What the actual heck?

Guys I’ve been away a long time, and I want to come home. I got homesick about a day after I landed.

See, I’m actually a homebody. I just want to have my office and my routine and work.  For a wonderful break from routine, I go to Pete’s — about 20 minutes away unless traffic intervenes — for some Greek salad. The only thing that brings me all the way out here is that I have family I can’t see any other way.

But you guys have to rein in those crazy f*ckers out there, or I’m going to stay out here and refuse to go back.  No, forget that, I can’t stay out here. I’d go nuts. I’m going to stay on the plane and refuse to let it land. We’ll just supernaturally circle about NYC forever.

No, seriously, people.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHILE I’M overseas?

I’m waiting my turn to shower (well, this WAS built in the late sixties!) and I turn on the net to check the news, and what’s the first thing off the gate?

The Atlantic, wondering if Shakespeare was a woman.

Of all the swinish, half baked, sexist, idiotic–

I haven’t seen anything so stupid since they decided he was Queen Elizabeth or Anne.  No, seriously.  And those were written by half-crazy idiots.

Well, I guess the Atlantic are half crazy idiots, too, but they used to be a real magazine.

Can we please just tranq them or something? Give them nice padded rooms? They’re making the rest of the country look bad.

Of course, I’d settle for locking them in the back room with books of Shakespearean scholarship, which granted since they contain logic (sometimes) might be like locking Superman with kryptonite.

I mean, what the reticulated heck is this?

Stop letting them act crazy just because I came away for a couple of weeks!

270 thoughts on “What the actual heck?

      1. Depends entirely on your intended goal.
        Are you seeking tranquility for the shooter or the shootee?

  1. I prefer to lose brain cells via alcohol so I haven’t bothered to read this dreck. But without reading it, I’m sure it’s just another manifestation of classist privilege against low class people from the midlands. Obviously it’s a more modern woke version of the same belief that says Shakespeare was really written by the Earl of Oxford.

    Disgraceful classism in other words.

    1. oh, this one is just feminism. the thing with Queen Elizabeth is both. And yes, I’ve pointed that out too.
      I’m fairly sure if I should become Shakespeare-big, which is impossible, they’d be saying I couldn’t be this chick from Aguas Santas. What would she be doing in the US anyway. I had to be some daughter of good families from Lisbon, pretending to be….

      1. And to believe that (and I can believe all sorts of things) I’d need to be much, much, much further than only my second daiquiri. (A right proper one, too: rum, lime juice, simple syrup. NO freaking mix, no fruit [beyond the juiced lime]. A genuine DAIQUIRI. I might allow strawberries, in season, but bananas are Right Out. My standards might be low, but I DO HAVE SOME.) Ol’ Billy Wigglestaff, a gal? Haw!

        1. I love strawberry daiquiri’s despite one partner making fun of me for my girlie drinks.

          If you get to Atlanta standing offer to have daiquiris and pollo con aroz at La Fonda.

          1. Atlanta. Ugh. My semi-adopted-step-foster-sister-via-legal-immigration-and-claim-by-our-family who works in Atlanta says half the highways are completely tore up at the moment.

        2. Made with your own supersaturated sugar solution and real limes? Now I know you’re mythological.

          (Seriously, the only way to make ’em. Though I tend to experiment with fresh herbs, so still a bit heretical.)

          1. My own simple syrup, yes (and/or my own gomme and demerara syrups) and real limes (or lemon, etc.) when I get Really Serious about it. For most of the time I’ve found that DeLallo lime juice (not reconstituted) is close enough and convenient. A Dark and Stormy, however, demands actual lime.

          2. I should specify: All the sugar-syrups are of my making.
            I’ve just compared the DeLallo lime juice to fresh lime juice and if there is a difference, it’s too subtle to be bothered about.
            I used to make my own grenadine, too, but now some places carrying right, proper grenadine and that saves me the hassle – and since I don’t use very much, a smaller bottle lasts quite a while.

                1. Basically there are two factors. First, you make a banana custard or pudding that is very creamy, and then you have whipped cream on top.

                  (And banana slices on top, too, if you come to our house. Also, a Graham cracker crust. But some people do a normal pie crust.)

                  So what you basically end up with is a lot of different textures and flavors in one cool, summery pie. Some people make them blander, and others figure out different flavors of additional banana variations. (And a chocolate Graham cracker crust can be nice.)

                  The major thing is that it is a very sweet pie. I kinda wonder if it wouldn’t be nice to mix the custard/pudding with some cooked plantains. I think the UK version is sticking in some coffee, and calling it banoffee, but I have never had banoffee pie.

                  1. Meringue on top is also acceptable, although we usually saved that for lemon. Banana is so banana-y that you mostly taste bananas.

                    Of course, the other factor is that commercial banana pudding tastes more like the old lost varieties of banana, and like a post-war childhood.

                    Oh, and a lot of people put vanilla wafer cookies into banana pudding, so sometimes they get into pies, too.

                    1. I seem to vaguely recall that Circus peanuts are (were? — it’s been years since I had one) vaguely banana flavored.

                      This does not constitute an endorsement of circus peanuts nor bananas.

                      Circus Peanuts: The True Circus Candy
                      “Chewy texture, fun, vibrant, orange color, banana-ish flavor, and peanut shape: the Circus Peanut is its own unique candy! A true 19th century taste of fun. 8 oz in a heat-sealed bag with the history on the label.

                      “A Bit of History
                      “The circus peanut was invented for the traveling circus in the 1800s. No company has ever laid claim to the trademark for this frivolous treat- but people ate it in wonderment for years after. Eventually, it became the prototype for… the Lucky Charm cereal.”

                      BTW – the above is from an interesting site, featuring such confections as:
                      Biblical Sweets and Spices
                      Military Candy
                      Vintage Caramel

                      First in History: “A collection of the origins of today’s candy, in a stand-up bag: comes with roots, nuts, resins, beans and even bugs that would become familiar and much-loved sweets. Comes with scroll.”

                      1500s to 1700s:” Many common fruits, nuts, and spices arrived in the 1500s to 1700s and brought with them new forms of confections…and all the symbolism that went with them.”

                      1800s: “The 1800s saw the growth and demolition of enslavement with its close connection to sugar cane; the introduction of new sugars promoted by abolitionist; and the massive shifts in foods due to the Industrial Revolution, including the candy we know today.”

                      1900s: “The 20th century launched an unprecedented age of candy made for kids, sent to soldiers at war, and reflecting everything from Prohibition to the Cold War. The colors were bright, the scent alluring, and the flavors out of this world.”

                      And a “Candy Timeline”

                      Enter at your own risk.

                    2. N.B.:

                      Circus Peanuts. Marshmallow Chix & Bunnies (not to be confused with Peeps) are extremely similar in flavour and texture but employ different molds and colouring.

              1. Or Elvis’ beloved peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

                No, I do not know if those employed smooth or crunchy.

            1. They can go into any dish that someone else is eating.

              with that person’s consent, of course.

          1. Why would ANYONE have banana in daiquiri?!
            Fixed it, why would anyone have bananas period, bananas are evil.

            1. While I agree, not quite in.. degree. I can at ;east comprehend some enjoying the flavor of banana. I can deal with the artificial flavor better than the real, oddly enough. Now peas… well, I say there is sound reason that Mr. Yuck is “a pea with a face.”

