I have no idea why Dave Freer kept repeating to me as “he” in the example of getting outed as not sufficiently vocal and leaving and going fully out of the closet.
Cue “For the times they are achanging.”

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I like pie…

Now my answer to who gets what share of the pie in publishing (actually in most things) is hey, let’s make a bigger pie.

That’s always seemed a sensible answer to me. I’ve spent years talking about ways to make reading more popular with as many people as possible. I can summarize many thousands of words into this: Give as many readers as possible what they enjoy. Help them find it, keep them coming back for more.

A rising tide floats ALL boats.

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17 thoughts on “Pie

  1. Since he mentioned the King of the Chinese Web Bots he probably didn’t want to get any on ya. ~:D

  2. It’s because the notoriously evil Dave Freer will stop at nothing, not even misgendering his female allies! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  3. Same reason you wrote “repeating” for “referring” or for “repeatedly referring?” Trying to obscure your identity via traditional use of “he” to refer to an unknown human being? He was actually talking about someone else? (Cue Carly Simon, “Oh you walk into a party like you’re walking onto a yatch….” Naw, probably not.)

    1. No, I wrote that because I was exhausted yesterday and had no mind left for word. I also typed Harry instead of Larry when talking to Larry Correia.
      As for the reference? I was mostly joking, and pointing out my experience was similar.

  4. I was imagining a composite character. I’d think one author and then be reminded of another author and then yet another.

    It’s not as though what Dave was describing isn’t a common experience.

    And talking about how people will fund someone just because of who hates them (something like that?) made me think of JDA. Because it’s true. There are so many people “over there” that are SO toxic that given an opportunity to “stick it to them”, there are a lot of people who will jump on that.

    1. Hot from the oven Blueberry, Raspberry, and Blackberry pie with a big old scoop of French vanilla ice cream (NOT the low fat stuff either!)

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