Everything Is Fine

Well…. kind of. I woke up feeling like I had a hangover all over my body. I THINK it was the result of doing a bunch of cleaning and moving furniture yesterday.
I have the WD chapter started, but I won’t lie, will probably go up tomorrow afternoon. Sorry.

It’s been weird. But everyone is okay.

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  1. The massive work hangovers are the worst.

    Random cúpla questions, Missus H… I am curious if you would be accepting of an essay I am working on for guest publishing, and I remember reading a piece of yours a while ago that talked about the differences between cultures and how much people have to change to be “American” if they come from away. Where should I start digging?

      1. Ehm, where should I start looking, how can I search for that, &c.

        Also, sorry, me language use can be idiosyncratic at the best of times.

        1. Is this the post you were thinking of?


          I found it by going to Duckduckgo (you could also do this on Google if you don’t mind them tracking your searches) and searching for “site:accordingtohoyt.com assimilate”, without the quotes. The “site:something.com” thing works on multiple search engines, and lets you restrict your search results to *only* ones that come from that particular site. Very useful in combination with the right keywords; if that’s not the article you were thinking of, one of the other results from that search will probably be the one you were remembering.

        2. do you mean how can you start looking for what posts to send me?
          Again, sorry, I’m somewhat impaired still. To explain we have kid moving out this week. yes, this week, so….

    1. Riots in Eugene OR. Washington Street Bridge & Hwy 99 (6th north bound, 7th south bound) … the park where the homeless hang out (some of them) … Whiteaker neighborhood where the low income/homeless services are. Things burned last night. Curfew tonight for downtown, supposedly; I don’t believe it, major will cave.

      We’re 6.5 (?) miles north of there.

      1. Oh dear. Do stay safe, I’m more than happy to offer QRF assistance tho.

        1. Oh dear. Do stay safe, I’m more than happy to offer QRF assistance tho.

          Thank you. We plan on staying safe.

    2. Why we didn’t go to Pete’s or church today. As I said, so far the rioting in Denver is confined, but it might escape or start in another part of town (there have been attempts.)

    3. They were blocking freeways in three states (that I heard of) yesterday.

      The local DOT has been crazy for putting up cables and concrete walls to make it impossible to leave the freeway. Trash and debris retention, creating shady icy spots, making it very difficult for emergency vehicles to reach crash scenes, and the way the steel I-beams act as choppers on anything that touches them is apparently secondary to anything going off the freeway onto the holy grass.

      Once the first retard stops for “protesters”, you’re stuck behind them. Little Rock hasn’t had the problems many other cities have, but it’s a maze of no-way-to-get-off roadways and way too many bridges. Couple that with the city planners’ decisions to close or dig up “surface streets” when they put freeways in… I think it was some kind of plan to reduce local traffic, but Little Rock is sectioned up into chunks that are difficult to move between without the freeway. For that matter, there are only a couple of surface roads *out* of the city, assuming you could get to them… even on the surface streets, there are a lot of choke points between sections of the city.

      The only business I have there is one customer, and that’s usually “normal working hours” or oh-dark-thirty. But the truck “emergency kit” just got a serious upgrade.

    4. Breaking news, the US DOJ has listed Antifa as a terrorist organization.

      They’re fucked.

      1. A reminder that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison not only supports Antifa, he has promoted their “handbook” which directly advocates for and instructs on how to commit, violence against political opponents.

        Expect Democrats to scream and protest loudly over Antifa being declared a domestic terror organization because Antifa is the Democratic Party’s 1930s style Brownshirts, and are part and parcel of the Democratic Party’s efforts to become the US equivalent of the CCP.

        1. I’d say it’s a tossup between the Brownshirts and Mussolini’s Blackshirts.
          Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Those who do remember history are doomed to watch everybody else repeat it.

        2. “…Antifa is the Democratic Party’s 1930s style Brownshirts…”

          Yes, and that is what makes this awesome.

          You know what’s going to happen next? There’s -video- of all this shit, all over the place. There are also CELL PHONE RECORDS of whose phone was where, and at what time. There are no doubt NSA records of who was where that we don’t even know about. We know that the US Border Patrol had a Predator over the riots too, I would assume with a cell phone tracker aboard. I’d certainly have one on there if I were them.

          Well, now that Antifa is declared a terrorist organization, all their cellphone traffic is discoverable. Their movements and associates are trackable. And since the DOJ has pulled their thumbs out, those tracking procedures will take place.

          So, the persons who were downtown stealing shit and burning down buildings this weekend should start feeling some fear this morning. All those boys who thought they were so smart, leaving piles of bricks and caches of weapons before the event are now part of a criminal conspiracy. The FBI will be coming around for a word.

          Anyone who thought Russiagate was a big deal, this is a much bigger deal. This is going to take down people like MN Attorney General Keith Ellison, as you mentioned him. Malfeasance in office carries a fairly hefty penalty if I recall, and mayors of Deep DemocRat cities like Portland and Minneapolis will be getting named in criminal complaints.


          1. I would expect their monetary transactions are also subject to tracing. While I am sure that Soros’s people know how to use shell organizations to obscure trails I would not be surprised to learn of a sudden onslaught of computer crashes and hard drive failures.

            1. Noted:

              Andrew McCarthy: Laws against rioting and terrorism must be enforced against Antifa and other violent radicals
              Attorney General William Barr issued a statement Saturday decrying the rioters who have violently hijacked peaceful protests over the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The attorney general made explicit reference to “groups of outside radicals and agitators” who are pursuing a “separate and violent agenda.”

              Barr added: “In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized and driven by anarchist and far left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence.”

              The mention of Antifa is significant. It is a loosely-knit, interstate movement whose objective is to wage a terrorist war against the United States, using violence against the government and our civilian infrastructure.

              Equally salient is the attorney general’s assertion that the radical groups involved in the rioting are pursuing a specific, violent agenda. That obviously refers to the ongoing campaign to coerce acceptance by the country of these groups’ counter-constitutional totalitarianism. Barr vowed that the Justice Department will take enforcement action across the nation.


              This is why Attorney General Barr’s mention of the violent agenda of the rioters pinged my antennae. We prosecuted the so-called Blind Sheikh (the late Omar Abdel Rahman) and his subordinates using a Civil War-era statute that criminalizes “seditious conspiracy.”

