You Are Not Psychic


*Sorry this is so late. We had an appointment (not for me) this morning that resolved the underlying cause of the ER visit a week ago, and if the diagnosis is true, it’s not  bad at all. -SAH*

It is a characteristic of the human mind to try to make sense of things by weaving a story.  It might be a necessary characteristic and even a survival enhancing one.

For instance, if you see someone walking funny ahead of you, and something in the back of your head pings “danger” you’re not going to pretend you don’t know anything. You’re going to avoid them.  Even more so, if two people flank you in a dangerous area of town, you back up fast and take off running.  There is a story in your head these people are going to mug you, and maybe it’s false. Maybe they accidentally flanked you. But–

For the record both happened to me.  The first one, when I lived in Colorado Springs Old North End neighborhood and I got up unholy early to walk the 1.5 mile to the center of town and back, there was someone ahead of me acting funny.  First he caught my attention because he was a heartbreakingly beautiful Asian young man, with beautiful long hair down his back, (Artist speaking, not woman. He was probably younger than both my kids) and he was shirtless in 35 or 36 degree weather (just above freezing.)  Then I realized he was doing a sort of zombie walk.  And then he started… well, dancing is one term. Sort of dancing/martial art moves.  I didn’t know what he was doing but I assumed “drugs” and therefore ducked into a side street and went another way.  This week someone posted videos of people doing the “Flakka dance” and yeah, that’s what it was including the zombie walk, but he can’t have been on it very long, because he didn’t look destroyed  Anyway, given the aggressive nature of that high, I did the right thing.

The flanking thing, same neighborhood, but older son and I went for a walk of a Sunday (the most dangerous day, since that’s when the downtown is empty) and two critters flanked us.  For those who don’t know my sons, by the time they were thirteen people thought they wee my “bodyguards.”  They’re both over six feet and built. So, flanking me? low level hoodlums. Flanking Robert and I and moving center?  We decided they were trying to mug us as soon as we got off the center which still had some people.  So we ducked into a shop, and out the shop’s other entrance. Maybe we were wrong. Maybe the two guys were innocent strollers THAT time. They hadn’t been in other occasions as we checked them by look (there used to be a website) when we got home and each had a demon’s resume.

In those circumstances guessing people’s motives/intentions can be survival enhancing.

For anything more complex, it helps to remember you’re not psychic.

Honestly, I’m so afraid of ascribing bad motives to people, particularly people I deal with/am friends with, that I have gotten stung a non-trivial number of times.  I extend more chances and observe behavior, and try to formulate an hypotheses why.  If nothing makes sense, I drive myself nuts. BUT after x number of times I assume there’s malice for a reason I don’t know, which will continue to happen, and then I cut all contact. Pretty much forever. Because at that point there’s every reason to expect this will continue to happen.

What I try not to do is attribute motives. Because at that point the motive doesn’t matter. And because I’m not psychic.

And while — see cases above — I’ll react to protect myself, I really do try not to imagine things for which I have no proof.

So, say when I was out with Robert who was then two and a nice old gentleman kept insisting Robert sit on his lap (in a wheel chair) and he’d give him a ride.  Of course I didn’t allow it. Stranger in powered conveyance picking up my kid? nope.  But I’m not going to tell you the gentleman was a pedophile, or wanted to kidnap my kid.

Perhaps. I mean, he struck some odd cords, and it was a so so area of town. And he was really insistent. OTOH Robert was a cute kid, and older people who like kids can get lonely and, well… it might all have been very nice.

It’s important to remember I’m not psychic, otherwise the incipient paranoia kicks in, and we start going “What the? Perhaps…” And next thing you know you’re shouting “get away from my kid, pedophile” at what is probably just an addled elderly man. Like the crazy woman’s studies professor someone talked about before who, when two guys approached to see if she needed help ran hell for leather to a policeman and told him these guys wanted to rape her. (They just wanted to see if she needed car-help.)

That’s part of the problem.

