A Few Hours Late and Some Concentration Short


I was going to put up a guest post today, but this is much to late, and I don’t like to disrespect my guests by giving them short time.

We’re still sick-ish.  Starting to swing up, I hope, though I’ve had downswings before after feeling better, so who knows?  I’m hoping having washed everything that could be washed in hot water and soap and disinfected everything that could be disinfected with bleach cuts that cycle short.  But with some viruses, all you can do is get sick again and again, each time weaker till it’s out of the system. I hate this type of thing because it usually takes a month to fully clear out of my system, and the last one left me feeling tired and out of sorts for another month, which apparently has a name and everything “post viral syndrome.”  Eh.

This is particularly sad because today is our 34th civil wedding anniversary (we had a civil and religious ceremony, six months separated due to INS vagaries.)  I spent some idle time wishing we could send our present mind and personality back to that young couple 34 years ago.  Oh, the things we should fix. The things we’d do better!

Oh, the shock we’d give everyone who knew us then! And the new mistakes we’d discover to make.

All in all it’s not so bad, and once the boys are off on their own, provided health holds (ish) we will be fine. Most likely.

Today is also younger son’s moving day, as he’s moving back in with us for 3 weeks or so, until his next apartment is ready.  He’s still looking for part-time or work at home work, so he can pay his rent and lift some of the burden.  Hopefully he’ll find some paper-book-typesetting clients.  He’s really more of a designer than a typesetter, and (no, not because I’m his mom.  I tend to be more severe on my kids) does excellent work.  And that can bridge the gap, as he’s hearing stuff like “yeah, we’ll have work in September/October but not now.)

We had a moment of panic as we thought he’d be left alone to move, and being fond and foolish parents were getting ready to drive an hour and a half down to help him, but he told us not to and got some friends to come help.  Curiously, we spent our civil wedding day helping my MIL and her then husband move between apartments.  However, in light of sinus/ear/upper respiratory stuff, I’m glad we’re not echoing that.

Our plans for this weekend were to do something we hadn’t done in… 3? years, since (for reasons having to do with university loan system, etc) our finances became crunched, and go to a nice hotel, and just write and take walks in the park, and just unwind together.  We used to do that once a month and weirdly these tended to be very productive, both in writing, and having time to talk to each other without being interrupted by cats/daily life considerations.  Yes, we are total dorks, and we often talk about plots which in turn feeds more writing.

However we decided going away to cough at each other and spread virus to unsuspecting people in restaurants was not really a good thing.  Maybe there will be another opportunity in a week or two.

Meanwhile I have a late short story, a novel I need to finish, I’m finishing processing laundry from yesterday.

Maybe somewhere in all this we’ll have time to take a walk together at sunset, when it’s cooler.  We can hope.

Of course the important thing is not the anniversary but the marriage.  And that’s fine.  Or will be once we stop coughing at each other.

I’ll return on Monday with a real post.


39 thoughts on “A Few Hours Late and Some Concentration Short

  1. We love to go to a nice hotel to simply unwind from daily distractions and re-connect, too. Happy Anniversary to you both!

    PS this seemed like a real post to me.

  2. Traditionally totes a real post raving.

    I just got woke, so it doesn’t seem late to me.

    I propose that the below discussion topic alone could provide all the opportunity needed today.

    Why We Troll: Prelude to Insomnia.

    1. I just got woke

      Oh dear, I’m so terribly sorry! Try a couple of Heinleins, get a good night’s sleep and see if you aren’t better in the morning.

      For severe cases of woke, try topical application of some Dr. Sowell or Dr. Dalrymple.

      1. I’m actually rereading Vathara’s Embers now for the first time in years. Very, very, very un-PC fanfic. Hardly the primary cause of my thinking on vigilantism, Indian cultures, and the murder of weirdos as a socially acceptable way of controlling crime, but still an influence. Ice floes FTW, am I right? (Yeah, Christ says that it isn’t the correct conclusion. Christ gets in the way of all the fun Evil.)

        Has helped me tremendously with a mess I’ve just started notes on, that I have no plot for. I now have an emotional cluster that will be important, if it ever gets off the ground. I hadn’t realized that the professional ideology of the ninja (even though it is essentially imaginary) is as distinct from that of the soldier as that of the soldier is from that of the warrior.

