The Elephants


It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room.  By which I DO NOT mean older son who self-identifies as an elephant.

So the “migrant” caravan.

There are a bunch of disjointed thoughts, disjointed partly because I didn’t sleep well.  I have some weird symptoms, like I’m coming down with something, which makes me wonder if I forgot my thyroid yesterday afternoon (it often gives me symptoms like the flu is descending) so I slept in two hour increments, after turning into a pumpkin short of 9 pm.  (Yes, I’m finishing the cover.  Yes, I’ll be better at posting at instapundit.)

Partly they’re disjointed, because I have so much to say once you start talking about, oh, immigration and assimilation, and in this case, because that is the very big thing, leftist ideas there of.

I’m trying to assemble that into one or possibly three columns for PJ.  But in general here are some thoughts:

  • The internationalist left doesn’t get that it’s not just “white” countries (or western ones) that are nationalist.  Their idea that the brownz people shall conquer the world ignores the fact of Spanish Supremacy (very much racial) that infects South America (and anything South of the US.)  NO ONE who has come in contact with a Spanish-derived culture can ignore this.  Most of us get what “La Raza” means.  But the left has more blindspots on race than anything else, and one of them is on nationalism.  They decided that nationalism was white supremacy was Naziism.  This, mostly to ignore the fact that Nazis unpersoned people because they were socialists.  Now it’s a subconscious belief and so they’ll never “get” how wrong this insanity is.  I wonder if they even SEE or understand that the caravan is carrying Honduran flags.
  • Race.  Ooh, boy, RACE.  Gramsci convinced these idiots that unlike the disappointing Western peasants other races were NATURALLY communist/socialist.  So the left is fully invested in replacing every white person with someone who can tan, because then communism will automagically happen
    This is at the back of their obsession with “demographic replacement” for countries like the US.
    Being enormous racists they don’t even understand Latin cultures are not naturally communist or socialist.  They only see what they want to see.  Latin cultures are basically and still the outposts of Rome (and sometimes Rome’s bloody borders) with mostly hereditary families governing under the guise of being voted in.  As far as power of the rich, they’re far, far worse than the US and more like feudal systems than capitalism.  But that don’t make them socialist. Something only socialists can ignore.
    And then wrap up in race.
    This belief that melanin equals communitarian thought is why they keep claiming people like Thomas Sowell — or me, but you know, I’m not even worthy to be in the same sentence — are white or at least race traitors.
    It’s so stupid, so imbecilic, so infantile only the indoctrinated could believe it.  And they believe it because they don’t know the origins of the idea and never examined it.  They just internalized it as part of their subconscious assumptions.
  • How bad is this going to get? What are we going to have to do to defend the borders? What will we have to do to our neighbors to the South to stop this sh*t? Will the left ever “get” it?

But more importantly, and no one is covering this: Why don’t the journalists and leftists understand that this concocted crisis and concocted narrative makes no sense?
Do they think refugees just materialize out of nowhere, for no reason?  What do they think these people are running from and why?

I know they keep interviewing people who say they’re running from “oppression” and “economic hardship” and “intolerable conditions” but are they out of their mind to believe this would spontaneously form a caravan?

We actually KNOW what causes caravans (more like columns) of migrants and refugees.

Sudden invasions.  Total and SUDDEN economic collapse (and for this, Venezuela counts as sudden.)  Real and sudden intolerable conditions.  Natural disasters.

When it’s impossible to remain where you are — and consider how far it has to go to make people think it’s impossible.  Think Venezuela — people grab essentials and families and GO.

Post World War Two, during (mostly) the Soviet “liberation”, people leaving Germany.  During World War Two, refugees leaving places the Germans invaded. Jews leaving Germany (the reason my mom calls a 30s design of overcoat a “refugee coat.”) under the Nazis.  People escaping the East when the wall fell.

Refugees form columns not on purpose, but because they’re all headed the same way, starting at about the same time because that’s when they couldn’t delay anymore.  They carry the absolute minimum.  They do not cover 100 miles in a day (which, yes, this “caravan” has done.)  And they do not — repeat NOT, not even under the German invasion or while escaping Eastern Europe —  carry the flag of the country they’re escaping, or burn the flag of the country towards which they’re traveling.

I don’t know if the left is confused by their own insistence on calling Muslim immigrants “refugees.” BUT caravans are not normal ways to run away from anything, and if you get help it’s usually a hunk of stale bread from a nearby person, not trucks to convey you during the night.

This bizarre sham is a leftist pilgrimage, complete with the hagiography of Marxist icons, like flags of third world countries and people spouting Marxism for the cameras, and Marxist rituals like burning the American flag.

Let’s call it what it is: a Marxist crusade.  And let’s treat it accordingly.  Your freedom of religion doesn’t give you the right to violate US laws.

Also, while at it, and I’m putting this here AND in PJ because I want my marker down ahead of time: if they get to the border and there’s ANY confrontation, a pregnant woman will get shot.

How do I know that? Aren’t there way more men than women, and aren’t only some women pregnant? Aren’t the odds staggeringly against it?

I know it because EVERY TIME there’s a big confrontation staged by communists (and the left are ultimately that) a pregnant woman gets shot.  Since it’s so against the odds, I think that if needed the left shoots the pregnant woman themselves.  But I learned this through countless incidents.  EVERY TIME.  And then there’s hagiography built around this woman and the left advances a bit more.

My advance condolences to the family of the woman who’ll get shot, and remember you read it here first and it’s not an accident and not anyone’s fault but the communists who need blood sacrifice to advance the sacred “cause.

Perhaps instead we should take their sacrifice of a symbol of the future for a measure of their true intentions for the world.

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            1. My morning newsfeed is full of stuff like “Late Night Comedian Casts Shade on Trump” as if it was an important headline.

              1. Wasn’t there a bingo scorecard once about what the news would put as a headline if it wanted to avoid bringing attention to something far, far more important? I reckon it’s regional, given that the Kardashians … may not quite have the influence on TV here.

    1. I suspect they have built up some mighty fine calluses; they have been up to pounding the table for years now.

      It isn’t just here in the U.S., and it isn’t just the press that is deliberately ignoring facts. Look at what happened in England to Sarah Champion, the Labour MP from Rotherham. The party saw fit to remove her from her seat on the front bench when she dared to mention which ethnic group that was involved in the organized child rape gangs in the nation.

    2. Goddamn it, it’s past time we stopped pretending these third world kleptocracies had any legitimacy, restarted good old Paternalistic Colonialism, and generally kicked ass. And the Left would severally and collectively have aneurysms, so there is no DOWN side, per se….

      1. The problem is that Paternalistic Colonialism requires an ability to turn a profit. The British Empire was all about trade with China and India…the rest of it was control of key choke points.

        1. If we put the amount of money we currently pound down the ‘foreign aid’ rathole into governing these places directly, I think we could introduce basic infrastructure AND possibly save money.

          But I’m a grouch. I’d be all for shooting insurgents, and somehow I don’t think that would fly……

          1. Basic infrastructure is not the problem in these places. It’s culture. And that requires a larger investment in time than in money, I think.

            1. And foreign aid (ie, international welfare) just makes the cultural problems worse and worse.

            2. In a way, basic infrastructure is part of the problem. In times of political turmoil, basic infrastructure either draws armed bands who want the infrastructure, or raids by armed bands who want to deny infrastructure to their enemies.

              1. You could do enough in 40 years to turn the main governance over to them, but you would have to be ruthless to anyone who tried to push back with whatever the “old ways” of the country were. Also, take over the education completely and install a solidly Western education system, say, approximately what was the norm in the US a hundred or so years ago.

            3. Basic infrastructure may not be the problem, but it is almost always either lacking or badly made and unreliable. We can only change the culture gradually by example. We can fix the goddamned water supply so that leeches no longer come out of the pipes right f*cking NOW.

              But the real difficulty is that much of what ails the Third World is a lack of modern industry, especially in farming. The West has seen forested areas increase enormously in the last century, because we are making more wealth on less land. That’s the Industrial Revolution. And the Progressive Left Establishment HATES it. See, wealthy people don’t look to Progressive Left @ssholes for salvation.

              1. The lack of industry is part of the culture. “Protestant Work Ethic” being one of the main components, along with property rights (who works hard when someone can just come along and take it from you?), impartial justice and some measure of individualism (moving away from tribalism).

      2. You really don’t want a return to Paternalistic Colonialism. You basically wind up with Iraq or Afghanistan, but with spending even more lives and money… and you still get a corrupt kleptocracy.

