I’m Very Much Alive

Sorry. Left the house so early that I didn’t actually feed the cats, which is terrible behavior for me (Ask the cats.)  I’m just now back, and don’t want to do promo post this late.  Will do promo and vignette tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “I’m Very Much Alive

  1. Promo, vignette posting, meh.

    The important question is HAVE YOU FED THE CATS?

    We do want a post eventually. And one here, not somewhere else with a picture of what happens WHEN YOU DO NOT FEED THE CATS!

  2. She’s Alive! She’s Alive!

    Unless she doesn’t feed those cats. 😈

  3. One wonders if they caused as much ruckus as a certain hungry border collie who needed to pee this morning. 🙂

  4. “You forgot to feed the cat.” Brian’s face was ashen. “I told you this was important!”

    “I’m sorry about it, but I don’t understand. Why are you this upset?”

    “Did you stop to think why a guardian mage would have a pet? He’s not just a cat. He’s a vessel.>.”

    “Of what?”

    “Watanu the Devourer.” Brian pulled out an amulet – Al recognized the Ingorer – and pressed it to the car’s frame. “Drive faster, please.”

  5. Thanks for thinking if us, but THE CATS. How could you neglect the messengers and avatars of Bast? Oura have forgiven me, as I have fed them wet food twice today, in addition to the free feeding of the good dry cat food, and LOTS of scritches.
    Seroiusly, take care of yourself first. We will get by until you write more. Thanks, John Sage

  6. Oh, no. Us? We’re easily ignorable when you shut off the browser. The cats know where you sleep!

    Speaking of, I need to go offer treats in a bid to lure two furry butts in from the garage.They know they’re not allowed in this late. They know that the door is open for just long enough to run over my feet when I’m bringing in a load of laundry. They know that crickets (The Great Game!) get in the garage at night and need hunting. Sigh.

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