Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike and Book Promo

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FROM MARY CATELLI:  The Dragon’s Cottage



When the dragon does not come for the annual maiden to devour, the knight Theodore sets out for adventures, hoping to find what the dragon is doing.

He finds more than he thought he would.

FROM KEN LIZZI:  Warlord: Falchion’s Company Book Three


Captain Falchion, of Falchion’s Company, has reached the pinnacle of the mercenary profession. But that only means the jobs become more challenging. When the Wagon Circle threatens invasion, Falchion finds himself leading the defense. Fighting a nomadic army of armored wagons is hard enough, but the Wagon Circle possesses a secret weapon: Griffons. Facing the Wagon Circle, the combined efforts of its sorceresses, and the missiles and fire bombs of griffon riders might be too much for Falchion. Does he truly want to be a Warlord?

Warlord concludes the Falchion’s Company series.

Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike.

So what’s a vignette? You might know them as flash fiction, or even just sketches. We will provide a prompt each Sunday that you can use directly (including it in your work) or just as an inspiration. You, in turn, will write about 50 words (yes, we are going for short shorts! Not even a Drabble 100 words, just half that!). Then post it! For an additional challenge, you can aim to make it exactly 50 words, if you like.

We recommend that if you have an original vignette, you post that as a new reply. If you are commenting on someone’s vignette, then post that as a reply to the vignette. Comments — this is writing practice, so comments should be aimed at helping someone be a better writer, not at crushing them. And since these are likely to be drafts, don’t jump up and down too hard on typos and grammar.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Your writing prompt this week is: Tooth

19 thoughts on “Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike and Book Promo

  1. On The Late Riots

    Nature made a comeback
    Red in tooth and claw
    Saw what folk are made of
    Unconstrained by law
    It was different this time
    Unlike times before
    Cops knelt down abjectly
    Politicians crawled
    If you dared to question
    Antifa’s Fatwa
    You were made to suffer
    Twitter’s buzz-saw
    It’s too sad to laugh at
    Or give a loud guffaw
    Antifa’s parents drove them
    For due process of law
    Because the mess they left
    Exposed a fatal flaw
    Those who have to live there
    Can’t go to the store
    Because Antifa Burned them
    Unconstrained by law
    When nature made a comeback
    Red in tooth and claw

  2. I am glad that you informed me about Falcion series by Ken Lizzi. I have read both of the previous books and just got the third to read because of your posts.

  3. “What time is my dentist appointment?”
    “Gahddammit, I am not your walking talking calendar–”
    “It’s at Tooth Hurty!”
    “Tooth Hurty!”
    “Get out. Just…. get out.”

    1. “But… it’s the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth!”

    2. Well, you can’t pretend that those dental hygiene rules are toothless…

      That’s it! This has gone far enough! Carp! Carp for everybody!

  4. The dental hygienist frowned down at her patient.

    “You’ve not been flossing, have you, Mr. Payne?”

    “I have – after every meal!”

    “Mr. Payne,” she said, tapping his molar, “the evidence is right here – you know the tooth always hurts.”

  5. Rows of skulls greeted them, each one grinning its toothy grin.
    Autumn watched them a wary moment before continuing down the stairs. This did not cause them to chatter at her, or have something in their eyes seem to follow here. She forced herself to walk at a steady pace.

      1. There will be some people who are glad to see them and some people who — are not.

  6. Cari leaned over to peak out the airship window, bumping the seat ahead of her. Cari began to apologize, as her neighbor smiled at her with lightning-white teeth, a sickening, terrifying leer. The bespectacled woman across the aisle did the same.

    Cari awoke with a start; the engines droned on.

  7. It roared and reared up on its hind legs. Its fangs gleamed white in its blood-red mouth.
    Apollos wondered whether he should be worried that he could hear the screams and how all the prudent souls fled this monster, and he himself felt only bored.
    It roared. He blasted it.

  8. There is money in horror. It’s been her staple,

    It’s worked for years.

    She survived divorce and raised three children with it.

    However her latest vampire vs werewolf story just wasn’t working.

    Maybe, the opening line, “They fought tooth and nail”, just does not leave room for future story development.

  9. Codylanders really did love their technology. Archbishop Coquinael looked at the three pairs of trousers that had just arrived at the doorstep of the nunciature.

    Just last week the laundry had ruined three pairs of his good trousers. In normal times he would’ve ordered replacements from his regular tailor in New Rome, but these were not normal times. So he’d had to deal with a local tailor, recommended by one of his local informants.

    At first glance the garments appeared ordinary enough, until he looked at the fly. Instead of proper buttons they had a weird sliding fastener. Pull the slider up, and the two rows of teeth engaged. Pull it down, and they disengaged. Much quicker to fasten, but the risk of having something catch — just thinking about it made him wince.

    Codylanders called it a zipper.

  10. Nicole looked over the chess set, with its grim-faced infantry pawns, its gallant mounted knights, its war-elephant rooks and its bethroned kings and queens. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed. “But what is this wood? It’s so dark, but it doesn’t look stained.”

    “That’s ebony,” George told her.

    “And this wood?”

    “Ivory. But…” George hesitated, trying to think of a tactful way to explain that ivory wasn’t any kind of wood at all, but rather elephant tooth.

  11. Chrissy sobbed, wailing, pointing out into the yard. Her mother picked her up. “Lovie, it’s OK, what’s the matter?”

    “I los’ my tooth and I won’ get anything from the fairy ‘cuz it’s gone!” Indeed, a fresh gap and a little drop of blood marked the former home of the missing baby incisor.

    “We’ll find it, and the fairy will come. Do you remember where it might be?”

    Chrissy sobbed again, waving her hand toward the yard. “Out there! The tooth is out there!”

    *races for cover after getting carp-catching baskets into position*

    1. No, no, her name should be Dana, not Chrissy!

      [prepares to dodge incoming Carp]

  12. Good writers, and added to the read list… Marshak flashed his light around the alley, noting the blood staining the brick as high as six feet or so. He shook his head and turned to Evans, “Interesting, looks like a slaughter house, but not a body to be found. At least one of those in the fight had to have bled out to paint the walls like this.” Evans nodded as he chomped his ever present cigar, then knelt, shining his flashlight on something on the ground. Reaching into his pocket, he took out an evidence bag and gently scraped the object onto the bag.

    Holding it up, he rolled the cigar to the corner of his mouth and sighed. “This is gonna be ugly. This…tooth…is”

    Marshak flashed his light over it. “Oh hell. We’ve got vampires fighting again.” He chuckled. “But that explains no bodies.”

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