              I once bought a bottle creme de banana by mistake (it was right next to something that looked very similar.. *grumble*) and it took me, it felt, one half infinity squared to find the Beam Me Up Scotty (half an ounce each coffee liqueur, creme de banana, Irish cream) that used it AND somehow managed to taste good despite that.

              1. While there is no accounting for taste, as the Romans noted, you do raise an interesting question: What s the half-life of bad liqueur? We’ve a few “experimental purchases” which have been in our “beverage” cupboard for decades with the only drop in level being that attributable to evaporation from a sealed container.

                As for peas – nobody serves actual peas; fresh peas are mostly sugar rapidly converting to starch. Even more than corn, unless you are picking fresh from garden and going directly to the pot you are not eating peas, you are eating the starch-sodden corpses of peas.

                1. Given that oxygen is generally the enemy and the higher the proof the longer lasting the liquor (even whiskey is supposedly “when it’s below half the bottle, might as well share it while it’s still pretty good”) I suspect the half-life is rather long, for 80 proof and above, anyway. With shorter times for lower proof items and most liqueurs being lower proof likely last perhaps as well as or only slight better than wine – once opened. Of course, if something starts out bad, how can you tell?

                  $HOUSEMATE seems to like ‘cultured’ (infected, I’d say) buttermilk and claims it can go bad. I maintain that it cannot go bad. It starts bad. It can only go worse.

      2. LOL.

        If you were the daughter of some good family I wouldn’t associate with you. To use one of their words, I only deal with authentic people.

        1. Now, now, now, corruption of blood is forbidden in the Constitution for good reason.

      3. Sarah, they ALREADY think you’re a white Mormon male. Not seeing what you have to lose here.

        Or are you just worried they’ll leave off the “with a great rack” part?

  2. People used to read the paper. By the 80s we just scanned the headlines while watching CNN. Now, no one has to even sniff the Dreck unless they are Dreckschnuppern.

    1. it’s getting now that if they weren’t paying to be on in airports and other places, CNN would have no viewers to speak of.
      Even with the forcing onto people, their numbers are embarrassingly low.

      1. CNN used to be on the TVs in all the waiting areas at the military clinics and hospitals that I go to – but over the last year or so, those TVs got tuned to the Home & Garden channel, or to an in-house military information video feed.
        I’m certain it was noticed that CNN was so infamously anti-Trump, and with Trump being now the Commander-in-Chief of the military …

        Yes, the Atlantic used to be a serious magazine, and a fairly even-handed one, socially and politically. I date the decline to when their editor, Mike Kelly, was killed in a motor accident in the first months of the Gulf War, in 2003. It was never the same after that.

        1. There’s worse than CNN…

          Around here, waiting rooms are all running at least one TV with “the hospital channel” or “the hospital news channel.” Which run ten minute loops consisting of two minutes of “content” and eight minutes of advertising. Loudly. Over and over and over and over…

          All the TVs look the same, too. I strongly suspect some marketing firm drops them into the rooms “for free” plus some spiffs for the office manager…

          Those televisions meet the definition of “torture” under the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

        2. I’m feeling really lucky. While the med clinic usually has a generic health channel in the main waiting room, the room used by the teaching doctors is TV-less. The hospital lab has a largish cubical where they usually have reruns of Expedition Unknown. I’ve seen a bit of it; not too bad.

          The dentist office has the TV set to Off, and the Honda dealership leaves the remote available. Off with it.

          My retina specialist likes to have old TV or movies. It’s a Wonderful Life near Christmas, Mary Poppins and such. They did do a marathon of I Dream of Jeannie, but I had the Kindle going.

        3. Yeah, they had declined a bit in the 90s then Michael Kelly came in. I had read it as a pretentious teen in the 80s then quit. In the late 90s when Kelly took over I started again.

          Now I wouldn’t line a bird cage with it.

        4. Once every three or four months they still have the occasional good article. Which makes the decline of everything else much more obvious.

        5. All my docs except Emory lab that have TVs do Home and Garden.

          I wonder if that is related to women being better about seeing doctors when needed.

          1. It has a lot more to do with being politically inoffensive since deplorables started telling them to turn off CNN.

        6. Home and Garden has those house flipping shows. One the one hand, I grew up watching New Yankee Workshop, This Old House, etc on PBS. On the other hand, the aesthetic choices and pricing of the houses were pointed out to me by someone I was with. On the gripping hand, I have an instinct that flipping could make a fun basis for an litrpg isekai.

          All things considered, much better than the ad channel or the ‘news’.

      2. Dentist, Medical, Eye, clinics … none have a TV in the waiting room. A lot of magazines running from Old to New. But no TV’s. That is what my Nook Samsung App is for.

        Have heard of the Atlantic, thought it was a gossip rag like People, not a serious magazine/paper. While one can see People on the local racks, never have seen Atlantic locally.

        The only way I hear what CNN, or the View, has on is when Fox mocks them. Fox, Discovery, or Home, are generally running in the background.

        1. No, the Atlantic a was serious monthly magazine, often with lengthy, well-reasoned, well-informed articles. I often disagreed with the premises of the arguments, and some were specious, but it was a cut about the usual dreck. Even as it slid further left and quality went down it continued to produce the occasional gem among the stinky stuff.

          1. Emphasis on the was. It is the magazine equivalent of a trust fund baby, squandering its patrimony, frittering away its inherited credibility in bacchanalia of pop-literary binges. They’ve wondered so far into the wilderness they could not find rationality with a GPS.

            Chalker’s Flux and Anchor series comes to mind, with its dangers of madness and distortion afflicting those who wander too far from fixed poles.

        2. I can’t spend more than a few minutes watching Fox. But it annoys me far differently than the rest of the Media. The Burger Kings play CNN, and the McD’s on Alvarado when I lived there did as well, but the one time I was in the Clownhouse this side the river it was a weather station (Never been in the McD’s in Marinette). The local Hardees plays HLN (which has No news, headline or no, on it anymore. It is a competitor to Investigation Discovery channel I guess). And work has replaced the clickbait loaded Fox scrawl with a horrid CNN feed scroll under the rotating company related stuff. So while we now get less “She went here and This Amazing Thing happened” (a paraphrased actual Fox headline scroll . . .real informative, no?) with CNN, 75% is “Orange Man BAD!” or general DNC propaganda, and the remainder 25% split between biased reporting, and the occasional actual relevant news. Fox was about 50/50 with news (some with their bias, but more just reporting) and nonsensical clickbait that A: I wouldn’t click if it was in a link, and B: had no info to give as it was an effing news feed scroll on a TV. Then not long before the switch to CNN Fox must have fired anyone who had experience with headlines because even the relevant stories were poorly done. They rambled on more than I do!

          1. Amazingly often, if you ask, folks will change the channel to something decent.

            I like Food Network, almost all their folks have a decent personality.

      3. I was just in 3 airports over the last several days. Most of the TVs were tuned to some sports reality channel, not CNN – surprised me to be sure! Maybe the worm is turning?

        1. Well, ESPN has gotten so bad that they too might need the CNN model just to keep views. Though when it comes to the actual sports, a game on TV is a game on TV.