              This rarely invoked penal law targets conspiracies to levy war against the United States, or to forcibly oppose or overthrow our government. The key element is violence – either its use or planned use. That is the attribute that fundamentally distinguishes legitimate protest from insurrection.

              The attorney general also pointed out in his statement that it is a federal crime to cross state lines or use interstate facilities in order to incite or participate in rioting. Indeed it is, and this also raises the specter of federal racketeering laws.


              For society to flourish, the rule of law must assert itself. Justice must be done, which means bringing anti-American domestic terrorists to heel. Rioters can and will do immense damage if, as some foolishly suggest, we wait for them to exhaust themselves.

              The failure to confront radicals only increases their energy and appetite to do harm. Order does not happen spontaneously. It takes a commitment to enforce the laws.

              1. N.B.: Power Line, the Washington Times, Daily Wire and several other “Right Wing” news sites have reported that the preliminary report from the medical Examiner found that the cause of death for George Forbes as NOT asphyxiation. That officer kneeling “on” his throat did not cut off Forbes’ air. Tox screen reports have not yet been returned with results about what drugs may have been in Forbes’ system at the time of his death.

                MSM reporting on the M.E. reports were not notable on the first page of [Search Engine] results, unless you consider the Daily Mail an MSM site. There were several reports of the Forbes family challenging the M.E. preliminary findings and swearing to buy their own, private autopsy findings report.

                I put scare quotes around the preposition in the above paragraph because it is impossible to judge from the videos whether that officer was kneeling on Forbes’ throat or merely at his throat — it seems improbable anyone could judge from the video how much – if any – weight the officer was applying. The knee may have merely been place above Forbes’ throat to prevent his efforts to rise up.

                Regardless, the officer ought have rendered assistance once Forbes’ had become quiescent. Of course, the protester’s incantations of “I can’t breathe” have rendered dubious all such assertions by those in police custody. Thus it may well be argued they contributed to Forbes’ demise. Just as those responsible for the training and supervision (or lack thereof) of Minneapolis police forces have also played a role.

                Not that I expect any in depth self-examination by those parties to occur. The narrative has been set and the bus is revving its engine awaiting the tossing of police officers under its carriage.

                1. Erratum: For every use of “Forbes” in the preceding comment, please substitute “Floyd” in its place.

                  I don’t know what mental glitch prompted that error; I am merely glad it didn’t cause me to misidentify him as George Formby, British film light comedian of the Thirties and Forties, or as (Homer) Formby, manufacturer of fine furniture refinishing and polishing products.

              2. I saw this same piece this morning. Solid analysis by McCarthy as always.

                It is important to note that Antifa is an international terrorist organization; they have been plaguing Germany and other European countries for years (remember the G7 riots back when Obama was POTUS).

                Soros, Nazi collaborator that he was, is a big financial backer of Antifa.

                Andy Ngo has a great piece at Spectator USA on Antifa that is well worth the read:


                1. It is also interesting to note that the American communist party fits that same description. Which is why it became a crime to belong. Interestingly, that law is still on the books.

                2. McCarthy has a unfair advantage over most MSM analy … “analysts” in that he knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t have to just toss crap onto the water to see if it floats.

        1. Heh. Remember the Democrat and MSM (BIRM) tantrums when Alberto Gonzales tried to screen DOJ hiring to achieve a semblance of ideological balance?

          Their motto always was: it doesn’t matter who’s the chief if we own all the Indians.

      2. No, they’ll just become another privileged group who are allowed to carry on with their activities without being arrested or charged. And the rule of law will slip that much further.

        The only reason I put up with “the law” was that it was supposed to apply to everyone and be fairly applied. But we have a de facto situation where there are two separate laws, and no pretense of fairness.

        Fair enough. Nowadays my only acknowledgement of “the law” consists of staying off the radar of the jackbooted thugs with uniforms, who are no more legitimate than the private-enterprise thugs with expensive sneakers and their pants pulled down their thighs.

        1. One of the problems with police is that they only come along -afterward- for the clean-up. There’s no such things as “preventive” policing despite what criminologists life to spout off in journals.

          IF the US DOJ goes after Antifa like AG Barr says they’re going to, there will be a lot of strings getting pulled that lead to some very high places. That sort of thing is always chancy, because none of the Big Dogs in government got to be big without doing bad things. Lots of skeletons in every closet. Most are going to be around money and influence, but some are going to be #JeffreyEpstein level ugly. Imagine the hijinks they get up to on those China trips, right? “Me love you long time.”

          Those people will not go quietly. They will frantically escalate. That’s what we’re seeing right now.

          And this is why I’m incognito on the internet, and why I never post stuff that didn’t come from a media outlet first. Staying off the radar, staying low, this is the course of wisdom in times like this. To the extent that today I posted about Antifa getting punched out in Yucaipa California last night, and cautioned Canadians to not try that at home.

          In Canada Left wing rioters are operating with official protection. They’re not subtle about it either. That’s an important safety tip for y’all Canadians.

    1. Yeah, seriously. I liked Los Angeles, but I’m sure glad I’ve moved back to the Northern Wastes.

      1. LA is pretty restrained, all things considered. That isn’t to say that there hasn’t been violence (several hundred National Guard have been deployed, and Mayor Garcetti has imposed a curfew on the unincorporated cities in the county). But this isn’t Rodney King all over again. And it doesn’t appear to be as bad here as it is in other parts of the country. LA’s big enough (Greater Los Angeles – which includes multiple counties – is almost as big as the country of Hungary…; and it’s heavily populated) that I’d be surprised if there weren’t any rioters. But they don’t appear to be widespread, and the damage seems to be much more limited than one might expect. I was out and about yesterday in my local area here in the county, and didn’t see any sign of even peaceful rallies.

        Part of that might be because Soros hasn’t managed to replace the LA County DA yet. He’s got a candidate running against the current DA, Jackie Lacey (the candidate is a refugee from San Francisco; both the Mayor and the Police Chief of San Francisco have publicly endorsed Lacey…) in this year’s election. But afaik the current polls show her retaining her job. As a result, the Antifa-types might have decided it’d be safer to cause trouble elsewhere this time around.

        1. > Mayor Garcetti has imposed a curfew on the unincorporated cities in the county).

          What legal justification is he using to order people outside his city what to do?

          His power stops at the LA city limit.

          1. IIRC, the Mayor of Los Angeles has control of both LA proper, and the unincorporated cities.

            The incorporated cities within the county are unaffected by this, of course.

