I am alive

And everything is okay.
Today is younger son’s moving day and I kept watch on his u haul while they were loading it.  It’s not a lot, but I’m glad I could do something.

Unfortunately, since he’s moving from the springs, we had to leave early enough I couldn’t write a post.

This is just the “I”m okay, don’t worry.” post.

36 thoughts on “I am alive

    1. I’m sure it was for the good of them all.

      Except the ones who are dead, of course.

  1. Braggart.

    Being alive is easy – it’s staying that way’s the challenge.

    Congratulations on evicting promoting to independent living Son #2.

    Change the locks, Now!

      1. Well dang – I read “he’s moving from the springs” and forgot you, too, are moved from the springs.

        1. As we told him, until we move from this house, it’s a favor TO US for him to stay in basement apartment. You see, when it was last unoccupied, while older son and his wife were away to visit her family for 2 weeks, a pipe burst under the floor in the kitchen, and we didn’t know till they came back, even though I was going down there every day to feed grandcat. I just didn’t step on the ‘right” tile.
          So, if he finds a job anywhere within 100 miles, he’ll stay there until/unless he finds a girl who actively dislikes it. Until we move, which should be 4 to 5 years…

            1. yeah, but we want to design it. We have some specific requirements that in a “stock” house push us to a big house. like offices. We’d rather have a joint one,preferably attic room but the houses with that didn’t have other stuff we needed, etc.
              Also part of the reason to guy this house was to house older son while in medschool, so….

          1. Or maybe he’ll buy the house in due course… Meanwhile, sometimes it’s nice to have a basement gnome! last time I went down into mine, I was chased by giant spiders. (The toad that lives down there can’t keep up.)

  2. This is just the “We weren’t *that* worried, but we’re glad you are OK.” reply.

    1. You should consult with Artemis (Wearing the Cape) about that. Although Suddenly Alive is confusing, I gather that in opinion, it beats being Mostly Dead. And since she got to join the Superhero team which disdains bullets,, she has nothing to fear. From them,

      1. That reminds me, I am at least one book behind on that series.

        Inwould get straight to it, but a very late wizard showed up on my Kindle app Tuesday.

  3. This is just the “I”m okay, don’t worry.” post.

    Too late, already started the apocalypse plans. Try to avoid line of sight to the comet.

  4. Always a bittersweet day when a child moves out. We only had one daughter but it took (Looks at calendar) Three years eight months and six days, 12 hours and six minutes to get over it. Tomorrow.

    1. No, no. He moved in, after 3 years away. It gives him space to look for a job. IF he finds on within a 100 miles, he’ll probably stay. Which is fine, it’s an independent apartment in the basement (walk out, daylight basement) and I’d prefer it’s occupied, but don’t want to rent it.

  5. Glad to hear. And if he’s unemployed and around to help, fixing up the house should go faster.

    And on the subject of people being okay, how’s Greebo doing? You mentioned he was sick.

    1. And if he’s unemployed and around to help, fixing up the house should go faster.

      Not necessarily. Some people’s ‘help’ makes a job take much longer. Somebody once ‘helped’ me by painting the ceiling before I finished spackling and sanding.

      Government ‘help’ can turn a simple job into an impossible ordeal! Although I’m sure #2 Son can’t be on that level.

      1. As an old line around here has it “Him walking up is like two good men leaving.” Or “We call him Blister because he only shows up after the work’s done.”

    2. Marshall hasn’t officially graduated, due to the shutdown. Well, that’s the fastest/easiest explanation. There were forms not filed. He’s done all the coursework.
      IF we can get the university to JUST go through with the forms, he’ll graduate in August, then he can look. And yes, he’s been doing amazing work on the floor. I could never do it alone.
      Greebo’s hyperthyroidism has returned. It’s very fast, and since it returned, it’s obviously cancer.
      Yes, it’s curable by repeating treatment, but that’s another $2k, which right now we can’t afford, PLUS giving him a pill a day for the rest of his life which I don’t think he will tolerate.
      This is one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make.

      1. Damn. I’m sorry about that.

        On a related note, if you ever find the guest post I sent feel free to just delete it. I joke in it that I only wrote it because Greebo was forcing me to and that’s probably not appropriate now.

          1. Is “scifi hoyt” all one word? Separated by an underscore?

            As for hotmail, we did have a brief conversation through it several years ago without any problems. I assume it’s just gotten worse since then.

  6. Good to know you’re alive.

    I would say good to know you’re okay, bit we know you’re too odd for that 🙂

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