The State of the Writer


So. I had a guest post for today, but family stuff intervened so last night I was neither able to cue it in time, nor get to bed before close to one, which means I got up late today.

I’ll do a brief state of the writer.

I’m still fighting something upper respiratory with extreme tiredness. Seems to be going around and takes a long time to kick. Working on it.

Signs I’m getting better include the fact I’m finally reading stuff that is not Jane Austen fanfic again.  For a while it was all I could handle.

Tried a couple of thriller series, but they failed to hold me. So I fell back into the fanfic and I’m only now pulling away.  This has been my longest period of “must read/can’t deal with real stuff” since I spent two years reading Disney comics when the middle school was trying to destroy younger son.

So that’s good news.  Other good news: I’ve finished annotating the revisions of Deep pink, and should finish entering changes by (knocks on head) tomorrow, health permitting.

Then it goes to betas before being released into the world.

The longer novel Alien Curse is advancing and only two weeks late (gah.)

I have FOUR short stories I need to get done this weekend.  Oh, and Deep Pink will need a cover.  Plus I’m doing a series of three covers to re-release a series of books, now under Inkstain Publishing. (Hi Kate!)

The nap-in-the-afternoon is really interfering with this schedule, but it really IS getting better.

Oh, yeah.  I’m doing more substantial posts for here again, which you guys seem to like.  Just reminding you that should you get to feeling guilty about the free ice cream, there’s a paypal donation button (two actually) up on the right hand side.

For those who don’t like paypal (I get it, I do) the address to Goldport Press, inside any of my indie books will get to me. We accept checks, cash, gold coin, and — specifically — a small labradoodle.  (Younger son is allergic to dogs, of all things, but I really need a walking companion.)

We don’t accept kittens (are full up), chickens (though in a year DIL might) or explosive devices.

No, you don’t need to donate. Yes, it would help, but my aim is to make my money from fiction.  However, it would help and provide incentive to do the more complex posts.

Yes, there will be a compilation, if I can clear the decks enough to actually go through years of post and compile them.

There will be a workshop or a few (probably one a month) on writing techniques, once I have husband in one place long enough to talk tech and hardware to teach them.  Also hosting, of course.  (And yes, it’s been that crazy.  You have no idea.  Hopefully this is our last year before we launch the boys into their own orbits, but as such it’s a year of keeping track of a lot of things, driving people to the airport a lot, helping figure out research and contacts, and… all that stuff.  Which is not as much WORK as you think, it’s just unpredictable and disruptive.) And there have been doctor stuff.  Yes, that’s responsible for the improvement, but it also takes time and is disruptive.  Yes, I’m whining.  (Not really. Just wishing I had double the hours to do stuff in.)

We will attend TVIW in Kansas in November.  We haven’t registered or done anything about hotel and travel yet, which tells you how organized everything has been.

Anyway: I now go to have coffee, breakfast, check on son’s cat whom we’re catsitting and who is SUSPICIOUSLY silent.  Then I write, with a chance of intermittent doctor appointment.

Guest post tomorrow.  Carry on.


55 responses to “The State of the Writer

  1. You are in our prayers for good health, Sarah! Hope you fully mend up soon. In the meantime, looking forward to the guest posts and the blast from the past posts. Take care, stay safe, and may God and Christ be with you and yours.

  2. Hey, you’re getting better, and writing’s getting done! Neither may be happening at the rate you want, but that’s your brain trying to make the perfect the enemy of the good, and put a bad spin on all the good things that are going on.

    ‘S okay, that’s human – I think we all do that. Lord knows I’ve been caught yelling at my body like it’s a recalcitrant cat, because it’s not doing the things I want it to, on the timetable I want it to. Especially the healing and recovering part. And like the cat, it’s going to do at the rate it’s going to do, whether I accept I’m not 25 or not.

    Now I’m going to make grudging noises like “nice brain. Good brain. Come here brain, give me daily wordcount. You can do this, brain!”… and feed it more caffeine.