The left is really good at creating in-head narratives that get added to disparate facts and convince people they’re psychic. They’re not.

Take the Covington boys. I never saw a smirk. As the mother of boys, now men, what I saw was mortally embarrassed teen boy.

But if you think that all white people particularly those who support Trump and wear MAGA anything are racist, you’re going to see the kid, with the Amerindian that close and be “psychic” about what the kid is thinking and what his face is doing. (For the record, because DAZ 3-D renders suck on expressions, I keep leaving them blank. But people SEE expressions according to context, which in this case was in their minds.)

Same with the guy in Chicago (some kind of TV star) supposedly assaulted by people who yelled racist and homophobic comments and yelled “this is MAGA country.”

And this is where you know the left is not telepathic.  Sorry. I can see someone assaulting a black gay man somewhere (it’s a country of 300 million. There’s assholes.)

But if this happened at all — and it’s not a fake one, which it kind of smells like for other reasons — the chances of attackers yelling “This is MAGA country” are close to zero.

Why? Because it’s not a phrase anyone on the right would say. EVER. I move in those circles and I’ve NEVER heard that.

But the left has so convinced itself that MAGA means white supremacy (Are they that racist that they think when the country was great it was all white? When would that be? I can’t think of any time, ever) that they think this is perfectly plausible.

The rest of us go “Racist, homophobic attack? Sure, could happen. Probably not political, though.  Just two outlaws (it’s always the known wolves) trying to be cute.”

But the left sees politics. The same way during the Covington incident, they heard the kids shout “build the wall” because, you know, they’re obsessed with this, so the right will just shout it at random.  And it would be random. There was no one there that would have been kept out by a wall.  If the kids were surrounded by a hostile Mexican gang? Maybe that would make some sense.  This way? No.

It just goes on.  And they deduce the craziest things because they think they know what we’re thinking.

Hence you know, you think the current books winning awards suck? You think that a revenge fantasy which imagines that all of the working class in America is racist, sexist, homophobic shouldn’t even be on the awards ballot, much less two awards ballots and win one?  Well, that is because you’re trying to keep minorities and sexual minorities from writing sf/f.  Even if it doesn’t make any sense. Even if you’re not a gatekeeper. Even if you are a woman, a minority or gay yourself.  It must be, because that makes sense, so the left “psychically” sees through your motives.

Or you don’t like your box who happens to be a woman, and you’re a man? well, you’re sexist, have mommy issues, and your penis is small.

What the hell is this even? It’s like the worst of Freudianism, where the theories kept getting more complex, until no cigar was just a cigar, no fish was just a fish, and it was all deeply sexual and having to do with your mother or father or….

Reality is not like that.  In reality, you don’t know what others are thinking.  You should watch how they act, and if they’re not dangerous, you should give them a chance.  Or you know, ask them why they did something.

And just because TV sells the idea all people to the right of Lenin are racist, sexist homophobic, what you should ask yourself is how they know.  Because they don’t. They’re just otherizing people who think differently.

And they’re not psychic either. And 90% of the time they’re objectively wrong the only way it counts: in predicting how people will act in the real world.



132 thoughts on “You Are Not Psychic

  1. I tend to agree. I had an experience once where I was on a walk and saw a bunch of people loitering in the underpass. Something about them made me uneasy, so I changed my route to avoid the underpass. I think I was smart to do that, but yeah, I don’t get to call the cops and demand they arrest these guys for standing in a public place.

    As far as the Chicago thing goes, has there been any further evidence about it. Last I had heard, we had a story that didn’t really make sense and a “surveillance photo” of two people who could have been literally anyone, including anyone here (well, okay, not the Minotaur or the dragon. The wallaby would be unlikely but possible). And yet people seem like they’re now talking as if it definitely happened. Has there been some update in the past 24 hours I missed?

    two guys approached to see if she needed help ran hell for leather to a policeman and told him these guys wanted to rape her.

    So, basically, she did need help, badly, but not the sort that these gentlemen were likely qualified to provide.

