This That and Low Carb


I woke up feeling 80 years old, and since I’m fairly sure none of you have an aging ray (if you do and you trained it on me, I’m gonna give you sych a kicking.)

I think it’s the result of late nights, unwonted activity (both trying to understand the science behind the talks and honestly sitting still in a classroom (meeting room) all day, a thing I’m singularly bad at. Oh, yeah, I was here.

I have zero idea why I felt the need not to disseminate our whereabouts, but when I get subconscious imperatives like that I obey, even if — particularly if — they make no sense.  Most of the time it’s just paranoia, but the few times that they’ve been right… well… More than paid for the false alarms, in terms of safety or not being bothered.

We drove out. We’d falling out of the habit of long drives when we had the kids, but as with so many things, we’re rediscovering them.  It gives us time to talk and I firmed 2 of the grossly overdue short stories in my mind. Hoping to get them written today.

My health wasn’t helped by the fact that both the conference provided lunches and what we could find were both full of carbs I couldn’t resist.

This is fairly rare, since I usually can withstand anything but corn chips.  Oh, yeah, Wichita has a Mediterranean place that sells fried pita chips. So HAPPY I don’t live there. I’d never be able to stay off them.

Anyway, we left a day early, partly because we didn’t think we could CONTRIBUTE anything to the last day, partly because I thought long days, late nights and not getting exercise were making me susceptible to the thing that was making everyone cough.

It might have. Or I might be just ahead of it. At any rate, I’m going to do a very perfunctory cleaning (Cats shed!) then write.

The only low carb thing was something I attempted before I left. People are now making and selling pasta from heart’s of palm.  I wasn’t particularly impressed by the linguini. It’s no more linguini-like than zucchini strips that are way cheaper. I mean, it LOOKS more like pasta, but that’s obviously not the point.  However I bought some canned for “lasagna” and plan to try it later tonight.  Will report.

We’ll resume regular schedule tomorrow, and hopefully by Monday the cold trying to land will have given up and moved off.

Oh, yeah, Greebo, obviously KNOWING I’d died rejected the impostor who tried to impersonate me until I cornered him and he smelled me.  He’s now acting very clingy. He also lost a lot more weight than the thyroid condition warrants. I suspect, as on previous trips, idiot-boy stopped eating.  I’m not sure exactly how I ended up with a dog in a cat suit, but there it is.  He’s been extravagantly petted this morning, and will sit at my feet while I write.

Oh, NANO: I finished a short while in Wichita. Not a ton, just 6k words. I still need to do a novel.

80 thoughts on “This That and Low Carb

  1. I suspect if ANY of us have an “aging ray” every last device is aimed, FULL POWER (maybe even overload) at Washington DC. Cue “Fools on the Hill.”

      1. Perhaps there is some effect… but I am now reminded of the kiddiot who came onto an Animaniacs (& co.) IRC channel and tried to powergame himself as “LichLord”…. he did NOT appreciate being described as “Lichy, Lich, the dead little lich kid.” — which, of course, meant that he was constantly greeted thus. I suspect he did NOT get the reference.

      2. We can now be pretty sure that my initial paranoia wrt Hillary’s plans to be elected in 2020 is vindicated.

        Would you want to be the person answerable to her for delivering the impeachment inquiry she wants?

        In hindsight, that may be what finished Cummings off. So, there is a good chance that the principals will not be around in half a dozen years, and that we will have some interesting information on what is actually happening now in a dozen years.

        Now, we can be pretty sure that the Nixon inquiry was a formative experience for Hillary, and she has issues about getting kicked off of it.

        Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian plant because Hillary is threatened by women she can’t coerce.

        I initially typo-ed Hillary’s pronoun as ‘Che’.

      3. Anyone else notice she’s trying to imitate Trump’s raised-finger gesture these days?

        1. And then there’s the photoshop running around of Rep. Stefanik (R – NY21) giving the bird to ex-Ukraine ambassador while the Dems gave her a standing ovation after her testimony. Loads of lefties think it’s real (despite being an obvious photoshop).

          1. Not only that, but the folks standing around don’t look like they’re giving an ovation. It looks more like the view you’d get at the end of a session – people standing around and talking with each other.

        1. Well, the aardvark has barred it for that use IN THE ESTABLISHMENT. And Fluffy’s ready to back him up on the subject.

          However, the aardvark also has the map including all legal aspects. That will get you to a door leading to a location without the ban.

        2. Having sampled an “artificially aged” rye… I can see avoiding such. It was quite easily the worst rye I’ve ever had. Not outright rotgut, but I was glad the sample was small. Old Overcoat does quite well, really.