        1. Part of Paternalistic Colonialism is that the locals don’t really get a say. Government is provided by the Colonial Office, who governs fairly and wisely while trying to nudge the locals toward Civilization.

          The problem is that the voyage to Civilization takes generations. You’re trying to reform the culture, which isn’t easy.

          1. We tried that with the Philippines, we realized that as a nation we had no stomach for it pretty much as soon as we started.

            Frankly, the current systems works out just as well for us. We spend less on the military and we get to enjoy trade with pretty much everyone, rather than our colonial territories.

            1. Gotta say though, thanks for the education. No seriously – public schools, and the concept of ‘education for everyone, including the poor’ was very much spread by Americans.

              At present though, we’ve got the Chinese looking to take up what America has, rather understandably, no stomach for. And what they’ve got planned is very likely to resemble economic serfdom…

        2. Unless you kill enough to fill a shoebox with the survivors, and put them on a reservation to starve or die of alcohol.

        3. The fundamental difference between Colonialism and what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan is that with Colonialism you don’t have the pious pretense that we are not goddamned running things.

      1. Some of it is speculation, but it is time to put the USAID and probably the Peace Corps et al down.

  1. Something very interesting I learned when I read Peter Massy’s biography of Peter the Great (highly recommend, yes it is a tome) was the origin of the much-touted Russian peasants’ collective. Peter Romanov forced it on the serfs as a way to ensure tax collections. Independent serfs and some free peasants were forced into villages and the entire village given the tax bill. One person leaves, everyone else had to pay more to make for the loss. “Peasant communism” was not a native tradition of the Slavs, despite what I grew up reading in pro-left histories and fiction.

    Did some American Indian groups insist on sharing certain resources? Sure, because if it was “everyone is a little hungry” versus “most of us starve to death” it made sense as a survival practice. And then it got turned into chains by some of the Indian tribal leaders, aided by Anglo fans of the Noble Savage.

    1. Communities supporting each other is nothing new. The idea that it is a good thing to go out of your way to help someone harmed theough no fault of own reaches back pre new testament. But there is a difference between helping those harmed by external and those that self sabotage. The latter group poisons the community and breaks it down, in addition to being a platform for sociopaths to get power.

    2. I can’t seem to find any such author. (Well, there is a Peter Massey, but all his books are trail guides and the like.) Do you perhaps mean “Peter the Great: His Life and World” by Robert K. Massie?

        1. Yes. Slaves and serfs were very different, but not exactly (ah, Russia’s just gotta be different). Peter ended slavery in part because slaves did not pay taxes, nor were their owners required to pay taxes on them.

          1. Also they did not have to go into government service if they were in the noble class. A law was in fact passed forbidding them to sell themselves into slavery for that reason.

      1. Yes. Sorry. I’ve been running a little “odd” today between the weather and things at Day Job being really odd. (Standardized tests, open house, Halloween, full moon, rain…)

    3. “Did some American Indian groups insist on sharing certain resources? Sure, because if it was “everyone is a little hungry” versus “most of us starve to death” it made sense as a survival practice.”

      What the left doesn’t point out is that was within specific tribes. Not like they shared across the board. Sure a stranger or two might be helped. But give out their scarce resources to every other large group that was in worse situation? uhhh, no. Hell no.

      Why. It is one thing for scarce resources to be shared for common survival. It is different if sharing just means “we all starve to death together.”

      Who determines who doesn’t starve to death when sharing to all means everyone starves? The people who are sharing, they get to decide. Period. End of story.

  2. Can’t Like This Post.

    Not because I disagree with Sarah but because I’m extremely pissed off by the shit-holes who organized (and paid for) this invasion and extremely pissed off at the shit-holes who support this invasion.

    I think Sarah may have missed that pictures of this invasion show a high percentage of “military aged men” who been destroying border fences and attacking people trying to stop the invasion.

    The people behind this invasion deserve killing. 😡

          1. I was already thinking that before I saw your post this morning. I mean, it’s almost like this whole scenario is designed so that Trump will look like the monster the Left has been claiming he is for 2 years by enforcing the borders.

            I’ll save you all what the more paranoid side of myself thinks about this and the Left’s possible motives for wanting thousands of military age young men to enter the country.

            1. More than small part of me thinks that it’s an attachment to impending impeachment as well. “He broke international refugee law” or “he shot refugees” and so on. No different than when villagers were driven in front of armies to clear minefields.

              1. Yep! Though I’m not familiar with ‘international refugee law’, I very much doubt there is a clause in it that will allow 14,000+ to just decide that they want to immigrate to another country without the other country getting a say in the matter.

                1. Thinking something like failure to provide necessities for life or similar if not tagged and released.

                  Doesn’t have to be true. The entire refugee status is a crock unless the entirety of the continent south of the US is refugee country. But the media is very good at the big lie technique by their compatriot Goebbels

                  1. Last I checked we’re not actually responsible for citizens of foreign countries. Yah, we frequently go out of our way to help in times of crisis, but this is entirely different.

                    I don’t see a way this ends without some ‘great’ media footage. At least by great if you mean sacrificing people from 3rd world countries to advance your agenda. Someone really needs to figure out a way to follow the money and figure out who exactly is behind this mess.

                    1. and figure out who exactly is behind this mess…
                      And prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

                    2. What do you do if it is the Pope? (Perhaps he is more troubled by American Catholics than he lets on. Otherwise he’d have to be nuts.)

                    3. If it is the Pope, offer him the choice of retiring or suffering the consequences. Due to its historic importance, I’d prefer not to bomb the Vatican, but needs must.

              2. When, in actuality, he should be impeached if he lets this force invade the country – it would be a clear dereliction of one of his prime duties under the Constitution.

                1. Couldn’t agree more! It’s the stopping them without ending up with quite a few bodies that’s going to be interesting. I don’t even want them to set foot in the country to be processed and evicted.

                  1. Would be one thing if it was a case of take in custody, stay at temporary camp, get abbreviated evaluation, processing in a week or two for the vast majority. But as soon as one foot on soil or even just in US custody or nominal care the invaders get free lawyers, five or six appeals, can’t stay confined if they promise to show up, etc.

                    Sorry, the entire system is broken and the people that can fix it don’t want to.

                    1. We should build large camps for them in the red counties of states both red and blue. And keep ’em there and round up illegals and keep ’em there, too. Come census time, they all count there.

                2. If we had a constitution that was actually followed, or even understood by populace, yes. But we don’t. Haven’t my entire life

            2. ISTR that once they start across Mexico, they are no longer refugees per international law. You only get to go to a place of safety – free from the dangers of the conflict or disaster that set you in motion. If they don’t apply for asylum in Mexico but continue on, then not refugees.

              1. Yes. Supposed to find shelter in first safe country. But the fig leaf is that Mexico is riddled with crime and poverty, the two reasons fleeing. Since no concrete cause there is no concrete termination

                1. Insty had a report saying that Mexico has offered the members of the convoy refugee status, not many have taken them up on it.

                  1. ISTR that about 1900 of them had applied for refugee status in Mexico. If that number is correct (and the count of 7000 total in the current “caravan” is also correct) then that’s 27% of the total number; call it one out of four. Which means 1/4 of the caravan was real refugees who just wanted to go anywhere else, while 3/4 of them don’t actually care about escaping from wherever they were, they want to get into the US. (The difference between “running from” and “running to“).

                    1. There’s reporting about Bangladeshi military aged males being openly in the mix, and lots of pointers to MS-13 making up a bunch of the enforcer-types keeping things moving north, so a deal between, say, ISIS and MS-13 to move middle-eastern fighters now excess in Syria would explain much.

                      Maybe we can get Mexico to improve the wall on their southern border. Maybe they would pay for that one.

                    2. JudicialWatch also reported that there were what looked like African men in the mix.

                      With the bombings being buried in the financial news of the site…


                      I look at that and think “I see so much siege-breaking tactics there… Bomb the inside, cause confusion, the frontal assault gains some advantage…”

                    3. We know that some of them claim to be from Bangladesh. Assuming that isn’t a cover story, coming from Iran or Afghanistan wouldn’t be much harder.

    1. Yes. Whoever is behind this; whoever is financing it should be held accountable.

      Wouldn’t it be nice to see them charged for any harm that befalls the people who they have enticed into this venture? Charge as accessories to any crimes committed by members of the caravan? Seize their assets in order to reimburse the costs of monitoring and processing the caravan? Doubt it will happen. Still, it is nice to think of.

