Sorry to only get to this now. Woke up very early to deal with front yard. If it were simple mowing would have kicked son who is staying with us for three weeks awake and gotten him to do it, but there was weeding and stuff that needed done.

It was a singularly unproductive morning as all I did was the front yard.  Never mind. More tomorrow.

Then there was laundry sorting to do which is done on my bed, and therefore must be done within 24 hours of changing the bedspread, because otherwise all the clean clothes acquire a thin patina of Greebo fur.

And no, Greebo isn’t happy with me. He’s been patiently herding me office-ward all morning and I keep escaping to do these things that mustn’t be necessary, since I don’t do them every day.

And in case you wonder why I’m giving you the “deeds of the day”.  My grandmother used to relate everything she’d done every day when anyone showed up.  As a kid I remember thinking it was a peculiar habit. I still think it’s a peculiar habit, but when I was “just” a housewife and aspiring writer, I’d find myself doing the same thing to anyone who showed up, or to Dan when he came home from work, so I finally understood why she did it.

Housework is such a peculiar conjunction of small and frankly boring tasks and things that become undone as soon as you do them, that it’s astonishing how the time flies by and you look around and go “Where the heck did the morning/afternoon/evening go?” And nothing to show for it. So you list it to reassure yourself, to tell yourself you’re wroth something, and not just frittering away your life in useless stuff every day, stuff no one notices.

Because that’s the other peculiar thing of housework: no one notices it until it’s not done.  I think the first time my husband realized the particular load of work I was lifting was when I was very ill with pneumonia 23 years ago.  Because I was in the hospital for two weeks, even though we had babysitters at home looking after the boys, who did things like feed the kids and do the dishes, he saw how all the other stuff went to hell on a slow schedule, and realized the amount of things I did every day.  Since when he has not said anything about “you’re home all day, couldn’t you do x?”

Now he is home a lot of the time, he gets a worried expression as I get up from the desk to go put a load of laundry in, or whatever.  I know he thinks I could fly a lot higher/faster without that particular burden.  And I get it. Truly, I do. He used to suggest I get someone to do things (before aforementioned series of … unfortunate events) but my problem (back then) is that I am one of those people who cleans for the cleaning lady, and then after the cleaning lady.  In the times I’ve had cleaners (mostly due to being ill) I’ve had ONE who cleaned better than I (and did it all with then one-year-old Marshall on her hip.)

My daughter in law says she tries to do something everyday that won’t be undone in a week.  I’ve been trying to adopt the same habit, with the something everyday more often than not being something.  The something lately is mostly short stories, because I’d made a lot of commitments before the year went crazy.  I found I’d done 45k words of various things in the last week.  Now it’s time to turn my attention to novels, because short stories are nice (and honestly mostly I do them for people I like, though none of them has failed to pay me at least what they’d pay in traditional publishing, but they’re piddly payments, not nearly enough to pick up from the series of unfortunate incidents earlier this year.  So.

So, novels it will be.  First I finish Deep Pink. (The next one is already loud and it starts with “I owed a favor to the Loch Ness Monster.”  It will probably be called “Dark Beer.”  Maybe.  Anyway…. I need to finish it, then swing on to Alien Curse.  I figured I had the wrong main protag, so it was like trying to wrench something into position, which didn’t want to fit. Former main protag to become infuriating love interest.  Some words salvaged. Not sure how many yet.

After that it’s A Well Inlaid Death (Dyce Dare) and Witch’s Daughter (Witchfinder) and Blood Royale (Vampire Musketeers.)  In between there will be a shortish novel called Another Rhodes which is a mystery with a cyborg detective in the far future.  My plan is to interlard (totally a thing) Rhodes and Magis in between the heftier works.  Though why I’m calling Dyce hefty, heaven only knows.

Other things are planned, including alternate history.  Let me see how far I can run, and if the health thing is permanently on the mend, and keep me in your prayers in that regard.  My goal is to fill up your to-be-read lists and drive you a little insane(r).

Which is the other reason I bring up the unending list of household chores.

