Rules of the Game


It’s been a very bad night.  I’m on about four hours of sleep (no, not my health. Just… stuff going on that’s not mine to tell) and I was going to write a rather innocuous post on the state of the writer.  Things like “I am almost over the cold and torn between finishing the fricking novel already and almost done with finishing the shelves and want to go assemble and set up my frigging library.  Also, the house must be somewhat cleaned today, and why doesn’t the day have 48 hours?”

But then I went to Facebook.  Which these days is mostly where I come across “real live leftists” who aren’t as stupid as Occasional Cortex (Yes, I DO know that bookworm room says she’s dangerous and therefore we should always address her seriously and respectfully, and without a hint of mockery.  I disagree.  Obama got that treatment and the presumption of intelligence on nothing much [you know we never saw a grade, an IQ test or any proof of his supposed brilliance.]  I think we should have mocked him relentlessly from the moment he opened his indoctrinated, unthinking mouth in public.) or as completely insane as Maxine Waters.  Okay, some of them are, but not the majority. They are just dupes, for whom it is infinitely easier to believe what the talking heads and their professors tell them and not to compare it to reality.  Some of them have even been sold on the crazy “personal reality” theory which of course excuses them from thinking and allows them to continue comfortable and happy as part of the herd.

So I stumbled on a thread where someone was justifying the abuse rained on the Covington boys, the provocation by a professional activist of a bunch of INNOCENT HIGH SCHOOLERS and the subsequent abuse in the media of innocent families and schools by saying that the MAGA hat stands for racism, sexism and oppression.

The thing is, I’m sure the MAGA hat stands for that in this liberal’s head.  Just like Trump is “literally” Hitler.

But can ANYONE point to a single instance of MAGA-HATTED crowds being racist, sexist, homophobic or oppressive?  Yeah, I’m sure there’s an individual somewhere (though curiously not so far caught on camera. At least not any non-false-flag individual) because in a country of 300 million, there are people who believe that Star Trek was real.  But seriously: in terms of policy (and don’t tell me excluding immigrants.  Being foreign or from a shithole country is NOT a race. And the fact you think it is tells us where the racist is) what has Trump done that is racist? Sexist? Homophobic?


So, I want to caution our countrymen (in the presumption somewhere deep inside they’re still such) to consider VERY CAREFULLY what standard they want to hold others to.  Because most surely, in the end, this is the standard they’ll be held to.

Remember that “judge not, lest you should be judged” it wasn’t against having an opinion, but against being careful what standards you use on others, because in the end, ALWAYS they will be used on you. Sooner or later.  And it’s way later than the left thinks.

Judging people by either what was inside the judge’s head (prejudice in its absolute meaning) or by the theories the judge has (which leads to all the happy fun psychoanalyzing of the right.  Sure, we could be afraid of people who aren’t like us, and that’s why we cling to our guns and Bibles.  Or we could have seen what happened to countries where people don’t/didn’t.  And not being completely stupid we insist on being prepared.  Oh, not against the people who don’t look like us.  It would be much easier if all leftists and their willing dupes had purple hair they don’t give to themselves.  It would make life much simpler. But alas, it’s not like that.  The left looks like us enough. But people who act like them are responsible for deaths upward of a hundred million and likely more) is responsible for genocide, massacre and most of the genuine MASS oppression in the world.  Certainly for the mass deaths of innocents.

It also allows someone to say that if someone wears a short skirt they totally meant to be raped, because that’s inside the head of the people saying so.

So, again, I ask the left: is that how you wish to be judged? I don’t have to have a iota of evidence that you personally support the genocide of a 100 million people?  I am allowed to look at your wearing a shirt emblazoned with a mass murderer’s likeness (Che Guevara) NOT give you the benefit of the doubt? I don’t need to go “perhaps this person is just an idiot, who’s been maleducated. He’s still a human being, and I shouldn’t consider hurting/killing him/her without proof this particular person is actually an evil commie who wants to kill me and mine?

Cool. Let’s dance to that music, if that’s what you want.  And note that’s what you’re saying with your actions.  Because your culture heroes are not only people that PROVABLY have hurt people and taken their stuff — Lenin, Che, Mao, Stalin, Ho Chi Min, Chavez, and the beat goes on — and taken countries to unimaginable poverty which secondarily kills and destroys millions more, but you, yourself constantly talk about killing people and taking their stuff.  Or you idolize people like Occasional Cortex and Elizabeth Warren who advocate this OPENLY AND IN PUBLIC.

So, is that the music you want to dance to?

Because you’re openly putting words in the mouth of more than half this country — yes, more than half. Probably around 75% judging by how hard your side pushes fraud and tries to prevent any fraud-stopping measures, not to mention the serfs you’re trying to import — and imparting to use crazy motives.  Wanting to make America Great Again is only racist if you think America was all white when it was great.  (Say, the 1980s.)  Again, I think we found the racist.

I know stepping out of the herd is difficult, and you’re afraid they’ll turn on you. (They will, but to be fair they will even if you don’t turn.)  But this herd is being led to an abattoir and Donald Trump’s election should have been your sign that most of us have had enough, and not that it would be a great idea to keep pushing.

I implore you to attempt to think beyond the shibboleths you’ve been given and to actually look around at the people you live near, who are not evil ogres that need to be watched by enlightened progressives all the time.

In fact, we’re by and large decent people which is why we’ve let your crazy get to this point, while you accuse us of the horrible things that exist only inside your head.

But we’re getting very tired of this game. Because the rules aren’t applied equally.  And even those of us who really don’t want to dance are getting to the point we wonder if there’s any other solution.  And thinking no there isn’t. Unless we want to allow you to take us all the way to Venezuela.

And you know, the thing is, if you hate us so much, there’s a million places you can go to: Most of Europe (if they’ll have you. Like most socialists they’re not very open to immigration from the first world. There’s a chance, after all, you’ll tumble to the game.) Pretty much all of Africa.  China. All of America from the Tijuana border on down.  All of them live by the rules you want to bring here.  If you really believe in them, pack your bags and go.

But if you are using those rules and the ideas in your head to gain power or money, or under the delusion you’ll be eaten last, I’m telling you to stop it.

We have nowhere to go. And we’re really, really tired of your pushing.

Any minute now, we’ll start applying to you the rules you apply to us. We’re going to assume you MEAN WHAT YOU SAY OUT LOUD.

We’re going to assume you both want to be judged by what’s in other people’s heads, and that you really mean what you say when you say you want to wood-chip innocent boys who happen to wear hats you don’t like.  We’re going to assume you really believe in fixed pie economics, and therefore want to steal all the stuff we actually worked for and built.  We’re going to assume you know Che’s biography and wish to emulate him.

And then it’s on.  And you won’t like this. We’re not the caricatures in your heads.  There’s more of us than you think, and while we might not be supermen/women we’re by and large, man on man and woman on woman WAY more competent than you are.

You see, we didn’t get the liberal-privilege help to get where we are, any of us. Instead we had to climb, build and make against the background of your prejudice and the lies in your head about us.

We have built that.  And we know how to build and make and create.  Which is a tad more difficult than the shitbird destruction and whining you engage in.

Which means if we turn us to destruction, we’ll be really, really good at it.

So, think about it.  This is the game you’re playing.  You’re begging us to engage with the same rules.  It might not be what you think you’re doing, but last weekend you made it very clear it’s what you’re doing. You couldn’t have picked more innocent people to attack, nor could you have fallen behind a more corrupt “activist” unless you know, it were Che himself.

The masks are off.  This is a good thing. With the masks off we can all see clearly.

Forgot what TV, your professors and your wishful thinking tell you about how stupid we are.  Consider accomplishments.  Consider that most of us not only survive but thrive despite everything you do to hold us back.  Consider for a moment that your lovely constructs of institutionalized racism/sexism/patriarchy don’t exist.  Not here. Not in the direction you think.

Then ask yourself: Is this really the game you want to play?

Because it’s way later than you think.

Once the game starts, you can’t back out.  And there is no arrow of history. There is no scripted end. That only happens in your head, and the world is not inside your head.  You can choose to look outside your head, question what you’ve been told, engage real people.  Or you can carry on in this path with the understanding that people not inside your head get a say.

So again, are these your rules? Is this the game you want to play?



297 thoughts on “Rules of the Game

  1. 70% income tax (Occasio-Cortez). Punitive taxes on all wealth, including property, over a million dollars US (Elizabeth Warren). The money is there but in the wrong hands (Bill DeBlasio).

    And then they wonder why increasingly NYC has very rich, very poor, and no middle people any more. And why family businesses close, and privately-owned farms have to be sold when the owner dies, and people turn to the grey and black economies.

    To quote Kipling, “We know that bonfire in the ice!” So yes, the next time you well-meaning woke socialist souls begin prattling about redistribution of wealth and the need to reeducate the American populate to help “us” atone for “our” social justice sins, don’t be surprised if we stand up and leave. Or toss the remains of our coffee on your head and leave. Or just gently escort you outside and lock the door behind you, If we’re feeling charitable.

    1. It’s a universal trait of a corrupt society. One of the definitions of third world I have heard is one in which most of the wealth is in or around capital.

      1. “It’s a universal trait of a corrupt society. One of the definitions of third world I have heard is one in which most of the wealth is in or around capital.”
        Pretty much. But it’s a dead end street, especially if the politicos forget to kick some of that money back to the people in the provinces they’re supposed to represent.

          1. And that depends. Eventually the people with guns get tired of risking themselves as subcontractors, and take over the business for themselves.

            1. Bingo! Place enough power in the hands of the government, and inevitably the power hungry will take it over.



              Pol Pot

              And stack the bodies like cordwood.

              1. Those guys really aren’t that common.
                Stalin and Mao were the result of the post WWI collapse of empires*- the Russians and Chinese didn’t like the resulting anarchy, and basically returned to their old absolutist roots (Tsars or Emperors in all but name).

                Instead, a more common model is the Junta Treadmill. One group of generals seizes power, runs through Everyone Else’s money, then get couped by the next group of ambitious army officers (who aren’t getting their fair share). Rinse, repeat, see all the wealth disappear and the nation go to hell.

                1. Ah yes. What I like to call the “Coup of the month club”. South of US this seems to be endemic and Africa likes to join in while Asia seems to enjoy the serious take over and wipe em out process. Power is and always will be the problem. As long as the power structure is there and manned the cycle will continue.

                  1. The Coup of the Month Club was doing business long before the present age, but respectable people used to know damned well that a South/Central American head of State who has kept in power by the military was a thug. Then along comes Radical Chic and all of a sudden we have educated (ok, miseducated) people defending the likes of Fidel ‘the walking beard’ Castro. We have celebrities cozying up to the likes of Hugo Chaves. All because they have a nice line in ‘Revolutionary’ patter.


