Book Promo by Sarah and Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike


Book Promo by Sarah

*Note these are books sent to us by readers/frequenters of this blog.  Our bringing them to your attention does not imply that we’ve read them and/or endorse them, unless we specifically say so.  As with all such purchases, we recommend you download a sample and make sure it’s to your taste.  If you wish to send us books for next week’s promo, please email to bookpimping at outlook dot com.  One book per author per week. Amazon links only.-SAH*




The future doesn’t just happen… Somebody has to build it. Martin L. Shoemaker, author of “Today I Am Paul”, presents stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary work. Planning, exploring, constructing… living and growing and dying… across the Solar System. Includes these award-winning stories: Scramble (second place, Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Award, 2012) Unrefined (third place, Writers of the Future, 2014) Racing to Mars (first place, Analog Analytical Laboratory award, 2016) Plus seven more stories!

KIRA HALLAND:  Beneath the Canyons (Daughter of the Wildings Book 1)


A gunslinging mage. A rancher’s daughter with a deadly secret. And a renegade wizard with the power to destroy them all.

Silas Vendine is a mage and a bounty hunter, on the hunt for renegade mages in the sparsely-settled Wildings. When he rides into the town of Bitterbush Springs on the trail of strange, dark magic, he lands in the middle of a deadly feud – and discovers that a local rancher’s daughter is hiding a dangerous secret.

Lainie Banfrey has been taught all her life that wizards are unnatural creatures with no heart and no soul. If anyone finds out she has magical powers, she could end up on the wrong end of a hanging rope. But when a gunslinger shows up searching for the man who has brought Lainie’s hometown to the brink of open warfare, she learns that they share the same secret and agrees to help him.

As they find themselves falling for each other – an attraction forbidden by the strict laws of the Mage Council – Silas and Lainie must find and stop the renegade mage before the dark power he has unearthed destroys everyone who makes the Wildings their home.

Beneath the Canyons is the first book in the innovative Daughter of the Wildings fantasy-western series. If you love magic, adventure, and romance in a unique setting, come discover the wonders and mysteries of the Wildings today!

Contains language, violence, and mild to moderate sensual content.

FROM SCOTT PALTER AND MIKE ROHDE: The Reich Without Hilter: Volume 1: The Falcons of Malta (The Reich Without Hitler).

The Reich Without Hitler series explores a world where, in late June of 1940, Germany is ruled by a mixed Nazi-Army junta under the new Führer, Herman Göring. It starts as our recognizable World War Two and proceeds in different directions to create something new and unique. In the Falcons of Malta, we take the war to Malta, the start of a major campaign in the Middle Sea. The book covers both the high-level strategy and one company of the Nibelungen Legion, a new service formed after Hitler’s death. Our merry band of freebooters will reveal the picaresque adventures that war can be. We even get a wartime Romeo and Juliet. Strap into your glider and come along for the ride.

[For some reason these authors have no cover.  If the authors read this and wish to have a cover, please email the promo email, I’ll contrive.  While at that this book was sent in by a fan who sent in two books.  In the future, guys, ask the author before sending it.  I know the other author wouldn’t want her book associated with this blog.  (Yes, I know, but there are reasons for this, and I even respect them.)]

MARY CATELLI:  The Princess Seeks Her Fortune.


In a land where ten thousand fairy tales come true, Alissandra knows she is in one when an encounter with a strange woman gives her magical gifts, and another gives her sisters a curse.

And she knows that despite the prospects of enchantments, cursed dances, marvelous birds, and work as a scullery maid, it is wise of her to set out, and seek her fortune.

LA GREGORY: Hawkwing: A Novel of the Bitterlands.


Kestrel’s land is scarred in ways its inhabitants cannot begin to understand, built on long-poisoned earth and menaced by twisted plants and animals. Farmers, hunters, and magic-users fight a long battle to create safe havens and reclaim lost ground, but their casualties mount over generations.

Kestrel knows little and cares less about the patterns that shape her world. She’s a shapechanger and healer who has spent the handful of years since reaching womanhood cleansing the wildlife of her blighted land with medicine and magic. Sure of her place and confident in her skills, she takes care of her own and doesn’t poke at things that don’t concern her. But when she returns from a routine journey with her brother to find her home ransacked and empty, Kestrel must gather her remaining family and search for new allies before old magic and older hatred rob her kin of their freedom, their lives, and possibly their souls.


Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike

So what’s a vignette? You might know them as flash fiction, or even just sketches. We will provide a prompt each Sunday that you can use directly (including it in your work) or just as an inspiration. You, in turn, will write about 50 words (yes, we are going for short shorts! Not even a Drabble 100 words, just half that!). Then post it! For an additional challenge, you can aim to make it exactly 50 words, if you like.

We recommend that if you have an original vignette, you post that as a new reply. If you are commenting on someone’s vignette, then post that as a reply to the vignette. Comments — this is writing practice, so comments should be aimed at helping someone be a better writer, not at crushing them. And since these are likely to be drafts, don’t jump up and down too hard on typos and grammar.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Your writing prompt this week is:agreeable

53 thoughts on “Book Promo by Sarah and Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike

  1. The Bendari cruiser expanded in a brilliant flash of light.

    “Sir, I thought we were advised to stand by and observe the lizard’s treatment of our colonists.”

    “Advised, not ordered, Ensign, God have mercy on our souls. They misread tolerant as agreeable, and they pushed the envelope much too far.”

  2. “Right,” said the contractor. “We’re pulling this hall closet and installing a transporter cupboard, able to transmit and retrieve you – automatically –for any spot within a fifty parsec globe. And you’ve specified the Temporal Module, allowing you to shift in five century, pluss/minus, range within that globe. Is that agreeable?”

    1. Fluffy approves.

      So does the aardvark.

      As for the sea serpent in the minion pool, she doesn’t seem to care.

    2. If there’s a temporal displacement module, this gizmo better have a good physical range – everything is moving, so if you were to temporally displace a week or so to the same galactic coordinates, bring a spacesuit, because Earth would be waaaaay over thataway when you rematerialized.

      1. tut-tut — what Newtonian assumptions!

        Of course the module has to have its frame of reference set, but it can be set to anything to prevent that. (And must be set to something: there is no default universal frame of reference.)

  3. Well, since Amazon has yet to twig that The Princess Seeks Her Fortune by Mary Catelli is the same book as The Princess Seeks Her Fortune by Mary Catelli — here’s the paperback link:

    1. Does Amazon ever twig? Because their directions say to wait 24 hours to give it a chance to connect on its own, but I’ve always had to poke them — yo, these are the same book. Has anyone had better luck?

        1. Oh, I’ve always had to claim the book. The thing is that the directions explicitly say that when you have a print edition and an ebook edition, they will figure out they are editions, not different books.

  4. I’m agreeable with the 50 word goal for these, but couldn’t you find more stimulating prompt words like aggravating, horrendous, pressured, misery? Here I’m barely awake, I haven’t even made tea yet, I’m facing a 72 hour deadline to completely rebuild my website, and you want me to be AGREEABLE??

      1. LOL! After a good breakfast and 2 cups of strong tea, I managed five hours of concentrated effort on the website and then decided it would be more agreeable to my nerves to come back and read the rest of the posts. I really appreciate all the humour here! Thanks!

        Make it two at 50. 😉

  5. “Sir, your terms are outrageous. You want the power to appoint a governor of your own choice, giving us no effective recourse if he is oppressive or negligent or incompetent. You want the power to monitor and censor our internal communications. You want the power to detain and punish our citizens without a hearing. And then you chide us for not being agreeable.
    We have been content to mind our own business. If agreeable means meekly submitting to chains and shackles, then no, we are not.”

  6. “The herds have been here for weeks. They’ve left their usual pasteurs, which are another mile out, and been staying in this one particular field.”

    Something was clearly wrong to keep unicorns crowded in this space with grass already eaten down to nubbins. “Let’s go. I’m agreeable to the walk.”

    1. “We’d better go look at these unicorn pasteurs of yours, and bring the sample kit – I am beginning to suspect somthing in the microbiology.”

      1. Zsuzsa, please accept my apologies for violating common standards and picking on something autocorrupt surely did for you, but I could not resist exploiting the concept of unicorn pasteurs.

        And I paid like for like with a completely manual typo of my own!