          1. Treason has pretty firm requirements.
            But I’m sure there’s laws about inciting an invasion. And there’s racketeering, human trafficking, material support to terrorists………

              1. I would say “Thank God.”, but really we should thank the founders daily if not hourly.

          2. Some of the funders may not be Americans and out of reach of US Law.

            1. The out of country funders can be considered to engaging in an Act of War against the United States.

              1. I have literally seen people saying that if the government shoots them while they are in Mexico, we are — OH NOES — committing an act of war against Mexico.

        1. Killing them and it is over and done in a moment.  People will forget the example quickly, and the taxpayers will be left holding the bag for costs.

          Make them suffer.  Fine them, take away their money and use it towards the costs incurred.  Try them for their crimes, including aiding and abetting.  Then extradite them to Mexico and points south to be tried for their crimes there, but only after seizing their funds so they will have to face the full and tender mercy of the justice systems of those countries as experienced by the average person. 

          1. Dead and they won’t make anymore trouble.

            Further punishment is in G*d’s Hands.

            They won’t be able to buy “mercy” from Him.

      1. Seen in the crappy CNN feed here at work: “Campbell’s says George Soros is not behind financing the Refugee Column”
        Yes the soup people, according to the headline.
        cue Darth Vader.

                1. Some of Campbell’s canned soups make decent ingredients. My mother’s spaghetti sauce gets a fair amount of punch by using Campbell’s Beef Stock and not diluting it. And there’s a hamburger casserole made with Campbell’s onion soup that is pretty good.

                  1. I might try that Beef Stock trick. The Old Family Recipe passed down to me uses tomato sauce, BBQ sauce, and a range of other ingredients…I particularly favor a dash of hot mustard.

              1. + 1000. I have canned soups in the pantry as emergency rations (cycled every food drive). Otherwise, there are none that I cannot make easily. Although some that the family has to whine for a while for me to make, because I consider them inedible…

        1. I would think that the question is not if there are transfers to the individuals in the caravan, but rather if there have been transfers to the organizations that planned and put this together.

  3. In possibly related news, CNN got evacuated and morons on Twitter are throwing around “false flag” and “Fort Sumter”.

    Interesting times.

    1. Sadly I could completely see someone on the fringes of right or sanity doing it but I’m surprised it took this long. Attacks, arsons and intimidation have been ongoing against right for years and have only been encouraged. Don’t think any repub senator or rep has called for punishing enemies and worst I remember from Trump was to fight back if attacked using the least charitable interpretation. Not that anyone will know given how it’ll be reported.

          1. Eh, since seen a number alleged from soros to communist news to wasserman schultz I wouldn’t be surprised. There is a pretty heady undercurrent of anger in general out there in political circles and quickly spreading.

            Not sure if was even possibly effective or the same as the baby powder envelope methods.

          2. I can see it being that.
            But I suspect the more likely is “kook” (or ‘fame seeker’, but such is a type of kook in the extreme) simply using what seems to be a simple ‘cover’ for the immediate term.

            1. In the near future, if it disappears, leftoids false flag, or nutter expecting them to have done more.
              Gifford’s level nutjob, blame the right anyhow.
              Actually “Right”, 24/7 blame Trump and the rest of us not a leftoids for being uncivil.
              Scalise? Who’s he?

              1. Hell, even if it is leftoid they’re still gonna be screaming murder. As far as the democrats, media, and government is concerned, only democrats have the right to safety. We have the right to die and nothing more.

                1. There are a host of potential suspects for the mail bomb spree. Turkey, Iran China, other Jihadists, radical leftists who think the Dems are not radical left enough, loony righttists. It could be the Russians. This kind of “stunt” to sow chaos and division on the eve of an election is right out of the Russia/Soviet playbook, and I could see Putin leaking something on the eve of election tying Russia to it (but not verifiale, and even if Russia is not involved) simply to try to get Democrats elected so that it paralyzes the US until the 2020 election-two years where Putin can have free reign (this applies to other players as well for the most part).

                  The big difference is the uniform vocal condemnation from Republicans as compared to the Democrats excusing and endorsing attacks on political opponents (remember their reaction to Rep. Scalise getting shot and the mass assasination attempt by a Bernie supporter-even that was “Trump’s fault” for rejecting Democratic Party policies.).

                  1. The concern is making sure it’s heard. Currently you have senators calling for Trump to grovel before CNN and never admit they lie again (in more politicese). Meanwhile Scalise was off the front page in 24 hrs, Paul’s never made it, nor the arsons, rocks, attempted stabbing, and more.

                    Again, in a sane world or country the reps would be wondering the size of the supermajority coming in senate and house. Instead we’re wondering if it will hold. Meanwhile two gubernatorial candidates with ethics issues are running well, an activist that burned the US flag and called her state a meth lab is as well.

                    We don’t live in a sane world

                2. Already doing that – a Clintonista has gone on record that “even if it turns out to be the most liberal person in the country” – it is Trump’s fault.

                  Both the timing and some of the reported circumstances / events are ringing alarm bells in my head. (Note, “reported” has to be defined as “may or may not be factual.”)

                  1. I don’t disagree completely. But could also use the fibbie method of spin someone up and get them to do something bad to catch.

                    The mood is there for it.

                    1. Yep. I am completely reserving judgement (as it does not change how I am planning to vote, or encourage others to vote).

                      The fact is, even assuming the most honest, the most competent, the most motivated LEO agencies possible – there will be no more actual information on these incidents until after the midterms.

                  2. It’s always the other guy’s (Trump’s!) fault. No matter who does the crime it’s just “look what you made me do!”

                    Same as any other abusive dynamic.

                    1. Note how there is absolutely no info on who sent the devices, Twitter is trending #MAGABomber, thereby basically proclaiming that it was Trump and Trump supporters. Given the Democrats mantra, annunciated by Harry Reid “hey it worked, didn’t it”, it is really not implausible that someone on the left/Democratic side did this as a way to influence the election, because anything is deemed justified to “stop Trump”.

      1. Nope. Conservatives are biased against political violence. For all the talk about resisting a tyrant, the truth is that the Right is more likely to grit its teeth and campaign hard in the next election.

        1. Most of it, ya. You have some yahoos, and this is a one man type job. But ya, won’t find mobs of right wing kicking people.

      2. Finally heard the rest of it. Jeez. This is not cool, whoever is doing this. Not what the country needs just before an election.

        1. I don’t discount it. But its definitely an open potential, especially something like a par schizophrenic who latches onto it. Or someone that can be blamed on the right like McVeigh.

          Looking at the photos, it’s either someone in tenuous contact with reality or whose exposure to bombs is media based.

        2. This looks to be one. Granted if they are correct he is a repeat felon with previous history of terrorist threats. Guess maybe could have had voting right restored but since reportedly out on probation I tend to doubt.

          But he had right wing leanings so it’s gonna be the running theme until the dems sweep midterms

    2. Redstate says that it was mailbombs, and that ones of similar construction were found addressed to Clinton, Obama and others. Plus another who streiff didn’t know whether or not was similar to the others. Return address was office of former DNC head DWS.

    3. From what I’ve heard, the apparent pipe bomb at CNN was specifically sent to John Brennen. Make of that what you will.

      Also, people are reporting (Twitchy has more) that the item sent to Brennen has what *might* (and I emphasize *MIGHT*) be an ISIS flag on it. But it’s difficult to tell due to a number of factors – not the least of which is that only a small part of the possible flag is visible.

      In short, we don’t know anything yet, and it’ll likely be at least a little while before we do.

    4. After seeing the widely reported pics, first thing I posted about the bombs was- they’re fake. Wires going in both ends. Gonna turn out to be like hate crimes- if it weren’t for the fake ones, would there be any?

      And turns out EOD types agree with my original assessment.

      Unless proof comes in elsewise, false flag is the best description. If it were a serious bombing attempt- the bomber would have built bombs that exploded, not fakes that look like bombs to the unknowing.

      1. That Soros’ “employee” [security guard?], opened the package, said, “Hmm, bomb,” and carried it out into the woods, really made me wonder when I first heard about that one. Either the person knew it was fake, or they are trying hard for a Darwin Award nomination.

          1. Ah, no. The stamps (at least on the CNN package) are cancelled. Take a look at the bottom of the stamps in a magnified view (one link:

            Notice the line of dots across every one of them? That is becoming more common with automated systems to do the cancellation / detect cancelled stamps. I think it’s a laser system, but can’t find a link on that, unfortunately.

            The receiving PO mark (which used to, and still does for a lot of POs, do double duty as a stamp cancellation) is probably on the back of the envelope.