      2. That’s changed a bit, in the Philippines, I’m told. My mom’s home province has had it’s little ‘city’ (more a town when I visited) become more like urbanized Manila thanks to the arrival of call centers.

        Yep. Foreign business changed that. Sure the majority of the main business head offices are still in Makati, but there are now multiple miniature CBD (central business districts) scattered out in the back end of beyond (and even in Manila alone, there are several.

        So economy is what dictates that elsewhere. And I wouldn’t call the Philippines ‘not corrupt.’ It’s just that the foreign businesses decide to go bribing elsewhere, because it’s cheaper outside of the capital.

        1. Ya. It’s spread with communication and everything else, but the core issue is when the money all flows through the politicians and bureaucrats vs a market.

    2. Regarding obscenely punitive tax rates, when someone calls for high taxes and offers the 90% tax rates of the 1950s as justification, I can’t help but wonder if they’ll also support changes to make the conditions of the 1950s apply to now.

      You know, like bombing pretty much the rest of the industrialized world back into rubble, leaving only the US as a viable industrial base, to match the post-WW2 conditions of that era.

      1. Or deductability of all interest. Housing and schooling that could be afforded on a single laborer salary. Streets that were safe at night and schools where teaching of reading, writing, and arythmatic as opposed to condoms, climate crisis, and conceit.

        Taxes have never been more than about 21% of GDP since IIRC Reagan. Don’t matter how they get twisted and revised. So all these type of rates do is punish.

        1. Punishing people is the entire point. De Blasio’s “the wrong people have the money” is the core reason for their desire to raise taxes and keep raising them. They know that they can’t pay for all the stuff they are promising, and have no intention of doing so, but it serves as a pretext for their real agenda of effectively ending private property and income and making people de facto “peasants and workers of the Soviet Union”

          1. They don’t want to punish people. It is just that they are forced to punish people who do not see the light and pay tribute* to the politicians.

            *But please, always refer to them as “campaign donations”

        2. There’s an argument that whatever the rates, you never actually get more than 21% of GDP

          1. Rarely have any politicians experimented with dramatically cutting tax rates.

            Gee, I wonder why?

          2. And tbh I believe it. Don’t remember offhand if it was typical 18% and 21% during dot com bubble or something else. But GDP, excluding the government portion, has tended to be inverse of tax rate

      2. The thing about that 90% rate that’s never mentioned is that effectively no one actually had to pay it given the multitude of tax breaks and dodges available to anyone with the wherewithal to hire a competent accountant.

          1. Hey, politicians don’t have much to sell, so if you take tax loopholes out of their inventory there’s no telling what mischief they’ll get up to.

      3. During the same time period, England also had punitive tax rates with extra socialism, and that pretty much killed their post-war recovery.

          1. Quoth George Harrison and pals:

            Let me tell you how it will be
            There’s one for you, nineteen for me
            Cos I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman

            Should five per cent appear too small
            Be thankful I don’t take it all
            Cos I’m the taxman, yeah I’m the taxman

            If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street
            If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat
            If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat
            If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet

            Cos I’m the taxman, yeah I’m the taxman

            Don’t ask me what I want it for (Aahh Mr. Wilson)
            If you don’t want to pay some more (Aahh Mr. Heath)
            Cos I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman

            Now my advice for those who die
            Declare the pennies on your eyes
            Cos I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman

            And you’re working for no one but me

      4. Odd how quiet some get it’s pointed out that the destruction of much of the industrialized world is part of that deal. I’d like to believe they’re thinking things over, but alas I suspect the thought is more, “Damnit, he’s not supposed to point that part out. Now what?”

    3. 70% income tax (Occasio-Cortez). Punitive taxes on all wealth, including property, over a million dollars US (Elizabeth Warren). The money is there but in the wrong hands (Bill DeBlasio).


      They, of course, will be the ones deciding how to calculate the worth of property.

    4. I just today saw a post on Facebook from a leftist friend of mine saying that that was his economic philosophy: that this proposed tax was not about raising revenue, but decreasing inequality, and that it was about time ultra rich people paid “the fair share”. I wanted to ask him why he thought it was “fair” that someone who already paid taxes at a rate significantly higher than he did should have to pay EVEN MORE, purely to “reduce inequality.” Which really means, out of envy.

      Yeah, there are a few “old money” families who still have their money, but that is due to careful stewardship and planning, which is a lot more work than people advocating the politics of envy realize, or are willing to do themselves.

      It’s like an arms race. The more people try to “reduce inequality” the more people will put their assets out of reach, and the more inequality actually increases.

      1. “IIt’s like an arms race. The more people try to “reduce inequality” the more people will put their assets out of reach, ”

        You would think that such “smart” people might notice that wealth inequality is greatest in those portions of the nation which they most control:

        Aug 29, 2018
        Divided By Wealth: 13 Places In America With The Worst Income Inequality
        Here are the 13 cities that exhibit the biggest wealth gaps in the study:

        Los Angeles
        Average income of top 1%: $1,803,340
        Average income of bottom 99%: $53,904
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 33.5 to 1

        San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward
        Average income of top 1%: $2,812,641
        Average income of bottom 99%: $82,321
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 34.2 to 1

        San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara
        Average income of top 1%: $3,445,220
        Average income of bottom 99%: $99,486
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 34.6 to 1

        Las Vegas
        Average income of top 1%: $1,418,143
        Average income of bottom 99%: $40,770
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 34.8 to 1

        Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Ark.-Mo.
        Average income of top 1%: $1,961,857
        Average income of bottom 99%: $52,723
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 37.2 to 1

        Cape Coral-Fort Myers, Fla.
        Average income of top 1%: $1,673,922
        Average income of bottom 99%: $43,148
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 38.8 to 1

        New York
        Average income of top 1%: $2,425,384
        Average income of bottom 99%: $61,550
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 39.4 to 1

        North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, Fla.
        Average income of top 1%: $1,810,660
        Average income of bottom 99%: $42,021
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 43.1 to 1

        Port St. Lucie, Fla.
        Average income of top 1%: $1,737,118
        Average income of bottom 99%: $38,212
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 45.5 to 1

        Average income of top 1%: $2,345,381
        Average income of bottom 99%: $42,319
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 55.4 to 1

        Average income of top 1%: $6,290,951
        Average income of bottom 99%: $101,213
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 62.2 to 1

        Sebastian-Vero Beach
        Average income of top 1%: $2,921,375
        Average income of bottom 99%: $43,473
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 67.2 to 1

        Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island
        Average income of top 1%: $5,590,120
        Average income of bottom 99%: $62,053
        Top-to-bottom ratio: 90.1 to 1

        Florida’s many wealthy retirees might not be helping its income inequality. In four of its six cities that made the list, residents aged 65 and older comprise a quarter or more of the population, according to Data USA: Naples-Immokalee-Marco Island, Sebastian-Vero Beach, North Port-Sarasota-Bradenton, and Cape Coral-Fort Myers.

        [END EXCERPT]

        It might be noted that one reason so many wealthy retirees settle in Florida is the warm weather and NO EFFING STATE INCOME TAX. Clearly those NY and NJ retirees need to have their pensions taxed in the states where they earned them.

        1. It’s by design. They figure everyone is thinking of a scrooge character swimming in a vault of money they get by picking pockets if the lower class. People with tens or hundreds of millions who are the robber baron bankers. Who got their money from mommy and daddy. Not the guy down the street that owns a dozen delies or so on…

          And I do wonder just what the tax expenditures are for those employees with a local or state pension who move out of state.

          1. And I do wonder just what the tax expenditures are for those employees with a local or state pension who move out of state.

            Do you realize how expensive it can be to make a deposit to a pensioner’s bank account?

            The real reason, of course, is that the money belongs to the state, and the state insists on taxing all money “earned” in that state.

    5. No, they don’t “wonder.” They “know” it’s all the fault of the EVUL CAPITALIST PIG-DOGS ™. 🙄

      When my feed on Mastodon went from enjoyable conversation to 75% spam from ZeroHedge, 25% socialist whining, I split.

      1. Ah. ZeroHedge. When getting into the bathtub, slitting your wrists and pulling in the plugged-in dryer is just too much work. Not all the merchants of despair are on the left.

  2. Highschoolers are of military age, and hence a legitimate target under any set of circumstances.

    And this is playing be the rules Democrats expect from Republicans. The black teen death rate is solely caused by Republican policy preferences. White Catholic highschoolers carry out rape and murder at the same rate as Black highschoolers, and would be imprisoned at the same rate if not for racially discriminatory arrest and prosecution practices.

    1. Whites who report crimes and the race of the perpetrator say “black” about 20% of the time

      Blacks, about 80%.

      Somehow they manage to grasp that blacks are not the most racist people in America.

      1. Yet another example of White Privilege.

        N.B. – the wonderful thing about White Privilege is it is the OxyClean of social problems. Whatever the problem, White Privilege can be blamed for making it worse!

    2. Bob, someone has fed you a line of malarkey. I would love to see you produce statistics from a reputable source (such as one of the journals that discusses criminal behavior) that affirms what you are claiming.

        1. No fair! You know it’s impossible to tell parodies of leftist nonsense from some of the authentic leftist ideas out there!

          1. Yeah, we only know because Bob is a regular here. He’s trying to perfect the art of trolling. His comments from the other side often fuel posts on how I am a Nazi for allowing him to comment here in all the lefty blogs.
            I allow him to comment here because he’s polite, treats us nicely and is completely bonkers. You never know which universe his responses come from.

  3. If Trump were literally Hitler, Pelosi, Schumer, Waters, Romney, Murkowski, etc. would all be dead in something akin to the “Night of the Long Knives” already*. The American Left are living in a fantasy world were any opposition to their whim makes one a Nazi.

    * After what the American Left and the GOPe have been up to over the past six months, I’m trying to think of a downside to their ilk being taken out and shot. Would it really make things that much more contentious?

    1. No, not more contentious. It just wouldn’t stop. At some point you and I will be the left….
      It’s important not to judge people by what’s in YOUR head. Once you start that game nobody wins.

      1. “Shooting people that disagree with you to build a perfect society” is a lot like trying to become successful on a diet of meth.

        1. Depends on if those targets are actively trying to destroy stuff or people or not. If so, you may fire when ready.

          1. Just one of those stupid, counter-intuitive human things that defy the Gods of the Copybook Headings.

      2. “It’s important not to judge people by what’s in YOUR head. Once you start that game nobody wins.” – What a line to be treasured.

      3. Also, in the American Civil War, the South’s one credible hope was that Britain and/or France would intervene on their side. That was not incredible and would have changed the outcome. If Civil War 2 broke out, the Chinese would very likely intervene on the side of their natural Marxist Memebot allies and break the blockade around leftist urban centers. I see no credible, limited countermove at that point — it goes nuclear and Civil War 2 turns in to World War 3. Best avoided….