    1. Has there been some update in the past 24 hours I missed?

      No, it’s just “believe all minorities” and “believe all homosexuals” at work.

      Reality matters less than the melanin content and owned or preferred fiddly bits of the people making accusations.

    2. I read somewhere* that the video was of two people *leaving* the scene 30 minutes before the alleged raaaaacist-homophobic assault happened.

      (* not sure where. PJmedia or a much smaller but reliable site.)

      1. Commentary from the site was “those far-righters sure have some great time-travel technology!”

      2. Additionally, the actor who claims he was attacked has refused to turn over the phone footage he had claimed he had that purported to record the incident; which immediately strikes me as suspicious. Suspect he may have been mugged or attacked, but the attackers did not say what he claims to have said, even if they did say other noxious things. If this is the case, then providing the footage of course would blow-up any narrative if it contradicts it, and for the left, narrative uber alles.

          1. If that turns out to be true, watch media drop the story down the proverbial memory hole.

            1. Yeah – just like the story of that poor little girl in Houston; as soon as it came clear that she had been shot by a local gang-banger, and not that white racist which witnesses claimed initially … oops, that story vanished as if it had been memory-holed.
              Imagine that.

    3. @esotericcd is liberal squish* who lives in Chicago. He’s made some comments about the location, and the temperature at the alleged time. Obviously he can’t prove it didn’t happen, but his opinion seems to be that it is an incredible story.

      *moderate Anti-Trump Republican

      1. There are places where I might could believe some jerkwad would yell “This is MAGA country!”

        Chicago (83.7% voted Hillary in 2016*) ain’t one of them. Not at any time of day, much less at 2AM when a polar vortex is freezing the moisture in your breath.

        *Even discounting the dead voter tally, that’s still likely better than 70% HRC

      2. I who also lives in Chicago, probably share @esotericcd doubts being pretty familiar with the area during the daylight, hotels, high end condos and apartments and office buildings, there are both private and public exterior cameras. Other than large homeless population, who were being ask to go to available shelters at that time of night and temperature.

        1. Outside one of the bar districts, I’d suspect the number of ready victims is a bit low on a cold winter night at that time. OTOH, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in Chicago (family in the area, but nobody in the city anymore).

        2. People keep forgetting this claim about the broken rib; even the guy making this summary.
          But broken ribs hurt.
          I think I would have called 911 right there and then, not waited hours before going to a hospital.
          But maybe that’s just me.

          (all emphasis added)
          “On Wednesday, police revealed that they have looked at hundreds of hours of surveillance video recorded around the area (near 300 E. North Lower Water Street) where Smollett says the attack took place. Police called it a “very high density” area for surveillance cameras, but they still have found no evidence that any assault took place. There are no witnesses and nothing like the assault described appears on any of the videos. What they have released are low-quality images of two “persons of interest” who crossed paths with Smollett and could have been witnesses or bystanders or even perpetrators.

          TMZ’s sources added that the two attackers were both white and wearing ski masks.They allegedly beat him so badly they broke one of his ribs, and also put a rope around his neck, yelled racist and homophobic slurs, poured bleach on him, “and as they left they yelled, ‘This is MAGA country.’”

          So let’s recap what Smollett says happened, together with what Chicago reporters have heard from police. Two men recognized a gay black actor from a TV show at 2 a.m. on a Chicago street during an extreme cold snap while he was on his phone. Instead of taking the phone from him, they began to shout slurs at him. The assailants happened to have a rope and an unknown liquid with them. They put a rope around his neck, but instead of strangling him with it, they just left it there and then ran away. Instead of calling the police immediately on the phone, Smollett walked into an apartment building and past security, without informing anyone about the alleged assault, and he kept the rope around his neck for some three-quarters of an hour. He neglected to tell the police about the MAGA remark in this first interview, revealing it only later in a subsequent interview. He took himself to Northwestern Memorial Hospital that morning and was released later in the morning. TMZ posted a picture of Smollett with a small scratch or cut beneath his right eye.