Look, they have to be done. And I’m faster and more adept at them than Dan, who at any rate has a full time job and MUST find time to write, but we’re not sure where.  It’s just that right now I can’t even consider hiring someone, even if I’d settle for someone who dusts and vacuums only.  And the only way to change that is to write like a demon.

So I list the deeds of day mostly in frustration, because I was not at the keyboard producing words and making Greebo happy.

This too shall pass.  Like a hurricane or perhaps a kidney stone, but it shall pass.

Until then, I just have to write.  Which is what I’ll be doing after I publish this and until Hun’s dinner (at place we had Hunsgiving, probably now about 10 years back?) at 4:30 or 5 or thereabouts.  And for those who checked their calendar, no, it is not in fact the first Saturday of the month.

Having dealt with moving son in temporarily and having our life turned upside down three days before Saturday, we were — Dan and I — blissfully unaware what day of the month it was.  Curiously we felt there was something we should be doing, so we went to the botanic gardens to see the sunset. But we never remembered it was our day for dinner with the fans.

And yes, I know, politics is crazy right now, but honestly, I’m trying to stay away from the blogs and get paying work done (which requires fortitude like you wouldn’t believe, my being a political junky.  But I think in terms of my addiction, politics increasingly are like bad drugs.  I think these are cut with muriatic acid and sooner or later will eat all our faces. So I’m trying to discipline myself to only check them in the evening.  I can’t tell you how hard this is on a nervous system trained to “you have to check, to know if you’re going to run into a mess on your way out and/or they’re coming for you.”

But if I go check politics, nothing will get done. And it must get done.

Anyway. So. I go write now.  I have three and a half hours to lay down words, with brief interruptions for laundry.

135 thoughts on “Disjointed

  1. Good luck. We’re all out here waiting to throw money at you once those novels show up!

    I understand about the housework. Having been forced into the “aspiring writer/housewife” category myself, I am distinctly unsatisfied with the role, especially every time my inner critic says, “The ‘aspiring writer’ is just a dream that will never come true, and frankly, you’re a lousy housewife.”

    1. Zsuzsa, I’m in a similar boat because I can’t seem to keep a wife around (sigh… in spite of my friends saying it isn’t me… by now I’ve come to suspect I’m just not an easy person to live with). So, I get to do the housework (of which I suck), AND hold down a full time job so that I can keep a roof over my kids heads and foods in their bellies (the kids live with me), all while ALSO trying to be an ‘aspiring writer’ (I suck at that too… but I’m not giving up!).

  2. No need to apologize for late (or even no) posts. Take care of yourself and work. We’ll be around.

      1. Entertain ourselves? Entertain? We are entrepreneurial, we are! I’ve just figured out how to use this Time Portal to operate a mail order business, supplying overstock items like rocket sleds, jet packs and slightly defective anvils to the mid-Twentieth Century. I’ve established a corporate identity as Acme Products and already have one steady customer who is, all on his own, covering operating costs for the enterprise.

        I could use a little more warehouse space on the seventeenth sub-basement. Also, we seem to be having small storage issues with both the portable holes and universal solvent, so any suggestions on that would be appreciated. I tried using adamantium casing but some AI seems to be siphoning that out for spare bodies (which seems silly – if you’ve a adamantium body you shouldn’t need spares, not unless you’re fighting thunder gods or something similarly incredible.)

  3. Money catapult primed. Standing by trigger.

    And remember: Its easier to hear the voices in your head when you’re not busy yelling at yourself. ~:D

  4. I am confused. Is son staying awake for three weeks or was it you would have kicked him for three weeks?

      1. Might be wasted time, though. Marine DIs are supposed to be the world’s best kickers. Sent the son off to them for nearly eight weeks – and it took less time than that for it to all fade away…

  5. Yeah, I’ve been trying to cut back on the politics myself.

    You know how much I rave about recreational drug use, and I’ve been successful in avoiding those. But I do have various harmful addictions in terms of how I spend time. I became aware that the political addiction was particularly bad, and if it alone wasn’t at the level of slowly killing me, it was contributing.

    I started trying to cut back. Not done a perfect job of getting it out of my life, if I had I wouldn’t be here. I might be doing better compared to this time last presidential cycle, but it is hard to say. I think I’ve improved some, but am not sure I have improved enough.