          1. Golf Channel has become available online worldwide, so Espn only in football season for college games.

            1. I would only use them for F1, but F1 is getting too fugly and contrived to watch, and ESPN, instead of using their own comentary, uses SkyF1 broadcasts and they have the poorest English language coverage.
              I would watch the flying flip flops if it was still Matchett and Hobbs doing color and tech.

  3. No Sarah, you’re missing what’s happening. We’re not letting them act crazy, we’re encouraging them to act crazy! Now that the coastal “elites” can no longer prevent us from talking to each other, loads more people are recognizing the fundamental lunacy of these clowns. If we allowed them some real self-awareness they might moderate their insanity and thereby slow their loss of consideration by normal folks. Instead, we’re doing what we can to keep them from noticing just how much disgust the rest of us have for their irrationality, so they keep it up and further marginalize themselves from us normals.

    1. And if you want proof they are afraid the fact FB not only banned several people but banning sharing their material or discussing them except to criticize under threat of removing posts, suspending accounts, and even banning people.

  4. I got part way through the piece. It read like a conspiracy theory. One senses the author was somewhat overpraised in high school English classes.

    1. In defense of the author all Shakespeare didn’t write Shakespeare’s plays articles sound like conspiracy theories.

      1. A great deal of what passes for modern literary scholarship seems to be training in conspiracy theory, Same genre as “The Joos Done It” and “The US is Controlled by Space Lizards”. only with footnotes.

        1. i wonder if I could get Canterbury Tales is a racist conspiracy published. No, the question is, could I get it published without doing research into the history of alleging that it is a racist conspiracy.

        2. As far as I can tell modern feminism has “the patriarchy did it” as their conspiracy theory.

      2. All such discussions are little more than exhibitionistic intellectual masturbation. It reveals no new insights into the power of the plays or sonnets and does nothing to enhance enjoyment of them (unless you are the kind of under developed adolescent who finds legitimization in the achievements of folks only vaguely similar to you.)

        They all sound like conspiracy theories because like such theories they make unprovable, irrelevant claims.

        I don’t care what they call it, I say it’s spinach and I say “Phooey!”

  5. Oh, an Atlantic article? If there is a Pacific I would treat with the same distrust. Now, a Mississippi article I might consider. Except perhaps for the delta section. I have this theory that saltwater somehow induces brain damage. (SIND: Saltwater-Induced Neurological Damage) The coasts of the USA are utterly failing to falsify it, except perhaps for the Gulf Coast. Houston, after all, makes more sense than Austin. A low bar, I know, as the below average mule makes more sense than Austin. Where Madison, WI gets large quantities of saltwater, I have no idea.

    1. Not sure about Wisconsin, but Morton Salt had a large brine operation in western Michigan (lower peninsula) years ago.

      That might explain Chicago, too. 🙂

    2. I’ve long had a theory that the average IQ of an area is inversely proportional to two factors : Population Density and proximity to sea water.

  6. Noticing that they are bugnuts is counter-productive– that’s why they’re doing it.

    Like the class clown trying to be ever more outrageous.

    But there’s a whole chunk of the culture doing it, so you end up with guys who say they identify as lesbians demanding that lesbians have sex with them, or people actually going out in public and insisting that women can have penises.

    1. I had one of those guys as a university lecturer ~20 years ago, but according to him he was sufficiently serious about it that his wife divorced him after his gender reassigment surgery (over which he nonetheless managed to express both surprise & disappointment [yes, even 2-3 years after things had been finalized he still thought she was obligated to stay with the new version of her husband]).

      1. Once upon a time I needed to chase down the TG’d father of a friend… that’s when I discovered that as of 1998, there’d been at least FIVE airline pilots named Larry who’d transitioned. (Good thing I knew which airport to inquire at.)

        Also, there seems to be a Thing with Larry becoming Samantha. I knew one myself, plus there were a couple among said pilots.

        The TG Fairy musta got stuck in the L’s.

    2. And insisting that men need access to “feminine supplies” because “some men menstruate.” *facepaw* One of these days, they are going to break reality too badly to fix, and the results are going to be very, very unattractive.

      1. One must be very careful about the way in which one breaks Reality. There are (relatively) safe ways to do it. If I have not done so, I have most certainly been accused of it. That said, these… folks.. are NOT taking even the most basic precautions.

        You will soon find yourself in need of:

        1. Moar poppetycorn. (if at sufficient distance. I hear Neptunian satellites are rather nice.)

        2. Backup systems. For everything. Yes, that too.

        3. Ammunition, even MOAR.

        A Reality breach is, if one is at all close, NOT a walk in the park. Unless, perhaps it’s a very grimdark meathook sort of park.

      2. Cthulhu rises out of the ocean. Cthulhu looks at the leftists and the world they are creating. Cthulhu says “these people are utterly insane” and dives back into the ocean before losing his sanity.

      3. Nah, they can’t break reality.

        They are just going to attempt to defy it in a way that other folks’ good manners or an angry mob of supporters still won’t save them.

        1. And that there is a very sad thing. Because for all their vitriol and bad manners, there’s a good few that will get caught up in it that’ll be relatively innocent. Were there perfect angels still on this earth to sort out which is which, there would be no issue. As it is, the conflagration they are fanning is already slipping their control (see internecine warfare of Democrat congresscritters, et al).

          Of course, those that *do* wise up in time might become… firebrands of a rather more libertarian bent. The end result of the whole identity politics push seems to me to result in something the founding fathers noodled out a couple of centuries ago, something about individual freedoms and the state butting out of said person’s business and whatnot… *chuckle*

      4. y’know, I wonder about why they whine about that. Because there’s nothing stopping a guy from walking into a grocery or pharmacy, and buying menstrual pads or tampons.

        I mean, nothing stops my hubby OR my son from doing the Emergency Run on the raaaaaaaaare occasion that I don’t keep the house supply topped up. Neither are squicked by it either. Just gotta make sure I have a picture for them to refer to to find which brand/type is wanted.

        So I’m not sure what ‘access’ they’re talking about.

        1. I would guess either free stuff or routinely stocking the relevant supplies in men’s restrooms.

            1. They’re probably philosophically opposed to being expected to prepare for the future.

                1. You’ve nailed it in one. And to reject reality, they have become unstuck in truth.

            2. Are you implying transwomen don’t naturally know all the things supposedly know by magic, but instead women learned these things through life and that such experiences are a key component of being a “real women”.


              Mind. Blown.

              1. *holds up a diagram. It is on a three-face folding board, and involves many pins, pictures and strings connecting them*

                I think the subject is transmen– that is, biological females, so they SHOULD have learned it over the years/decades of being openly female.

                Thus far, we haven’t figured out how to inflict menstruation on biological males.

                Possibly part of their discomfort is the idea that men shouldn’t have to worry about such things, even though they haven’t (yet) maimed themselves enough to get that result.

              2. That and their implicit implication is that women are incapable of being anything but scatterbrained, helpless ninnies is insulting to any real woman. Or real man for the matter. I mean, aren’t these the same idiots that have the Patriarchy constantly ‘holding down the women’, implying a modicum of orgnanization? Then they lop off their dicks, and they lose their brains? Guess that shows they lost the most functional part of them!

                Also some very basic organization is required to be an adult. If they expect me to treat them like one, I have minimal expectations. Oh, it’s not fair I hold them to my standards? Then I refuse to obey theirs.