        1. “If Civil War 2 broke out, the Chinese would very likely intervene on the side of their natural Marxist Memebot allies…”
          It’s more likely that if the ACWII broke out, China would be too busy fighting it’s own civil war to contribute much to ours.

          1. If trade with the US breaks down due to civil unrest, China is likely to go badly sideways.

            1. By some reports, China is already skewing badly sideways. I doubt anybody but the Progressives and Gaslight Media believe China’s economic numbers.

              As for the idea of them involving themselves in an American civil war (or swooping in to scoop up the chips), I don’t see how they make their presence felt at this distance. They are a land power only slowly developing a blue water fleet. A four-million man army in Asia is not terribly useful at this remove. A 747 can handle about 400 passengers, so all it would take for them to invade us would be some ten-thousand trans-Pacific flights …

        2. That’s…unlikely.

          For one thing, if you actually look at China right now, it’s a lot closer to fascism than communism.
          For another thing, as pointed out, it’s a long way from China to the US. It’s far more likely that they’d take the opportunity to take care of a certain rebellious island province.

          1. The only real difference between fascism and communism is whether the socialism is national or (nominally) international in nature.

        3. The USN would likely have things to say about that, fleets deployed away from the US would not be involved in the fighting, and would likely react… badly to foreign interventions.

    2. The American Left are living in a fantasy world …

      And their primary fantasists pose as journalists, flogging Teh Narrative.

      Found at the Wall Street Journal, discussing the news coverage of the Sandmann-Phillips face off::

      “The whole sorry event should be a seminal moment in the evolution of news. It neatly underscores how far many “reporters” have strayed from a core—perhaps the central—objective of journalism: to challenge what is supposedly clearly visible. The only interesting news to report is the story that’s not obvious, the picture that not everyone can see. When a received version of events bursts into public view, the response of the thoughtful journalist isn’t to pile on with the outrage. It’s to stop and look skeptically and ask if there’s another angle.

      “You think it’s likely? Me neither.”

    3. And it is the Democrats/leftists who express support and admiration for people like Louis Farrakhan who calls Jews “termites” (i.e. a pest to be exterminated) and called Hitler “a great man”. These admirers of Farrakhan include people like Mad Maxine and indeed the entire Congressional Black Caucus.. It is the Democrats who more and more support those who want to “wipe Israel off the map” and those who want to “push the Jews into the sea”. It is the Democrats who want to centralize power, punish people for thought-crime and confiscate property to serve the state.

      It is Trump who is trying to reduce the size of the state, has supported Israel and Jews. And he, not the Democrats are declared to be literally Hitler, even though it is the Democrats who push identity based fascism/communism and who support those who openly hate Jews and want to murder them? Such is the bizzaro world the left is trying to create.

    4. More like the American Left are projecting what they want to do upon those they want to do it to.

    5. A ‘Night of the Long Knives’ is hardly necessary. All it would take would be an honest investigation into their ethics. Prison cells for everybody!

      Not going to happen. But nicer to dream about than a messy killing spree, and no more unlikely.

  4. When Char and I were young we had a frigging library but we tossed it out years ago. Or did you mean something different? >;-)

    1. I can’t make sense of your post. I’m just not understanding. Could you please enlighten me in words of two syllables or less? OK, maybe a couple of three-syllable words.

      1. I think it depends on the usage of the modifier prior to “library”. Is it descriptive of the library itself, or is it the subject matter therein? 🙂

  5. What the left doesn’t seem to realize is that all the talk coming from us about separating into two different countries is in fact us trying to protect them…from us, if they insist on forcing us to fight them.

    1. Kind of like the usage of prisons. Not only do they protect the populace from the inmates, but they protect the inmates from the more exercised elements of the populace.

      1. I think the Democrats/left are going to be very unpleasantly surprised when the sanctuary city stuff boomerangs on them as leftist decrees are held to not apply in towns that are sanctuaries for things like gun rights, free speech rights,, etc.

      2. A line from “Let’s Get Dememented” (Doctor Demento…) comes to mind..

        Songs that won’t go platinum,
        Sung by folks they keep locked up,
        So other folks can’t get at’en ’em.

    2. I suspect Occasional Cortex bleated the “I’m not locked in with you, you’re locked in with me” line by Rorschach because it sounded cool, not because she understood it.

      1. I suspect that any argument premised on Occasional Cortex having understood something fails the basic credibility test.

  6. I’ve been saying the same thing and praying they would listen. So far, praying in vain. I do not want to fight a civil war, but I fear one’s a comin.

    1. At this point I think it comes down to war or genocide. And I lean toward genocide by the left as the most likely.

        1. Who dares wins.

          I’ve yet to see any significant bold strides against the fascists. Heller was written and promptly ignored by the states and courts. Every state admits to having foreign invaders voting and the one race invalidated is one where the Republican may have benefited. Obamacare is still the law of the land as is DACA and catch and release asylum. The dems have 53 votes to refund govt with no border funding in senate. Texas will flip within probably 4 cycles, fewer if amnesty goes thru. Once tx, ny, and CA are a block there is no realistic path for conservatives into feds and by then more state officials will be blind to corruption just as Harris was.

          So far all cons have done is not give the state a quantity of firearms and serial numbers. Meanwhile libs have put 2 in hospital and multiple into hiding as well as multiple into prison.

          I only see one group exercising power. And those relying on the blue and green boys to save us, remember that the first week of the yellow vests there was a show of solidarity from police. Now they are executing.

          And I’m trying. Dunno why the hard crash other than the recent relevation of possible murder of country. because same as last 4 mos

          1. That’s their show of strength.

            What are they afraid of?

            The anger and intensity with which they push gun control tells a tale.

            Where could that be coming from?
            1. Criminal and spree shootings, and a Prohibition like belief that failed local gun control would be remedied by national gun control.
            2. Fear of selective massacre by conservatives. I’m sure voters may well be motivated by this, but a) in absence of liberal media, the plausible cause is displacement of trauma over abortion deaths b) does not explain decision maker motivation.
            3. Some calculation of force balance leads them to believe that gun control /laws/ are the sole thing keeping them from a permanent victory.
            4. Fear of being unable to murder conservatives on an industrial scale.

            I think for main cause we are probably looking at 3, and that the conclusion is a miscalculation. For the former, stuff like putting government sponsored housing in a wider range of cities looks like an attempt at using dispersed force to change political dynamics. For the later, lets look at who they might be assuming is ‘their’ side of the force balance.

            A. Current citizen minorities
            B. Illegals
            C. Military and Police

            A looks like it would be a miscalculation, because Obama would have had to be innumerate to push a race war, given his base for that is one out of eight.
            B looks like it would be a miscalculation, because the numbers still aren’t good enough given that even putting severe arms control into the legal code would not give the illegals an arms advantage better than parity.
            C looks like it would be a miscalculation, because there are much fewer people in uniform, and the supply chain would probably need to adjust to work with foreign sources to keep the most sophisticated systems available. Absent the logistical tail, the balance of arms is too close to parity. Even with more severe gun control, too many firearms have been lost in boating accidents, and might be recovered and serviced to a useable state.

            1. The reason they are pushing for gun control can be expressed in El Neil’s question: “What are the b(ugger)s planning to do to us that they don’t want us able to resist?”

              1. If they can send a squat of 12-14 heavily armed FBI agents to drag Roger Stone out of his house at 6 am for mere process crimes, just think about what they can and are willing to do to the rest of us.

                1. I think some of it was revenge fantasy, but a good chunk of it was to intimidate Deplorables who might try to resist the Power Of The State(tm). I’m not sure the latter goal was quite that effective; people are getting pissed.

              2. Even in that case, the tone and feel of things is that so long as gun control isn’t actual law, they are a bit too frightened to initiate. The other side isn’t seeing themselves as ten foot tall and invincible, yet.

                They may be overconfident about whether they are soon about to become invincible.

                I think they were also thinking that they were set up to capitalize on Parkland right away. That seems a pretty clear example of their confidence in their stage management not matching reality.

                1. It may not be law in some states, but in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, it is extremely difficult for private citizens to legally own firearms and the Democrats who control all of state government are pushing even more restrictions through. Not even having a job as an armed security guard is considered justification by New Jersey to be able to carry a firearm.

                    1. That is among the list of reasons that while I like to visit some friends and relatives in NJ, and make the infrequent sojourn to The Shore, I would never move back there. I’m not sure I’d ever consider move further east than the Susquehanna River – certainly not east of the Delaware.

          2. Nothing has happened because our side has too much to lose, and the other side has nothing.
            If you have kids, would you risk them growing up without you to act now? Being raised by strangers and indoctrinated into evil and abused? (I’m not saying that all or most or even more than a very few foster parents are like that, but the rare one is enough to stop most parents cold.)
            Are you ready to lose your job? Your home? Your parents? Your spouse?

            Look where people have already lost what they hold dearest-there are things happening. The media paints them as crazy, for now. Search “divorce man murders judge”. You’ll see what I mean.

            The other side either comes from wealth or owns nothing. Rents. Hooks up. Has no children. They have nothing and no one to lose or the best attorneys money can buy. They have media on their side. They won’t be fired for having the wrong politics. They risk much less by getting in our faces than we do by getting in theirs.

            1. And that works to keep us from rebelling against them, till it doesn’t. What it means is that things will go from seemingly calm to red of tooth and claw in (almost literally) a heartbeat.

                  1. Would we hear about it if it had?

                    Let’s imagine that the Black Hebrew Israelites or whatever had the mall police called on them and were arrested, and charged for harassment/assault, with or without having their teeth punched in by J. Random Tourist who was passing by.

                    It would have been “a small group assaulting a group of high school students that were waiting for their bus after visiting the Mall were arrested, with the aid of J. Random Tourist of LA who was also visiting DC. They’ve been identified as members of an SPLC known hate group. Their lawyer has not released a statement.”

                    Them being there for the March for Life wouldn’t be mentioned, it being a Catholic school wouldn’t be mentioned, the BHI or whatever would be mentioned even LESS than they already are……

                    1. I think we have less than 2 years. Anticipate mass election fraud in 2020, followed by “emergency proclamations” and such ilk. My spouse is pissed that I would rather buy more supplies than go on vacation this year…

                  2. If one of the Covington kids had actually been assaulted or worse, it’s possible that a bereaved parent might start the dance.

            2. It was said many years ago: “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” and even more years ago: “Be good and you will be lonesome
              Be lonesome and you will be free”.
              The problem with such people is that while they may have enough wrath to destroy evil, they do not have the incentive to rebuild good afterwards.

          3. I’ve yet to see any significant bold strides against the fascists.

            Do you want “bold strides” or a solution that works more than ten minutes?

            They’re destroying stuff.

