I Can’t Write

I can’t write today.

Yes, there’s stuff going on. But more importantly, I can’t think.  I tried to remove the “I will have patreon soon” because I won’t have patreon soon, and have no clue why my husband put that in, when I’d already decided I wouldn’t have patreon.

I’d decided it for various reasons, but mostly because like Mailchimp it is beyond my ability to figure out how to make it work.  Though Holly Lisle says there’s better reasons.

So does the Passive guy.

Anyway, because my ability to navigate the innards of wordpress gets worse everyday, I also accidentally removed the paypal link and don’t know how to put it back up, partly because I never had the details for that particular paypal account.

I will restore the paypal connected to Goldportpress if I can figure out how. It allows subscriptions, though I’m not offering any incentive at any level, having proven myself incapable of following through (partly because paypal doesn’t tell you who is subscribing at what level, in any way, except culling month by month and year by year, manually, something we haven’t managed to do in three years.  Mostly because the last three years we’ve been going through hell uphill, barefoot.)

IF I can figure out how to do it, which right now is a big “if.”

Now excuse me while I go figure out wordpress.  ARGH.

38 thoughts on “I Can’t Write

    1. God help us. We can’t have cheerful, obedient, self-confident, well-groomed kids around. People might mistake them for normal. What will the world come to?

      1. Um, well-organized, self-reliant, and happy to leave other people alone most of the time? In other words, a place that would have the activists moaning, ‘The horror, the horror” and reaching for the smelling salts as they collapse on their fainting couches. (And *gasp!* having to find that most dreaded of things, a Real Job.)

        Yes, I’m having a Mood today. Spending way too much time trying to pull an assignment together does that to me.

        1. Well, I’m in a Mood as well and that garbage didn’t help it.

          Especially when the Damn-ocrats in the House are holding hearings about “White Supremist Violence”.

          Which I suspect means “Violence Not Caused By Minorities”.

          But then in the so-called minds of the Left, I’m a White Supremist for two reasons.

          1) I see “White Privilege” as an excuse to Hate Conservative Whites.

          2) I see “White equals Racist” as a bigoted pile of shit.

          Ah, second thoughts. Does Sarah want this sort of talk here when she didn’t bring up the subject?

        2. Well-organized and self-reliant people won’t be dependent on you.

          Thus you’ll have no power over them.

          The Left can’t have that.

    2. Maybe I’m being paranoid but sometimes I read stuff like that and I wonder if someone wants massive violence to break out.

    3. The Right-wing are the new, more ‘politically accepted’ Jewish Conspiracy for the Socialist/Communist Lefties in the West. Mind, they still haven’t given up the whole ‘Zionist/Jewish’ conspiracy thing, because I see it crop up whenever an idiot Socialist decides they’re correct and needs to lecture everyone with how “‘real’ Socialism will happen if only selfish Americans would stop getting in the way of progress…! *stamp foot*”

  1. Ad Astra WordPress
    Some days preferably with suitably large explosions!
    I’d say all software is malware, except that would be redundant.

      1. Too bad NASA’s Orion booster bears no resemblance to Project Orion. I can think of 2.5 novels that used the concept (King David’s Spaceship didn’t use nukes), without trying too hard. (Footfall, and Anderson’s Orion Shall Rise are the other two.) Apparently 2001’s Discovery was supposed to be an Orion-type, but somebody decided it was a bit too much for the movie.

        1. Just think of launching a permanent, humongous, space station the size of a couple aircraft carriers into geosync. Something that would make people point to the current ISS and say, “You used to use that? You’re braver than I thought!”

  2. Subscribestar.

    I wouldnt use Patreon right now because they are just fine with closing someone’s account for political reasons.

      1. I find buying an author’s work to be the best way to show my appreciation for them. Although I’m finding “Ill Met By Moonlight” to be kind of strange. OTOH, I’m considering carrying around a largish cold iron nail in my pockets, just in case. 😉

  3. WordPress sucks! I’ve had to block a couple of sites because of troll comments taking over my notifications feed. There’s no easy way to block one single troll. I’m sure there is -a- way, but only burried under 40 layers of cruft and drop-down panels.

    Then I looked at gravitar and it seems to suck even more.

    By comparison Blogspot is well designed and fairly simple. Downside its owned by Google aka tech-satan, and it isn’t capable of much.

    1. Figuring out WordPress and revising my web site are on my list of things to do…after I get the This done, and the That, and the Other, and the Something Else… I do have a list, and I’ve even writing it down…

      1. I wonder if I should advertise WordPress consulting. I manage my site and would a couple of others if C and Z started posting stuff.

        1. Do it! I went to my site to post my blog a couple of nights ago and the new editor was the only one to be had. It would not review, would not publish. I finally gave up in disgust.
          Last night I went on and was able to get classic editor to reactivate and all was well. But it is still not as good as blogspot. I am not willing to turn it over to Google again. They are iffy with conservatives.

          1. LOL.

            I do 90% of my post writing, including formatting, outside of Word Press using Markdown that is then compiled to HTML.

            The biggest thing I do in the WP editor is add images.

            I’ll have to load the new one and play with it.

  4. It’s in the air. I inadvertently copied and pasted a document, didn’t see that it had appeared, went on digging for additional data for half an hour, and then had to track back the source, original sources and copyright holder, and links for said document. Yes, I’m covered by Fair Use in the classroom, but I need to be the good example for the students, not the horrible warning.

  5. 1. Yeah, stay awake from Patreon. I left them as a patron after they started their political removals.

    2. I wish I’d had this Tuesday when my whole post was on writing excuses. Yours are much better than mine.

  6. Yes, please get the PayPal button back. I don’t send much but I really like being able to say ‘Thanks!’ for a great essay.

    I don’t know if it’s WP or a mod to Chrome mobile, but I had to switch to the desktop site view to enter this because the message edit box expanded to cover the name box.

    1. Just checked–Firefox mobile does not expand the message box to cover the name box–but it won’t let me expand the page, which makes dragging the cursor a crapshoot against loaded dice.

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