          That’s pretty much all we know. Here’s hoping we find out more.”

          1. Let us be reasonable. Severe injuries and shocking events can disorder thinking. Also pain is not reliable. (There have been cases in battle where one soldier had to point out to another that the other’s leg had been blown off.)

      1. Yes. No evidence. Even the video/picture of him entering his building with the rope around his shoulders, not only is the rope not tied, but description dosesn’t mention him particularly roughed up. As far as I know that has only been described, not posted, because ongoing investigation. By the time I heard it, my gut response was false report, another Twalli (spell?) incident.

            1. LOL I *hate* that your reference actually triggered that association. Why do I have that lodged in my memory banks?

    4. FWIW, apparently cops usually just have the same “huh, something’s up” and check, and usually have to come up with a reason beyond “I dunno, I had a feeling and it’s public property?”

        1. I was a dumb-bleep TWICE last month, and almost got eaten by pitbulls.

          No, pits aren’t an issue. Yes, people who WANT dogs like TV versions of pits are. Doesn’t much matter if YOU ARE DEAD.

            1. I wish.

              The Mexican idea of dogs is that they defend the house…and too many of these a-holes have “house” reaching out as far as their dogs can roam.

              We had to move where my husband parks because the not-feral dogs destroyed the front of his car using it to jump into our yard, so they could go chew on the play equipment where the kids eat lunch about once a week. And poop in our back yard.

              Most of the scary dogs are obviously nursing bitches, and down the road a way there’s some probably-ferals with a black and a white puppy, with a part what looks to be Akita mother.

              Yeah, will be REALLY FREAKING GLAD to be gone.

    5. Umm, yep. Same here.
      When I was stationed at Yongsan AIG in Beautiful Downtown Seoul, ROK, in the early 1990s, I had an outside job that took me out of the post in the early evening, brought me back through #1 Gate (as I recall, although it’s been more than two decades.) I’d leave my bicycle chained to a handy post short of the gate, and go by bus to the job, and be returning at about 10 PM. I would hear the rowdies at the post EM club, as they were closing for the night. Yeah, a bunch of very drunken, aggressive young males, of an evening. My route from Gate #1 to my home in the Air Force barracks took me well around the EM club.

  2. Projection.

    They cannot possibly be racists when they judge people on the color of their skin, and consistently wrong about everything that their belief systems insist must happen (“Occupy will Trigger the Revolution!”), so all those other people must be racists and wrong about everything.

    1. You laugh, but about a decade ago I realized that the reason leftists think non-leftist are so evil is:

      1. They know, not just believe but know, they are the good people.
      2. They see how they and theirs behave while being good people behave and thus extrapolate into how non-good people behave.

      It wasn’t race that led me to this, but employment law. Between learning ACORN wanted a waiver on minimum wage laws to hire more people to fight for a living wage, the labor based collapse of Pacifica radio, and Michael Moore’s tenure as editor of Mother Jones I realized leftists ran organizations in ways that were exactly like what they claimed evil capitalists do.

      Then I realized, if they were like that while knowing they were moral how must they assume we act. Of course, this assumption is to protect their knowledge of their moral superiority (which I suspect many know in their heart of hearts is a lie).

      1. I came to the same conclusion. That conclusion was helped along by all the sorts of different confessions that people make… “If I had a gun when I lost my temper I would shoot people” or “I was surprised that the Mexican pizza delivery guy didn’t sound like Speedy Gonzales” and always it’s…. “And if I’m this bad, that means that you must be worse.”

        No, really. It really doesn’t.

      2. You know, most of the most evil people in history and fiction all knew they were good people and doing the things they did because it was for everyone’s own good.

      3. I have literally seen people say that people can’t be trusted with guns because if they owned one, they would murder someone.

      4. I remember reading some of those stories, and I think you are absolutely right.
        I guess we can read some minds, after all.

