.

I’m not sure what that means, but I know it.

I’ll go on.  This will pass. And I’m aware I’m probably being stupid. But I feel like I’m thinking through goop.

I’ll be back.

109 thoughts on “The Dimmed World

  1. When it comes to those who steal our hearts and carry them off to Heaven, long before the rest of us follows, there is no ‘just’ about a pet.


    1. First thing I said when I read the post. There’s no such thing as -just- a cat. Or just a dog, for that matter.

      They come to us, and we love them, and then they go. That’s how they are, and how we are. They must go, and we must stay. We love them anyway. It is enough.

  2. Pets are never, ever “just a…”
    They are small (or not-so-small) bundles of near-unconditional love and affection, that bring joy and light to ones life (even if all they do is curl up on the couch and snooze most of the time.)
    They are confidants who never judge, shoulders to cry on with no shame, and friendly faces to come home too.

    They become family members, brothers / sisters to those who have them.

    Farewell Greebo, I never knew you, but wish I could’ve.

  3. Saying a prayer for you. I just lost one and the house is empty and there is a hole in it. Never feel bad about losing a pet for they are family too. Mine was 16, a long time to have that little ball of fur in the house everyday.

  4. I don’t think you’re being stupid. Cats are a part of our lives, and they leave a hole when they’re gone. We have to deal with that, and it’s never easy.

    They give so much more than they take.

  5. People are not properly measured by their physical size or their decibel loudness, but by their spirit. And cats we love are people. Maybe by osmosis, they absorb some vital characteristic of humans, or maybe their are messengers sent to us by the Kami. These uncertainties are one of MANY reasons I am an agnostic and not a believer in some specific sect (and certainly not an atheist). I see the process in dogs, too, and am told something like it happens with horses. Other animals? I have no idea.

    Greebo had a large spirit. He would have to, to support such an iconic Name, and from what you tell us he supported it well.

    Perhaps you should write a book about Greebo. It might disappear without a ripple, but other, similar books have done well, and you write eloquently about him. I would buy it.

    But my feelings on the matter are colored by a love for THE DOG WHO WOULDN’T BE.

  6. I think you need a new ball of fluff that is just figuring out how to cat…

    oh wait, that’s me. i need the new ball of fluff. My room is very quiet with no one bugging me for pets or chasing the red dot or moving from one napping spot to another…

  7. No such thing as “just” a cat, or a dog, or any other beloved pet. They’re family, and in some ways we can (and do) love them even more than humans in our lives because there are none of the complicated issues that come with loving other humans. It’s just love, pure and uncomplicated and always returned. And it seems the more they are loved, the more personality they have, and the more they enlarge our hearts. It also, sadly, means the hole they tear in our hearts when they finally have to leave us is huge.

    I’m so, so sorry. Greebo was the bestest cat.

    1. Of course Greebo was the best(est) cat. As is Havey and as were the ones before. The view in my family is that the superlative works differently in Feline and ALL cats are clearly the best cats.

      As others have said don’t worry about us take care of yourself and the family, especially Havey if Greebo was his buddy. It’s hard on us because we understand but it’s hard on them because they don’t/can’t understand (at least as far as I can tell).

  8. It doesn’t help that you knew this was coming, does it? I don’t know what does help, other than time. May the earth lie lightly upon Greebo, and may your heart find healing.

    1. with Greebo I didn’t. Not right away. I thought it was hyperthyroidism, at WORST and I’d get the ear cream while I wrote to get the money for the second treatment if it looked like he’d let us pill him after.
      The shock helped a little yesterday. Not today.

  9. Think of Greebo not in pain, happy and waiting for the day long in the future when he will see his special human again who did so much to give him a better life.

    1. Because the clock never ticks in Heaven, Greebo’s wait will be brief — even as yours will be long.

      And yet, cats being what they are, prepare to be scolded for keeping him waiting. Not because he minded, but because you need to be put in your place.

  10. Peace to you and your poor bruised heart. Pets are our alter-egos. That’s the reason they were referred to as “familiars” in sorcery. And the best of them — the faithful, loving and protective ones — are the best reflection of ourselves. So yes, it IS losing a piece of ourselves when they move on. I still saw a shadow of our beloved Earnie years after he died, just out of the corner of my eye, and always gone if I turned. After a while, I wouldn’t turn, just softly say “hey, there.”