        2. They want FREE access. Also, the fun of making an enemy grovel as they hand over the loot.

          1. They want free everything.

            And are upset that this is not how the world works.

            They’re not adults. They’re not even children; children can be taught restraint, discipline and self-control.

            Animals can similarly be taught. Hell, it’s been shown that slime mold are capable of the most primitive forms of learning.

            Since the social justice whiners and ever unsatisfied demanders are singularly incapable of learning or basic survival, they are demonstrating that they are even below single-celled organisms in capability.

            1. Oh, if ONLY.

              Their definition of “Free” proves highly idiosyncratic. For example, their definition of Free Speech covers them whacking “Fascists” with bicycle locks and anybody disagreeing with them saying anything they don’t want to hear being guilty of perpetrating acts of violence.

              1. You assume a modicum of honesty. As soon as you realize they will say anything to get more power, all is clear.

              1. That would be a hate crime, if it is not the Times or better the Guardian.

        3. That is one of the real tests, IMHO, on if a man is marriageable that I would recommend to my nieces. Can he buy you menstruation supplies without needing to buy a case of beer to prove his manhood to everyone else in line.

    3. I cannot help thinking that claiming Shakespeare was a “woman” is just sooooo binary genderistic. Obviously Shakespeare was Trans and anybody declaring otherwise is phobic.

      1. Good idea – it seems undeniable that they have plenty of nerve, if an utter lack of self-awareness. There seems an inverse relationship between the two attributes.

  7. But you haven’t even heard about your favorite Bronx cheerleader’s proposals to fix the financial system yet! Or all the other crazy things you missed.

    Take the time to rest when you get home. Don’t try to catch up all at once on all the crazy. It’d send your blood pressure up higher than Pike’s Peak.

    1. I have a counter proposal to that suggestion. Okay, the idea is that ‘predatory’ lenders prevent the poor from accumulating wealth.

      Okay, what sort of theft of wealth are the poor really unable to do anything about, that really does need intervention outside of their ability or willingness to manage? Actual petty theft by other poor people, some of them relatives.

      People complain about prisons, and there are practical limits. Whereas, it has been proven that lots and lots of people can be killed. What is the best criteria for killing these people? The petty thieves who are always going to be petty thieves seem to spend money on drugs. Marijauna is the least likely to kill through overdose or long term organ failures. Ergo, we should kill the stoners at the very least.

      What’s that? I’m out of my mind? Why do you hate poor people?

      Okay, seriously, the usual flaws. Folks who remember how nuts I am on the stoners will appreciate how tickled I was when I noticed this, but it is a handy refutation of certain arguments. And loads funner than some of the previous material I was tossing over in the war on poverty/arthur harris/root causes of poverty vein. It does seriously look like the root systemic cause of poverty in America is the Democratic party, with a) welfare state b) leniency towards criminals c) thieving politicians d) out of their minds bureaucrats e) gun control. You could also argue that the poor are partly to blame.

      1. Far too scary to actually operate one of those. Also far too sophisticated a piece of machinery for the rest of America to comprehend.

  8. Crazy ain’t what it used to be. Time was, your crazies went about with tinfoil hats, or sandwich boards. You’d have the entertaining crazies that insisted that the world would end in twenty-seven days- of what? – of the overpopulation of field rabbits. Or chlorine in the atmosphere. Or giant squid, or some other such nonsense.

    And we all would chuckle a bit and go on our merry way. Harmless craziness was all it was. We would go to work and home and back again, and things would make sense, for the most part, because normality would win out in the end. Field rabbits would get et by wolves and hawks and hunters here and there. Chlorine would be in the public pool, and squid would be kalamari, giant sized or not.

    Somewhere along the line, I susupect Marxism, folks started taking the crazy seriously. Gave them pens and paper, typewriters, computers, the internet. And now the crazy is all sorts of crazy networked and you can’t quite get away from it as well as you used to. They’ve even got tenure.

    And somewhere not far off, the Gods of the Copybook Headings are laying out their torches and sharpening the pitchfork tines. The mob that is the consumer of such tripe has no conscience of what would result, should it ever gain the power it desires. This despite all the warnings writ large and bloody across the pages of history, and the present, too.

    Perhaps this current foray into common sense of the past couple of years or so will continue to good effect. There will still be crazies no doubt. They will always be with us. But it’d be nice if common sense would keep on winning the day again.

    1. If you give a million Marxists a million typewriters… you’ll really wish you’d stuck with monkeys – they and their output are both cleaner and less damaging.

        1. ?? The Monkees flung Neil Diamond, David Gates (of Bread and “Goodbye Girl”, Gerry Goffin, Jerry Leiber, Harry Nillson, Carole Bayer Sager, Neil Sedaka, Paul Williams …

    2. Somewhere during the last fifty years the polarity on reality got reversed, with rationality being deemed “hateful” and insanity being rewarded.

  9. Definitely NOT Queen Elizabeth. I studied some of her writings and she was well-written and well-spoken. Probably better educated than the dreck in English departments today. BUT– she was not Shakespeare.

    1. Sorry – contradictory conditions. If they had brains they wouldn’t waste time preening for attention as Atlantic writers and the editors wouldn’t publish them.

  10. Come on. Shakespeare clearly wasn’t a woman.

    He was an alien. It’s obvious.

      1. Willie was clearly a Klingon. You have never read Shakespeare until you have read it in the original klingon.

        1. Was wondering how long it would take for someone to make that joke.

  11. This comes from mistaking credentialed for educated. Was happening before your time or mine. I would recommend Louis L’Amour’s “Education of a Wandering Man” as therapy, except that on the one hand I haven’t yet read it myself, and on the other, the true classic Western (and its pre-eminent authors) would be considered akin to the Bible itself as blasphemous works in the sacred halls of modern cacademia.

    1. Bingo! And then you get those of us who are credentialed and educated, but with the wrong education for our credentials. (Let’s just say my field would do better with more field research and less effort at redressing “wrongs” committed 500+ years ago.)

      1. Not a typo. I don’t remember where I saw the term, but I don’t claim originality. However, if the word fits, use it.

    2. “This comes from mistaking credentialed for educated.”
      A certain congresswoman comes to mind.
      Well, quite a few, actually, and congressmen as well.
      Is congresscritters still sufficiently gender-neutral?

      1. One of the issues afflicting modern pedagogy is the emphasis on credentials, which are earned by giving the expected answer, over education, which is developed by understanding the process by which answers are developed, tested and employed as working hypotheses.

  12. Sarah, they were crazy before you left and I’m pretty sure they’ll still be crazy after you come back to us. The trick is to get some fun out of the insanity. My husband bet me that they’d quit yelling about the Mueller report, and now I’m collecting ten cents a day each morning as he concedes it hasn’t happened yet. Happily thinking about where to spend my riches.

    1. Only 10 cents a day? You blew it. If he was really confident, he’d agreed to doubling the prior day 🙂 … Well, unless, he’s financially and mathematical savvy. He’d never agree to it now.

      They’ll give up on the Mueller report in 6 years; maybe … and we’re actually looking at another 14 years if Pence becomes President. Oh wait, they’ll come up with something to dig into for him … sigh.

    2. Yes – they are no crazier now than before Sarah’s Oversea Adventure, it is simply that with distance comes perspective.