    2. An example turns up between National Review and the New York Times:

      Michelle Goldberg vs. David French
      By Kevin D. Williamson
      In the Virginia abortion debate, there is an interesting — stupid, but interesting — line of argument that goes like this: “We don’t need to prohibit gruesome, delivery-table abortions, because nobody would ever request such a thing.”

      Example from Michelle Goldberg, knocking on David French:

      French appears to be worried that women will seek, and doctors will perform, late-term abortions for trivial reasons. But there’s contempt for women embedded in the idea that, absent legal prohibition, someone on the verge of giving birth might instead terminate her pregnancy to avoid the brutalities of labor.

      Is there “contempt for women” in the idea that we should legally prohibit drowning children in the bathtub? Because mothers sometimes drown their children in the bathtub. Is there “contempt for men” in laws against the various horrifying things that men sometimes do?

      This is an almost entirely substance-free line of argument; in effect, it’s just another variation on, “If you disagree with me and I’m a woman, you hate women.”

      It’s a form of argument that no self-respecting adult should be able to make without shame.


      NOW, let’s look at that in regard to Gun Control Laws and the contempt those express for gun owners … or yeah, let’s consider the contempt for men expressed in anti-rape laws … the contempt for employers expressed in minimum wage, EEOC, OSHA and every other form of regulation covering the workplace.

        1. I tend not to say much on the subject, but I do find it astonishing that some are now coming out publicly favoring what could be called the Gosnell Doctrine.

  3. Humans are pretty good at picking up subconscious signals that something is not right (the underlying thesis of the book “The Gift of Fear”).
    We also tend to actively downplay those warnings.
    A lot of self defense training is giving yourself permission to recognize and act on those signals.

    1. I was just trying recently to explain what I call my “sketchy vibe” alarm – basically, something is not right here; it is time to be elsewhere. It takes back-annotation to figure out what was wrong, and sometimes I can’t tell you.

      There’s an obvious strong evolutionary bias toward just this sort of pattern-out-of-place reaction – hm, the birds have all suddenly stopped making noises, or there’s drool dripping down from something out of sight up in that tree over there.

      Actually, there’s only an evolutionary bias if that feeling is resolved by “Be Elsewhere” and not “Hold my beer; I’m going over there to see what’s up in that tree!”

      1. I handed Alors my polearm. “Here, hold my spear. When I say go, I want you to poke it up into those branches.”

        “Sir, what are you going to be doing?” Alors asked somewhat timidly.

        I swept my shield off my back and drew my sword.

        “I’m going to stop what ever comes out of that tree from getting to either of us, and skewer its butt.” I replied.

    2. Picking up those signals is also something that good poker players are adept at and is one of the skills/abilities that helps one be a good poker player (along with good money management and good math skills)

    3. “A lot of self defense training is giving yourself permission to recognize and act on those signals.”
      I will never forget hearing a presentation by a local police officer on how to protect oneself against potential rapists.
      After telling a few stories about women who had been assaulted, she emphasized how often (like, always) they said something along the lines of “I knew I shouldn’t have gone down that street” or “I felt like there was something bad about that man” but then decided that they were just being paranoid or bigoted.
      And they shouldn’t have gone down that street, and he was a bad man.

      1. Two problems:

        No one goes to the police and says, “I felt like there was something bad about that man, and he turned out just fine.” It’s like the “O! The shooter was known to the police!” reaction when no one knows exactly how many non-shooters are also “known to the police.”

        When something bad happens, people look for reasons — if necessary, fudging them up — why it happened so they can tell themselves it won’t happen again.

  4. you’re not psychic

    You don’t know that! I could be … but if I were I dang sure wouldn’t go about telling people. You don’t have to be psychic to recognize that’s not a good idea.

  5. The rest of us go “Racist, homophobic attack? Sure, could happen. Probably not political, though.

    Most of the people I’ve known (acquaintances, not friends) who would go out and beat up homosexuals, were homosexuals themselves. As to motive, I’m not psychic but I’m guessing self-hatred. But that’s just a guess.