    1. I still dream of my cat’s beloved and much-missed brother. My parents have felt him curl up on the bed with them. He’s the only one of our beloved ones to do that–and I think it’s because for us, he just vanished one day (I think a coyote got him, or he was hit by a car in his adventuring, he wasn’t that old), and so he knew he had to come say goodbye to help ease the pain of hoping to find him alive.

      1. Tyke disappeared too. He was old. He was sick. He slipped out. We know he’s gone. It has been 20 years. Doubt he lived to be 40 … First of the cats to not come to use to say “hold me” and go to sleep. Not the last one. But the neighbors knew where he belonged.

  11. “JUST a cat” isn’t accurate. Cats are beloved family members. You’ve lost two family members in rapid succession. Take your time to grieve, and don’t feel guilty about it. Hugs.

  12. My mom made the mistake of saying “Thump was just a cat”, “Silver was just a cat”, once. Not in our household. They are much more than that. Much, much, more. Each and everyone that has passed over to guard the Rainbow Bridge and wait for us. Ours will wait for each of us. Because those at the Rainbow Bridge can do that, regardless of which of us goes first, all our pets will be there together greet each of us individually.

  13. Condolences, Sarah. Cats are real people, aren’t they … Though maybe a bit more like aliens than us. Sorry for your loss.

  14. You’re not being stupid. It hurts like hell. No such thing as just a cat. We lost two cats within a month of each other, both were unexpected. I love the one that we have left, but I miss the other two terribly. They were unique, just as this one is, and they cannot be replaced. Many hugs to you.

  15. It’s not stupid, they’re family. Grieving is necessary and does not have a right or wrong way or length.
    Take care, we’re rooting for you!

  16. It’s just a pet? Might as well try saying “It’s just breathing”.

    Try doing without it and see what happens.

    It will get easier, of course, with time.

    If I stop to think about it, I can still feel the texture of the fur under my fingertips of all the pets I’ve had…and most have been gone for years. Each is a distinct memory.

    And I’ll cherish that feeling forever.

  17. Sarah, you go take care of yourself. Hug your kids, kiss your husband, give Havey all the pets he wants.

    We’ll be here when you get back.

  18. Lots of things that are truly important ‘sound stupid’ when you are trying to explain them while you are deeply hurting.

    You don’t need to explain to us or apologize.

  19. Losing any of my cats has hit me like a hammer, but some take the light and oxygen from the house for days or weeks. Some years (see my thumbnail.) With sympathy and tears.

  20. {{{HUG}}} When we lose a family member, we are all lessened. Take the time you need to grieve.

  21. I think it was Alan Clark who, when told on his deathbed that he wouldn’t see his dogs in heaven, told the priest he wasn’t going there then. Quite right.

    1. “If there’s no dogs in Heaven, then it ain’t Heaven.” Dennis the Menace
      Applies to cats too, if you’re a cat person. Ferrets. Hedgehogs. Birds. Whatever fur/feather/scalekids you might grow attached to.

        1. I tend to skip the question of spirit, and go straight to love.

          It hurts, because we love them, right?

          God is love. There’s loves that are disordered, but love of pets to the point it hurts when they die doesn’t have any of the warning signs.

          So it is love, and a healthy one.

          God isn’t going to ignore that– whatever is good and true in it, He’ll take care of it.

          Although just because I trust him with the details, it doesn’t mean I won’t choose favorite ways of picturing it.
          Envisioning Spanish, Mama Cat, old Hank, Comanche and a dozen other animals, minimum, hanging out on the Bifrost? I like that one.

      1. Yep. “Sure, you say you are St. Peter, but just to be sure before I go in, show me the dogs and cats.”

    2. There’s a Twilight Zone episode along that line. The protagonist dies, and in the afterlife he’s joined by his beloved dog (who presumably predeceased him). He walks up to a gate, beyond which is a beautiful vista. He’s told it’s Heaven, but his dog can’t come with him. He says any place his dog can’t join isn’t Heaven, and keeps walking to another gate. There he’s told both he and his dog are welcome — and by the way, the other gate wasn’t Heaven at all.

      1. “The Hunt” was the name of the story. Man and dog drowned on a raccoon hunt.

        “You see, Mr. Simpson, a man, well, he’ll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But even the Devil can’t fool a dog!”

        Closing narration:
        Travelers to unknown regions would be well advised to take along the family dog. He could just save you from entering the wrong gate. At least, it happened that way once—in a mountainous area of the Twilight Zone.

        Any dog lover would wholeheartedly agree.