        1. That has me scratching the head, too. A competent security guard would have backed away and ordered a house evacuation while calling the bomb squad. (The whole house, due to the risk of fire if it went off – if the size is comparable to the CNN bomb, and had the typical filler of domestic terrorisim, it might take out a good sized room, no more.) If he has incompetent security guards – why is he still breathing?

          The only plausible scenario that I can think of is one of the domestic staff, one who is from a s*ithole where this is an every day occurrence, and has an Ins’Allah attitude.

          Elsewhere, I saw a good comment, that it is very unlikely that the Soros compounds just take their mail out of a box on the drive and bring it into the house without screening it. Soros has a lot of enemies. Although I wouldn’t be surprised, considering the ways in which he made and grows his fortune, if the majority of those enemies have little to do with his ideology. Again, if they are that careless, why is he still breathing?

    5. Of course it is a false flag. If YOU got a pipe bomb in the mail, would you pull it out and take photographs of it from multiple angles? Or would you evacuate the room? CNN took photos. Not one quick snapshot as they fled the room; multiple photos. From multiple angles. They knew it wasn’t going to explode.

      Also, the bomb apparently has a “get ‘er’ done” sticker with ‘mudflap’ lady silhouettes on it in fake ISIS style. Remember the Instapundit stories about how conservatives can predict leftist positions on topics, but leftists have this cartoonish strawman set of predictions about what conservatives are really like? This isn’t a real bomb (according to the autists on the Chans and Reddit, the ‘clock’ that seems to be the timer… on a mail bomb?… doesn’t even have an alarm function.) and it doesn’t look at all like a right-wing nutjob’s fake bomb… but it DOES look like some Leftist’s cartoon delusion of what a right wing bomb would look like.

      So, “I’m a dumb hick terrorist” stickers on a bomb that can’t explode, and CNN is not afraid to handle and take multiple photos of it from multiple angles… sure seems to be more evidence of a Flase Flag than of a real attack to me.

    6. A man’s apparently been arrested. Lives in Florida, has a history of making terrorist threats. And has a van literally covered in pro-Trump pictures and stickers.

        1. Someone posted pictures that they’d taken of the van in at a stoplight, supposedly back in April (because it was such a weird looking sight). The pictures are up over at the PJM blog (they were posted on a Twitter page, iirc).

          Now whether the pictures were really taken in April is anyone’s guess. But it appears that the van has actually been driven in traffic while looking like that.

          1. On the other hand, even though he registered with the Republican Party back in 2016, the only people that he follows on Twitter are Progs.

            1. And more fun!

              If you haven’t yet heard, apparently he *should* be in prison after being detained multiple times by the Broward County Sheriff’s Department. But he cut sweetheart deals with them every single time.


              1. Wait – Broward county of the “we couldn’t possibly do anything about the guy who later went on to shoot up a school” fame?

  4. Thought: Marxists/Socialists will use whatever will move more people into their control. If it is a distrust of the church, hammer that. If it is a vague feeling of guilt build upon it. If it is a feeling of hopelessness promise solutions, even if you have none. The only thing about which they are consistent is their desire to take control of MORE of the world.

  5. I’ve never really worried about armed conflict starting in the States because your average American ne-bourgeoisie leftist has never had any interest in going up against anybody he thinks can and will shoot back. They have too much to lose and martyrdom isn’t part of the mindset.

    For the first time in years, this worries me, because even if the worst-case possibilities of support and strategy are true, most of the people in this group have been drawn from backgrounds unlikely to share this keen appreciation for self-preservation. And once shooting starts for any reason it is a great deal easier to keep it going.

    1. This worries me, too. Here’s the logic chain my brain builds.
      1) Progressives think everyone in a group thinks alike.
      2) These illegal aliens are progressive allies in destroying the current order, therefore they think like progressives.
      3) Therefore it’s completely safe to let them in, no violence will happen.
      4) Any number of these aliens get in, violence does happen.
      5) Sane people defend themselves and/or the border.
      6) Progressives commit lawfare against “those horrible deplorables” for not wanting to turn over their money/children/lives to invaders.
      7) A critical mass of sanity and desperation realizes they cannot deal with progressives with logic, or even self-preservation.
      8) Armed conflict ensues.

      …I’d love it if things got headed off by sane Mexican and American leaders before 4. I’m not counting on it.

      1. The corollary to 2 and 3 is that the folks making the decisions by and large would never have to interact with any of the migrants. The most would be their lawn care and maids. Meanwhile deplorables see their hometown going from Mayberry to Tijuana and they are the bad ones.

        1. Yes, this exactly. The Ruling Class have plenty of cheap domestic help, and a class of obedient voters.
          The middle and working class see their own communities – schools, hospitals, neighborhoods wrecked – as you say, “turned from Mayberry to Tujuana.” And called racists when they have the temerity to notice and object, which adds insult to injury.

          1. Problem is that so far, other than the abortive attempt at amnesty in 06, what could any of the peons do? Any direct action, even in defense is made evil, direct acts of harm by invaders against subjects are ignored both unofficially by lack of investigation and officially by charging reporting parties or just letting guilty off. And whether or not there is stomach for the necessary actions for these invasions I highly doubt. Even refugee camps with dedicated judges for status would be too evil. So the US has no land border with the basket cases of South America.

            1. what could any of the peons do?
              What we should have done more frequently in the last 100 years: provide for direct, harsh, physical feedback to those who would take away our Republic.

      1. And when it really was people with all their goods and kids moving into areas that had been somewhat depopulated (Plague of Justinian, post-Roman climate downturn).

  6. I worked for a company owned by a Spanish company way back in the day in California. My bosses were good men (yes, all men) but the management resembled the colonization of central and south America. Spanish bosses flew in, ran the company for a few years, flew home, and were replaced by new Spanish bosses. Yes, sometimes an American could “move up” but in general terms the opportunities to do so were just not there. Rotating Spanish Bosses. How long after the conquistadors and nothing much changed?

    So yeah, really… same families in charge. Patronage systems. Every place settled with Spanish influence runs on Patronage systems.

    1. That was the main complaint with various Japanese “transplant” companies moving into the US in the ’80s and ’90s. Gaijin were okay are supervisors and foremen, but management all rotated out of Japan.

      And note the Democratic system runs heavily to patronage and inherited offices.

      1. It was similar when I worked for British Petroleum. No American bosses until they merged with Sohio. So I suspect that’s standard for a foreign owned and operated company when they operate in a country foreign to them.

        1. Company, very small, I retired from has just been sold by the owner to a Canadian Company, official take over date if 2019/01/01. Technically the son-in-law is suppose to stay on for local management; he was the one that was suppose to inherit management without the selling-out.

          The news isn’t suppose to be spread outside of the company. Too bad that wasn’t noted when the original email went out (yes I got it seperately through a few sources, via text, not through company resources) … what are they going to do “fire me?” 😉 😉

          Companies involved – csscams (dot) com & valsoftcorp (dot) com

          Supposedly “nothing will change” except who is managing the finances. Eugene office will remain as well as the two working in Redmond & Colorado will remain in place.

          Number of interesting side notes. 1) At least 3 of the 8 programmers/support are over 65 (if not 70); including the one in Colorado, plus their main library core direction senor programmer. Three of the remaining 5 have been with the company less than 3 years. 2) Software is a Cost Accounting system for governmental agencies. Primarily on the west coast & was trending into tribal reservations. Reason for limitation – boss/owner wouldn’t fly; not that there weren’t inquiries from farther afield. 3) not only is the technology being used, extremely old, but most of the seats have never been legal. 4) No female employees. None, zip, nada

          Be interesting to see what happens.

  7. It’s not really communist/socialist anymore. That at least aimed at communalizing things at least in name. Today it’s more just punishing enemies and taking their things. It’s closer to the idea of barbarian raids where everything was stolen, used up and destroyed. No reason for them to not assume that their victims won’t just start over and build up enough of a stockpile for them to come back. So far that’s been safeish in some nations but not in others. And given just how things going now, I expect to probably be worse than the current worst at least by percentage.

  8. There isn’t a liberal or Democrat alive who’s actually for open borders. It’s all “Trump wants a wall, REEEEE!” and then demanding the opposite. The only open border people ever have been libertarians or similar sorts and even most of them insist that “wouldn’t work in present circumstances, but here’s how it *would* work…”

    And now Trump says he’s a “nationalist”, he believes in nations? So like trained dogs the opposition will insist that nations are BadEvil and should be destroyed.

    “Make America Great Again.”
    “America was Never Great!!! REEEEE!”