    1. Camouflage. In the ludicrous cases, it ends up like white supremacist organizations: Most of the members are undercover law enforcement. [I don’t have to say “metaphor”, right? Most of them are gay, not law enforcement.]

    1. As promised. Compare & Contrast to Gaslight Media reaction to Bret Kavanaugh’s High School yearbook:

      Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s Yearbook Page Features Blackface, KKK Photo
      In Northam’s medical school yearbook from 1984, he is pictured either wearing blackface or dressed as a Klansman.

      Virginia Governor Ralph Northam appears to have posed for a photo depicting blackface, in a yearbook photograph originally obtained by Big League Politics and confirmed by the Virginian-Pilot. It’s difficult to tell whether Northam is the person wearing blackface or the Ku Klux Klan outfit. Either way, it’s a deeply disturbing photo.

      The photo is on a page labeled Ralph Shearer Northam, in an Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook. He graduated from the school in 1984. The Federalist independently confirmed that the yearbook photo is authentic:

      The yearbook lists Northam’s interests as “pediatrics” and his quote as, “There are more old drunks than old doctors in this world so I think I’ll have another beer.”

      Northam’s office has not commented.

      Earlier this week, Northam made comments supporting late term abortion and infanticide, in the context of discussing Delegate Kathy Tran’s defeated bill that would have allowed abortions up until the point of delivery.

      1. Moveon and a bunch of other leftist activist groups have called for Northam to resign as Governor.

        1. Well, surprise, surprise, surprise: Virginia’s lieutenant governor is a Democrat and African American! I am sure this will shock, shock Moveon and the rest.

          Justin was elected Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia on November 7, 2017. Justin is only the second African-American in history, and the first in nearly 30 years since the tenure of Governor L. Douglas Wilder, to be elected to statewide office in Virginia. His Inauguration took place on January 13, 2018.

          Justin, 39, has been recognized as one of the top young attorneys in the nation and a rising star in American politics. He is a prominent and highly successful lawyer, political figure, philanthropist, and a proud husband, father, and community leader. In 2013, at the age of 34, Justin was awarded the National Bar Association’s “Nation’s Best Advocates Award,” which recognizes 40 top attorneys nationwide under the age of 40. He currently works as a Litigation Partner in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. offices of the international law firm Morrison & Foerster LLP.


          Justin’s wife, Dr. Cerina W. Fairfax, DDS is a graduate of the VCU School of Dentistry in Richmond, VA and of Duke University. In 2015, Dr. Fairfax was honored by the VCU School of Dentistry as the Most Outstanding Alumna of the Last Decade. The Fairfaxes have one son, Cameron, and one daughter, Carys, and live in Northern Virginia where they own a home and a thriving family dental practice.

    2. But what about drawing the conclusion that opinions in 1984 inform whether his current opinions on abortion are driven by a desire to exterminate blacks?

      It seems probable that Planned Parenthood has a disparate impact on blacks.

    3. He was just a young kid having some fun…he wasn’t trying to oppress blacks. I mean, he’s not an early 20th century Welsh coal miner or Mary Poppins.

      He’s a Democrat.

      Waiting for the “Republicans Pounce” headline.

      1. Democratic Party media arm will denounce the story as being a “distraction” from “the real issues”

        1. So far, the NAACP and Kamala Harris have both told him to resign. And I’m out of popcorn. 🙂

            1. Popcorn and candy apples!! Hot Dog!

              Ralph Northam’s troubles are not over. A liberal on Twitter found one of Governor Northam’s college yearbooks. Apparently one of his nicknames was “Coonman.” Which perhaps fits with the photo that is part of his medical school yearbook:

              [PICTURE TO FOLLOW]

              I have no idea what “Coonman” means; maybe there is an innocent explanation. But of course, we all know what would happen if these were a Republican’s college and medical school yearbooks.

              I would be fine with banning all yearbook entries from public discussion (although, to be fair, a guy really should have his act together by the time he is a medical student). As is so often the case, we conservatives mostly want to know what the rules are. Assuming that there are, these days, any rules at all.