    1. It helps to keep a sense of humour about it. I’ve been watching politics for more than fifty years and have yet to see the Democrats display an once of character or iota of integrity … and have only a few times seen the GOP display much desire to be more than the Washington Generals to the Dems’ Globetrotters. Republicans are so accustomed to being abused in the MSM that they’ve acquired many of the characteristics of an an abused spouse.

      1. The “Republicans are battered spouses” theory is something that I’ve also come up with, and I can even understand why. It’s not just the MSM, but it’s part of the problem.

        1. One thing that helps keep things in perspective is such news as this:

          Fantastic! “Line Goes Around the Block” at Bill Miller BBQ after Democrat Castro Outs Owner on His Political Hit List
          Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro published a hit list of names and professions of EVERY MAJOR TRUMP DONOR in his city of San Antonio earlier this week.

          This came two days after two deadly mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso!

          But Castro’s disgusting political hit list has resulted in unintended consequences.

          Business at Bill Miller’s BBQ is exploding! …

          1. Wishing I could go there myself.

            I keep wondering what the point will be when “that’s fucking enough” and things get bad. I suspect that it’ll either be just after Trump wins a second term, or fairly soon after the Democrats win the White House in 2020.

            1. you mean “After the democrats fraud their way into the white house.” Since motor voter I’d estimate most of the democrat vote is fraud. Which is what motor voter was designed to facilitate.

              1. I know the exact purpose of the Motor Voter Law and all the states pledging to put their electoral college votes for the national popular vote. The Democrats are great at mass movements, because they can create simple, emotional statements for simple, emotional responses.

                If I were the Republican Party in the local states, I’d be having poll watchers just counting the number of people in and out (I’d check on legality first).

          2. For amusement’s sake, from Sunday’s Washington Past, this OpEd item provided without link because, really, nobody here needs to read this beyond the headline because you just know where it is going:

            Video games’ real problem? The gamers
            By Brianna Wu
            Brianna Wu is a software engineer and a Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress in Massachusetts District 8.

                1. Folks who are just trying to pass, I won’t step on their toes.


                  Especially activists whose entire thing is finding toes on which to jump?

                  Nope. Manners isn’t a suicide pact.

              1. You got it. And who claims that he/she/whatever gets death threats except (as of last time I ventured near that subject) that none had been turned in to the police.

              2. And compared to that, calling oneself a software engineer when one hasn’t the skills and interest to find enough work to keep oneself out of politics is chump change.

            1. Oh for sake who is this idiot? Are there jerks in gaming? You betcha. But there are jerks in Software engineering and congressional candidates too (and we seem to have spotted one of the intersections of that Venn diagram). Want to see what gamers really look like? Try this (Note: if you have a soft heart you may find you environment has somehow been filled with dust) https://www.theguardian.com/games/2019/jul/04/how-a-video-game-community-filled-my-nephews-final-days-with-happiness-elite-dangerous . My apologies its the Grauniad, but even a blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time (putting them one up on a potential Congressional candidate). I’m 6th District so I won’t get a chance to vote against this idiot, not that that matters as the locals would vote for Old Scratch himself if he had a D after his name.

              1. Elf has been playing “Elite Dangerous” for the last few weeks– it’s seriously cool. It’s like Eve, minus the a-hole enabling protective structures– it’s an attempt at a 1:1 scale model of our galaxy. Has hyper speed, obviously. (Elf: It’s BLiSed: Beyond Light Speed.”)

                They did a thing where they went across the galaxy… k, not only did a bunch of folks try it in the basic ship, but they had folks organizing convoys to refuel the folks who ran out of fuel. And some of the starter-ship folks ACTUALLY MADE IT!