            OF COURSE they can do more, quicker.

            Remember when Jesus talked about the Temple being destroyed, the impressive part was that it would be rebuilt in three days.

            1. I mean, the blogs are a stride. They no longer can demonize these kids LASTINGLY. They couldn’t get Hillary elected. What strides do people want? DO THEY WANT blood on the streets? Sane people don’t.

              1. One of the greatest things about the story is that FakeNews is being seen as really Fake by ever more people. The Gaslight Media is committing suicide, even if they do not yet realize it. It will be slow and there will be much howling – it must take some time to bleed out from the foot after one shoots oneself in it.

                1. “The press reports ‹whatever it is that day›—but this is the same press that told you highshool kids assaulted an ex-marine using a red hat and a nervous smile, so take that with a grain of salt.”

                2. Various prog propaganda outlets have been having some layoffs recently and more than a few of the recently unemployed propagandists have been whingeing about it on Twitter. A lot.

                  There have been more than a few very unsympathetic reactions to that.

                  1. As Oscar Wilde said in a somewhat different circumstance, “It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.”

                    HT: Instapundit

                  2. They could just do what many other fiction writers do and try to sell their works of fiction online.

        2. The amount of noise they make is far out of proportion to their size. Note that most leftiod media organs are either broke, or dang close to it.

            1. True, but such leftist minorities have a track record of being able to successfully seize power nevertheless and then use that power to crush opposition. They do it by infiltrating institutions, as the left has successfully done here, and using those institutions to silence opponents.

              If we get a Democrat as POTUS in 2020, fully expect to see Operation Chokepoint 2, which will be aimed at cutting off non-leftists from any financial access, including any online transactions or even being able to have bank accounts. We see this happening now, when they don’t have a Democratic Party POTUS to cover for them because they have near total control of the bureaucracy. Once they have a Democratic Party POTUS again, they will just ramp stuff up to warp speed.. The IRS will once again target “enemies of the party” and the rest of the bureaucracy will do likewise.

              That it is why it is important to push back against these aspiring totalitarians now, because waiting may make it too late to do so. Yes, eventually we would win, but the interim devastation would be Venezuela-like.

              1. Yes. And we’ll find a way, but we also can’t afford a leftist in 2020.
                Here’s the thing though: they did seize the countries, etc. But we’re fighting back. They’re losing the stranglehold on information, on entertainment, on teaching. Sure, they still have a ton of power, but any attempt to capture what they lost is OBVIOUS and will bring backlash. And it’s also becoming obvious how incompetent they are in all these fields.
                Look, 10 years ago even people on the right told me the right wasn’t as creative, that’s why the left dominated literature, etc.
                No one does it now. Not a single person. Because it’s obvious this isn’t true. (Okay, Peterson, but he’s Canadian, and other countries didn’t take to the net like we did.)

                1. Honest question to all here, from someone who’s outside – Is there a viable non-Democrat candidate that y’all would rally behind if Trump is considered no longer someone to vote for?

                  Also, I don’t understand why, frankly, all the Democrats seem to have to do is say “No.” And the opposition caves. At this point, really, does the ‘opposition’ (Republicans) actually have anything in their toolkit to resist with, in ways that actually matter? The Repubs seem also to be unwilling to use the tools that the Dems handed themselves and are now holding. I personally don’t understand why the Republicans did not approve for a Wall when they were the majority in government. Why now, when it’s unlikely to get anything and Pelosi simply has to repeatedly refuse? Visibly (and to the uneducated just watching media masses) she’s getting RESULTS and STANDING FIRM.

                  Other problem I see is that the Conservatives are bit like herding cats; it’s easier to rally the Dems, at least visibly. The Dems are also more willing to destroy at will, with absolutely devastating consequences for their victims. We can’t just be “We just want to live our lives unmolested” any more because they’re pushing in on everything. Yes, people are getting pissed… and then what?

                  The NY ‘abort up until 9 months’ sounds horrible, but it does open the way for Roe vs Wade to be repealed (and for other states to vote in their own laws.)

                  2020 is everything. I’m not sure why. They were able to keep up their hysteria for so long, one has to really wonder what they’re planning.

                  1. They are planning massive voter fraud since it worked. They are also relying on weaponizing credit and other collected information on individuals.

                    1. I’m also worried because clearly they can no longer be complacent and have been using the last few years to gin up their supporters – the ones who stayed home and then Trump got elected.

                      I’m wondering if the ones on the side of Conservatives who stayed home then will be similarly motivated. There seems to be a stretch still of the NEVER TRUMP and just the Conservatives who also immediately jumped on those poor Covington boys…

                      A rift was explicitly revealed and the enemy will take advantage of that.

                    2. This is why following @a on Gab is interesting. Even if one thinks him dubious, he has been working on various work-arounds to all sorts of things. Not that he can STOP some nonsense, but various bypasses are being investigated, at least.

                  2. The American system is designed to prevent government action. Legislation starts with the House which (supposedly) is where all spending commences. If the House won’t appropriate funds for something, it won’t be done. The Senate then has the opportunity to say, “Hell No!” and terminate or amend the legislation, with amended bills having to return to the House to have the expenditures authorized. Once an appropriation has been spat in by all interested legislators in both Hells of Congress, the President gets a chance to say, “Eh, I don’ think so.” and veto the bill.

                    The Founders had seen Mobocracy in action and didn’t want it in the United States, so they designed a process by which cooler heads could limit the damages done by the passions of the mob.

                    So Trump can’t build the Wall unless the House appropriates funds, something they should have done but Ryan, McCarthy & Co. had other priorities (some would look at Kevin “I’m Not Speaker” no longer running the House and nod knowingly.)

                    The Dems are more inclined to abuse the tools of government, such as earmarks, poontranage, and head-knocking, while the GOP is ideologically less inclined to demand (or give) lock-step obedience. There is also the ship of state’s keel — the Deep State or Bureaucracy — which is long past due for barnacle scraping. Add in the Union-armtwisting for campaign contributions, one-sided tolerance of corruption (aka, “It isn’t corrupt when we manufacture votes, reject valid ballots and in all ways game the system) and the air support provided by the Gaslight Media and the wonder is not that conservatives don’t do more, win more — the wonder is that they win and do anything at all.

                    1. TL:DR version: America’s Founders realized what a bunch of total —-wads humanity is and built their system of government to retard them doing stuff. It’s sort of like buying your 16-year old kid a car with a balky transmission that resists shifting out of first because you know the only thing preventing them driving it off a cliff or into a wall is their inability to operate the machinery.

                      On the question of whether there’s anybody we’d vote for should Trump not run in 2020 … yes, and it depends. There are numerous possible candidates I would back, Cruz, Wisconsin (former) Governor Walker, Ambassador Haley, Mike Pence … the list could go on and on, but any serious answer would depend on why/how Trump is not running.

                      As for the GoFundMe for the Wall, as I understand it the rules for GoFundMe limit the money raised only to the expressed purpose for which they were raised … and the Federal government is not allowed to accept donations for specific purposes, only for the general fund. I believe they’ve had to refund all those funds but have aso seen something about the money being re-solicited for a Political Action Committee (PAC) or other campaign mechanism in support of building the damned wall.

                    2. This is the comment:

                      Ah,well. You know about the recent story that a non-partisan Congressional Research group found a law passed by Congress that allows Trump to build the wall?

                      Passed some years ago, it empowers the President to authorize the military to assist other government agencies in building walls, obstacles, and providing support on the border when certain unusual events occur. One of them is a marked increase in drug smuggling/trafficking, which recent statistics surely support (for example, in just the last year, some huge amounts of Heroin and Fentanyl have been seized – likely enough Fentanyl to kill every American twice over). The only caveat is that they must be constructed where the trafficking is occurring, but I feel certain ICE and the Border Patrol can attest that in this instance, it means all along the border, not just at official points of entry. And, no state of national emergency need be declared.

                    3. I don’t know. Whatever Trump does is going to be blocked immediately by some judge in San Francisco, Oakland, Austin or Poughkeepsie, upheld by some appellate court in some district and reversed with prejudice by a Supreme Court ruling that, “Of course the President can do that, it’s right there in the effing Constitution, no ifs, ands, buts or penumbra about it.”

                      The Damnocrats have no flipping idea with what kind of pile of fissionable material they’re dealing. They think that because they got presidential-level turnout in an off year election they will get super turnout in 2020. For many of us appalled by the Left’s head-first slide into socialist totalitarianism the presidential race will be the last, best* chance to say “No, no, no, no and the horse you rode in on, No.”

                      *Until 2024, of course. Rust never sleeps, socialist idiocy never recedes.

                    4. On that note, RES:


                      As Margaret Thatcher said,

                      Left-wing zealots have often been prepared to ride roughshod over due process and basic considerations of fairness when they think they can get away with it. For them the ends always seems to justify the means. That is precisely how their predecessors came to create the gulag.

                      We shouldn’t forget that.

                      We have restraint. They do not.

                    5. They were informed they couldn’t donate the fund for the wall, and then Buzzfeed announced they’d all BEEN refunded– before the guys could even put up the “click here before April 15th to accept the new use for the donations.

                      So, Buzzfeed lied, and a heck of a lot of folks followed along without even clicking on the dang GoFundMe page.

                      Every time I’ve gone back to check the page, there are more donations– have yet to see the “recent donations” go beyond an hour old.

                    6. “So Trump can’t build the Wall unless the House appropriates funds, something they should have done but Ryan, McCarthy & Co. had other priorities (some would look at Kevin “I’m Not Speaker” no longer running the House and nod knowingly.)”

                      RES, do you know WHY Trump is able to make the claim that he can build the wall using the DoD even though the Democrats claim he can’t? Because YUGE chunks of the Departmental Budgets are allocated to be spent “at the discretion of the Secretary”. They aren’t actually restricted to anything; it’s where Obama got the cash to make the initial 1.6 billion payment to Iran. Yes, he eventually released 150 billion in “frozen assets” after a judge said he could, but the initial pot was different. This process has been going on for years (even under Republican Congresses) because hey, writing detailed budget bills is hard work, and allocating all that cash to specific barrels of pork just lets the rubes find out about it……

                      What Trump did was to get the DoD fully funded back in October, and that appropriation had no language in it saying “none of the money under the Secretary’s discretion can be used to build a wall of any kind.” I’m sure that both sides were confident that Trump wouldn’t know enough to figure out the game, and besides, Mattis was there to “restrain” him, along with his Chief of Staff Kelley, so it wouldn’t be a problem, right?

                      Well, until Trump solidified the Senate by at least a couple more seats, and then got Mattis to quit and got rid of Kelley early. Now, all that lovely cash is at Trump’s discretion, effectively. And the sections of the appropriations under debate don’t cover DoD, so ability to retcon the Defense budget would stick out.