                1. Moder-effing-ation? For a ONE LINK comment? Heck, I could’ve just put both links in the first comment!

                  Yo! WP! Moderate this!

                    1. I put up a link (at 11:28 pm) for the “coonman” tweet to appear, but WP is telling me “Your comment is awaiting moderation.

                      Only other text in the comment (reply to comment at 11:25 pm) was:
                      “As promised, WP willing (Insh’WordPress?)”

                      Obviously, whether it is mis-informing me of the moderation status or misinforming you, the conclusion is irrefutable: WP Delenda Est!

              1. I’m just SO certain that he’s a raccoon hunter, and that’s why he got that nickname. Betcha he’s got a lot of tails nailed up at his house.

                1. The WaPo website has a red banner on the calls for his resignation and leads with this story:

                  Va. Democrats, national officials call for Northam to resign over racist photo
                  The Virginia Democratic governor said he was “deeply sorry” for appearing in the 1984 yearbook photo. Among those calling for him to step down were his onetime partner, former governor Terry McAuliffe, state Senate Democrats, the Legislative Black Caucus and national Democrats —including presidential hopefuls.

                  Mind you, the story’s focus is on racism’s “deep roots in American history.”

              2. The rules are simple: that which elevates Democrats (and gives them power) or harms Republicans is good; that which harms Democrats (and takes power from them) or elevates Republicans is evil.

                How hard is this to understand?!?

            2. The LT Governor is another PP transplant, and black, so I suspect the governor will be hypovehiculated by halftime on Sunday.

      2. I just received notification from Washington Examiner that he’s issued a standard “Deeply Sorry” statement, so sure: we’re in meanie Republicans pounce and expose serious lack of empathy with the need to blow off steam experienced by a stressed out med student.

          1. No Man’s Sky is another game that offers a similar effect, now that many of the release issues have been worked out. (It could use some better writers, but most games do.)

          2. Back in the clay tablet days of computers, I’d mentally cycle through the ADVENT “Get axe, throw axe” commands on my looooooong commute home.

            On the rare occasions that US101 in San Jose was moving tolerably well, I’d put “Radar Love” in the cassette deck.

          3. Minecraft or other videogames is one. I’d slaughter paper every week while in grad school to relax.

          1. Same way they made Republicans the party of slavery in the 1860s and during the Civil Rights Era.
            They just lie.

  6. Paying attention to surroundings while out and about, actions and postures of others, and “instinctively” grasping the nature of the situation is what is often called being “streetwise” or having “street-sense”, and as someone who used to go into New York City often, having that kind of streetwise sense is an essential survival skill, even when the city improved for a while.

    1. I’d never seen it, until someone posted it in a small group. And then I went… “That kid, FIVE? years ago, that’s what he was doing.”
      Because it’s hell o weird to see someone without a shirt doing dancing/fighting in the street. While completely alone.

    2. I’ve not (yet) seen that, but when I worked at a convenience store I did what I call the Meth Twitch Dance alarmingly often. Took a bit to realize it was, but once realized, it’s not un-see-able.

    3. So, is the long-awaited Zombie Apocalypse finally upon us?

      The things you learn on this blog . . .

  7. “Take the Covington boys. I never saw a smirk. As the mother of boys, now men, what I saw was mortally embarrassed teen boy.”

    Yes. Without being physic, 100%, that is the face of a teen boy thinking “holy mow-ly, dear god, now what? Please get me out of here!”

    Saw it every single time my boy had to take to a stage with classmates for a required performance, or even to be awarded what he worked years for (Eagle) where he knew he’d be center stage for everything, whether he was actually on stage or not.

    Also saw it, & still see it, to a lesser degree now, where I know the thought is “WTH, darn cameras are out … again.” Worse with the digital age. He’s bit old for that. But he is an only child. We did have SLR point & shoot cameras & video which we practiced with the cats, before he made an appearance, well not video, that started when he was 6 weeks.