        I am rather horrendously allergic to cats. But I’ve befriended many, or, rather, they’ve befriended me. We were adopted by Luke, who was an escape artist as well as living proof of the term “cat burglar”–skylights were just as convenient as doors, after all. Only cat I ever saw who, when he wanted privacy, would walk into his carrier, then reach out and close the door behind him with his paw. Enjoyed neighborhood walks with us–note, no leash, but simply enjoyed our company, never straying far..

        As for my allergies? That’s what antihistamines are for.

        Tennyson’s adage that “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” ain’t just about people, in my book.

        1. Pixel walked the boys to school. he also would leave the house and wait for them to walk them back home, at the right time.
          My kids had no idea this was weird.

          1. Puts me in mind of a gray-and-white tomcat I had. He’d wait for me when I got home, walked with me as I went to the mailbox, and back to the condo.

  22. The love of a pet is not less than that of a spouse or a child, yet it is too easily dismissed as “just a pet” even by those who know such love. It diminishes our grief at the parting not one whit to have known the ending at the start. You shared a life and a love which merit honor and grief, and do we less with any other love entrusted to us?

    Spend time bronzing your memories of Greebo the Great and know the blog will be here Thursday, Friday, and even next Monday if that’s what it takes. Spend time with Havey the Dim, who is surely wondering and distressed over the disappearance of his foster brother. Spend time with Dan, with Marshall and with Robert, as possible – even if only in heart and memory.

    But there better be something for us to gnaw upon in a week, or else we’ll have to wait a few more days.

    1. Yes, we can wait. Both of our dogs have GI issues from hot weather, made worse for Sara with her other illnesses. We have no idea how long Sara will last, but as long as she’s happy and not in pain, we’ll take things as they are. When it’s time for her to cross that bridge, she can join the others waiting.

      And no, there is no “just a cat” when said four-foot is family. We understand. See you when you are ready. We’ll keep the place (sort of) in order, and maybe try to cheer up Fluffy and friends. (Did Nessie say the minions were organizing a Celtic wake?)

        1. No, she’s mentioned still having Valeria. Although, since Val is one of those cats who hates other cats – an annoying and inconvenient trait – Havey’s kind of on his own right now.

        2. No. But he’s the last one who’ll cuddle me.
          And I swear he was left instructions. I just took a shower, after doing some wall painting, and he did the Greebo thing of glaring at me from outside the shower. (Greebo though showers a distressing perversion. I mean, he was perfectly willing to groom me.)

        3. I’m feeling a little better. Younger son really is a genius. He decided his kitchen (not a lot of walls, because it’s tiny and has cabinets on most of it) needed to be sunny yellow, and dragged me off to buy paint and begged me to paint (he did all the taping and prep work.)
          Weirdly, this was somewhat helpful. Which…. eh.

  23. One of the bulldog ghosts just wandered by and said “wuffle”. I don’t know why (I never do) and it doesn’t happen often; they have Mother and Father to look after. But I think it means “Greebo arrived and is resting.”

  24. Others have already said that there’s no “just a cat” about it, but I’ll add my voice to that chorus.

    Take as much time to grieve as you need. We’ll still be here when you get back.

  25. There is not “just” when it comes to our companions.

    Some of them walk on two feet, others on four, some even have wings, but they are our companions, our friends, our family.

    When they are gone from our lives the pain of that loss is real regardless the form their body took.

    You are not being stupid, you are mourning. They were good souls.

  26. Cats (and dogs) are not just cats or dogs. They are family and when they pass we profoundly miss them. Since we have had only one cat we have served as staff for at a time, when they go we definitely feel their absence, no matter whether expected or unexpected.
    Please, take all the time you need to mourn. We will be here when you get back. We even promise not to run riot and do any damage (okay, I promise that, I can’t speak on that aspect for anyone else).

  27. I know that folks say “it’s just a _________” when they’re trying to help, but the only place I’ve seen similar stuff being useful is when someone is being silly– and obviously, that flat out doesn’t work.

    It’s like the “it can always be worse!” game. Oh, great, so I lost a leg– but I’m not dead? Um, OK? From the inside, that could help, but from outside, it is just annoying.

    You miss him. Of course it hurts.

  28. All my sympathy. We’ve said goodbye to 11 cats and 2 dogs in our time. Hurts every time. Sharon and I are expecting a wall of fur to greet us if we ever get to heaven. Obviously you and Dan will have the same.

  29. He was not just a cat. Neither was Euclid. They are (present tense intended) your friends. They are no longer present on this plane.