                1. Clearly Foxfier you have an extremely dusty environment. When I first saw that it got me too. Yep I’m an Elite Dangerous player on Xbox (my gamer tag is also my id here). There are jerks but there are a lot of great folks.
                  A classic mistake in Elite is to run out of fuel or to not have enough to make your next frame shift drive jump (think hyperspace from Star Wars). The result of this in game is over time your fusion generators run out of energy and sooner or later Life Support fails and you get to pay for a rebuy on a ship when you respawn. But there’s a group of folks called the Fuel Rats (https://fuelrats.com/). What they do for fun is rescue folks by delivering fuel. Totally unnecessary (all you lose is what was in the ship and some credits) but deeply appreciated. And I’ll bet other MMO type games have similarly devoted folks. In the 1950’s you might have joined a bowling league or softball team. Today folks join a clan or group in a gaming community.

      2. This is one of the differences between the old Buckleyite “conservatives” and the New Right. We KNOW the Left hates us. Wants us in gulags…or dead.

        And we’re not going down without taking an honor guard with it.

        1. In fairness, the Dems have gotten crazier over the decades. The current party would denounce McGovern as a right-wing war monger.

          1. Additionally, the Mainstream Media didn’t operate as the Gaslight Factory they’ve become; even their reporting from Vietnam was less shameful that the current “journalism.”

        2. To his credit, William F. Buckley Jr was instrumental in getting the Republican Party out of the “country club” set, set the intellectual groundwork for Regan’s election, and helped to get rid of the absolute screaming lunatics that were in the Party at the time (anybody remember the John Birch Society? Heinlein wrote at least one favorable article about them, and by the late ’70s/early ’80s, they were demented on a level that the #NeverTrumpers have only recently reached).

          It was also a different time, for the most part. Buckley was a gentlemen, most of the people he dealt with were gentlemen, and they were…civil with each other. I think one of the reasons why he left was that he knew the incoming crowd was not going to be civil and he was too tired to fight anymore.

          (It also didn’t hurt that you suspected he had three martini lunches on a regular basis to make things more even for his competition.)

          1. Remember when Chris Matthews sang the praises of Tip O’Neill for “after hours” drinking with Reagan? Sigh. Good times, good times.

            That pre-Buckley GOP gave us Nelson Rockefeller and Richard Nixon, gave us the EPA and Wage & Price controls.

            I remember the Democrats’ attacks on Reagan and there was not much difference from what they say about Trump. The main reason the Dems scream about “McCarthyism” is they own the patent on such attacks and weren’t getting royalties.

          1. And we’ve learned a) that their hate doesn’t do much actual harm and b) that it makes us stronger and them weaker.

            Sure, they look all Goliathy but we’re wielding the Sling of Truth, loaded with pebbles of Metaphor.

            Okay, that still needs a bit of work.

      3. Part of the problem is that the current Republican Old Guard was born and grew up during the fifty years of Democratic dominance of the House and Senate between the Depression and Gingrich. They HAD to basically make a fighting retreat, and when you do something for five decades it’s hard to get out of the habit.

  6. My daughter in Hutto has been coming 30 miles to put up our laundry ever since I had the knee surgery. You’ve reminded me to call up and tell her again how much I appreciate that!

  7. How to tell if I need to clean the floor. 1. Is it gritty? 2. If I walk across it in black socks, do the soles turn white with fur? 3. Do I see dirt?

        1. My understanding is that if you have to ask, you have to sweep.

          Especially if you have pets underfoot.

          1. The border collie treats vacuums as threat or menace, depending on whether it’s on. One running unattended by $SPOUSE or me would get downgraded to $TARGET.

  8. I still think your Dyce stories would be a great property for the Hallmark channel mystery TVmovies to acquire. But then what do I know.