    1. Eh, there is a good chunk that wants a bigger underclass that will support them and figure that open physical borders is the best way since so much of South America has struggled under marxist styled rhetoric. Figure that open physical borders makes that easiest. Same as how the very poor and racial groups are expected to be good lil democrat drones and by and large are. Overseas immigration more a business thing, especially for the tech class that runs the demo party in some aspects.

    2. This is anecdotal on my part, but I know liberals who are all about open borders and think that anyone who doesn’t support that are just racists. The only reason they don’t know that I’m mostly libertarian and I support a strict immigration policy is because my mother taught me better than to talk politics at work.

  9. So, word is that a second “caravan” has formed. And I’ve heard a report or two in the last twenty-four hours that the first “caravan” has been stealing food and other supplies from the local communities that they’ve passed through.

    I wonder if the local communities will come up with some creative responses for when the second caravan arrives? Mexico keeps its citizens disarmed (since the government is never as secure as it tries to look), but people can find ways to work around that problem.

    1. What happens when some enterprising soul sets up a bunch of IEDs along the route? That could get ugly *really* fast

      1. Maybe we could outsource border defense to some former DDR types. They did a fair job of walling a whole country in two…

        They didn’t need a 30-foot wall; most of it was just a lane defined by barbed wire, land mines, and guard towers.

        We have a whole lot of TSA that could be usefully deployed sitting in guard towers instead of harassing people at airports.

        1. A wall is nothing without the will to defend it. And if the will is there, a few strands of barbed wire will do for a wall.

        2. Well, they *are* the Transportation Security Administration. So, they should secure the transportation of these folks right back home.

  10. wonder if I forgot my thyroid

    Since my short-term memory (Eg, “Why did I just go to this room?”) sucks, I’ve found that 7-day pill cases work wonders. I have one for morning, one for night, and a new one for mealtimes. Sigh.

    Since one of the meds could kill me if I overdose, and the condition it treats could kill me if I underdose, I found the containers to be A Very Good Idea. They’re cheap, too.

    1. There are some fancy ones with timers and beepers; the compartment for the appropriate med only opens when it’s time to take it. Some of them will re-lock if the compartment isn’t emptied within a certain time window.

      They’re normally used for forgetful people, so their caregivers can tell if they’ve skipped a med, but they can also be useful if you’re the type to get distracted by what you’re doing, don’t set an alarm to wake up from a nap, etc.

      1. Actually had the guy sitting next to me in our training today with one of those. He beeped periodically, and he fished this thing out (on a cord around his neck) and took out the appropriate pill.

        It seemed very handy.

        1. A friend of mine was a transplant recipient. His anti-rejection drugs required a strict schedule. Other drugs made him sleep. So he got one of the alarm boxes for his pills.

  11. Many of you likely remember Naomi Wu, the young Chinese woman who had the misfortune to have a nasty run in with Vice magazine. With the loss of her Patreon account, she’s been using the income from a YouTube channel to subsidize the projects that she does for her videos.

    Funny thing, though – on October 8, which was also coincidentally the day that she posted her most recent video, the number of views of her videos reported by YouTube essentially flatlined. There was a huge spike in viewers on October 3 (which was a few days after she posted her previous video), and numbers reduced following that. But she posted the figures for the last 90 days to her Twitter feed, and she identifies the 8th as the day that her viewing numbers dropped to their lowest during that period. And I’m not talking “there was a spike, but numbers have dropped to where they normally are” low. I’m talking “this is lower than any of the other low points during the 90 day period” low. And they’ve stayed there.

    Her suspicion is that YouTube is playing games of some sort with her numbers.

    Also, a number of people on her Twitter feed have reported that they’d subscribed to her YouTube channel. But after her post, they double-checked and discovered that somehow they’d become unsubscribed.

      1. When viable alternatives to those develop and people naturally move away from the existing ones, then you’ll have room to talk. But until then…

        That’s why I don’t use Google. There are other viable search engines, and I use Bing instead (/cue snarky comments about how Microsoft is just as bad). And even though it’s probably the second most popular search engine around, I *CONSTANTLY* get odd looks and comments from people when they see that I don’t use Google for my searches. Smug comments about not using the on-line applications of these organizations ignores the fact that if you’re involved with on-line content – particularly if you’re trying to do something that involves monetization of your content – you don’t currently have much of a choice in the matter. You have to go where the eyeballs are. And currently, those eyeballs are with the sites you listed.

        Turn Vimeo into the “killer app” online channel, and then I’ll take your comments about YouTube seriously.

          1. I also use Duck. I started using it because Google lost their “don’t”. I keep using it because, like old OpenOffice, the programers think closely to the way I think. So if you stopped upgrading OOo at 3.1, Duck may very well be written for your brain.

            The only thong I don’t like is how wikipedia is always the first result. I never want wikipedia. Like, maybe, once every six months will wikipedia tell me what I want.

            1. Bing and Google (on the rare times when I use the latter) almost always list Wikipedia first, as well. I suspect that the reason why is a combination of search engine optimization, and that a lot of people visit Wikipedia. And when people perform a particular search, and the same site gets visited a lot, I suspect that the search engine algorithms make a note of that.

              So until people stop using Wikipedia, it’s going to stay near the top. And since it’s near the top, people will keep using it. It’s a vicious cycle. But then again, pretty much everything involving popular on-line sites seems to get caught up in that.

            2. I switched to DDG from Bing a while ago, and like it. If it’s current cultural stuff (episode guide to NCIS, f’rinstance), I’ll use Wikipedia, but my default is to use Infogalactic. This is especially true for topics that are going to be SJW related…

        1. I have some students who grumble because I don’t use G00gleClassroom, which means they can’t access all the class materials remotely. Given how much Alphabet does to ensure intellectual property rights, there’s no way I will use G-Classroom unless I am forced to by the administration at DayJob.

          1. Microsoft has a similar classroom/meeting option, although it doesn’t link with (for example) Khan Academy.

            Do they want assignments, or the whole lecture, or what?

              1. I would think that what they really wanted would be information such as: Will this be on the test and/or midterm and/or final? What level of detail on this subject will you require from me at each stage?

                  1. But that requires work …. and … and … and thinking! What do you expect? That they be scholars?

        2. At the very least, on an Android, it’s easy to replace the default chrome browser with Brave’s app. Still haven’t replaced the search bar, because that takes a lot of time, effort, and energy, but the easy switchover is done.

          1. Unfortunately, you can’t actually *remove* the Chrome browser. You can only install a new one, and “disable” Chrome (whatever that means). The actual browser stays on your Android device, and you’re not allowed to remove it.

            I noted this a couple of weeks ago over at Ace’s blog in the comments, and someone responded that a friend of his had essentially hacked this phone to remove Chrome… and ended up bricking said phone.

            1. I bought a phone with LineageOS on it, no Google apps. I still have to set up a VM to recompile and reinstall the OS and rebuild F-Droid apps, and then start setting serious about security, but hey, it’s a hobby.

              There’s nothing on it other than the same half-dozen phone numbers they could get from Verizon and a few pictures from the camera mode, but that’s no reason to hang everything out there for whoever wants to sift through it.

            2. Do you have any suggestions for email clients? Half the reason it’s so hard to move off gmail is because it has all the archives. If I move the archives off the servers and onto a computer, they’ll be much harder to access, but I’ll still have them to look up easily when I switch emails.

              1. There are a bunch of pages out there on how to move your mail from Gmail to Thunderbird. It looks like it takes a bit of doing, moving between IMAP and POP3 protocols, to get everything.

                Thunderbird uses one of the two “industry standard” mail storage formats; once you get your mail into it, you can easily import its mail files into another mail client if you like.

    1. There’s a theory on this, and it’s an interesting one…

      Apparently it’s possible to register someone else’s video on YouTube as your own advertisement. What people have actually done is to list an ad banner title that is completely unrelated to the content of the video. Someone actually interested in the claimed ad banner content clicks the banner, goes to the video, watches it for about 10-20 seconds, and realizes that the video playing has nothing to do with the reason why they clicked on the ad banner. So they stop watching the video.

      YouTube tracks how people respond to videos. If people watching a video tend to watch it all the way through, then YouTube notes that and tends to show videos from that channel more often when populating the “recommended videos” lists. If people watching a video tend to close it shortly after opening it, then YouTube notes that, and comes to the conclusion that it’s a lousy video. And as a result, YouTube starts showing fewer videos from that channel in its recommendation lists.