      1. Yep – saw it on the faces of my brothers. “Someone … please get me away from here, and this freak! And gracefully, in a way that makes me look not like a total doosh!”

    1. Shows up on girls too; I saw it in my Christian school, where one very sheltered girl Did Not React Well to the sex-ed class. Same exact smile, damn similar reaction; the mean girls decided “did you see how she smiled when they talked about lesbians?” meant that she was gay and made her life hell for the rest of high school.

      1. I saw that uncomfortable look a lot with a number of my classmates. My sister in law is a rather shy girl and she’ll put a smile on to try mask any discomfort because of social situations that require her to be there, or when it’s new to her. Absolutely adore her to bits, because under that shy exterior is a steel spine.

  8. I had a nasty, uncharitable thought, but I think there’s some truth to it;

    Your reactions (and mine) are based on experience,of real people. The Left, in general, is a subculture of deeply surreal people…and so their reactions are surreal.

  9. Speaking of Democrats openly proclaiming they want to take away our liberty, see:

    The Democrats showing their intent to completely ban private ownership of guns, except of course for the commissars of the Democratic Party and the leftist elite. Of course the entire point of right to bear arms is that people can keep themselves safe, rather than relying on government, and in fact to keep them safe from tyranny by the government.
    This is exactly what Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson warned of about “trading security for liberty” resulting in having neither, and the Democrats now are actively pursuing this as their policy, thereby expressly proclaiming that they intend to take away our liberty and freedom. The same claim he makes as to second amendment gun rights can be used to vitiate and eliminate the other rights guaranteed, such as First Amendment speech ri8ghts, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, etc.

  10. “You think that a revenge fantasy which imagines that all of the working class in America is racist, sexist, homophobic shouldn’t even be on the awards ballot, much less two awards ballots and win one?”

    Which book is this?

  11. As the obverse to this, I hate to have people assume that I ought to know what they are thinking or feeling.
    I tell all friends, family, and people I have taught or worked with: I cannot read your mind; if you want me to know something, tell me. Otherwise, do not expect me to guess.
    Sometimes it works.
    Mostly, they go on thinking everyone else should just KNOW what they are feeling, but they themselves are exempt from ever having to put out any clues or warning signs.

    1. “this” being the leftists who just KNOW what the rest of the world believes, and it’s all baaaaaad h8ey stuff.

    2. Ah, but are you the sort that a week before her birthday, she forwards an email with the new Harry’s shave club lady’s brand handle, and goes “Oh, my, isn’t this silver and rose handle awesome? I guess I’ll just keep using the old spare one from Harry’s,but gosh this is lovely.”
      and you get the ‘hint,’ or does she have to go:
      “Hey, buy the pink and gold one, here’s the link to the page, order by tomorrow night to make it by my birthday”?

      (Catching it but losing the email and not remembering the brand is Flamigo counts as catching it.)


    One hour later: Okay, they didn’t.


    1. From J. Christian Adams, at PJMedia:

      Defending Virginia Governor Ralph ‘KKK’ Northam
      But just last week, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing where a representative of the NAACP testified in favor of a new federal mandate that would let all felons vote. When pressed, advocates admitted that a full restoration of rights – including the right to run for office, such as Governor of Virginia – would apply to murderers and child rapists.

      There you have it. Northam has to go because of the yearbook photo while the same gang wants to ensure that murderers and rapists can hold public office. These are things I suspect nobody in 1984 would have believed could ever come true.

      [Emphasis in original]

  13. he got attacked by people yelling about MAGA in CHICAGO on the COLDEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR in the 55 SECONDS he wasn’t on a surveillance camera.

      1. Notice how it’s dropped out of the news cycle? If ANY liberal thought the report was anything other than fantasy, they would be screaming, still, from every angle possible. No matter what else was going on.


      1. Also, he fought off an attack vicious enough to bruise several ribs without dropping his cell phone OR his sandwich.

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