            1. So he’s some kind of county commissioner as well as mayor of LA?

              I’ve heard of other places with similar setups. I’m not sure I approve.

        2. I suspect also that since after those riots the LA street gangs made a big effort to “make peace” and lower the level of violence (it was bad for “business”) and that the last thing they want or will allow is the mostly white Marxist revolutionaries of Antifa to screw that up for them.

          1. You know, Kristallnacht was also justified on the grounds that a man had been killed

      2. Korean roof snipers are back. Bunch of ex ROK Marines. That’ll but a stop to the burning and move the looting anyway.

        1. The big East Asian immigrant area is over on the east side of the county these days. The core started around Alhambra, but has spread out into the surrounding cities since then. It wasn’t all that long ago that Open/Closed signs in nearby Old Town Pasadena all had their messages printed in English and Spanish. Now many of them are in English and Chinese.

          That’s not to say that there still aren’t Asian hubs (including East Asian) in other parts of the county. But the primary growth area for those ethnicities seems to be over on the east side.

    2. We don’t. Twenty minutes from downtown in normal traffic.
      BUT in one of those pocket suburbs that often goes unnoticed.
      Also ridiculously well armed. The entire neighborhood is.

      1. Perhaps “ridiculously well armed” in the same sense that science fiction fans often have a “ridiculously large” number of books. The one time I used professional movers (because my new employer was paying for it) I told the movers, “You’re going to need a lot more boxes for the books.” and then “No, you’re going to need a lot more boxes for the books.”

        1. Last time I moved it took one carload for clothing and sundries, one carload for the stereo, and a dozen carloads of books…

        2. We packed most of our books before the movers came, because ***ed if I’m going to be saving boxes and not use them, plus diaper boxes are just the right size for packing books and being able to pick them up.

          Movers, before they hit the garage: “Wow, you have a lot of books.”

          1. I moved with a box of old GALAXYs and a couple boxes of old ANALOGS and even more books. I pulled out the ANALOGs I wan to read again, and the rest will get recycled.

            1. Archive.org has the complete runs of IF, Galaxy, and Astounding. They only have the first few years of Analog. Copyright issues, I think.

              They have at least partial archives of about 200 different science fiction magazines. Not counting “weird tales” and “horror”, which overlapped authors quite a bit. There were a *lot* of SF magazines in the 1950s, and a bunch in the 1970s and 1980s that folded after a handful of issues.

              I’ve been saving the .PDF and OCR of each issue as I explore; looks like a full copy of the archive in those two formats would be around 75Gb. [makes a quick filesystem check] Looks like about 12,000 issues. I don’t know how many feet of shelf space that would take, but it would rattle around on a 128Gb thumb drive. (about $30)

              Most of those old magazines were printed on “acid paper.” Part of the processing of wood pulp into white paper is bleaching with nitric acid; getting the acid back *out* is tedious, and there’s a crossover point where it’s cheaper to replace lost acid than to continue washing it out. The left-over acid is what makes old paper turn crackly and brown, until you can break a book printed on low-quality paper in half with your bare hands. They spend more money to wash the acid out of better-quality paper. Incidentally, things are much the same for production of smokeless powder; nitric acid is used in the production process, and if it’s not all washed out, the powder will turn reddish-brown and not work very well. That’s why old Greek or Pakistani .303 British milsurp ammo was… unreliable.

      2. We’re only 10 minutes away from the area being hit. By vehicle. But also a suburb they will ignore. Also ridiculously well armed. That doesn’t count the law enforcement and guard members living in our neighborhoods with their families …

      3. We’re in a usually-fairly-quiet area but we’ve got neighbors who put out flags and neighbors with those “welcome” signs in Spanish and Arabic… I haven’t seen anything in the local news about even downtown yet though.

        …There were also some signs I initially thought might be political but couldn’t tell what side. Looked it up, they were for a sports team….

    1. No riots in Klamath Falls. Not many blacks to act as cannon-fodder here, and the number of people armed to the teeth have something to do with it.

      I saw a screenshot of a Reddit Antifa posting (gotta suppress conservatives, but…) for May 29 listing the cities they were hitting that night. I’ve read that 50 cities were likely targets for the creeps.

      The only protest Friday was a huge but peaceful one by farmers/ranchers upset over water allocations (you expect our region to provide hay/barley/potatoes for everybody but you won’t let us have any water? Are you nuts or evil? [Accept the healing power of “and”]). Several hundred tractors and farm rigs went from Merrill to K-Falls, then down to Midland in a convoy. Didn’t hear of any trouble.

      It’s curious how the huge corporate farms seem to be able to take the various restrictions that devastate small operators (water, Cap and Trade, adverse death tax issues) in stride. I’d love to see a forensic accounting on some of the people in Salem…

      1. The ones in Bakersfield and such are getting video of the “white” rioters destroying stuff.

        Scare quotes because anybody who isn’t at least medium dark for a Somalian gets described as white, when it’s useful; that color slider bar for low light settings is handy, especially if you can do a lot of cropping and framing to remove anybody who isn’t adjusted or shows a non-skin-color indication.

      2. you expect our region to provide hay/barley/potatoes for everybody but you won’t let us have any water? Are you nuts or evil?

        Ye are idle. Ye are Idle!

        Ye shall no more give the people straw to make brick, as heretofore: let them go and gather straw for themselves.

        1. OK, two mental images come to mind:

          1) A farmer, with a passing resemblance to Charlton Heston: “Governor Brown! Let my people grow!”
          2) The parting of Upper Klamath Lake would be epic. 🙂

      3. > It’s curious how the huge corporate farms seem to be able to take the various restrictions that devastate small operators … in stride.

        They call their lobbyists, not the press.

      4. Same thing happened in the oil patch . Granddad was a wildcatter. Those guys lived from strike to strike and too many dry holes in between meant belly up. Then came something called prorationing. Guess who that didn’t hurt?

      5. ” I’d love to see a forensic accounting on some of the people in Salem…”

        It’s all corrupt. Brown and her entire group are running the state into the ground. She didn’t start it (other democrats did), but she will end it. I’ve actually written Barr about the corruption in the state and how PERS and the taxes will destroy most of it.

    2. Anywhere they figure that can get away with something, I’d expect.

      “BLM doesn’t cause the violence, it’s really Antifa using them.”
      And the anopheles mosquito doesn’t cause malaria, it’s really Plasmodium falciparum.

