Unthought- A guest post by John Worthington and Synova

*My friend Synova and her friend John cooked this up between them. (John is text, Synova whom you might know from her cartoon blog, is art.)
And it’s a very weird day.  As you know we’re dealing with two terminal cats, and Greebo who hopefully isn’t, and the morning has already involved more cleaning after cats than you can probably imagine.  So I thought I’d put it here. Because it’s fun and interesting.  Oh, and they let me. I’m hoping they’ll take my encouragement and do a lot of these in the future, and maybe, eventually, publish books of them. -SAH*

Unthought- A guest post by John Worthington and Synova.



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Text © John Worthington
Images © Synova

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83 thoughts on “Unthought- A guest post by John Worthington and Synova

  1. Good luck with cat patrol. Having been there and done it I know it does not make parting any easier.

    You might seriously consider hanging the Gone Fission sign on the blog until the new year, or reducing posts to alternating days. Traffic typically falters here during the Season and you have family to attend.

    Besides, with Congress out of season session the outrages ought be reduced.

    I enjoyed the guest post, although (in my reader — Chrome — at least) the formatting is slightly bollixed, with the Darkship books overlapping the text. As it is short I expect I will read it in the emailed version when I get caught up on yesterday’s torrent.

      1. Now, now, Long Pig is always out of season. Besides, you don’t know where they’ve been. You don’t want to know where they’ve been.

          1. Would you really want Elizabeth Warren’s head staring at you forever? Or Bernie Sanders? Ewwwww.

            No, there’s not a one of ’em I’d want on my wall.

      1. He says it’s going to be largely a repeat of old material, with some newer ones added as his muse insists. I’m hopeful. (hoping, anyway)

  2. Shouldn’t “Thought Crimes” be crimes against thought, such as declaring some ideas off limits and unthinkable? For surely as man is fallen, telling people what they may not think is oppression.

    All the more so when they’ve no way to tell you’ve even thought it. A kid in the Daughtorial Unit’s class (Grade Four, IIRC) got in trouble with teacher over his “reading aloud” performance when, approaching the end of the story, his voice rose with breathless excitement. Asked afterward why he had done that he explained to the teacher, “That was my climax voice.”

    The teacher apparently lacked comprehension for the literary term and needed to keep her own mind out of the gutter … either of which would have avoided considerable embarrassment for her and protected that kid from her retribution for having “caused” her to beclown herself.

    I’ve met remarkably few people who demonstrated any capability of reading minds, much less Odd minds.

    1. I’ll admit I might have gotten the kid (and myself) in trouble for being unable to stop the giggle fit that caused, but I wouldn’t have been so mean as to take it out on him.

      Then again, I’m not the expert on child psychology that an education major doubtlessly is, so what do I know?

    2. The fact that she automatically jumped to the conclusion that a NINE year old was making a fairly sophisticated sex joke…

      Someone needs to keep an eye on that teacher. A close eye.

      (And sure, I’m sure the sex jokes WILL begin very soon–but as they are small boys, it’s still going to be largely innocent, and center around words like “butt” or “boobies.” If they don’t, someone had better make sure nothing bad is going on in that kid’s life…)

      1. This. I raised two boys. Even the Early Puberty One didn’t get “it” at all till 12.After that I wasn’t allowed to say “tool” in my own house, as all three males would run off with it and make the world’s STUPIDEST jokes.
        Seriously. But climax? Not even my kids, who speak like they ate a dictionary would use that.

      2. Ummmm … about that.

        Beloved Spouse advises me the incident was second grade.

        Pubic school second-grader who reads well enough to read aloud in class — of course the teacher assumed he was a perv.

          1. Remember that a professor at Occidental College in California declared that males who look good and get good grades “fit the classic definition of rapists”. The leftists assume any male is either a rapist or future rapist and that the more intelligent and articulate the male is the more likely that male is a rapist. Being an articulate white mail is considered proof of being a rapist. This is the utter insanity the left desires to infect the entire country with.

    3. It is one thing to not know the context of something outside of what you know it as, but teachers are *supposed* to be teaching about literary climaxes and denouements and such. So being unable to recognize what this kid was doing is a double strike against her, both personally and professionally.

      1. It’s second grade. Literary terms like that wouldn’t be something that they’re discussing yet. Thus my suspicion mentioned above that the teacher might not have even remembered that there’s a non-sexual meaning of the word.

          1. I don’t think I heard the term used until I got the first of my “how to write an essay” lectures. While I don’t remember exactly when I started writing essays, I know it wasn’t in the second grade.

  3. Please sir, ma’am, may we have some more?

    Might I also suggest, since we’ve already obviously gone all William Blake / William Morris multimedia on this, that a possible sound track for this particular work might be Weird Al’s “Word Crimes”..? (Not only is it better than the original song, it leaves such other alternatives as “Die Gedanken sind Frei” far behind eating dust.)

  4. WordPress is either acting up again, or ATH has been muted for me. I haven’t seen posts for the last two days in my WP feed. I’ve had to go looking for them…again.

    1. I’ve had the issue as well, since Toxic Femininity. Given the givens, I’d assumed they’d tripped some sort of keyword tripwire of no and went looking myself. I don’t actually know if WordPress does that, though?

      Either way, shoulda mentioned in case it was something else, my bad

    2. Don’t know if it helps with the diagnostics, but the RSS feed has been working well and picking up all new posts (I use FeedBro).

      That indicates to me it’s a WP issue (insert Shocked Face (TM) here) not on the actual page (format etc.) itself.

      Please kindly ignore if I’m simply demonstrating my ignorance.