                      I’ve been accused of being a pessimist, but I think I see how Trump is planning to play this. Nancy acting like a petulant teenager and saying he won’t get an SOTU regardless is just helping.

                    7. RES, do you know WHY Trump is able to make the claim that he can build the wall using the DoD even though the Democrats claim he can’t?

                      I’m sorry – did I forget to type out the whole bit about Trump doing that, Democrats claiming it’s unconstitutional and some judge on some safe Progressive area bench issuing an injunction, supported by his appellate district and overturned by the Supreme Court?

                      I was sure I had addressed that.

                  3. Probably not. There’s a lot of recent evidence that Third Party candidates are not viable. Even I, who was ‘Trump is a Democrat, hence impossible to support’ in 2016, doubt that a conservative third party candidate will do anything more than hurt the chances of whoever the GOP nominates. American conservatism is having a bit of a cold civil war, and seem unlikely to unify behind anyone. Especially not third party after McMullin, the ‘conservative’ third party candidate that I liked the most, a CIA man, who now seems to have been a false flag.

                    That said, the Democrats are pretty screwed also. Unless Hillary dies before she clears the current front runners out of the way.

                    As for tit for tat policy reprisal…

                    The formative years of the Republican Party were in a literal civil war with the treasonous Democratic Party; the institutional culture of the GOP has since moved very far in the direction of seeing the Democratic Party as a legitimate political organization, and of seeing current excitement as not being worth causing damage to Federal institutional traditions and cultural norms. (And the Trump administration is less of an unusual situation than the ACW. Forex, the most recent event on the parallel timeline, per wiki, would have been the Jan. 9-11 1863 battle of Arkansas Post or Fort Hindman, where about five thousand Confederates were captured.)

                    Even the Republican aligned here do not have a firm consensus on preferred immigration policy. One parallel policy option would be DAMA, an executive order Deferring Action against Murderers of Aliens. Would have very little support from even the most extreme here. Even ignoring the human decency squishes, irregular policy has costs in administrative pain, and the actual effect would be exacerbating the cartel killings which are one of the irritations of the illegal problem.

                    Many elected Republicans have been funded by chambers of commerce, who largely want continued employment of illegals.

                    One of the major American cultural traits is overconfidence in the stability of our form of government, and in the safety and security of our nation. We have that confidence because we have survived some pretty challenging things, and most educated conservatives can discuss at least some of those survivals.

                    The other elements are a) the design of the US government, which RES covered b) Trump’s qualities as a leader. I’ve been spinning my wheels trying to find a fair way of discussing the latter, but find too much ambiguity for this executive summary.

                  4. Forgot an element of the 2020 Presidential election.

                    2016 was really strange, 2018 does not firmly say whether 2020 will operate according to the old accepted logic, or some new specific logic that we do not yet know for certain.

                    All the people throwing their hat into the Democratic ring? Really had that planned out in advance, probably well ahead of knowing what would happen in 2018. They are ambitious, scent that Trump is vulnerable, and saw how Bernie did. Hillary will announce later, when she thinks she knows the right policy platform, when she has dealt with the others, and because anyone competent on her team wants to let Americans forget she exists, and become fed up with Trump. I think there is nobody who can and will stop her from running.

                    This is still really early to know anything, and even if it wasn’t, we should be very cautious in forecasting under these circumstances.

                    1. 2020 is critical, and I don’t know why I think that, outside of the way the harpies have been escalating and escalating. It smells of need, really. They ‘need’ to win 2020; and I don’t think that it’ll operate to the old rules, or even the laws of the nation, which they increasingly are refusing to follow.

                      They’re unwilling to wait or think ‘if we lose, there’s 2024!’ It’s like… ‘they MUST re-establish their power’ – yeah, but the question is ‘but why?’ I don’t think anyone should be complacent about this year, and 2020.

                    2. Shadow: I fully expect outright and obvious fraud (and “media” coverups) at level beyond all belief this time around. Watergate itself will seem like a pebble rather than even a speedbump in comparison.

                    3. Need makes sense if Hillary is driving this. GOP might be able to put in a more conventionally electable candidate in 2024, like Jeb, who she might not feel able to win against. Her apparent ill health has got to be putting pressure on her to meet her objectives sooner rather than later.

                      As for 2020, I have been burned badly very many times by investing too much emotionally into politics.

                      2016, in particular, I spent six months nuts (even by my standards), with a fairly significant opportunity cost.

                      In RL, I have been putting my life together, perhaps recovering, after a long series of mistakes. I think I can probably can not afford to let myself be convinced that 2020 is a particularly significant cycle.

                      I’m already showing some signs of poor judgement with over-investment in politics.

                  5. Shadowdancer: As far as I can tell, no one has tried answering this question you posed: [[ Also, I don’t understand why, frankly, all the Democrats seem to have to do is say “No.” And the opposition caves. ]] So I will.

                    Republicans in Congress labor under three massive handicaps. One is that, contrary to everything Democrats say about them, they actually do care about the American people and wish to avoid causing more harm to the people, the country, and the economy than necessary. The second is that liberals control the narrative. No matter what the actual circumstances are, the national press will blame any major crisis on the Republican Party. Days, weeks, months of that steady “Republicans are the bad guys” drumbeat is enough to damage Republicans’ electability – just look at what happened in this last set of elections, when two years of “Orange man is Hitler” conned the voters into electing a whole slew of socialists instead of Americans.

                    The third and final handicap is that Republicans have a history of giving in and Democrats don’t. Just as our foreign enemies like the Taliban and ISIS know that all they have to do is hang on and eventually we’ll give up and leave, the Democrats know that all they have to do is stand firm and eventually the Republicans will give up.

                    Were I in the Oval Office right now, I would tell Nancy the Bitch Queen that not one bill will get signed until Congress approves funding for the border wall — and then do exactly that. Veto everything. Not one piece of business, not one bill, not one resolution gets signed until that funding is in place. And I’d set up to run the State of the Union speech from the border, somewhere in Arizona or New Mexico where there’s plenty of evidence of illegals crossing in a steady stream and trashing the landscape while they do it. Imagine the reaction that people would have to, in essence, a one-hour live documentary of the border crisis!

                    Unfortunately, not even Donald Trump has the guts to do something like that. I wish he did.

                    1. I think that he ended the shutdown not to give the Democrats what they wanted, but to give the government employees money for food and rent. It probably isn’t the sort of thing to make the news, but he’ll likely have had quiet feedback getting to him. Yeah, I’m being charitable, but he doesn’t seem to hate the American people as the Dems do.

                      But on the other hand, it may be that the wall gets built on other reasons – they found flesh eating bacteria on one of the border jumpers recently, didn’t they?

                    2. Available evidence indicates Trump ended the shutdown because the air traffic controllers’s work stoppage was shutting down air travel.

                      It would be hard to follow Reagan’s lead and fire the air traffic controllers while their “strike” is over being asked to work without pay (technically, with deferred pay, but we all know that aint how the Gaslight Media would cover it.)

                      Round 1 to the Pelosicrats. Round 2 is just starting and already Trump is calling the Pelosicrats as unwilling to negotiate in good faith.

                    3. The only reason I’m not despairing is that Trump is Moist Von Lipwig. He never takes a step back except to raise the stakes.
                      He’s not the president I wanted. He might have been the president we needed.

                    4. Then get the man his golden suit, and send him to Genua.

                      And hope to G-d he’s as smart as Moist and able to discredit the opposition without destroying the clacks.

                    5. Works for me – I *want* my southern neighbours to be prosperous.

                      And I just finished my reread of Going Postal, now well into Thud (full series reread before I can bring myself to read Shepherd’s Crown.

                      I *miss* Sir Pterry

                    6. I’ve heard some fannish speculation that his intentions were that Lord Vetinari was grooming Moist as his successor.

                    7. Ah drat. Nudged the send button when I wanted to go back to the end of my post. Thanks for answering.

                      Anyway, if that’s the case, why haven’t their constituents given up on the Republican party then? Because it looks like they cannot be entrusted with looking out for their constituents, but on the other hand I get the impression the American people haven’t got any other choice. Trump should’ve had the support of the Republican party but instead they seemed to work against him in what looked like attempts to appease the Dems.

                      And no, I didn’t like everything that Trump did. (It is unreasonable to expect to approve of everything someone else does or decides) But it seemed to me that he has been a darned sight better than the previous presidents of late.

                      That said, given that it seems unlikely at this point that another Donald Trump or anyone else will be willing to step up to the plate to face the sheer destruction that the Dems seem to be willing to level at their opposition, what alternatives are there to Trump (the Republicans aren’t a viable option given their history of surrendering)? Third party candidates do not seem to have viability, as someone else has stated. So what then? The Republicans are the only option because they’re the abusive boyfriend in a more hostile dating pool. That’s what it’s looking like to me anyway, not an answer to my own question.

                    8. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “The Republican Party is the worst political party, except for all the others.”

                    9. I sadly find that preferable to the alternative, praising with faint damns the party currently personified Any Old Commie.

                    10. Anyway, if that’s the case, why haven’t their constituents given up on the Republican party then? Because it looks like they cannot be entrusted with looking out for their constituents, but on the other hand I get the impression the American people haven’t got any other choice. Trump should’ve had the support of the Republican party but instead they seemed to work against him in what looked like attempts to appease the Dems.

                      The Dems in congress function like a couple of crazy guys with knives, nobody has a gun, and the only weapon the other side has will kill them all if it’s used, so they’re stuck in hand-to-hand.

                      So the Reps are arguing over if they threaten to use it, or try to talk the crazy guy down, and Trump just did some judo stuff that MIGHT let him curb-stomp at least one of the crazy knife guys.

                      Oh, and the crazy knife guys will stab folks on their own side to get what they want, as an acceptable cost.

                      Trump is trying this other route because he doesn’t want to throw people under the bus, and even though the idiot memers are out screaming that everybody who was furloughed is Democrat, they’re wrong. (Does ‘Border Patrol’ seriously sound like a popular place for hard core democrats?) Even if they were right, Trump is their president, too. He’s not going to hurt them just to screw with the Dem party….I hope that those who are Dems are taking notes about who was willing to screw up their credit.

                    11. Shadowdancer: “Anyway, if that’s the case, why haven’t their constituents given up on the Republican party then? Because it looks like they cannot be entrusted with looking out for their constituents, but on the other hand I get the impression the American people haven’t got any other choice. ”

                      That’s exactly it. I know a lot of people, online and off, who would like another choice besides D or R, but none is available. Problem is, the American system of politics favors a two-party arrangement. Attempts to form a third major party or faction generally go nowhere, because both existing major parties attack it with every weapon at their disposal. Attempts to take over the Republican Party from within, like the Tea Party movement ten years ago, generally also fail because leadership is by seniority, and the Republican leaders – who are from the old breed of compromisers – view the reformers as a threat, not an ally.

