I AM Alive

I’ve just been assembling the amazing library system and painting shelves and stuff.

I completely forgot this.  I’m sorry.

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      1. Tackled a similar project this past fall, converting a junk room into a usable workshop. Repurposed lots of material, so the big investment was time–twice a much as anticipated, of course–but the result was amazing. Not just a neat, uncluttered shop, but quick access to everything I need for every little task that had been on the ToDo List for months. Zeroed out the List and knocked out some long-neglected WannaDo’s to boot. Take heart! The light’s brighter when you get through the tunnel.

      1. “World Air Power” “Lockheed Stealth” “Smart Weapons” “Tomorrow’s Soldier” “Space Weapons” “Space Settlements: A Design Study” “Colonies in Space” “Revolt in 2100/Methuselah’s Children “Time Enough For Love”(two dozen or so aircraft walkaround books) Yeah these are reference. too. 😀

        1. I did once have a book cover for some school textbook that the teacher even found amusing. It had two titles.

          Cover title was: On the Construction of Thermonuclear Devices
          Spine title was: Nukes for Kooks

        2. Edward Jablonski’s “Flying Fortress (corrected edition)” would make a nice birthday present, come to think of it.

    1. Among us those who have been carefully selecting and collecting our beloved volumes for decades there is a constant question … will there ever be enough place for all one’s books?

  1. I have a challenge.

    Just read a poorly thought out piece of drek from The Wrap about a supposed “plot hole” in Infinity War: why didn’t Thanos use the stones to double the universe’s resources instead of halving the population?

    Not only am I dumber for reading the article, the comments devolved into the usual Trump bashing silliness.

    So here’s my challenge – I think all you talented creative people can come with much better reasons “why Thanos didn’t ”

    3 2 1 Go 😀

    1. Alternate reaction: OMG! A movie with a Plot Hole! That’s never happened before! Even worse, a comic book movie with a Plot Hole! Will the muses ever recover? Next thing, they’ll be writing articles challenging the Physics in film.

    2. Because why would a guy (OK, a Titan) who is trying to catch Death’s attention so he can ask her out on a date want to ensure that more creatures survive? Most women don’t take kindly to dudes who introduce themselves by ruining the lady’s business.

      1. Nod, that was the motive of the Comic book Thanos and while the movie makers ignored that factor, they still wanted to make him a “bad guy” by killing off half the universe.

        1. The ultimate villain… you either think he’s a bad guy because he wants to kill half all people, or because he’s stopping utopia by letting half of everyone live.

      2. That would be “supplying more raw material” ruining?

        It is the inanimate that is the opposite of life. Death is absolutely dependent on life.

    3. Thanos was crazy, in one of the ways many leftists are crazy, but not in all the ways leftists are known to be crazy in.

      You can’t argue rational alternatives with crazy.

      Take me, for instance. Yes, people here have convinced me that I am wrong and should change my mind on some points. But how many have changed my policy preferences in the cases where those policy preferences are mostly driven by the fact that I’m nuts?

    4. The answer to why Thanos didn’t is — it wouldn’t have made for much of a story for an Avengers movie if he had.  He had been cast in the role of the villain (not an sometime hero and enabler) and because that simply was not the way he thinks.

      Don’t waste my time with with the suggestion that everyone everywhere will choose what you think is the logical answer.  History is replete with evidence otherwise.

    5. Isn’t the answer as simple as… the writers didn’t write it that way?

      I mean really. It’s the same answer as: “Why didn’t Romeo and Juliet just sneak out and bone a lot?” or “Why didn’t Oedipus get a hooker instead?” or “Why doesn’t Hasbro and Rowling finally do the right thing and let Pinkie Pie and Draco Malfoy be together FOREVER!!! <3,<3,<3 XOXOXO!!!!"

            1. but… but… but… Just think about it! Pinkie Pie and Draco Malfoy are PERFECT for each other!

              Picture it. Him hanging out with his henchmen, brooding, maybe threatening any Hufflepuffs that happen by. Then across the way he notices Pinkie Pie happily prancing around in the grass, eating cupcakes (with sprinkles!) and he can’t help but smile, knowing that he’ll never be a Dark Lord with her around to lighten his soul, but not caring because she completes him!

              Sigh…. It really is the most awesome SHIP in fandom.

      1. Also easier. Can the Infinity Stones -double- the size of the universe and double the available resources? Really? Matter/energy is neither created not destroyed in a closed system. The story plays by those rules, mostly. The Infinity Stones came with the Big Bang, they are part of the system.

        How much more believable (ha!) is it that they have the power to kill organic beings? And did they die? ….? ~:D What if the stones just moved them? We know from Dr. Strange that there’s lots of places for them to move to.

        I conclude that there are a lot of fake “fans” out there these days who never read the lore.