          1. The only saving grace is that Hoyt Axton had a speaking role in it. Wish he could have sneaked a song in there, perhaps “Fearless the Wonder Dog”. Might have improved the movie. 🙂

            1. Ah yes, a true Christmas move, Die Hard. It has a far more believable plot than any Hallmark Christmas movie. And I want one of those Nakatomi Plaza Christmas Party 1988 shirts that Bruce Willis was showing off a while back.

            2. A friend’s wife and two younger daughters are doing some kind of church sleepover on Christmas Eve. He and his oldest daughter will be at home. She will make popcorn, and he will cue up the DVD of “Hogfather.”

              Well, maybe it’s not Christmas. But for values of “Discworld”, it’s close enough…

              “You can’t give her that!’ she screamed. ‘It’s not safe!’

              IT’S A SWORD, said the Hogfather. THEY’RE NOT MEANT TO BE SAFE.

              ‘She’s a child!’ shouted Crumley.

              IT’S EDUCATIONAL.

              ‘What if she cuts herself?!’


              1. “She made it about 45 minutes, then said she’d rather go on to bed.”

                “This is where you tell her she’s adopted, right?”

          2. Oh, come on, Gremlins is so bad it’s good. Both of ’em.
            [Genius Gremlin shoots Doofus Gremlin with a large revolver, then explains, in a highbrow British accent]
            “Now, I ask you, was that civilized? No, clearly not. Fun, yes, but hardly civilized!”

            1. I don’t remember the first too clearly, but the second was one of those movies that knows damned well how ridiculous it is and plays it to the hilt. Those can be fun.

              1. Making fun of Ted Turner was brilliant. Easy, but brilliant. And yes, the scene where Genius Gremlin shot Doofus Gremlin was . . . I laughed a little too hard.

                1. The musical number was funny too. One of those moments where you just stare and think “WTF, seriously?” before starting to laugh…

              1. Earlier actually — WWI fighter pilots. But the belief in the constancy of folklore as perpetual as the hills was — unfounded.

    3. Roughly 1/3 of the comments I get have nothing of the actual comment, no working link to the comment, and the Reply button doesn’t work. The links to the blog and the post work. I have no way to know what I’m missing.

      Incidentally, this appears to be happening with ALL the WP blogs I follow (MGC, Cat Rotators, ATH, etc.) It’s most noticeable here because of comment volume. It happens in mail clients and webmail access sites, always the same way, and It has happened on all of the three computers I check mail on. The issue appears to be at the generating software end.

    1. I had to deal with planning with both.

      SF and engineers (Sapper type) used C4, but the Navy preferred to fill their weapons with H6

  5. I love the art — it’s very much in the tradition of Dr. Seuss, but more political.

    I’ll see if I can pull something together for you so you don’t have to completely go dark. (Given how much of a traffic boost I got on my websites from the Dec 3 guest post, I would hate for this blog to have its audience start dribbling away as a result of irregular posting).

  6. Something seasonal, a trifle less outre than the last few offerings.

    Wishing safe journeys for all travelling the coming week.

  7. I am looking at articles about the “concern” over the exchange of White Supremacist” signals at last weekend’s Army/Navy feetsball game and I’ve realized, given that the “OK” hand gesture has now been declared thoughtcrime, it should follow that the phrase “OK, Boomer” must similarly be an affront (and ageist) to all thoughts clean and righteous and requires denunciation.

    It is possible, now that okay,” “pillow fight,” “dramatic,” and all other forms of descriptive language are reinforcing of obsolete power dynamics that we’ve o recourse but to pare the language down to absolute minimal terms to prevent double-plus ungood thought.

    1. Keep in mind the people declaring the hand signals to be racist are the same ones who think the Army and Navy themselves are “racist tools of oppression” that must be forever disbanded because “America eeeeviiillllll”

    2. “it should follow that the phrase “OK, Boomer” must similarly be an affront (and ageist) to all thoughts clean and righteous and requires denunciation.”

      There has already been an age discrimination claim filed under CA law for exactly that.

      Don’t try and parody real life; you’ll lose.

  8. Has everyone here seen that article in which a law professor argues that Trump hasn’t actually been impeached until the House transmits articles of impeachment to the Senate? Here’s a Faraday Cage-worthy thought: if the House refuses to transmit, could it be considered defamatory to say that he’s been impeached? As in, could Trump sue CNN for it? Or Pelosi if she says it anywhere other than the floor of the House?

      1. I know, but he can’t force that. And being able to sue anyone on the left for SAYING he’s been impeached would be a very nice consolation prize, don’t you think? [evil grin]

    1. I love how that guy was a (non-informative non-impressive) “expert witness” for the Dem side in their impeachment cosplay, but now is publicly and loudly pointing out something basic that blows holes in Nancy of Pacific Heights’ tactics.

      The only thing that makes sense for me is they didn’t want the referral dismissed by the Senate before the end of this year, but for some reason could not delay the full House vote accordingly.

      But any thinking that this is better politically is just crazycakes.

      1. The Dems want to hold it so they can send it to the Senate next time a Supreme Court seat is open so they can prevent RBG’s replacement from being confirmed.

    2. I think DJT should issue a Presidential Pardon to Nancy Pelosi over the holiday break for all crimes committed up to the end of 2019, which would make the same point without having to go to court.

      1. I like the idea of taking them to court more, though. Think about it – they utterly trashed what’s left of their credibility and handed Trump a 2020 landslide all so they could tarnish him by being able to say he was impeached, and then they can’t even legally say it.

        I could see some of them having strokes over this.

  9. Well do I recall my 10 years young dismay when I noticed the uncanny alignment between Time and Reader’s Digest and flash-intuited the existence of a Journolist as a large room where the Party Line was so-obviously concocted. Right in essence but early. IT’S ALL LIES. Heavy for a kid,

    Thanks for this. This here will succor many a young Odd,

    I was desperate to get off the Monkey Planet.Still am. Not Alone was needed.

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