    2. When you feel like Trolling, I highly recommend thehill dot com. They have rabid posters that can entertain and amuse for days. You might have to end up blocking one or two, but the supply seems endless.
      Added bonus is you technically only provide reasoned, factual posts and still spin them up. After a couple rants, replying to them, “Back to the topic” or “no value added” really sets them off.
      Both alt-right and ctrl-left post there for a diverse trolling pleasure.

  3. Happy Anniversary.

    Hope everyone is better soon.

    Good luck to son on moving and finding work.

  4. If you haven’t had time to mess with your lawn, chickweed salad or tea is apparently amazing for all things respiratory. But it has to be the right kind of chickweed, or you just have nice salad.

      1. How the heck did someone get paralyzed from “large amounts”?

        Did they try to eat a bale of chickweed with pesticide on it, or some similar stupid thing?

  5. Happy Anniversary. Get Well!
    I am debating on the posts. Yours was informative, RES has a post of rugged character [American Chestnut I hope], RCPete has a happy horse. What more could anyone want on a Saturday afternoon?

  6. Happy anniversary. 🙂

    Moving is nice. I’m not, but I am trying to finally fix the last part left from when I moved ten years ago, somehow this pile of left unbuilt since then shelving has been residing in one corner of a room since then… plus a couple of boxes I have no idea what’s inside anymore. Well, nothing that would go bad, but that’s the only part I’m sure of. The pile has been getting smaller and larger during the years as I have changed the furniture from one place to another, gotten new stuff, gotten rid of the old stuff, tried to figure if I want to use that shelving or not, decided maybe, not been able to figure where, should I rearrange things again to fit it, do I really need it, maybe, okay, I’ll leave that for now, maybe I really should do something about that finally, okay, new project, no time now…

    This Time, Finally. I’ve got three weeks of holiday. I can do this. I can. Surely?

  7. My metaphorical red pen and I have really been missing you my fine young Portagee.

  8. Having house painted outside for the last couple of weeks. Painter and my lawn guy today found in the woods right outside the fence along the front lawn – marijuana plants – 12 of them. The young men (well, everyone is young to an 80 yo) said that it does grow wild here in Florida…does anyone know what one is supposed to do in this case? I have no idea how long those plants have been flourishing there. I think I might have been calling them ginger plants but I am a plant idiot. The woods are full of ticks and spiders and I am am not about to try to pull up plants. Advice please.

    1. Best Answer: The best course of action to protect your innocence would be to call the police station and request an officer come investigate what you believe to be a marijuana plant growing in your backyard. That way, YOU phoned it in and not your neighbor. per Yahoo answers.
      Hopefully, the local police aren’t too corrupt. Alternately, find some neighborhood teens and ask them to remove them. They probably won’t charge if you let them “dispose” them. Burning is not recommended,

      1. The worst case scenario is somebody planted those there and would not approve of your removing them. While this seems unlikely for a mere dozen plants the potential risk is sufficient to justify caution. Call local police as suggested, they likely have better things to do than arrest and prosecute* 80 yo ladies.

        *more accurately, than deal with news stories about their arresting and prosecuting …

  9. Meanwhile I have a late short story

    Perhaps it isn’t late, late but is only resting.

    As for 34th civil wedding anniversary … nope, too easy.

  10. but after a few iterations of going back and fixing things you’d probably be doing great!

  11. I spent some idle time wishing we could send our present mind and personality back to that young couple 34 years ago. Oh, the things we should fix. The things we’d do better!

    Would we do better if we got to do over our lives starting x years back?

    I think if I somehow inhabited 18 year old me I would make worse mistakes because of two things:

    1. Arrogant hindsight telling me what the better path was when I have no idea, especially after one or two branches.

    2. I would over due trying to do the things I didn’t that are becoming real regrets at 52. I think that desperation might lead to doing worse than the not doing.

    1. Immersing my present brain in my 18-years-old hormones does not seem a good idea, not a good idea at all.

      OTOH, I would certainly have invested more and differently.

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