                      Me, I happen to think the Constitution of the United States is the finest system of government ever devised by man. I want a federal government that stays within Constitutional bounds, really treats all its citizens as equal under the law, and lives within its means. But there is no major party that has that as its actual platform. I vote Republican only because in our “majority wins” system, a vote for anybody else is effectively a vote for the Democrat.

  7. At some point we are going to have to admit the Communists and Democrats (not much difference anymore, really) are a clear and present danger to our republic. At such time, the gloves need to come off and we need to start executing them. Because they just keep pushing and pushing, and I don’t think they will truly understand until their blood is flowing in the streets. It’s gonna suck, like really, really suck, for everyone for a few years while the hot war is one. Hopefully it will only take two or three years of actual hostilities. And maybe we’ll get lucky and only have a couple of tens of millions die because of it. But at some point it’s going to have to happen otherwise the US will have as much in common with the ideals of its founding as the Roman Empire does with modern day Italy.

  8. But the non-woke are all the -ist and -phobe terms. Don’t think Obamacare is greatest thing ever or that BLM (the one with fewer guns) is right and we should just ignore perps of color. Homophobes are not obsequious enough to doing what the homosexual individual is demanding. And transphobes don’t want or are scared when someone with a 5 o clock shadow and adams apple comes into the ladies room.

    It’s real simple.

  9. In some ways I think that Sad Puppies was our Spanish Civil War. We saw a subset of the left create strawmen caricatures of our people whom they then attacked viciously and ruthlessly. Those strawmen were evil so anything done to them by definition was on the side of the angels.
    What many lived through during the worst of SP is now being repeated on a grander scale with all those same tactics.
    The media holds a lynch mob celebration every time there is a hint of criminal evidence against a Trump associate.
    Roger Stone, his deaf wife, and their pets are swatted in a predawn raid by 29 heavily armed agents of the DOJ.
    The Covington kids on a DC field trip are doxed, and they and their families lives threatened, all on a media created story later proven false.
    These are the opening skirmishes of that not so civil war we keep hearing about, and until those responsible get hurt themselves it’s just going to continue to escalate.

    1. “Spanish Civil War”…a guy who lived through that civil war…he was on the Republican side…said he was once showing someone how high a child was: “like this”…holding out his arm.

      He was accused of giving the Fascist salute and was going to be shot; he was saved only be the intervention of credible friends.

      This once seemed like something that couldn’t possibly happen in the United States. Once…

  10. And the whole “arc of history,” idea is part Marxist, part si,please 19tj century belief in “progress.” A genuine paradigm shift, given earlier belief in humanity’s decline from a “golden age.”

  11. Inter-Dimensional News Services

    Report from Earth Tau (Null) – 47

    Divisive Teens Show Ugly Side of America

    January 21, 2019, Washington DC

    Last Friday, a group from a Kentucky parochial school, ostensibly in our nation’s capitol to show support for “the rights of the unborn”, instead displayed everything wrong with attempts to bring the country together.

    On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, a monument to the idea of equality for all, these high school students (mostly white) literally turned their backs on the idea of coming together. When addressed by a group of African-Americans, they refused to engage, respond or even recognize the views of “the other”. And then it got worse.

    Nathan Phillips, a Native American elder and activist tried to bridge the gap. And he was turned down cold.

    “I saw how these boys were treating people around them, simply because they didn’t like the words being said. So I stepped towards them and tried to show that we all have something to say. I thought they might be a little hostile, but that they would at least let me have my say.”

    Instead, Phillips says, they didn’t even acknowledge him.

    “They just turned and walked away. They wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t listen, wouldn’t even look at me. As if I wasn’t worthy, wasn’t human, like I didn’t even exist.”

    Video of the incident quickly went viral, sparking outrage and condemnation over the boys’ actions. Politicians, news agencies and average Americans took up call to end antagonism towards marginalized peoples.

    Performer Kathy Griffin (among others) addressed it on Twitter:

    Really? Were you afraid? Did you think he had some NativeAmerican disease? You couldn’t spare one smile for an old man? #covingtonracists

    One can only hope that this ugly moment can bring understanding in the future equal to the shame it has brought on the present.

    1. Better be careful, Cap. You have to be explicit about your sarcasm these days–the left is unparodiable, as there’s nothing you can make up in the way of overemphasizing their insanity that doesn’t seem like something they’d actually say or do (and often, they’ve already said or done what you think you’re making up).

    2. Though, if I’m honest, even if this report were 100% truthful, (which it’s not), then what is wrong with walking away?
      They make it sound as if refusing to engage in discourse is the worst thing ever.
      You know, sometimes all you can do is walk away. If they can take that from us, then we’ve truly lost.

      1. It looks like Sandmann was in a no-win situation. Barring laying down and presenting his belly to the creep, anything he did could/would have been interpreted as disrespectful.

        Noteworthy is the fact that one of the WH lawyers is a graduate of Covington HS. I smell a setup. I think they were trying to get the kid to take a swing or push the creep away, but he reacted admirably (much better than I could muster in my lifetime) and there was unexpected video.

        1. The Left forever plays the game of “Heads I win, Tails you lose.”

          Sandmann could only escape by confession of sin, begging forgiveness and acceding to any and all demands as evidence of his contrition. The old Leninist rule of “Who, Whom?” has already judged him and found him guilty, and any not joining the Wild Hunt in pursuit of him are guilty as well.

          The only way to win is to refuse to play. As we saw with the Duke Lacrosse team, even if you’re acquitted you are not exonerated. Your only hope is to survive in a fetal ball until the Hunt hies after new prey.

          Damn them, damn them with all your might and curse them for the craven curs they are. Counterattack with all you’ve got, bare your fighting fangs and let them know they will not so easily drag you down. When one of yours is selected by their Hunt call them down, call them out, call them what they are, for if you do not defend your brother’s back, who will have yours?

          1. It’s like malicious Calvinball. You can never win because the rules are always changing to prevent it.

            1. In modern times the role of Sir is occupied by the Progressives and the Deplorables are expected to play the part of Cocky. Sir calls the tune and Cocky dances the steps. Should young Cocky presume to choose the tune Sir refuses to do the dance. It is all about who gets to decide the rules, you see. Someone has a proper place, don’cha know, and Somebody has the “duty” of putting them in it.

              1965, British musical import is Broadway hit:

              The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd:
              GREASEPAINT is a show that is hard to synopsize because it doesn’t have a traditional plot; it’s an allegory told in vaudeville terms about the little guy (Cocky) being downtrodden by the Establishment (Sir) no matter what he does (or, if you will, about the class struggle in Britain); and it all takes place on a kind of circular, multicolor hopscotch game painted onto a slanted portion of the floor, tilted in such a way that the audience members could see it. The colors were very vivid, but when I think about it now, all I can think of is how hellishly hard it must have been to dance on something tilted to such an extreme angle. In fact, according to STOP THE WORLD, the biography of Newley by Garth Bardsley published in 2003, the set was built and erected in a scenic studio in time for the beginning of rehearsals, so that the dances would not have to be reblocked. According to Leslie Bricusse in his autobiography THE MUSIC MAN (Metro Publishing Ltd. 2006) the play was set “after the nuclear holocaust that most of the Western world was confidently expecting, and played out the battle between the surviving haves and have-nots as a board game, with the odds heavily manipulated by the Have [Sir], at the expense of the Have-Not [Cocky].”

              1. Was in this show in college; I didn’t know enough politics at the time to appreciate the allegory, but enjoyed the music.
                And then there was the night we skipped half the first act because the band was miscued on one of the numbers….

    3. And many of those still complaining are exactly that they DIDN’T walk away. They should have, apparently.

  12. > Is this the game you want to play?

    They have no intention of playing the game themselves. That’s what their dupes and their serfs (those who depend on them for their handouts) are for…

    1. Alas, they are planning plays against those that will go for the head asap to end things quickly as possible. They start the tango, many will go after the conductor first, then sort out the players, and get around to their dancers as needed and afterwards.
      They imagine being able to Chavez or PolPot the Nation. The problem they will have is most of those they will need to rely on to commit these acts will refuse and be part of those acting as a counter.

      1. Aye, no point in targeting a private or sergeant or even lieutenant when you can take out the damned generals and be DONE with it. And send a message: We have BETTER targeting.

  13. I think there’s an underlying theory of “we can control this” on the part of the US left that is pure impossible fantasy.

    You can see this in the metoo torpedoes circling back and taking out Hollywood’s previously powerful.

    When the mob starts mobbing, you really, really can’t steer the thing – it goes where the moment takes it.

    So launch not the mob.

    1. If they really think they can control things, they’re not even seeing what’s currently happening, much less what likely will come to be. But I don’t think it’s really a theory so much as it is a complete inability to comprehend their weaknesses or our strengths, and an unswerving belief in our infinite patience and acceptance of anything they try to inflict on us.

      They will be absolutely taken by surprise when our patience finally ends.

      1. They’re missing Sun Tzu’s essential axiom- “know your opponent, and know yourself”.
        While demonizing us as Nazis is a good way to score some cheap, feel good virtue, it’s not the way to win hearts and minds from those more or less on the fence.
        Likewise, purity spirals and inquisitions are great for internal power games, they do tend to deplete one’s forces.

        1. Hah! Knowing themselves is the one thing they will not do, any more than a vampire will look in a mirror.

        2. They have no intention of trying to win hearts and minds. Those who will are not willing to be re-educated will be murdered en masse. Obama’s close friend Bill Ayers said so.

          1. They don’t have enough people with guns to really get into murder en mass.
            Plus, it’s Americans- we don’t do the Good German thing where you just shut up, go along, don’t make waves, and trust that your betters will make things right.

            1. As one Democratic Party member of Congress suggested, they always have nukes they can use.

              1. “As one Democratic Party member of Congress suggested, they always have nukes they can use.”
                Ain’t happening.

                  1. the other thing is that, of course, they are the ones clustered into nice little targets… well, them and the ‘urban poor’ that they do their best to keep there….

              2. No, they only think they have nukes they can use. As a former nuclear missile crewman, I can guarantee you that no one with launch authority would authorize the use of our nukes against Americans. Although there may be some who could be convinced to use them against those trying to get them to nuke us normals…

                1. I have it on the highest* authority that everyone in the military is a dim-witted automaton following whatever orders the leadership commands.

                  *The same brilliant minds who think our armed forces are bloodthirsty savages barely held back from going on rampage, raping, looting & killing “in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan”.

                2. The problem is that they’re stupid enough not to realize that, and it may lead them to act rashly.

      2. It is not patience. It is an unwillingness to pay the price that we see and they don’t. That price might well be this country. I will be hands so red that all the soap in the world will not clean them.
        I pray that it is never necessary to take the next step. Perhaps once there are a few more judges on the bench that pay attention to the law rather than the narrative, something can be done about election fraud. I don’t see any other way to avoid the terror we are heading for.