      This has been described by at least one YouTube content creator who was alerted to it after regular viewers spotted one of his videos being used in a misleading ad. And currently, there doesn’t seem to be a way to prevent it. It won’t affect the biggest channels, because they already get so many viewers that the viewing numbers from the regular visitors to the channel will overcome the “fake ad” numbers. But if you’re not one of the bigger channels, then it can cause a hit to your viewing numbers.

    2. I went back and check view numbers for her videos over the past year, and they’re all over the place. One might be 2M or 6.5M views, and another adjacent to it might be 99K or 55K, and so on.

      Note that topics like “Installing Linux Mint on a Used ThinkPad” tends to have fewer views than the 6.5M for “3D Printed Bikini Top…”, etc.

      If her viewership numbers stay low over an extended period, it would be one thing, but if they fluctuate like they have in the recent past, it would be something else entirely. Probably.

      I do note that YouTube has fairly recently “dropped” some of my subscriptions, but recovery was simple enough. I can’t imagine why “Forgotten Weapons” would evaporate, but none of the 3D printing or CAD-related subscriptions.

      1. She had two huge spikes just before her numbers flat-lined. The first spike was to numbers that are probably about three times higher than the glowing breast implants video (which was just a couple of months earlier, and something that would definitely draw eyeballs). But the spike occurred in between video releases. Numbers went back down to “normal” levels following that (and by normal I mean on the higher end of what she usually gets), and then had another spike that was roughly 50% higher than the previous one. And within less than a week of that spike, the numbers plummeted to absolute rock bottom.

        She posted her 90 day viewing history as a graph, and definitely has ups and downs on her viewing numbers. She releases a video, and the numbers go up, with the exact jump as you note likely tied to the specific content of the video. And then the numbers start to go down again. Her last video is different, though. It was released either the day of, or the day before the viewership numbers hit rock bottom. And when I say rock bottom, I mean the absolute lowest point during the 90 day period. And they’ve stayed at that level with only very minor fluctuation.

        So even if there’s no malicious interference involved, something very strange is happening with her viewing numbers.

        I should probably also note that she’s not the one who originally figured out the trick with ad banners linked to videos. That unfortunate honor goes to a completely different person who realized what was happening after viewers of his YouTube channel reported seeing one of his videos in a misleading banner ad. She’s jumped on it because it explains the huge unexplainable spikes in her numbers (more people watching one of her videos due to clicking on a mislabeled ad link), as well as the bottoming out immediately following the second one (as the YouTube algorithms react to people prematurely stopping the ad video).

  12. Miguel “Gunfreezone” Gonzales has a blog article from a day or two ago showing a report in La Prensa of Honduras (not to be confused with papers in other countries with that name) about “gang members” in the caravan intimidating others. The particular word used is the one meaning “MS-13 members”.

  13. I’m worried about whether this illegal horde will get past the drug cartels without suffering some losses. Not for them, mind you, but for us. My thinking is that if this group can make it all the way to the border without any major molestation, then the same people who funded this debacle (*cough* totally rhymes with Seorge Goros *cough*) are also throwing some money and/or weapons under the table to the cartels as well to keep them hanging back.

    OTOH, I hope this ends up being a uniting issue, in that no one in their sane mind wants thousands of men storming our borders to come stay, legal or not. Hell, I don’t think anyone here illegally wants that – 1) That’s a lot of men who will need jobs, which threatens their job security, 2). Those who actually came for a better life were escaping those kinds of people in the first place.

    1. One can hope. There’s millions (out of 300 million its probable )lost to that completely since already have sympathy to plight or ulterior motives. A much larger chunk imbibes nothing but propaganda from media as to how any reaction possible is heartless and evil fascisty stuff.

      Not one of the proposals Trump has put forward if honestly described has less than plurality support. Some reach up to 70% iirc. But until politicians actually fix our lack of immigration punishments for folks willing to ignore law, the will of the people means nothing.

    2. ALL the caravans are paying through the nose to the cartels– that’s part of why people go with the coyotes rather than just trying to walk up to the border themselves. Either the coyote is part of the cartel, or he pays them.

      Graphic violence warning, but Borderland Beat has a lot of news stories about that stuff– though, oddly, nothing at all on the caravan.

      1. Honduran martyrs brigades are moving fast, so not much time for an organization geared for collecting intelligence on slower moving factors, or they are protected by some form of counterintelligence, or that news organization is in on the fix.

        1. ???

          Not really geared for intelligence gathering…more like extreme violence, and the caravan is going to be a lot slower than, oh, three or four cars driving to a party. (For an example of things they’ve taken out before.)

          1. Sorry, I don’t know the organization, and made some assumptions about its function. Then speculated about why we aren’t hearing more.

            The cartel kills people, and this group hears about it, then reports it, right? Through rumor, or sources previously cultivated, then later does more detective work to confirm before reporting?

            That seems like it would be different from what is needed to scout a moving group, find out about it while it is moving, without losing scouts to its security and the like. I think the English speaking world might have a while before information from the results of the passage osmoses through, especially if both sets of media are hiding it.

            1. Biggest issue is that it’s not just one cartel– there are a bunch, and they’re always fighting. And some of the locals are going to be members, either of the currently local cartel or the invading one.

              Here’s some maps, though it’s outdated:

              The caravan can’t possibly move fast enough to avoid being seen, and they can’t outrun anything even before phonecalls or even radios are factored in. They have the manpower to fight, but we’d probably hear about that.

      2. I know about the coyotes, but 150-500 people vs thousands of people? Many of whom are volatile young men? I’d be wary even if I were being paid to let them tromp through my daisies on the way to the Promised Land. Something something Fortinbras …

        1. For the Cartels, they’d be looking at things like snagging a few guys, killing them horrifically, and dumping the bodies up ahead with the “pay us now” note. Or just opening fire on anybody going where they’re told not to. They don’t have to kill very many for people to go “heck no, I’m out of here.”

          It’s got me shuddering, too.

          1. The Cartels will happily let them march north, because the Cartels will use it as an opportunity to use the group to sneak cartel members, weapons and product through the border.

            1. Oh, yeah “While you’re all tied up over here, we can get semis full of cocaine through over there, and hey, if they’re all getting off scott free with minimal processing, then time to send in some mules and recruit some more on the way…”

            2. That’s actually exactly why they have to be paying off all the cartels as they go– because those guys are seriously at war, and they know the competition will use this for smuggling. So they want their pound of flesh.

      1. No idea, I think in Navy terms; I don’t even know the Marine strengths because I mostly was around the technicians, not the pointy-end guys.

        1. 30 per Platoon. (1st, 2nd , 3rd. Weapons platoon)
          = 120 per Company (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, H&S Company)
          = 600 per Battalion.

          That’s for Marine infantry, TOE on paper, reality is usually 85% of that, from my time in the 90s.

          1. 14,-000 was the size of some army corps in Civil War days, and the group of people marching up the road waving flags in close order march resembles the march of such armies

    1. That’s a *whole lot* of logistics to manage, just for basic food and water.

      I expect their back-trail looks like something out of one of those post-apocalyptic movies; a long, long trail of theft, vandalism, assault, trash, and excrement, even if they’re getting de facto supplies and support from the Mexican government.

      1. The dioceses along the way are probably bringing in food and such, both as a direct work of charity and as a secondary work of charity to cut down on the raiding.

    2. Saw today that Mattis has ordered somewhat over 800 troops down to the border to help prevent the invaders from crossing. Not nearly enough to be a deterrent or effective, unless the Mexican government takes it as a message to use their own troops to stop people on their side of the border.

          1. There handlers are going to tell them that the troops are just for show, and they won’t do anything.

            Donald Rumsfeld understood that the Army isn’t about policing or social work. The Army is about killing people. James Mattis *ought* to know; if the rabble makes it up to confront the soldiers, we’ll find out if Mattis is going to do his job, or if he’s going to turn politician, tie their hands, and hang them out to dry.

        1. They FIRST have to believe that the US Troops will actually fire AT them.
          None of them will believe that until it happens.

        2. No, it depends on their estimation of how willing we are to do the shooting. Based on our track record since WWII, they like the odds.

  14. Their idea that the brownz people shall conquer the world ignores the fact of Spanish Supremacy (very much racial) that infects South America (and anything South of the US.) NO ONE who has come in contact with a Spanish-derived culture can ignore this.

    Oh, gads, yes.

    That’s what I keep trying to convey about Beto– he’s not using that childhood nickname to pretend to be Spanish, he’s doing it as a sort of signaling thing. Like Bobby Jindal using his nickname instead of his given name…but it’s a nod to a radically different culture.

