I aten’t ded. I just started on a little home improvement project that SHOULD have taken two hours at 9 am, and have finished the first phase (where the varnish needs to dry) now.
Other discoveries made: I’m too old for this stuff.  Everything hurts. Ow.

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  1. You ain’t dead, you just wish you were … for a little while … until the pains subside to an all-body ache.

  2. Write! Earn lots of money so you can pay people to do stuff while you write! (Always easier to give advice to other people.. 🙂 Took me years to figure this out.

  3. Ouch!

    Well, a guy I knew got playing basketball with some teenagers and afterwards got positive proof that he wasn’t a teenager. 😈

    1. My advice for people who get a FitBit or even a pedometer — wear it for several days before you try to increase anything. In particular, notice how it tracks over the day. Not realizing that while you can do 10,000 steps in a day, if you do that by the time you get home for work, you face the danger of doing 3000 more with the evening. . . .

      1. Piece of advice: after a day with a big bit of exertion, try to move every half hour. If you are stiff, get up and move until it goes away. It’s not perfect — and it obviously stops when you sleep — but it does help.

  4. I’ve managed to show myself that sciatica and brush-hogging a critter-holed field isn’t a good combination.

      1. Sort of a new development; I see the doc for checkups on Monday, and I’ll bring this up. It’s getting annoying rather painful.

          1. I did some online research when it started to get bad. I held off until I could see the doc when I read that the causes can vary, with the implication that the wrong stretches could make the situation worse. I’m guessing they’ll do some tests/imaging then set up some physical therapy. At worst case, something painful will get injected…

            1. Weirdly, for some people, it can be as simple as moving your wallet to a front pocket that will relieve the pain. For others (like me), it’s a little more complicated. I’m pretty sure that I caused mine by repetitive injury falling on my butt over the years.

              1. Mine is *mostly* on the left; wallet rides on the right. Other things have priority in the cargo pockets.

                Pretty sure mine was also set up by a nasty fall. Was working on a trench last December on some tarp. Earlier, two layers were glued together by ice. It melted, and I had an amazing bruise on my left glute. Didn’t crack a rib, but hurt one or more, too. Back hurt like hell; I’ve screwed up my back before, but this was lower than normal.

  5. With you in spirit.

    Just got the post hole digger out of the clay it hit six hours ago, and by Himself’s grace at that!

    Must be the day.

    1. I’ve trapped a chainsaw a couple-three times. More interesting than fun.

      The pumice/clay soil runs more to pumice, so *that* isn’t a problem. OTOH, under that soil is shale. Getting through that is a challenge.

        1. Her brothers were twits. I found out they were teething because they liked to test their new teeth.

          Got weaned FAST after that.

    1. I’ve talked with a lot of new people these past few days.

      Got a fairly strong need to hide in a corner and twitch.

      Also, had forgotten how shy I can be, how hard it is to adapt to a new environment, and to get my courage up.

      Good, fun, exciting conversations all, but I am not good at the thinking skills I need afterwards. I’m a bit embarrassed about the last, and a little bit nervous about some conversations due in the near future. (Slight adjustment in the work situation, changes in several things I’m used to being steady, or changing much more slowly.)

      I recall teething could be pretty bad. I hope she is sleeping well.

      1. Once she’s out, she’s like a rock!

        I know what you mean on the shy thing– I never think of myself as shy until I have to deal with folks I don’t know who I will see again. -.-

        1. I used to be shy; now I am aloof, having discerned that my personality appeals to a more select audience.

          Preferably one lacking access to hot tar, pitchforks, rails, rocks or firearms.

  6. Open the window! She aint’n’t ded! Have you got a taste for honey, now?

    Between getting back to the gym after a few weeks too sick to lift weights, and helping friends move, today is the first day this week I haven’t hurt. My sympathies! (On the bright and shiny: 2+ years weightlifting means I could be useful for a few hours at the whole moving thing. Note that everyone else there except the small children could do far better than me, for longer… but I was useful!)

  7. The next stage of aging is the incurred injury that requires time to evaluate. I’m not talking about the stiffness accompanying the next morn, nor the week after. I’m talking about the *pop* in the elbow that produces a slight burning sensation for months while you wait to find out if it will heal on its own or you’re looking at surgery.