        1. We will be open to submissions of full-length novels from authors without agents throughout the month of September 2019. Follow us on Twitter, @HallmarkPublish, to be the first to learn about any updates to our submission guidelines.
          To submit your novel, you’ll need to send us a short query letter as an email and attach the following two Word documents:
          *a 2 – 4 page synopsis
          *a complete manuscript
          The manuscript should be double-spaced in a plain, easy-to-read font of 12- or 14-point size.
          Please read our complete submission guidelines below. If your story is a fit, email your submission to hallmarkpublishing@crownmedia.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
          Complete Submission Guidelines
          We’re looking for wholesome or “sweet” romance novels and cozy mystery novels of around 75,000 – 90,000 words in length. We love romances and mysteries that also celebrate friendship, family, and/or community ties. All stories must have happy endings.
          We’re looking for contemporary stories set in the United States.
          We’d especially love to see seasonal themes for romance (winter, Valentine’s Day, spring, June brides, beach reads, fall, and Christmas). For Christmas and winter romances, we like to see snowy locales.
          For Hallmark mysteries, strong seasonal themes are discouraged. We don’t publish Christmas mysteries. We’d especially like to see series ideas with female amateur sleuths.
          A sense of humor is always a plus for us. We tend to avoid stories with very sad or distressing elements, including but not limited to terminal illness, abuse, addiction, early stages of grief, and children or animals in peril.
          We aren’t looking for stories with strong religious themes, but faith may be depicted as a part of characters’ lives.
          We don’t publish romantic suspense. We aren’t interested in paranormal romance in general, but we’re open to time travel or a little bit of magic.
          We aren’t looking for children’s books, young adult novels, other fiction genres, or nonfiction at this time.
          No nudity, sex, profanity, or graphic depictions of sexuality or violence will be accepted. Physical interaction must be limited to hugging and kissing. We avoid backstories about infidelity or promiscuity. In murder mysteries, the murder must happen “off the page,” and we tend to avoid other heavy or disturbing content.
          For romance, we prefer third person, alternating between points of view, but we’ll consider a first-person narrative with an entertaining voice. For mystery, either first person or third person is fine.

          This is…so epic.

          1. OK, looking further, I drew a blank. I don’t see anything in the TV mysteries sections about looking for submittals. I have a horrible feeling they want something to come through an agent. (Going from the print publishing call wording.)

            (looks further)
            This might be the key bit, from the FAQ:

            Q. How do I submit a story for your consideration?

            A. For legal reasons Crown Media Family Networks does NOT accept or consider unsolicited scripts, creative ideas, suggestions, or materials.

            1. It’s a Screenwriter’s Guild thing. Back in the day, Star Trek would only accept two unsolicited scripts from an ‘amateur’. After that, you had to be a ‘professional’ (e.g., dues-paying member of the Screenwriter’s Guild). Hallmark may not even want those two.

              Once again, a guild keeping people out by exercising a monopoly power.

              1. I doubt it is a Guild thing. Hallmark’s content is so formulaic that it would be absurdly easy to assert a claim of “authorship” and cost them enough in court fees to make it not worth their dime to not just pay off claimants — so their only protection is to make sure there is never any possibility they could have read your story.

                As noted, their formula likely makes it easy to generate scripts.

                OTOH – it is probable they don’t pay very much for a story, and an adaptation by them may be as likely to harm sales as to help.

                1. Wait, you mean they don’t just have a pre-written script that they just “fill in the blank” on?

                  1. I think it is more like Mad Libs:

                    [Girl’s Name] is a [Cute Career], living in [Small Town] when she meets [Man’s Name], who is a [Profession].

                  2. *snicker*
                    Pretty certain that is it. Fill in the blanks, choose a location … there ya go. “Movie-Matic”
                    Sort of like the Bass-o-Matic, but without the mess.

              2. its not a guild thing, its a ‘trying to protect themselves from lawsuits’ thing.

                yay entertainment law class

  9. I think the first time my husband realized the particular load of work I was lifting was when I was very ill with pneumonia 23 years ago.

    Hehe, even with Elf appreciating how much I do… I had a bit when I was sick and he simply had no idea how to keep stuff running, because he didn’t see the water. (it doesn’t help that I’m a foot shorter, so what I have “right at hand for easy access” is “hidden under a shelf” to him.)

    1. My being off my feet for a month or so has $SPOUSE not a happy camper. We’re going to check and see if any locals would be interested in yard work (with a really loose definition of “yard”). Multiple acres in the middle of nowhere makes for an interesting situation.

      One of these days we have to get a house on a smaller chunk of land.

        1. If it were springtime, a flock of goats (they can eat the local thistles). However, what we need now is pickup of pine needles, excess pine cones, and dead branches. We have a *lot* of trees on the land.