    Valhalla is richer for them and we are indeed poorer. Thor, Cyrene, Baggins, (all of whom loved our cats) have welcomed him. As have Ares (trust me he’s in Valhalla with the others) Zeus, Odin, Homer, Xena, Gabrielle, Queti, Joxer, Slinky and Mr Stinkyman.

    Warriors all. All of whom made lives richer and deeper with their love, affection and devotion.

    Thank the good Lord of all that we will see them all again.

  30. We do worry, Sarah. Not terribly, but we care. You share your working and family life with us, and we trust your words.

    You’ve lost two beloved cats in a short time, and you only have one left. They are creatures of emotion and need, and it’s through that that we know them. Surely you’re cat-lonely? It can’t pass quickly.

    1. I have two, but Valeria the purloined cat hates all cats and, inexplicably, is afraid of me. She does adore Dan, though. (Inexplicably –I rescued and bottle fed her when she was two weeks old and dying of an infection. We gave her to someone who it turns out didn’t like her, but wouldn’t admit it and give her back, even though he knew that Dan only gave her up reluctantly… And then that person, on the brink of homelessness gave her back to us. That he didn’t even ever ask about her again is one of the reasons we’ve walled him out of our lives [trust me, it takes some doing.]

  31. There is no “just a cat,” or dog, or ferret, or bunny, or… okay you probably get the idea.

    That epithet may only be properly applied to goldfish, maybe.

    When our furry companions leave us, they take part of us with them.

    1. Heh, I’d agree on the fish, only apparently there was an angelfish when I was a very small kid who used to play with me, so…possibly even fish. (And of course, I remember Sarah’s stories of their beta-fish.)

          1. Greebo can’t be dictating stories from the other side, right? Only I have a story with him as an uplifted/enhanced/ psi-able cat-hero in a noir version of our world, where these cats guard humanity from evil aliens.
            The Long Purr Goodbye.
            I’ve written like 2k words. Am I going insane?

            1. Lady, I’ve been here a few years. If you’re only just now going insane then on behalf of this community I have to ask what took you so long to join us. 😛

              All kidding aside, though, my guess is that this is part of the grieving/healing process for you. You are a writer, after all. My suggestion would be to roll with it and keep writing the story as long as the drive is there.

            2. “In a world gone mad tis folly to be sane”.

              Once, while sleeping at a friend’s home as a house guest, in the wee small hours of the morning I woke up to a light in the other room. I saw a tabby cat watching me from the barely cracked open doorway. I knew my friend had cats, and I had carefully closed the door before sleeping, so I was a bit disturbed at the potential allergy attack on 4 legs paying me a visit. But, in exhaustion and jet-lag, I simply said “Hi cat. I know you like me now, but you won’t like me sneezing. So, please, just let me sleep.” I drifted off at that time.

              In the morning, I noticed the door was open but didn’t see the cat. At breakfast, I mentioned a tabby had come to visit me in the night, at which time I was informed by the hostess that her only tabby cat had passed away a few years back…and the other cats were locked up in another room in deference to my allergies.

              Just a vivid dream? Possibly, but I usually don’t remember dreams, except for short flashes. When I do remember a full dream, it’s usually because I’m a lucid dreamer–I have the ability to direct the course of my dreams while still asleep (long story–it was a reaction to childhood nightmares. Basically, if the monsters wanted to get me, I made sure I got them first) so this was definitely an unusual event.

              But not the only one…

              A few days after my mother passed, I had another vivid dream.

              I dreamed I was in my mom’s house, when I heard someone in her bedroom. Going there, I saw my mother folding laundry, the same way she always did. In my shock, I said “But you’re dead!”

              She gave me the patented long suffering pitying mom-look every kid knows. “Don’t be silly!” And she continued to fold laundry, while my mind continued to boggle.

              Finishing the laundry, she put it in a basket, and as she walked out of the door, she calmly said (speaking like every mother explaining something to a confused kid) “Don’t worry. Everything will be okay. Just get on with it.”

              She walked past me, and went about her business–and I woke up. It is one of the few complete dreams I remember in my life.

              I decided, regardless of this event being the result of grief, random neurons firing, psychotic break, or supernatural origin, the advice sounded right, so I got on with it–it being life.

              These experiences led me to also understand why some believe in ghosts. Yes, it can all be rationally explained, but the experience was real enough to make me open to the idea.

              So, is Greebo sending story ideas from beyond? Why ask? Just get on with it. Gift horse dentistry is seldom a good idea, you know…

              And take my money when it comes out because I like psi-critter stories.

              1. I decided, regardless of this event being the result of grief, random neurons firing, psychotic break, or supernatural origin, the advice sounded right, so I got on with it–it being life.