    Then there comes the time when you make a daily inventory of the twelve joints major — ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders — hoping to find yourself at fifty percent or better pain free tolerable pain levels and nothing requiring major accommodation for the day.

      1. And then comes the day you find yourself buying economy-sized generic aspercreme.

        1. I wish. Not A Good Idea with warfarin. OTOH, Ibuprofen is OK as a steady dose (big toe pain doesn’t have to be gout; arthritis can do its thing there, too). If things get really bad, I’ll add acetaminophen. Research says the two combined are OK, in moderation.

          1. my doc just told me that, also told me she wanted me to use Tylenol instead of one daily dose of ibuprofen (am taking a LOT of ibuprofen) but that isnt working very well.

            1. Beloved Spouse was prescribed Naproxen (brand name Aleve) for aches and pains after chemo and swears by it. My own experience with it has been limited but it did seem to alleviate the arthritis in my right (mouse hand) thumb.

              Discuss with your physician?

              1. Aleve doesnt do much for me. of course, it could be just like ibuprofen where i wasnt taking enough…

              2. Naproxen *was* my favorite NSAID, especially when my tendinitis flared. [Damn, my body is a mess.] Works a lot better than Ibuprofen, but it is a stronger anti-coagulant. My SWAG is that if the doctor is nervous about Ibuprofen, she’d hit the ceiling at substituting Naproxen. But, check.

                FWIW, Tylenol isn’t an anti-inflammatory, but an analgesic.

                1. Oncologist had Beloved Spouse on Warfarin (Cumadin, whatever: garlic free diet and no large servings of greens — all the usual “avoid if on blood thinner” list) so the Naproxen would seem okay … whatever. As always, YMMV, we are each of us unique individuals with idiosyncratic blood chemistry and Obamacare’s genius idea that we ought ALL receive the same standard of care remains UTTER BOLLOCKS.

                  1. (Makes note to check Garlic. New one to me. I’m at the bottom of my desired range right now.)

                    Any of the NSAIDs can be OK with Warfarin if that dose is taken into account. I take two tabs of Ibuprofen a day; if I went to the max dosage, I’d have to adjust the Warfarin dose to accommodate.

                    As TRX noted, Naproxen has other issues, so it’s not worth it for me.

                2. drugs dot com is your friend here, with their drug interaction checker.

                  According to that, warfarin and naproxen can be ok together, but dosages may need to be adjusted.

              3. Doctor recommended Aleve instead of aspirin for muscle aches. For other aches, I still go for aspirin, except at night because of time span.

              4. Aleve works best for me, but my kidney doctor doesn’t want me using it. She suggested Tylenol, my position is that peanut M&Ms would taste better and be just as effective.

                So I use Aleve in limited quantities when I really need it and suckit up the rest of the time.

              1. topical painkillers don’t get deep enough for me. there tends to be bone in the way or sometimes the bone is whats hurt.

  8. Synergy, Sarah, synergy. Get one of those home-refinishing cable shows to come in and fix your house, and race them to finish a novel while they workaround you! Maxwell Grant got a whole Shadow now written that way! Do it on the air!

  9. I feelz close to ded.
    Roofing, etc.
    First been off work for two weeks of vacation. Had truck repairs to finish. Got the roofing of the west side mostly complete (one bit of trim, final “it ain’t gonna leak no how” flashing/trim – wait, gotta work out a cramp!!!! – half an hour later, lots of water drunk, a shower, it’s not there for now – and finish length the gutter pipes, but done.) moved the scaffolding to east side as it was time to try to finish the east side adding some snow clips, and the gutter, removing the scaffold again, and roofing the final kitchen and porch section.
    I’ve said before, there is 3 layers of tab single roofing over this portion.
    Worse, at the transition I found 2 more layers. Well, once I got into it, for a portion about 7 feet there were 7 layers of roofing lurking about.
    The 3 layers of tab – 3 layers of rolled aggregate felt that was 2 of the old green rock, very thick stuff, 1 of a black slightly thinner one directly over the final layer of a few courses of the original cedar shake shingles.
    Peeled it all back and replaced the rotted sections sheeting boards (original 1×12 and 1×6) with some 3/4 OSB. Oh, and anyone know why there were several thousand nails in from the back side of the roof? many were deep enough to pierce the felt, my pants and because of that I overlayed some 1/4 inch sheets to protect the underlayment. Also used the remnants to smooth the transition from the 9 in 12 to the 5 in 12 of the porch.
    No fully dry yet, ran out of daylight. 3 days of 10 hours on the fecking roof or climbing up and down.
    Finish dry-in tomorrow, and get ready for going back to work. I need to relax . . . starting 8 hours at work will be more like a vacation.