      Meantime, I’ve been whiling away the idle moments compiling a list of foreign leaders who probably called Biden to urge his presidential run. I figure Maggie Thatcher was not among them, nor Bibi, but I expect the callers included Putin, Xi Jinping, Merkel, Kim, Maduro, Rouhani, Assad, Díaz-Canel …

  13. I don’t know how to fix mental illness. I have worked out that if the mentally ill are killed, symptoms are no longer in evidence.

    What I’m doing over here is staying staying far away from any business involved in treating the mentally ill, or in overseeing of imprisoned criminals.

    There are a lot of people I have no power over, that I should have no power over. There’s one person whose insanity is something that I can have some confidence in my ability to keep in check, and prevent from harming others.


      1. Seriously, do not get me really started on that.

        Neurodiversity comes from Neurotypical, a joke diagnosis of ‘normal’ put together by an extremely highly functioning autistic. Neurodiversity is a way of lumping autistics and other ill people in under LGBT. One of the major implicit suggestions coming with LGBT is sex with lots of people. There are many autistic people for whom sex with lots of people would be a very harmful experience.

        I get very angry.

        Additionally, people here do not want me thinking along the lines of rehabilitative therapy for LGBT.

        1. Ah good, so you’re familiar with it. I’ve only recently encountered the “neurodiversity” movement and, after looking into it a bit, arrived at a remarkably similar conclusion.

          1. My experience is the most common usage is to create an excuse for why you’re a sh!tty person to your social group. Lots of self-diagnosised “Asperger” suffers out that with that label claiming treating them like the crappy friends they are is discrimination.

            1. if aspies are as common as they claim to be then its not neurodiverse, its just a large chunk of the population that can’t be properly socialized.

              1. Not sure who “they” are in this– it’s an awfully large selection of folks who make claims, of various quality– but “on the spectrum” sure looks to ME to be a description of symptoms which, depending on usage, envelopes everybody who isn’t a freaking genius at reading body language plus those who are trained at whatever socializing is currently in fashion.

                Causes are everything from “human? What human?” through “unspoken communication, what, you mean writing?” and up to “I am basically a feral human being, nobody trained me in basic manners.”

              2. Hmm. Actual diagnosed aspie here. There’s a lot of misunderstanding about the autism spectrum. I have an article that identifies seven clusters of difference from “normal”. Someone who is really on the spectrum will show several of these clusters, not just one or two traits. The specifics of any one cluster may show in several different forms and different degrees of severity in different people. I went through the list for my own self and found evidence for all of them, Some of my symptoms are quite strong, and others fairly minimal, but they are still there. Often a specific difficulty in socialization can be traced to a specific neurological trait.

                1. Autism spectrum disorders have some of the same possibilities as cancers. Potentially a cluster of symptoms, but wildly different underlying mechanisms.

                  Which mechanisms seem to, in some cases, have something to do with digestive issues and with immune issues.

                  Which potentially means that where an underlying vulnerability exists, a dietary or immune insult could cause the symptoms. If appropriate insults were rare, and now are common, and the underlying vulnerability is common, you could have a situation where autism is common and still can be considered an illness/impairment. (And, yes, there are factors in food supply and vaccines that are plausible candidates.)

                  But the fun alternative proposal is parental age. Suppose higher parental age, especially at first birth, increases the chance of autism. a) ‘Feminism causes autism’ trolling b) engineering spectrum, if parental age is a significant factor, than demographics with different parental ages might show different affinities for engineering c) England historically used to have a different marriage pattern than the US. (Perhaps particularly in the upper class? Could this have been enough for actual significant biological differences between classes?) Moving towards a both partners older society, as opposed to older male/younger female societies, or younger male/younger female, could explain a difference in autism incidence. Perhaps also severity?

                  Me? I’m an obnoxious jerk, who has just never cared enough to learn to treat people decently. 🙂

                  1. Autism seems to be more prevalent, or at least more easily diagnosed, in males than in females. It also tends to run in families, which suggests a strong genetic component.

                    1. Theory– a lot of the social symptoms are easier adapted over by females than males.

                      #2 had worse screaming fits than #3, and the walking-on-toes and DEFINITELY

                    2. social symptoms are easier adapted over by females than males.

                      This is, in part, because girls can get away with things by being (perceived as) cute.

                      It is a blessing and a curse.

                    3. /SIGH fumble finger….

                      and DEFINITELY the “this must be exactly right” desire, but ‘got over’ it enough to pass for normal before about six years old– so most people just put it down to normal little kid stuff, especially since I took great trouble to make sure nobody grabbed or crowded her and set off a screaming fit.

                  2. Recently reported research purports to show that a mother’s eating nuts during pregnancy produces smarter children, so there may be support for a dietary argument.

                    I did not read the research and cannot claim to know what types of nuts produce the best results, nor even whether such “false nuts” as peanuts (a legume, as I assume most here are aware) are involved. I am fairly confident that a) this does not entail the idea of the mother cutting off the sire’s testicles and consuming them and b) some feminists will nevertheless reach that conclusion because they enjoy the justification for castrating men.

                2. Beloved Spouse & I were discussing this issue this morning, sort of. Our speculation is that there is a form of social disorder in America in which an “illness” — Asperger’s, ADD, Sexual Dysmorphia — runs a gamut from initial denial to recognition to over-diagnosis. First they deny the syndrome exists, then they recognize and diagnose it, then they see it everywhere. It is similar to a phenomenon I’ve heard reported amongst beginning Psychology students and medical school students in which they imagine themselves beset with each and every condition they learn to recognize.

                  The same thing seems to occur at a societal level. It little serves the people actually afflicted with such conditions and can do great harm through administration of “therapies” to those who need none.

                  1. I think you are right. Not only that, but sometimes these disorders provide convenient excuses for those who do not wish to conform to what society expects or civilization demands. Those who suffer such disorders already do battle with those who think they are making excuses. Being confused with people who really are making excuses is no help.

        2. That, and I’ve seen an uptick on reported incidences of people taking advantage of of the more autistic but still functioning enough or similar people being tricked or coerced or ‘encouraged’ to have sex, often in workplaces. Usually unprotected. That’s just the reported ones.

        3. In all fairness, sex with lots of people is a very harmful experience for most of the human race, as Western culture is proving via a vast, controlled experiment.

          Autism here is more a difference in immediacy of damage and definition of lots.

    1. I count seven women on that list. Although in these times, it seems perfectly plausible to argue with a straight face that that several of the male names actually belonged to women. keeping a straight face while listening to such arguments is another matter.

      1. Oh, I keep a straight face and eye contact.

        While backing away slowly.

        Anything else might encourage them.

        1. I started giggling at “Mary, Queen of Scot”, cackling at “dogged immunity to documentary evidence”, and completely lost it when it was claimed that the shipwrecked Sheik Zubayr.had begun churning out remarkable English poems and dramas.

    2. Edward VI? Really? Before he turned 16, he ruled England and found time to write 37 plays?

      Got to admit that the Emilia Bassano theory is at least no stupider than that.