      3. Their “control things” theory proceeds from their disdain of everyone else. They have confidence that given their obviously superior intellect they will without effort have the unquestioned mindless obedience of the State’s loyal minions and will avoid any reaction or counter whatsoever from their opponents – violating both the “never give an order you know won’t be obeyed” and “the opposition always gets a vote” maxims derived from hard experience in the real world.

        I think it’s telling that the last generation of leftist radicals with actual military experience made extreme efforts to lay low and cloak their aims and efforts from general knowledge.

  14. Too many people misunderstand Machievelli’s “The End Justifies the Means”, figure they can do anything they want towards the noble goal, and end up breaking all their eggs while getting no omelette in return.

    In practice, the Means themselves are far more important than the Ends one is hoping for.

  15. “You can vote yourself into socialism, but you have to shoot your way out of it.” -John Hayward (Doc Zero) on Twitter

    “Dr. Franklin! In chess we do not take the King!”
    “In America we do.”

    Let them with ears, hear.


      20. “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.” – Winston Churchill


      Unrelated, but the whole ‘fairness’ thing:

      You know, I used to think it was awful that life was so unfair. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be much worse if life were fair, and all the terrible things that happen to us come because we actually deserve them? So, now I take great comfort in the general hostility and unfairness of the universe.
      Marcus Cole, Babylon 5

    2. You can judge America’s attitude toward aristocracy by the use of “king”, “duke”, and “earl” as common names for dogs.

  16. Sarah, I think there is a typo in this line that if fixed would reduce confusion.

    “But can ANYONE point to a single instance of MAGA-HATED crowds being racist, sexist, homophobic or oppressive?”

    Did you mean “MAGA-HATTED” possibly? Because as written, those crowds ARE exactly what is described.

    Good post.

  17. There is only One Rule to their game: Fly The Leftist Virtue Flag. All who fly it are safe (for now.) All who fly it are members in good standing of the One True Church.

    One Rule to rule them all,
    One Rule to find them,
    One Rule to bring them all
    And in the darkness bind them.

  18. I believe I can out it in simple terms that even a lefty journalist learning to code should be able to comprehend.
    1). You scalp hunted an innocent teenager
    2). You doubled down on your hateful so calleeed journalism
    ———-this is my line you shall not cross———–

    Should you attempt to scalp hunt my child I shall end you. With the prejudice you exhibited on those kids from Kentucky. Also – do take note of my use of the word ‘shall’ vice the word ‘will’.

      1. Someday soon, they are going to dox the wrong, oh so wrong person’s family. And the H-ll unleashed will be jaw-dropping. And the “journalists” will have no idea why the retaliation was so harsh and fast. At least, not at first.

        May the Almighty G-d save us from that day.

        1. Someday soon, they are going to dox the wrong, oh so wrong person’s family.

          Already done with the, ahem, “current unpleasantness”.

          They haven’t managed to kill a doxing mis-target yet, but there was that UPS driver.

        2. I wonder whether somebody with foresight has not already prepped against that day, collecting personal data of “journalists,” Congresscritters, party functionaries and aides as well as Silicon Valley data miners — all stockpiled against the day when their addresses, phone numbers, email and social media accounts might be put on the public record for all the world to see.

          “You dox one of ours, we dox twenty of yours.”

        3. They forget, doxing goes both ways. I’ve seen what the weaponized autists (their words) on 8chan can do. I would NOT want to be in their sights.

        4. It looks like the push back is being started in the courts. There will be a lawsuit against those who attacked the kids. That should include both the hate groups that harassed and assaulted them in person, as well as those who libeled or threatened them in the media. This is the right first step.

          I hope there is still time to step back from the brink. When the MAGA hats get swapped out for ones that say “TIME’S UP” things will get very nasty very quickly.

          1. Not just a lawsuit. At least one prosecutor is starting the process to criminally charge those that made death threats, including extraditing them from other states. This will take some time, but if he is serious, it will happen.

            1. A family lawyer for the boys started talking lawsuit (parent? or relative?), for everyone who libeled the boys. A LOT of high profile celebrities, news personnel, & legislators, pulled their twitter statements, very, very, quickly (whiplash quickly). Not before certain others got their snap shots & pounded them with the statement & how fast they pulled it under threat of lawsuit. Even that, although gleefully reported, didn’t stay in the news cycle very long. Proving the idiots can talk the talk, but when pushed, sure can’t walk or stand by their talk.

              Now all the talk has been about the activist & him evading the facts & softball questioning from the interviewers. While the boys, individually, have finally dropped off of the news cycle; probably because of the shutdown deal.

              1. Any of the efforts to pressure colleges into not accepting these boys need to be hunted down and acted against, using the same legal regime that was employed against expletives attempting to prevent colleges admitting Negro students back when that was the term in use.

                Everybody who retracted, apologised, retreated, and deleted their showing of their hindquarters can be allowed a modicum of grace … with screencaps kept for the next time they go off prematurely.

                Except for that SNL writer and offered blow jobs to anyone attacking those kids. An offer of sexual performance in exchange for goods or services is prostitution and needs to be prosecuted as such.

                1. I’d be pretty sure that (assuming there are now some honest people there) that the DOJ civil rights group could have a field day.

                  1. Maybe got a new mail clerk. Sadly most of the problem is that one of the largest hroups of termites have guaranteed jobs and housing for life as long as they act correctly.

        5. Or at least keep us and ours safe.
          Look at what the Gillets Jaunes are doing. Now think what Americans would do if we were in their position (far, far more gone than us) Yeah.

  19. Nice speech/post.

    It won’t work.

    I know. I’ve tried it. Not so eloquently. Mainly using the old clip from A Man For All Seasons. Along with pointing out the obvious: if you support (sucker) punching ‘Nazis,’ but your side describes everyone you don’t like as a ‘Nazi,’ then innocent people (including myself) could be attacked.

    The response – and this is from people I knew and thought were friends: “You stand with Nazis and McCarthy (I’d also pointed out that McCarthy did nothing wrong) and me and my fellow leftists won’t be bullied. We’ll fight back against you Trumper fascists!”

    Textbook victim/perpetrator reversal. Taking a warning for a threat.

    Even now, when the story of the Covengton kids is out, sites are still describing them as evil harassing racists. It’s quickly shaping up to be another Hands Up Don’t Shoot or Wage Gap, that will persist in spite of all evidence.

    And something else: for all the talk, I really don’t think there’ll be any fighting back. There’ll be more stern warnings, more finger-wagging, it might even graduate to toe-tapping and stern looks, but if there’s anything more it will be brief, uncoordinated, without support, and the perpetrators will be quickly isolated, smacked down, imprisoned, smeared, and their example used to pass yet more laws abridging the first and second amendments.

    1. If you don’t think there will any fighting back, you’ve been asleep since the seventies.
      Shut up.
      What do you think you get from spreading despondency? To get us to give up? Won’t happen.

      1. Sarah, your “despondency” scanner needs recalibrating. Because I’ve NEVER said anything like that last paragraph, and you said the same thing to me.

      2. The thing is, people will mostly go along to get along…. Until some crazy bastard (in in a nation of 300+ million, you’ll get one) breaks ranks and does so in a way to show that it can be done.

        And then things get ugly fast.

    2. Funny, I’ve actually had quite a bit of success pointing out the logical end results of policies. Sometimes immediately, sometimes in a backhanded manner– someone blows me off, then I notice that they are making the same argument later.

      And I ain’t eloquent.

      The only place I don’t see it happening is with some online folks where it seems like the only thing they DO is promote left-wing junk…which means they may not actually be an individual, but rather either a bot, troll, or a propaganda account. (Which would explain why sometimes they seem to forget who someone is and what they have previously said–different user is logged in.)

  20. Speaking of leftist idiocy, Nancy Pelosi still trying to win the award, as she said about the Stone indictment “there was a deliberate, coordinated attempt by top Trump campaign officials to influence the 2016 election and subvert the will of the American people,” Well duh, that’s what political campaigns are; an effort o influence people’s votes in elections. There is absolutely nothing illegal about that, nor did the indictments allege any conduct regarding the election; all of the “crimes” were post-election process crimes.

    1. You big silly! Don’t you know that subverting the will of the American people is the Democrats’ prerogative? If Republicans start doing that then the whole system goes in the crapper.

  21. An admirable attempt to talk sense to the senseless, Sarah, but I’m afraid they won’t hear you; they aren’t capable of getting past the echo chamber. Your warning will be paid as uch attention to as it takes to accept the unread terms of service. But it does hearten me to know how many people are out there seeing past the progressive narrative.

    1. Sadly I fear you may be right. We have, I suspect, all of us had the experience of arguing with Liberals that their preferred policy will (for example) focus attention on race and thus exacerbate racial tensions — only to be denounced as wanting greater racial tension. Just so this post will be taken not as warning but as threat.

      They really wouldn’t like what we say should our patience get exhausted to the point of threatening. At that point we won’t be interested in asking questions afterward.

      It is said that many of early settlers’ problems with the Amerindians arose from poor cross-cultural communication. Aborigines, coming from a strength culture, appeared at cabins to find out what kind of neighbors they were getting, demanding tribute in order to learn whether these strange new-comers had grit or could be pushed around. Settlers, wanting to make friends and convey what good neighbors they would be readily gave their guests whatever trifles were demanded. Thus they conveyed they were pushovers with no pride and no guts who would fork over their lunch money with only slightest provocation.

      When the settlers found the demands were more than they were willing to give and fought back the Amerindians were startled and confused, having (they thought) already taken the mettle of these newbies. Obviously it was necessary to remind them who was the tough one, to put those farmers back in their assigned place.

      We all know how that played out.

      Or, if you like, compare it to an abusive spouse’s reaction when the abused refuses to continue tolerating the status quo.

    2. These posts are not aimed at the hard-core lefties who are firmly ensconced, as you say, in the echo chamber and to whom any sort of divergence from the proregressive narrative du jour is X-ist, Y-ist & Z-ophobic but at the vast center, folk who still have a few functioning brain cells remaining to rub together and who may be convinced that the lefty loony agenda is not the path down which the nation ought to tread.

  22. There are so many issues here that I could probably do several guest blog posts here on the subject. But, here’s the one that really gets me frustrated right now (#2, #3, and #4 upon request)-

    Our opponents continually harp on that this all “for the children.” We’re having to do all these things For The Children-pass insane laws that make it impossible to forestry management that would prevent massive forest fires. Teach our kids at an age when they will do anything to get a rise out of authority figures that there are eight (eleven? seventeen? fifty-one?) genders. Make us recycle things that would be cheaper to throw away and get a new one-and fail to provide incentives to make it cheaper to recycle things. I could go on and on and on…

    So, we have what they call a “genuine teaching moment” here. Let’s assume that the current media narrative is correct and these kids were idiots. Shouldn’t we, as responsible people, you know, teach them? Tell them that they made a mistake, what they did, and how not to screw up in the future?