      1. The current story is that the riots are completely justified because people didn’t like Colin Kaepernick kneeling and all the violence was started by undercover cops and white supremacists which is why Hollywood is offering to bail out any who are arrested.

        Being on the Left means never having to say, “Wait, that doesn’t make any sense!”

        1. I can see a book of such nonsense, chapter after chapter exposing every greater insanities. Title: “I Know Why the Centaurs Drink”… and the bit at the end summarizing things and trying to find some unfindable Truth or reasonable conclusion ending with… “But now I wonder why they drink so little.”

          1. Well, duh, Humans drive the Centaurs to drink!

            Hell, they drive some of their fellow Humans to drink!

            1. Just so.

              I’ve heard strange tails of teetotaling retail workers, but… there is only so much disbelief one can suspend. Recovering alcoholics working retail, I can believe – just barely.

              1. Would those be Ox Tails?
                Beware of strong drink. It can lead you to shoot at tax collectors — and miss.

              2. Oh, and there are no ‘recovering alcoholics’ — just ones that haven’t had a drink in a while.
                It’s easy to quit drinking! I’ve done it lots of times!

                1. I admit to using the Commonly Accepted Euphemism.

                  Yes, “recovering” implies that “recovered” can happen and responsible, occasional imbibing can take place. The evidence for this is, at best, scant.

                  1. I had an alcoholic roommate for most of a year. Drinking took over her life. I couldn’t keep a drop in the house; she’d find it. Nothing mattered but drinking.

                    1. i had one for three months. There would be no food in the house, but tehre would be cheap beer.

              1. There a still a few humans left who can operate a manual transmission. Without stripping the gears or burning out the clutch, even. These, admittedly, are ever less common and might eventually themselves become Mythical.

                1. Beloved Spouse & I both can handle a stick, but I tend not to because the left knee was rebuilt forty years ago and gets very tired very quickly managing the clutch in traffic.

                  But I think there are many more than just us. Judging by the uneven way so many of our fellow townsfolk (fail to) accelerate from the light they have real problems getting in and out of second gear.

                  1. The car I learned on had a bit of a quirk. I’m not sure 1st had synchros or if it was some other weirdness, but it gave me the habit of moving into second, from neutral or reverse, to get to first as that way I was more likely to GET to first right off. Finding second was never an issue – save once. I had one car that after a roughly 12 hour trip ‘lost’ second – fortunately I had four gears left and could get by for the last little bit. Once things had cooled down for a few hours, all was well again.

                    1. The Mazdas and Toyotas all seemed close enough to ‘textbook’ to be of no real issue. The ’87 Excel (yes, pre Quality Control Hyundai) only had that one incident.

                2. It’s really not that hard to learn– the thing is, doing it while someone is standing there, making dumb ape noises, when you generally don’t WANT to be learning is not very conducive to it.

                  I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people who never drive anything but a stick do the same mistakes that a new person does, they just growl and grumble and keep going. Someone who doesn’t “know how to drive a stick” stops, and spends ten minutes being hassled for it, and then never tries again.

                  1. There is much to be gained by the those willing to endure in silence, or quietly and gently suggest.correct.

                    I can but wonder at how many time the earliest auto experiments had sudden stops and grea-grinding on their very own inventions/builds. And then there were those folks trying to get into the air. Consider such, Edwin Armstrong had it easy*.. it was “only” heat, high voltage, and high(er for the time) frequencies.

                    * For values of ‘easy’ that are really, “no, it ain’t.” Armstrong had the advantage of being a genius, however.

                  2. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen people who never drive anything but a stick do the same mistakes that a new person does, they just growl and grumble and keep going.

                    Guilty. OTOH one morning it saved my life. After that I just shrugged kept going (stopped the grumbling). What happened was I always put the transmission in to 1st when stopped for a required stop, you know, so it was ready to move. That morning I didn’t. So when it was time, of coarse I killed the motor. Which means a few seconds to start back up, put into gear. Luckily no one was behind me honking because I also had to sit there shaking a bit. You see someone blew through the red light (they were not beating the yellow, I had a solid green before they entered the intersection). I’d have been slammed into on passenger side hard, if I’d hadn’t killed the motor. That vehicle was speeding way faster than the local road speed limit.

                    1. My most common mental failing with a stick was a tendency (in one car we had) to get out on the interstate, get up to pace, and shift into Fifth gear. Which would have been fine except the car had only four gears, meaning when I went to Fifth I landed in Third, resulting in a distressing lurch.

                      Of course, that was a problem easily solved; all subsequent cars had at least five gears, not including Reverse.

                    2. Also guilty. Only noticed it because of self-examination, and handing back a few measures of crud to family. (I stopped after three lights, BEFORE mom killed me. Turns out that being harassed makes you fuss up the next light….)

                      Thank God for guardian angels with a sense of humor.

                3. The ’04 Elantra was a manual transmission. Wanted to be sure we had one to teach our upcoming 15 year old to drive one. Became his car at 16 when dad was transferred back locally. He drove it from 48k, in ’05 (dad put a few miles on it), to 115k miles, just replacing it this last January. Replaced it with a 2020 Veloster* manual transmission. Finding any styles that came with manual transmission was interesting. It was even more interesting to find dealerships who actually had one.

                  * Cute vehicle. Not one we’d choose. But, hey, his car, his money. We aren’t buying it.

        2. Well given that Antifa is mostly white and a lot of the commies that Antifa worships like Castro, Guevara, etc., were rabid racists who outright hated black people, they may be in fact be “white supremacists”-they are however certainly revolutionary Marxists and who openly advocate the violent overthrow of the USA.

          I do know that the KKK and other such groups do not carry Soviet flags, chant “eat the rich” or spray paint the Soviet hammer and sickle on buildings and monuments the way the rioters have been the past couple of days.

          The claims by Democrats as to the violence being caused by such groups is as big a lie as the Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense they have been spewing for the lat 3+ years.

          The simple fact is that the Democrats tactical playbook is straight out of the worst Fascist and Communist regimes, including “the big lie”, “activists” who are really brownshirts and red guard, struggle sessions, and all the other stuff that those regimes used to gain and keep power.