    6. Because if he merely doubled the universe’s resources, in another generation the population would be at the same ratio of resources to life forms as they are now. By randomly killing half the life in the universe, it would disrupt societies and eco-systems enough to cause as much as 50% more death on average. Consider this, how many more people would die on this planet if we randomly eliminated 50% of the population in an instant? Think of airplanes falling out of the skies, half the drivers on the highways vanishing at 75 mph+, 1/4 of all families losing both parents, food and energy systems breaking down. You know, the World’s Worst Day Ever, to borrow a phrase.

      1. This exact experiment has been done recently in China. Mao killed off more than 20% of the Chinese population. They were back where they started in 2 generations.

        Thanos is an idiot either way.

      2. The latter part of your comment is WHY I noted, when watching it with my kids, that he killed more than half the universe.

        I don’t recall that it was ‘all of half the life’, but rather, half of all sentient beings.

        (Really, Thanos the Green Environmentalist version was flaming stupid. The “I want Death to be impressed by how much I love her” plot made more sense.)

  2. Woohoo! Organized books incoming! And this means (for the moment) the floor must be done!

    How underfoot are the cats?

    1. Won’t the cats only be an issue until the first couple boxes of books are shelved, thus leaving some empty boxes available for feline considerations?

        1. When first in college I brought home a sable kitten I’d acquired and been “advised” was not permitted to reside in my dorm room. Ever after, my Mum claimed the cat as hers and the cat claimed her as his — I was welcome to come or go but the cat owned the house.

          One day he found himself in a bath tub with the curtain drawn and a ping-pong ball which he batted about like Pele for an hour or so. After finally slaying the intruder he popped out and never again could he bothered to slap down another such invader.

  3. Once upon a time $SISTAUR came up with a name for a difficult to produce, rare, short-lived element and that name was Librarium as most people would or could only ever just read about it.

    Fortunately, libraries are not so rare as that. And you don’t need a cyclotron or synchrotron or…

    1. Nearly broke a realtor’s brain trying to explain the need for shelving and need of places for expanding existing shelving. When she asked how many books we had I explained that we did not reckon by volumes, but by running yards thereof. She proudly showed us a house with three book cases — not enough for the cookbooks alone. She showed us a house with a library — the walls were like these, in wood, only painted a rich deep red, beautiful, but not a single shelf:

        1. She spoke English, she certainly did not speak ODD. I tried to keep in mind that she was limited by what housing stock was available, but her attempts to interest us were consistently so far off the mark we ultimately change realtors.

            1. It would have made a rather pleasant den, but never a library.

              That was the same house which featured a ‘staging’ kitchen — while it had a really nice walk-in pantry it only had a bar sink and there was no stove-top or oven to be found.

  4. Sarah, that was a good reason to forget to post here especially since we’re not paying you to post here. 😀

  5. You forgot you’re alive? Don’t do THAT! Do we need to send reminders throughout the day, just so you’ll remember?

    (Hides behind one of the dragons. She’ll never find me here)

    1. Dragon, sleeping, rolls over on top of you, turns into a giant carp.

      Turns back into a dragon, rolls off.

  6. So, when next you’re fiddling with files, it looks like there’s some pesky ghost formatting in A Fatal Stain (I may have started the series on Tuesday. Looking forward to book 4 already… 😁) Is there some place you’d like to collect details?

  7. Great, Ms Hoyt, now you’ve got me thinking about where to build shelves in the family room, and I’m not even remotely handy. When I told me wife I managed to change out a light switch without electrocuting myself or burning the house down, she said, “And here I was, all ready to call the life insurance people…”

    1. Bah. Cement Blocks (more stable than bricks) and 8 to 12 foot long 2x10s. You can even paint them if you’re feeling frisky.

      1. Two by tens? Dammit, man, do you not realize how much space ye be wasting if the thing runs six shelves high? If’n ye must use a twelve foot run (fewer pillars, fewer spaces lost) try a half-inch plank with a one-by-two fastened perpendicular at back to the plane of the board.

    1. Agreed! Here, Here! More bupkiss, NOW.

      If Sarah won’t give us bupkiss, then the government must!

      What do we want?
      When do we want it?
      Let me hear you now: No bupkiss, no peace!
      No bupkiss, no peace!
      No bupkiss, no peace!

      1. *headdesk* I misread that as ‘bubkiss’ and thought “Wait, Sarah’s a grandma? I didn’t hear about wedding/birth did I miss something, and failed to send a gift?”

        The joys of sleep deprivation and caffeine+blood sugar not being enough…

        1. BTW: the picture accompanying your Christmas post is enchanting — so beautiful and sweet. So take some of those hugs I sent and share them with that precious gift.

  8. Looks at title of blog. Blinks. Looks at title again. Hmm. Are you sure you want to claim that? 😆
    (I know, that is making too much of random capitalization. 😉 )

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