  3. No explosive devices? 😦
    So much for sending you 20 lbs. of baked beans then.

    • But plain old explosives (without detonators) are okay ?

      • Should we worry about just how many of us decided to key on that one line?

        • BobtheRegisterredFool

          No. Ask any normal red blooded Americans, and they will rank the following in this order: 1. Explosive Devices 2. Brooding. 3. Apple Pie. 4. Upgrading a Prius to a refurbished engine originally manufactured in the 1960s. 5. Kale.

          • I love explosive devices!
            But then I’m really into “The rockets red glare, those bombs bursting in air” thing.

            • BobtheRegisterredFool

              That song is where I got the title to my WIP. For all that it is set in Japan, in the context of a possible PLA invasion, “does that star spangled banner yet wave over the land of the brave and the home of the free” remains the question. I have bombs bursting in air, but don’t have ‘rockets red glare’. Yet.

        • So, thermite it is.
          Just as well, really. It’s easier. AND more photogenic. (Not to mention exothermic.)

        • I, for one, find it reassuring .

        • Around here? No, probably not.

    • Send the right dog and you can get the explosive device gratis. Ask me how I know…

      • 11B-Mailclerk

        The right dog…

        -Never- take a retriever to the Grenade range….

        • For different reasons, never take a border collie to a shooting range. Late (unlamented) neighbor thought it was fun to hunt ground squirrels with a pistol chambered more for coyote. (He’d also shoot at Tannerite explosive targets during fire season (strictly forbidden then.)) Meanwhile, our BC would try to climb the walls. After a few years of no ground squirrel hunting she’s OK until somebody fires off a deer rifle or close by pistol.

    • scott2harrison

      Do binary explosives count. We can even get those drop shipped to you. You would have to provide your own detonators though.

  4. Greatly relieved to read this, as I had somehow concluded that the state of the writer was confused.

    I trust the “family stuff” referenced as good family stuff, not the other kinds (this seems neither the proper venue nor right time for deliberating on a taxonomy of “family stuff”) and that t gets better.

    Afternoon naps, while they may interfere with planned activity the operator deems more important, are usually the body’s way of saying, “There’s some stuff I need to work on.” and, like changing your car’s oil every so often, are a tiresome chore best attended to. Don’t begrudge them, accept them as part of the price required to keep the physical plant operational.

  5. “We don’t accept […] explosive devices.”

    * Cancels ACME delivery. *

  6. Would you take Nemo on a long term loan, once he’s finished with his chemo treatments? He’s hard headed but very active and barks a lot. He also takes meds.

    • Is he good with cats?

      • We don’t know. I don’t know that he’s ever met one.

      • I’m not really trying re-home Nemo. I’m just all atwitter from breaking up with my grocery delivery service. Emily type bad bad jokes.

    • Alternatively I could get you a Bichon rescue dog. There’s a Bichon rescue in Plano. If you want a big dog I could probably find you one in Dallas. How about a Daniff? It’s a Great Dane crossed with an English Mastiff. Excuse my silliness. I just broke up with my grocery delivery service.

    • I was trying to describe Spanish war dogs, and came up with “think of a German Shepherd crossed with a pit bull. With a migraine.” The students agreed that either fleeing, or persuading the Spanish that the gold was that way, over those hills, was probably a Good Idea.

  7. Thunk! Sound of coins hitting tip jar. Just started a monthly donation to you Sarah. Feel better soon!

  8. We don’t accept kittens (are full up), chickens (though in a year DIL might) or explosive devices.

    Not even unarmed ones because we want to show off a new design?

    Oh, yeah, just asking for a friend.

    That also applies to explosive devices as well as kittens.

  9. Take care of you, good lass. Don’t mind us. Some in particular ought to be doing productive things rather than messing about on the internets.

    Who, moi? This is research! *grin*

  10. Happy thoughts and may you find good health and good reading soon.