    3. I am willing to entertain the idea that Emilia wrote the plays in an Alternate Universe; she had as much of a chance as most of the multitudes that have been suggested.
      Footnotes from the Shakespeare wiki directly refute most of the Atlantic’s musings (and Bassano is not listed as a candidate for authorship at all):
      Dobson 2001, p. 31: “These two notions—that the Shakespeare canon represented the highest achievement of human culture, while William Shakespeare was a completely uneducated rustic—combined to persuade Delia Bacon and her successors that the Folio’s title page and preliminaries could only be part of a fabulously elaborate charade orchestrated by some more elevated personage, and they accordingly misread the distinctive literary traces of Shakespeare’s solid Elizabethan grammar-school education visible throughout the volume as evidence that the ‘real’ author had attended Oxford or Cambridge.”
      Schoone-Jongen 2008, p. 5: “in voicing dissatisfaction over the apparent lack of continuity between the certain facts of Shakespeare’s life and the spirit of his literary output, anti-Stratfordians adopt the very Modernist assumption that an author’s work must reflect his or her life. Neither Shakespeare nor his fellow Elizabethan writers operated under this assumption.”; Smith 2008, p. 629: “Perhaps the point is that deriving an idea of an author from his or her works is always problematic, particularly in a multi-vocal genre like drama, since it crucially underestimates the heterogeneous influences and imaginative reaches of creative writing. Often the authorship debate is premised on the syllogistic and fallacious interchangeability of literature and autobiography.”; Nelson 1999, p. 382 writes of “the junk scholarship that so unhappily defaces the authorship issue”; Alter 2010 quotes James Shapiro: “Once you take away the argument that the life can be found in the works, those who don’t believe Shakespeare wrote Shakespeare don’t have any argument left.”
      Love 2002,
      Love 2002, pp. 198–202, 303–07:298: “The problem that confronts all such attempts is that they have to dispose of the many testimonies from Will the player’s own time that he was regarded as the author of the plays and the absence of any clear contravening public claims of the same nature for any of the other favoured candidates.”; Bate 1998, pp. 68–73
      Bate 1998, p. 73: “No one in Shakespeare’s lifetime or the first two hundred years after his death expressed the slightest doubt about his authorship.”; Hastings 1959, pp. 486–88: “. . . no suspicions regarding Shakespeare’s authorship (except for a few mainly humorous comments) were expressed until the middle of the nineteenth century (in Hart’s The Romance of Yachting, 1848). For over two hundred years no one had any serious doubts.”

      1. My error: she is listed under her married name.
        Lanier, Emilia née Bassano (1569–1645), poet.

        However, if she was really the Female Shakespeare, in her social position she would not have been as subject to opprobrium for being known as a playwright, it is hard to see where she wouldn’t have confided in some friends (true also of many others), and there would have been hints and supporters long before Hudson in 2007.

      2. Actually, it’s time I came clean and the Huns are a safe place to do it.

        The second thing I did after I invented time travel was go back and “write” all of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry. I mean, no one actually wrote them in the end, because they came from my collected works I got in JHS and I just plopped them out here and there are the required dates.

        So, in reality, the author of Shakespeare’s plays is nobody. They are a spontaneous creation of the universe.

  14. So. Under adding fuel to the fire. Have you heard that Businessman millionaire Trump is a fraud? Because he lost millions of dollars in his Atlantic Casino in the ’80s through ’90s? I mean after all (I guess) how do owners of casino’s loose money? I swear this is being touted as “news”.

    Really? I never have followed President Trump’s financial career or projects. But even I know he has had huge financial setbacks. Heck even if I’d never heard of him, few who are where he is has NOT had failure before finding ultimate success.

    FYI. Someone leaked President’s NY state income taxes.

    1. The “Funny Part” is that Trump talks about that in his book “Apprentice”. 😈

      1. In his book? Lets’ cut to the video tape:

        It is baked into his brand.

        Sheesh – next thing you know the MSM will be reporting how, fifty years ago, Teddy Kennedy left a woman to drown in his car.

        1. They did. One obit concluded how much he did for women would lead said drowned woman to conclude her sacrifice, which supposedly inspired him to care about women’s rights, was worth it.

    2. How is it Barrack Obama, may peace be upon him, never had his college transcripts leaked yet people are leaking Trump’s tax returns without fear of the law.

      1. Because the Ivy League schools, and the agencies responsible for prosecuting the tax return leaks, are both primarily inhabited by Leftists.

          1. Or, maybe the transcripts show someone was running an “I am a foreigner” scam for college aid and/ or points with chicks/politics.

      1. The Fall? Mostly just an attept to restore the ancien régime that prevailed when the Dems ruled the South, adjusted for contemporary circumstances.

        1. Which was a continuation of an even older institution, feudalism of a sort methinks. Turtles all the way down. Or was that totalitarians…

      2. Not the taxes the IRS is refusing to release … you know, more recent ones.

        Newest state tax year leaked is 25 years old.

        Yea, sure, my taxes are exactly the same today as they were 25 to 35 years ago (okay sarcasm off). The idiots.

        Not that the leak is anymore legal. Really hoping someone gets more than their hands slapped for this, but won’t bet the farm on it.

        Yes, to be clear. These are the loses that President Trump brags about how he overcame them. (To simplify what happened.) Besides with property, any given year it can look like a loss, but overall, not so much.

          1. Pretty much. Mostly people not hnderstanding how tax planning, especially tax planning in business and real estate, works. You know, the same sort of people who didn’t understand how witholding works, and thus made a big stink about how “poor and working/middle class” people had their taxes raised. Even though they actually got a tax cut. Same people who don’t understand how taxes and regulations cost the economy.

            You know, morons.

            1. Commercial Real Estate made simple (pulling numbers outta my [pocket]:

              Buy building in Manhattan for $3M on a thirty year mortgage, 10% down. (Cash outlay, $300K). Rent it for enough money to cover interest, principle, maintenance service, and property tax so net annual income is -$100K (depreciation expense). After twenty years with no additional cash invested the accumulated losses amount to $2M. Thanks to gentrification (due in part to having this well-maintained building in the neighborhood), Giuliani & Bloomberg’s crime suppression and population growth, sell building for #10M (capital gains of $7M, taxed at 20% assuming highest tax bracket, as opposed to the 39.6% rate for ordinary income), turning initial cash investment of $300K into net cash increase of $5.3M, earning an effective $280K annualized return on investment of $300K.

              That is what investoors call smart, but the NY Times, looking at twenty years loss (on paper) of $2M will denounce as bad business sense.

              It is, of course, much more complicated as the “loss” provides significant tax benefits as a shield against taxes and Principle & Interest amortization — as anyone paying down a mortgage realizes — is not a straight line deduction (Interest will be a much larger deductible expense in the earlier term of the mortgage, another incentive to sell the property by the start of the third decade. But it is, I hope, enough of a sketch to grasp the business plan.

      3. It fell a decade ago at least, but what we’re seeing now is people embracing the fact that it has been replaced by the raw exercise of power, because pretending the law still existed didn’t work in 2016 like it always has in the past.

        The funny thing is they thing all the other people will still pretend it works after they nakedly show it does not.

        They aren’t going to enjoy the outcome. That would hearten me except men and mine won’t enjoy it either. No one will.

    3. Apparently the geniuses at the NY Times never grasped the idea that business losses for tax purposes may not represent actual monetary losses. I shall not expand on this principle as nobody wants a discussion of the tax code, but businesses enjoy great latitude in how and when they recognize income, take depreciation, amortize start-up expenses and many other factors which contribute to “taxable gain.”