          1. The entire country is mostly white– with if it’s half or nearly 90% depending on which definition of “not white” is being used.
            (I am rejecting, out of hand, the one that got it under 50% by deciding that “Hispanics” were automatically not “white,” no matter how they had otherwise identified. That one even used the “two or more races” to count as “not white.”)

            1. Antifa is whiter than average. Anarchism whilst living in Brooklyn or Berkeley is expensive so you have to follow the wealth distribution rather than the population distribution.

              Speaking of which, they got Antifa — and why does that capitalize on my auto-correct when god does not, hmmm – paying black “youths” to burn buildings in Columbus, OH.

              What a pity it is that we don’t have a national police force with massive data gathering capabilities and their own private, rubber stamp, courts … oh yeah, they were spying on Trump, my bad.

            2. hispanic or latin is a cultural grouping, not racial. That said, people do pick us out on site. including older son who is PALE from a couple of years indoors….

                1. yeah, but they pick them out as LATIN. Though when Marsh is/was (he gains weight when stressed, something I understand too well) he just pings JEWISH.
                  When he was an adorable teen at the age boys are pretty, as well as tall and broad shouldered, the young ladies of the b’nai b’rith distributing calendars in the local supermarket would run across the store to hand him the calendar, blush and be unable to say a word.
                  Hence his nickname for three or four years was heartthrob of the b’nai b’rith.
                  <Looks to the side. Um… actually now, even though he's heavy, he hasn't cut his hair in three months and has a full curly beard and again he looks very Jewish.

                2. “We’re with the Brute Squad.” “You are the Brute Squad!” 😀

        3. Hollywood is offering to bail out any who are arrested.

          Hollywood may find there is a reluctance, across the nation, to venture into crowds in questionably sanitized theatres to view movies denigrating American values.

          They might want to hold onto their money – I doubt it will be being refunded by the bail bondspeople. And the river flooding them with that money may suffer from drought.

        4. What I keep seeing propounded on the Internet is the “accelarationist” theory — that it’s a conspiracy of “Turner Diaries” types who are living out this fantasy that they can ignite a race war that will lead ordinary middle-class white people to view non-whites as inherently incompatible with white culture and values and to join the nutcases in either ethnic cleansing or outright extermination of the “Untermenschen.”

          A lot of the people spouting this theory are also viewing Antifa as heroic opponents of the accelarationists — and of course saying that, if you oppose Antifa, you are pro-fascist. (Um, no, I just don’t like organizations that commit violence under the cover of resisting evil).

  2. Minneapolis and Saint Paul have been hit pretty hard. It looks like Uncle Hugo’s science fiction bookstore in Minneapolis burned Friday night. Even out here in the suburbs there are overnight curfews. I don’t like the way this is developing.

    1. I’m trying hard to find some sympathy for Minneapolis. I do feel bad for Uncle Hugo’s and other small businesses that were harmed.

      But Minneapolis/St. Paul has been begging for something like this for a very long time. They vote Woke every chance they get, making Minneapolis a pimple of blue in the sea of red that is Minnesota. Is it an -accident- that the same police department that allowed George Floyd to be killed by one of their officers is allowing rioters to loot and burn at will? I don’t think so. More like it is business as usual.

      1. Minnesota is hardly a sea of red outside the twin cities, although that may be changing. The northern part of the state was solidly socialist unionized Iron mining country for much of the twentieth century. Prairie populism in the western part of the state also took on a distinctly socialist flavor. Minnesota’s most famous governor of the first half of the twentieth century was Floyd B. Olson of the Farmer-Labor (socialist) party. It was only after Hubert Humphrey brokered a merger between the Farmer-Labor and Democrat parties that the DFL (not Democrat like the rest of the country, but Democrat-Farmer-Labor) became a viable party in Minnesota.

        The continued leftward lurch of the current Democrat establishment might eventually lead to a realignment, but it hasn’t done so yet and there is a lot of cultural inertia to overcome.

        As far as having sympathy for Minneapolis, I haven’t lived in Keith Ellison’s congressional district in a long time. It is now Ilhan Omar’s district. When I lived there it was represented by “good Norwegian Democrat” Martin Olaf Sabo because having a DFL after your name was just as mandatory in that district then as it is now. I don’t think Minneapolis and St. Paul are all that much different than other large cities. If you have a solution to the problem, great, but otherwise listen to John Donne. Problems elsewhere tend not to stay elsewhere.

        1. It should be noted that the daughters of Governor Waltz and Congresswoman Omar have tweeted support for the rioters.

          Apples rarely fall far from their trees, although it is always possible that squirrels got at them.

          BTW – can anybody confirm Gov. Walz sent a tweet to Gov. Whitmer saying, “Hold my beer!”?

          1. In related news, NY Mayor DeBlasio’s 25-year-old daughter has been arrested for participating in an illegal demonstration, and …

            Son of Minnesota’s attorney general: ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’
            The son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison tweeted on Sunday that he is declaring his support for Antifa after President Trump said that his administration would be declaring it a “Terrorist Organization.”

            Jeremiah Ellison, who is a member of the Minneapolis City Council, noted in the tweet that he believes “white power” terrorists are actually the ones engaging in the looting, arson and other riot activities as violent sects hijack some of the protests against racial inequality and police brutality in the wake of the death of George Floyd last Monday.

            “I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA,” Ellison said. “Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”
            [END EXCERPT]

        2. I lived in Marshall for a few years, that’s the U of M town near South Dakota. My experience of the place was that most people except for the U of M professors we mingled with on the cocktail party were strongly conservative. Stronger than I am in a lot of cases, which is saying something.

          (There was one very weird black lady who taught some sort of “studies” course at the university, I remember a dinner party at her house where she was showing me all the historical slave items and photos in her collection. Like the genuine iron shackles. She kept all that type of thing around her house and showed it to her kids as “part of their heritage.” Wanted to know what I was going to teach Young Relative. I believe I said something about the Scottish witch burnings, John Knox’s Covenanters and the Highland Clearances not really being little-kid friendly and left it at that. (Because I’m an idiot who doesn’t know to shut up.))

          I think the same unionist/socialist tilt was very popular in Western Canada as well, pretty much the same thing you’re talking about for Minnesota. CCF, Social Credit, the never-sufficiently dead Tommy Douglas, etc. The Liberals/NDP in Canada and the Democrats in the USA have long abandoned those farmer/logger/miner guys to the conservatives. I looked up the voting maps when the whole red/blue thing first started, Minnesota was pretty much red outside Minneapolis and St. Cloud. Same as Calgary, really. NDP in down-town Calgary, Conservative outside.