      1. it was early when i read it and it sounded like you were referring to two books. I see now it wasn’t.

    1. No, only The Reich without Hitler. The other book had a cover, it’s just that I know/have talked to the author, and she wouldn’t like appearing here.

      1. I’ve been in touch with the author of the book without a cover; he says that a cover was submitted but disappeared in the mysteries of Amazon’s software and he and his associates are trying to get it fixed.

          1. And Scott knows about this place and has posted links from here before.

  7. “I say, Victor, this situation is not agreeable.”
    “Sorry, Elizabeth, but I need your life-force to animate my creature. It will be over quickly.”
    (Loud electrical crackle. Groan.)
    “It’s alive!”
    “Hello, Victor.”
    “You’ve transferred my mind as well as my life-force.”
    “I shall now pull your nose.”

  8. She always appeared agreeable. She never admitted what she wanted. She would do whatever others chose. She ended up resenting all of us for never doing what she wanted even though she would never tell us what it was. So she betrayed us when she got the chance. I hate agreeable.

  9. “You concur? I thought your kind had quite a repuation-”

    “For being stubborn, obstinant, even obstreperous?”

    “Yeah, all that.”

    “Not always. I can say aye, definitely, okay, sure, yep, yes, and so on. When it makes sense to me, anyway.”

    “And so… you… are.. at least this time…”

    “Agree-a-bull, yes.”

          1. $SISTAUR got married yesterday. To a fellow named Brown. She is not changing her name to his, but appending his by hyphen.

            My suspicion is that she doesn’t want to deal with the Monty Python Galaxy Song. “Whenever life gets you down Mrs. Brown, and things seem hard, or tough / When people are stupid, obnoxious or daft, and you feel that you’ve had quite enough…

  10. “The world will little note, nor long remember what actions we take today, Cain,” he said as he turned his back.
    “I’m afraid that I cannot agree, Abel.”

  11. “More food. Now!” ordered Miki. Jot quickly set more potato slices on the hot rock. Jot wanted to teach the little girl some manners; she wasn’t any older than he was! But since Miki had started the fire merely by squeezing the kindling, he thought it better to oblige her.

  12. Blue Collar Space looks like yet another addition to the Pile of Books That Must Be Read.

  13. Later, Jot sat cozily by the fire, but he noticed Miki shivering badly. He draped a sheepskin around her shoulders, calming her somewhat. “You do things for me,” she said uneasily, “but you do not ask for payback. Why?”

    “Because we’re together, and I want us to stay that way.”

  14. >I know the other author wouldn’t want her book associated with this blog.

    I can’t think of a reason for this desire which would be respectable. I say publish and be damned.

    1. Keeping your relationship with your publishing house is one.
      I kept my mouth shut for years in the interest of that.

      When books are sent by fans not the author it’s a dicey situation, anyway.

    2. I can think of several respectable reasons, not least wishing to avoid any political associations to the work, right or left. Given the routine attacks by VILE 667 of items posted here an author might well reckon the gains would not equal the losses – who needs the aggravation?

      Conceivably, the author simply likes the traditional model of book flogging and eschews promotion via other routes.

      All respectable and legitimate reasons. Your failure of imagination is not just cause for actions.

    3. You are here, thus you are, shall we say, at least somewhat atypical. What allegedly normal folks prefer might be a bit strange, but as long is no harm is done… and thus I do see honoring such a request even if it has not been formally stated.

  15. “A most agreeable companion!” Capt. Carstairs chuffed happily.

    “I am more concerned for his attire, it puts me on edge,” Kirkworth demurred.

    “Nonsense. In this heat a suit of red seersucker is entirely appropriate! In fact, even more agreeable!”

    “Regardless, I’m not signing his contract,” Kirkworth said disagreeably.

  16. Both men stared at each other over their bared blades. Neither was sure that he could get a hit in without taking a possibly fatal hit himself; and neither could retreat for the same reason.

    “Ah, I don’t suppose we could come up with an agreeable settlement of this issue?”

  17. “It will be agreeable alright; when I see your head and body lying in two pieces.”
    “I don’t think you realize that we’re more likely to end up with 4 pieces with both of us bisected by each other”, said the first swordsman.
    “I’m not bisectual!” Retorted the second swordsman.

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