Lazy Saturday

Okay, guys I’m really, really, really lazy today.  I’m also doing the final push on Guardian.  So….

Sorry, not going to write a post.

I’ll give you something to have fun with.

Come on Rover we'll find humans somewhere



71 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. “Something to have gun with”.

    Yes, I know it is a typo but surely we have have fun with that line. 😆

    1. Given the nature of the Huns I’m not sure it was a typo.

      I won’t be having gun with it today, but I’m finally selecting parts to build a new one. Looks like we’ll be having an AR-15 assembly party soon.

        1. LAR made a 1911-ish pistol in .50AE. It was upscaled slightly to handle the bigger cartridges, but various small parts interchanged with standard 1911 bits.

          AMT made the Automag V in .50AE. It looks kindasorta like a 1911, but it’s an original design by Larry Grossman.

          Both are long out of production, but can be found used.

          The Guncrafters ..50 is in “.50 GI”, but you can buy a new one… though you could probably buy a new Desert Eagle .50 and your choice of the AMT or LAR and still have change left over…

          A couple of companies make “stretch” AR-10s in .338 :Lapua. The parent case for the .338 is… .416 Rigby. A bit of gunsmithing and there you are.

          1. I’m an old fashioned kind of cat – revolvers and bolt action rifles. 🙂 I wouldn’t object to a lever action if offered. Just to be polite 😉

            1. Mmmm, the trigger on the colt python. It’s like petting a cat in a warm sunbeam, just silky smooth and purrrrrfect.

              Unfortunately, my S&W revolver fits my hand and my budget better. But doesn’t mean I don’t love that python trigger.

              1. Anti-gunners just don’t understand the immensely satisfactory feeling of standing there and putting 6 rounds through the X ring in under 10 seconds.

                Wadcutters: The Long Distance Paper Punch!

              1. Which polymer? I have a Keltec PMR-30 as well, for volume – but it’s hard to conceal, being the same size, roughly, as a full size 1911.

      1. Have you met your fanbase? Many of us consider the two words synonymous or at worse gun just a proper subset of fun.

    2. Paladin; Have gun, Will Travel
      Miri Robertson, mercenary soldier, retired, personal bodyguard, retired, have weapon will travel.
      Have fun, will travel doesn’t quite work.
      Then there’s always Have Spacesuit, Will Travel.

      1. I went to listen to that, and had an ad for Grammarly show beforehand. Which leads to a question. Do any of you use an automated grammar checker such as the one with MS Word, or even this Grammarly app for your stories?

          1. It’s useful at the beginning of the editing phase: make ONE pass with a grammar checker, but only to make sure that yes, you really did mean to use “affect” not “effect” and oh, look, there’s a missing quotation mark. If you’re a decent writer, 90% of its suggestions will be unhelpful—but the last 10% will be typos you’re not likely to catch any other way.

            Spell-check, OTOH, is useful all the time, particularly if you can add words or blacklist them. (E.g., to tell the spell-check to accept the spelling “acknowledgement” and reject the spelling “acknowledgment”.)

  2. Humans had uplifted Dogs but didn’t abandon them when they left Earth.

    The Humans left Robots to help Dogs out. 😉

        1. How fast does the spaceship have to go before the dog can feel the solar wind?

      1. At least one dog did experience Jupiter, but the majority did not go with the majority of men.

        Not all men left, some sleep under the lost dome if you believe the myths.

  3. (1) He’d been uploaded into an android body, but his old dog still recognized him.

    (2) Am I buried here? Or just my shed skin, while I go on?

  4. “Something to have gun with.”

    So… you’re saying you want us to shoot the robot*? I think I’m gonna need a bigger gun.

    *Anyone shoots the dog and I promise by all you hold dear on this earth that I will go John Wick on your @$$.

  5. Handing the Chaos Gun to the hooded figure that had accompanied me for so long, I said, “Here, a keepsake for you. The new universe you wanted has been started – may you have much joy in it. As for me, I am going home.”

    At last, I could let this hated metal body of mine disintegrate in the flood of particles coming from the breach I had just created. But I would do that in the place where this all began – where Anne and Gabriel were buried together. I should have gone with them, but at least I can follow their trail from where they set out. I hope that we are not too late, Sam and I, me to find my wife, and Sam to find his boy.

      1. Most abject apologies, ma’am.

        I blame the artist, though, for giving the inspiration. I normally can’t play the prompt game – but these two spoke quite loudly.

      2. And… I’ll probably be turning this into a short or maybe medium story. Other parts have been coming to me all day now.

        It’s going to be next week, though, since I just got home after being rear-ended. Sigh… I’ll be doing it in between nastiness sessions with insurance companies.

        When I do, though – I would like to use the art, with your permission (and, of course, acknowledgement).

  6. He found Gundal in the small cemetery, up behind the ruins.

    The cyborg spoke first: “With your tanks producing again, it’s time you should be under way.”

    “True, that.” He paused, uncertain. “Gundal, I know this is a question beyond, but are you lonely here, in the Foldways?”

    “I appreciate the concern, and I don’t mind answering. No, actually. Besides being an emergency station, this is also a registered mail drop. I get a visitor every million seconds or so, and all of them know what I look like.”

  7. I am delighted to see the cover art for the long-lost Philip K. Dick novella, Even Androids Have To Take A Squat.

  8. Red Dog looked back as Blaze stepped from the portal onto the patio. Both smarter and more sensitive to the environment than his anthropoidal aid; he had been chosen to lead. Red took his responsibility seriously; and waited to make sure Blaze was all the way through before shutting down their means of transportation. After all, it wouldn’t do to have only half of him here, and the other half 40 parsecs away on their home planet.

  9. Jayme was just about to wind up his gaming session when the storyscape blurred, all the colors going saturated and detail washing out. At once he knew something serious had happened. He made a system call to the playtest console.

    And realized that he didn’t have access. He’d logged in on his regular player account, not his developer account.

    Landmarks were blurring, twisting. Why weren’t his failsafes kicking in, dropping him out of cyberspace and safely back in his body? Could this be more than just a programming glitch?

    He’d heard stories of what happened to the people who’d been linked in when TransComm’s servers got hacked by Somali cyberpirates, and it wasn’t pretty. If Digital Dreams were under attack, he had to get out of here, find some way to regain control of the system enough to contact Security — but how?

    A sharp bark drew his attention and he saw a dog running ahead of him. No, not just a random NPC dog, but some kind of security bot. Could he establish communication with it while in a player account?

  10. Thank you! I’m reading Fatal Stain, and Dyce mentions the book Detectives in Togas. I’ve been trying to remember this title for over 20 years! I went straight to Amazon and ordered it. I think my grandkids will like it, after I reread it.

    1. If you are interested in a culturally accurate, hard-boiled detective in imperial Rome, I highly recommend Lindsey Davis’s _The Silver Pigs_. It is the first in a series. A classics prof told me about them, and MomRed and I have been fans ever since.

  11. wasn’t a lazy day for me, sorted metal roofing onto a raised platform I first made the supports for.
    Lumber is getting ridiculous, but Menards has a sort of sale.
    I am certainly paying for it this morning.

      1. I suspect I speak for the majority of Huns in saying that, between the Blog and Guardian, we’d rather you write Guardian. The Blog is fine and dandy but Guardian is monstrous!

  12. There’s a reason why golems are made of clay.
    True, metallic ones last longer and do more things. You can even make them in other shapes, such as dogs. But, for some reason, only the clay ones are capable of fathoming mortality. The metallic ones never manage to grasp it.

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