    2. For Minnesota to elect Ralph Ellison as Attorney General, given his previous support of Antifa, sounds a great deal like hiring a fox to guard the henhouse.

      1. That’s Keith, not Ralph. Keith Ellison got his start in politics distributing anti-Semitic literature for The Nation Of Islam while he was in Law school. He came to prominence locally defending the Murder of Police Officer Jerry Hoff. That’s when I first heard of him. There were protests against the attempts to investigate that killing. Ellison lead the chants of “we don’t get no Justice, you don’t get no Peace”. He is a longtime scumbag, long before BLM or Antifa.

        I don’t generally tell my staunch DFL relatives that I consider any vote for a Democrat in Minnesota to be a vote for killing babies, murdering cops, and exterminating the Jews. I do want to maintain some civility within the family.

          1. Don’t worry it’s a common mistake. Ralph was someone who dealt in ideas which, while sometimes controversial, were at least a cut above Keith’s cheap political thuggery.

    3. Uncle Hugo’s/Uncle Edgar’s* burned? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

      *The mystery side of the store.

  3. I hope you feel better. I get like that when working the garden without a mask – a disposable one, with a plastic vent, not fabric held with elastic ear-loops!

    Sometimes I feel ever-so-slightly like a loser because the only place I could afford to live is a “bedroom community,” on a deadend street with so-called “starter” homes on tiny lots. But I’d rather drive to the neighboring town for gas, groceries, and church than worry about neighborhood scolds or wandering mobs.

  4. There’s supposed to be a protest of some kind here today, but I noticed the media were not saying where or when, just that there was one planned and that the police and city have said it will be peaceful. [Or else was not said, but strongly implied.] I have a suspicion who is organizing it, and one group is OK, the other is the local branch of a national Soros-funded group that popped up in 2012 or so.

    1. Well, well. We have two branches of Soros-backed national groups here. How interesting. Indivisible America and Black Lives Matter. BlackLivesMatter had the march. It was loud but peaceful, in part because it was all by daylight (early afternoon). Some business owners on the route and their customers guarded their bars and stores, but nothing happened. The local NAACP chapter was diplomatic.

  5. We moved out of the city thirty years ago, to EJE (East Jesus, Extended) a one lane gravel road off a two lane road off a two lane highway. We didn’t like the city -Memphis TN, because of the noise, the dirt, and mostly people. Not any people specifically, just all of them in general. When we lived in a neighborhood the local Ms. Kravitz called the law on me for parking my horse trailer on the curb for the night. One night! Said it was an eyesore. A few weeks later (I think it was Easter) She her husbrand and doghter got into a fist fight on the front stoop coming home from church… Quite the neighborhood row. So we decided to move. Green Acres is the place for me!

  6. Also, do you realize how much and what kind of dirt is in the big city?
    Let’s do math.
    A person sheds 50 million skin cells per day.
    In Memphis, the density on average is 2600 persons per square mile.
    So roughly, that is 1.3E11 cells per day per square mile.
    After a few weeks you’d have enough cells to make your own man.
    More to the point, you walk, breathe and wallow in your neighbor’s castoff. Every day.
    Goodbye, city life!

    1. Our choice of futures has never been starker than right now, has it? The gutters or the stars.

    2. What do they do with the second stage? They didn’t say anything about recovering that.

      1. According to a brief web search, Musk decided that trying to recover the second stage was going to take resources better used elsewhere.

      2. Second stage Lensmen have undergone special Arisian training that gives them superior mental abilities to ordinary Lensmen . . .

        Sorry. Wrong second stage.

    3. Now, we need to build Windmills. Huge spinning cables that impart velocity to departing spacecraft, and recover it from the ones returning. That would reduce the delta-V to reach orbit from 7 KPS to 2 – 3 KPS, and slow incoming spacecraft down for non-pyrotechnic re-entry.

      With Windmills, fly-to-orbit spaceplanes would be easy to build.

  7. Hey. remember back when a handful of anti-lockdown protesters were a sign of creeping fascism who were going to get us all killed? Good thing we now have mobs of anti-fascists patrolling the streets, keeping us safe from small business owners . . .

    1. Notice how the shit-stirrers didn’t show up in the ‘let my people go’ type protests?

      And they’re pretty picky about which other protests the show up at, too, per Kamas’ blog.

      They really, really want to use all that trauma that’s been inflicted on the population, don’t they?

      1. My favorite television moron so far is the one who complained about the 2000 armed protesters that showed up in Michigan at the state capital. Nothing bad happened that day because those fascist devils were all White, and the cops gave them a break because of the mutual Whiteness.

        The present carnage is of course because now the “protesters” are not white, so the cops are going hard on them. Going hard by retreating and abandoning businesses and police buildings to the arsonists, you see.

        Really what we’re witnessing is the radical Left trying to get the public attention off personal self preservation form Coronal and back on the radical Left and their agenda.

        1. I got ignored, a lot, when I started picking out all the folks in the pictures that OTHER PEOPLE posted where you could see that there were folks who weren’t “white,” even if you are using the term to mean “everyone who isn’t black.”

          For obvious reasons, blacks who are conservative are often a bit careful about being identified publicly. that’s a good way to get DEAD.

          1. Not all “White Supremacists” are white.

            Just ask the NY Times which effectively pronounced Gen. Colin Powell a White Supremacist only last Memorial Day.

        2. what we’re witnessing is the radical Left trying to get the public attention off personal self preservation form Coronal and back on the radical Left and their agenda.</I"

          That might not work out the way they've envisioned.

    2. Associated Press
      May 31, 2020

      President’s Threatening Tweets Spark Violence

      Across America, protests against racism and police brutality came together in solidarity. Sadly one or two minor incidents of exuberance on the of the demonstrators were quickly pounced on by Republican and conservative politicians and commentators. Looking to further divide our nation, they deemed minor damage to a few sites as “riots” and “destruction” and “looting”.

      Seizing on the opportunity thus presented, President Trump came out on Twitter with a series of reactionary and ugly messages, threatening to have government agents shoot anyone who crosses them.

      White supremacists, some disquised as Antifa protestors, further inflamed the situation by attacking sites such as the CNN head offices in Atlanta, as well as commiting outright acts of criminal violence.