  2. A few years back I tended two kitties for friends who were visiting relatives in Europe. The outdoor cat would make an occasional appearance, but the indoor cat drank very little water, ate very little food (enough, mercifully!) and spent all of its time hiding behind furniture. I think I saw it once in those weeks, and it was shedding hair like mad. Probably didn’t help that I carried dog scent.

    It was very happy when Momma and Daddy returned home.

      1. And then the dogs noticed I carried cat-scent back home. Our dogs think that they are the only four-footed creatures allowed on our property. (And, they’re not overly fond of birds they can’t catch.)

  3. “Aging” ray you say? But it said “disinitgration ray” quite clearly on the packaging!

    Darn those fools at ACME! *shakes fist at the sky*

    1. Oh, you wanted a DISintegration ray, not a ray to reverse to integration? I suppose you wound up with a differentiating ray.

      Of course, there was also Duck Dodger’s disintegrating pistol. “Brother, when it disintegrates, it disintegrates!”

      1. In Duck Dodger’s case, it’s fortunate that his side-kick had a
        re-integrating ray-guy (when Duck got disintegrated). 👿

    2. (Raises hand) Sorry – that was me. It appears I had the polarity reversed. It was supposed to de-age you thirty years.

  4. The hearts of palm ‘pasta’ is better if you drain it and pour some heavy cream over it and work it with your hands. The fats carry away a slight taste some people don’t like. Then if you stir fry it in butter before putting your sauce on it isn’t half bad. Just don’t walk away and start talking with somebody – I did that once and the stir frying didn’t get enough stirring and I had crispy inedible noodles.

  5. 80? You don’t look a day over 70. [Very Big Grin While Flying Away Very Very Fast]

    1. I was mildly surprised that I didn’t put on weight on my trip this past summer. Then I remembered I was doing twice the mileage that everyone else covered…

    2. “It’s true that travel broadens one’s horizons.
      I’m not sure I wanted them broadened so much that the person I most want guarding my back is a larcenous alien space squid, but there you go.”


    3. This is why a cooler travels with us to every convention on the road. It contains the meals I prepared in advance for each day, so that we stay on our diets for medical reasons (I’m pre-diabetic, spouse has full-blown diabetes).

  6. They say you’re only as old as you feel. One of Life’s more depressing adages, that.

    For some reason my head is trying to sort carbs into Low and High according to the strictures of Low Culture and High Culture, but I cannot find the metric. I’m gonna have to reboot my head.

      1. I thought that was the Ted Kennedy rule.

        Q: How many times does sixty go into sixteen?
        A: Ask Ted Kennedy!

    1. Carbs can be variations on a line of simple to complex.
      Simple carbs such as most sugars and alcohol are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly and are responsible for what we know as sugar spikes. Alcohol of course has other side effects as well.
      Complex carbs, derived mostly from grains and root vegetables assimilate more slowly but with more effort on the part of your body. And they too can kick off certain side effects in sensitive bodies.

  7. “Oh, NANO: I finished a short while in Wichita. Not a ton, just 6k words. I still need to do a novel.”

    Sarah, only you and John Ringo could make an offhand remark like that halfway through the month, in the full expectation that you could indeed do it.

    1. well, I have to do at LEAST five shorts before then, so this weekend.
      The short in Witchita was a pain in the ass to get done because it required full immersion in the Battle of Cannae which was the biggest shitshow in military history before WWI. Also I needed to get ALL the fricking fiddly details right, since it’s alt. history. The others will be easier, hopefully.
      Let me go finish cleaning.

      1. Well, apropos of nothing in particular, I will remark that I have just now gotten around to finish Deep Pink, a rather short yet highly entertaining novel. Edits in the mail of course, though I’m still working on an edit only listing. Story invoked elements of both Heinlein and Stout in my eclectic head, and being so short left me with a distinct craving for the further adventures of our intrepid private investigator. Hells Bells, you left the door wide open for new and exciting exploits.

          1. I seem to recall that Rex Stout did quite well for himself with a whole bunch of short Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin stories around 80 or so years ago. Most of those still popular with certain readers to this day. I think it’s fair to say that Deep Pink might very well fall into the same category.
            You really do tell a very entertaining tale my dear niece. I think your characterization is improving, and that’s key. A reader needs to feel for the major characters, hate or love, both work, but FEEL.