                Good choice.

                I’ve gotten either one or two of those, I think of them as gifts. (one or two because it depends on how you figure and y’all don’t need my brains laid out here right now)

                The one like your mom was my sister, and I didn’t get a dream– I just got absolute, 100%, unshakeable sure that she was finally alright, she was safe, she was happy.
                I can make myself unhappy fussing about almost anything, and generally do when things are going well, but I can’t shake that.

                Which sounds silly beyond the whole “well, stop fussing, it’s good advice” angle, until you know that several months later I hacked into her email to get access to shut down/archive her accounts. The security question was “what do you want to be when you grow up?”
                The answer?

                1. My mother got a dream about her mother-in-law (they did NOT get on in life, though it was largely one sided on my grandmother’s side) where grandma apologized to her for how she’d treated my mom while alive. Since grandma NEVER would have done that in life, we figured it might have been an actual visit–now that she’s on the other side and free of the crazy that informed a lot of her, ahem, behavior. It helped Mom a lot.

                  (I wish she would appear to my dad, so he’d finally forgive her–but then again, my dad has an incredibly thick skull on the whole dreams/apparitions front, so it’s possible she’s trying but not getting through.)

              2. My grandfather had a very long conversation with my brother (who only lived for 6 hours) the night before my brother’s funeral. Changed his life. (And I was pleased to learn that I will NOT be the only redhead in the family. The other surviving birth-sibling is dark blond like Mom. My brother that died, however, is a redhead according to grandpa.) Said he appeared to be around ten years old during their chat (although I suspect the, ahem, level of their chat was far beyond an earthly ten year old, heh.)

                Relatives appearing to family (or making their presence known in some way) is very common. So of COURSE pets–who are also family–make their presence known /seen if it’s needed by the humans.

                Dunno why you needed to see tabby cat. Or maybe she only paid your dreams a visit. (As I said elsewhere, I have had more than one dream about Beckham-cat, though I chastised him last time since the dream is inevitably about finding him alive and well and I wake up SO SAD because I know he’s gone. I think he got miffed; I haven’t had one since, heh. Or maybe it was finally the “goodbye” I needed.)

            3. I’ve written like 2k words. Am I going insane?

              You write SF/F … how would we be able to tell?

            4. So our theory for alien abductees is that the little gray men are actually pissed off cats. Or cat ancestors. Or cats from the future. Or evil cats (who trust me do exist!!)??

              It’s the eyes.

              So yes maybe the role of cats is indeed to protect us from evil!!!

      1. You gave a part of yourself to Greebo, and now he’s gone. That leaves a hole. Ain’t nuthin’ stupid about it.

  32. I’m so sorry. It’s the price of loving them and being loved by them, and one, like you, I continue to willingly pay.

    IMO there’s no worse insult that “just a cat” or “just a dog” or “just an anything” that someone loved. Your heart is your own as mine is my own, and that part of the world with no respect for that needs to keep its distance and keep its mouth shut.

  33. Sorry for the loss of your beloved kitty. He will wait for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

  34. To love is to offer a hostage to the world. Those who love much grieve much. So the strange thing of loss: The hole is the size of the love. The love is real. The pain is real. The pain is love turned inside out. If only we could see the love instead of the grief, but that would be wrong, the loss is real. The grief honors your Love.

    I know that you know He waits to escort you over the rainbow bridge. Eternity will be shared with him. The older I get, the larger the escort crowd grows. This is the great promise. Death does not win in the end. “I go to prepare a place for you”.

    Till then, goodbye beloved. We will see you again, where pain does cease and tears are washed away…

  35. They’re not “just” cats, they’re our friends and family. They are loved and are grieved to the fullest measure of that love. You’re absolutely not being stupid! You are understandably grieving the loss of a beloved family member. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know how much it hurts.

  36. Over the years, I’ve had four cats. But they all went MIA…the last with a distinct “I’m out of here” look on her face. But it still hurts…and what you’re going through hurts worse. My condolences.

  37. Somewhere Robert Heinlein is surprised to find a small black cat curl up at his feet in a way that clearly says “I suppose you’ll do, for now.”

  38. Just wanted to say that Euclid has found a place on the back of a Golden Retriever the size of a polar bear. Greebo, I’ll find a place for him too. I rule the world, and because I rule it, I get to decide what cats are in it.

    And speaking of ruling the world, I found this A-Ha cover. It has feeling.