      Some innocent activists, confused by these goading actions, have joined in and unnecessary conflicts have arisen in several cities.

      When asked about the incidents occurring in her district, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi responded “What can you expect? With a bigot like Trump trying to divide the American people and being so cavalier about our very lives, a pushback was bound to happen. I only hope the American voter remembers this at election time.”

      (Poe notification:

      Yeah, sure.


      Whatever helps you sleep at night.


      1. Pretty sure I saw that speech almost verbatim on CNN. Probably the Lemon.

        The Leftist media has entered that phase of self-destruction where they can no longer be lampooned. Any suggestion, no matter how ridiculous, will be topped by them within days.

        We had that TV guy insisting the crowd was not unruly while a building was on fire right behind him, in the frame. Hard to imagine them topping that, but they will.

        But the popcorn is good, so no complaints. ~:D

      2. The Democratic Party media arm is desperate to try to absolve their own street soldiers of culpability as the public is disgusted by the violence that is being perpetrated. Note the below from Portland yesterday:


        The idea that this is being done by people other than radical revolutionary Marxist-terrorist Antifa and their cadre is as big a fraud as the Steele dossier. The more blatantly bogus their claims are, the more Democratic Party and its media arm will shout that lie out.

        Remember that when Andy Ngo was himself brutally attacked by Antifa mobs, the Democratic Party line was that Ngo is not really a journalist.

        Democratic Party wants another civil war. It looks like they may get their wish, although I suspect they will not get the result they think they will.

        1. Remember that when Andy Ngo was himself brutally attacked by Antifa mobs, the Democratic Party line was that Ngo is not really a journalist.

          In fairness to the Democrat Party, their definition of “journalist” is someone who peddles the Party line.

        2. “Remember that when Andy Ngo was himself brutally attacked by Antifa mobs, the Democratic Party line was that Ngo is not really a journalist.”

          Funny, most treat Ngo as a journalist. I myself consider him one. That is rare because most of the mainstream media are not, just political hacks (and no, not a fan of Fox, except for Brett Baier). I’ve seen interviews and heard others who were there tell it and I cannot see where they get that.

      3. Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats with the most clearly bogus excuse since Dewey Oxburger told Captain Stillman that they got lost on the way to the bingo parlor (sadly I cannot find a clip of this scene)

      4. Giving a haircut in defiance of the governor’s order, that’s disorderly conduct. Throwing rocks through windows, looting, arson, that’s mostly peaceful protest. Good to know.

        1. Don’t forget peacefully protesting with assault, rape and murder. Andy Ngo reports they have killed at least 3 people so far.

  8. Philly was phun last night…our neighborhood was quiet as we’re north and west (behind the Art Museum if you know the area) of Center City where all the fun was happening. No high end stores to loot up here. But, we’re under curfew again tonight starting at 8pm. I’m so done with this crap. Green Acres sounds really good right now.

    1. Highly recommended. I moved away from the ‘burbs ~2009-ish, and I have never looked back. Cities are for citiots.

      One of the well-hidden blessings of Corona Chan is the number of jobs that have moved to work-from-home. Given a telephone and a decent internet connection, you can do most anything from the wilds beyond Hooterville.

      Cutting the green acres of grass is a bit of a pain sometimes, but otherwise the rural life on the road that doesn’t go anywhere is very fine indeed. Particularly when there are supply-chain warnings and a pandemic. Just pull up the drawbridge and live off the supplies for a while. The only humans that come by are the mail lady and the UPS dude.

      Get yourself a really big lawnmower and some snow tires for winter, you’re all set. Maybe a nice large and spacious workshop for the man of the house to putter in. Men like that sort of thing, and when you live in the back of nowhere, you’ll have the money to afford it and the room to build it. Houses are cheap in Flyover Country.

      1. Not so cheap right here and now, but we’re on the escape route for ex-Californians and refugees from other areas in Oregon. OTOH, the really disastrous/weird listings are languishing on the market, though some unlikely ones sold finally.

        We’re now looking at staying put as long as we can. We have neighbors, 3 of 4 of them desirable, and the other knowing what can and cannot be tolerated.

        1. Relative took three or four tries to find a house they liked; close on one in July in a small town near where they grew up. No one has tracked me down lately to try to buy the fix er upper we moved out of seven years ago. I had shaken hands with someone but the financing fell through.

          The corn is up. The rain this past week was a lot, but it’ll work out. Even this mess will work out.

      2. We moved from the Houston area out to hill country area in Texas and enjoy daily visits from a variable size herd of deer we feed corn to, bunches of suet gobbling birds , occasional fox (and skunk but ok), raccoons, evidence of armadillos, etc . Big diff from Houston and we love it.

        1. We have coyotes due to the local deer over-over-overpopulation. Lots and lots of coyotes. But that’s okay, I built a fence to keep Maximum Maxwell the super-poodle from eating them.

          Did y’all know a poodle is as fast as a rabbit? They are. They’re like a burly greyhound, but with more hair. I was almost as surprised as the rabbit. ~:D Benjamin Bunny escaped, but only because of a 20 yard head start.

          1. Our dog used to catch rabbits. And consumed them, rapidly and completely. I admit we didn’t try to take them away; I’m afraid we hadn’t really trained her to let us mess with her food, not to mention by the time we found out, usually some substantial fraction was already inside her. I guess they weren’t carrying anything too bad, because IIRC she had very few health problems until the hip dysplasia caught up with her in relative old age. We know she outlived the rest of her litter.

            One rabbit we did see get away by leaping straight through a chain-link fence, a feat not duplicated by its eighty-pound huntress….

          2. Per the American Kennel Club:
            Despite the Poodle’s association with France, the breed originated as a duck hunter in Germany, where the word “pudelin” refers to splashing in water. The Standard Poodle began its development as a retrieving water dog more than 400 years ago. With a crisp, curly coat as protection against the elements, superlative swimming ability, and off-the-charts intelligence, the Poodle was, and still is, a magnificent retriever. (The Standard is the only breed classified as a non-sporting dog that is eligible for AKC Retriever Hunting Tests).

        2. In re: the deer
          Mind the ticks

          In re: fox, skunk & raccoons
          ‘Ware rabid ones. Doubly so if you have dogs, cats, or other warm-blooded fur-bearing pets roaming free.