      We need not even get into the complexities of interlocking corporate structures and the recognition of income and expenses in different related businesses.

      1. Yup. Made that same point on Facebook to people who have barely held a job, and never run a business or even looked at their investment or pension plans.

    4. Back during the campaign, someone analyzed the fortunes of a bunch of big-noise entrepreneurs, compared to Trump. (They had all sorts of data, so this wasn’t just pulled of of their ass.)

      On average, half of all business ventures fail.

      Trump has had about 5% of his many ventures fail.

      Yeah, he’s really terrible at it.

      1. I “know” a high percentage of ventures fail, no mater how experienced. But avoided the specifics because just don’t know them. FWIW, Shark Tank touts that all the time. They even hint at some of their own investments that have gone south, even some that they have invested in during the show.

        Based on 5% VS 50% Trump is the genius that he says he is.

  15. I think your plan to avoid crazy by circling in the crazy-laden ether above a major node of crazy needs revision.

  16. You’re looking at this all wrong.
    Shakespeare has been removed from the curricula at High Schools & Colleges in this country because he’s a dead white male.
    This author is attempting to get his work taught again by redefining as the work of a dead white female from a time when females were severely oppressed.
    The attempt may be lame but the intent is what matters, right?

    1. Yes. Refusing to have sexual intercourse until you have the secure right to an abortion if you get pregnant!

      That will really show them pro-lifers by — by — by — oh, I give up.

    2. You mean where someone famous for reading what other people write decided to prove the worst of the MRA and PUA community right when they claim women don’t have sex for intimacy but as a way to manipulate men to get what they want.

      Yeah, that was brilliant.

      No young man dealing with the behavior of so many modern young women won’t draw very anti-woman conclusions from that one.

      Plus, it is to get Georgia, a state which grants tons of tax exemptions and subsidies to movie productions, to change their laws or the movie people will move on.

      I say, good riddance, you screw up my lunch walk, commute, and traffic between here and music all the damn time anyway.

      1. If the Lord hadn’t wanted men to be easily manipulated why did He create them with such convenient handles?

        And yeah, the Zero-Population Growth have hit on a winning strategy of promoting insanity as incentive to “keep it in your pants.” The probability of regrets “the morning after” now approaches 1 for all parties, but one is legally liable for the other’s misery.

        Saw an article the other day that pointed up the insanity of women delaying pregnancy until their Thirties and beyond: the lids get hit by adolescent hormones as Mom gets smacked by menopause. That’s certainly got to be awkward.

        1. *waggles hand* The Hormone Fairy might not strike at the “expected” time for the mothers; we had dinner with some folks yesterday, who I had pegged as in their 70s.

          …both in their 90s. And both are life-long farmers.

    1. Hollywierd. Alyssa Milano claiming that since women don’t have complete control over their own bodies it is too dangerous to risk getting pregnant so no sex until infanticide is legal, the federal government pays for everything, and Georgia changes its law… or something.

      Lysistrata had better reasons for her proposal.

      1. Her yammerings are the vain attempts of a desperate woman trying to come to terms with the fact that the only thing she ever had (looks) is fading fast. As an actress, she’s too old to play the hottie, and not talented enough for anything else.

        1. Successful as activist because popular as actress. Any connection to her own intelligence or good sense apart from the scripts she acted out is purely coincidental. Too many stars, starlets, and fans do not realize this.

      2. *blink*


        So… out of resentment for the possibility that someone might not let her kill her baby, if she had one, she has proposed the responsible behavior undertaken by anyone who doesn’t want to engender a child.

        That’s unexpected.

        1. I know, right?

          And really, who’d want to risk it at that point anyway? She’s proposing the same basic thing that MTGOW have – ‘I’m out, no sex, no dating, too risky.’

          Betcha they don’t even REALIZE that they’ve made the same basic argument, for which these same ‘feminists’ have railed against MTGOW for.

          1. Heh.

            Alyssa Milano Calls for ‘Sex Strike’ to Protest Pro-Life Law
            Milano’s suggestion is intriguing for at least a few reasons, not least of which is the fact that she’s urging women to exercise bodily autonomy as a means of proving that they are being denied the ability to do so. The abortion-rights movement spends an enormous amount of energy insisting that no one ever uses abortion as emergency contraception, yet here Milano is clearly admitting that’s the case. Not only that, but groups such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL base much of their activism on the assertion that abstinence education is entirely ineffective, and that birth-control methods, if used properly, will never result in an unwanted pregnancy that ends in abortion. But in articulating the rationale for her “sex strike,” Milano concedes the obvious fact that abstaining from sex is the only guaranteed way to avoid pregnancy and thus to avoid a situation where a woman wants an abortion.

            Her campaign also exposes modern feminism’s deeply flawed view of the relationship between men and women, seeing sex first and foremost as a bargaining chip or form of power that women hold over men, as if it ought to function primarily or even solely as a reward for men that women should withhold as a means of getting what they want — affirming and promoting the very anti-woman premise that feminists claim to oppose. And, like the overwhelming majority of activists who champion expansive abortion rights, Milano entirely ignores the existence of pro-life women, including those who were involved in passing the Georgia heartbeat bill, who presumably won’t be swayed or affected whatsoever by this boycott.

            Finally, there is considerable irony in the fact that, after five decades, feminism has come back around to where social conservatives were standing the entire time — but now they believe that, in pushing their “boycott,” they’re somehow being transgressive.

            1. As I told a socialist who very angrily proclaimed that she didn’t want children: “Oh, I completely and totally support your decision to not have children. Indeed, I support you especially if you wish to pursue sterilization. Then you can have as much recreational sex as you like with no risk of pregnancy to you.”

              That person got very angry with me for saying that. ^_^

          2. That was my favorite part, she basically yelled, “Hey, all you MGTOW guys who claim women use sex as a weapon and a tool to control men, you’re absolutely right.”

      3. We need to endorse and support this for ALL Liberal women, near-women, sorta-women and kinda-women. Our current plan of overcoming the Progressive insanity by encouraging their child-limitation practices while we breed aggressively is not proceeding quickly enough. Milano’s Proposal would curtail ALL of their genetic contribution to America’s future and discourage the tendency of certain men to pander to female insanity in hopes of getting more “action.”

        I maintain we lost the Vietnam War because young men discovered their chances of getting laid were much higher if they protested the war than if they enlisted. This is a golden opportunity to reclaim traditional masculinity.

        1. Golly gee! Search for a poster and who knows what will turn up alongside it?

          Note the muscular thighs — she’s no stick-figure but a gal who knows how to wrap her legs around a guy.

          1. Finally …

            Turning and turning in the widening gyre
            The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
            Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
            Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
            The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
            The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
            The best lack all conviction, while the worst
            Are full of passionate intensity.

          2. I can state from experience that is an accurate description of certain capabilities of a female marine.

      4. Sex with Alyssa Milano, or forced celibacy.

        Well, in that case, celibacy sounds perfectly fine to me.

        1. What’s the difference between sex with Alyssa Milano and self-abuse?

          You aren’t ashamed to look in the mirror after self-abuse.

          1. Alyssa Milano is skinny and embarrassing to be seen on.

            So she’s not even, to reference a crass male proverb, as good a date as a fat chick.