              1. This is Sarah’s latest effort, currently out to her beta readers for review. I also did a first pass copy edit, because that’s just what I do.
                It’s about 100 pages, 40k words, so a short novel, but jam packed with sex, violence, and the mysteries of the universe. (Now I’ve been known to exaggerate on occasion, but seriously, it’s a good read.)
                I’m confidant that after this review and all the fiddly bits like cover and such get dealt with, that Herself will let us know when it’s up for purchase at the usual suspects.

  8. I hope you beat off the cold. I’m on day 12 (forever) of a “cold” that won’t go away. Granted, on the up swing (hey, as of Thursday my response to “are you going to live” was “eh … go away”, so yea “better”). I’ve been drinking NyQuil like it was orange juice (never mind that thanks to Glaucoma I’m not suppose to take NyQuil … yea, uh, NOT). No idea where I picked this up. No one brought it home. Haven’t been hanging out anywhere. Haven’t gone anywhere other than quick shopping trips. Invoking the “cold prayer” … “may it stay away from you and yours.”

    1. “Quick shopping trip.” That’ll do it.

      I am hoping to survive the holidays this year. Without thinking, I offered $SPOUSE& to take her out to a nice early lunch and then on a shopping trip for the remainder of the day, to celebrate her birthday. Her choice of where and what day (since her actual birthday is on a work day, after which she usually has no desire other than retreating to a dark room and banging her head repeatedly).

      So I now have an inescapable date for Black Friday. Sigh, all these years and she is still testing me…

    1. It’s a little known fact that Sarah has lived several lives and remembers most of them.

      So yes, Sarah has been 80 several times. 😀

      1. While the evil days come not?

        All in all I’d make a darn poor Howard, my direct male line of descent has a tendency to have run-ins with various parts of nature and lose. At 58 I think I’ve beat the average back 3 generations by about 5 years. I have no data on that line back further than that.

  9. I have zero idea why I felt the need not to disseminate our whereabouts, but when I get subconscious imperatives like that I obey, even if — particularly if — they make no sense.

    Pretty standard phone-call reason in our house:
    “Hey. Yeah, I didn’t really have anything to talk about, I just had a dream about you last night and got worried. You alright? Good, lvoe you too.”

  10. As far as NaNo is concerned, I’ve been hitting some serious patches of uninspired, but I’ve been trying to push through. I’ve gotten about 14,000 words since last Saturday; I’ll figure out an excerpt to post tomorrow.

    On lasagna: I’ve found that “noodle less” lasagna, where you just pile the meat and ricotta cheese and whatever else you want in the pan, works pretty well. It’s a bit messy, and usually benefits from a bowl rather than a plate, but it satisfies the lasagna urge just fine. Let’s face it, no one is eating lasagna for the noodles.

      1. (I figured even engaging on this point would be violating the rules about getting into religious fights. So I’m saying nothing.)

      2. Tasty, tasty noodles. Whole wheat noodles, cooked with just the slightest bit of firmness. Sweet tomato sauce. Swiss-y cheese and parmesian. Garlic. Lots of fresh garlic. Bit of meat, some ricotta for the middle bits.

        Food coma in the makng.

          1. It really, really is, and I haven’t had it in too long. It’s early winter here, so the tomatoes are made into stews and soups mostly. Had a bit of a cold snap with highs ten below freezing here last week, unusual for my little mountains but not unheard of. Cold weather food tends to stuff that will fit in a thermos you can take with you while you are working outside.

            Hot weather foods, I tend to lean towards citrus. Frozen oranges or tangerines are nice. We used to use the ice tray to make little toothpick popsicles with juice, salt, and such in them (salt because you sweat it out. Humidity pegs at 100% and stays there for a few months around June. AC repairmen make their yearly salary in those months). Since I’m forbidden caffeine these days my teas are blue-and raspberry with some white tea mixed in. Patriotic teas. Fried eggs in the cool of the morning, big breakfasts are a must. Tea and trail mix at supper. Dinner cold cuts sandwich.

            Pasta I could live on forever mostly, but carbs. Oh the tasty tasy carbs. Must ration the goodness. Special occasions. Fortunately, we have Thanksgiving coming up…

      3. It’s not a dislike for the noodles, just the fact that they’re secondary to the cheese and tomato sauce and spicy meat. If I had the option, I’d include the noodles, but I don’t, and I suspect that adding some sort of vegetable substitute for them wouldn’t do any better at satisfying the craving than just leaving them out does.

    1. Sorry about the double post. Thought it bounced the first time due to a log-in issue. Didn’t realize I’d posted it twice until the third time I logged in…

      1. Yeah, I always wait at least half an hour when I think a post didn’t post. So far, all of them have turned up eventually.

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