          1. Thanks for the warning but singing to the choir. Once had to open animal heads for rabies x-ams. Our one cat now happy to be an inside critter. Lymes not a big problem here-yet. Fortunately not all catchable skunks rabid. When in USAF a roommate on a booze fueled dare caught one and set it free in the barracks. An NCO heading to the head met the beast and had a cow. Rousted CQ who called APs-a real circus. All 2 floors below so slept thru until… He was a delight to wake up to in the AM

          2. Beware Ticks

            Flea & Tick medications, not just collar for all pets they have it for, regardless if indoor only. Herbal repellent options recommended for indoor/outdoor fur bearing animals as a lot of the tick medications kill the ticks if the pet gets bitten, but doesn’t repel ticks allowing ticks to ride inside. (Hear my screams when I discovered THAT … don’t live in rural location … but we walk/hike a park where ticks hitch rides on dogs regularly, and park has 8′ wide cemented bike path routes. Don’t use a collar, use a spray, now, but dang …)


            Rabies vaccination regularly or titter test (after first shot, and when test results indicate needed, another shot). Also applies to all pets they have the vaccination available for. Also regardless if indoor only. Rural or not. We’ve had neighbors who had a bat in their home. Our office has chased bats out multiple times …

            Other rural pet outdoor to human dangers, at least locally, Poison Oak Oil, on pet fur …

            Just pet dangers rural locations, at least to smaller varieties: Eagles, Owls, Fox, Coyote, some areas you don’t have to be particularly rural. We have sections of “town” that cougars are a frequent visitor. Wolves haven’t made it to our local.

            It took a hardy cat or small dog to live at my grandparents. The last 15 or so years their cats were indoor only, going outdoor only on leash while accompanied. Same with their smaller Sheltie sized dogs. Even their bigger dogs were not outside unaccompanied once Andy and Ring passed away, two border collies who ruled the property. Even chickens could be free range and safe when both of them were alive. Nothing OTOH could be done about the poison oak …

            That said. I’d love to be out of the residential area. That will never happen. Hubby had to help his folks with their well 2 out of 3 visits. Doesn’t matter that my grandparents well he never even knew there was one. It is the problems his folks had on their retirement place he remembers. Any place we’d have to have a well is “no way in heck”.

      3. For lawn-mowing I recommend an MP3 player (or comparable device) loaded with audiobooks or podcasts, and a set of good headphones (noise-cancelling if possible). This permits the time otherwise spent with the brain in idle to be employed quite productively.

        1. An excellent notion. I prefer to let the poor tiny brain have a holiday during mowing, to let the mind wander. This is not a problem usually, as it can’t get far on its own. ~:D

          1. Mine routinely wanders off and gets lost. Hence, when I’m asked if I’m looking for something, my standard answer is “My mind. have you seen it?”. Somehow, it always seems to come back anyway.

          1. It varies according to the mower type. Some require an adapter for the MP3 user’s hands, others connect via adapter for the user’s butt.

  9. OT (or is it?): For those who have alpha/beta/gamma read… is it normal/typical (for ‘Odd’ values thereof, yes) to not only purchase the already read text, but then (re)read it – and NOT just a quick “Let’s see if anything I tripped over changed.”? That is, immediately. A re-reading after some time is hardly an unusual thing, I would expect.

    1. That confirms it, folks — the Chinese virus is left-wing! Are you SURE that wasn’t a WHO scientist?

      Then again, a gang of raccoons in a lab coat would probably do a better job than some of the actual WHO scientists we’ve seen lately.

        1. Is there any evidence that Dr. Theresa Tam of Health Canada fame is not a gang of raccoons in a lab coat?

          I -love- that Trump ditched WHO by the way. Talk about sticking your thumb in Comrade Xi’s eye. Beauty!

  10. The Usual Suspect is sperging out and ‘well akshuuually’-ing about Sarah pointing out that the rioting is at least as much leftist motivated as it is dolists out looting, if anyone wants to go point and laugh. The cranial-rectal insertion continues apace.


    1. He’s getting to the same category as the blogger/ER nurse (with the fableist nom-d-blog) who is convinced that he, and only he has the correct opinion on Coronavirus and lockdowns. Haven’t removed the bookmark from the ex-Minnesotan, but a lot of the postings are “why bother to read”, so that PLONK might be soon. (The nurse, fuggetaboutit.)

    2. This is a different Usual Suspect than the flopping camel? I was unaware that anyone else had approached camel-level stupidity on the Interwebz. That’s an 8 on the logarithmic Stupid Scale. Like the Richter Scale, but dumber.

          1. Indeed. I thought they were ALL Russian assets, except for the Chinese assets. And the Chinese bot farmers, that’s a gift that keeps on giving. ~:D

          2. VD, Kowal, Glyer…

            Actually, Kowal is maybe a little too stupid for that, and Glyer a little too focused on smaller scale politics.

            Popehat doesn’t seem to have reached the level of obsessed stupidity some do. And the other details seem a little bit lengthy for Clamps.

          1. Honestly? It’s like PNH’s opinions of me. There are things I care less about. — right now, for instance, what trad pub thinks of me or the ground temperature in Mogadishu or…. –.but it’s not in any way relevant to my life.

            1. C’mon, now man! You know that eve if he were in the US (heck, if he were standing right beside you) he still wouldn’t see what you see.

              He has special glasses, available only to the Woke to keep them from falling back Asleep. I understand they even play soothing music for the wearer.

            2. And now he’s trying to pretend that he always knew Antifa was out there burning the cities alongside the urban ghetto dolists looting everything that’s not nailed down. When it comes to the news cycle, he’s managed to fall behind youtube indie video journalists.

              He needs to focus more on his comic books.


  11. …..and the Antifa folks have decided to wreck Atlantic City, New Jersey, a city hit worst than most by Comrade Phils lockdowns because its economy is dependent on the casinos which have been shut for months and which were not going to allowed to re-open until July.


    The open air “mall” they reference is right by the end of the Atlantic City expressway that leads into the boardwalk casinos and with no casino customers or conventions and the shut-down orders were already in trouble. Needless to say those stores hired mostly people who live in the city, most of whom are the exact people the Antifa/BLM crowd claims to care about.

      1. Would that it were so simple, but I think there is a lot of swamp draining and chopping out leftist rot to be done at the FBI. And then, after they’re caught they have to be convicted. THEN they can be cellmates with a 300-pound redneck named Bubba.

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