      5. So …she’s suggesting women take charge of their sexuality and engage in baby-making when they are open to the idea of making a baby?

        But it’s supposed to be a protest to allow killing of babies?

        *head hurts*

        1. Oh, you haven’t even seen the best part yet. See, someone has decided that under this law, a miscarriage would be a felony, and since felons can’t vote, this is all a plot to deprive women of the vote.

          1. ….
            They really can’t tell the moral difference between “killed someone” and “was near someone who died,” can they?

            Suddenly, the NRA fits make a little more sense.

            1. Might just be dishonest and wanting to push the felon voting thing at the same time.

              There’s some fun trolling in the argument that the sex strike is meant to inspire us to remove women’s right to vote.

              The strike means nothing to me, because people who would take it seriously are already in the category of people I have no interest in sleeping with.

          2. Given recent displays such as women’s marches, slut walks, and the gender gap towards Obama and Hillary I must say, with apologies to our hostess and other female Huns, from those idiots lips to the SCGA’s ears.

            1. Remember we still have a secret ballot.

              And women are definitely familiar with the idea that if you admit an unwanted view, you’re going to suffer horrifically for it.

              The only thing that polls tell you is what those who would actually talk to the polling company were willing to admit to a nosy stranger over the phone.

              1. Errrr … about that:

                Women behind almost half of individual Trump contributions in first three months of year
                “More than 45 percent of the itemized individual contributions to Trump’s campaign for the first three months of the year came from women, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan research group that tracks money in US contests. … Among the Democratic candidates, only two raised a higher percentage of their donations from women: New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and California Sen. Kamala Harris.”

                Worst. Misogynist. Ever.

                1. On one hand, <3.

                  On the other, I seem to remember a 10% split is similar to the "overwhelming support" they like to harp on for the "youth vote."

                2. Also … don’t know about other households but should “we” make a contribution, I, the female in the household, write the check. Guess what, if I disagree, it don’t get done, accidentally kind of on purpose; period. If I don’t agree, we aren’t contributing … Point – guessing President Trump’s female contributions are under counted. Just like the 2016 vote polling.

                  1. Same here, especially with e-banking the checks will say Elf contributed, but I did the actually setting-things-up thing.

                    1. Yes. Same here. His name would be listed as the contribution, not mine. But, I would be doing it …

                3. More:

                  More women donated to President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign than any of the Democratic 2020 presidential candidates, according to FEC data.

                  10,375 women have donated to Trump in the first quarter of 2019, more than double the nearest Democratic challenger. California Sen. Kamala Harris had the second highest number of female donors with 3,850.

                  Trump’s average donation per woman donor is also much lower than his top female opponents. New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s average donation was $1,321, and Sen. Harris’s average was $935 per woman respectively, while Trump’s donors average out to $141.


                  When including all of Trump’s fundraising beyond just the first quarter of 2020, 20,363 women have donated $7,592,966 to the president’s reelection campaign. That means overall, Trump has received more total contributions from women than all of the Democratic candidates combined, although Trump has had more time to fundraise than the Democratic candidates.

        2. Playboy has always been the major source of abortion lobbyist funding. She’s trying to get that contingent to move again.

          1. I’ve got to disagree with you.

            I don’t think it’s Playboy, I think it’s “guys who want to use women without consequences.”

            AKA, cads.

            Just a very large overlap, there, possibly in the po tay to po tah to zone.

      6. And was better written and usually better acted.

        That’s right, in a sex strike Greek men are better actresses than Alyssa Milano.

  17. I only read far enough for this feminist of indeterminate gender to demonstrate a total ignorance of arithmetic. “Doubts… are almost as old as the writing itself.” Excuse me? 1840-1616 = 224 years. Are we talking geologic time here? And that date is from the article this malcontent linked to prove her point.

    1. You missed the key qualifier: almost.

      As in, Hillary Clinton was almost elected president.

      The Germans almost won WWII.

      Islamic armies almost conquered Europe.

      The Atlantic almost publishes serious journalism. Or ought that be: The Atlantic almost publishes almost serious almost journalism.

      The distance covered byalmost is measured in the phrases almost pregnant and almost dead.

  18. I have long maintained that the whole point of making a home for yourself was so that you wouldn’t have to go elsewhere.

    As for the Atlantic? Pfui. Journalists in an age of click-bait, desperate to stand out. Class clowns, most of them. If they were truly edgy they would defend the Western Civilization and Free Market economics that make their nonsense possible.

  19. It’s the Crazy Years as predicted by your salacious prophet and writer hero.

  20. There was also the gentleman who wrote the article alleging moral equivalence between the USA and the PRC.

    If so, we can infer that there is no ethical difference between disappearing journalists and not disappearing journalists. So the fellow would have no principled objection to an enforced vacation with pliers, brandy, a car battery, and a blowtorch.


        1. It says a lot about “journalistic standards” at CNN. Not quite as much as their explanation of what they had to do to maintain an embassy in Saddam’s capitol, but more than you would think they’d like the public to know.

          1. Hmm. I don’t watch CNN. But based on second-hand accounts, I get the impression that its real but unacknowledged focus is actually entertainment for those who want to run the country. Accuracy runs some distance behind clever wit. For certain obnoxious values of “clever” and “wit”.

  21. Dear Lady. It doth appear to me that those of such Progressive thought do attribute to the Great Bard those mean, vile urges that fester within their own breasts. To be Woken is to be larcenous of heart, acquisitive through and through. There is no art to their thefts, and very little art in their hearts. (Well, to be honest, a Grinchly heart hath very little room for art anyway.) But since stealing is their forte’, they look for justification around them; and if they canst not find it easily, then they feign to manufacture dross from gold via perverse alchemy. Small wonder they claim Shakespeare as a thief like them. Never mind the consistency of the Bard’s work speaks clearly that he was either the original author, or the final reviser; else he’d have had to have stolen ALL of his works, and from the same source no less.

    1. Alien spacecraft crashed UnderHill. Will took a supersonic plot computer from the wreck. That machine is solely responsible for the most difficult and brilliant parts of Shakespeare’s ‘work’. The computer was taken from an Oxford Don’s home in 1963 during the Green Glades shadow war between the US and the UK.

      Since, it has been in the custody of a defense contractor that wishes to remain anonymous. I represent that contractor, which has successfully reverse engineered and fully duplicated the device. We need to raise funds for projects like reprinting Kit Marlowe’s Ninjitsu manuals, and refurbishing the Mayan apocalypse command and control network. You can own a functioning replica of the alien mechanism behind Shakespeare’s works for only $299. Call now, operators are standing by.

  22. Then to make the tinfoil hat-wearers look foresighted, one reads that the injuries sustained by American embassy personnel in Cuba and China (consulate in Gh____?) may have been caused by a microwave weapon. A microwave weapon with similar sounding effects was, by the way, a plot device in this year or last year’s TV show, NCIS: Los Angles.

  23. Sarah, they wanted to tell us Mickey Spillane was gay and denounced gun ownership. We were lucky we held them at Shakespeare…

      1. Well done, Richard! I could hear that look of shock and horror from all the way over here. *offers paw for low five*

    1. Well, the person he apparently turned Mike Hammer over to is apparently a liberal Democrat, so…

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