      1. I love that one.

        Try this, a sort-of swing version of “Take on Me” in keeping with the 80s YouTube hole I fell down. It’s very silly. ~:D

  39. I’m so sorry for your loss. Greebo’s now on his 10th life, having passed thru that great cat door in the sky.

  40. Caring for the world and its creatures is one of the things we were made to do. Of course it hurts that death is in the world, that we can’t protect our pets from it, and that we don’t know where they go or if they await us.

    But “all Creation is groaning” will not last forever. He Who made all things loves all things.

  41. Sarah, you have my deepest sympathy – I’ve lost many cats over the years (I’m 73), and it’s always hard. One that especially tore me up was Freddy the Freeloader, who I found as a bug-ridden half-starved stray kitten – he lived with me for 23 years, then had a sudden stroke that paralyzed his back half. I was blinded with sorrow for several days after I had to have him put to sleep – that was a couple of decades ago, and I still get leaky eyes when I remember him.

  42. Humans really became modern humans because we moved from scrabbling and scavenging at the remains of leftover kills to making alliances with other species, starting with dogs and then cats. By the time agriculture came about, not having help to keep the rodents in check meant not having your children survive the winter. And who else would possibly supervise with the skill of cats?

    When we have shared lifetimes over the past 40,000 years (some are now positing 100,000 years) we have built more than just an operator-to-appliance relationship. As such we would not be truly human if we did not care.

    The Rainbow Bridge needs its guardians. Greebo has certainly found a new warrior’s calling while he passes the orthogonal time waiting to greet you again. And I am also certain when he’s off duty the Great Halls of Vallhalla welcome him as one of their own.

    1. Does not disprove the hypothesis that the current mess is simply the result of Bubba hollowing out the Democratic Party, and Hillary pulling it into her insanity.

      Hillary would have never amounted to as much if her sexual preference had not been in line with marrying a serial rapist, defending him, and riding on his coattails.

      She still would have been a woman determined to succeed on ‘her own merits’, without being carried by a man, and incapable of performing at that level without both a man carrying her, and the support of a bunch of feminist women with a similar need for a female symbol of ‘success without the help of a man’.

      She’s a fraud disturbed because she is empty, and dependent on other frauds troubled by their own emptiness.

      1. Hillary has been a fraud her entire life. she was dismissed from the Democratic Party staff on the select committee for the Nixon impeachment investigation because of dishonesty and unethical conduct. It should have been no surprise to anyone that she has continued in such a manner her entire life, including being one of the drivers of the whole Russia collusion hoax, noting that Team Obama, all the way up to the top with Obama and Biden themselves, were enthusiastic supporters and directors of the hoax and the criminal conspiracy to spy on the Trump campaign and than to undermine the Trump administration when he won.

  43. Crazy Thought.

    Will Greebo start showing up in Sarah’s stories?

    IE This strange cat who makes “editorial” comments about the characters, their world and the plot. 😆

  44. I work at home so my dogs are a constant companion/reminder always watching me and being watched by me (I have the odd black bear visitor) … when I had just 1 older dog Betty who had to finally be put to sleep I spent several months checking up on her or expecting her to check up on me … its like a lost limb … you still feel them when they are gone …

  45. Amazing how a 10 lb. cat leaves a 100 lb. hole in your heart,isn’t it? May Greebo’s memories only bring smiles to your face and lightness to your heart after the initial pain fades.

  46. All condolences and comfort to you (all) on the sudden departure of Greebo.

    Our little friends come into our lives, sometimes quite stealthily, they make a place and a home there, they bless us in both obvious and uncountable ways, and then they depart — sometimes very much against our own desires or even theirs, sometimes against our best efforts.

    Almost as if to remind us that everything and everyone has its own life and its own destiny, which sometimes can also be ours to change for the better (as we see it) and sometimes not.

    (The same way Inky, our most recent feline loss, could have been a Buddhist lesson on impermanence personified. One morning, at 13, still curled up in her accustomed place to sleep, she simply didn’t get up on her own — and was stiff as a board when I nudged her. No drama, no fuss, simply gone. And if you combine her looks with the slighter build of her own most remarkable mother, you get almost the picture of Greebo; one of the reasons I was “cheering” as hard for him as I was.)

    Belated as this might seem there is a reason: it turns out I couldn’t write and post this until I’d written something else first. (See, hopefully, below.)

    …and where species is no barrier to friendship.

    Evidently, quite clearly on the evidence, it’s not a barrier here either.

    Only, “now we see as through a glass darkly; then we will meet face to face.”

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