    2. A friend of mine just broke her arm. She’s looking to not go crazy, since that means six weeks off her job (working at a local farm) and dealing with her kids without being able to do any cleaning, cooking, or sewing.

      1. This is where a whip and a throne of some sort comes in handy, so you can … ummm… supervise the kids cooking, cleaning, sewing….

    3. I kinda get stressed out after I come home from being hospitalized, because everything looks dingy to me. Hubby does appreciate how I keep things running, even if the house isn’t a Home And Gardens spread (not enough space and too much stuff/books for that.)

  10. To be frank (I don’t know why I want to say his name in vain), but you are doing a lot … an awful lot. This year after I lost my friend and editor, I haven’t been able to write anything. I was even out of ideas. Now with the move, and a new location, my brain is starting to tell me stories again… slowly though.

  11. Though why I’m calling Dyce hefty, heaven only knows.


    (what? You want to be the one callin’ her fat?)

      1. Ouch. With withdrawal pains from not being able to do much in the workshop? (I’m sure that any ob/gyn would be telling her to not be exposing herself to refinishing substances.)

            1. “What difference, at this point in time, does it make?”

              Gee, I’d so love to read a mystery with Her Royal Clintoness as the model for the detective. She’s chief of police (her husband had been, but died and she “inherited” the job) and tries to present herself as a real kick-ass and take names Chandler-esque detective … and of course her staff has to do all the work while she claims all the credit. She would make Inspector Clouseau look prescient and Chief Wiggum appear a genius in comparison.

              There are probably more than enough actual statements by her that could be re-purposed fora book … although the trauma of looking them up would probably be more than the returns are worth.

  12. I have a half-dozen short stories to write and a couple novels to finish. I…got some help with the thinking and I think I’m ready to write. I’ve been so happy watching you writing 🙂 I’m excited for everything else that’s coming out

  13. I totally get it with the housework. I am having much more pain than normal lately in my hip and back so the house doesn’t look very clean, I only do the minimum. But it can’t be helped…

  14. the only way to change that is to write like a demon.

    So, that’s what is behind the current (Deep Pink) motif!

  15. we were — Dan and I — blissfully unaware what day of the month it was.

    Oops – so was I, else you’d have received my monthly PayPal subsidy ere this. I hope (hint-hint) nobody else has been similarly laggard?

    Shore glad youse got the tip jar back.

  16. politics is crazy right now

    So what else is new? Politics been crazy so long as I been aware of it. The only thing that ever seems to change is what flavor of crazy. Remember Ronald Ray-Gun and his incipient newclear holocaust? Remember Walter “I Will Raise your Taxes” Mondull? Remember the Duke if Mass. in his tank? Remember the Bush Recession that ended* before the first votes were cast in that ’92 election? Remember Mitt gonna put you (darkies, although he used the A-A word) in chains?

    *True tale: I read in early August, on the front page of the NY Times business section, that the recession had eded. Apparently neither that paper’s editors, the mainstream media nor the Democrat presidential nominee (nor Ross Perot) read the Times business section.

  17. Peter spent this morning doing the spring* cleaning of the closets, as part of the Great Closet Reorganization. Ashbutt was filled with zoomies, and the need to sniff everything and explore every nook and cranny. Kili thought we were packing to go away, and promptly stressed right out and Let Us Know that she Did Not Approve.

    Lunch was clean out the freezer – shrimp scampi – and dinner was “It’s 105 outside; I’m not turning on the oven. Mexican in town or the local one?”

    I should go write.

    *Slightly delayed by kidney stone recovery. Was planned for last spring. There’s a wee tich of a backlog on house projects around here… and books what need writing…

  18. It’s hard to turn away from politics because today’s politics threatens us all, and all we hold dear. I’m trying to convince my own self that the right and necessary thing is to man my own post and bend to my own burden. It’s true, you know. You’re more than pulling your weight.

    You get two pats on the back. Now back to your post.

  19. I prepurchased “Guardian” using Amazon Prime and super-enjoyed it. A monster has kidnapped Julie Shackleford’s baby and thinks it’ll live another few thousand years? A thousand hours is longer than it can expect to get. Great writing from two of my favorite authors.