    But, they aren’t being taught, are they? They are being shamed, told that they are evil people and used as a hate sink by people to make it clear that you can’t have those kind of opinions. When you see people screaming that the school should be disenfranchised, the kids should never get into any university, that people will reward them if they beat these kids up. All because they held a different opinion than you.

    And, if that statement doesn’t scare you, doesn’t make you afraid, doesn’t make you worried about what is going on…you’re a part of the problem.

    1. For the children? Buddy, you’ve gotten your prepositions confused; you need to stop doing all of that to the children.

    2. That’s why they’re very much for making sure there are no children. They were clearly very okay with what Gosnell was doing, so much so that they okayed it in NY.

      It’s a gruesome thought I had recently, pondering the approval of NY’s ‘abort until 9 months’:

      What if the plan isn’t to abort, but essentially kidnap the majority of those unwanted children? They’ll abort some of course, but most of them are likely to survive being forced out of the womb early, and as long as they’re not stabbed in the back of the head with surgical scissors, and given care, they will.

      Raise them in institutions and indoctrinate them. Change their reality so that all they know is what they’re told. SJW from unwanted birth. And nobody would be looking for them.

      1. Too costly and resource-intensive for too long a wait. Far more profitable to just sell the organs. If they want numbers of trained people, they have the indoctrination centers that were once schools, the entertainment industry (check out Steven Universe and other childrens programming) and ‘child refugees’.

        I’m going to go bleach my brain now.

        1. Ah, but I thought it’s illegal to sell organs.

          Donating the organs and parts and dead bodies for scientific research, and charging an astronomical amount for the necessary packing and carefully monitored and guarded shipping … isn’t.

          Sorry, but once a group demonstrates that they’re evil, it strikes me as a bit silly to try imagine they’re not.

          1. There’s evil and there’s evil.

            Or to put it another way: “I don’t see as I’m doing anything so bad. It’s not like I’m feeding people into the shredding death machine. I’m just tightening these screws over here. I don’t actually have to see the people fed into the death machine, and I can have a good job and fairly comfortable life as long as I don’t make waves, and besides: if I don’t do it, somebody else will.”

            “I’m not doing anything really bad, I’m just oiling the gears on the death machine-”

            “-replacing the conveyer belt on the death machine-”

            “-doing wiring upkeep on the death machine-”

            Etc, etc.

            1. Don’t you understand? These body part will help us advance life-saving research?

              It isn’t as if those babies were wanted.

      2. The law as written restricts such late-term abortions to where the health of the mother is threatened (previous law only permitted it in case of danger to the mother’s life) or when the fetus is deemed not viable.

        There will be abuses, sure, and abortions that should not qualify under the law still being done—but no way, outside consipracy theories and thriller novels, that the numbers would be there for your idea.

          1. That’s been the reason for granting gender-selective abortions, even in the US (discreetly), as I believe was discovered by either Project Veritas or LifeNews. Doesn’t help that there are women bleating out their stories about how “traumatized they were on discovering they were carrying boy children omg nooo I might end up raising yet another toxic masculine rapist I can’t live with that!!111 why doesn’t anyone sympathize or support me my partner is upset why isn’t he supportive so my mental health is suffering and my therapist said I should get an abortion so I will, even if everyone around me says no, it’s my body my choice so haters can die I am protecting myself!11 this is why we need feminism rape culture is real ”

            … I was kind of exaggerating, and not at the same time up there.

            1. I have read an article by a woman who at least CLAIMED to have an abortion because a guy had been rude to her on the airplane, and having learned it was a boy, how could she bring another monster into the world?

              1. Wait. She killed her own son because some random man had been rude to her, and she wants people to think she wasn’t the monster?

                *looks over* Joel, let’s revisit the whole implication that I’m the one tottering towards nuts here, shall we? I was pulling that whole theory out as a worst expectations thing, and it looks like reality isn’t even breaking a sweat in proving me it’s worse than that. I’m kind of limited by my own imagination and clearly the other side isn’t.

                1. She claimed to.

                  Which means that at the very least, a woman — or, I suppose, a man — considered that worthy clickbait.

              2. I daresay we’re all in agreement that any son raised by her would, indeed, be a monster.

                Of course, I suspect any daughter she raised would be a monster, given such a monster of a mother.

            2. Hmm, at this rate, the only way for the species to continue would be for the ‘Little Emperors’ in China resulting from the male-selected abortions to mate with the female spawn raised by the female-selecting feminists of the West.

              Considering the likely offspring, the VEM is looking like a better alternative.

        1. Joel, I hate to say it, but… conspiracy theories these days don’t seem so crackpot any more. Just look at how CNN ‘happened’ to be there for a FBI arrest at dawn, and how the video of that valor-stealing ‘Indian Elder’ was made viral.

          The people doing this have demonstrated that there are no limits to what they’re willing to do, and will do, to get what they want. Why should we imagine that they do?

          1. And the FBI sneered at the Bundys’ demand for evidence of their innocence for over a year. That was a simple and clear conspiracy.

            1. Thank you. But that’s exactly why I don’t sneer outright at conspiracy theories any more. And there was the ‘odd’ series of FBI refusal to investigate the Parkland shooter, despite every box he checked for being a school shooter risk.

              The Devil’s best trick was to convince others he doesn’t exist. Corollary to that, to call anyone who noticed he was there insane.

              ** I’m being metaphorical above, just to be clear.

              1. The Parkland thing goes solidly in Sheriff Israel’s lap– the only thing the FBI could’ve done would be to contact the local law enforcement, tell them who they were looking at, ask if there were any issues, and offer help. (Which would be anything from looking into stuff they can’t access to basically taking over the investigation.)

                He, obviously, wasn’t going to let them raise the crime rate in his area.

            2. Also, the whole ‘Russia Facebook’ thing (it was quickly memory holed but I remember reading a Breitbart article – or PJM one – that it was a Clinton-related tech company that created a bunch of fake Facebook accounts targeting various Conservative FBers and groups. Also these…

      3. Nah. They get parents to give their children up willingly for indoctrination for 13 years and often pay for an additional 4-8. A percentage of parents can stem the indoctrination until they are old enough to see thru themselves. But since most families are dual earner the children spend more time in indoctrination than being deprogrammed

      1. Progressivism has always been a death cult, the V.E.M. is merely the most modern mode for expressing it.

        They won’t go until they’ve ruined everything for everybody else, though (see Cuba, Venezuela, China …)

  23. Building on Nightfly’s quote from Doc Zero (one of my favorite essayists before he defected to Twitter).
    Tweet thread assembled into a single post.

    The passive Right lost the ability to project righteousness even when defending core American principles, and indeed the pillars of Western civilization, like the presumption of innocence. The Left openly demands we sacrifice those things for their crusades.

    Now it’s free speech and even basic political rights on the chopping block. Wearing a MAGA hat and marching for life? You deserve whatever happens to you, including life-destroying fake allegations and even violent assault. Shut up, stand down, and submit or your life is forfeit.

    The Left defines what your symbols mean, evaluates the true content of your heart, and parses every word you speak. What an insidious assault on free speech — your every word and even facial expressions mangled by hostile translators, your ability to impart meaning stolen.

    And passive conservatism does nothing to help because they’re terrified of engaging in cultural battles they believe themselves fated to lose, because refusing to engage for decades gave the Left absolute cultural dominance.

    They don’t want to accuse the media of being thoroughly corrupt, because they want to become “respectable” parts of it. They don’t want to upset the delicate surrender negotiations they’ve been conducting with the Left. They dislike the “deplorables” almost as much as the Left does.

    Passive conservatives are easily frightened away from any issue they think might disturb the dreams of this socially liberal, fiscally conservative sleeping colossus. Shrewd left-wingers know this and play to that passive conservative fear to manipulate them.

    The fatal problem with this strategy is that the Left plays by no such passive rules. It actively reshapes the electorate with government power and cultural influence. It’s not worried about freaking out the moderates — it subdues and conquers them by redefining what is “normal.”

    The Left attacks relentlessly because it pays no price for failed assaults… because it has no active conservative enemy to make it pay. There’s nobody else on the field. Passive conservatives merely quibble about how many yards the Left should get on every play.

    Trump appealed to that quiet group of moderates precisely because he saw them under attack and offered to take some hits by standing up for them. Criticize his approach all you want, but which of his GOP opponents even saw the problem? Who else saw moderation itself under attack?

    So yes, Trump inevitably wades in for the Covington kids, as most prominent Democrats would do for their treasured constituencies… but as few other Republican leaders of recent vintage would do for theirs. Sure, Trump fumbles some balls, but he’s in the game.”

    1. They don’t want to upset the delicate surrender negotiations they’ve been conducting with the Left.

      That is one of the best descriptions of the NRA I’ve seen yet.

      I fear that the NRA leadership may have to swing from the lamppost across the street from Feinstein et al, should the situation reach that point.

      1. Because that way they get more power. If everyone else got to argue their points, they might not get as much POWER.

  24. Note for people worried about voter fraud- have you actually contacted your local supervisor of elections about either working at the polls, or becoming an official poll watcher?

      1. Keep at it.
        Make the bastards actually have to work for it.
        Get more people involved.
        If you see things happen, let people know- and keep letting people know by being a damn nuisance if necessary.
        Don’t despair, don’t give up.

  25. This was an actual exchange I had with a moron on Twitter. These people have no idea what they’re opening the door to.

    𝙅𝙪𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙣 𝘾𝙖𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙚𝙧
    Verified account
    Jan 23

    Sorry, losers, but if enough people think MAGA hat = Klan hood, then when you put on a MAGA hat, you’re putting on a Klan hood, no matter what sort of protest you raise about. That’s just how symbols work on a base level.

    108 replies 5 retweets 22 likes
    Reply 108 Retweet 5 Like 22 Direct message

    Replying to @JustinCaffier
    Sorry, losers, but if enough people think hijab = terrorist, then when you put on a hijab, you’re putting on a terrorist indicator no matter what sort of protest you raise about. That’s just how symbols work on a base level.

    Still want to go there?

    1. Well yes, but the second one gets the tweeter a twitter suspension or ban while the first gets featured by the folks at twitter.

    2. They figure that since they have the legal system and enforcers in the regions they have control their opinion is the only correct one.

  26. Yeah. I suggest that we forward a link to this to ALL of the Progressives that talk trash to us, pointing out that we have all just about reached that point.

    And, asking them – “Are you SURE? You don’t want to think this over just ONE MORE TIME?”

    After that, it’s on.

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