    You can see traces of it in areas with a lot of illegals, but it’s loose enough to be waived off as just random a-holes. (Which it is, but….) Being down here in El Paso?
    *eyeroll* Gads, it actively ENCOURAGES a-holishness. The next guy that tries to sell me services for things my car does not possess may end up eating that damned clipboard.

    1. To the wealthy Leftist like Pelosi, a Mexican is a Venezuelan is a Cuban is a Brazilian. I suspect San Fran Nan was and is confused why all those Mexican Cubans in Miami were yelling rude things at her.

      1. Oh, I expect that Brazilians might be noticed as they require instructions in a different language.

        1. Don’t be silly. They’re just being jerks by pretending not to speak Spanish. Same in Suriname and French Guyana. And whatever weird language they speak in the Falkland Islands…

          1. I believe the official D party platform rule is they have to say “Islas Malvinas”, and also put any statues of Non-Marxist British People they come across down in the basement where they can’t be seen.

            1. Sounds like Sri Lanka, “the country formerly known as Ceylon.” The US State Department decided it would refer to the country as Sri Lanka, even though English is one of their (several) official languages, and their official English name for their country is “Ceylon.”

              Stupid wogs, what gave them the idea they could name their own country…

  15. The logistics of this seem to be significant.

    If they are using US military expertise and resources, that probably means a substantial lead time. (Even with that, attendant looting and rapine may cost a good deal of good will about the ordinary Mexican citizens.)

    In hindsight, despite what I said at Old NFO’s, this pretty much has to be intended to swing the election.


    Trump’s spending was cheap during his own campaign, and I doubt Republican donors would pay for this on his behalf, so he’d have to be pretty desperate to be doing this.

    So, Democrats, Communist, South American foreign, Mid East Foreign.

    If it is Democrats, gotta be some combination of insane desperation and really bad internal polls.

    Communists, desperation, or maybe Soros has gone senile.

    South America? What could be such an existential threat to spare this much money?

    I’d say that surely Iran couldn’t be this desperate, but we don’t really know how fragile Iran is, or how the regime sees things internally.

    I suspect they will find that there is a reason this stuff isn’t normal practice for midterms.

    1. Part of running your party based on ideology over reality is your ideology will eventually lead you to doing really, really stupid things
      In this case, the Ideology is that the plight of these poor brown peoplez will tug at the heartstrings of the poor brown peoplez in the USA, and cause them to turn out and vote against the Tyrant Trump. The Ideology is that a vast majority of Americans are Goodthink People & Open Borders Internationalist who want to distribute the wealth so unfairly gained by our sordid greed (and will also turn out and vote against the Tyrant Trump).
      To think any differently would mean that their Ideology just might be wrong, and they can’t be having with that sort of thing.

      1. Part may be trying to recapture the anger and indignation they had with cage kids. They figure they will get more of that, or as the hostess noted, much worse, and depress the rep turnout, spike theirs, and woo soccer moms who have never wanted in their lives and think they can be charitable with my money.

        1. The 2018 Democratic campaign is like watching a bad Hollywood remake, where it’s very obvious that the studio has no clue what made the original work in the first place.
          And as it fails, they flail about with the same stale & shopworn tricks, trying to regain a magic that has long faded.

          1. Can only hope. Perhaps others more in tune with actual reality, but seems to have done a decent enough job. A lot of the folks on the ballots wouldn’t have even gotten into primaries a decade ago. If it was the center right, free country I was taught it was, shouldn’t even have contest. Especially after actions like Kavanaugh. But I keep getting a 2012 vibe that I can’t shake.

            Instead of a pendulum this might be a rotary engine ripping apart. Although it may be necessary since don’t really have a country anymore, just a trade zone with employees that pay to be there.

            1. The radical Left noise is being amplified by the media over and above the actual numbers- like the old wartime cartoon of someone at a listening station hearing the sound of a single fly as an invading army.
              Forget what the media is trying to sell you- that’s propaganda.

              1. Perhaps. But there are other items that are leading me there from elsewhere. I get very leery now when folks go to poll internals, crowd sizes, and the like after being bitten in 8 and 12. Plus know too many people that lap it all up and spew out to trust the polity.

                1. Follow the money. When the Left tries to progshame a business, there’s a line around the block. But when a business gets annoyingly woke, they don’t get the same sort of $$$ support. “Get Woke, Go Broke” is not 100%, but wokeness doesn’t add a whole lot of customers.

                  1. Trouble comes when fingers get put on the scale. Memories pizza for example had to shutter after unending abuse, citizens who donate or support right wing causes get yearly audits by every government agency, and not tugging your forelock fast and hard enough when a superior race or sex orders you to do something gets you more govt bodies bearing down on you.

                    Doesn’t matter what the customer wants when they don’t have the chance to because the conpany had to shut down from govt or private abuse.

    2. I expect you’re right.

      Even one bloody dead body plastered across the Toob, and one side is going to be shrieking in crazed outrage while the other side is saying “It’s about bloody time, that’s what we voted you in for!”

  16. I remain convinced that this is going to turn out very messily. This Mobile Mob numbered 7,000 two days ago. Now it’s approaching 15,000. I’m betting that by the time it reaches the border, we’ll be talking about 30-50K. EVERYBODY trying to get into the USA will join, in an attempt to bum-rush the border.

    I’m expecting that Trump will have to declare a national emergency and deploy significant military force. This won’t be a law enforcement matter, it will be military action.

    1. Do keep in mind that these numbers are coming through the same folks who tell us a million women marched in DC and that seem to believe poll numbers.

      1. MSM was still saying 7k last time I checked; Catholic parishes down there are saying at least double that number of JUST Hondurans, and it’s only hitting our news via translations and glorified blogs.

    2. Frick.

      Anybody else remember the “new” tactic the Palis were using on Israel about 6 months ago?

      Set tires on fire and bum-rush the border?

  17. Willa still gets to weigh in. Yeah, she’s losing strength, but how good are those roads with flooding? I’ve never heard Mexico accused of having amazing infrastructure, I’ll bet there will be mud and wash outs.

  18. I’m still convinced that if the Blue Wave doesn’t show up, the Democratic Leadership will have a sudden conversion back to “civility” and “unity”.
    The press will begin to write against the extremist yammerings of the Radical Left “Resistance”. A move will begin to return to the Democratic Party’s “working class roots”. Hell, they’ll probably bring out Jon Stewart to do his whole “no labels” shtick again.
    The reason is simple- for politicians, Ideology always, always, always takes a backseat to money and power. If the whole angry Socialist radical thing is losing elections, then they lose money and power.

    1. The problem is that it’s gotten baked into their view of the world, at least on the media side. I’m not sure they *can* do it.

      1. Again, Money & Power always, always, always trump Ideology.
        They’ve done it when it became clear that young hippie radicalism wasn’t enough to push McGovern over Nixon in ’72, and once again when Billy Jeff pretended to be more of a conservative back in the 90’s. Part of Bubba’s appeal was that he wasn’t a snooty liberal wimp ala Mondale or Dukakis. Then, part of Nan’s victorious strategy in 2006 was pushing “blue dog” Democrats- people who could sort of pass as conservative in the polls.
        And if the current leadership is stuck on radical, they can be replaced.

        1. I disagree in that while this used to be true, the party is increasingly being dominated by true believers in Marxism/socialism, and for them “fundamentally transforming America” is a holy crusade.

          1. Even the Soviet politicians weren’t “true believers”, and I doubt most of the leaders in Venezuela, Cuba, China are for that matter.
            Again, money and power over ideology. Over there, ideology is mostly a means to gain money and power.

        2. They still are pushing local blue dogs, at least ones that sound like it. Will have no seniority, no power and will be a good rubber stamp vote for Nan, but they sound like they are fair, independent thinkers who just want things moving in dc again.

          Dems got plenty of suicide legislators.

          1. One 2-year term as a representative basically sets one up for lucrative lobbying and consulting and board-of-director gigs for life, so not really much of a sacrifice, other than the taste it leaves in their mouths.

        3. Money & Power causes them to LIE about what they believe. It NEVER CHANGES what they believe.

      1. That’s not a bad thing. But, politicians are proverbially morally flexible creatures, and have a serious dread of becoming ex-politicians.

          1. Or as I like to say their god is the Almighty State and Democrats view themselves as its priesthood.

  19. They decided that nationalism was white supremacy was Naziism.
    As you mentioned at the beginning of that paragraph: because the communists and socialists are international socialists.
    That’s primarily because they think the world should be governed under ONE giant aristocracy, instead of a whole bunch of “little” ones.