    1. Gee – add five stars to that and you’ve got an Amazon review.

      From a certifiable purchaser, at that.

        1. In my defense, the distinction is mostly a matter of tense. Certifiable = one capable of being certified; certified = one who has been certified.

    2. Though I have to confess there were points where the Europeans were yammering about history and I was thinking about the Mound Builders — you know, one of the big obstacles to deducing that the mounds had been built by the ancestors of the tribes nearby was that those tribes were often unaware that the mounds were artifacts, let alone build by their ancestors. That offers a chance at some DEEP history.

      1. Well, there was a lot of fighting and warfare, once the Missippian movement got on a roll, and there was lots of three-sisters agriculture. So a lot of tribes got pushed out or killed, and the survivors would not know bupkis about the works of their non-ancestors. But it is true that there does not seem to be much cultural continuity, or the story of the olden days was secret sacred knowledge.

        1. The biggest factor actually seems to be civilizational collapse caused by being hit by several epidemic diseases in the same generation.

          In reality.

          The MHI universe —

  20. Housework is fighting entropy. My brother in law always says you can’t beat entropy though.

      1. Certainly in the short term — such victories constitute the most persuasive refutation of Darwin’s theory. In the long term … what would such a victory look like? Maybe the victors over Entropy simply translate to a higher state.

        Entropy, like Time, is after all simply an illusion of Sequentiality in a Simultaneous universe.

      2. The way I learned the thre laws of thermodynamics was
        1) You can’t win
        2) You cant break even
        3) You can’t even quit the game…

      1. Marie Kondo? I start thinking about maybe possibly trying it but then my mind wanders, thinking Kondo insists on only keeping things that add gusto to your live and I think Kondo with Gusto, then Kondo la Gusto, then Cuanto la Gusta and …

        I need to defrag my head.

        1. I’d have to get rid of so many books, and given that Rhys made a point of shipping my entire library over to Australia, I would rather not.

          I like my house to be a home, not a display apartment for Instagram. But that’s us.

          Of late, for all that ‘everything is on the Internet’, we’re also paranoid about ‘everything’ being lost thanks to the Internet and SJWs, and woke companies who don’t like people, facts and ideas that don’t agree with their idealized concepts for the world that ultimately don’t work, and would like to believe that if all those ideas, people, facts and history didn’t exist and airbrushed out of the present, their utopia would appear automagically out of nowhere.

          But again, that’s us.

          1. Some folks keep books just to keep books and it actually drags them down– you know, the “I can’t get rid of that, my grandmother gave it to me when I was 12” type stuff.

                1. When I read about obligation gifting, the general advice was to give food (preferably something of fair cost and beautifully packaged) or a general useful consumable (such as tea or coffee.)

                  I thought about it for a bit and realized it was good advice; barring allergies, food is edible, and if not to the person’s preference, likely to be of a small enough amount that the person receiving could eat it without too much trouble, or share it with a friend without loss of face, privately or otherwise. Coffee and tea tend to keep and can be used up over time (or potentially given to someone else who likes it better.)

                  It’s what I tend to use as a guideline for gifting things to people I don’t know at all/very well.

                  1. Stink Pretties are also a good idea.
                    (candles, soaps– although you should make sure they’re “nice” and not “sensual” there– room fresheners, etc.)

            1. I’m thinking of taking them with me. Big mausoleum with the books inside with me. But I worry about grave robbers, maybe a pure simple shape.

              I have books like the 2 vol the Organ Builders. Shows you how to build or repair Cathedral Organs, starting from STRACH. How to make all the pipes everything. The 2ed Vol is nothing but illustrations. There were 500 printed. The Original was from the 16 or 17 hundreds. Almost all of them were bought by universities, churches, etc. There is a list at the back of vol 1. How ANYBODY let this get away is astounding. Paid $60 Valued at $1k+.

              Books in and of themselves are a wonder.

              May all who used acid based paper to make books get what they so richly deserve.

  21. Heart broken to hear of the Alien Curse rewrite. Loved the May 2018 teaser and really wanted to find out what came next for Jim Arcana.

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