    1. My sympathies. I just finished the solar project, and beyond needing to replace a 2 x 8 chunk of ceiling insulation (18 feet from the floor), I’m running low on death defying projects. Hope to keep it that way.

      My (manufactured house) roof (10 years and it’s going well) was a piece of cake by comparison. Low pitch (2.5 in 12), so I was generous with the snow membrane. They used staples on 3-tab shingles. I didn’t trust the loading with two layers, so I had to strip everything. Took 5 years to find the last of the stray staples.

      Actually, the hardest roof I did was on the pumphouse. 5 in 12 pitch, but with a shed sized 8 x 12, there was damn little space to work. Did some creative thumbnail modifications when finishing the ridge shingles.

      Backside nails? Could somebody have salvaged the wood from another roof and flipped the sides?

      1. I have finally gotten full use of the safety harness I was provided in 2013 or so and never used.
        These nails were added after the boards were in the rafters. Also, the rafters were not on any real centering. one was at 48 inches . . . near the bottom, then changed going up. 2x4s propped at the top. no bracing, no trussing.
        I sistered in 2x6s and made some ceiling trusses.
        Went out yesterday morning, late (my body slept in) and damned if it wasn’t sprinkling.
        Got the last 3 courses of underlayment down so it is dry before the real rain hit.

        1. My house reroof was in the midst of a bunch of thunderstorms. I got pretty good at tacking down plastic or irrigation dam (orange polytarp in rolls; 7 or 9′ wide) to protect the bare portions.

          I’ve also discovered that the surefire way to get either a 90+ heatwave is to do a roofing project.

          The nails are weird. Could it have been to put paneling or insulation up there? My grandfather’s attic had cellotex panels on the rafters in the non-finished portion.

          1. That is the only thing I can come up with, but why so many so close together? something heavy yet soft with nothing but thin nails around to hang it?

            1. 3/4″ Cellotex might fit that category. Haven’t run into any in decades, but I remembered it having the worst characteristics of a sponge and particle board combined.

              1. maybe. Maybe they put it between the rafters and with leaking tacked it back up more often. Wasn’t any of it up there, but there was some old foil in one spot
                My uncle had Celotex as sheeting on his house. They went belly up in the 90’s due to asbestos claims, and reorganized. I think only the UK still has the name brand now.

  10. Oh, I doubt that. First, the MSM would have mostly not covered the actual protests, they’d have simply treated them the way they do the March For Life every January 18.

    Then, once the reeducation camps were established for unrepentant deplorables and irredeemable sexists …

    1. WTF, WP? This was supposed to go onto Unfreedom of the Press – Pt 1 Or how to drive the mainstream media insane in a few easy steps By Amanda S. Green!!!!

  11. Seems like this is the weekend for projects. Guilty as charged. Didn’t quite get a yard of bark dust moved from utility trailer and distributed. Did get most the flower bed covered with ground cloth. By the time I got where I had to stop I could barely move. That was after doing some, taking a break, doing more, taking a break, then one more push; nope, not getting it done. Even a few years ago would have pushed through it and finished even tho not in the best shape. Damn getting old sure isn’t for sissy’s.

  12. /ROTFLMAO!
    (and using the arm of the chair to get back up again.)
    I’m 60. I’m fencing teenagers. It takes me 20 to 30 minutes of stretching and warm up before I even dare take the strip against them. And yes, I tire faster, have to pace myself, and I have a 2 ibuprofen ache the next day something fierce. I’m alive. Beats the alternative.

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