  20. more like feudal systems than capitalism. But that don’t make them socialist.
    But it makes them much closer than a regulated free-market with a free populace.

  21. Everybody might want to keep this handy for the debates in coming days.

    Article 1(A)(2) of the 1951 Convention defines a refugee as an individual who is outside his or her country of nationality or habitual residence who is unable or unwilling to return due to a well-founded fear of persecution based on his or her race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group. Applying this definition, internally displaced persons (IDPs) – including individuals fleeing natural disasters and generalized violence, stateless individuals not outside their country of habitual residence or not facing persecution, and individuals who have crossed an international border fleeing generalized violence are not considered refugees under either the 1951 Convention or the 1967 Optional Protocol.

    In other words, economic migrants are NOT refugees, nor are those fleeing “generalized violence”, nor are those fleeing a natural disaster. Not even according to that polite fiction known as ‘international law’

    You’re bound to hear a lot of nonsense in coming days about this.

  22. Let me ask a tin-foil hat question:

    Do we know this refugee “caravan” actually exists?

    Sarah said they’ve covered 100 miles in a day. I know they averaged over 30 miles/day across Guatemala. The Roman Legions were expected to travel 20/day (and Roman miles at that). Jackson’s foot cavalry is still renown for being able to cover 30miles/day through shrewd use of terrain and incredible endurance of his troops. And this rabble is doing 100miles/day and averaging 30/day over long periods of time? No. That cannot be. So clearly these people are being bussed to photo-ops and then unloaded to be marched in front of (probably cooperative) photographers and news crews.

    But if you’re just bussing people in for staged photo-ops, does it have to be the same people? Maybe a cadre of leaders and organizers who are in front each time, but it might be easier to just get a bunch of locals to do it instead of bussing 1000s of Hondurans all the way up into northern Mexico. That would explain how the caravan was able to cross the Honduran/Guatemalan and Guatemalan/Mexican borders without problems. It didn’t (not in quantity anyway, perhaps a few staged photos).

    1. Buses, with their advance rate limited by the number of vehicles times capacity divided by the number of people, thus the number of round trips required.

      Thus my caltrops prescription above – spike strips would work too, but a spike strip needs to be defended else hey just get moved, where three or four miles of modern hollow-spike caltrops spread by air along all the passable roadways would make short work of vehicle tires and force these folks to walk.

    2. Local reports from those who have an interest in their numbers being lower than they actually are say that the real numbers are bigger than reported.

      And yes, they’re being physically moved forward. I would guess that as Mike alludes to, limited number of vehicles doing a leap-frog style shuttle service.

  23. As far as power of the rich, they’re far, far worse than the US and more like feudal systems than capitalism. But that don’t make them socialist. Something only socialists can ignore.

    I’m going to slightly disagree here.

    Socialism in practice seems to become something akin to feudalism where you swear fealty to a lord above you. The goal is to build your fiefdom to get more fealty sworn to you and to get someone bigger to think your fealty is worth swearing.

    The kicker is socialist economics are more broken than feudal economics, mainly because they destroy the merchant and guild classes instead of just looking down on them.

    Still, the end state of socialism is a form of feudalism and I think a lot of socialists know this. They expect to all be lords of the manor once they important peasants to replace the yeomen and merchants they have to deal with now (Napoleon’s dismissive view of England as a nation of shopkeepers looms large here).

    Hell, they are already practicing with how they treat all their immigrant, often illegal immigrant, servants already.

    1. herbn has it dead right. Socialism is simply feudalism with the hereditary lordship of those who occasionally have to prove themselves useful to the King in war, replaced with the hereditary lordship of those who occasionally have to prove themselves capable of picking the winner in Party leadership struggles. (In theory, feudalism allows for more local market activity than socialism does, but in practice, socialist systems all have black markets that fill that gap).

      The terrible poverty of socialist systems is not worse than those of feudal systems, it is simply that feudal examples date back to preindustrial times when that poverty was *normal*, whereas in modern socialist systems you’re seeing it contrasted to more modern systems.

      Why the “academic” class always is in favor of such systems is an enduring mystery, since they always seem to think they’ll wind up as the new technocracy, whereas in practice they tend to be the first against the wall. I think it is the lure that if you spend your life designing theoretical social systems without ever being able to try them in practice, the lure of totalitarian power is that here is a way that, if only they would listen to you, you could see your ideas tried in practice. And they cannot allow themselves to believe that would be a disaster — because that would mean the ideas they have spent their lives playing with were wrong.

        1. And so many of them need to be taken care of. I kid you not, one of my fellow grad students literally had to be told to come in out of the rain. Brilliant, but no sense at all.

      1. > academic class

        They’re *already* on top, clearly the superior class, proven all day long by the people who kowtow to their stations. It’s simply the only rational way for the world to be structured. And of course once the system is extended outside academia, they’re so clearly superior they’ll run things there, too.

        Tenure is the new nobility.

    2. Gotta disagree with Herb and Jeff.

      The reason socialist economies are more screwed up, probably even compared to a local of feudal and older economies, is that price controls and other centralized economic decision making, destroy information relative to the alternative. That destroyed information costs heavily. Add the costs of continual tumbrels, and we are probably talking worse than Confucian China in a lot of ways.

      1. Two notes:

        1. I said socialist economies are worse run than feudal ones.

        2. I attributed it to the destruction of the merchant class (and guilds, but they don’t apply here). The merchant classes generally provide the only price signals in a feudal economy. Most are set amounts due to feudal requirements or are set by monopoly via the guilds.

        That said, how much do price signals matter in a manor economy? The limited specialization, which is generally paid for in kind, doesn’t seem to support dynamism.

        1. Doesn’t necessarily have the bureaucratic apparatus and enforcement to control quite so much of the range of economic activity so blindly and ruthlessly.

          Local rulers could be quite tyrannical and insane, but their neighbors wouldn’t necessarily return or execute fleeing peasants.

      2. “When knowledge is managed, only managers will have knowledge.”

        – Philip Taron, on Usenet

        Knowledge is power, after all.

  24. Since I have never met a pious leftie who didn’t clearly believe in her heart that Muslim = Darkie…This.

    Racism is the Original Sin. No wonder the word has gone all won’t.

  25. A serious question here: What would it take for the Democratic party to be declared a criminal organization?

    1. Yeah, what 60guilders said for the technicalities.

      Forex, under RICO, it has to be certain classes of crimes. (Some of which the Democratic Party can be tied to, and under RICO it is possible to file pro se civil lawsuits for damages. Problem is judges expect RICO pro se cases to be frivolous, and generally would expect a fairly serious level of proof even if they were Republicans with a bias against Democrats.)

      As a practicality, there’s a point at which a criminal conspiracy is not really possible to prosecute and jail. I believe that the Democratic Party was such a case after the Civil War. When an organization is potentially capable of fielding an army that would lose a civil war, but not by much, in a republic you maybe let things fester separately.

      Likewise the two reasons for not prosecuting and jailing Hillary.

      1. I don’t know about after the ACW, but nowadays I don’t see the Democratic party raising an army. A mob yes, but not an army.
        The main practical (as opposed to legal) problem with prosecuting them would be how well they have the Justice Department infiltrated. It would have to be purged before such a prosecution could even be considered.

        1. And how to make it not look like straight up use of power against political opponents.

          That way lies Caesar and the Rubicon

        2. They *had* the army. Now they don’t. That’s one of the reasons they’re so freaked out.

          Every time I see another article about “Trump concentration camps” and “extermination trains”, I have to wonder what they thought they were going to do…

            1. They thought they were going to implement William Ayers plan to kill 25 million right wingers who wouldn’t embrace the commie.

  26. You deface my country’s flag, then burn it – before the international media. This is supposed to motivate me to invite you into my country how, exactly?

      1. “I used to stack fucks likes you five feet high in Korea… use ya for sand bags.”
        – Walt Kowalaki, “Gran Torino”

        Stack enough sand bags, you have a wall…

  27. Part of me is beginning to wonder if they’ve been sending out fake bombs too sweet someone up for a real one, that would do more damage, because they’ll assume it’s fake, and won’t take any precautions.

    1. The last report I saw said that none of the “bombs” would actually have exploded.

      If there was actually some kind of explosive in them, but not set up to explode, the most they could charge him with would be violation of postal regulations.

      “Protected political speech” is going to trump almost anything else they can come up with as a charge.

      Even a just-out-of-school public defender could get him off any terrorisom, attempted arson, or attempted GBH charges. I dunno about the Post Office thing, though…

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